Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Never Let A Panic Go To Waste"

That’s what former Obama chief of staff and now mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel said, and apparently “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan agrees, because he IS taking advantage of the panic in Ferguson. He says, about Ferguson, “If they don't punish this cop, we’ll tear this goddamned country up!” Sharpton and Jackson have been there, too, and have made statements that are just as stupid and incendiary. All of them are working HARD to create an atmosphere that is conducive to a “race war,” which is just what Obama wants. It there IS one, then he can make many more “regulations” and laws further limiting our rights with the excuse that he is “fighting the race war.” This is how Obama plans to make his permanency in control more solid. And Farrakhan, Al, and Jesse are playing right into his hands. I don’t know whether they’re just STUPID, or are in perfect harmony with his plans. Oh; I do know. (Minuteman News)

Hoist On Their Own Petard

Elizabeth Varga is a perennial troublemaker. Whenever trouble comes anywhere near St. Louis, you can count on her to be in there, shouting, “F-ck the police,” or something just as stupid. She’s one of the organizers of the “demonstrations” in Ferguson, MO. While she was out looting and rioting, demonstrators stole her car. I wonder if she called the cops to report it? Twenty-year-old Alexis Templeton was in Arizona when she heard about Ferguson, and came there immediately to be a “leader” in the riots. Unfortunately for her, rioters broke into her house while he was looting elsewhere. This doesn’t change circumstances, but maybe Alexis could learn to spell. I caught several misspellings in her Tweets. Too bad these people were victims of their own actions, but this illustrates how quick people like that jump to take advantage of things like this. (Just common sense)

CNBC Hides the Truth

In an action that proves that the liberal media is “in the pocket” of Obama and his fellow criminals, CNBC “disciplined” a news anchor who told her viewers that “the math didn’t add up on Obamacare” and gave “chapter and verse” on why. They called her in and excoriated her for “disrespecting the office of the president” when she told the absolute truth. This item doesn’t tell whether or not she was fired, but if she has the gonads she has displayed in the past, she doesn’t work there, anymore and is a fine new employee for Fox News, which doesn’t hide the truth, as CNBC obviously does. They’re “coming right out into the open,” folks. It’s as if they don’t care if we know what they’re doing. If CNBC is doing it, you KNOW MSNBC is doing it, too; and if MSNBC is doing it, the others are, and especially CNN, which is the best-known liberal “news” outlet, which is well known for “tailoring” the news to suit their liberal (socialist) purposes. (Preserve Freedom)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Where's the Outrage?

A black cop in Salt Lake City shot and killed an UNARMED white man and the press yawned, They couldn’t even bear to refer to the cop as “black.” They called him “not white.” Apparently a black cop killing an unarmed white man doesn’t “outrage” the media like it does when the races are reversed, as in Ferguson, MO. Frankly, I see a race war coming, “whipped up” by the liberal media, which does everything Obama wants. And Obama fervently wishes for a race war to happen so he can use it as a lever to make even more restrictive regulations, claiming to be “fighting the race war.” He has been working HARD to “whip up” racial hatred since before he was elected the first time. After Democrat fools re-elected him, he “doubled down” on it, and things like what happened in Ferguson are the result. The white man the SLC cop killed might be just as much of a thug as was Michael Brown, but the liberal media doesn’t bother to cover it the way they did in Ferguson. It doesn’t advance their agenda. (Info Wars)

Trevon Martin: The Truth

The media did a good job of criminalizing George Zimmerman by lying liberally about him, AND Treyvon Martin. Much of the evidence to show the jury the truth was kept from them, some on very thin “reasoning.” In fact, a prosecutor who insisted on turning over “exculpatory evidence,” which prosecutors are REQUIRED to do, was FIRED for it. Also kept from them was the fact that Martin was a KNOWN thug, burglar and drug dealer; that Zimmerman was NOT “stalking” him, and even if he was, it wasn’t grounds to beat him to death, which Martin was trying to do when he was shot. Evidence PROVES that, just by the injuries Zimmerman suffered, countered by the almost complete LACK of injuries to Martin, except the bullet hole and some abrasions on his hands, which was evidence that He was the aggressor, not Zimmerman.

Additionally, Zimmerman was NOT a “self-appointed” neighborhood watch member, but was duly appointed by the proper authorities and even offered a quasi police car and uniform, which he refused. Then add that Zimmerman himself was part black, on his mother’s side, and Martin was sent to live with his father because he had gotten in trouble at home, and you have a ready picture of a small-time hood that had ATTACKED Zimmerman. Many are the facts that were hidden from the jury AND the world, but he was acquitted, anyway; which infuriated the public, that had been “brainwashed” by the media. The same thing is happening in Ferguson, MO, to a REAL cop, who killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him, and was halfway there when shot. (Backwoods Home Magazine)

They're "His People"

Eric Holder is still Attorney General, even though he has resigned. And he is still making decisions based on his bigotry. Four members of the gang, “99 Goon Syndikate,” which is part of the “Bloods,” kidnapped and murdered a state police captain and Holder has “ruled” the death penalty “off the table” for them. They don’t appear to be black, though their complexions are dark. But Holder still thinks of them as “his people,” since they are minorities. This is what you get when you elect a criminal as president. He then appoints another criminal to be his chief law enforcement officer and that criminal treats HIS office in as lawless a manner as does his boss. Yes, these people will probably go to prison for the rest of their lives—unless a jury decides otherwise. The real atrocity would happen if ANY of them got out of prison, EVER, even if they’re OLD people by that time. What makes this worse is that they didn’t even kill him while he was trying to do his job. They schemed, kidnapped him while he was off duty, and murdered him, leaving his body in the woods, to be found later.(Breitbart)

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Sanitizing" Micharl Brown

Liberals have a thing out now “sanitizing” Michel Brown, the big thug who was killed trying to kill a cop. It’s called, “13 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Brown.” It’s designed to make the gullible think Brown was just a “normal teen,” who just wanted to “make his way in the world.” One of the “13 Things” is that he graduated from high school after attending a “remedial” program. Another is that he wanted to have his own business, and that he was trying to learn a trade, and that “family was all important to him.” Really inconsequential things that ignored his penchant to use his size to “bulldoze” people and TAKE what he wanted. It’s an effort to further make the cop who killed him in self-defense look bad. They even went so far as to SAY he was MURDERED! Meanwhile, nobody talks about his thuggery and the fact that, after stealing some cigars while “strong-arming” the store owner, he attacked a cop and tried to take his gun away, obviously with the intent of killing him. This is the kind of thing the liberal media does today. (Style Blazer)

Police Chief "Loses It"

Frankly, if I were him, I’d “lose it,” too. He was on his cell phone during part of a news conference, getting information on a black drive by shooting of a five-year-old girl. He wasn’t talking to his girlfriend or ordering opera tickets. The fool hecklers were “calling him out” for being on his cell phone, saying he didn’t take the subject of the press conference (an officer-involved shooting concerning a black man) seriously. After telling the crowd about the subject of the call, he “went off” on reporters who did not take his WORK seriously and painted things in the worst manner while twisting the facts. Seems like reporters were quick to take the side of various groups who took the “bad guy’s side” in all things, without reference to facts, and he was tired of it. These reporters quickly accuse cops of shooting blacks “for no reason.” Meanwhile, they ignore the very REAL and GOOD reasons they shot these people, like defending their own lives from the attacks of thugs, black and white. I get really tired too, listening to people who simply hate cops or any kind of authority figures saying they did something “with NO reason,” when they had very GOOD reasons. Frankly, I’m just as TIRED of liberal pretend newspeople TWISTING facts and ignoring other facts as he is. (Conservative Tribune)

