Thursday, July 31, 2008

Military Suicides?

Obama wants you to think that just being in the military causes you to have thoughts of suicide, and to do it, a lot. Yes, some soldiers DO commit suicide after being forced to see some of the things they see in a "war zone." But suicides in the military, while they ARE increasing, are STILL lower than in the general population. But does Obama tell you this? No. All he wants to do is play up military suicides and make peopole hate the military. What a jerk! (Thomas Sowell)

The "Racism" Cry Returns

Did it ever leave? We have numerous black people in high office all over this country, including the president's cabinet. But that doesn't deter "race pimps" such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton from their "extortion" of big corporations by the threat of accusations of racism, or the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright from spitting their poison from the pulpit!. And the more they shout it out, the more people who "don't pay attention" buy it and repeat it themselves. I read about an elderly black man whose son thinks a lot of him who has had a lot of good things happen to him in his life, but who agrees with Rev. Wright that "racism" is "pushing black people down," even today because of ONE thing that happened to him, years ago. It doesn't even matter to him that a black man is "within a whisker" of becoming president of the United States, or that there are several black people in the president's own Cabinet, and numerous black people, male and female, are in bureaucratic positions, both in the federal government, and in state and local governments, all over the country, including the South, where it was once thought to be an "impossible thing." One of the best known black mayors is Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans. I just don't buy that "racism" crap in America today. And it's only going to get worse as EVERY criticism of Obama, if he is elected, will be called "racism." And if he doesn't, THAT will be called "racism." We just can't win. (American Thinker)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let Your Wallet Do the Talking

News reporters insist they're "fair and balanced" in their reporting. But did you know they donate money to Democrats (liberals) 15 TIMES as much as to Republicans (conservatives)? That tells me a lot about their loyalties. They, themselves admit to voting Democrat 90% of the time (I don't know how Fox reporters by themselves vote). It does seem to me if you give your money to Democrats in that high a percentage, it's going to "seep over" into your reporting, and it does. If you don't believe it, just pay attention to what they say, what they CHOOSE to report, and what they ignore. (Warner Todd Hudson)

No Deaths in Iraq This Week

Didja read that anywhere in the liberal media? I doubt it. They figure no deaths in Iraq to be "no news." Violence is news to them. No violence is boredom. Especially no violence in Iraq, where their "conventional wisdom" says we're losing. Evidence that we're winning, they won't carry. It's amazing to me how they can say things like that with a straight face. I guess they've had enough practice at lying to be able to do it with ease. (Tom Blumer)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Does That Effect Global Warming?

Alaska may be facing its coldest winter in history while the entire globe has temperatures getting colder. It hasn't been "warming" in years. So what does AlGore say about his "religion" being proved wrong? I'm sure he'll tell you that ANY anomaly is "because of global warming." He really thinks we are that stupid, and many of our top politicians are proving him right. Newt Gingrich sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi to promote global warming. Al Sharpton and a well-known conservative preacher did likewise. Even President Bush is talking about what we have to do to "save the globe." Both presidential candidates have spoken in favor of global warming. It amazes me that otherwise intelligent people buy this swindle. (Anchorage Daily News)

Did Hell Freeze Over?

I've always thought hell would freeze over before the "New York Times" admitted we were on the "right track" in Iraq and we were actually WIINNING! But they did it, and the last remaining bastion of complete liberal control of the media, the Associated Press, reported it, too. Still, nobody, even the Bush administration, can't envision the war being over in the first week, and what we are doing there now is simply "mopping up." The purpose of a war is to depose a ruler and create a new government. We did that years ago, but liberals (and even conservatives) continue to refer to it as "The Iraq War." It hasn't been a "war" for a long time, and people need to start admitting it. (News Busters)

No Reporting of DEMOCRAT "Disunity"

If it were happening in the Republican Party, they'd "trumpet it" to the skies. But the "rift" is among Democrats, many of whom still want Hillary to be our next president, no matter what they have to do, legal or illegal, to accomplish it. But did you see anything about this in the liberal media? Uh, uh. And you won't either, unless they're FORCED. The only way Hillary will ever be president is if they steal it, and I'm sure she's not above that. Nor are her supporters, who'd like to see Obama's plane go down somewhere over the ocean on his way back home. (News Busters)

Monday, July 28, 2008

WHAT "Conservative Principles?"

A new ad Jared Polis calls an "attack ad" questions his "conservative principles." WHAT "conservative principles?" Everything I've seen him promote has a socialist base. That's NOT "conservative." Who does he think he's fooling? Besides, isn't that what you DO in an election? "Attack" your opponent in ad after ad? What does he call his OWN "attack ads?" He probably sees it as "telling the truth" about his opponent. I'm sure she sees it otherwise. I see it as "stretching the truth" about his opponent. Maybe he ought to shut up about "attack ads" and start work on more of his own. The "pot shouldn't call the kettle black." (Colorado Independent)

Obama Lies

So what else is new? Obama is like Bill Clinton in that there is an easy way to tell when he is lying: his lips are moving. But it's mostly hard to unalterably catch him in a lie he can't explain away as an "error" or "misspeaking." Not this one. He told us his uncle on his mother's side helped liberate Auschwitz. Unfortunately, he HAS no "uncle on his mother's side," and the Russians liberated Auschwitz. So unless he has a Russian uncle on his mother's side she never told anyone about, he's lying. That's like AlGore saying he invented the Internet. A patent lie in the extreme. This is not the only lie he has told. Has anybody caught McCain in a lie? Now he says the Senate Banking Committee is "MY committee." Unfortunately, he isn't even ON that committee, and it is NOT "his committee." He'd be better off if he didn't try to "pad is resume" like that. (Wizbang)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pricing Them Out of the Market

Increasing employer costs without increasing productivity in the employee. If that isn't a "recipe for bankruptcy," I don't know what is. Unfortunately, the politicians who passed the law that raised the minimum wage don't see it that way. "The national minimum-wage rises today from $5.85 per hour to $6.55 per hour." In other words, Uncle Sam today arbitrarily increases the cost of employing low-skilled workers by 12 percent." So now employers must cut their lists of jobs that minimum wage workers can be hired to do by at least that much. To do otherwise would simply cost them a lot of money, with no way of recovering it, except to raise their prices--which is hard to do if their competition do not do likewise (and we all suffer if they both raise their prices). So this new law simply makes it harder and harder for kids to get "summer jobs" or for people entering the work force to get a job from which they can learn a skill that will get them more money in the future. The people who pass such laws want you to think that people with families are working for minimum wage. Not so. Not in the main, anyway. Mostly, those earning minimum wage are those with NO skills to offer. The reason they have no skills is that they made bad decisions early on in their lives and are now suffering for it. Should we now reward their bad decisions by paying them more than they're worth? Not if we want to stay in business, that is. So such laws don't help anyone. They merely increase unemployment among those who aren't worth any more money. How does that help them? The purpose of employing people is not to "give them jobs" even if they have no skills. It is to hire people who can do the work required by the business. If they can't, they're worth nothing to that business and will not be hired at a price they are not worth. This law is just "pricing them out of the market." (Café Hayek)

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Previously Unknown Group?"

