Thursday, February 28, 2013

Race Hustlers

Today, there are three people who want you to think racism is “alive and well” in this country because that’s how they make their money. There IS some residual racism left, but it is no longer “the law of the land," thanks to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Those three are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and (Calypso Louie) Louis Farrakhan, all of whom CLAIM to be pastors, but all of whom are self-ordained. These people all use the racism scam to make them a lot of money. Usually by threatening big business with “racist claims” if they didn’t “contribute” to the so-called “charities” they control.  Al and Jesse have made their money PRIMARILY with this extortion plan. Calypso Louie made his on a much bigger scale, pretending to be the “leader” of a Muslim sect. But ALL have become RICH by exploiting the small amount of racism that remains in this country. (Just common sense)

Obama's Fear Tactics

He’s even going so far as to release a state-by-state list of things he plans to do to frighten people about his “sequestration” swindle if sequestration happens (which it will, because he WANTS it to. These things will only happen IF Obama orders them to happen to convince us that the TINY reductions in spending represented by the “sequestration are responsible; but they aren’t. They will happen ONLY if Obama ORDERS them to happen to make it LOOK like those TINY reductions in spending are responsible. In truth, they would be like taking a QUARTER away from someone with $200,000.00. They are INCONSEQUENTIAL considering the size of the federal budget (IF we actually HAD one). Even WITH these reductions in spending (not cuts), Obama will spend $15 BILLION more next year than this year. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hegel Gets Sec Def Job

After a bitter fight, in which even his own party didn’t want him in the job, Chuck Hegel was confirmed as Secretary of Defense, as I predicted. There apparently is not a bad candidate for ANY job in the Obama administration that Obama won’t appoint; and, “the fix is in.” He appointed John Kerry, a bad candidate, to replace Hillary Clinton, who was appointed to please Bill Clinton and keep him in Obama’s corner. She messed that job up royally; finally getting our ambassador and several others in Banghazi, Libya killed  through her incompetence and I predict Kerry (who served in Viet Nam, don’tcha know) will do a worse job. I hope not too many people die as a result of him being in that job. I’m SURE people will die because HEGEL is Sec Defense, because he now has the power to make policy for the military—and his performance up to now guarantees it. (

"Congressman, You're A Fool"

Sean Hannity didn’t say that in so many words, but he might as well have. Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) came on Hannity’s show and immediately started calling him names, accusing him of lying (but he couldn’t come up with a provable example, even though Hannity gave him every opportunity). Ellison kept talking over Hannity, and at one point said, “I’ll let you answer.” To which Hannity replied, "Thank you for letting me talk on my own show." Ellison was so abusive, disregarding even those questions Hannity was able to shove between Ellison’s blabbermouthing, that Hannity finally gave up and ended the interview, saying, “Congressman, you are a total waste of time. I’m moving on, because our audience deserves better. I tried to give you a fair shot.”

Unfortunately, Ellison didn’t give Hannity a fair shot. I don’t think he will be invited back; ever. He IS a fool and, as Hannity noted, a "complete waste of time." And I'll add, not only as a guest, but as a congressman, too. Further, Ellison is a Muslim, which leads me to question his intelligence, judgment, AND his loyalty to the United States. He is an ardent supporter of Louis (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan, which intensifies my questioning of his intelligence and judgment. The man is a complete FOOL. It's a shame such men can be elected to this government. And to those who would accuse me of racism or something else that is insulting and no more for criticizing him, I say, "go to hell." I don't give a damn WHAT color he is.  (The Blaze)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anti-Gun Laws Don't Work

All they do is provide the CRIMINALS, who do NOT obey laws, with an unending stream of defenseless victims. Where gun laws allow honest citizens to carry guns to defend themselves, violent crime goes down as the criminals, who are basically cowards, go into other lines of work or get shot dead. The Milwaukee County Sheriff said this in his refutation of Piers Morgan’s statements on television: “If they were serious about violence reduction, they would get behind me… and join me arm in arm in calling for longer periods of incarceration for repeat career criminals who have demonstrated over and over again that they are going to get a hand gun, that they are going to get a firearm and perpetrate violence.” Clarke noted. The Sheriff added that a recent Sikh temple shooting in his County a few months ago was perpetrated by an individual who passed a firearms background check. “My understanding is the creep in Aurora Colorado who shot up the theater, also passed a background check.” Clarke said. “This isn’t about background checks, of which the overwhelming majority of gun transfers go on anyway.” Which means that these ignorant politicians are going at it from exactly the WRONG direction. Instead of punishing HONEST people by denying them the right to have the means of self-protection, they SHOULD be further punishing the ILLEGALLY armed CRIMINALS for USING their illegally-obtained guns by adding more time to their sentences for USING a gun in the commission of their crimes. But our ignorant and incompetent politicians will never think of that, and ignore us when we suggest it, while continuing with their stupid “anti-gun laws” that further victimize the victims. (InfoWars)

