Sunday, November 29, 2009

They Just Won't Listen!

We tell them and tell them logical conclusions, but they ignore us. They won’t even answer. We ask them what makes them think a CRIMINAL, who makes his LIVING breaking the law, will OBEY a law saying he can’t be armed. We ask them what makes them think the route to self-defense is DISARMING ourselves? And the answer? Silence. And they go right on making their stupid laws, which only penalize HONEST people who DO obey laws. It just makes of them, “easy targets” for criminals, who do not. The ONLY unsuccessful mass shooting recently was stopped by ONE GUN in the hands of a woman not afraid to use it, who ended the shooting spree in a Colorado Springs church by shooting the shooter.

It’s a proven fact that in areas where guns are easy to obtain and legal to carry, violent crime figures GO DOWN. Liberals and other gun-hating fools deny this, but they can’t prove their denials. They just SAY it and hope we’ll believe it. In one case in Texas, where a licensed gun carrier was forced to leave her gun in the car by law when she and her parents went in a restaurant to eat, she had to watch as her parents were gunned down by a man with an ILLEGAL gun, right in front of her eyes. Just think about how different the story would have been if she had been allowed to carry her licensed gun inside. (Just common sense)

"Dog and Pony Show"

We were “trying” terrorists quite successfully using military tribunals at Gitmo. Why do we now need to bring them to New York and give them constitutional rights to which they are NOT entitled? While giving them a “recruiting platform” from which to recruit more terrorists? How about those misfits and killers already in jail to which they will now have access? Jail is one of the best places for them to recruit misfits and criminals to their cause. Why are we HELPING them? Because Obama WANTS to help them while maintaining the FICTION that he’s PROSECUTING them. Did we bring Heinrich Himmler to the U. S. to prosecute him for his war crimes during WWII? No. Because the ignorant liberals did not yet have the kind of control they now have. These people are WAR CRIMINALS! They’re not ENTITLED to constitutional rights and to be tried as “common criminals.” They should have been shot on the spot when they were captured so they could not use our own system (which they consider a weakness) against us. They certainly have no qualms about shooting or even BEHEADING those THEY capture. (Reuters)

Answer The Damned Question!

A newsman pointedly asked Nancy “Peelosi” if she thought it was a “good thing” to send those who refused to follow government ORDERS to buy health insurance to PRISON? After several times trying to give a typically political non-answer, she finally said “yes,” she thought is WAS “a good thing” to send them to prison. Frankly, that’s what they’re going to have to do to ME because I will NOT “follow orders to buy their insurance. I don’t have it now because I can’t afford it. This law will not change that. (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Unconstitutional

But they don’t care. They figure we’re powerless to stop them from trampling on our rights. They CONTROL the means of prosecution for those who violate them (so few “charges” are ever going to be laid), and the courts are peopled by those who look at life the same way they do (and any filed will be “thrown out” by their friendly judges). So they’ll rule their way even if it IS unconstitutional. Now they’re ready to force their way into your home “to ensure that parents are protecting their children from household accidents.” This is just the latest excuse to allow “government agents” to force their way into your home without a warrant. That violates the Constitution, but they don’t care. This is happening in England now, but it will soon come here if Obama has anything to do with it. (Times On Line)

Warden Peelosi

“Failure to buy health insurance in the recently passed (in the House) health care bill could get you five years in jail with a $250,000 fine. How can violating a law that's unconstitutional be a felony? The passage in the dark of night of the House health care measure by a fragile 220-215 margin may well prove to be a Pyrrhic victory. In polls, Townhall meetings and Tea Parties, Americans have shown they don't want a 'reform' that costs a staggering $1.2 trillion yet fails to meet the left's desire of insuring all the uninsured.” But they have no such desire. Their only desire is complete and total CONTROL over all Americans. If this gets to the Senate and it is passed, we’re doomed. (Investor’s Daily)