Disarming America

Obama has signed the UN Gun Control Treaty, which, under the “rules,” can be ENFORCED while WAITING for Congressional approval (while he doesn’t even ASK for it). “Under the terms of the U.N. treaty, participating nations must set up export and import controls for combat vehicles, aircraft, and small arms. The treaty also requires those nations to ‘establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list, in order to implement the provisions,’ the Washington Times reported.” The NRA (and I) think, Obama will use this as “an end-run around Congress” to violate the Constitution. The problem is, I don’t think the Constitution has a provision that stops the government from signing and implementing a treaty that patently VIOLATES the Constitution, as this does. There are two basic errors the “Founders” made, and not barring treaties from violating the Constitution is one of them. The other is not providing PUNISHMENT for politicians who violate it in their attempts to legislate against it. So therefore, politicians can pass unconstitutional laws and enforce them until declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court without fear of personal punishment for violating the Constitution other than having their law revoked. (News Max)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Obamacare A Swindle

It’s a scam; a con. Run by the biggest con men in the nation, including Barack Hussein Obama. He told us it was “for our own good.” That “if we liked our plan, we could keep it, KNOWING when he said it that he was LYING. He told us if we liked our doctor, we could keep him/her, KNOWING as he said it that it was a lie. He said the insurance rates would go DOWN by half, KNOWING they would DOUBLE or more. It was one of the slickest con jobs, ever. It has already made him $BILLIONS, and will make him billions more, while RAPING this nation, the Constitution, and its citizens. And it’s all based on an ILLEGALITY that the government can ORDER US to buy something, or pay a fine (or a tax, as the Supreme Court ruled it was, even though he told us over and over it was NOT a tax). Now, Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of the swindle (maybe THE) architect who designed it all has, for some unknown reason, revealed it all when he told us it was purposely written in such a manner as to be incomprehensible to even somewhat intelligent people like those in Congress (he thought) and even the GAO would not understand it was a con.

Now the truth is out, and Gruber says he counted on the STUPIDITY of the American voter to get it passed (when really it was the stupidity of Democrats in Congress who voted it in without even READING it while not a SINGLE Republican voted for it). The American voter had nothing to do with it, except to elect this fool, TWICE. And it’s not “stupidity,” it’s IGNORANCE. Ignorance can be cured by an infusion of knowledge. Stupidity cannot. The most amazing thing about Gruber’s revelations is that the government thinks we’re ALL stupid. The total arrogance of that is stupendous! Now Obama, who early on praised Gruber to the skies (by NAME)  and told his accomplices he “stole liberally” from him, doesn’t even know who he is. After many meetings with him in the White House, some lasting for HOURS, he has no idea who he is. He’s now just a “disgruntled low-ranked former adviser.” Obama needs not only to be removed from office (along with Joe), he needs to be prosecuted on Bunco charges and imprisoned, for a long time. (Just common sense)

Releasing Another Killer

Obama has released yet another Muslim terrorist and sent him right back to Muslimland. He will no doubt go right back to his old tricks and kill some more innocent people because they don’t believe exactly the same way he does. That’s after he released FIVE top terrorists in return for one “turncoat deserter.” I have said, many times, that every time Obama gets a chance to do something good for Islamic terrorists, he does it, and this is yet more proof. When he finally DOES shut down GITMO, he’ll probably just release ALL those rapists and murderers to swell the ranks of the terrorist network so they can kill even more innocent people--or release them in the United States so they can kill Americans. (Tea PartyPolitics)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"No Charges: Oh, Woe!"

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams “laments” the fact that the Grand Jury in Ferguson did not bring up a “True Bill” against officer Darren Wilson for killing that giant thug who was in the process of trying to kill him at the time. Williams ignored completely the facts of the case, as liberal newspeople usually do, in pursuit of their agenda. He emphasized that Brown was “unarmed,” ignoring the fact that Brown was so big, he WAS a weapon who had already hit Wilson TWICE in the face, while trying to get his gun away from him, in order to shoot him with it. He said the panel had “failed” in their duty, but, in fact, they did NOT. They DID their duty in the face of tremendous pressure from the criminal element. There was NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing on the part of Williams, and much on the part of Brown, from the beginning, including his “strong-arming” that store clerk who objected to him stealing a box of cigars (which was caught on tape). He completely IGNORED the fact that “eyewitnesses” who said Williams killed Brown for no reason were LYING and contradicted the physical evidence. Most were thugs like Brown, who just wanted to punish a cop. (Media Research Center)

Obama "Burdened" By Race Relations?

What a bunch of bull crap! Obama has NEVER been “burdened” by race relations. Any problem there is with race relations, Obama CREATED by his constant blaming every criticism on “racism.” Yet CBS laments that “Obama is ‘burdened’ regarding race relations.” This shows absolutely how the liberal media sits at Obama’s feet and gulps down every little bit of crap he shovels into their mouths. We almost did it. We almost buried racism forever in this country—until Obama came along and used “racism” as an excuse for every criticism of his foul actions. And then went further to claim “racism under every bed.” He and his accomplices saw racism where there was none. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The difference today is, it’s no longer whites hating blacks, as before, it’s now blacks hating whites. They use Ferguson to “back their claims,” but attributing Ferguson to racism is phony. The only racism there is in the feeble minds of the thugs (black and white) who are using this as an excuse to loot and pillage. We have more black elected AND appointed politicians today (including in the South) than ever before, INCLUDING the presidency. That illustrates the LIE of this contention. (Media ResearchCenter)

"Ah Dint Know"

Every time something bad happens on Obama’s watch, he tells us he didn’t know about it; that he “found out about it the same place you did, in the news reports.” If this is true (which it isn’t), our president is as UNINFORMED as the guy who washes your car at the car wash, who pays NO attention to politics. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is totally uninformed about what is going on in the country he PRETENDS to run. I guess when terrorists attack us again, as they did on 9/11, he will “learn of it in the news,” as he learns everything. But we all know he’s lying, as he lies about everything. He always knows about anything important, but he LIES and tells us he doesn’t. It’s part of his con, to claim ignorance. Damn, the sooner we get rid of this con man and career criminal, the better off we’ll be. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Promoting Racism

Talk about PROMOTING RACISM! “[S]tudents at the University of Pennsylvania held a ceremonial funeral on Friday afternoon for ‘black and brown bodies’ oppressed by the evils of capitalism and the racism of police officers. Forget about all the police officers, white AND brown, who have been killed by gun-wielding black criminals. I guess if you want to promote racism, you can just ignore things like that, as liberals and gun-grabbers usually do. This kind of thing always enrages me because it is SO unnecessary, and only serves to “whip up passions” that really need no “whipping up,” as witness the riots in Ferguson, MO, over the killing of a large, out-of-control black thug while he was trying to kill a policeman. What enrages me is that the people who do this never think about such things before they “whip up” such passions. (Minuteman News)

You Think They're Not Here?

