Friday, March 30, 2018

Using the Children

Word is, teachers ASSIGNED students to write letters to Congress ONLY in favor of gun control, and if they didn't write to the teacher's satisfaction, they would get a failing grade. If they wrote in OPPOSITION to gun control, they would fail. And these letters were passed off as the OPINIONS of those children in the liberals' attempt to destroy the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. One cop found out what his child was FORCED to write, and called them on it. When the cop told the teacher his son would not be doing this assignment, the teacher said, "Okay." That the child would not be disciplined for not doing it. I guess, they hoped to minimize the outcry. They were asked if these letters were to be sent to Congress, but did not answer. This is yet another example of how liberals worked, on all levels to undermine Trump on everything he does, while destroying a constitutional guarantee. It's all part of their drive to USE children to prove their point. (Blue Lives Matter)

Trump's Numbers Are Uo

In spite of all the Dumocrat scheming, all their clever wording of the questions and the places they are taken (where liberals and other Dumocrats live and work), and all the phony news reports they see to being published by their liberal media, they're finding they can't keep his numbers down forever. The truth eventually seeps out, and even those who pay no attention to politics begin noticing that things just are NOT the way they've been told they were. In spite of being told they will get a tax INCREASE, suddenly they find more money in their paychecks because the IRS isn't taking as much away from them as it was, and they like it. So Trump's "approval numbers" are now middle to high forties, and they're livid. As they were while Trump extolled the actual things he did in his first year, rather than what they were told. (Just common sense)

New Gun Laws?

"Ask the average gun buff if we need new gun laws and the knee-jerk reaction is, 'Not just no, but hell no!' That’s followed up with, 'What part of Shall not be infringed don’t you understand? All those gun laws on the books are illegal and should be repealed!' Let’s just think about that." Each and every "gun law" on the books INFRINGES" on our constitutional right to be armed for self defense. That means they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But, for some reason, the Supreme Court has not declared them ALL so. And every time some fool misuses a gun, they demand that we make even MORE useless "gun laws" that do NOTHING to reduce "gun violence." Why? Because they're AFRAID of the law-abiding people who might shoot them when they send their thugs to steal ("confiscate") what belongs to them. NONE of the existing laws do ANYTHING to "reduce gun crime," so what GOOD are they? And why do we need more of them? The answer is, we don't need more of them, and we don't need the ones on the books now. We need to let law-abiding people be armed in self defense. They will take care of the ILLEGAL gun problem by killing those who point their ILLEGAL guns at them. (JPFO)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Comic Strips and Politics

As I've said before, cartoonists in the newspaper ought to stay away from politics, especially if they have no idea what's going on. The comic strips are for entertainment, not political wrangling. I usually read the comics on my computer each morning, to wake up, since I stopped reading the Denver Post after they ran the Rocky Mountain News out of business, took over all their holdings, then reduced their own page size while increasing their ad rates. Today, Condorville ran one where the artist thought the Great Depression" was in 2008, and Obama stopped with the "Community Reinvestment Act of 1976," requiring banks to loan money to people who they KNEW couldn't afford it, on pain of a RICO investigation if they didn't. He also thinks that "solved the problem" and that Trump is about to de-regulate those banks so it can happen again. It is this kind of twisted thinking that illustrates their abysmal ignorance. In this case that the Great Depression happened in 1929 and was caused by those "Wascally bankers" when it wasn't. Bankers lost millions then. It was caused by an "economic bubble" that burst, and FDR (a politician) actually caused it to last longer than it would have without his socialistic policies. This proves again that most people think history began on the date of their birth. (Candorville)

"Racist" Again, Huh?

Dumocrats are calling Trump racist (again) because he wants to keep GITMO open. What rationalization leads to that, I don't know. We don't have any other viable place to keep terrorists (Islamic or otherwise). We shouldn't put them in our usual prisons because they will use their stay there to RECRUIT the malcontents that live there. That would allow them access to a massive number of malcontents, and those are the kind of fools they WANT in their ranks. Obama tried to put some in an Oklahoma prison and was rebuffed. So he turned them loose. And many of them went back to the battlefield and killed some more Americans. I'm getting sick an tired of them using "The Race Card" every time they don't like something Trump does--which is every time he does ANYTHING. If he farts, they accuse him of racism for "fouling the air black people breathe." They twist things out of recognition to call their opponents racists, and it's getting very old. Muslim is not a race. It's a cult, pretending to be a religion. (Just common sense)

Making Us Defenseless

I've come to the conclusion that the single objective of the anti-gun fools is to render all law-abiding citizens defenseless against the onslaught of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists with their ILLEGAL guns. They know they can't just BAN guns, so they do everything they can to make the guns we do have USELESS while thugs have no such problem. They don't obey ANY laws, much less laws that say they can't be armed. California, for example, in addition to having declared itself a "sanctuary state," thus allowing illegal aliens to "run wild" and commit as many crimes as they wish without having a problem with police, now is limiting the number of BULLETS people can buy, and making it hard to buy those we CAN have. 