Mallard Right Again

Often, Tinsley “gets it right” in his comic strip, Mallard Fillmore.” This one gets it right on the nose in one picture, concerning the Obama gang of thieves and their “attack” on Fox News, which is seriously adding to their viewership and making other news sources mad. (Mallard fillmore)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A "Secret Revolution"

"Not all revolutions begin in the streets with tanks and guns. Some advance slowly, almost imperceptibly, until a nation is transformed and the public realizes too late that their freedoms are gone." (Cal Thomas) This is something I’ve been trying for some time to convince people about, but nobody’s listening. One woman told me flat out, “I like Obama and I don’t want to hear a word against him.” Another one accused me of “slandering our president” (Truth is not “slander”), reminding me we still live in a country where I CAN slander him without going to prison. That’s no fault of Obama’s, and I’m sure he’s working hard to "correct" it. This IS a “revolution” that began with the “bloodless coup” that brought Obama and his gang of thieves to power. Soon we will be the next Soviet Union (under a different name, of course) and nobody (except people like me and Cal Thomas, who pay attention) will be able to figure out how it happened. (Cal Thomas)

How Liberals "Shut Us Down"

Sgt. Chris Edmundson, a decorated police officer in the Raton, New Mexico police department, has been charged with manslaughter, even though his actions did not contribute to the death of a man in custody, one who was a member of a powerful Hispanic family there. The subject was "out of his mind” on dope, which killed him. Using a Taser on him had nothing to do with his death, and, in fact, didn’t even phase him. This powerful family “leaned on” somebody to get these charges filed, and even threatened witnesses that might have helped Edmondson. Even if he wins, he will be financially ruined. This “puts the fear of God” into police officers all over the country, making them “think twice” before doing what is necessary to subdue a man who is “crazy dangerous” on dope. That “second thought” might mean the death of a cop or one of his colleagues. (Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund)

Everything Is Racist

The Obama folks (and Obama) told us if we elected him, we would destroy racism forever in the United States. Like most of the things we’ve been told by this crowd, that’s a lie. EVERYTHING done to put roadblocks in this crazy liberal’s way is labeled “racist” and this Mallard Fillmore strip illustrates it perfectly. (Mallard Fillmore)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Bradford's Experiment"

I've posted this before, and I'm going to post it again, every year. It's a story that needs to be known because it has been twisted way out of shape by historians and the news media. The “experiment” attempted by William Bradford, when colonists first came to this country, involved ALL colonists growing crops with them being “owned in common” and deposited into a “common store,” with each colonists owning ONE share, even if their labors contributed more than that. Sound familiar? Collectivism; socialism; many years BEFORE the birth of Karl Marx, whose writings CREATED the biggest example of the FAILURE of collectivism, which was called COMMUNISM. School books teach us that the colony finally succeeded after starving for the first year with many colonists dying (including Bradford’s wife) because the local Indians taught them how to survive and that this feast was to thank them. Not true. The whole story is a lie, fabricated by those who still wish to force collectivism on an unsuspecting populace. The reality is that their collectivist society did not work. It gave the colonists no INCENTIVE to produce more for SOMEONE ELSE than they would for themselves.

Nobody is going to work harder for the benefit of OTHERS, not themselves. It’s just not human nature. The feast was one of THANKSGIVING for their success after they ABANDONED the collectivist scheme. But don’t expect the truth to ever be taught in our schools because the truth will not advance the collectivist philosophy (which the liberals are still pushing), which has been proven to fail every time it has been tried. So why do they keep pushing it? POWER! A collectivist society allows certain people to have POWER over the rest. Never mind it doesn’t work. It will last as long as the current collectivists, who intend to be “in charge,” are alive; and that’s all they care about. The true and complete story of Thanksgiving is that CAPITALISM and the “free market” succeeds every time it is “unleashed.” But collectivists are still trying, hundreds of years later, to “shape” it into something that works (They still say it has never been tried properly). Bradford decided early to ABANDON it, and his colony succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. We need to do the same. (Physician Entrepreneur)