Islamic terrorists confidently predict that the terrorist flag WILL fly over the White House. And they’re probably right as long as we have FOOLS in our government (like Obama and his fools) who ignore the “rise” of Islamic terrorism within our own borders. You think I’m paranoid? You aren’t paranoid if people REALY DO want to kill you and are making amazing progress toward that end. You think not? How about the 35 terrorist training camps operating IN the United States without opposition from our government? I still think Obama is “in league: with the Islamic terrorists, and he proves it every time a question comes up about them. He ALWAYS “rules” in their favor, even if he does “give lip service” to anti-terrorism. These terrorists, now being trained and indoctrinated right here, will soon be going out to kill as many non-Islamics as they can. Wake up, people! Your lives and freedoms are at stake. If you laugh, you will die! (World Net Daily)

U. S. More Dangerous Than ISIS?

That’s what some Harvard students seem to think. What kind of sh-t are they smoking? They haven’t been on this Earth long enough to know anything. US more dangerous that ISIS? Maybe to Islamic terrorists, anyway. This is what we get when we appoint FOOLS as their professors. As long as we allow dedicated terrorists (and Obama personal friend, no matter how much he denies it) like Bill Ayers (who bombed the Pentagon) to poison their minds, we will get fools like this as college graduates. What kinds of FOOLS are there hiring professors in colleges, anyway? Maybe we should limit the partying these students can do and increase their study time. Maybe that way they’d become more responsible and knowledgeable, and they’d find out what it’s like in the REAL world. This country will last only so long as we get rid of professors like Bill Ayers in our colleges—and they are numerous, because college “authorities” seem to be getting more and more stupid in their hiring practices as their tuitions rise. (Conservatives United)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Truth Is "Attitude?"

Former NY Mayor Juliani said that “We wouldn’t have to send in the cops if they weren’t killing each other” in response to criticism for so many blacks being killed by white cops. Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” criticized him for telling the truth when he said, “93% of blacks in America are killed by other blacks.” This is a FACT, backed by real statistics, and Todd asked Juliani of he was a “white supremacist,” to which Juliani answered “No.” Of course, that answer meant nothing to Todd. The question was the important thing, and Juliani only “denied it.” And we know what denials mean to liberals. They ask loaded questions to ELICIT denials. It’s like liberals insisting on criticizing the fact that more blacks are in prison than whites is because of somehow “racial inequity.” They completely ignore the FACT that more blacks than whites commit crimes, and call it “attitude” when you point out this FACT. Reading this account in HuffPost is interesting as a perfect example of liberal propaganda vs. the truth. To them, telling the truth is “having a bad attitude” if it disagrees with their agenda. (Huffington Post)

Cops Take Customer List

They invaded the store owned by the company that had obtained a restraining order banning them from doing just that. They came in with guns drawn, even though there were women and children in the store, and “confiscated” (stole) computers and customer lists in violation of that restraining order and other laws. This is how our government operates today, under Obama. This self-described “constitutional scholar” violates the Constitution (which he swore to uphold) every day one way or another. Does anybody think they will be punished for violating that restraining order? Not a chance. Obama won’t allow it. He does what he wants, regardless of the law against it. He is the worst CRIMINAL in America, but nobody (but me) will admit it. (World Net Daily)

"The Emerging American Police State"

This is being reinforced by their activities. We have a Constitution that is the BASIS for every law or regulation in the land. NO law or regulation can violate this document, no matter how much Obama disagrees, in his position as a self-described “constitutional scholar.” Example: Brandon Howard was exercising his First and Second Amendment rights (while legally carrying two guns, which he did not point at ANYBODY) when he stood on a highway overpass with a banner that read, “Impeach Obama.” Cops forced him to the ground at gunpoint, arrested him, and took him to jail on spurious charges (most of which will be dismissed after he's in jail for a while and spends a lot of money in defense). Cops work HARD to discourage citizens from carrying guns, though it is unquestionably LEGAL for them to do so.

Meanwhile, the cops have no such restrictions placed on them, and get a “slap on the wrist if they misuse their guns. One of the arresting officers was heard to ask, “What are you doing threatening people on my Interstate?” What he doesn’t realize is it is NOT “his” Interstate. It belongs to the taxpayers, of which Howard (his victim) is one. And just carrying his legally-owned guns does NOT “threaten” anybody. “A complaint has been filed in U.S. District Court in Richmond on behalf of Brandon Howard over ‘the unlawful arrest and detention’ in violation of the First, Second, Fourth and 14th Amendments. Howard was protesting Barack Obama’s presidency, calling for his impeachment, while legally carrying two guns, according to the complaint filed by the Rutherford Institute.” (World Net Daily)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why Can't He Be Prosecuted?

Barack Obama has just blatantly violated the law in “legalizing” millions of illegal aliens, but nothing can be done about it under current law. He can’t be arrested, jailed, tried, or imprisoned for the CRIME of willful, blatant violation of the BASIC law of the land, the Constitution—AGAIN. He did it before, several times, most notably in passing his “Obamacare” law, requiring ALL AMERICANS to buy his health insurance and making sure they had to by getting their current insurance CANCELLED. If things were right, the federal marshals could go into the Oval Office and “perp walk” him to their car, on his way to jail and trial, after which he would be IMPRISONED for violating the highest law of the land, the Constitution, and violating the rights of ALL AMERICANS.. But we can’t do that because the founders made a BASIC ERROR. They failed to include the mandating of PUNISHMENT for this crime, except to have the unconstitutional laws passed to be removed (after they’ve been enforced, sometimes for years). Obama knows that, and he gaily violates the Constitution, sometimes DAILY, knowing how hard it is to get his laws declared unconstitutional, and that they can be enforced until it happens. (UK DailyMail)

Praised for LOSING $5 Billion

U. S. Postal Service Board of Governors announced the retirement of Postmaster General and CEO Patrick Donahue the same day they announced the LOSS of $5.5 BILLION dollars during his tenure. That’s how it is in DC. LOSING $5.5 BILLION is cause for high praise upon retirement. Maybe they’re so happy to get rid of him, they’re giddy. They called him a “visionary who worked tirelessly to move the organization through one of its most difficult periods.” What a bunch of CRAP that is! But such stupidity is to be expected in DC, where FAILURE is a resume enhancement. “He ignored the naysayers and went forward with his team and built a comprehensive plan for the future of the organization, made tough decisions, and executed against those decisions,” And STILL lost $5.5 BILLION dollars. Wow! They blamed their loss on “legislative burdens and constraints.” In other words, “they didn’t give us enough money and told us what to do.” The basic problem is simple: “The U.S. Government Accountability Office, GAO, has concluded the Postal Service’s business model doesn’t work.” It’s as simple as that. But did Donahue make any attempt to change it? Not a chance. And he is praised for “being a visionary.” Typical DC. (World Net Daily)

Playing the "Race Card"

As usual. I wondered how long it would take for Gruber to get around to the “basic fall-back position” for Democrats (liberals). ANY time you disagree with them, you’re a racist. They hope that will “stop the argument in its tracks.” But it won’t work, any more. They’ve been using that tired, old, threadbare tactic for so long, nobody cares any more if they call them a racist. Gruber says we’re STUPID for voting FOR Obamcare. He forgets that ONLY DEMOCRATS voted for it. Just about everybody else rejected it, and with good reason. Obama promised rates and co-pays would go down, and they’ve gone UP, significantly. If you buy their “pig-in-a-poke,” you’ll pay thousands more, and their deductibles will be in the thousands, too. Which makes their “insurance” USELESS. It’s worse than NO insurance, in that it costs a bundle to buy, and you STILL have to pay for your medical care. The only “stupid people” are DEMOCRATS. Not a SINGLE Republican voted for it. Moreover, they ridiculed Sarah Palin for saying there would be “death panels” who decided what the government would pay for, thus banning paying for what they didn’t like. But there ARE “death panels” working NOW to decide what they would NOT pay for, thus condemning certain people to DEATH. (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