"Second American Revolution"

That’s what the Milwaukee County sheriff says will happen if the “gun grabbers” have their way – and I agree with him. If Obama’s “gun grabbers” succeed in their efforts to disarm legally the HONEST, responsible people in America, those people should STILL “arm themselves,” however they can do it, legal or illegal so that, when Obama’s thugs come to steal their property they have recourse. I see a revolution coming, and I welcome it. If I were younger, I’d be one of the LEADERS. The gun laws as currently constituted (and how they will be constituted in the future under Obama and his “gang of thieves”) violate the Constitution’s Second Amendment in every way. But there’s no punishment for politicians who violate the Constitution, even though each one of them took an oath to DEFEND it. They could be impeached for violating it, but that takes people with “intestinal fortitude” to institute the action, which we do not have. (InfoWars)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Too Busy Infighting

There is one reason why the Democrats have been “in control” for most of the last 60 years. They work TOGETHER, no matter what. Even if they don’t agree, they still work together. Not so with the GOP. They have many factions, and those factions might as well be separate parties. They spend their time fighting, instead of working together to beat Democrats. They helped Democrats DESTROY Sarah Palin as a candidate since she was one of the top candidates for the presidency, which each one of them wanted for himself. They don’t even know the Tea Parties are the best friends they have, so they try and discredit them, too. Consequently the Democrats keep winning elections, since they can’t get together to defeat them. (Just common sense)

Couldn't Someone Do Something?

A man in Georgia gave many warnings that he was “unhinged” and would, one day, do violence because of his paranoia. He went around his property at night with a flashlight and a shotgun. He killed a dog for coming on his property; he frightened kids that came to get that dog; he terrorized his neighbors; he built a “bunker” and used the dirt from that hole to build a “berm” in front of his house so nobody could see into it from the road. Anybody with a modicum of common sense knows to expect him to someday kill a human being. He did, the other day. He came onto a school bus and demanded to have one of the children (for what purpose, we don’t know) and when the driver tried to prevent him from taking one, he shot him to death and took one five-year-old to hold him IN that bunker while police sit on their hands outside, BEGGING him not to harm that child. Why was his paranoia ignored? Why didn’t someone DO something about him before now? (Florida Times-Union)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Rotting" the Country From the Inside

That’s what’s happening in our schools today, and has been happening for many years; which is why your formerly loving children are so different when they get home from college—or even high school. They now seem to have socialist or even COMMUNIST ideas ingrained in them, and “turn away” from you if you don’t agree with their brainwashed ideas. Adolph Hitler’s press hack said, “Let me teach your children and it won’t matter what the adults do.” The collectivists (Socialists, communists, Fascists, Progressivists. They’re all the same thing with only cosmetic differences.) infiltrated our school system from the first grade up a long time ago and have been brainwashing your children for years. One thing I STILL remember is my first grade teacher telling me I must SHARE everything with my “friends.” That’s a basic tenet of collectivism. (American Thinker)

Oldster Kills Burglar

And the burglar’s family objects, saying he should have given the burglar “warning” that he had a gun and would use it. What a concept! Frankly, if I find someone breaking into my house and I AM an old man, I’m going to shoot, and to hell with any “warning.” That burglar wasn’t forced to break in. He made that decision on his own, and should have KNOWN there was the possibility that the homeowner might be armed. It’s HIS OWN fault he got killed. If he hadn’t decided to break into this man’s house (breaking the law) he wouldn’t have been shot. Bravo to the homeowner, who was not named in the report. This family member tried to make the burglar out to be the victim, as usual. He was not. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Gun Confiscation

In California, they’ve already confiscated thousands of legally-purchased firearms and in Washington State, the legislature is now considering legislation that will allow sheriffs to enter your house “one time a year” and search for guns without a warrant. How far will these officious politicians go to DISARM honest, responsible Americans? Even people who own specified weapons BEFORE the law was passed must store it in a specified way and let the local sheriff search their home at least once a year without a warrant. Of course, this law is unconstitutional, but today’s politicians don’t care about that. They violate the Constitution on a regular basis without any reprisals, so who cares? (Glenn Beck)