We're constantly hearing about depredations in the Middle East by "a previously unknown group." But are they REALLY "unknown? It's a common "modus operandi" among radical Islamic terrorists to "create" new groups by simply starting to operate under a new name, using the SAME people. This tends to confuse the liberal news media, which wants to advance the terrorist cause. Since they WANT to confuse America, they like it. (Just common sense)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helen's Not Only Ugly, She's Stupid

Helen Thomas is "doubly stupid" if she thinks anybody except liberal dupes will believe her claim that there is NO liberal bias in news coverage. I guess she hasn't noticed that the liberal media no longer has a "lock" on what is reported. I hate to talk about someone's age being a debility, since I'm an "oldster," myself (though not as old as she). But this woman should have retired to her front porch and mint juleps long ago. I expect her to disrupt a news conference one day soon when she collapses in the middle of a presidential statement. Gad, is this woman OLD! As well as mouthy and stupid. She actually thinks she is the ONLY liberal in Washington! And remember, that's coming from a 71-year-old man who knows whereof he speaks. When I'm no longer able to think straight, I'll certainly stop what I'm doing. Gad, that woman is ugly! If they made a mask of her for Halloween, she could scare the hell out of every kid who sees it. There's nothing wrong with old people in politics, but she has carried it to an extreme--which liberals always do. (News Busters)

We're Winning, So Reporters Go Home

Reporters wanted to be "embedded" with American forces--until we started winning, and then they went home so they wouldn't have to report on us winning. And of course, heroism by Americans goes unreported. The liberal press hates this war with every fiber of their being, so you can count on the fact that ANY reporting on our success will be thin. (CNS News)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Definition Upheld

We now have a Supreme Court decision upholding the definition of the Second Amendment as a right held by individuals, NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Do you think that will end the debate? Don't hold your breath. The anti-gun Nazis are very good at ignoring things that are not to their liking. Even now, Washington DC is making a new ordinance that says much the same as the one that has just been "struck down," but which they can enforce for another ten or so years until the Supremes notice and strike it down again. They'll probably still be striking this down while DC continues making new ordinances long after I'm rotting in the ground. This is how the liberals work. They make their own definitions always, and ignore anything that doesn't agree. (Common Sense)

Shutting AlGore Up

Lord Moncton of Benchley, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, just did a peer-reviewed study that really should shut AlGore up. It shows graphically all the flaws in Gore's "junk science." His study tells us, "A careful study of the substantial corpus of peer-reviewed science reveals that Mr. Gore's film, 'An Inconvenient Truth,' is a foofaraw of pseudo-science, exaggerations, and errors, now being peddled to innocent schoolchildren worldwide." But will it shut him up? Not a chance. Gore just ignores anything that disagrees with him and calls the person who disagrees with him, no matter how eminent, "someone no longer in the main stream." He will not entertain ANY word against his phony theories, not even the fact that the world has been COOLING for the last ten years (Apparently he feels that he has the power to decide who is "in the mainstream). I have just as much power to do that as he does, and I say HE is "NOT in the mainstream." Of course, if he ever reads this, he'll say I'M not in the mainstream. (Daily Galaxy)

Oklahoma Politicians Don't Like Opposition

In that state, only TWO of 23 filed petitions for referendums have actually been on the ballot. Those politicians have managed to stop almost every attempt by citizens to put their own petitions on the ballot and are currently trying to put three "out-of-state" petitioners in prison for TEN YEARS for being active in the petition process in Oklahoma. Ten years! Because they don't live in the state! That's even though the very law under which they want to do this is unconstitutional. This is an excellent example of how politicians ignore the Constitution and do what they want. One of the three, Paul Jacob, says they expect to win. I hope they do. Ten years is a long time to be a "political prisoner." (Common Sense)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Media Still Can't Figure it Out

The liberal media is "hemorrhaging" readers and viewers at a pace they can't stand and still stay in business. They blame it on many factors, but their "ultra-liberal bias" isn't one of them. Unfortunately for them, it is THIS factor that is PRIMARILY responsible, and the longer it takes them to "wise up" to that fact, the closer to bankruptcy they will come. People who do not even consider themselves conservatives are tired of their liberal crap and are "voting with their feet" as they walk by their news boxes and turn to Fox on the television. But they just don't get it and I don't believe they ever will. Have you noticed how much LIGHTER newspapers are these days? (Just common sense)

What Were They THINKING?

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Voters elected a black Democrat as the first Muslim in Congress on Tuesday after a race in which he advocated quick U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and made little mention of his faith." That's one of the ways France got so screwed up. Muslims now OUTNUMBER others in France, and they now hold many offices in the French government. Is it any wonder there are NIGHTLY riots in the French streets? Riots you normally don't near about because the news media doesn't think it's news. So now we're starting to elect Muslims to office in this country. Look for Muslim violence to increase as more of them get elected. This is not racism; it's common sense, gained from watching the way Muslims operate wherever they can get enough Muslims together. You watch, too. One of the problems with Muslims winning elections is that intelligent people don't accept a faith that completely controls their lives, right down to toilet habits, and causes them to subject their women to veils, robes, and subservience. I want people who are INTELLIGENT representing me. (Reuters)

Monday, July 21, 2008


I always thought some stores gave away "freebies" to cops because they appreciated their work. Looks like this cop thought free coffee was his "due" and thought he could do what politicians usually do when their "freebies" are cut off and threaten to "slow down" emergency responses to that coffee house (you know how politicians work: when Prop. 13 was instituted, they threatened to cut off funds for police, fire, and other emergency services and the same thing happened in Denver when TABOR was passed). I think we need to end "freebies" to cops, PERIOD. (Local 6)

Mallard Fillmore

Mallard is so right so often, I'm hard put to direct you to ONE strip that "says it all," because he does that almost every day. This one is about Obama promising "hope and change," with the viewer remembering he had "bought" that package before and it was a "ripoff." If you want to read his work in bunches, go to the JWR site where they publish them in weekly bunches. Or go to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer site where they DO publish them as one strip daily. (Mallard/Seattle PI)

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Democrats are trying to revive the "fairness doctrine" where ANY time somebody says something on the air that might be "defined" as opinion, they MUST give "equal time" to someone with an opposing viewpoint. But who "defines" what is "opinion?" The liberals hope it will be them, so they can put an end to such people as Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, and other radio and TV hosts, and even an entire television network, by the name of Fox. But Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, and other conservatives ARE "equal time" because we get WAY too much LIBERAL opinion DISGUISED as "neutral news" on just about every radio and television network out there. If Limbaugh, Hannity, and other conservatives demand "equal time," it is the LIBERALS who are going to be in trouble. The liberals keep saying what they do is just "newsgathering" and dissemination, but they push their agendas, simply by what they CHOOSE to cover, and how they cover it. At least Limbaugh and other conservatives "make no bones" about being biased while the liberals insist they aren't. Another thing: if people PAY to put their views on the air, should those with opposing views have to pay, too? (Just common sense)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Attack on Religion?"