They Found Lerner's E-Mails

They said they were irretrievably gone. That they were automatically deleted after six months. They lied, as usual. Now they’ve been “found.” After they’ve had time to “sanitize” them so they would contain nothing incriminating. I predict that nothing really incriminating WILL be found after they’re gone through all 30,000 e-mails. That’s the way they work. They “sanitize” them and claim they released them all. Then they scoff at all the attempts to “criminalize” what Lerner did. Even though she “took the Fifth,” which tells me she DID “so something illegal,” even though she TESTIFIED, before she did it, that she “did nothing wrong.” That will never be proven to be a lie because “the fix is in.” But apparently nobody told the Inspector General’s Office, which continued the search after that arrogant IRS Commissioner lied, and told Congress the tapes were “unrecoverable. The IG thinks they will also be able to recover e-mails of those other IRS officials whose computers “conveniently” crashed at about the same time, right after it became known that they were looking for their e-mails. Even so, I predict that they will not find any real “evidence” of wrongdoing, after they’ve been “sanitized.” (American Thinker)

Media Ignores Blacks Killing White Girl

A black gang in Milwaukee shot and killed a 5-year-old WHITE girl with their ILLEGLLY-owned guns and the national media ignores it, as they are wont to do if it doesn’t advance their agenda—which is to DISARM all Americans. It was left up to the “alternative media” to properly cover this travesty. The local media said she was killed by a “stray bullet,” even though it is known that the gang TARGETED this home. “Milwaukee police say there is no question the shooters were deliberately trying to kill people inside the house. At least a dozen bullets were fired directly into the house.” Saying she was hit by a “stray bullet” directly DENIES evidence found by cops at the scene that shows the gang was intent on KILLING people in that house. The local media tried to play this shooting down and deny it was “race-related,” although WHY was a black gang shooting up the ONLY white-owned house in an almost all-black neighborhood? (Conservative News)

"Solyndra's Making A Profit!"

That’s what liberals claim, but it isn’t. They’re only PROJECTED to make a profit—someday. Didn’t they go out of business? Wasn’t there an auction of their property? So how could they be “making a profit,” today? On the basis of that “estimate,” DOE (Department of Energy) is claiming success, despite the FAILURE of FOUR of its projects, including Solyndra, Tesla, (Fisker Automotive), Abound Solar, Inc, and Vehicle Production Group. All have filed bankruptcy, going through $780 million of taxpayer (your) money, $528 million of that going to Solyndra, before they filed for bankruptcy (with their executives getting "golden parachutes"). It’s a typical political ploy for politicians to claim a profit based on “guesses” at possible FUTURE profits. That’s what this is, and it’s ALL this is. A GUESS at “possible future profits,” which may, or may NOT be realized. People have made a lot of money on these programs (mostly taken out of the money granted them by Obama), but their gains were NOT profit. Besides: isn’t “profit” a “dirty word” to liberals? Why then, are they promoting making a profit? (Bloomberg)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Criminal President

There needs to be something done about this con man and criminal sitting in the White House that he conned himself into. He’s “lording it over us” as if he were a king or emperor, doing just what he wants, regardless of the law. It’s too bad there’s not a law on the books to allow him to be punished for the crimes he’s committed. Something that would allow the U. S. Marshals to take him out of the Oval Office in handcuffs, hold him in jail until trial, then imprison him. But the Founders overlooked the possibility that someday a dedicated CRIMINAL would con his way into the presidency and “thumb his nose” at the Constitution, as he has. So there isn’t currently a way to “bring this criminal to justice,” and we will all suffer because of it. A law needs to be made to stop this kind of thing, but I doubt such a law would get by politicians who see themselves faced with punishment under it. (News Max)

"Cooperative Congress"

Obama talks incessantly about “cooperation” between Democrats and Republicans in government. But the whole idea of that cooperation is a “flight of fancy,” if there are any INTELLIGENT Republicans in DC. The gulf between the parties is too great for there EVER to be any “cooperation” between them. Democrats clearly stand for SOCIALISM (collectivism), while Republicans do not. There is NO ROOM for bipartisanship or any kind of cooperation between those two positions. The Republicans are rightly against EVERYTHING Democrats stand for, and to “cooperate” with them, on ANYTHING, would be to violate their BASIC principles. Democrats should rename themselves as the SOCIALIST Party. When Obama talks about “cooperation,” he means Republicans moving toward HIS position, and agreeing with HIM. He NEVER moves an INCH toward the Republican position. What he wants is SURRENDER, not “cooperation.” (Just common sense)

This Is Islam

The “peaceful religion.” The “religion” that is the most RELIGIOUSLY INTOLERANT bunch in the world. They’re quick to complain whenever anybody tries to stop their advance by screaming “religious intolerance,” but they’re more religiously intolerant than ANYBODY. Is it “religious intolerance” to BURN Christians, for BEING Christian? I still think ANYBODY who is a Muslim should be denied entry into the United States, because they are TAUGHT to hate any member of another religion in their own “Bible,” the Koran, and to want to kill them. Some don’t go that far. But that’s a chance we can’t take, and “religious intolerance” be damned. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political group PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits we give to religions, so as to undermine our efforts at self-defense. (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

No More Lame Ducks

What is the reason we allow “lame ducks” (politicians who have lost their bids for re-election or those who can’t be re-elected) from doing things IN REVENGE that can do some permanent damage? A good example of this is Colorado Governor Hickenlooper, who threatened to commute the death sentence of a convicted mass child killer if he wasn’t re-elected. Another example is Barack Obama, who didn’t even threaten. He is simply issuing an (illegal) executive order to “naturalize” millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS and then he will use taxpayer money to send airplanes to Mexico and other South American nations to bring their CHILDREN here. A law should be made to strip ALL “lame duck politicians” of their power to do ANYTHING (immediately after election results come in) during their lame duck period except pack their bags and make travel plans (at their own expense) back home without being able to “get revenge” on the voters. What Obama is doing is patently breaking the law, and under current law there isn’t a helluva lot we can do about it, while he is still in charge (and probably not after he leaves office, either), if nobody does anything about it. We should have the power to prosecute and imprison any politician, regardless of his status, AUTOMATICALLY if he does this. With no need for other politicians to initiate action against him,. This action should be MANDATORY. If we could just get such legislation past other politicians who will be facing “lame duck” status him/herself. (Just common sense)

How Muslims Think

A pair of Palestinian singers have released a song that encourages Palestinians to kill innocent Jewish infants. This is truly an inhuman thing to do. But Palestinians are too stupid to realize that. They think that, just because they are opposed to the Jews, they ought to kill infants, and they have a right to do so. What monumental stupidity! This is how many Muslims think. Because we don’t believe the exact same way (in all details) they do, that they have the right and DUTY to kill us. Which is the reason I say we should BAN all Muslims from this country. Too many of them want to kill us for not being their kind of Muslim. And to hell with that “religious tolerance” crap they preach. They’re the most religiously intolerant people there are. And they’re NOT a religion. They’re a political organization started, and designed to cover up Mohammed’s penchant for screwing little girls, PRETENDING to be a religion. (The Blaze)