And Obama Went to Bed

He just doesn’t care that his ambassador in Benghazi is being murdered. He knew it within 90 minutes—and went to bed. This shows that he just doesn’t give a damn, and that puts the ambassador’s blood on his hands along with the future murders to be committed by the terrorists he releases from GITMO. Does he really think he can remain  in charge if he keeps doing things like this? Who does he think he is? Hugo Chavez? This arrogant fool doesn’t even care if Americans know about the STUPID things he does. Can it go on much longer before somebody does something about it? (To those government agents monitoring my blogs, I don’t mean I would do something about it) Only the worst kind of damn fool would think that. But this government is FULL of such damn fools, starting at the top. (Freedom Outpost)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"King Obama" Goes to Florida

Only kings and queens can pick up and go a thousand miles or more to play golf with a golf pro. Oh; I forgot. Obama IS a King. Or at least he thinks he is when he thinks nothing about spending hundreds of thousands of OUR dollars to take his Secret Service detail to Florida with him to play golf with Tiger Woods because “he felt lonely in that big White House with Michelle gone to Aspen, similarly spending hundreds of thousands of OUR dollars to go to Aspen on her umpteenth “vacation” this year at OUR expense. But then, “the Queen” can DO that, can’t she? Seems to me the PRESIDENT would be more interested in doing his job as president; you know, the one we PAY him to do while he’s playing golf with that “skirt-chasing” Tyger Woods. Oh; I forgot;. Democrats don’t make anything about being a “skirt-chaser.” They still love Bill Clinton, don’t they? I’m sure if they could, they’d like to put him back in the White House. It’s a good thing they can’t. The media is mad at him—not for what I mentioned, but for keeping them away Their priorities are really screwed up. So far I haven’t heard anywhere who won. And if “King Obama” didn’t, I never will. “Hey, Kingie; you forgot your pants!” (Yahoo News)

"Security Director"

Every school needs to have a “security director” who is ARMED and is in full charge of making decisions and policies that are for the SECURITY of the school. Someone who is NOT in uniform and is not KNOWN to be armed so he/she cannot be “picked off” right at the start of a “Columbine-style” massacre. The key here is that NOBODY except maybe the principal and maybe the school board is even aware of the existence of an armed security agent who is properly trained for that position, and of his/her identity. If the Columbine principal had been armed and properly trained he could have “hunted down” both shooters and killed them before their “body count” was able to be so big.

He was actually able to sneak up on at least one and watch while he shot into a room. The same is true at all the other shooting sites. The presence of armed (non-uniformed) security at the Sandy Hook Elementary School could have significantly reduced the number of CHILDREN and teachers the shooter could have killed by seeking him out and killing HIM early on. Banning guns in such places will NEVER stop such things from happening because people who will do such things DON’T OBEY LAWS. Why should they? They have SET OUT to violate MANY laws when they plan to kill innocent people in bunches. Making schools “no-gun zones” is an INVITATION to people who want to go into a school and kill people. (Just common sense)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Exercising Common Sense

Apparently that’s something the TSA doesn’t know how to do. Frank Hannibal, being a gourmet peanut butter lover, had a jar of “Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter” in his luggage, and it had a layer of liquid on top, which is normal for that brand). Hannibal joked to his wife: “They want to confiscate my explosives.” A TSA agent overheard him. So they arrested him and held him in a stinking facility under deplorable conditions for 25 hours. Why? Because they say he “falsely reported an incident,” which he did not. He merely joked to his wife, which an officious TSA agent overheard, and to which that agent overreacted. During his incarceration, he was threatened by another prisoner over phone use. After reason finally was restored and he was released with no charges being filed, he filed a $5 million dollar suit. Hannibal’s lawyer, Alan D. Levine of Queens, said all this could have been avoided if airport authorities exercised some common sense: “It’s a sorry state of affairs in this country when sarcasm is considered a felony.” We have come to expect such overreaction and lack of common sense from TSA agents. (Fellowship of the Minds)

5-Year-Old Called Terrorist!

