Thursday, April 30, 2009

$325 Grand Photo Op

The Obama administration spent $325 grand to fly Air Force One low over NYC, scaring the bejeezuz out of New Yorkers. Why? How did it happen without Obama’s knowledge? The truth is, it DIDN’T. He’s lying when he says “I found out about it when you did” or he is revealing a terrible ineptness at governing. But then, it’s not surprising. Obama, like Clinton, would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. The way you can tell he is lying is to watch his lips: if they’re moving and sound is coming out, he’s lying. His “poll numbers” are almost identical to Bush’s at this point in his presidency. That Bush’s were so low at the end is a tribute to the ability of the Democrats (liberals) to demonize him. (Just common sense)

They Don't Care If You Die

Roxanana Sabin has been jailed in Iran on “spying” charges, and is going on a hunger strike. But it’s not going to work. The Iranians, like the Russians before them, don’t care if their victims die. They’re being used to make a political point that is false; that people would be interested in spying on them and that members of the press are doing it instead of the government representatives, who usually have diplomatic immunity. For my part, I am not interested in ANYTHING Iran does, as long as they NEVER get the ability to send an atomic bomb into the United States. Why? Because Iran is run by people who are insane! And, unlike the Russians who came before, are VERY likely to use them irresponsibly. Just like other, “stateless” terrorists. The only difference between other Islamic terrorists and Iranians is a recognized sovereign state. But otherwise, they’re the same. They don’t care about killing innocent people to make their political points, so a hunger strike just isn’t going to work—unless their point requires the victim to stay alive. (Yahoo News/AP)

Signs of A "Banana Republic"

It’s a sure sign of a “banana republic” for the new “president” to declare representatives of the last administration to be “criminals” and prosecute them, imprisoning some, and just ruining the lives of others so they can never work again. The Obama administration is in the process of doing just that to Bush administration officials. Maybe even Bush himself, since he was in overall charge of things. I’ve known all along Obama was a “banana republic-style” dictator, but I didn’t expect him to go this far so quickly and so transparently. I guess he’s getting a lot of pressure from the “Bush haters” and a lot of support from the "Obama lovers." (Just common sense)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Raising Taxes Reduces Revenue

This is a truth that liberals will not even entertain, although one of the LESSONS that taught it to us was done BY a liberal: John Kennedy. When he lowered the tax rate, he increased the “tax take.” When Ronald Reagan did it, he almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” When George Bush did it, he brought us out of the “economic downturn” created by the 9/11 attack. Now Obama wants to RAISE taxes “on the rich,” the very people whose investments CREATE the new wealth Obama NEEDS so he can loot it. This letter was written during the Bush administration, but it is "right on." (Freedom Speaks)

Too Many Scams

There are way too many scams being run on us today by our own government. I can’t keep up with them. To do so would require a staff of THOUSANDS of “hawkeyed” bloggers feeding me information. Then it would require more thousands of people to type up the blog posts required to bring them all to your attention. Then it would require ALL your time to READ the posts. They’re not just scamming us; they’re overwhelming us with the sheer NUMBER of scams they’re running on us. Even if we stop some of them, others will get through unnoticed. (Just common sense)

Obama Delayed Pirate Rescue

They’re praising Obama’s “decisive leadership” to the skies, yet his limited rules of engagement DELAYED the rescue for 36 hours before he finally gave the order. The people “on the scene” are saying something quite different from the “Washington handout.” That they were “champing at the bit” to DO something, but were hampered by the limited “rules of engagement.” "Multiple opportunities to free the captain of the Maersk Alabama [without bloodshed -RT] from three young pirates were missed, these sources say – all because a Navy SEAL team was not immediately ordered to the scene and then forced to operate under strict, non-lethal rules of engagement." It’s a wonder we actually WON that engagement, according to Joseph Farah. (World Net Daily)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance!

Arlen Specter has announced that he will be running to retain his Senate seat, but as a DEMOCRAT. He has never been a “dependable vote” for Republicans, even since he joined the Republican Party many years ago after losing an election as a Democrat. To me, he has always been a “Republican in name only (RINO),” voting with the Democrats more than with his own party. The Republicans are well rid of him. The news media (including Fox) call it a “bombshell.” I don’t. I think it’s about time he showed his true colors. The only thing that surprised me is him “coming clean.” He says he is a “moderate Republican,” but that’s a big laugh. He has never been ANYTHING except a “far-left” liberal, although he doesn’t seem able to make up his mind as to what party he wants to be in. (Just common sense)

Talk About Spin!

