Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obama Ignores Georgia

In Georgia, they had a court case to see if Obama is eligible to run for a second term there; he ignored it without even the courtesy of a notice he would not appear. So they entered a “default judgment” in favor of the other side. So if this is treated like any other court case, he will not be on the Georgia ballot in the 2012 election and will not receive Georgia’s votes. But with Obama, who knows what will happen? He has a way of “slithering around” the law in just about all cases. I had to really search for this item and the only sources for it were the “right-wing blogs.” The liberal media ignored it altogether. Even Fox. (Jefferson’s Rebels)

Everything is Backward

That’s what it seems to be for liberals. Wasn’t it Harry Reid, the most visible (outside of Obama) liberal, who said, George Bush’s “surge” will fail, and said not a word when it succeeded? Of course, Reid repeated the fiction that paying taxes was “voluntary.” But just try and not pay them and see how “voluntary” they are. Now he’s saying, “Social Security is a program that works and is going to be fully funded for the next 40 years.” (Of course, that’s only true if the general fund is tapped on a regular basis). And remember, we’re OUT of money, NOW. He said the Tea Party was a “temporary thing” and would not have a significant effect on the government, something 67 of his defeated colleagues might dispute. Reid has been wrong on almost everything, accidentally, or on purpose. He needs to go, right along with Obama. (American Thinker)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Racism! It's Racism!

That’s the only thing it CAN be if a blond woman shook her finger in the face of a black man, right? WRONG!. Forget that black man is In the process of destroying this country, economically, racially, militarily, and in every other way possible. Forget the first thing that black man did on landing in the state in which she is the chief executive is to take her to task for telling the truth in her book about his actions in REFUSING to enforce the federal immigration laws he is SWORN to enforce and worse, SUED her state for insisting he do so. Forget he turned his back on the governor of the state and walked away when she asked questions he couldn’t answer. Racism is a charge liberals have used so often they’ve worn it out and NOBODY, not even their liberal friends, believe it any more. How STUPID are they to cling to this astoundingly STUPID charge all the time! It’s all they’ve got in most cases to keep from having to argue ANYTHING on the issues. They're blaming Jan Brewer for the exchange, but the fault is ALL with OBUMA. There's a little bit of difference here; King wasn't the chief executive of a state that George Wallace was undermining and was being "dissed" by George and the entire government, he was JAILED for his trouble, and MURDERED.(The Blaze)

Where Is It Written?

Where is it written in the Constitution that government has the power to force private enterprise to spend money on stupid, useless things? Like the law in Minnesota forcing a funeral home that wants to open a new location to build a useless, non-functioning embalming room into it before they can get the right to open it? Seems to me they already have the right to open a new location without spending money on useless government dictated things. (YouTube)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't Mess With Arizona!

Obama got off a plane in Phoenix, Arizona and met its governor (Jan Brewer) face-to-face. He thought he could intimidate her by criticizing her book, “Scorpions for Breakfast. Remember, he SUED Arizona for making a law demanding the federal government actually ENFORCE their own immigration laws and she opposed that in many ways. Then he turned his back rudely and walked off. It was typical "thin-skinned" Obama. She says she was “cordial,” but her “body language” in the published picture of her pointing her finger in his face while shouting at him puts the lie to that. Of course, since this picture will probably be the only one we ever see of this meeting, we’ll never know for sure, will we? But my impression of Jan is, “don’t mess with her; she’ll mess you up.” (Drudge Report)

Every Single Day He Deserves It!

Jerry Springer hollers at Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, “Every day you bash Obama!” He says, “Every single day there’s something bad about Obama!” The thing this fool doesn’t even know is that every day Obama gives Fox (and others if they would) something bad to talk about. There’s nothing GOOD to talk about regarding Obama. So why SHOULDN’T they talk about the bad things there are about Obama? It pains me to hear people like Springer spout the crap they spout because I know they KNOW NOTHING and are ever ready to tell you how little they know. (The Blaze)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seal Missions Aren't Going To Save Him