"We Won--Live With It"

Obama famously told the Republicans after he was re-elected, “I won—live with it.” Now it’s our turn to say it to him: “We won—live with it, Obama!” He keeps belittling the election results, as if they didn’t mean very much. He’s still talking about “cooperation” with Republicans, as he has all along. He’s just going to have to work harder to convince people he IS “cooperating with Republicans”—which he will NOT be doing. He will be PRETENDING to “cooperate” with Republicans, but we all know that, to him, “cooperation” means agreeing with HIM. That has not changed. He still plans to ILLEGALLY “legalize” millions of illegal aliens by executive order and let us worry about the effect of his action while he plays golf. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Turning It Around

A Muslim fool threatened a woman and her response is not what he planned on: This was his threat: “I'm going to kill you when I find you. Don't think I won't; I know where you and your parents live and all I'll need is one phone call to kill you all.” Instead of cowering and hiding, she told him to “bring it.” She even gave him her address “so he wouldn’t have to find her.” And she told him to be sure and wear body armor because she “has some new ammo she wants to try out.” I love this lady already, and I haven’t even seen her. She shows the kind of “backbone” Americans have, that people in most Muslim-run countries don’t have. That’s why they have so little trouble subjugating them. They won’t find it so easy, here. You can read her entire response at News Max (link below). I think it’s priceless, and guaranteed to make a Muslim terrorist crap his pants in anger and resentment that a mere WOMAN would say such things to him, a MAN! At least, he has the right plumbing to be a man, though I doubt he’s a man in reality if he can’t do anything better than threaten a woman, who basically tells him to “screw off.” (News Max)

They Worry about PRARIE DOGS?

ISIS is murdering innocent people by the millions and threatening US while our president makes it easier for them to slip into this country and set up their cells, from which to kill even more innocent people; this time, not in Afghanistan, in America. We have to import oil from our enemies while we have one of the biggest supplies of oil in the world if Obama would let us dig it out; Obama has spent more of our money than there IS, and is happily printing more. Mexico (and other South American countries) is sending us all their CHILDREN who are inundating our borders while Islamic terrorists are slipping in right behind them to do their murderous “dirty tricks. He is threatening to “legalize” millions of illegal aliens by “fiat,” creating a legal HELL for the next administration to deal with. He is releasing Islamic murderers from GITMO and sending them back home to continue murdering their fellow citizens for “being unbelievers” and not believing the way they wish. And our government are worried about the “rights” of PRARIE DOGS! Democrats (liberals) want to do ANYTHING that will inhibit property owners from being able to use their own property on many different pretexts. The “prairie dog scam” is just one of these. We need to elect somebody to “put these people down” so we can get back to important things. By the way: have you heard much about this in the liberal media? (WorldNet Daily)

PC Gone Stupid

I know, I know, “political correctness” IS stupid. But this is more stupid than usual. A Montessori School in Texas has banned the use of the description, “boy or girl” for their students because it might “offend someone.” How stupid is THAT? What’s even more disturbing about this is that is is not happening in a “state-run school.” It’s happening in a PRIVATE school! We thought private schools were run by people who were a little more INTELLIGENT, but apparently we were wrong in this case. “Garden Oaks Montessori School in Houston, Texas, is participating in a program called ‘Welcoming Schools.’ The ‘Welcoming Schools’ initiative was established by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). If you’re not aware, The Human Rights campaign is one of the most progressive homosexual lobbies in the world, and has worked hard for the normalization of homosexual behavior.” This is what passes for intelligence today, and it is beginning to affect our private schools as well, as such groups as this con their way into private schools. This organization is less interested in “promoting inclusivity” than they are in teaching children to be gay. I have nothing against BEING gay, but I reject attempts to teach it to our children, who are too young and ignorant to know better. (Tea Party Politics)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

U. S. More Dangerous Than ISIS?

That’s what some Harvard students seem to think. What kind of sh-t are they smoking? They haven’t been on this Earth long enough to know anything. US more dangerous that ISIS? Maybe to Islamic terrorists, anyway. This is what we get when we appoint FOOLS as their professors. As long as we allow dedicated terrorists (and Obama personal friend, no matter how much he denies it) like Bill Ayers (who bombed the Pentagon) to poison their minds, we will get fools like this as college graduates. What kinds of FOOLS are there hiring professors in colleges, anyway? Maybe we should limit the partying these students can do and increase their study time. Maybe that way they’d become more responsible and knowledgeable, and they’d find out what it’s like in the REAL world. This country will last only so long as we get rid of professors like Bill Ayers in our colleges—and they are numerous, because college “authorities” seem to be getting more and more stupid in their hiring practices as their tuitions rise. (Conservatives United)

Elections Rigged for Democrats

Democrats claim it was just a “glitch” in the computer, but when many different computers, in different places, are rigged to change Republican votes into Democrat votes, their protestations wear very thin. It just isn’t POSSIBLE for that many computers to have the SAME “glitch.” with the phony votes being for the Democrats. It is PLAINLY the Democrat poll workers “glitching” the computers to make Democrat votes out of Republican votes. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. This is just ONE of the ways Democrats steal votes. Ballot box stuffing is another. I watched a video the other day where a man brazenly walked into a polling place and openly stuffed the ballot box, telling a poll worker to “go fu-k yourself when he asked him about it. Nobody called the cops, and nobody made any attempt to stop him. There is NO security at these polling places. This guy should be known, and easily found. But I doubt if he will be, and I’d bet that ALL the phony votes he stuffed the box with were duly counted. (Tea Party Politics)

PC Gone Stupid

I know, I know, “political correctness” IS stupid. But this is more stupid than normal. A Montessori School in Texas has banned the use of the description, “boy or girl” for their students because it might “offend someone.” How stupid is THAT? What’s even more disturbing about this is that it is not happening in a “state-run school.” It’s happening in a PRIVATE school! We thought private schools were run by people who were a little more INTELLIGENT, but apparently we were wrong in this case. “Garden Oaks Montessori School in Houston, Texas, is participating in a program called ‘Welcoming Schools.’ The ‘Welcoming Schools’ initiative was established by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). If you’re not aware, The Human Rights campaign is one of the most progressive homosexual lobbies in the world, and has worked hard for the normalization of homosexual behavior.” This is what passes for intelligence today, and it is beginning to affect our private schools as well, as such group as this con their way into private schools. This organization is less interested in “promoting inclusivity” than they are in teaching children to be gay. I have nothing against BEING gay, but I reject attempts to teach it to our children, who are too young and ignorant to know better. (Tea Party Politics)

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Religious Reciprocity?"

There is none in mosques, and not in Muslim-run countries, either. They recognize NO other “religion” than Islam. You’ll NEVER see a Christian worshipping God or Jesus in a Muslim mosque, anywhere. They would be putting their lives in jeopardy by doing so. Why then, do the people who run the Washington National Cathedral ALLOW Muslims to worship THEIR god there? What kind of stupidity is THAT? Will other churches do something similar? They will say it is “religious reciprocity.” But what is that? Different religions allowing people of the other religion to worship in their churches? But with Islam, there IS no “reciprocity.” They come into our churches and throw Christians out for being heard to say, “Jesus is Lord.” But have they allowed ANY Christians to worship in a mosque? No. Never. No place, at any time. NOT in America, or in Muslim-run countries. What kind of “reciprocity” is THAT? NO kind, that’s what.