Somalians are actually DEFENDING those pirates, saying they were “defending” their country! What a load of brown, stinky stuff! The Dutch captured a bunch of pirates, then released them because they don’t have a law allowing them to prosecute them. I’d bet if they looked hard enough, they’d find one in their OLD laws, made when piracy was at its height in the 1700s and 1800s. Or they could have allowed others to take custody; people who DO have laws that allow them to prosecute them. Are they going to make laws that DO allow them to prosecute them? Or are they going to continue to use the lack of such laws as an excuse not to “anger” the pirates? (Just common sense)

CNN Unalterably Biased

For example, Susan Roesgen of CNN engaged one protester over a sign he had suggesting President Obama was a fascist, and the supposed reporter called it “offensive.” But when covering a rally in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the same "reporter" took no offense to a protester dressed as George W. Bush with a Hitler mustache and horns. But far worse than Roesgen’s bias were the vulgarities and gutter humor expressed by other so-called journalists at CNN and MSNBC. I doubt one person in one hundred understood their inappropriate jokes, but our media elites sure had a good laugh.” She asked this man a question, then interrupted him and did not allow him to finish speaking. It’s so obvious she’s biased, I don’t even need to comment. (Just common sense)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Dangerous Right-Wing Extremists"

Columnist Ann Coulter’s mother died the other day, quietly, in her sleep. But she wasn’t just Ann Coulter’s mother. She was the “fount” from which Ann sprung. “She was a direct descendant of at least a dozen patriots who served the cause of the American Revolution and traced her lineage on both sides of her family to Puritan nonconformists who came to America in 1633 seeking religious freedom on a ship led by Pastor Thomas Hooker. Or, as Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano would call them, ‘A dangerous right-wing extremist hate group.’ " (Ann Coulter) This is the kind of people we now have running our government; people who HATE what they did then, and think people who LOVE it are “dangerous, right-wing extremists.” Believe me, if Janet Napolitano had not been sure Obama would have approved her report, she would not have released it. (Just common sense)

Congress, Probe Thyself

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants a broad "probe" of Wall Street, much like the 1932 Pecora Commission that led to sweeping bank reforms. Good idea. Let the probing begin — with Pelosi's Congress.” Nancy Pelosi wants to “probe Wall Street.” Unfortunately, all that does is divert attention from the fact that the CAUSE of this “economic meltdown” was the Democrats and two Democrat-controlled congresses. Any “probing” should START with Congress, itself. But do you ever think there will BE a "probe" of Congress? (IBD Editorials)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Defining" A "Hate Crime"

Guess what? All a cop has to do to deny a person his constitutional rights is to “declare” what he is committing a “hate crime.” There is NO legal definition of a “hate crime.” So the person enforcing the law gets to DEFINE it. This allows a cop to WRITE the law, since subsequent cops will use his definition to bolster their own definition of a “hate crime” in the future. If a pastor says “homosexualism is bad" He can be arrested and prosecuted for what he SAID, not what he DID because some cop DEFINED his statement as a “hate crime." This story is about a situation in a foreign country. But the same things are coming to this country. (World Net Daily)

Total Control

“Reform: Treasury Secretary [Tax cheat –RT] Tim Geithner's proposed sweeping reform of our nation's financial system puts the nation's banks, insurers and hedge funds under direct government control — where they least need to be.” He wants to take over TOTAL CONTROL of ALL business, whether or NOT they got “bailout money” (read, taxpayer money). “The irony of this, of course, was pointed out by political scientist Michael Barone, who notes the bank bailout plan unveiled by Geithner earlier this week actually relies heavily on mostly unregulated companies to bail out regulated ones. Now, Geithner wants control of even those unregulated companies, though they're guilty of nothing other than being successful.” To people like Geithner, being successful IS a “crime.” Even though the basic system he espouses DEPENDS upon successful businesses for the money they LOOT from others. (IBD editorials)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Columbine Madness

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School where two students killed 12 students and one teacher. It got somewhat tiresome to hear about it every ten seconds, no matter where you turned, television, radio, or even the Internet. I feel sorry for the victims and their families, but they didn’t need to talk about it every ten seconds. I accurately predicted that the “anti-gun zealots” would use Columbine (again) as an excuse to demand more and more restrictive “anti-gun laws,” even though they and we know such laws DO NOTHING to stop such actions. How many CURRENT gun laws did Dillon and Kliebold break in this massacre? How many anti-gun laws did other shooters in other places break in their shootings? Only the presence of an armed citizen who isn’t afraid to shoot the shooter, and which the shooter doesn’t expect to be there can be a deterrent, by shooting the shooter before he/she can shoot any more people (as happened at the Colorado Springs church shooting). But the “anti-gun freaks” won’t hear of it, even though they KNOW more restrictive “gun control laws” will NOT do it, but will only make the problem worse. We need to stop listening to these insane people. (Just common sense)

No Tax Cuts for the "Rich"

Obama says he is giving America a “billion dollar tax cut.” (NOT!) But he isn’t. He’s giving an expensive ONE-TIME “tax rebate” that does NOTHING to instigate new business and improve the economy. A REAL “tax cut” involves reducing the TAX RATE, which gives incentives to people who INVEST in projects that CREATE new profits, thus more money to tax. Unfortunately, people who do that tend to wind up “rich,” and that Obama does not want. “[T]he Obama tax cut package studiously avoids any reductions in tax rates anywhere. The centerpiece of the plan is a $500 per worker tax credit, estimated to cost $150 billion. The government will just borrow $150 billion from the private economy to give away in these tax credits, so there will be no net gain to the economy.” This lets him CLAIM to have “reduced taxes” and, he hopes, “spike the guns” of people who say all he will do is RAISE taxes. Republican Ronald Reagan and Democrat John Kennedy BOTH lowered tax RATES, and by so doing, INCREASED the “tax take” in the next few years as those “eeevil rich” invested their money in more money-making and jobs-creating projects, thus creating MORE taxable income for them, and higher taxes for them (and their employees) to pay. Bush did it, too. What Obama is doing is a CON designed to make ”headline readers” THINK he’s reducing taxes while he’s STILL “punishing the rich,” who are responsible for ALL improvements in the economy. (The American Spectator)

