Thursday, March 8, 2018

Democrats' Regular Scam

The Dumocrats have a common scam they use in many areas. Make an UNPROVEN accusation, keep repeating it from several different (all liberal) viewpoints, insisting it is true, in SPITE of the lack of any kind of proof. They've been very successful in accusing GOP politicians of sexual misconduct. A good example other than that is the latest, accusing Trump of not only using profanity to refer to the Haitians, and calling Haiti a "Sh-t country." They say everybody in the room heard him say it, but strangely, in this age of cell phones recording us, nobody seemed to be recording. So all we have is the WORD of the Dumocrats in the room, and maybe a few Trump-hating Republicans. That, to me, is NOT proof. But the arguments about it hopefully (to Dumocrats, anyway) hurt Trump in the minds of his base. Frankly, I don't care if he calls Chucky Schumer or Nancy Peelosi bad names and cusses them out, as long as he keeps on "draining the swamp" like he has been doing since he got inaugurated. I wouldn't mind cussing those two out, myself. (Just common sense)

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