Many Muslims call Bush's policies as an "attack on their religion. It is NOT. But what about the attack on OUR religion by the militant Islamic terrorists? It isn't, you say? Then why do the terrorists openly say, over and over, that they want to "kill all Infidels?" (Infidels being ANYBODY, Muslim or not, who don't believe the way THEY do.) If that's not an "attack on religion," I don't know what is. They want to bring Islamic Law to America and the rest of the world, and eliminate ALL other religions from the earth. Isn't THAT an "attack on religion?" Seems to me they're accusing us of what THEY are doing. (Just common sense)

What is Truth in Iraq?

"There is a major disconnect liberal media The liberal media and the reality on the ground. Much of the liberal media focus is on the fact that Baghdad residents enjoy fewer hours of electricity now than before the war. That ignores the fact that, overall, electricity output has increased significantly and that Iraqis in other areas of the country enjoy much more daily power than before the war. During his reign, Saddam monopolized power for the capital, literally threatening engineers with death should there be an interruption. Power is now equitably shared across the country. There are also hundreds of major water, oil and other infrastructure projects that have been completed or are under construction." How easy it is for unscrupulous newspeople to "slant" the news to tell a completely different story than reality. Just remember this as you read their output. (News Busters)

Does McCain Exist"

Not according to the liberal media, apparently. McCain has been to Iraq eight times in the last few years, trying to familiarize himself with what's going on there. Obama hasn't been there recently at all. So Obama decided to go, now that he's the top Democrat candidate for president. He wants to "look presidential," but he can't seem to bring it off. But not for want of trying, both on his part and on the part of the liberal media. Nary a peep out of them when McCain went, but for the ONE time Obama goes, it's ALL OVER the media, and they've even sent their three "super-stars," the major anchors from all three media giants. This is the treatment usually accorded an ELECTED president, not a candidate, who might not win at all. I think if we all "pay attention," we can see which candidate they WANT to win. I'm not a big McCain fan, but he CAN'T be worse than Obama or Hillary, BOTH of which are "dedicated socialists." If you don't know what a socialist is, and how that's bad for you, maybe you'd better do a little bit of research. Those of you who DO know, I apologize. But I've found that the "average person" on the street DOESN'T know, and many of them aren't interested in learning. I mentioned the word "socialist" to a woman friend of mine (she's married, guys) and got a "blank stare." It was so obvious she didn't know what I was talking about, I had to ask her if she even knew what socialism is. Her answer was "no." So I gave her a copy of my book ("What's WRONG in America") and promised to discuss it with her after she had read it. (Yahoo News)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

WOMEN Are Constantly Thinking of Sex

Some time ago a school banned clothes showing "cleavage" in their schools. Why? Women say, "Men are always thinking about sex." I wonder why, when many women OUTSIDE and inside of schools wear their tiny micro-minis (in which they can't sit down without giving the boys a "show"), tight pants and shorts that show everything they've got, and their three-sizes-too-small tops through which you can readily see their nipples, most of which are "rock hard," indicating a state of arousal. And they think the girls in school are going to do any differently? When women dress like that, there is no way you can convince me THEY'RE not thinking about sex. Yet they make statements that "knock" men for thinking about sex all the time. What do they THINK men are going to think about with all that bare skin and curves on display? NO, I'm not saying women bring rape on themselves by the way they dress. What I AM saying is they should not blame MEN for constantly thinking about sex when they see such a daily display of almost naked women everywhere they look. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about the way they dress. It makes ME think about sex, too. But don't blame ME for it. (Just common sense)

"Fanning the Flames" of Paranoia

That's how Paul Jacob sees it. According to him, there are three kinds of people who each see the world differently: The "Elitist View," which says "the masses" are too stupid to run their own affairs and need someone to "lead" them; The Populist view that says the "common people" are the ones with common sense while their leaders are generally fools or knaves, or both; Then there is the third position where people are prone to conspiracy theories and the "leaders" spend most of their time "fanning the flames of paranoia" to get and retain their power over the rest of us. I favor the last, because I see ample evidence of its truth every day, and comment on it. (Common Sense)

What Were They THINKING?

Israel traded live prisoners, among them a "child killer," for some dead bodies. Although I'm sure the families of these men appreciate the return of their loved ones, the Palestinians consider the trade a "great victory." And they're right. I'm sure the "child killer" among the released prisoners will contribute more dead bodies in the future, whereas all Israel can do with their "gain" is to bury them. Now they'll just have to catch him again after he kills some more children. Maybe they can just kill him this time instead of having to feed him for 30 years. I'm sure the Palestinian terrorists are laughing so hard that their sides hurt at the stupidity of the Israelis (their feelings, not mine).What were they THINKING? All this kind of thing accomplishes is more kidnappings of soldiers who are left alone. " 'What we've done now has made kidnapping soldiers the most profitable game in town,' said Israeli security expert Martin Sherman." (My Way)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Professional Politicians

The Founders thought all politicians should be limited to ONE term because they didn't want to see "professional politicians" be re-elected time after time and be "in power" forever. NO politician likes "term limits," no matter how much they may say they do. A good example of this is Teddy Kennedy. He was originally elected to the Senate on the strength of his name in a state CONTROLLED by the Kennedys. Then he swam away and left his pregnant girlfriend to die at Chappaquiddick and ALMOST lost everything. But his money paid everybody off and all he got was a six-month suspension of his driver's license (Not much of a penalty for a rich politico who usually is driven around in a chauffeured limousine). After the furore on that passed, he has been re-elected time after time, and only his brain tumor might spare us from yet another Teddy Kennedy term as Senator. If death doesn't intervene, he may strill be in office when I die. (Common Sense)