"Tea Parties" Ignored

“Media Bias: The press need not support every protest it covers. But when it ignores a grass fire movement against government spending while its favored politician watches closely, then there's dereliction of duty.” (Investor’s Business Daily) This is a good example of how the press “tailors” the news it feeds you. I haven’t seen a SINGLE thing in the liberal news media about the hundreds of “Tea Party” meetings and demonstrations scheduled for today (April 15) all over the country. Only Fox, the network liberals HATE because they tell BOTH SIDES, covered them (except for CNN's attempt to censor one of the protesters after their reporter asked him what he was protesting, then shouted over him to shut him up). Meanwhile, the government puts out a release about the “growing right-wing extremism” problem. They will soon be “looking at” ANYBODY who says, writes, or in any way opines ANYTHING that is “anti-government” (their definition and description). That’s how they would describe people like me who TELL THE TRUTH about what they’re doing and the ultimate result. I expect a visit from Obama’s “storm troopers” any time, now. They always go after "the little guys" first. They're "easier targets." (IBD editorials)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Showing His Ignorance (Again)

Obama said, again—that the U. S. is “responsible” for what the Islamic terrorists did to us on September 11, 2001. How STUPID is that? And for our own president to say it! That’s one of the dangers of electing a socialist liberal (such as Obama) to the presidency. He becomes literally DANGEROUS. He, and the rest of the liberals still refuse to admit that WE’RE AT WAR with Muslim extremists, and should NOT tell the Islamic extremists all out secrets, as he did when he released the results of a “memo” about what liberals call “torture methods,” and what I call “minor discomfort,” such as “slapping their faces” and using their own fears (such as putting a terrorist who is afraid of poisonous insects in a small space with a caterpillar he is TOLD is poisonous) to get information out of them that might save lives. Personally, I don’t care if they pull their fingernails out (REAL torture) or give them "the death of a thousand cuts" after what they routinely do to our people (such as beheading Daniel Pearl). They have, in my opinion, forfeited the “right” not to be tortured, or even to stay alive. (Just common sense)

"Sharing" Knowledge and Resources

The sheriff of the county in which the columbine school shootings happened says that they’ve made many improvements in how they handle such incidents, including going in RIGHT NOW, isolating the shooters, and even eliminating them before they can kill more people. They “share” this information with everybody. But they don’t, and WON’T do the ONE THING that can help: allow teachers and other responsible people to be armed, inside the school, at their own discretion, so any shooters will not know WHO is armed and cannot shoot them down. If the principal of Columbine, who told of “peeking around a corner” and “watching one of the shooters firing into a room,” had been armed, he could have “put a couple into him,” ending his shooting spree. But NO! Anti-gun freaks only want to MAKE MORE LAWS against ANY guns on ANY school campus, GUARANTEEING that a shooter (who doesn’t care about laws) will not meet ANY opposition until after he/she has already killed a lot of people. (Just common sense)

As Predicted, Obama "Folds"

As predicted, Obama has “lifted” some of the restrictions on Cuba. And as further predicted, Fidel wants more. He sees a weakling moving into the White House and is determined to get everything he can. Other dictators will do likewise. We are entering an era of “presidential stupidity” that will last at least four years. Hopefully, our voters will come to their senses, as they did with “Disaster Jimmy (Carter)” and vote him out after only one term. I only hope that’s quick enough for us to survive. (Yahoo News/AP)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More of the Same, Only Bigger

“New president Barack Obama's $3.55 trillion budget serves notice that if you thought government couldn't get any bigger or more intrusive, think again. The budget ‘represents real and dramatic change,’ according to the President. But really the Obama plan is just more of the same, with the federal government expanding its role in education, foreign policy, energy policy, health care, and environmental policy. Then there’s the campaign to take over control of “big business” through money “giveaways” called “bailouts,” for which the Obama administration demands “ownership control” of those companies so “bailed out” as part owner of the company. The original “owners” still “own” the company, but the government becomes their biggest stockholder and can tell them what to do. Now Barney Frank wants the same control over even companies that have NOT been “bailed out.” Soon, the government will control ALL business, whether or NOT those companies have received any government (read: taxpayer) money. That’s Fascist collectivism. (Ludwig von Mises Institute)

Curses! Foiled Again!