This, of course, has the effect of making the guns they do have useless when they run out of ammunition and cannot get more. A gun without bullets may as well be BANNED, because it is USELESS. It seems they want to make illegal everything we can possibly use in self defense by ASSUMING that we are all irresponsible in their usage. I used to sell stun guns before I became too old to run my business. Stun guns are still legal in most places, but I don't expect that to last much longer. Some places, they are already treated the same as guns and their people cannot carry them for self defense, or any other reason. Anything that CAN be used for self defense will be "confiscated" (stolen) if used, and cops get involved. This tells me the politicians are AFRAID of us, and don't want to take a chance on getting shot when they come to TAKE what is ours. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Media Ignores Jihadist Attack

A teenaged "Jihadist" who "read the Koran for strength," murdered one student, and stabbed others at a "birthday sleepover." This boy was a "known risk," as he had been "investigated" by the cops for "alleged violent tendencies." He watched Jihadist videos between readings of the Koran, and actually SAID he did it for Islam. Again, the FAILURE of the "authorities" to take him seriously has resulted in one death, and two injures, and the liberal media ignores it. Why? Because he did not use a gun, so they would be unable to push their narrative against guns in the hands of law-abiding people while people like this kid get their guns (or knives) any way they can. Something needs to be done to prevent these Jihadist recruiters from "infecting" the minds of our youth, who have no basis in knowledge to prevent them from buying their bullsh-t. Yes, I know we have freedom of speech, AND freedom of religion, and Jihadists use them (rights they do not have in their home country) effectively to make our defenses against their infiltration ineffective. They are using our constitutional rights to undermine us, right along, while some of their people rape our women and sue people out of business for imagined slights. (Keep and Bear)

Socialism Is Theft!

Ben Shapiro said it best when he said, "The idea that I owe you something because you are here is theft." And that's what socialism, in all its forms, is--THEFT. Their very basic motto, "FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED," making NEED a DEMAND on the earnings of others, is thinly disguised THEFT, by the government. Collectivism, of which socialism is just one form, is just that: STEALING from those who EARN for the benefit of those who do NOT. Socialism has FAILED, everywhere it has been tried, eventually, because it PRODUCES nothing. It STEALS the fruits of production from those who produce new wealth, and give it to people who produce NOTHING, so as to buy their votes to keep corrupt collectivist (socialist) regimes in office, so they can continue giving them "other people's money." Why the victims buy the socialist idea, I don't know. I guess the socialist fools are just good salesmen. (The Blaze)

Government Control

The "Gun Feed" used the same picture (soldiers executing citizens) to illustrate their article about "Gun Rights vs. Government Control," and it speaks better than words. It reminds us that there will always be people willing to commit murder if their government tells them it is okay. I've seen this picture before, in several places, though I don't know who took it, or why, or where it happened. It has always (to my knowledge) been used to illustrate the WRONGNESS of all anti-gun laws. Many other governments have BANNED guns for their citizens (like HItler in Germany, Russia, communist China, etc.), and later were found killing them, since they were absolutely DEFENSELESS. And law-abiding people ARE defenseless because they OBEY those laws, giving up their guns. But criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists do NOT, and they are able to "run wild," killing and robbing people who obey the gun laws. Liberal politicians keep telling us all they want to do is "stop the gun violence," though their laws never do. Gun violence continues, because the people who ARE the problem never bother to obey them. I have become convinced that those liberals simply want to disarm the populace so that, when they come to take what is theirs, they won't get shot in the process. (American Thinker)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Sorry" Isn't Good Enough

The IRS "weaponized" itself, stalling applications for tax-free status for right-wing organizations, or ones they PERCEIVED as being right-wing, and nobody went to prison. Lois Lerner lost her job and had to retire to a comfortable retirement on a lavish "pension" without real punishment. They got caught, and they said they're "sorry." And it was "forgotten." The boss at IRS got no punishment, whatever. He's still running it. Obama's "Fast & Furious" plan sold many guns to the Mexican drug cartels for no real reason except what they CLAIMED was their purpose (which didn't hold water) and they said, "sorry" when they got caught. Nobody was really punished. In Waco and Ruby Ridge, citizens were MURDERED by government agents. The then Attorney General, Janet Reno, "took responsibility." But what did that mean? Was she punished, in any way? Were the "government agents" who wantonly MURDERED those civilians (even their DOGS) ever punished? The government agent who MURDERED a woman with her child in her arms at Ruby Ridge was later quietly given a commendation for that murder. They didn't announce it. Did they ever punish that Border Control agent who pointed the nose of automatic weapon in the face of a SIX-YEAR-OLD to capture and send him back to that "island prison," in Cuba? Did they ever even IDENTIFY him to the public? They complain that this nation is "heavily armed." But if they treat us that way in a "heavily armed" country, think how they would treat us if they were ever successful in getting rid of ALL the guns in the country? (Just common sense)