Obama is “approving” various popular missions for the “Seal Team 6,” hoping to capitalize on it in the next election, thinking people will re-elect him as a result. They won’t. He has done far too much damage to this country for a couple of missions by brave men to cause him to be re-elected so he can do further damage to this country. Obama is just proving how LOW he can go in his efforts to be re-elected to another term, during which he plans to figure out a way to be named “president for life.” It’s not going to work. The American people are too smart for that, and now they are “paying attention” to the scurrilous things he’s doing. (Just common sense)

Keeping Straits of Hormuz Open

If Ahmadinijerk sends his navy to block the straits of Hormuz, it’ll be the last thing this navy ever does. If he thinks he can fight off the American navy, he’s stupid. But we’ve known that for a long time, now, so I expect him to try. His pitiful little navy isn’t a “pimple on the butt” of the American navy. One carrier is enough to destroy the whole thing without even interrupting their dinner. If Ahmadinijerk wants to die politically in his own country, let him try it. The Mullahs will not like having their entire navy blown out of the water. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secretary Pays More

Millionaire Warren Buffett says his SECRETARY pays more in taxes than he does, and that’s wrong. It WOULD still be wrong if it were not a lie, told to support Obama’s scheme to tax millionaires at a higher rate than us “average people” (translation: “peons”) She pays her taxes at INCOME TAX RATES (35%) while he pays his at CAPITAL GAINS RATES (15%). He doesn't earn wages. It’s “apples and oranges,” what liberals claim Fox uses in their stories. Actual money? She pays a lot LESS than he does, even at 15% vs. her 35%. He GIVES AWAY more than that to charity. Why did he tell that lie? To “pull up the ladder” after he “got his.” (Just common sense)

The Next to Be Klled

Maybe they’ll have to wait in line while we kill other Islamic terrorists, but they will soon die, and good riddance. Any American who is stupid enough to buy the Islamic terrorist line and goes around killing innocent people NEEDS to be killed. This is the only intelligent way to deal with these murderers without reason. Notice all the terrorists in this picture have their faces covered. That’s so they cannot be identified later and prosecuted for the crimes against humanity they commit. Real soldiers, in a legitimate war, don’t cover their faces. They don’t need to. These do. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Direspecting" The Office

They say Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn is “disrespecting the office of president" by refusing to attend the “State of the Union blather-fest” by Barack Obama. No, he isn’t; Obama beat him to it by a mile. Obama “disrespects the office” every day by the things he does. Many people have refused to visit him in the “Offal Office” and some have refused to shake his hand. I would do likewise. If I ran into Obama on the street and he offered his hand, I’d refuse it. Obama is himself an INSULT to the office of president of the United States. As long as he holds that office, I have NO respect for the office. “Lamborn last made headlines in August, when he compared the idea of working together with Obama to “touching a tar baby.” They give link after link they SAY shows his “racial comment,” but I couldn’t find him SAYING it in any of them. If anybody can truly point it out to me, I’d appreciate it. (Washington Post) Did he, or did the Democrats just SAY he said that, bringing out the “race card,” as usual. Lamborn is a Republican. Therefore, he is a racist, according to the liberals (Democrats). But I don’t care if Obama is black, white, pink, or GREEN. He’s destroying this country and I want nothing to do with him. They can INTIMATE I am a racist all they want; but that doesn’t make it true. (The Washington Post)

He Should Stop Being An Ass

George Soros feels he has been “the victim” of Glenn Beck and Fox News assassins. Poor baby! Maybe he should stop being an ass, putting his money and his influence behind so many subversive acts. He is behind everything intelligent Americans deplore, including “Occupy Whatever.” He hides his participation and Glenn Beck is just about the only one who talks about what he does. If that makes him a “victim,” then so be it. He has been responsible for the economic collapse of several countries in the past, and he is diligently working to bring the United States down the same way. (The Blaze)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Not Because You're Successful