Pirates attacked the American ship “Liberty Sun” and they were foiled again by an American crew. Then they were “run off” by the same ship that foiled an earlier attempt, the “Bainbridge” with the captain of the original victim ship still aboard. You’d think they’d learn their lesson. Stay away from American ships! It might take a few more failures for them to learn their lesson and only go after other flags, whose owners are wimps enough to just PAY the ransom and count it as “a cost of doing business.” America does NOT pay ransom and will KILL you if you try. The pirates have promised to “hunt down and slaughter Americans” after three of them were killed trying to take over an American ship. They tried it, but it wasn’t as easy as they thought. I think they’ll learn soon to stay away from American ships, but they haven’t yet. That’s sure to reduce the number of teenage pirates out there. They think American shipping won't soon be armed, but they have another think coming. (Ryan 444)

Obama To Cut Military Budget

Like most liberals who think the way to self defense is to disarm ourselves to “convince people we are no threat,” the Obama (Omama) administration wants to do as Bill Clinton did and cut the military budget (and thus our ability to defend ourselves). Clinton almost destroyed our military by cutting their budgets by 40%, and I’m sure that’s the goal of the Obama administration. Apparently Obama and his cohorts aren’t smart enough to know that the way to self defense is to be strong enough an enemy won’t DARE to attack us. (Yahoo News/AP)

Our Liberals Will Hate It

We finally managed to kill three of the pirates who were holding a ship’s captain captive and capture the other while rescuing the captain they held captive as they “flexed their muscles,” thinking the Navy ship shadowing them will not be able to do anything. They were proven wrong. Watch for our liberals in this country (and elsewhere) to whine about it and criticize us for doing it. Just as they want to disarm all of us and give criminals more and more “easy targets,” they want to do the same to ships at sea. They don’t want ships to be carrying armed crew because “they might be, themselves, pirates.” What a stupid reason. What shows which ones are pirates is their ACTIONS. Just as individuals in this country who are armed are not necessarily criminals themselves, ships with armed crew are not necessarily pirates. They need to find other ways to identify pirates rather than to DISARM the crews of honest ships. Commercial vessels should be able to defend themselves against pirates and not be government-created “easy targets.” (Just common sense)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Business As Usual" at CPS

“The Sacramento County grand jury ripped Child Protective Services in a report released today, saying the agency has ignored repeated recommendations for improvement and that CPS has ‘persistent, recurring and systemic problems resulting in child abuse-related deaths.The Grand Jury has reported on the shortcomings of CPS since 1996,’ said a cover letter from grand jury foreman Donald W. Prange Sr. ‘Findings and recommendations have fallen on deaf ears. Nothing Ever Changes ... Ever,’ he typed in bold-face.” Is anybody surprised? This is what happens every time the “child protectors” are “investigated.” They ignore the court’s orders and continue to do the same things that got them in trouble before. More children are killed and abused (sexually and otherwise) and they continue to “poor mouth” us using it as a "fund raiser," saying they’d “like to do what the court ordered, but they’re too ‘slammed’ with work and just don’t have enough money or people to get the job done.” Of course, that’s a lie, but the court believes them, gives them more money to hire more people, and life (for everybody but some of the children) goes on--until the next child dies or is sexually or otherwise abused and they can’t hide it. Then we do it all again. (Sacramento Bee)

Are You Afraid to Speak Out?

I know many people. But I don’t know much about what they think because most of them are AFRAID to speak out about them; and the ones who do have it all wrong and will not entertain anything different. They’re convinced by the liberal propaganda. I really get tired of hearing what these people spout. Most of it is right out of the “Obama Playbook.” They don’t pay any real attention to politics and are thus wrong about most everything while they’ll fight you if you tell them they’re wrong. But another problem is the people who DO have the right information but are afraid to let anybody know because the liberals have made them afraid to “fess up.” I'm certainly not. Chuck Norris isn’t afraid to talk about his views and he can kick the crap out of anybody who wants to fight about it. Read about his opinions here. He talks mostly about people being afraid to admit their religion in this piece. But his words are the same whatever the subject. (Chuck Norris)

They're Starting Already

If “national healthcare” ever comes to America, we’ll see more and more stories like this in the news as more and more people start using the Emergency Room as their regular doctor’s office and the liberals take advantage of it, exaggerating it, so as to be able to institute their “health-care rationing” program. Soon, NOBODY will be able to get into an Emergency Room, even if they’re in “dire need.” Like in England where they keep patients parked IN ambulances OUTSIDE the hospital because the government has MANDATED that they must be seen within four hours of entering. It this what you want in our country? People DYING in ambulances OUTSIDE a hospital because of a “decree” made by a “faceless bureaucrat?” Even without national healthcare, people WILL receive care in emergencies. But with a healthcare system run by bureaucrats, it’s doubtful. Bureaucrats don’t see us as people; only as “numbers.” So they don’t hesitate to deny us medical care, sometimes even when we DO pay for it. In fact, they want to make it ILLEGAL for us to pay for it. (Yahoo News/AP)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is It Time to "Go on Strike?"

