Monday, November 3, 2014

Vote Fraud Not Happening?

That’s what Democrats say, even while they violate voter ID laws. Here. The father of a Democrat candidate is actively suing to prevent the upcoming “voter ID” law in NC while violating it, himself. “WRAL-TV in Raleigh reports North Carolina’s Board of Elections found over 35,000 cases of people who voted in North Carolina in 2012 whose names and birthdates match those who voted in other states in the same election. In some of the cases, votes were cast under the names of those who were already dead.” And that’s in just ONE investigation! 35,000 illegal votes! Think about how many illegal votes this kind of thing can be responsible for all over the country. And Democrats say there is NO provable vote fraud? Right; they will never ALLOW any systems to be put in place to CATCH their vote fraud. They fight “photo ID” for voters because it would put the kibosh to their vote stealing.

In at least one place I know of, a man blatantly walked into a voting place and OPENLY “stuffed the ballot box” while Republican monitors watched, telling them to “go f-ck themselves” when they questioned him. To my knowledge, nobody did anything about it, and his phony votes were duly counted. There should have been some cops come in behind him and place him in custody, but it didn’t happen. Is there NO SECURITY in polling places to stop this kind of thing from happening? Why not? This guy could easily be identified, and arrested later, if necessary. It was all caught on tape. I suspect he is KNOWN. But, it wasn’t done, to my knowledge. Why? In all the cases of vote fraud I’ve heard of, the fraud benefited DEMOCRATS. Doesn’t that tell you something? Why aren’t “the authorities” DOING anything? Probably because most of the “authorities” are DEMOCRATS. (World Net Daily)

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