This is what we’ve come to with ignorant liberals “in control.” A FIVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL is suspended from school and labeled a “terrorist” after speaking out in favor of “Hello Kitty” bubble gum. “Elementary-age children are apparently the newest terrorist threat in America today, as an increasing number of them are being indicted as criminals for playing with, or even just talking about, plastic toy guns at government-run public schools. One of the most recent victims to endure the wrath of the out-of-control, politically-correct police state nightmare that is taking over America is a five-year-old girl from Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Central Pennsylvania who was recently suspended and accused of being a terrorist for the crime of talking about playing with a plastic, Hello Kitty bubble-making "gun" toy with her friends.” What kind of TWISTED THINKING could cause an “otherwise intelligent” school official to suspend her and label her as a “terrorist” for TALKING about a "Hello Kitty" bubble gun. This so-called” school official should be fired for STUPIDITY. The PC Police have taken over in our schools, assisted by fool “officials.” (Patriot Action Network)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Muslims, More Rapes

In Sweden, one out of for women are subject to rape, and Muslims are involved in 77% of them. It’s beginning to look like rape is one of their “terror  weapons.” The numbers of rapes seem to parallel the increase in Muslim immigration. Such numbers don’t lie. Muslim terrorists will call me an “Islamaphobic” for pointing that out, but you aren’t “Islamaphobic” if you tell the truth. In any case, the very term, “Islamaphobic” is a false one, created to put a stop to ANY criticism of ANY Muslim, ANY time. Just as the Obama forces call ALL critics “racists” without basis in fact, so do Muslim terrorists call ALL their critics “Islamaphobes,” just as falsely. (American Thinker)

"Security Director"

 Every school needs to have a “security director” who is ARMED and is in full charge of making decisions and policies that are for the SECURITY of the school. Someone who is NOT in uniform and is not KNOWN to be armed so he/she cannot be “picked off” right at the start of a “Columbine-style” massacre. The key here is that NOBODY except maybe the principal and maybe the school board is even aware of the existence of an armed security agent who is properly trained for that position, and of his/her identity. If the Columbine principal had been armed and properly trained he could have “hunted down” both shooters and killed them before their “body count” was able to be so big.

He was actually able to sneak up on at least one and watch while he shot into a room. The same is true at all the other shooting sites. The presence of armed (non-uniformed) security at the Sandy Hook Elementary School could have significantly reduced the number of CHILDREN and teachers the shooter could have killed by seeking him out and killing HIM early on. Banning guns in such places will NEVER stop such things from happening because people who will do such things DON’T OBEY LAWS. Why should they? They have SET OUT to violate MANY laws when they plan to kill innocent people in bunches. Making schools “no-gun zones” is an INVITATION to people who want to go into a school and kill people. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

N. Korea Wants to Become A Parking Lot

They’ve exploded yet another nuclear bomb, and say they’re soon to have one on a long-range nuclear missile. ONE. Maybe they just don’t understand that ONE nuclear bomb on ONE nuclear missile doesn’t mean a whole lot of a threat to the United States with its HUNDREDS of missiles. Maybe They don’t understand that if they send ONE nuclear bomb into the United States or into an area PROTECTED by us, their country will become a steaming pile of crap in the next few hours. And, lo and behold, their entire nuclear arsenal will have already been used up. But they won’t care; they’ll be a big blob of crap. What they hope to gain by their posturing, while spending the money that rightfully should belong to their people, I don’t know. Maybe they just want to be trouble for the world—until somebody bigger and “badder” takes them down—which the U. S. WILL. If they fire ONE missile in our direction, they’ll die. And the missile will never make it to ANY American city, with the missile defense system we set up when there was a REAL threat (from Russia before they went bust). Korea threatening us is like a mouse crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. It’s not a real threat, at all. (Just common sense)

What FOOLS They Be!

Louis Michael Feldman, Professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University ought to be fired for STUPIDITY. While introducing him, they asked, “Is the Constitution worth the reverence in which most people hold it?” What an abysmally STUPID question that is! The Constitution, flawed though it may be, is the only thing standing between you and the slavery people like Obama envision for us. Yes, I know Obama and many others (mostly Democrat/liberals) ignore it on a regular basis with impunity, but its very existence has a “slowing effect” on their wishes to enslave us. That’s because the founders didn’t think to include a PENALTY (other than reversal by the courts if the person ignoring it does not OWN that particular court) for violating it. But to eliminate it (if that’s possible) is to leave us to the “mercy” of people like Obama, who wants to make this country the next “showcase country” for socialism (as long as the money they can steal or print lasts).