Romney says, as he releases his tax returns (some of them), that the “Democrats will attack me because I’ve been successful.” No; they’ll attack you because you’re running for president, and will USE your success against you. But not until after they’ve seen to it you are the Republican candidate, since they think “you’re easy.” Actually, the Democrats are still pushing you to get rid of other, better candidates. You think nobody knows how liberal you actually ARE, don’t you? I know, and others who pay attention know. Democrats know. That’s why they’re still pushing your candidacy, because they know just how liberal you are. They figure they can beat the likes of you easily, like they did McCain and Dole, two of the previous “beatable” Republicans they conned us (not me) into running. McCain scared the hell out of them when he chose Sarah Palin for the VP spot, but they still whupped him. They think they've "gotten rid" of Sarah. But they may be in for a surprise. (CNS News)

Americans Pee on Taliban Dead

Yes, it’s shocking for us to do something like that. But compare it with the things Islamic terrorists do to the people they kill; hang them from bridge rails, drag their corpses through the city, film their beheadings. Nobody criticizes any of these things, but they criticize a few angry soldiers peeing on a few corpses. I'like to do it on a LIVE Taliban. It would be a worse insult to just walk on them because just showing the bottom of your shoes to a Muslim is a supreme insult. It amazes me how people who should know better criticize US for doing things like this, but say nary a word about the things the Islamic terrorists (note I did not say “Muslims”) do, routinely. (The Blaze)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

You're Being Played, America

Marines peeing on the dead bodies of some “innocent” Islamic terrorists. It’s an OUTRAGE!” At least according to what Pam Geller of “Atlas Shrugs” calls the “enemedia. The average American, not so much. You should see what Islamic terrorists do to the real innocent people (including children) they kill. They behead them before cameras; they hang their bodies from bridges; they drag their bodies through the streets, yet there’s not a peep of outrage from Pam’s “enemedia.” Do they want our soldiers to return home to the same kind of “welcome” they got after Viet Nam? I don’t know; I do know they couldn’t do anything else to better ensure that than what they’re doing now. Is it right to pee on a dead enemy? Probably not. But it’s not nearly as big a thing as the “enemedia” wants us to think. (Pam Geller/World Net Daily)

"Letting the Cat Out of the Bag"

The Socialist Party of America is telling Rick Perry to stop calling Obama a socialist. Apparently they don’t like the truth. Obama IS a socialist and is trying his best to make this into a socialist country which, if he succeeds, will destroy it. But he doesn’t care. There isn’t a country in existence with a socialist government that is capable of “taking us over.” But if Obama has his way we will beat ourselves. Ask yourself: why is this country able to outdo countries that have been around for thousands of years and become the “destination of choice” for people who want to better themselves? All in less than 300 years? The answer is the free market and individualism. But collectivists (socialists) will not admit that, even when the evidence is right before their eyes. (Cowboy Byte)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It doesn't Take Much

Just mispronounce something. That’s what happened when Gingrich mispronounced the name “Juan” in answering a question. Gawd, it amazes me how easily liberal fools like Chris Matthews let the term “racist” roll off their tongues. They are constantly LOOKING for “evidence” of racism and they “find it” where it isn’t. But they assume it is, and declare it. I think THEY are the racists. Non-liberals aren’t thinking about race all the time, but leftists seem to be. Otherwise why would they find a racist under every bed? The good part is the "racist" tag is losing its effectiveness because of overuse. (The Blaze)

Michelle is a Racist

She doesn't like white people. Obama finds it easy to call everybody who disagrees with him a racist with no proof of anything, but he fails to recognize (on purpose?) the racism within his own family—or is he as racist as his wife? Look at the picture that goes with this article. It is a common face for Michelle: questioning and disapproving. She was only “proud” of Americans after her husband was nominated to run for president. With Obama, she sat in Rev. Wright’s church and listened to his ultra-racist diatribes for 20 years and they both say they “heard nothing that would be defined as racist” in that 20 years. This is one of his most outrageous lies. If they sat in that church and listened to Wright’s lies for 20 years and got NOTHING out of it, they weren’t listening. And Obama is ALWAYS listening, so he can find something he can use for his own purposes. Michelle likes to think she knows what foods are best for all of us while her husband eats hot dogs and hamburgers whenever she is away. Meanwhile she eats spaghetti and meatballs when she thinks nobody is looking. This is as phony a family as I’ve seen in a long time. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

He's A FOOL If He Believes That

Bill Clinton says MSNBC has become “our (left) version” of Fox. But there’s no comparison. Fox tells the truth and reveals both sides. MSNBC lies and tells only the liberal side. What the hell does he think he’ll gain by this lie? Is he trying to compete with Obama to be the biggest, most obvious liar? I know Obama lies a lot, but even HE is exceeded by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who wouldn’t know the truth if she saw it. (The Blaze)

American Royalty?