Obama vs. Fox News

Many people wonder why Obama and his crowd hate Fox News. This Mallard Fillmore cartoon lays it out perfectly and in few words. He hates them because they don’t “show the proper respect.” They have the audacity to tell the TRUTH about both him and his accomplices and he doesn’t like that. (Mallard Fillmore)

Government Pirates

Sometimes comic strips hit it right on the head. Everybody knows “Hagar the Horrible” makes his living stealing from the English. Next, the king’s tax collectors come to steal what he has stolen. Nobody, not even Hagar thinks this is wrong, but the king laying unnecessary taxes on his people for silly reasons is exceeding his authority--or should be. In Obama's case, it IS. He's not a KING--yet. (Hagar)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why Won't People Notice?

The tone of questioners is quite different when they’re questioning a young boy who won’t say the pledge” until certain things happen (his right) and when they’re interviewing (“questioning”) a Tea Party protester. Their very tone of voice tells me a lot. But it “falls on deaf ears” to others. They don’t even notice the “kid gloves” used on this kid and the “sledge hammer” used on the Tea Party protesters who are simply trying to save them from themselves. (DBKP)

They Got Smart!

I thought they never would. Pirates tried to attack the same ship they attacked before, kidnapping its captain, until American troops attacked THEM and killed a few, freeing the captain. Other ships refused to arm themselves, leaving them to be “easy prey” for pirates. Something our liberals want for each and every one of us in this country. They SAY "the way to self defense is to DISARM ourselves." This ship’s captain just proved them wrong when he and his crew fought off a feeble attempt by pirates expecting yet another “easy job” in taking over his ship. Not this time. He had armed his crew and told them to fight, which they did, effectively. The pirates were repulsed, as they should be. Of course, the way things are going in the boardrooms, this captain and his crew will probably be fired for violating “company policy.” (Yahoo News/AP)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Taking Swipes" At Obama

The news media is saying Bush “took swipes” at Obama in a recent speech. I guess telling the truth about what he’s doing is “taking swipes” at him. What I saw in his remarks is simply setting the record straight on a number of things. I’d like to know where Obama has room to talk. He “takes swipes” at Bush every time he says “we inherited this problem” or mentions the imaginary “eight years of Bush’s incompetence.” Does he think Bush will stay silent forever while he (Obama) falsely cuts him down day after day? (Stu Blog)

Pre-Existingt Conditions and Logic

“Ending the insurance companies’ discrimination against pre-existing conditions” is not logical. If they do that, I don’t have to have insurance until I get, say, cancer. THEN I buy it and they’re FORCED to pay for my treatment while I have not been paying for insurance UNTIL I get sick. This is the kind of STUPIDITY you can expect from Democrats and liberals. (

UN Flees After Afghan Attack

Proving again their complete lack of ability to do ANYTHING to protect themselves, the United Nations (which is very good at putting money in their own pockets) has moved their offices out of Afghanistan, fleeing possible future attacks. I guess a good way to get rid of them is to attack them; they’ll flee. Nothing moves out faster than a UN member under attack. (Yahoo News/AP)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

They Call Us "Extremists"

But actually, we’re the only SANE people out there: the ones who pay attention” to what this current crop of liberal looters are doing to us and are outraged. They call us “extremists” to discredit us (they hope) and keep us from preventing their looting of this entire country. People who “pay no attention to politics” just don’t believe the people they voted into office are con men and thieves. Those con men DAILY lie to us while they’re spending OUR money in such large amounts people can’t even PICTURE it. They make laws that “hem us in” more and more every day with more restrictions on what we may do, and what decisions WE may make. The Homeland Security Department is actively TARGETING “The Tea Party” people, calling them “right-wing extremists. For WHAT? For opposing their efforts to loot us and enslave us?