Obama is the guy who says, “Only Fox News and Rush Limbaugh stand in the way of a COMPLETELY ‘compliant’ media.” He doesn’t even understand that this is NOT something WE want; it is only a “would-be-dictator” who would wish to COMPLETELY control the media. Yet he comes right out and SAYS that, as if “owning” the press was a “good thing” for a president. A media who “keeps him in line” is a BULWARK against tyranny, and he knows it; and wants to eliminate it completely. And he doesn’t care if we know it. This is the guy who has STOLEN $trillions of our dollars, right out in the open, first by taxing us unmercifully, then by printing $billions of dollars in “funny money” with nothing valuable behind it. This is the guy who JAILED the producer of a movie he falsely blamed for the deaths of FOUR of our embassy personnel in Benghazi, Libya, to keep his LIE about al-Qaida being beaten from becoming obvious. He knows NOTHING about ANYTHING, but he wants us to think he knows about EVERYTHING and should be able to run everything. (CBS Sunday Morning)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Wrong Solution

Politicians have, for as long as I can remember, ALWAYS chosen the wrong solution to our problems. Most notable of those wrong choices is in “gun control.” ANYBODY with a modicum of intelligence knows you don’t defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. Thus, making laws that only apply to people who do not break laws is useless. Yet everything they do does NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS from having guns because criminals do not obey laws. Another wrong solution is the one put forth to “solve the revenue problem” in Washington. Again, intelligent people know you don’t raise taxes in a recession; and that raising taxes does NOT increase the amount of revenue coming into the government,. Just the opposite, in fact. I’m just an “average guy” and I know that. So why don’t our incompetent politicians know?

Maybe it’s because they just want to run things, and making things worse gives them an opportunity to eliminate more of our rights while claiming to be “trying to solve the problem,” whatever that “problem” may be. Strangely, those “solutions” do nothing to “solve the problem” they are supposed to solve; and nobody seems to notice, except for people like me. Never try and point out to a politician (mostly Democrats) the “error of his ways”; he’ll just call you a name and ignore you. Illustration: the “global warming” fiasco. If you rightly disagree with AlGore’s false pronouncements, he calls you an “unbeliever” and goes right on preaching his nonsense. There are many more illustrations of incompetent governing, the best known is the fact that we’re ALWAYS in some kind of a “panic” and nothing ever gets “solved.” When are we going to get rid of these fools and get some politicians that AREN’T incompetent? Or maybe that there aren’t any. (Just common sense)

All They Can Think Of Is Guns

Every time somebody commits a mass shooting, all our INCOMPETENT “leaders” can think of is “BAN GUNS.” They’re all about “getting rid of guns.” They don’t even THINK about the SHOOTERS. Some people “give lip service” to improving mental health. But what they really want to do is BAN GUNS. That’s ALL they’re interested in. People like Wayne LaPierre (perennial VP of NRA) says there should be an armed cop in every school, but even a NON-uniformed one costs a lot of money because that will be all he/she does. Simply ALLOWING one or more STAFF to be armed and TRAINED costs a lot less and would work well. But they ridicule that, saying that staff member would be a “source of danger.” When are these incompetent people going to WAKE UP and get rid of the “no-gun zones” that are an OPEN INVITATION to people who want to come in and shoot up the schools? (Just common sense)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

NRA: "More Guns For Good guys"

As predicted, the National rifle Association (NRA) recommends “more guns in the hands of good guys” to protect our children from the “guns in the hands of bad guys.” He asked if you should have guns in the hands of good guys ten minutes away (as with calling the cops) or a gun in the hands of a good guy standing beside the bad guy (like a teacher)? The cops are always at LEAST ten minutes away and this “bad guy” can kill a lot of people in just a few minutes. The shooter in Newtown, CT killed all 26 people, including 20 CHILDREN in 3-1/2 minutes. Had there been a “good guy with a gun” there, that number could have been a lot smaller when that “good guy” put a couple in his head” as soon as he started shooting. The “anti-gun freaks” have always ridiculed this idea, but it is the ONLY idea that can be successful in dealing with these indiscriminate shooters.