Looks like former wrestler/governor Jesse Ventura is going to do another "smackdown," this time on wimpy, big-mouthed former comedian "Stupid Al Franken." I'd bet Franken didn't think he'd be up against such a strong candidate as Jesse when he decided to go into politics. He thought he'd be up against a "no-namer" such as Norm Coleman and could "phone it in" and get elected like Hillary did in New York because of the strength of the Democrat Party to get "celebrities" who have no business being in politics elected. Al's comedy career is over, as is his career as a radio personality. He needs a job. That's mostly what he'll bring to his election, while Jesse would bring massive experience as a former governor. Jesse would "make mincemeat" of Al, and "Bigmouth Al" has it coming. Now Ventura is saying he won't run because he wants to go into something a bit less violent than politics. Maybe he'll go back to wrestling. (News Max)

It's Only Your Money

Whenever a politician (mostly liberal) sees a "problem" (usually something the liberal policies CREATED), they want to "throw money at it." Obama has proposed so many "programs" that if enacted, they will bankrupt America. There isn't enough money in the WORLD to finance all his proposals, even if they CAN "print money." Think about it: all Obama wants to do is spend your money. And he doesn't give a thought to how much it will cost and how he will pay for it. It's a cinch that if he actually becomes president, this country is going to soon go into "double-digit inflation" as it did under Carter. You can't keep "printing money" without anything behind it without one day "running into the wall" of reality. Come to think of it, McCain is sounding eerily like Obama in that respect. The only "saving grace" is that he isn't as bad about it. (Barnyard)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Media Just Can't Get it Right

Rush Limbaugh has told them, many times, "right up front," that his "Operation Chaos" is DESIGNED to prolong the Democrat Primary, force them to say more about themselves than planned, and to spend a lot more money than planned. It worked exactly the way he planned it. Obama and Hillary fought each other "tooth and nail," a lot longer than they had planned, telling us many things we wouldn't have learned if the primary had been "short and sweet." He has TOLD them that, many times, in many places, but they STILL "can't get it right." That tells me a lot about the media, including Fox. Maybe one of these days, they'll LISTEN to what people SAY, and, lo! They'll "get it right." I've never been actually involved in something that made the news where they didn't get it wrong. I've even CALLED them to "set them straight." And they STILL got it wrong. (Just common sense)

"Help Me!"

He "raises his arms" in supplication as he faces toward the "hidden" camera in a vent nearby, knowingly "playing to the camera" he isn't supposed to know is there. This is nothing like a "questioning session" run by Islamic terrorists on captured Americans--or any of the innocent people they have captured and sometimes beheaded. This kid went to Afghanistan to kill Americans as a terrorist. Now he is a prisoner and is subject to "gentle" questioning. "Gentle," at least, compared to the methods employed by his terrorist friends. He "raises his arms" in "supplication" while complaining that he can't MOVE his arms. He acts like an innocent 15-year-old, after being captured while killing Americans. He was sorely wounded in the fighting and almost died (I'd have let him die), but was "nursed back to health" by the very Americans he sought to kill. He "weeps," his head "buried in his hands," attached to arms he says he can't move. He pulls off his shirt and displays his wounds to the camera that isn't known to be there (Who else? The interrogator certainly isn't interested in his healing injuries, gotten while he was killing Americans.). At one point the kid, who is the son of an al-Qaida financier, says he wants to go back to Canada. I doubt he's going to see Canada soon, if ever. These are the people liberals are so "concerned" about. This kid knows that camera is there and he is "putting on a show" for it, hoping to convince Canadian authorities to lobby for his release. It isn't working. And it's not going to work. This is an excellent display of the public relations training he has received from al-Qaida. (Yahoo News/AP)

Chavez Threatens Cutoff

So what? His "contribution" to the total U. S, oil requirement is so small we would not ebven notice it if he cut off the oil shipments made possible by American oil companies before he Nationalized (stole) their facilities. Like Ahmadinijerk in Iran, who is also making these empty threats, he would cripple his own economy if he did. So let him. Ask us if we care. I don't use Citgo Oil, anyway. And the 7-11 chain stopped selling it, as well. Did anybody notice? I did. I will now buy some of my gas at 7-11 as long as they don't get it from him. (CNN World)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hitting It on the Head

I often feature the work of cartoonists who "hit it on the head" in one cartoon, while "getting it wrong" all other times. But with "Mallard Fillmore," it's difficult because he "gets it right" all the time. So it's hard to select one of his strips that's better than others in that manner. So the link above gets you to one week of his strips, ALL of which "gets it right." (Mallard Fillmore)

Wait--Didn't Jesse "Coin" African-Americans?

Why then, does he use the term, "blacks" in private conversations he doesn't think will be overheard? In this major gaffe, that has been repeated over and over again all day on television and will probably be continued for days, he talks about Obama "talking down to blacks." Never mind his wish to "geld" Obama in private, while he "supports" him publicly. Jesse is as phony as a "three-dollar-bill" and most Americans know it. Unfortunately, too many gullible people DON'T know it. He actually STARTED the use of the term "African-American" and the whole "hyphenated-American" thing. But he doesn't practice it, apparently. He is the worst kind of "race hustler" who has made millions threatening "big business" with racism lawsuits but he is still treated with respect by the media. Apparently, they can't see the truth. Not even Fox. (News Max)

Hoping for a Liberal President

Liberal justices on the Supreme Court are hoping against hope they will not die before the election, and they're CERTAINLY not going to retire until then. They're hoping to get a liberal president so when it happens, the court will get the one new vote it needs to become a LIBERAL court, so the court can "take over" our lives by making more and more liberal decisions. One fo the first will be, no doubt, a reversal of the court's recent ruling that the Second Amendment means THE INDIVIDUAL, not the government, has the right to be armed, in the face of reason, that ALL OTHER tenets of the "Bill of Rights" talk about the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE. Not about the powers of the government. But that means nothing to a liberal court, which will rule on LIBERAL PRINCIPLES, not on what the Constitution says, as it is supposed to do. It's too bad there isn't a way to force the justices to actually OBEY the Constitution they will be determined to destroy if it ever becomes a liberal court, and actually rule as the CONSTITUTION dictates, not as their OPINION dictates. (Yahoo News)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

WAS He A Coward?

Yes. He was. Had it been me, I would have stood up and walked out of the room at the mention of this murderous thug's name. But this guy he was talking to "admires" Che. " He admires a man who: shot a heavily pregnant woman in the belly to make a political point — wrote his father early in his career, 'Papa, today I killed a man, and I think I like it!' — set up his office with a window above the execution grounds so he could watch the hundreds, or thousands, he sent to their deaths, murdered by his loyal thugs. He was a man whom the goddamn KGB thought was too extreme for their purposes!" Absolutely he was a coward if he didn't speak up. By not doing so, he, himself "admired" Che by not speaking up. Why the hell do we allow people who "admire" such people as brutal murderer Che Guevara to write things for us to read? Admiration for such a man, to my mind, DISCREDITS anything this man might write. Is that an "extremist position?" NO. It is "common sense." (Atlasphere)

Not A "Blast," A Compliment!