It Happened Again

Anti-gun fools say private citizens with legal guns never stop a criminal from victimizing people. But it happens all the time, and it happened again. A female mail carrier was attacked by a thug with what I can only assume is an ILLEGAL gun (since the item about it says nothing about that), and a bystander fired a few shots into the ground to distract him. He then tried to attack the bystander, but then she threw a few shots in his direction, convincing him that would be a bad idea. So he fled, But he didn't get very far, because the cops had arrived by then and cornered him. Neither the postal worker nor the bystander were hurt, although the letter carrier was "shook up." All turned out well for everybody but the thug, who ended up under arrest, and will probably spend a few years in prison. (WTMJ-TV)

No Good Deed....

There's an old saying: "No good deed goes unpunished." That is very true in this situation. A Dawson county, Georgia deputy took a stranded motorist to a gas station and was about to give him some money to buy gas when the guy attacked him. The guy was getting the better of it when a woman nearby who was legally carrying a gun shot him. Causing him to leave off beating on the deputy and run across the street, where he hit a 75 year old woman in the face, trying to carjack her car. Then two nearby men "took him down" and beat the hell out of him, then held him for the cops. Thanks to that woman and those two guys, that cop is okay, though injured. No information about the 75 year old woman, The perp was taken into custody and will be charged. The "good Samaritans" will not be charged with anything (believe it or not). This is but one more instance where a legal concealed carrier saved a cop's life, but, except for local news, don't expect to see anything about it in the national liberal media. (Fox 5 Atlanta)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Ditching the American Flag

The proof of the liberal influence at work on the "student march" for their lives is that Emma Gonzalez, a major student supporter, made a speech wearing a "Cuban dictator-looking" military jacket bearing a CUBAN flag, instead of the usual American flag worn in America. That tells us she likes Cuba, a country where a new dictator began confiscating the guns of its citizens within two days of taking power, and has since murdered THOUSANDS, maybe more, of his people after disarming them. It is a common theme among dictators to disarm their people as soon as they can. Unarmed people cannot give their dictator much lip without getting killed, or imprisoned for long periods. The Nazis did it; so did Stalin in Russia--and predictably, the murders of MILLIONS ensued. Politicians CLAIM that disarming the populace is to PROTECT them, but it is NOT. It is to eventually ENSLAVE them. But in America, with the liberal media solidly behind our wannabe dictator politicians, it will not be to protect them, but to enslave them, as usual. If you let them disarm you, you can bet that soon they will come for you. (Conservative Tribune)

More Fake News

The left says if Trump doesn't like what they say it's "fake news." What they don't say is that most of what they say now IS fake news. The Dumocrats have a simple playbook. On the first page is instructions on how to "create a lie" against your enemies, repeat it over and over until it becomes an "article of faith" that it's true. The most recent example is the story about Russia contributing money to the NRA, to be used to elect Donald Trump to the presidency. Another is the pipe dream that Trump "thought about" firing Robert Mueller, neither of which have any proof they're true. One of the best known, and most successful uses of that scam is when Sen. Reid claimed presidential candidate Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes in ten years. It was subsequently proven to be a lie, but when Reid was asked about it later his only response was, "It worked, didn't it?" No remorse. All he cared was that it worked, and truly, this lie may have cost Romney the presidency. (Hot Air)

They'll Use Anything

Anti-gun fools who have a little bit of power will use just about ANYTHING to take away your guns. Never mind that gun ownership and use is GUARANTEED in the Constitution of the United States. That can't just BAN guns, so they make as many laws as they can to make it difficult, if not impossible, for a law-abiding person to own and use them, One such law is New York's SAFE Law, which does many things to limit the rights of people who own guns. I won't go into them here because the article linked does it nicely. It is obvious that the "authorities" want to do everything they can to make law-abiding citizens HELPLESS to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of thugs and Islamic terrorists. That's the only explanation I can see for the fact that every time they find someone having the means to defend themselves, they treat it as a criminal offense, and want to take them away from them.