An armed civilian is NOT as crazy as are these shooters just because they aren’t cops. This is the solution I have recommended all along. But nobody (in charge) is smart enough to take me up on it. Wayne LaPierre, perennial vice president of NRA, recommends armed police officers in every school—which is pretty much what they have now. But these officers are usually IN UNIFORM, which makes it easy for potential shooters to “take them out” FIRST, from ambush. I say they should be in civilian clothes, and people not suspected of being armed so a potential shooter cannot “single him out” and eliminate him before “doing his dirty deed.” Schools should NEVER be “gun-free zones.” That is an OPEN INVITATION to people who want to shoot them up. (Huffington Post)

Another "One-Note Song"

Obama has assigned one of the worst “anti-gun fools” in his administration (besides himself, that is), Joe Biden, to be in charge of a commission to “address gun violence” in this country. What that means is Joe must come up with more and better anti-gun laws and ways to BAN GUNS. It doesn’t matter that NO amount of gun banning will keep guns out of the hands of criminals who wish to use them to commit crimes. All they will do is CONTINUE the practice of DISARMING honest people and keeping them from being able to defend themselves. Even Megyn Kelly of Fox News says Biden’s commission will “strike fear” into the NRA. Not even! The NRA knows the best way to approach “gun violence” and no amount of stupidity by Biden is going to “strike fear” into them. (Minute Man News)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Opening Bid: "I Fold"

Ann Coulter says that’s what Senator Rubio’s plan for amnesty for illegal aliens is. He SAYS he is demanding border control, but his plan gives AMNESTY to ALL illegal aliens now in this country with nothing there to force Obama to actually carry through on border control, something he has pledged not to do (and we all know how faithful he is to keep the promises we don’t like). It’s the old con to give your opponent what he wants now while PROMISING do deliver something in return LATER. Later never comes. You’d THINK our politicians would stop “falling for” this con, but they don’t. They’re incompetent. Rubio needs to learn this. I like Rubio on most things; but I don’t like him on this. We did something similar in 1966. Reagan was promised they would “secure the borders” if he would give AMNESTY to the millions of illegal aliens then in the country. He did. And you know just how well they “secured toe borders.” (CNS News)

Always The Wrong Solution

Every time a “panic” erupts in Washington, the first thing they do is make it worse. Take the “problem” of gun violence, for instance. Some guy with an illegal OR legal gun does a mass killing and what do they want to do? DISARM innocent people so the criminals will not face a gun in the hands of their intended victims. The air is polluted, so they stop all drilling everywhere they can and keep as many companies as they can from drilling. This, of course, does NOTHING to solve the air pollution “problem,” but who cares? It lets them control us more. They don’t care about “solving” such problems. But they DO give them a chance to tighten their control over the populace.(Just common sense)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Very First Income Tax Form

This is the very FIRST federal income tax form. Their very first attempt, and it is as confusing as hell. The worst part about PAYING income tax is the confusing forms. This was very confusing, and they’ve had many years to make it even more confusing. I think they DELIGHT in complicating things to the point where we have to PAY to have someone ELSE figure it out for us because NOBODY understands it, not even the people who WROTE it or those who voted it into law. I’ve never been able to make “hide nor hair” of it, and I think they PLANNED it that way. Many people gave up on figuring it out many years ago and just didn’t ask for any of the money deducted from their pay back. They figure it’s “lost money” and don’t even try. (IRS First Form)

Obama's "One-Note Song"

Obama has ONE NOTE in the song he sings. His jealousy toward people who EARN a lot of money by being ORIGINAL in their ideas and come up with things lots of people want to buy thus becoming rich tells him to STEAL as much as he can from the PRODUCERS of society and give that STOLEN to the NON-producers (MOOCHERS) in this society (never mind he is in that group after writing is lying books). His “one note” is the COMMUNIST song sung by Vladmir Lenin, which resulted in 75 years of misery for Russians when he fooled them into allowing him to impose his COMMUNIST rule upon them. Yes, I know, some FOOLS “tune me out” when I mention such “outdated” words as COMMUNISM and NAZIISM because they THINK those words have no meaning any more. But they do. They represent the fact that collectivists are STILL trying to impose collectivism on us under a different name. They have FAILED for many years because we had (HAD) too many intelligent people in this country to fall for that foolishness. All that has changed for the worst.