ABC News says Schwarzenegger's comment about the Bush administration "not believing in global warming" was a "blast." So did Áhnold." But to me, it is a high compliment, even if it is wrong. Bush recently made a statement showing me, at least, that he is beginning to "buy" AlGore's swindle about "man-made global warming." Even the Pope is making noises that reveal he is also being "taken in," which will probably mean a lot more money in AlGore's pocket, along with his "accomplices." I do have to give Gore credit for being one of the biggest con men going who is not now in government. He is one A-1 con man, getting away with driving around in SUVs and flying in private aircraft, while making enough of an "energy footprint" at home to fuel TEN homes. And people BELIEVE his crap! (ABC News)

Tony's Gone

Even those who didn't agree with his conservatism agree he was just that: a "good man." Tony was "a good guy" and everybody loved him. This is not just a repetition of the same kind of remarks always made about someone who dies, whether or not you hated him. Most people truly DID like him. It's too bad cancer sometimes robs us of "great people" like Snow. I'm a lot sadder about his passing than I will be about Teddy Kennedy's upcoming death from cancer. But then Tony didn't swim off and leave his pregnant girlfriend to die, and then go on to continue his Senate career, becoming an obstacle to all that is good. Actually, I'm not anxious for Teddy to die, but apparently that's the only way we'll be rid of some people. If anybody is "offended" by my opinion of this man, too bad. Let him go out and find a liberal blog to read. (Fox News)

Friday, July 11, 2008

How Do You Define "War?"

David Horowitz of "Front Page Magazine" says the "war in Iraq" is over now, and you'd better believe it. But by my definition of "war," it has been over since the first three weeks. It was mostly over within the FIRST week. But the liberals don't buy that, because American soldiers are still fighting and dying there. The "war" was actually over when Saddam was "deposed." But they claimed it wasn't over because we hadn't "gotten" Saddam. Then we "got" Saddam and pulled him out of his "hidey-hole" and the Iraqis executed him. Then they said it's not over until we "get" bin Laden (who, according to them has never been in Iraq). They'll never be satisfied. We've just spent four or five years "mopping up" while the Islamic terrorists who live there try the same thing they did SUCCESSFULLY in Afghanistan to Russia (but not to us). Hid behind trees and killed their soldiers, never staying around long enough to engage the soldiers in a REAL fight. They blew people up and "ran for the hills." They put out video-and audio tapes telling us how powerful they were and what they were going to do to us. Unfortunately, they were mostly unable to do it. Now the Iraqis themselves are "finishing the job" of "mopping up" in Iraq. The "war" is long over and the "mop-up" also is almost finished. But the liberals are still talking about "ending the war" that has been over for years. They want us to lose. That would be better for their fortunes. Unfortunately, we ARE winning, and it's getting to the point where they can no longer deny it. I'll be VERY interested in how they "spin it" when we are able to start bringing the troops home because we've won. They'll probably try to claim credit for it. (Front Page Magazine)

Palestinian Crushes 4-Year-Old's Head, Named Hero

Samir Quntar is a Palestinian terrorist who crushed the head of a four-year-old boy, and later was named a "hero" by the Palestinians while Condoleeza Rice calls him a "partner for peace." He is currently serving FOUR life terms for murder, but will likely be released in a "prisoner swap" so he can go out and kill more children. This is how we "treat" Islamic terrorist prisoners." (Front Page Magazine)

Muslims Kill Their Own Children!

And it's not only "extremist" Muslims who do this. CNN is trying to dismiss this "cultural phenomenon: as "domestic violence as they ask about it, "Columbia University Associate Dean of multicultural affairs, Ajay Nair, who is quoted as saying: 'My immediate reaction was that this is an anomaly in the South Asian community… Most South Asian-American families enjoy wonderful relationships within their families. I think there’s ways that we can rationalize it and make sense of it, particularly in thinking about new immigrant communities in the U.S. and thinking about some of the struggles that they face and the generation gap and the cultural differences that children do face,' he said. 'I think there are some issues there, but by and large, this isn’t a rampant problem within South Asian communities. What is a problem, I think, is domestic violence, and that cuts across all communities. I think more people need to recognize this as a global issue. It’s not just a U.S. issue. I think it happens across the world, and I think people need to recognize domestic violence and any kind of violence related to women as a serious, serious issue'.” Apparently, he didn't expect the question because he continued to "babble on" for a few more sentences that similarly said nothing. The upshot is that Muslims feel it is an "honor killing" to kill your child if she does something against "Sharia Law." It's the only way a Muslim can regain his "honor." (Front Page Magazine)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iran "Asking For It"

Saddam got himself into a lot of trouble by making people think he had loads of WMDs. All this to frighten his neighbors into not attacking him. Looks like Ahmadinijerk is doing the same thing in Iran. The only difference is we KNOW Iran does have a certain amount of nuclear capability. But if he thinks having a FEW nuclear missiles capable of hitting a few close countries is going to frighten the United States, he has a BIG "other think" coming. A gun with ONE BULLET in it will not help in a gunfight with people who have thousands of bullets. He might do a small bit of damage with his bullet, but after he fires it, he will "disappear" in a "red swoosh" as we retaliate against his pitiful attack. Saddam got himself overthrown and eventually executed that way. Is that what Ahmadinijerk wants? Now we hear that he "Photoshopped" a web site picture (meant for Iranian and maybe other local eyes only) to make it look like he had more missiles than he actually has. Does he REALLY want what Saddam got? (Yahoo News)

Bush Still "Buying" the Global Warming Swindle

It amazes me when otherwise intelligent people such as George Bush "buy" AlGore's massive swindle and actually help him sell it. Now he's telling us there "has been significant progress" made in stopping it, while others are disagreeing with him because "significant progress" would mean a lessening of the pressure that brings in the bucks to AlGore and his accomplices. I don't buy it and I never have. We just don't have the power to cause massive climate change, NOR to stop it when it happens. The climate is CYCLICAL, and it changes regularly. There's a good reason Gore's accomplices don't use numbers over a really wide range because they would then show the falsity of his thesis. Obama "buys" it, and will no doubt spend trillions on it if he gets to be president (It's a good excuse to spend a lot of money, and that's what liberals do well). McCain has also shown tendencies toward belief in this religion, as have other politicians, including Newt Gingrich. I question their judgment when they do. (Yahoo News)