Case in point is the stun gun. Currently, those are legal to own and use. But the cops routinely "confiscate" (steal) them when used. In New York's "SAFE Law, they require a LICENSE to exercise your constitutional RIGHT to be armed, and "re-certification" every five years. If you miss that deadline, for ANY reason, you can PERMANENTLY lose your constitutional right to own a gun and it gives the cops the power to TAKE all your guns, at GUNPOINT, if necessary. In Hawaii, if you place YOURSELF in a mental facility, again for ANY reason, they take away your guns. They stopped doing that because of public clamor, But that illustrates how they think. The point is, these laws only seem to apply to LEGAL gun owners (who aren't the problem), while the holders of ILLEGAL guns (Who are) ignore them. (Joe Huffman)

Friday, March 23, 2018

"I'm Not A Racist!"

Saying that is now declared by the liberals to BE a "racist statement." I guess that's one way to eliminate any right to deny the LIE that you are racist, a label the liberals are using everywhere to blunt opposition to their fool policies. Just as they call people who don't believe in that "climate change" swindle to be "climate change deniers," as if that were something criminal, when it is NOT criminal to refuse to believe the LIES of those climate change fools. I know that they have my name on several "lists of known racists," because I tell about the illegal and unethical actions of blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims, as well as those of white people. They even call me a racist because I tell the truth about the Islamic extremists, when they KILL people for not believing in their fool "religion." The racist label has been one of their most successful ploys, because, who wants to be called a racist? For my part, I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the color of their skins, their religion, or their sexual preferences, or any other pseudo difference. If they're bad, I say so, black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, or anything else. If they're not bad, I say that, too, if the question comes up. (Just common sense)

"White Supremacy."

The Dumocrats claim racism and "white supremacy" (other words MEANING racism) everywhere. But it is the Dumocrats who are the racists. Always has been. They are the ones who think of all things in terms of race. They see racism where there is none. They take innocent words and call them "code" to mean white supremacy. We almost had racism under control until Barack Obama started calling everybody who disagreed with him on anything racists. There was a time when it was unthinkable for a black person to be elected to political office in the south. Now almost every politician in the south is black, and/or female.It was a Dumocrat administration against which Martin Luther King marched, "Jim Crow" and Bull Connor were Dumocrats.The Ku Klux Klan was a Dumocrat creation, designed to keep blacks down.

Dumocrats filibustered the Equal Rights Act. They have done everything in their power to keep racism going, while accusing Republicans of being racist The "Black Lives Matter fools are the Dumocrat's latest creation, and they are just as bad as the KKK, with the same mission, only the colors reversed. They just CLAIM they are "against racism" while they are PROMOTING black against white racism, It seems to be okay to put down white people these days, while if white people said the same things they do about whites, we would be pilloried. They will not be satisfied until white people have their own drinking fountains and restrooms in public places and are not allowed to use those reserved for the black "ruling class" they are creating. It's okay for black people to hold elective office in the south, but their very existence puts the lie to everything the Dumocrats say about race. (Just common sense)

One Third In Chicago

The United States has seen a 9% INCREASE in homicides (by all methods) last year, and fully ONE-THIRD of those came from certain neighborhoods in Chicago, in spite of some of the tightest "gun laws" in the nation (Wall St. Journal). Chicago and Baltimore (another city with tight gun laws) have both seen a RISE in homicides while all other cities have seen a REDUCTION in homicides. Which pretty much tells us their tight gun laws don't work. If people of average intelligence can see that, why can't the liberals in charge in those cities? In Chicago, murders have increased 57%. Chicago has had more murders than Los Angeles (in gun-hating California) and New York City COMBINED. So much for tough gun laws. The evidence against the laws sponsored by anti-gun fools and consented to by ignorant politicians is mounting, but liberal politicians (and some conservatives) just can't see it. We need to remove such people from positions where they can make such laws and find somebody who can figure out something REAL ro put a stop to gun violence in big cities. If we don't, we're all going to suffer. (iPatriot)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Way Too Many Accidents

Did you know we've lost more of our military men to accidents recently than to wars, themselves? And there's a good reason why. Obama, and his campaign to DE-FUND the military. He did everything he could to STRANGLE the military in every way he could. Cutting off their money, reducing manpower, and enforcing ABSURD "rules of engagement" for those soldiers to follow. One of the most DEADLY things he did was cutting off their money. They could not buy parts to use in repairing their equipment, and those they thought they COULD use failed because of faulty maintenance and failed parts that were used long after they were worn out because of no replacements. There were air squadrons with 75% )or more) of their aircraft unable to fly, because of lack of parts. Pilots could not get enough air time to remain proficient.