A protester at the Feb. 27th “Tea Party” demonstration references Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel about the world’s “brains” going on strike, refusing to continue to allow the “looters” and “moochers” to steal the results of their ideas and production any longer. One by one, after the looters had pushed them too far, they “retired” and disappeared, eventually destroying an already wobbly (because of the looters) economy. Is it now time for those “producers” of society; those who produce all new wealth with their ideas and their work, to “go on strike,” telling Obama (Omama) to “go to hell?” I’m proud that everything I do that uses my brain is in OPPOSITION to Obama and his looters. I will continue to do so as long as the looters are running this government. I’m talking about ALL the looters, not just Obama. They’re well entrenched in this government, and will be hard to “root out.” They are entrenched too, in our school system, from kindergarten up to college (teaching our children that collectivism is “the way”). (Washington Independent)

They "Crashed" the Economy

That’s what the Obama crowd say about Wall Street and the auto industry, and some Republicans are “buying” the lie. They DID NOT ”crash” the economy! The Democrats did, to both win an election and be able to take over both Houses of Congress in one “bloodless coup.” I really get tired of this tired old lie being repeated over and over. Hitler’s PR man said, “Tell a lie. Make it big and bold. Tell it over and over to anyone who will listen. Soon it will become truth and those listening will fight anyone who tries to set them straight.” This is the technique the Obama bunch are using to convince Americans “who don’t pay attention” (which is most of them) that private enterprise caused this “economic crunch. It’s not true. They merely OBEYED THE LAW when they loaned money to people who could not, WOULD not, pay it back; a “recipe for disaster” CREATED by the Democrats. I also get very tired of hearing the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, the “ARCHITECTS” of this disaster, taking CEOs to task, and “grilling” them for doing what the LAW required them to do. (Just common sense)

Obama to Use Lead to Ban Books

A new law, just passed, makes selling old children’s books illegal because of fears that there MAY be lead in the ink used. This is THE LAW OF THE LAND! ("Legislation passed by Congress last August in response to fears of lead-tainted toys imported from China went into effect last month. Consumer groups and safety advocates have praised it for its far-reaching protections. But libraries and book resellers such as Goodwill are worried about one small part of the law: a ban on distributing children's books printed before 1985.) (Washington Post) Currently it only applies to children’s books. But you can expect it to be applied to ALL books published before 1986, and LATER if Obama can find a reason to do it. I predict that mostly “conservative” books will qualify. This is how the liberal disguises his atrocities. Find an excuse, then do it quietly, as part of a completely different law. Congresspeople won’t know it because they don’t READ the bills before passing them into law. The people will not know because the liberal media does not tell them. It is left up to people like me and other “conservative” (right-wing extremist)sources to “let the cat out of the bag." (Washington Post) Yes, the "Washington Post DID write about it. But notice that they emphasize the NECESSITY to ban these books because of the lead.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pirates Laighing At Us

I’m getting very tired of this pirate claptrap. The U. S. government, under “Omama,” insists these pirates are NOT terrorists, even though they are all part of a terrorist group (al-Shabat) in the southern Somali desert and operate from there, probably paying off the Somali government (if any) to maintain their safety. I think we ought to go into Somalia and find their headquarters, then blow it off the map, including all “pirates” there. If Somalia objects, tell them where to go. Our government won’t even call them PIRATES! Let alone terrorists. What do you want to bet the millions they get in ransoms go directly into the coffers of the general Islamic terrorists, to pay for their murderous actions around the world? Our government says we need to “respect” these pirates more. That they “have a good business plan.” What is our government SMOKING? As long as we have such a wimp as president, and have other wimps running things, we will continue to have problems all over the world, which we won’t be able to solve because they will be AFRAID to do what is really NECESSARY to solve them. The Navy operation that freed the captured ship’s captain is an aberration). Meanwhile our wimps will be steadily moving us closer to a socialist state while essentially ignoring things like these pirates (Oops, I forgot; they aren’t “pirates.”) But they haven’t figured out what PC name to give them yet. (Just common sense)

A Great Obama Failure

China is pressing for a “global currency,” which would signal the death of the dollar if it happens. The very fact that it has been called for is a blot on the Obama administration. Can you see us paying for a hamburger with a Chinese dollar? I can’t, and won’t. The Obama administration is about as inept as I’ve ever seen, and will cause us to enter another “Dark Age” if he is not “brought to heel.” Obama needs to be impeached, and booted from office before he can do us any more damage. We need to get somebody in there who has some common sense. It has become obvious that Obama is not only the WRONG man for the job, he is a “clear and present danger” to this nation. (Money News)

Harry Reid Using Rush for Fundraising

He’s sending out fundraising letters saying rush is “targeting” him. Like rush cared whether he won or lost. If he DOES get “Dashle’d,” there’ll just be another liberal jerk to take his place, just as there was one when Dashle lost his election. He must think he’s the ONLY liberal jerk in the Democrat Party. I’d say he has an overblown opinion of himself and he knows what a good fundraiser Rush is among liberal jerks, who elect him over and over again until they get too much of him. Rush says, "When he sent that letter asking my partners to shut me up, his letter raised $2.1 million on eBay. Senator Reid is well aware that the lunatic fringe that votes for him in Nevada hates my guts and they'll send money to him just to defeat me. So it's a fundraising technique on the part of Senator Reid, Dingy Harry." (Rush Limbaugh)