What kind of FOOLS are we to allow Muslims to come into our churches and disrupt them? We need to exclude Muslims from EVERYTHING, ban their entering this country, and throw those that are here, out. They deserve nothing better. Yes, I know there ARE some Muslims who don’t buy that “convert or kill” crap they’re commanded to do in the Koran, but we have no way of telling which ones they are. So it’s better to just get RID of ALL of them so they can’t take out their hidden weapons and kill people. Muslims have given up their rights by their actions, and the best way to fight them here is not to let them BE here, in the first place. Islam is NOT a “religion,” anyway. It’s a POLITICAL organization PRETENDING to be a religion to take advantage of the “perks” we give to religions in this country. Don’t buy their BS. (Eagle Rising)

Neighbors Burn Child

This is what Muslims DO. Her “crime?” She wore some LIPSTICK! So one of her neighbors burned her alive—but not until AFTER he molested her. I know, I know, she’s a little old for a Muslim man to rape unless she’s an “unbeliever,” but he did it, anyway. He was arrested and will be punished, but the point here is he thought it was “the right thing to do” to this 11-year-old child for doing something HE thought was wrong. Islam is supposed to be a “peaceful religion,” but it isn’t. and they prove it every day by doing such things as this. This girl is still alive, but with burns over 90% of her body, I don’t know how long that will last. The man who raped and burned her will probably get a “slap on the wrist” for punishing her “crime.” This is the Muslim way. (Patriot Action Network)

Armored Vehicles In Farmland

The feds are giving armored vehicles to police agencies in Colorado (and other) farmland. What need have they in FARMLAND for armored vehicles and other army-style equipment they can get just for paying the shipping? And sometimes not even that? They are increasingly making an ARMY out of the local cops. Posse Comitatus prevents them from using the army on American citizens, so they’re quickly arming and training local cops in military tactics so they can use THEM against us without breaking that law. This is happening, right before our eyes, and they use the excuse that they need to keep up with the crooks in their armament. Bull crap! The crooks don’t have TANKS and other armored vehicles with .50 mm machine guns mounted. At the same time, they’re working HARD to DISARM as many responsible Americans as possible. If you can’t see through their tactics, you’d better get rid of your “rose-colored glasses.” (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Muslims, Go To Hell!"

That’s what the Dorval, Canada mayor told them when they demanded that pork be removed from all school canteen menus. Damn, I swear! Muslims think we need to cater to them, but they don’t need to cater to US. When Muslims start catering to Christians, ANYWHERE, I might give some consideration to their wishes; but not in this kind of case. The town sent them a note saying, “You have to understand that you need to adapt to Canada and Quebec. That’s why you came here. It is for Muslims to integrate and learn that it is you who must change your lifestyle. Otherwise, you’re free to leave” (paraphrased). Why the damned fool politicians in this country don’t react the same way, I don’t know. I guess they’re just cowards. Some Muslims will probably want to kill that mayor. That’s the way they think. ANY opposition to their wishes merits a death sentence. (One Political Plaza)

It's All A Lie

Everything you’ve been told about “gun control” is a lie. When it comes to gun control freaks, the “truth is not in them.” They lie to you every time they open their mouths (just like Obama). And Obama is behind many of the lies, using the FBI, (which we SHOULD be able to trust) notto lie to us. Example: their recently released report that is supposed to be a “statistical analysis” of the data on gun control that is skewed in the worst way by manipulating the figures. Example: their former standard for identifying a “mass shooting” was four or more people being shot. They redefined that to THREE people, thus RAISING the number of “mass shootings” reported. “Of course, they conveniently left out data showing that 92% of mass shootings are in “gun free zones” and that gun murders are at their lowest since 1981.” (Tea Party Bulletin) Of course, the FBI didn’t do these things in a vacuum. I’m sure they were “instructed” to do so by none other than Obama himself. If you want even more details, click the link below: (Tea Party Bulletin)

Co-Opting the Christians

A Muslim “mouthpiece” says that “Jesus Christ is among us” and will lead us to become Muslims.” What a damned fool premise THAT is! He says that a “great leader” will emerge in Turkey (Turkey?) with the help of “mysterious Muslim spirit beings” and will “convince the world’s Christians to become Muslims.” Boy, is HE deluded! Christianity has been around a lot longer than his phony “religion.” There is NO WAY anybody with any intelligence at all would forsake Christianity for Islam. This Muslim fool, Adnan Oktar, says not only will Islam’s “messiah” come, but also will Jesus Christ, who will deny he is the Son of God, and that he was crucified for our sins. That he is really a Muslim, and will tell us all to become Muslim. What a “pipe-dream!” Jesus would NEVER be a member of a “religion” dedicated to the MURDER of all those who don’t believe exactly the same way they do; even other Muslims. There will, of course, be some fools who will believe this BS. There always is. But they will be small in number. As usual, I get no “kickback” from sales of this book, I just think you should read it. (World NetDaily)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Media Ignores Blacks Killing Tiny White Girl

A black gang in Milwaukee shot and killed a 5-year-old WHITE girl with their ILLEGALLY-owned guns and the national media ignores it, as they are wont to do if it doesn’t advance their agenda—which is to DISARM all Americans. It was left up to the “alternative media” to properly cover this travesty. The local media said she was killed by a “stray bullet,” even though it is known that the gang TARGETED this home. “Milwaukee police say there is no question the shooters were deliberating trying to kill people inside the house. At least a dozen bullets were fired directly into the house.” Saying she was hit by a “stray bullet” directly DENIES evidence found by cops at the scene that shows the gang was intent on KILLING the people in that house. The local media tried to play this shooting down and deny it was “race-related,” although WHY was a black gang shooting up the ONLY white-owned house in an almost all-black neighborhood? They really DO think we're stupid. (Conservative News)

Democrat Billionaires

Democrats like to talk about the Koch Brothers and their dealings, as if their dealings were a “bad thing,” just because they're rich. But they never talk about THEIR billionaires, all of whom are “anti-gun fools” who invest $BILLIONS in taking away the right to self defense from the rest of us. In case you’re wondering who they are, they are: Michael Bloomberg, BIll Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer. And Nick Hanauer (who thinks we need more school massacres to help him promote his anti-gun agenda), who between them pumped a total of $5 BILLION into the I-594 initiative in Washington, requiring background checks on ALL gun transfers, INCLUDING those between friends and family. And that doesn’t even include Tom Steyer, who has pledged to spend $50 BILLION on Democrat pipe-dreams. Why these men, who are smart enough to make a lot of money, can’t see the complete idiocy of the Democrat pipe-dreams, I don’t know. Maybe they’re good in their narrow spheres, but ignorant otherwise. (World Net Daily)

Obama to Return "Peace Prize?"