That’s what the Kennedy family thinks they are, anyway. Now that pregnant girlfriend killer Teddy Kennedy is dead (good riddance) Joe Kennedy III is now running for economic downturn author Barney Frank’s seat, which he is giving up because he knows he can’t be elected again. They think a “strange new Kennedy” with no political history CAN be elected and “keep that seat in the family” since the original “Kennedy seat” went to a Republican. But if a majority of people “paid attention to politics,” it would not happen because anybody who DOES pay attention KNOWS yet another Kennedy is bad for us because one day he will be running for president after he does all the damage he can in Congress. Frankly, I think the State of Massachusetts ought to change its name to “The state of Kennedy” to better reflect their political bias. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

National Pee on a Terrorist Day

That’s what a blog called “The Political Jungle” has declared January 14, 2012. I agree. Many people think peeing on a terrorist is a bad thing, and maybe it is; but it’s not nearly as bad as the things they do to our dead. So if I got a chance to pee on a dead Islamic terrorist (Especially if I had killed him), I would do it gleefully with my foot on top of his head to hold his mouth open. I understand showing a Muslim the bottom of your shoe is a profound insult, so I would be sure to do it. I would think peeing in his mouth would also be a profound insult, even if he were dead. But killing him is the most profound insult of all, and I wish I were young enough to go there and get my share of it. Too bad. (The Political Jungle)

OWS Is "Acorn"

You thought ACORN “went away,” didn’t you? That’s what the liberals behind it WANTED you to think. But they’re behind the “Occupy Wherever” movement. They’re giving them money and paying to hire people to go door-to-door pushing their business, which is getting a “free ride” with all the rest of us footing the bill. My bet is you’ll find ACORN behind many useless liberal plans and movements in the coming weeks, months, and years. All without anybody mentioning the name ACORN. That’s how liberals play it. When one organization of theirs becomes too well known, just shut it down and reorganize under a different name (or any number of names) so we won’t be aware they’re still operating. You can bet this is what’s happening with ACORN/OWS. And why is it Fox that breaks this? Because no one else will. (Fox News)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Bad Idea

Peeing on the dead bodies of our enemies is a bad idea. Those Marines who did it should be punished at a company level. This action should NOT concern the Secretary of State to the point where she goes on television to revile it. It should NOT generate all the hooraw it has, including publishing an “official” statement from the Taliban saying it was a “despicable act.” They are EXPERTS on what constitutes a “despicable act,” because they commit them daily. Another bad idea is having “talks” with the Taliban or any other Islamic terrorist organization. All they want; their SINGLE goal in LIFE is to kill ANYBODY who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do. To win it, they will lie, cheat, steal, and kill ANYBODY, including their own children. When it comes to “despicable acts,” they have NO room to talk and talking to them is futile.

The only way to deal with them is KILL them whenever and wherever we find them, in any way we can. Peeing on their dead bodies wastes the time we could be devoting to hunting down and killing more of them. Allen West, a former Lt. Col. who has seen action in the Army says this: “The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter. As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.” I agree with that, wholeheartedly. (Right Face)

EEOC Says "It MIGHT" Violate the Law

What? “MIGHT?” What happened to “DOES?” If they’re going to send out a letter warning people that to require a high school diploma IS in violation of the law, okay. But MIGHT? Why not wait until they’re SURE? What fool at the EEOC authorized the sending of this letter? If it MIGHT violate the law, what’s the purpose of this letter? To INTIMIDATE those who can hire people and create jobs; that’s what. If they don’t KNOW it violates the law, sending such a letter is NOTHING but intimidation. (Washington Times)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Feel Sorry for Debbie