Obvious Scam

A New Orleans cop is suspended fifteen minutes before his retirement because he was "wearing the wrong colored shirt (Emphasis mine -RT)." Instead of the standard-issue all-black uniform, Guidry, a veteran officer in the city's Uptown 2nd District, chose the powder-blue uniform shirt that he wore to work for more than three decades. He viewed it as a simple statement, not an affront to rules or department leadership. "Eighteen people died in the line of duty in that powder-blue shirt while I was with the department," Guidry said. "I went to each of those funerals. I wore that shirt on a Saturday, on my last day, out of respect for them." Apparently, Ray Nagin doesn't want to pay this cop his retirement, and thinks a "suspension" in the last fifteen minutes of his stint as a police officer will accomplish that. It's a little like claiming to have "done all we can" for hurricane victims while most of his school bus fleet was drowned out. Fifteen minutes. They really had to hurry to get this done before this guy got off work for the last time. I guess the acronym for this police department (NOPD) is descriptive. (Times-Picayune)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grouping Us Together

Have you noticed how just about everything liberals suggest tends to "group us together" in more and more things? They just can't stand for us to "go our own way." They can't control us that way. Public transportation, apartment dwelling, rather than in our own detached homes, etc. They don't think about, nor even care how using public transportation takes a LOT longer, wasting large amounts of our time (which is money), plus putting us "out there" to be victimized by illegally armed criminals who target people on public transportation. I've never been robbed while driving my own car or while living in a detached home. I HAVE been robbed in a taxicab, twice (attempted robbery, anyway). They want us to send our kids to public schools so THEY can control what is taught to our children. People wonder why so many kids become "semi-estranged" from their parents when they become teenagers? That's because of many years of being taught values different from those their parents hold dear. They're taught socialistic tendencies and are made into "good socialists" who love to "live together, cheek to jowl." Is that want we want? It's certainly not what I want. I want to make my OWN decisions, not have to go "hat in hand" to "ask permission" of a faceless bureaucrat to do something that is my RIGHT to do. (Just common sense)

Ahmadinijerk's War Threats A Joke

He says "war threats" against his country are a "joke," but he just doesn't understand that the whole world is laughing uproariously at his threats. Yes, he might be able to hurt Israel or a few other countries close by, but if he does, his country would shortly be a "steaming pile of rubble" for a thousand years. If he wants to kill all his people, I guess he's welcome to do so. But he shouldn't try and blame it on us, as his Islamic terrorist friends try to do. If he pushes us too far, he and a lot of other people are going to die. And it will be HIS fault. (Jerusalem Post)

Secondhand Smoke "Not A Problem"

The World Health Organization financed a report some years ago that didn't say what they wanted, so they killed it within one day. They wanted it to back their claims that "secondhand smoke caused cancer," but it didn't. Now there's a new report out, published by the Heartland Institute, that says the same thing. But I'm not worried about them "killing" anything. WHO is still selling the "secondhand smoke" scam, as hard as they can, in spite of the facts. Yes, "secondhand smoke" can be unpleasant for those who hate the very smell of smoke, but it is no danger to them or their families. This report was published in the "Environment & Climate News," a publication of the Heartland Institute and is based on REAL science, not the "junk science" used by the "anti-smoking Nazis. I quit smoking 20 years ago. Not because I believed this crap they're spewing, but because I just "got tired" of smoking. I quit as easy as that. Smoking is NOT "an addiction" unless YOU believe it to be. It is a HABIT, and easily broken if you have the backbone. I quit with a half-pack in my shirt pocket. It stayed there until it crumbled to dust. So don't give me any jazz about "having more will power" than others. Anybody can quit if they REALLY want to. If they try to quit to please somebody else, they'll fail. (Heartland Institute)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A "Helluva Fight"

That's what liberals are gonna get IF they win the presidency along with more of a majority in the Congress and try (again) to "silence" the radio "talkers" who are out there telling the truth about them and their lies. They hate that. They work hard to imply that we NEED a "Fairness Doctrine" when conservative talk radio IS "fairness" since the liberals control all the other outlets, with the possible exception of Fox News and some other conservative radio hosts. They did manage to get the "Fairness" doctrine in pace for a few years, back when there WAS no "conservative talk radio" and they "ruled the airwaves" and could fool the public into believing we "needed" such a doctrine so "everybody's words could be heard." But it didn't work that way. Liberals did not allow conservatives to rebut what THEY said, while they pressed to rebut what CONSERVATIVES said with their "sweeping generalities" that said nothing. Now that they no longer "rule" the airwaves and conservatives regularly use their own words to pillory them, they want to again pretend that we "need" to institute another "Fairness" doctrine. But with the current strength of conservative talk radio, it's not going to be nearly as easy as it was before to get it into law. (Wikipedia)

Lip Service

When Tim Russert died, the other pundits and "news anchors" talked a lot about his "fairness" about what he allowed on his show. But what they fail to talk about is their own LACK of fairness in what they allow on their own "news" shows. Russert, at least, allowed the non-liberal point of view to "surface" on his show, and most of them don't. There'll never be another Tim Russert, meaning in the future, they ALL will be right- or left wing, and will hate each other, as all the liberal pundits now hate Rush Limbaugh with more of a passion than they hate George Bush. (Common Sense)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wesley Clark Denigrates McCain

"Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, a former Democratic presidential candidate now supporting Barack Obama, said Sunday John McCain's military service does not automatically qualify him to be commander in chief." Well, big whoop! Neither does Obama's LACK of military service. McCain, at least, "stepped up" and fought for his country, losing five years of his life while being tortured as a prisoner of war (seems like the only people the liberals don't worry about torturing prisoners is the enemy). Now they're trying to push the idea that McCain only flew "bombers" and killed many civilians, not "fighters," which usually only killed other pilots. What the hell's the difference? Bombers are legitimate airplanes to fly in a war. Seems to me a man like Clark, who has little to recommend him, and who even got FIRED by one president is so ready to "flap his lips" against a fellow soldier and war hero. I'm not a big McCain supporter, but he is MILES ahead of Obama in ANY category when it comes to the presidency. Now the news media says Obama is "disclaiming" Clark's words. Not in the speeches I've heard on the subject! (Just common sense)

GOP Running "Moderates" ("Road Kill")

The liberals are constantly haranguing us to "be moderate." Which is their "code word" for "us," not them. "Moderate," between liberal Democrats when applied to voters or Republicans, means "gullible." And John McCain fits that description. " Taking the advice of Democrats, Republicans ran "moderates" for president in 1944, 1948, 1976, 1992 and 1996. All lost. Republicans also ran a 'moderate' for president in 1988, but that was unwittingly--both to us and, fortunately, to the voters. In other words, in the language of the market, the best tip on 'moderate Republicans' is: SELL!" Rush Limbaugh says moderates are "middle-of-the-roaders" and those are the ones who become "road kill." (Ann Coulter)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Hope McCain Wins