Friday, April 10, 2009

U. S. "Not At War With Islam"

U. S. “NOT AT WAR WITH ISLAM”: But we ARE at war with Muslim extremists. Islamic terrorists of the kind who murdered 3,000 people, women, men, and CHILDREN at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. The Muslims think they can get us to forget that by intimating that a “war against Muslim extremists” is a war against Muslims. It is not. If we had been murderously attacked by a CHRISTIAN organization, we would be at war with THAT Christian organization, not necessarily ALL Christians. I shouldn't have to explain that to intelligent people. We will KILL as many Muslim extremists we find trying to kill us, as long as it takes to make them unable any longer to kill us. (Yahoo News/AP)

Reality Sets In

In California, they mandated the use of "small cars" that used less gas. Shortly they figured out they were getting less gas tax money so they raised the gasoline tax. In Denver, Colorado, they had a campaign to reduce the use of water. Soon they realized they were selling less water and taking in less money. So they raised the water rates. Obama wants to put in a "smart switch" to turn your lights off for an hour in the evening. Controlled by the government, not by you. It usually doesn't take bureaucrats long to be "hit by reality" in such cases. Do they then reverse their original plans? NO! They raise taxes or "fees." (Just common sense)

They Still Think AIG Was Incompetent

Even Investor’s Business Daily says AIG was incompetent and brought their problems upon themselves. Not EVEN! AIG, like other lenders, simply OBEYED the law (The Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) that FORCED them to make loans to people who could not repay them, just because they NEEDED them. This law was MADE by Democrats; the very same people who are now “grilling” their executives (one of whom was not even THERE while all this was going on) and PRETENDING they were not the CREATORS of the problem. It infuriates me to hear the likes of Barney Frank (Elmer Fudd) castigating AIG employees for obeying the law HE saw made, pretending the AIG employee CAUSED the problem. It’s like letting the CRIMINAL “interrogate” the VICTIM. Gawd, I’m getting tired of repeating this! Is ANYBODY listening? (IBD Editorials)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Kidding!

Kim Jong Il has been “reappointed” dictator (they call it “leader”) of communist North Korea by his hand-picked “rubber stamp legislature.” You know, the “august body” all dictators keep to give credence to their tenure as dictator—whose members know if they DON’T vote the way their “leader” wishes, they’re dead. Is anybody surprised? Even if he was made into an idiot by his stroke, they would have STILL “reappointed” him. They only bother with this “dog and pony show” to make our gullible politicians think he is legitimate, while he is really the chief crook and murderer. Hopefully, like our own “pot-bellied dictator,” Teddy Kennedy, he will die soon. But I don’t see anything getting better there when he does. In “Taxachussets,” they’ll just “elect” yet another “arch liberal” to take over his seat for the next 70 years. So I guess nothing much changes when a dictator dies. Castro is going to die soon, too. But I’m sure his brother will carry on his depredations until he, too, dies. Then one of his cronies will keep things going. (Yahoo News/AP)

Phony Polls and "Studies"

NBC came up with a phony poll (with Katie Couric fawning over the pollster) saying Rush Limbaugh is only at 19% compared to Obama’s 60%. I’d like to see the questions they used in that poll. They say this poll proves that Limbaugh is “hated by all.” Of course, they no doubt didn’t include his 20 million (or more) listeners in this poll. Of course they don’t tell you that Nancy Pelosi’s approval numbers are only 18%! (Is she similarly "hated by all?") This is the way they “slant” the news; with phony polls they want to reflect a certain viewpoint, with answers from known liberal enclaves where they are asked specific questions (with no opportunity to say anything else) the answers to which will prove their thesis. I never believe ANY “polls.” They, like statistics, can be made to say ANYTHING by the simple system of ignoring things that don’t support your thesis. (Just common sense)

Now He's President

He can do what he wants; he thinks. He didn’t tell us when he was begging for our votes that he was going to swindle us out of a TRILLION dollars within THREE WEEKS of being installed in office. That his new budget bill will be for THREE trillion dollars and include 8,500 “earmarks.” I could list all those idiot things he has done and is proposing to do, but I won’t bore you with them, It’s hard enough keeping the average American’s attention as it is. Suffice it to say, Obama has ALREADY swindled us out of more money than have politicians since the founding of this country in his first three weeks. Is anybody LISTENING out there? (IBD Editorials)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Victory for A Scam Artist

Ex-professor Ward Churchill, the scam artist who pretended to be of Indian ancestry to get “special privileges” at his college left the courtroom triumphantly, “pumping his fist” communist-style after winning his suit to prove the college fired him for his “little Eichmanns” crack in an article about the victims of 9/11. Of course, they COULD have fired him for that under university rules. So what did he win? One dollar plus his attorney’s fees. The university MAY ultimately be forced to rehire him after all the appeals are done. But they COULD hire him back without classes for him to pervert. His “tenure” does not force them to provide him with a classroom OR students to teach how to kill to make a point. They can assign him to anything they wish. I’d make him a janitor. Frankly, I think his “little Eichmanns” comment merely ALERTED the university to what kind of a man he was. It was a bonus to find out he falsified a lot of his research, as well as lying about an “Indian heritage.” Of course, he wore an “Indian” jacket into court to emphasize his pretend “Indian heritage.” If he gets a classroom, they ought to label his course for what it is: “How to Scam the World.” Obama would be his first student. (Denver Post)

They Knew It A YEAR Ago!