Don’t count on it. That would be an admission of wrongdoing on his part, and Obama NEVER admits he’s wrong. They list their reasons for asking, including his “warlike actions” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his current bombing missions in Iran and Syria, even if they are necessary. I think they should never have given it to him, in the first place. It was just a product ot his “deification” in 2008, which infected EVERYBODY (except me, of course, I knew about him when he first crawled out from under his rock). They thought he would SURELY do many “peaceful things” in the future, so they gave it to him, hoping they were right. But even a stupid president like Obama must act when he finds himself in a situation where he needs to protect his country and can’t politically escape it. Too bad for the Nobel Committee; they’ve made several such mistakes, and probably will make even more. But don’t look for a package from Obama—OR the money back. (The Final Edition)

Friday, November 14, 2014

They Used to Love Him

John Casey was so respected and admired that they asked him to investigate how the “Challenger” explosion happened. But after he retired, and found proof that global warming (under whatever name AlGore uses for it, to confuse us) was a $22 billion dollar a year SWINDLE to which even the President of the United States was a scammer, they now paint him as a fool and a conspiracy theorist. Using the government’s own data, he proved that global warming was a swindle that has made a lot of people a lot of money, including AlGore himself, and even Barack Obama. In addition, Obama has used this swindle to allow himself to make laws and regulations that have cost taxpayers $billions. This despite the fact that the globe has NOT been warming for more than 17 years! It’s a COMPLETE SCAM! Based on a LIE. But they still promote it, as if it were real. Reality is this: the world is 1.08 degrees COLDER than it was in 1998! You should read the linked article completely and donate $5 to the Cold Truth Initiative to get a free copy of John’s book, which contains ALL the information he has sent to the government, and which has been IGNORED, while they attack and belittle him. I should also add that I get NO compensation on sales of this item. I’m gonna buy it, and you should, too. (News Max)

Pedophiles Same As Gays?

I knew it! Pedophiles are now comparing themselves to gays. They say they’re being “wrongfully abused, as if screwing little children were on a par with men screwing men and women screwing women. If dogs and horses could talk, I’m sure they would be claiming similarity, too. They’d want to screw people and have it judged right. People will want to screw animals legally, and that “right” will eventually be granted. Before the Supreme Court acted to make abortion “legal,” I’d have never thought it would ever be “legal” to MURDER the result of unprotected sex as a substitute for using a rubber or other forms of birth control. That has proven to me than ANYTHING can be “made legal” if enough stupid people accept it, and can find a court stupid enough to make it “legal.” Some people equate birth control with abortion, since both prevent the birth of an unwanted baby. But there’s no comparison: birth control PREVENTS conception; abortion KILLS an infant. It is INFANTICIDE! No way around it, it’s MURDER. It stops a beating heart. Birth control does not. It PREVENTS the CREATION of a beating heart. With “legal abortion” came an increasing loss of reverence for human life. With legalization of gays comes an increasing disrespect for male/female marriage, which is how we increase the population. Any other method STILL requires participation, in one way or another, of BOTH sexes. Either directly, or indirectly. (Northern Colorado Gazette)

"For God's Sake, Get A Grip!"

“That was the New York Daily News' recent front-page headline, giving voice to Americans' total exasperation with both Barack Obama and CDC chief Dr. Tom Frieden after weeks of having to endure condescending, evasive and contradictory assurances that they were totally on top of the Ebola threat – when the truth was exactly the opposite (as usual). During that period, a Liberian man who personally carried a dying Ebola victim was allowed to fly from West Africa into Dallas, where he interacted with dozens of people including school children, then fell deathly ill with Ebola. A nurse at the hospital, while following the CDC's Ebola-care protocols, became infected, and a fellow nurse, after developing a fever – the No. 1 early-warning sign of the disease – phoned the CDC to ask if it was OK to fly on a commercial airliner and was told, yes, have a great flight. Then she fell ill with Ebola as well. Meanwhile, the CDC has been changing its Ebola protocols every few days, “Obama has steadfastly refused to halt the flow of travelers into the U.S. from the West African hot zone, and has ordered 4,000 U.S. military personal into the infected region to fight the virus.

“His State Department has proposed transporting Ebola victims from West Africa into the U.S. for treatment, and he has appointed as his "Ebola czar" a Democrat political operative with zero medical experience, but lots of experience in helping fleece taxpayers out of half a billion dollars in the Solyndra fraud. Add it all up and the average American – regardless of political persuasion – believes virtually nothing the Obama administration, including the CDC, says about Ebola.” (World Net Daily) Admittedly, this was written to promote a book, but it’s a book we’d do well to read. The book is, “The Truth About Ebola: Protect Yourself and Your Family. But it is by far the best recitation of the Obama idiocy regarding Ebola I’ve seen. The book was written by Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and head of “Doctors for Disaster Preparedness,” and published by World Net Daily Books. Whatever puts Americans in danger, that’s what Obama does. Like bringing Ebola patients here for treatment, when they could easily be treated where they are, with our assistance and technology, and without endangering Americans.

Obama and the CDC have DEMONSTRATED their complete IGNORANCE about Ebola by allowing SEVERAL Ebola patients to travel within the USA and giving in to that nurse who doesn’t care that she may be possibly infecting people with this deadly disease. So Obama sends 4,000 American citizens (soldiers) to Africa to help “fight Ebola” and be infected, themselves. The worst thing he could do, he did, by appointing (illegally) an “Ebola Czar” who has NO medical knowledge or ability. Another lucrative appointment for one of his friends who is good at fleecing Americans and was instrumental in the Solyndra con.

It can be ordered at the WND superstore for $49.95, or they’re offering it for $39.95 for new subscribers to their magazine, “Whistleblower.” You’ll also get W. Cleon Skousen’s “The 5,000 Year Leap and there are some other offers if you subscribe for two years. But I’m not going to do all their selling for them. Go to the WNDSuperstore and let them tell you about it. You’ll find some other important books there, too. (I get no “kickback” from sales of this book. I just think it’s important for you to read it. It might save your life.)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

They Never Learn

Republican elitists just can’t accept a REAL honest politician like Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal. They have to run the same tired, old hacks like Mitt Romney again and again, guaranteeing defeat, over and over again. It seems like they don’t even CONSIDER a real candidate. Now they want to run yet another Bush who, if he wins (doubtful) will continue the elitist Republican policies that have caused voters to vote for Democrats, again. Jeb Bush might be a real nice guy, but he isn’t a “viable candidate.” I guess, like with Dole, it is just “his turn.” Even if they win, they don’t know how to act AS winners. They still “kowtow” to Democrats, saying they want to be “inclusive,” and play right into their hands, going for every con or swindle they put forth. The only GOOD thing about the Republican victory in the last election is that the Democrat majority has been broken in the Senate—for now. If they do what they usually do, we’ll probably get a Democrat victory in the next election. (Town Hall)

It's Turning Around

Democrats still claim that a majority of Americans want gun control, although that’s not, in any way, true. But still, the gun-grabbers still got elected, mostly because many Americans just don’t think gun rights are as important as things like keeping the goodies coming. But gun rights are becoming more and more important to Americans, and it is showing in the polls. At least THREE anti-gun governors are in danger of losing because of their anti-gun policies. Hickenlooper in Colorado, Malloy in Connecticut, and Brown in Maryland. All promoted strong anti-gun measures after  the “Sandy Hook massacre,” and all three are now fighting for their political lives. Hickenlooper has even threatened to commute the sentence of child-killer Nathan Dunlap if he was not re-elected. That is evidence that lame-duck politicians should be stripped of their powers after such an election so they can’t do something like that in revenge. Two senators in Colorado were recalled because of Hickenlooper’s legislation, and another chose to resign rather than be recalled. Americans are “showing their muscle” at the ballot box, and anti-gun fools are suffering—and will continue to suffer as long as they don’t “wise up.” (Bearing Arms)

Where Does He Get Off?