Not because I'm a great McCain fan. I'm not. But he's the only thing we have for this election to keep a dedicated collectivist (socialist) out of the White House. He has his own problems, as evidenced by Ann Coulter's column: "John McCain opposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge because he polled soccer moms and found out they were against drilling. They thought it sounded too much like going to the dentist. McCain wanted to ensure that he remained beloved by the two pillars of his base: "centrists" and New York Times reporters." In other words, he was "guided" by people who not only didn't know what they were talking about, they didn't even know where they were! She also says, "Consequently, McCain recently switched his position to go along with the centrists. See, that's the downside of having chosen all your political positions by polling centrists: The moment they acquire any knowledge, they'll realize you're an idiot." But I'd rather have an idiot in the White House than a genius (which Obama is NOT) who doesn't know socialism doesn't work. That's all I have to say about it. (Human Events)

One Way to Sell Watermelons:

The watermelon business must be slow, so now they're claiming eating them will make you a "stud" in bed. I expect there to be a shortage of watermelons in stores before long as men who just can't seem to "get things going": try yet another thing that MIGHT help them accomplish what is necessary to have successful sex. (News Max)

Liberals Want to be Rid of Rush

They've tried everything they can think of short of murder to shut him up. They've tried many times to come up with a "liberal Rush Limbaugh" and failed miserably every time because people just don't want to listen to their claptrap in sufficient numbers to make it pay. Now there are more and more "non-liberal" hosts bedeviling them. They don't like the TRUTH being told about what they do, so they're going to work even harder to stop Rush and those he has inspired, such as O'Reilly (though he's certainly not a conservative), Sean Hannity and others, including Fox News. As they get stronger and stronger, the job of "shutting them up" becomes more and more difficult. A return of the "equal time" idea won't work, because they ARE "equal time." Everything else out there is liberally-oriented, no matter how much they deny it, and we're getting tired of it. I listen to CNN Saturdays during the ten o'clock hour because I got tired of hearing those so-called "economic geniuses" fuss and fight over what stocks to buy. But that's about all I can stand, and MSNBC is even worse in their promotion of liberal ideas. Rush, Hannity, and others in "his image" at least don't CLAIM to be "fair and balanced" when they're not. They proudly ADMIT they're "biased in favor of truth and freedom." (Just common sense)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Great "Global Warming Debate"

AlGore, the "Pope" of the global warming religion, says, "the debate is over." That, "Global warming is settled science." No such thing. They have not, and CAN not prove man-made global warming, so those who believe in it so much they will fight you over it are disciples in a religion. "Everyone from Al Gore to Yvo de Boer, the head of the United Nations climate program, has said that the debate over global warming is over. The folks at the Heartland Institute didn’t get the message." What Al doesn't want you to know is the hottest year on record is NOT 1998, but 1934! That it has been found that we are NOT "warming" in recent years, we've been COOLING! But Al calls that "evidence of global warming." (How stupid is THAT? Actually, everything that happens seems to be "evidence of global warming," and those who oppose him are "global warming deniers," as if that is something bad. I'm a "denier" because I've never bought AlGore's swindle, not for a moment. I don't discuss global warming with believers for the same reason I never discuss religion because, like religion, you are required to "take on faith" what they can't prove. What a load of crap Al is selling! And it has made him a millionaire several times over, what with gullible people from the Nobel Committee to the people who decide the Oscars giving him money. Then there are those who give his company money for "carbon credits," supposedly to "equalize their carbon footprint," which do NOTHING to reduce ANY emissions, but DO put money in Al's pocket, and those of his fellow swindlers. (Wall Street Journal)

She Got What She Wanted

Little known jazz singer Rene Martin (also known as Rene Marie) was hired to sing the "National Anthem" (The Star-Spangled Banner) at Denver Mayor Hickenlooper's "State of the City" speech. She decided to use the occasion to get a lot of notoriety for the "Black Liberation" movement, something she has been promoting all her life, without much success. This is "an insult that won't go away." It has been all over the news, local and national, for a week. Even presidential candidate Barack Obama took notice and commented. Next, I suppose, the Secretary General of the United Nations will comment. Then the leaders of other countries. She has been "blackballed" from other such gatherings, but I suspect she'll get a lot of bookings from those who heretofore had not heard of her, and who agree with her stance. I judge ALL people as INDIVIDUALS, and I judge her as a racist who has just made a racist statement that will redound all over the world. (Associated Content)

Jesse Helms Dies

He was a stalwart patriot to the end. Yes, he WAS a racist when it was "the thing" to be racist in the South. But he is not a racist now. Hell; I used to be a LIBERAL. The same kind of liberal I now fight bitterly. But I learned better, and so did Jesse. Someone once advised him to compromise, to which he replied, "Compromise, hell! ... If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time?" He's right. One should NEVER compromise his PRINCIPLES, and to compromise with liberals on the human condition would make a hypocrite out of him. No matter what you called him if you didn't agree with him, he could never (truthfully) be called a hypocrite. (Yahoo News)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Proud Pornography Consumer"

That's what former comedian, turned politician Al Franken calls himself as he tried to get the job currently being held by Republican Sen. Norm Coleman. Franken doesn't just "disagree" with people, he, like most Democrats (liberals) calls them insulting names. Frankly, Franken is himself an insult. He actually thinks his failed stint at the failed "Air America" qualifies him to take over a political job from a REAL senator. But then, nobody has ever said Franken is intelligent. (News Max)

He Got It Right!

It's not often I agree with Darren Bell on the political content of either of his strips, "Condorville" or "Rudy Park," but in this one he got it exactly right when Hillary showed up looking like a "farm woman" in bib overalls and a straw hat asking for his vote, then "morphed" into a "thug-like" character when she found out she wasn't in "rural Kentucky." I guess this is all part of the left's abandonment of Hillary in favor of Obama. They DO know the truth about their candidates. They just don't often tell it. I'm STILL waiting for either strip to "knock" Obama for ANYTHING. (Candorville)

"Jiggering" Elections

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to force your opposing candidate, who is largely self-financed, who is outspending you to not be able to solicit donations from others, forcing him/her to use even more of his/her own money? That's what one section of McCain-Feingold does, that was "struck down" THE SAME DAY AS THE Washington, DC gun ban died. Did you hear apout this in the liberal media? Probably not. It got largely lost in the din about the upholding of the right to own a firearm in "Government-Town." This section might stop some millionaires from buying elections (such as New York Mayor Bloomberg did). But sometimes these millionaires lose--as the candidate in this case did. What this decision does is allow candidates who must get their millions from REAL donations to operate. I notice Hillary "loaned" herself ten million dollars in the waning days of her losing campaign, to no avail. She still lost. Now she's "going begging" to Obama, who raided multi-millions of dollars, on his own. (Paul Jacobs/Town Hall)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Terminal Disease