THEY KNEW IT A YEAR AGO! Barney Frank and the other criminals in Washington KNEW about these AIG “retention bonuses” a year ago! But Barney and the other criminals in Washington acts like he is surprised after getting a letter this morning. But we know better. At least those of us who are LISTENING know better. Those people “not paying attention to politics” do not. And what about the $90 million dollars in "retention bonuses" former employees of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are getting? I'll bet you didn't hear about that, did you? I guess that's because Obama's government APPROVES of these bonuses, even though Fannie and Freddie ALSO took "bailout money." The press just won't report it. (Just common sense)

Obama's Silly Tax Code

He’s “taxing the rich” (the WORKING RICH) at a rate TWICE as high as the “average person. Therefore punishing the (working) rich, whose projects create jobs and profits for us all, and rewarding mediocrity. Punishing achievement cannot ever work. Soon the achievers will no longer have the INCENTIVE to achieve and the looters will have nothing left to loot. “ 'If you’re a teacher making $50,000 a year and decide to donate $1,000 to the Red Cross or United Way, you enjoy a tax break of $150,” Orszag explains. “If you are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates and you make that same donation, you get a $350 deduction — more than twice the break as the teacher.' But that’s because the tax rate for the rich guys is more than twice as high as the tax rate for the teacher. They get a bigger “break” because they pay more in taxes to begin with. The unfairness that the Obama administration perceives is built into a system of progressive taxation that includes deductions." I get really tired of hearing the phrase, “tax breaks for the rich.” They don’t exist. The rich pay MOST of the taxes paid, and thus are ENTITLED to a bigger tax break. (Atlasphere)

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Arrogant and Dismissive"

These are the words Obama used in Europe to describe American’s opinion of Europeans. But the only “arrogant and dismissive" American I know of is Obama himself. Europe has EARNED our arrogant and dismissive attitude because they have “bought” collectivism (socialism) and have suffered for it. But Obama wants US to embrace socialism even though we WILL suffer for it if we do. Then we can be “arrogant and dismissive” toward ourselves since it is our CAPITALISM and INDIVIDUALISM that is responsible for us being the “leader of the world” and the source of ALL wealth in the world, allowing us to SUPPORT those socialist nations of Europe.. (Just common sense)

We Want Names, Too!

"AIG workers are getting death threats. [But Barney Frank is willing to subpoena those names. –RT] CNN is airing some! But Barney Frank wants to out them publicly. Well, we want names, too. Who were the prostitutes in Barney's basement [And why does nobody take him to task except for the “hand-slap” he got? -RT? Who gave Chris Dodd his sleazy mortgage, and Harry Reid his sleazy land deals -- and who's covering up Charlie Rangel's sleazy tax evasion?" (Rush Limbaugh) Why does nobody question these things? How do these people get away with this kind of thing? Yeah, yeah, I know Congress did once take notice of some of these crimes by their members, but as with the banking and post office scandals, and Ted Kennedy’s drowning of his pregnant girlfriend at Chappaquiddick, nothing ever got done and the “sinners” remain in Congress (most of them) to this day. Kennedy will likely die in office as his ignorant constituents continue to return him to Congress, time after time. They’ll probably re-elect him after he’s dead so the Mass. Governor can reliably appoint his hand-picked successor, who can carry on his dishonest work. (Just common sense)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Another "Victory" for Gun Control!

Twelve or more people are dead in New York City at an immigration center. There was NOBODY there with a gun and the will to use it to stop him. That’s because New York has some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the country. Did that stop this guy? Not for a second. When a criminal wants to use a gun to commit a crime, NO amount of laws that say he can’t do it while armed are going to stop him. Only the presence of someone in the crowd who can kill him early in his “shooting spree” and reduce the death toll. Only his not knowing if there was someone there who is armed so he can’t target the only armed person he knows is there, first, as the Columbine killers did. Only laws that allow honest people to be armed and able to defend themselves from such people will help. But ignorant politicians will never allow that. Even if this killer’s gun or guns were licensed, it makes no difference. If they were not, it’s the same. Anti-gun laws, as we know them, are STUPID and have KILLED many people. As long as honest people are not allowed to be armed for self-defense, we will continue to hear about such shooting sprees, and they will be successful. This is the second such shooting spree I’ve heard about in as many days. The other one was in a “REST HOME,” fergawd’sake! How many people have to die before the “anti-gun freaks” wake up? (Yahoo News/AP)

Require PROOF!