Obama says, that, “Stay-at-home-moms is not a choice we want Americans to make.” Where the HELL does he get off dictating what choices “Americans” should make? It’s not his business to say what we should think, even though he thinks it is. We need to disabuse him of that notion. He thinks being elected president by stealing as many votes as he can makes him a king. It doesn’t. What HE thinks we ought to think means NOTHING to us. He has a right to SAY what he thinks, but not to tell us WHAT to think and force us to do it. Who the hell does he think he is? “Big Brother?” He’d like to be, but it’ll never happen. First of all, he’s not smart enough. That’s the problem with ignorant people. They think they’re the smartest people around, in their ignorance. That’s Obama’s problem. (Eagle Rising)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obamacare A Crock!

And they know it. And that frightens them. Yesterday, Jonathan Gruber, professor at MIT, and one of its architects, ADMITTED as much in a speech. He said that it was purposely written in a “murky” way so nobody could really understand it, and that they depended on the STUPIDITY of the American voter to get it passed. I disagree. It’s not stupidity, which is not curable. It is IGNORANCE, which is, by an infusion of knowledge. Stupidity is KNOWING it’s nonsense and insisting on it, anyway. Nancy Peelosi as much as told us it was nonsense with her famous (or infamous) crack about “passing it to find out what’s in it.” It’s out in the open now. They can no longer deny it; one of its ARCHITECTS admitted it was a crock, and the liberal media refuses to cover it. But they won’t be able to contain it because there is now another avenue to let the people know they’ve been conned; the “alternative media,” of which I’m a proud member. Now the Supreme Court has agreed to look at it, again, which, in itself, is a “kiss of death.” Even if they don’t FIND it unconstitutional in this “second go-around,” just the fact that they want a second look will hang a “stone” around its neck. (WNGO)

"Married Off?"

“Sold off,” you mean. It isn’t “marriage” when it’s forced. I guess that’s better than selling them into sexual slavery to be used as whores, screwing everybody in sight. But I guess with this bunch of sub-humans a faux “marriage” is the best that can be expected. Remember, these are the people who “don’t approve” of western values who are selling these young girls into sexual slavery. They love to do things like this, and I’d BET every girl was screwed at least once (maybe many times) by their captors before selling them off. The people who buy them should be punished the same as their captors. And not in the usual way. NO trial, no imprisonment, just strung up by the gonads, then shot. (Eagle Rising)

Banned From Daughter's School

A Marine was effectively banned from his daughter’s school in Houston, TX, after he objected to a Muslim-based homework assignment. The assignment told her to give an explanation of the Five Pillars of Islam, Mecca, and Muhammad. This is something no child in public school in America should even KNOW about, since schools are not allowed to teach about religion. At least, not about Christianity. How they are allowed to teach about Islam, but not Christ, under current law, is something I just can’t understand, except to know that today’s laws are TWISTED to allow Muslims to teach Islam to our kids while Christianity is being denied. Thank Obama for that. He is doing everything he can to PROMOTE Islam. Why is that? He’s a “closet Muslim.” Don’t believe it? Watch the things he does, or allows to be done, and what he works to STOP. If I were that Marine, I would remove my daughter from that school IMMEDIATELY, and file suit against it. (IJ Review)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Obama Lied to America!

Yeah, I know; that’s not news, is it? But it now has been ADMITTED by one of the “architects of Obamacare. Jonathan Gruber, professor at MIT, at a recent meeting, made a speech in which he PROUDLY admitted to LYING to get Obamacare passed, saying that, “If we had told the truth, it would have never passed.” Then he says further, “We know that if we told the truth about it, it would fail.” Of course, anybody with any amount of intelligence knows they lied, but to have one of the schemers ADMIT it in public is priceless. I will now wait and see if anybody does anything about the lies. But I disagree. He may think we’re STUPID because we “fell for” the lies, but he’s wrong. People like Nancy Peelosi, who said, “We need to pass it into law so we can find out what’s in it” tell the real tale. The “fix was in.” It would have passed if a majority in Congress and in America were dead set against it because they had it rigged, just like the last two or three—or more--elections. (Town Hall)

"Post-Birth Abortion" Okay?

It has become increasingly popular among college students. When you devalue human life, you can count on it “creeping” to include other life forms. At first, abortion was only allowed in the “first trimester” before a human body had formed. It crept and crept until it is now common to murder a fetus that is partially born, and some have even been left to die on a table if the abortion is botched. But now people are pushing for killing the live result of a botched abortion LEGALLY. Some say it should be okay to kill a child up to FIVE! How long before it becomes legal to kill “old folks” who are no longer any use to society, except to impart their knowledge (which, except in Japan, is not appreciated by younger people)? How about younger people whose lives don’t have the best “quality of life” because of injury or deformity?

And WHO decides who lives and dies? Politicians, or their surrogates, the unnamed, unknown bureaucrats, of course. Don’t think it’s possible? At one time in my life I wouldn’t have thought murdering an infant in the womb for the convenience of the parents as a substitute for using a rubber when having sex would ever be legal.
I was wrong. I never thought of the depths of depravity could be found in an “average American.” The “average German” thought nothing about killing Jews during the Nazi era, either. That created the Holocaust. Now we are creating our own Holocaust, and Americans are blissfully ignorant of it. Or agree with it. (Now The End Begins)

Why Is Islam Being Taught In School?

In all too many places, it is being required for Islam to be taught as an “equal” to Christianity. And this is being FORCED on our youngsters, who are too young to know any better. It is creating way too many “radicalized Islamists” among our children, some of whom declare their solidarity with Islamic terrorists and wish to go to be trained in how to kill innocents here and overseas, then return to do so. The government doesn’t allow CHRISTIANITY to be taught in our schools, but MANDATE that ISLAM be taught there. They SAY it’s to promote TOLERANCE. But the “religion” it promotes in the most INTOLERANT on Earth. Why? Who is responsible? Who is the most powerful man in this country who was BORN to a Muslim, arguably in a Muslim country, who has a Muslim middle name, who was RAISED in a Muslim society BY Muslims. Who has said publicly, “Nothing is more beautiful that the Muslim call to prayer.”

Who is most able to influence what is taught in our schools and MANDATED to be taught in our churches on pain of loss of tax-free status? I don’t think this man puts his butt in the air and prays five times a day. Muslim teachings say it is okay to LIE to promote Islam. He can’t afford to pray in a Muslim manner and maintain his position. But I’d bet he does his praying in private. For those who haven’t “tumbled” to the answer, his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he is currently the President of the United States of America, Everything he has done destroys some part of America, and he has pledged to do even more; like “bankrupting the coal industry” with nothing viable to replace it. (Now The End Begins)

Monday, November 10, 2014

UN Declares Arms Treaty "ON"

Even though Congress hasn’t approved it, they have declared it “in force,” while mandating “signatories” to it must “implement” (enforce) it, or THEY WILL. That means United Nations “blue helmets” coming to your door to “collect” (steal) your guns. If Obama and the Congress (the one now in session) approve it, it will be “the law of the land,” Second Amendment be damned. I don’t know if the Constitution would specifically BAN that from occurring, but unless somebody DOES something to prevent it, they will enforce it as if it were legal, using the “force of arms.” There should be a measure IN the Constitution that ANY measure that VIOLATES any provision of the Constitution is “null and void,” thus preventing a president and Congress from changing the Constitution without the required vote of the American people. With Obama’s record of “giving the constitution the finger,” I don’t put it past him and his current “compliant Congress” to “rush it into (spurious) law” BEFORE they’re forced to leave office. If that happens, I will become a criminal, because I will go out and BUY a gun. (Minute Man News)