I’ve never been to a Tea Party event, but if I was able, I’d certainly be there. So if they want to come and get me, they’re welcome. They’re “worried” about “violence from right-wing extremists," even though ALL the violence so far has been from THEIR union thugs. The “Tea Party “ people are good Americans who are FED UP with Obama and his “gang of thieves” in Washington “taking over” our lives and using our money to do it. People better start paying more attention to what they’re doing or this country is going to be the next Soviet Union (under a different name). I'm really frustrated. I've been screaming about what they're doing since 2000, and BEFORE, but nobody's listening! I don't know what else I can do. I feel like Alexander Solzynitzen did when he lived in Russia. But there's nowhere in the world for me to go. If my country goes down the same collectivist (socialist, communist, fascist) road as Russia, there is no "free country" to which I can flee; and I'm too old and broken to do much fleeing, anyway.

I'm AFRAID for my country! Like never before. I feel so helpless, while Obama and his thugs steal everything we own and make this into "worker's paradise" like Russia was, and still is (under a different name). They've been telling "The BIg Lie" for a long time, and we're to the point where ignorant people will FIGHT YOU if you try and set them straight. Rush Limbaugh has been doing it for a long time. Sean Hannity too, and Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and others. But what do they get from some Americans? Scorn and diatribes against them, which means they ARE being somewhat effective. But unfortunately, not enough, as witness the people in power in Washington, right now. The only way to stop them from RAPING us is to vote their supporters (in Congress) out of office in 2010, then get rid of Obama in 2012, or even before that if possible. (Bayou Buzz)

111 New Bureaucracies!

Obama promised to enlarge the government, and he is KEEPING that promise (If he succeeds, that is). He will have created 111 new bureaucracies with one stroke of his pen if his health care swindle bill passes. The “public option,” like the monster in a horror film never goes away. Just when you think it’s dead, it reappears and scares the hell out of us again. It has reappeared again in Pelosi/Obama’s “written in secret” bill to be presented to Congress (all 1900 pages of it) next week (long before ANYBODY could have read it). My Gawd, these people must think we’re stupid! And most of us ARE, because they don’t “pay attention to politics.;” (Dan Spencer)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NOT Islamic Terrorism?

NOT ISLAMIC TERRORISM? How STUPID does Obama think we are? The shooter at Ft. Hood shouted “Allah Akbar!" As he started shooting and killing unarmed soldiers just back from overseas (except for soldiers on duty, military bases are "gun-free zones" so how did he even get his guns on base?). He has made posts on extremist web sites comparing suicide bombers who have murdered many innocent people to soldiers “falling on grenades” to save their friends (that is REALLY stupid); He wanted to SUE the Army (which paid for his education) to avoid being sent to Iran or Afghanistan. Days before the shooting he was seen wearing his “religious clothing” in a 7-11 (and people wonder why we MENTION his religion!). He used his position as a “counselor” to attempt to RECRUIT for “Jihad.” Yet they are STILL saying his shooting spree is NOT Islamic terrorism because they haven’t yet found a connection between him and al Qaida (he doesn't need to be a "card-carrying terrorist" to BE an Islamic tgerrorist). What stupidity! How much evidence do they NEED? Obama is just trying to maintain the FICTION that Jihadists have not made an attack IN the United States by simply calling it something else. They’re calling it “PRE-post traumatic stress syndrome (What a TWISTED way to describe it!) Of course, this military psychiatrist has never BEEN in a “war zone.”He really thinks we are stupid enough to buy this crap. (Glossy News)

"Driving Moderates Out"

The media says “Palin, Tea Party protesters driving moderates out of GOP.” So what? Who needs them? A “moderate” is simply a liberal disguised as a Republican. I’m glad SOMETHING is “driving them out.” I just wish it would happen faster. Arlen specter is gone, and good riddance. Now it’s time for Olympia Snowe to stop her “snowe job” and be gone, too. Yes, we might lose a couple of seats. But if Republicans start acting like the conservatives they’re SUPPOSED to be, we’ll win them back in short order. (CNN/Anderson Cooper)