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democrat Party, has got to stand up for Obama, which is an impossible job in the circumstances. He has ruined our economy and continues to do so, making it worse every day. But the lies she’s told eclipse even Obama’s. She even blames the shooting that almost killed a Democrat congresswoman on the Tea Parties. I’d like to see the logic of her reasoning on that, but I don’t believe she has any. I thing she just “pulled that out of the air” to support her other lies. Pat Gray, on the Glenn Beck show, called her a “vile, horrible, heinous skank.” This would ordinarily be a “bit much,” but in her case, it’s “too little, too late.” This woman should be run out of the Democrat party. She’s the best thing that ever happened to the GOP. (Glenn Beck)

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Racist

She accuses the American people of “being too white” to re-elect Obama, completely ignoring the fact that he has spent more of our money than there IS, almost destroyed this economy to get elected and worked hard to make it worse since he WAS elected, and worked hard to make this into “The Union of Soviet Socialist America.” To her and other racists, there is no other reason not to re-elect this fool except for the color of his skin. That’s how “closeted” racists work. They accuse others of racism because they can’t find any other reason to get rid of a fool except he’s black. In reality it is the RACISTS who can’t find the reason. (Breitbart TV)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Abortion is Murder!

No matter what pro-abortionists say, abortion stops a beating heart in a person too young to fight back. One too young to have ever even experienced life. It is INFANTICIDE, and the good thing about it is that the most babies who are murdered would have become sniveling liberals. Moreover, liberals are reducing their own numbers in the future by killing off their children. They even hate the name “abortion,” which is the proper name for what they do, besides murder. Now they insist their crime be called “pro-choice,” which. Like in George Orwell’s book, “1984,” was called just the opposite of what it was (govspeak), to keep many people from even understanding they are committing murder. I refuse to obey their commands to use that "govspeak."

Some doctors, who specialize in this brand of murder, kill thousands of babies every year. The doctors in the linked story kept a lot of the tiny corpses in a freezer for some reason, and when they started one abortion in one state, to be completed in another, they were caught with those tiny corpses and rightfully charged with mass murder. They’ll probably beat the charge because the government APPROVES of infanticide. But this does serve to illustrate the problem. I am not what abortionists call an "anti-abortion fanatic." I am simply a person who LOGICALLY sees what is in front of his eyes as what it is. And abortion IS murder. It does NOT involve the "right" of a woman to control what happens to her own body as prostitution laws do, but it DOES involve the right of that infant to LIVE. (American Thinker)

"Pistol Packin' Mama" Kills Robber

In Philadelphia, a 19-year-old man assaulted his last victim when the victim’s mother came out packing a gun and killed him while he was pistol-whipping her son. Her gun was legally registered and the cops have (so far) not attempted to arrest her for killing that robber although that doesn’t rule out the robber’s family suing her for killing him. It wasn’t a “wrongful death,” but they’ll probably try and call it that in an attempt to punish this woman for defending her son from their predator relative. I guess they’ll figure if the dead kid couldn’t get money out of her son with HIS gun, they’ll do it in court. (KSEE 24)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Living in Peace" With Islamic Extremists

Liberals who are stupid (a repetition, that) think we can “live in peace” with Islamic extremists, who only want to KILL everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do. Yes, there ARE Muslims who aren’t that extreme. But they are apparently few and far between and afraid to speak out, and the only ones who concern me are the extremists who want to KILL us. We CANNOT “live in peace” with them, no more than THEY can “live in peace” with Jews, whom they hate even more than they do Christians or members of ANY other religion. There is only one way to deal with Muslim extremists; that’s to kill them before they can kill us. Then we can “live in peace” with their bodies. (Andrew G. Boston/American Thinker)

We're Broke? Spend More Money!