People DIED, but Obama didn't care. He was successfully DECIMATING our military, as any "good liberal" would do, but he did it better. I think he should be arrested for complicity in many cases of MANSLAUGHTER that are traceable to his policies. He should be in PRISON, or on death row, until he can be EXECUTED for his crimes against humanity, and our military. Some of the symptoms are the crashing of a lot more military aircraft than usual, ships running into each other, due to "gremlins" in their systems, and lack of proper training for thier personnel. All these have resulted in many deaths, for which he should be made to pay. But he won't, because he has "his people" well placed in strong positions (until Trump discovers them and gets rid of them). Obama has done many things to get people killed, not just in the military. And he should be made to pay. (Military Times)

Same Ol' Democrat Scam

One of the oldest, moldiest Dumocrat scams is "quoting" something a Republican didn't say in private, then insisting he deny it, and having it become a "wall-to-wall story" that runs for days and weeks in the corrupt liberal media, never mind nobody but one person "heard" it, and he's an implacable enemy of that Republican. After repeating it and having "round table discussions" on it every hour for days on end, it somehow becomes an item of faith that he said it. The idea that Trump "thought about" firing Mueller is one of the latest. One of the most famous is when Sen. Harry Reid said that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes for ten years, citing an "unnamed friend" as his source. That lie probably cost Romney the presidency, and Reid was not concerned when the lie was found out. His only response was, "It worked, didn't it?" Another use of this scam lately is the "sh-thole country" claim, again coming from a KNOWN liar that has made things up, before. Look for a lot more such claims, of bad things said by Republican, with only the UNSUPPORTED word of a Dumocrat, that nobody else heard. (Just common sense)

Doesn't Make the Media

There's a reason why you may think the anti-gun fools are right, that defensive use of LEGALLY-carried guns doesn't happen. That's because they just don't cover it when it happens. They just ignore it because to cover it goes against their preferred narrative. In the first story in the linked article, that store clerk probably got fired because he brought his legal gun to work with him, and used it on that robber (the same might be true of the phone store clerk). But what happened to the other clerk in that story who did NOT have a gun (he was murdered after giving up the money) is instructive. Better to lose your job than to lose your life. The liberal media seems to be solidly anti-gun, They ought to be smarter than that, but they aren't. The whole point of this is to point out the fact that armed law-abiding people are NOT a danger to society. Quite the contrary. They often rid us of people who DON'T obey gun laws and try to take what doesn't belong to them. Additionally, there are many cases where armed citizens HELP the cops, when sometimes they are overpowered by the criminals they try to arrest. (AmmoLand)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Liberals Hate Freedom

For us, anyway. Liberals don't think we're smart enough to be allowed to have the right to make our own decisions. They think that only THEY are smart enough to make our decisions FOR us. They have a very low opinion of our intelligence, which is an indication of their own LACK of intelligence. If you want to see an illustration of liberal LACK of intelligence, just look at ANY big city that is RUN by liberals. Chicago is one of those, and it has one of the highest "dun death" statistics anywhere, even while having some of the TIGHTEST anti-gun (liberal) laws and regulations anywhere. They are in "money trouble," as are most liberal-run cities. New York City was once forced to declare BANKRUPTCY until other liberals who still had some money came to their rescue. I am what we call, a "rational individualist." I make my own decisions. I don't allow others to make them FOR me. And thus, liberals HATE me, and call me nasty names, among them "racist." They call me many things, all of them insulting, and UNTRUE. They have no basis in FACT to back up those accusations, but that doesn't matter to them. They say I must prove I'm NOT a racist, or anything else they call me. That's their scam; discredit those who disagree with them by making people think they have "ulterior motives," driven by prejudices. While at the same time, THEY are the ones "driven by their prejudices." (Just common sense)

Pelosi's Going to Hollywood!

She appeared in a drag queen show, which I think is appropriate for her. The drag queen in charge, of course, is anti-Trump, once having said Trump's signature motto, "Making America Great Again," is "code", meaning,"Let’s go back in time to when we didn’t have to evolve and that we could just languish in our ignorance.” That's a usual liberal (Dumocrat) trick, calling something "code" to mean what THEY want it to mean, and not what it really means. But then, they're stupid that way. They can't win by finding something TRUE to criticize, so they make something up. Peelosi can't find any real people to agree with her, so she goes to Hollywood, where all the other fools are. And I'm not even sure she ISN'T a drag queen. She says her appearance on this show is to "point up Trump's anti LGBT stance." That stance is only in her fertile imagination, of course, but she really believes it. Or she's lying, again. (Off the Wire)