Obama's Downfall

I may be premature in writing that headline. I hope not. Republicans won the governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia, both considered “key races” in Obama’s bid to retain absolute power in Washington. Since the only hope to stop Obama’s madness is to erode his voting base, this election, we hope, is the “vanguard” of a Republican sweep in 2010 and 2012. Obama has had his try, and has been “found wanting.” Hopefully, this election (and possibly the ones following) will signal his political doom and this insane socialist can recede into the mists of history, where he belongs. (MSN)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Suppressing global Warming Debate

AlGore says “the debate is over” on global warming, now called “climate change” because the globe is no longer warming. But it isn’t. It’s just being suppressed. “After stifling a report questioning the science behind climate change, the EPA is censoring two of its lawyers for saying the proposed solutions are also problematical. The debate isn't over. It's being suppressed. In the proud tradition of EPA whistle-blower Alan Carlin, whose leaked study blew the lid off the EPA's hyped and flawed science behind climate change, two EPA lawyers, Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel, have produced a Web video titled ‘A Huge Mistake.’ In it they say cap-and-trade in general and the Waxman-Markey bill in particular are the wrong answers anyway.” This tells me one thing: “The fix is in.” Top bureaucrats in the EPA have “bought” Gore’s swindle and are doing everything they can to stifle dissent. I expect these two to be fired soon, on some “trumped up” charges not connected to this report. (Investor’s Business Daily)

We Can't Afford It!

We can’t afford what we’ve got now. How does Obama plan to pay for another TRILLION dollar’s worth of health care spending? The answer is, he doesn’t. He figures he can put off payment long enough for our grandchildren or GREAT grandchildren to have to pay for it, while he will be dead. Having died a dictator who brought us collectivism (fascism). He now has what he has dreamed of for many years. Control of more money than even HE can spend in what’s left of his miserable life. He never has to TOUCH a dollar bill any more. If he wants to, someone will hand him one. So he’s not worried about a limit on what he can spend. He’ll be dead before it runs out. (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drug War Still Useless

And it gives government excuses to do things (“to fight drugs, dontcha know”) they couldn’t do without this excuse. There are more people abusing drugs now than there were BEFORE the “drug war” started. All it does is make sure drug prices remain high. So what use is it? For one thing, it allowed them to pass the RICO Laws, which allow them to “stop and search” ANYBODY without warrants, if they “LOOK LIKE” drug dealers, and “confiscate” (steal) any money they find on them upon which drug residue can be found (never mind there is drug residue on every bill out there, and some still at the Mint!). This “war” has been worth a LOT of money to them and has made CRIMINALS out of many cops who no longer “fight the drug war,” but now try and “confiscate” (steal) as much money as possible. They even have SEMINARS (for cops) on how to “confiscate” (steal) more money. They’ve got more VICTIMS of the “drug scene” in prison now, than they do real criminals. Let them go, and magically, the “overcrowding” problem disappears. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

Under Clinton

Eric Holder, Mark Rich pardon; Then six-year-old Elian Gonzales forcefully captured and shipped off to Cuba, that Island prison run by the Castros; after campaigning on “no new taxes,” his first month in office saw one of the biggest tax increases yet, and it was unconstitutional, being retroactive; Laws were changed (unconstitutionally and traitorously), allowing us to teach the communist Chinese how to aim their missiles without breaking the law; Clinton got oral sex in the White House while important people waited in the outer office; he taught America’s children that oral sex was NOT sex, and increased the incidence of oral sex among high schoolers, and even among some grade schoolers; almost 100 people died (many of them children) at Waco, Texas, at the hands of his Attorney General. These are just a FEW of the things that happened under Clinton. These are only some of the reasons why I say Clinton was one of our worst presidents in years (outside of Jimmy Carter). (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Imprisoned Indefiniteley?"