Running against Magube in Zimbabwe. Magube just will not allow ANY opposition to his "rule" and thuggery. His thugs will KILL eventually, anybody who runs against him, and he is proving it every day. Even "pulling out" will not save his opponents from his thugs. He is currently involved in a "runoff" election (because of a "rigged" election, according to his chief rival) with Morgan Tsvangirai, who has announced his resignation as an opponent in "fear of his life." But Mugabe's cops are still looking for him. They raided his headquarters, hustling away many of his supporters, who have not been seen or heard from since. Apparently, running against Magube is "treason," and helping an opposition candidate is treason, too, as Tsvangirai's "second-in-command" has discovered. He is in prison on treason charges. Treason carries a death penalty. And what does it take to be guilty of treason? Mugabe has to SAY you are. Mugabe supporters have killed dozens of political activists recently, while other campaign workers are in hiding after 85 people were murdered. Aren't you glad to live where the only way you can be "destroyed" when you run against a "strongman" is politically? So far, anyway. I still remember that long list of people who died mysteriously when they were about to testify against Bill Clinton, at least one of which "committed suicide" by shooting himself TWICE in the head, either wound being instantly fatal. Magube, you see, can't afford to lose. He's afraid they'll take everything he has stolen away. The United Nations is writing a "mean note" to Magube. (Yahoo News)

"Sniffing" Each Other

After years of sniping at each other and telling the world what a terrible thing it would be if the other was elected (true), Obama and Hillary are now "best buddies" who can say nothing bad about each other. How phony is that? Now Obama is paying her bills. Is he going to demand what that usually entitles a man to? (metaphorically, of course) Of course we know it will all go in her pocket, since she's her own biggest debtor. She showed how phony it was with her body language. At one point, Obama moved to put his arm around her and she recoiled. She actually moved the other way. Then she thought about it and moved back, standing with her "frozen smile" in his embrace, while he "soaked up" the applause. Then quickly, she almost ran off the stage and was not to be seen after that, and camerapeople looked for her. They BOTH went in different directions as fast as they could. It was plain they hated each other, but couldn't show it. Oh well, some days you eat the bear, and other days, the bear eats you. Today was Hillary's day to get eaten. There's still talk about Hillary as vice-president. I advise Obama against it. Think about it. One death away from the job of her dreams. The one for which she put up with Bill's "open-zipper" shenanigans for almost her entire adult life to accomplish. If he does it, I say, "Watch your back, Obama." The chances of your finishing your term alive are small with her "waiting in the wings." (Rush Limbaugh)

It Might, Then It Might Not

An "eminent scientist" says, "There's a 50% chance that the South Pole might not have any ice by summer because of global warming. Never mind that the Earth has actually been COOLING lately. Remember the television commercial where the imitation cable board director says, "95% of statistics can be made to say ANYTHING, 50% of the time." That's what's at work here. What he means is, "It might happen and it might not." Either way, he's right and can get in on the action. I guess they have to do SOMETHING to counter the fact that the Earth has been cooling recently. They make a persuasive argument, but I'm not buying it. It's all part of the AlGore swindle. The one Al is trying so hard to prop up with global temperatures flat, or even going down, while adding to global warming himself, with an increasing "footprint" at home. It's funny that after all this work and time all they have is "a 50-50 chance something they want to happen, will. Put that together with their prediction of "$7 a gallon gas soon," and you can see the panic of the Democrats. (Fox News)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Kidding!

Business is down a little bit. Democrats blame George Bush. Even though they've been doing everything they can to "create" a recession so they can have something to talk about for the upcoming presidential election. Everybody knows recessions are "created" by "investor fear" which comes from a lot of talk about "the oncoming recession" and other negative things relating to the economy So listen to what every Democrat is saying and they are talking incessantly about "the oncoming recession." Never mind that things are better than they've been for years under Democrats. If someone asked me to say what the "single most important cause" of the current "downtrend" (still not rising to "recession status") it would be the high fuel prices CAUSED by the actions of Democrat environmental extremists whose policies have caused not a single oil refinery to be built in more than 30 years in the U. S. while DEMAND has risen astronomically; they have literally BANNED drilling for oil in almost ALL America and everywhere it "runs things." So naturally, the rising demand, coupled with the almost nonexistent supply has caused oil and gas prices to rise astronomically. And they blame the Republicans and, specifically George Bush because he happened to be in office when they "did their dirty work." Now they have something to "flay" the Republicans with in the upcoming election. They worked HARD to CREATE it. (Yahoo News)

Nobody in Washington Understands Economics

John McCain is "railing at" speculators. Unfortunately, that's one of the things that keeps the "wheels turning" in this economy. Yes, they're "speculating" on the price of oil. But they're not CONTROLLING the price of oil. They just want to profit if it goes up . . .or down by guessing what the price is going to be next week or next month and betting big money on it. John Stossel says, " Speculators play a crucial role in a free society, helping reduce market volatility. Yet critics like John McCain scapegoat them constantly. It's time these critics learned some basic economics." They all talk about "obscene profits" made by the oil companies, but don't tell you their profits are smaller than other businesses. They also don't tell you the GOVERNMENT is making $30 billion dollars PROFIT in taxes on the $28 billion dollars the oil companies made, out of which they must pay their costs. The government doesn't. To them, it's ALL profit. Faux profit. "Speculators are among the most reviled people in history. When they were members of ethnic minorities, they have been easy targets for economically illiterate people who were jealous of their success." And most people in Washington are "economically illiterate. "Sen. McCain must have meant it when he said, “I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues.” Actually, he knows nothing at all. (John Stossell/The Atlasphere)

Thank You, Supreme Court!

That's what Rush Limbaugh said when he heard about the four former prisoners at Abu Ghraib who were caught in the act of trying to kill Americans and innocent Iraqis now suing the United States contractors because they SAY they were "tortured" there. Somebody want to define "torture" at this point? They describe being forced to be naked and being electrically shocked. Now, I don't define this as torture. This is NOTHING compared to what THEY do to their prisoners. At least, we haven't BEHEADED anybody yet. When was the last time we allowed a prisoner of war (I know they're not POWs, but only because they wear no uniforms and swear allegiance to no government, but they're not "criminals" either. They're WORSE than criminals.) to sue us in our own courts? The MINUTE we allowed FOREIGN PRISONERS to access the rights of AMERICANS in court, we "opened a can of worms" we may not be able to close. How STUPID are our justices? Foreigners HAVE no constitutional rights! Why should we make an exception for these murderers? (Yahoo News)