That appears to be Obama’s only answer to everything. Businesses are going broke? Give them money to spend! Governments are broke? Give ‘em more money. WE’RE broke? Spend more imaginary money we don’t have. Print, print, PRINT money so we can spend, spend, SPEND! What the hell is WRONG with this jerk? You can’t spend your way out of debt. But he apparently thinks we can. What this does is illustrate his INCOMPETENCE, if it needed further illustrating. Re-elect this fool and you will suffer. The problem is, so will I, and I have no plans to vote for him, ever. (American Thinker/Rick Moran)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Illegally Appointed Director "Goes to Work"

He was illegally appointed as a “recess appointment” while Congress was still in session (I don’t know if there is a penalty for Obama in doing that, but I am not holding my breath until someone in Washington finds the backbone to call him on it). “President Barack Obama named [Richard] Cordray, 52, as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in a recess appointment during a visit last week to suburban Cleveland. Republicans critical of the new agency had managed to block the appointment since July, saying the agency has too much power with too little input from Congress. Despite Cordray's background of bipartisan appeal, Senate Republicans blocked his confirmation in December.” Obama says, “If Congress won’t do their job, I’ll do it without them.” Since when is disagreeing with the president and blocking him “not doing their job?” What a FOOL this president is if he thinks the American people will buy this bullsh-t. (Breitbart)

How Tea Parties and OWS Differ

How many cops got stabbed at tea party events? And how many ambulances trying to take that stabbed cop were blocked at Tea Party events? OWS protesters have amply shown that all they want to do is make trouble for as many people who don’t believe the same way they do as they can. The only difference is that they don’t (yet) actively want to kill them, as Islamic extremists do. All the OWS demands boil down to one thing: they want a “free ride” at somebody else’s expense. Tea party people simply want the government OUT of their lives. They want less government, lower taxes, and for the government to get out of their way and let them make THEIR OWN way. They don’t want “hand-outs” as the OWS people do. They just want to be left alone. And they don’t want to irritate and hurt people to do it. (The Blaze)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Soldiers Died Because of Stupid "Rules of Engagement"

Those “rules of engagement” are “politically correct” and could have been written by “Code Pink.” One is that no return fire is allowed unless you’re SURE there is NO POSSIBILITY that innocent civilians are in the area. The terrorists know this and make SURE innocent civilians are in the line of fire when they attack. Thus they’re able to easily kill hamstrung soldiers. Obama and his pals are wantonly KILLING American troops with their STUPID “rules of engagement.” And they don’t care, as most liberals don’t care about the deadly results of their policies. (New York Post)

No wonder We're Losing the PR War

The "key moderator" in the Taliban-US talks is a Jew-hating radical Muslim Sheik who has no wish for those talks to be successful (to the U. S.). I’ve said all along that any talks between us and the Islamic terrorists is simply to give those terrorists more time to get their plans made and in readiness to kill more Americans, and it looks like I’m right, seeing who is the main moderator. (IPT Blog)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obama Goes "Hog-Wild"

This is how an elected leader becomes a dictator. By ignoring the “rule of law” little by little until HE is the only SOURCE of law. Then he becomes a dictator. That’s how Adolph Hitler did it in Germany. First he got himself elected Chancellor, then he created situations in which (according to him alone) required “unilateral action” without asking permission of the Parliament. Replace the word Parliament with the word Congress and the constitution, and that’s EXACTLY what Obama is doing. Watch: soon he will say he “needs another term” to complete his plans for us (Which include making this country into the Union of Soviet Socialist America), and will introduce a law to make it happen. It will be written in such a way that he will never again have to stand for re-election (But you will have to pass the law to find out what’s in it a la Nancy Peelosi) and will be “president for life.” Watch for it. It is going to happen if we don’t wake up and get rid of this FOOL. (CNS News)

Slanted Polls

Just as I’ve always said, “polls” are merely a means to make the citizenry think what you want them to think, and no one really knows how they’re compiled. The latest evidence of this is the “poll” that says the most popular people in the land are Obama and Hillary Clinton. How they ever arrived at that with Obama’s REAL popularity at an all-time LOW is beyond me. Naturally this is a USA today sponsored poll. USA today is NOT the most NEUTRAL of sources. This is an obvious attempt to use a poll to create the façade of popularity for a very UN-popular president while lifting an unpopular Secretary of State’s popularity in case she is needed to win the election. Notice also the announcing agency is the Huffington Post, one of the most liberal blogs in existence. (Huffington Post)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Warning From A Muslim

He says he is a “former Muslim” after finding that Islam is a “sick, evil religion.” But what he says at the end of this missive makes me think he is not a “former” Muslim. The Koran (however they spell it this week) tells Muslims it is okay to LIE to Infidels and I think this man is lying when he says he is a “former” Muslim. He asks: “Do you have enough bullets to kill us all?” My answer: “If we don’t, we will MAKE enough bullets and spend the rest of our lives killing Islamic extremists who try to kill us for not believing exactly the same way they do.” He says, “We will use your own kindness against you.” And, in a demonstration of his lack of education, he ends it with this message: “You are destined to loose.” Otherwise he tells the truth about how they plan on overtaking us. It will take a while, but they are well on their way to success because of the ignorant liberals running things in this country. (SIOTW)

OWS Wants Socialism!