That seems to be the current “chant” from liberals about the terrorist murderers in Gitmo. They don’t think they should be held prisoner “indefinitely.” Why not? If that’s the only way to keep them from killing more innocent people? We could just shoot them. Or treat them like they do us and behead them. But Noooo! We don’t do things like that. So we ultimately turn them loose so they can kill again. People like this SHOULD be “held indefinitely” since we won’t kill them, as they would us. (Just common sense)

Congresional Ethics Scrutiny

Almost half of Congress is under “ethics scrutiny, according to Fox News (Oh, NO! Fox News, the only news source that tells the truth, and thus is roundly hated by Democrats!) Watch for the White House to tell us all about how much they lie (They don’t. The White House DOES.). John Murtha is one of the best-known names on this list because he has the biggest mouth, out of which come some amazing lies; like the one about American soldiers committing wanton murder in Iraq and Afghanistan (since proven to be a lie, and no apology). Remember; these are the people who are making laws to keep YOU honest. These people should be given an “eviction notice” from Congress. (Fox News)

Obama Lies, Media Yawns

At least they’re not “marveling” (yet) at what a good liar he is, as they did with Bill (Bull) Clinton. He says he “saved or created” x number (never mind what number' it's made up, anyway) of jobs. How do you count “saved jobs? You don’t. And people are beginning to recognize Obama’s lies. How do you tell when Obama is lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. Or he writes something and it is published. Like Bill (Bull) Clinton, he’d rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. You can depend on it. He sounds so sincere when he’s lying that many people (who don’t pay attention to politics) buy it. I don’t. I “pay attention.” I KNOW what’s going on. (Rush Limbaugh)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still Denying Terrorism

The Obama “gang of thieves” still deny we’re “at war” with Islamic terrorists because there’s not a recognizable country involved. An Army major who IS a Muslim, and who has SENT MONEY to terrorists, who shouted “Allah Akbar” (“God is Good!”), as he murdered 13 soldiers in a “gun-free zone” on a military base, a standard thing for Islamic terrorists to shout as they murder innocents, cannot be CALLED a terrorist. Obama, won’t even USE the term, “Islamic terrorists” any more, preferring to call it “man-caused atrocities,” continues to deny any connection to “Jihad” by Major Nidal Hasan even as the evidence continues to mount that he IS, in fact, an Islamic terrorist, previously undiscovered, even though he told anybody who would listen that he WAS, even to the extent of trying to RECRUIT his patients for “the cause.” Obama is either STUPID or is willfully ENABLING Islamic terrorism. You decide. (Just common sense)

Specter Bait and Switch

Arlen Specter went back to the Democrats because it became apparent he was never a REAL Republican and he figured he wouldn’t be re-elected as a Republican. The same reason in reverse that caused him to BECOME a Republican in the first place. Now he’s reversing his position on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and says, “my feelings on that have evolved.” Evolved? That’s just another way to say “I’ve changed my mind after getting elected on that policy.” Who does he think he’s fooling? (Glenn Beck)

No Government Answer

"Much of what government does is based on the premise that people can't do things for themselves. So government must do it for them. More often than not, the result is a ham-handed, bumbling, one-size-fits-all approach that leaves the intended beneficiaries worse off. Of course, this resulting failure is never blamed on the political approach -- on the contrary, failure is taken to mean the government solution was not extravagant enough." This is the government (liberal) answer to EVERYTHING. If it works (which it never does), it’s because the government “took care of it.” If it doesn’t, they didn’t rape you enough. That’s “standard operating procedure” in government. (John Stossel)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What'll It Take?