Why hasn’t the election commission required Obama to PROVE he’s a U. S. citizen before allowing him to take office as president? There are many people out there DEMANDING this proof, yet Obama “stonewalls” the whole idea. Why? If he really IS a citizen, there’s no problem. He should be willing to prove it. The only reason for “stonewalling” it is if he is NOT; unless he’s just too arrogant to be bothered. If American citizenship is required to become president, there should be a law requiring a candidate to PROVE his/her citizenship BEFORE any election can be held. But NO! We just “let it go” while Obama “shines us on” and goes about swindling us out of trillions of dollars we don’t have, while printing “Monopoly money” to make up the difference. (Just common sense)


That’s a “fancy word” for “contradiction in terms.” A contradiction in terms is one term that contradicts the other. That’s the only thing possible to call Obama’s “Charitable Taking.” He SAID he’d “go through the budget “line by line” and “get rid of “wasteful or ineffectual programs.” “Although the process was not completed yet, he said, ‘we have already identified $2 trillion in savings over the next decade.’ But it turns out that tax increases account for half of those ‘savings.’ From Obama’s perspective, it seems, letting people keep their own money qualifies as a “wasteful and ineffective program.” This is typical Obama stupidity. He expects Americans to be too ignorant to see through it; and he’s right. Most Americans proudly “ignore politics” and allow the government to “pick their pockets” with impunity. To target and punish achievers and support dead-beats. (Atlasphere)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Releasing Terrorists Here

They say they can’t release them back to the countries from whence they came because they might be abused, maybe even killed. So what? Ask me if I care about what happens to people whose only mission in life is to kill people who don’t believe the way they do. I don’t care if they behead them as soon as they set foot on the ground there. We can’t put them into the U. S. penal system because then they’d have constitutional rights. He wants to release them into our population and GIVE THEM WELFARE! Is Obama INSANE? I believe he is. But that shouldn’t let him do things that will inevitably KILL Americans. He wants to “reach out” to “moderate” terrorists! There ARE no “moderate” terrorists. To a man, they want to KILL us ALL. To think there are is not ignorance, it’s INSANITY. It's STUPIDITY! (Just common sense)

Who Do They Think They Are?

The criminals in Washington are taxing the AIG bonuses at 90% if the recipients don’t “voluntarily” give them back. Who the hell do these people think they are? They THINK they can make a RETROACTIVE (unconstitutional) law that will allow them to do this, but they can’t, without the connivance of the U. S. Supreme Court to REDEFINE this law as NOT retroactive, but which can still take effect BEFORE it was made. There is no way they could do this without it. (Just common sense)

Reversing Bush's "Armed Pilots"

Idiocy! Apparently, Obama wants us to be more easily hijacked by Islamic terrorists and other crazies. Bush did one thing right when “armed pilots” were allowed on commercial aircraft, causing potential hijackers not to know whether or not they’ll get shot when trying to enter the pilot’s compartment as part of a hijack attempt. Next thing, they'll disarm our "Air Marshals" who will be forced to defend us without guns. Potential hijackers will soon KNOW there will not be an armed pilot when they hijack an airline, and so they can go on “gaily” killing people in the air. I don’t know what’s wrong with these Democrats. Do they really think the way to self defense is to DISARM ourselves so we can be “easy targets?” What stupid people we have running things in Washington! (CCRKBA)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who IS "Causing the Problem?"

Obama wants you to believe it’s capitalism and private enterprise. In reality it’s Obama’s GOVERNMENT causing the problems while PRETENDING to “solve” them. In the auto industry it is the auto UNIONS and their usurious demands (which the company agreed to back when business was good). Nobody; not even Obama’s government, will admit that. The liberal media won’t say a word about it, and anybody who believes EVERYTHING they see in the media don’t believe it because it’s NOT in the media. Obama WANTS you to believe private enterprise is at fault because that’s how he plans to bring SOCIALISM to this country by playing you for fools. (Just common sense)

Paying Union Wages

Anybody who has received TARP “bailout” money must pay union wages to their workers (whether or not they voted in a union). They SAY that will “raise the standard of living for all.” How do you do that if those jobs “go away,” when those who DIDN’T take TARP money outbid them? How do they figure that requiring contractors to pay higher wage rates will make the economy better? It won’t. It’ll only cost jobs. And losing jobs is not the aim of TARP. (Just common sense)

"Recklessness and Greed"

Obama says AIG is in trouble because of “recklessness and greed.” He’s right. But it is the “recklessness and greed” of the federal government, not of private business. They were only obeying the law (The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976") that Democrats imposed upon them (forcing lenders to lend money they could not pay back). It angers me to see such as Barney Frank or Chris Dodd (who DEFENDED the CRA when Bush tried 12 times to “rein it in”) criticizing such as AIG when their mistake was obeying “Barney’s Law.” I’m getting very tired of hearing them criticize the “victims” of their own bungling. They criticized Sen. McCain for saying “the economy is fundamentally strong,” yet they are now echoing him. And they think we don’t remember that. We’ve elected con men to run our government, and we are going to suffer for it. (Yahoo News/AP)