Which puts them squarely in Obama's camp. When will these dolts LEARN? Socialism has been tried, time and time again, and has eventually failed every time. Yes, there are a FEW socialist countries still in existence, being “propped up” by other socialist regimes that still have some of their subjects’ money left. Soon they all will be gone, and Cuba will be one of the first, since no other socialist country still rich on their subjects’ money is propping them up after Russia’s socialist (communist) government collapsed. Socialism is just one form of collectivism, which ALWAYS inhibits INCENTIVE by stealing the “goodies” earned by production and giving them to those who do NOT produce anything. Obama says “WE” no longer “sell America,” when it is HIM who is constantly running us down. What a DOLT this man is to believe WE will believe his crap again! (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Throwing Out the Baby With the Bath Water

That’s what Obama and his illegitimate government is doing with the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA). Yes, there is a problem with online piracy, coming principally from communist China, but the answer is NOT to stop Internet users from linking to other sites, as this law does. Linking to other sites allows writers to refer their readers to the sources for their opinions and actually ENHANCES the activity for the other site, since not only their writings, but their ads are seen. The WHOLE IDEA of having a web site is to “get hits” and have your writing and other content seen by as many people as possible. Linking to it does that, and the site owners welcome it. This is NOT plagiarism, as Obama claims. But will this fact stop him? Probably not, unless sufficient pressure can be brought to bear. He isn’t concerned with logic and truth. Only his own opinion and ideas concern him and he dearly wishes for a way to shut bloggers up, which this law will do. It won’t shut ME up, at least until I’ve had my say. Then he will no doubt pit me in prison for saying it, regardless of the First Amendment to the Constitution if the United States. (The Heritage Foundation)

Ex-Cop Marine "Deals With" OWS Protester

There ARE no “ex-Marines.” Only Marines no longer serving actively. This protester only got a few words out at the swearing-in of U. S. Rep Bob Turner (the man elected to replace the disgraced “weenie-wagging” FORMER congressman Weiner. The Marine ex-cop said, “There’s a time and place for free speech and this is not it.” He’s right: disrupting a solemn occasion like this is NOT “free speech.” There should be more people like this Marine to “deal with” the stupid people in the “Occupy Everywhere” movement. All they want anyway is a “free ride.” (New York Post)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Pressing Ahead Without Congress"

That’s what our new dictator Barack Obama says he’s going to do. Does he really think he’s going to get away with that? He’s not really “all-powerful,” but he thinks he is. The Constitution does not ALLOW him to "proceed without Congress." To do so is to violate the basic law of the land. I’m looking forward to the time when he not only exceeds his constitutional authority, but exceeds it in criminal fashion, so we can not only get RID of him, but put him in PRISON, too (if anybody has the guts to do so). “Pressing ahead without Congress” is not something a chief of state in this country can do. Congress is an EQUAL partner in governing this nation. The president is NOT superior to Congress, and he needs to learn that, or be gone. (Mail.com)

So What? It's Not Your Business!

Rihanna smokes. So what? It’s nobody’s business but hers if she does. If I still smoked and someone came up to me and gave me a hard time about it, I’d tell him the same thing: “butt out of my business!” Liberals think they have the right to judge everybody else, but they don’t want us to be “judgmental” of them. It’s the typical “double standard” liberals apply to everything. It’s okay for US to do it, but not for you. Liberal lawmakers regularly make laws for US, while exempting themselves. Like that law that makes it LEGAL to do “insider trading” if you’re a member of Congress while putting us “peons” in prison for doing the same thing. (The Daily Mail)