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) was present when his gay partner was arrested for growing pot in his apartment. He was not charged. The liberal media was not interested, as they usually aren’t when a DEMOCRAT gets in trouble. They weren’t interested when a previous gay partner was found to be running a gay whorehouse out of his apartment. In the pot case, he said “I don’t know what a pot plant looks like!” He DOESN’T? He’s a United States REPRESENTATIVE! I even know what a pot plant looks like! And I’m probably one of the few people living who have never smoked pot. I’ve seen one on television. It is unbelievable to me that he has never seen one! If he doesn’t know what one looks like, he is unalterably STUPID and has no business BEING in Congress. Congress doesn’t seem much interested in punishing him for his stupid acts, either.

Yes, they did “slap his hands” when the whorehouse in his apartment was found. WAS he completely unaware of this? I doubt it. He helped install the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” into law. You know, the law that FORCED lenders to loan money to deadbeats and led to the biggest financial meltdown since the depression of 1929, and all to ensure the election of Democrats in the 2008 elections? He was also instrumental in creating and running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, those two federally run corporations that bought up all those “toxic” mortgages created by the monster HE created, while siphoning off money for the top executives (to act as a "safety valve" until they needed to shut it off just before the 2008 election to guarantee the election of many Democrats. I also find it hard to believe some of that money didn’t end up in his pocket. What will it take to get this obvious CRIMINAL out of the Congress? Apparently, even ten years of a Republican administration couldn’t do it. This guy needs to be in PRISON, not the Congress. Will it ever happen? Probably not. (My Fox, Boston)

"Thought Crime"

This Orwellian concept is rife in the “hate crimes laws” now being promoted in congress. It punishes us for what we’re “thinking.” There are already laws against any kind of violence, But these "hate crime" laws punish you for your thoughts. I hate bigots as much as anybody, but passage of these laws only give our politicians a way to punish people for things THEY don’t like. After its passage, all it takes is for a bureaucrat to DECLARE it a “hate crime” to put into effect a completely new set of systems that violate our constitutional rights, and for WHAT? To punish someone for his THOUGHTS? (Jacob Sullum)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Peelosi's Swindle Passes in the Dead of Night

They passed the Pelosi Health Care swindle in the “dead of night,” of course, even though Americans were “beating on their doors” to tell them they wanted no part of it. But Democrats don’t care. THEY want it, and that’s all that matters to them. The only way to stop them is to boot them out of office at the first opportunity, which is in 2010. Don’t miss this election. If you do, you have only yourself to blame for the result. Notice it won by only FIVE VOTES. Hopefully, better brains will prevail in the Senate and it will be soundly trounced.(McClatchy)

Pushing Mediocrity

That’s the goal of the left. To accomplish it, they PUNISH achievement. That’s what they spend most of their time doing. One of the most recent and largest efforts was the suit against Microsoft, a company that has created more millionaires and, yes, even BILLIONAIRES and even highly-paid employees than any other. The company that literally CREATED the home computer (although not without flaws). Yes, McIntosh builds a better computer, But they don’t know how to PROMOTE their computers, so they own much less of the computer market than does Microsoft. Some say Gates STOLE the operating system now known as the single most-used OS in the world. He didn’t. He BOUGHT the original version of Windows from people who neither knew how to make it better, NOR how to properly PROMOTE it (the same people from which Jobs got his version of it). Thus, he (and all the people who “hitched onto his star) profited from it. And this is what the liberals hate with a passion. Achievement. They work hard to “bring down” such people for the very reason that they cannot equal their accomplishments. (Kimberly Wingfield)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Won't "Shut Up!"

Obama is trying mightily to get us to “shut up” if we disagree with his insane actions. He has painted us as “Nazis,” “un-American,” and as “thugs.” They call us "extremists."Forgetting entirely that the only thugs in this picture work for him. He thinks that will make us shut up, or will discredit us. The only people in whose eyes we are “discredited” are his accomplices, who don’t listen to us, anyway. We’re not afraid of being called names. We will continue to tell the truth about him until he makes an unconstitutional law to stop us. And that will not stop us either. The only way to shut us up is to kill us. Let's talk about "extreme": [Valerie] "Jarrett is the White House official who bragged openly about recruiting disgraced Marxist rabble-rouser Van Jones for the green jobs czar post. She lavished praise on his public career and said she had followed him "for as long as he's been active out in Oakland." In Oakland, Jones was working to dismantle California's juvenile justice system, pitting minorities against police officers and crusading to free death row cop-killer Mumia abu Jamal." These are the people calling US extreme. At least, we don't support admitted communists for high office.
(Michelle Malkin)

Ayn Rand on Socialized Medicine

The left hates Ayn Rand. Mostly because she’s right, and she tells the truth about their scams and schemes, even before they concoct them. She has LIVED under a socialist/communist regime and couldn’t get away fast enough. She has written many “tomes” about her philosophy, Objectivism, most of which I can’t read because they are paralyzingly boring. She tends to repeat herself a lot. But not in her fiction stories, which, while a bit “dated” now, still do a good job of showing the end result of what is happening NOW in our lives while telling a fascinating fiction story. I once asked, “What is happening NOW that is similar to what happened in her fictional world?” But after learning about objectivist philosophy and “paying attention to politics” for a while, I now can see the answer to my earlier question, and so can you if you pay attention only to what she is telling you. (Atlasphere/Eroka Holzer)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Unconstitutional Laws

Our lawmaking bodies are constantly and (if we let them) passing laws that are patently unconstitutional, then enforcing them until somebody who has enough money to hire expensive lawyers and take it to court succeeds in having it DECLARED unconstitutional. It happened in Colorado, where Democrats attempted to pass a law allowing them to steal . . . er, uh, confiscate cars driven by people who don’t have their driver’s licenses with them. It would be “cruel and unusual punishment, since that car might be worth $50,000. A BIG punishment for a small paper violation. But it “went down in flames,” losing by almost 2 to 1. I guess we’re not TOTALLY stupid yet. But they’ll try again, count on it. That's their Z"modus operandi." Come at us over and over until they "wear us down." (Denver Post)

21 Paragraphs

21 PARAGRAPHS: The mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, apparently a black man, was convicted in 60 cases of bribery and corruption for receiving bribes totaling about $250,000.00 from a “money-man” who wore a suit jacket with dollar signs weaved into the fabric and gold lapels to court (who happened to be the Democrat Party Chairman). He is a Democrat, but it took 21 PARAGRAPHS for the Associated Press to reveal that, and it was mentioned only once in the article. The mayor used “the race card,” saying the only reason he was convicted is that there were only three blacks on the jury. Sounds like a load to me. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Screwed Up Priorities

“What are we to make of a White House visitors list that includes 22 swiftly scheduled appointments with a union boss at a time when Gen. Stanley McChrystal can't get face time with the commander in chief?” This just proves that Obama spoke the truth (a rarity) when he said, “Victory is not an option in Afghanistan.” He means to leave all the soldiers who are “in harm’s way” there and he doesn’t care how many get killed because of his laxity. Frankly, I think he wants the Islamic terrorists to WIN. (IBD Editorials)

Cops Getting Rich

They’re doing it by not arresting the “Bad guys” because they’re committing crimes, but arresting those who can afford them the most “loot.” They no longer have to prove anybody guilty of a crime to steal . . . er, confiscate their property. All they have to do is ALLEGE wrongdoing and take any property they wish. They can even scan your pockets (Remember those little microscopic “lines” buried in all the new money? They “broadcast” their denomination and presence to “scanners” the cops can “run over you” as you pass by to see if you’re carrying enough for it to be worth while to mug you. Then they take your money, saying “it’s PROBABLY drug money.” No proof needed, and the burden of proof is on YOU to prove it’s not, after posting a bond, promising to pay THEIR expenses, win or lose (if you have any money left). In Colorado, they're trying to make a law saying they can "confiscate" (steal) your car if you don't have your driver's license with you. Talk about "cruel and unusual punishment!" (Paul Jacob)