The results of the last election show that there are more people now who only want a “free ride” and are willing to watch this country “go down the tubes” than there are of people who realize that doesn’t work,  as long as it doesn’t affect them because they are the RECIPIENTS of the government’s “free rides” at the expense of the PRODUCERS (people who WORK for a living). He constantly intimates that “the rich” somehow STOLE their money from THE POOR. How do you steal from people who HAVE NOTHING? It doesn’t make sense. This is what Obama is selling. But that has never stopped liberals before. They constantly convince the IGNORANT of things that don’t make sense and win election after election on the basis of LIES. A good example of the IGNORANCE of his constituents is a woman who once told me flat out not to say anything bad about Obama because she liked him. That was in the first year of the misery he has caused. She still feels the same way. This is the woman who has two stickers on her car, side-by-side: one talks about freedom of speech and the other says, “Get rid of Fox News.” She has no idea of the contradiction those stickers represent.  I talked to her about that contradiction so she covered ONE up with an Obama sticker. This represents the intelligence level of the people who re-elected him for another four years so he can “finish what he started.” Turning this country into a socialist country. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Schools "Infiltrated" By Socialism?

 The opening sentence in this article reveals a massive naïveté and ignorance on the part of the writer. This writer marvels at the fact that socialists have “infiltrated” the Texas school system. But the socialists “infiltrated” the school system all over the nation many years ago. They’re just becoming more arrogant and are not keeping it a secret as well as they used to. Now they’re actively having 6th graders designing flags for the “coming socialist state.” At the same time they’re teaching them about the “benefits” of socialism, lying all the way. That’s because the only “benefits” to a socialist state are to the leeches of society who want to live at the expense of others, without the bother of working, themselves. They’ve been subtly teaching this in government schools for a long time, subverting our way of governing, with the active assistance of liberals in government. Now they’re just “coming out of the closet.” With a socialist president and all the socialist people he has “appointed” to his administration, they think they need no longer hide their subversion. So it’s becoming more noticeable. Further, the very teachers they want to teach it are calling it “criminal” and “borderline un-American.” (EAG News)

Who Cares?

Who cares if Obama is a “skeet shooter?” I don’t, and I’d guess that 98% of Americans don’t give a damn, either. But one reporter brought up the existence of a photo of Obama “skeet shooting,” and they decided to provide one, just to give us something to argue about and keep our minds off his crimes; and he is guilty of many. I don’t “skeet shoot,” and neither do most Americans. And owning guns is NOT about “skeet shooting.” It’s about SELF-DEFENSE. Against ANY criminals who come to steal our property, even if they’re wearing badges. That was its purpose, regardless of ANY attempt to say it is NOT. As to that photo, it doesn’t prove ANYTHING except this administration is willing to “Photoshop” a photo that LOOKS like he might be “skeet shooting,” even though it is obvious he is NOT. To “shoot skeet,” he would be aiming upward. Not straight forward, as he seems to be in this phony photo unless he is a lousy shot, which he probably is. The point its, whether or not he is a skeet shooter is an unimportant thing, and not worth the time and money that has been expended on the question. (Freedom Outpost)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obama Recruiting Jihadists

The Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America both have connections to Islamic terrorism. Mark Ward, the Deputy Special coordinator in the State Department’s Office of Middle East Transition (puff, puff) is in charge of recruiting Muslims for the State Department. MAS is known to be the U. S. “branch” of the Muslim Brotherhood, which also is the “parent organization of HAMAS and al-Qaida. Connections to terrorists notwithstanding, he is charged with recruiting Muslims and was there to hold a 90-minute seminar at which he is supposed to recruit from those present. It’s like recruiting Nazis for the State Department during the Second World War. Hillary Clinton even signed a “special order” to allow him to recruit and to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties long banned them from the U.S. This is the kind of thing Obama’s people are doing. Actively recruiting known terrorists to work for the United States government, and doing so at gatherings of KNOWN terrorists. This tells me Obama is either STUPID or is definitely a Muslim terrorist sympathizer, if he isn’t actually a Muslim terrorist, himself. We’re not only allowing him to gut our military and destroy our economy, we’re letting him recruit KNOWN Islamic terrorists to help him do it. this FOOL needs to be IMPEACHED. Sooner, not later, before he can do us any more damage. (Judicial Watch)

Don't Fall For It!

One of the oldest scams (cons) the Democrats use to con Republicans into tax increases is to promise SPENDING CUTS “some time in the future.” But after the tax increases, the future spending cuts never come. This scam was used on Ronald Reagan and George Bush (the older) that I know of, and it cost Bush re-election. It also gave the Democrats the right to say Reagan raised taxes, too. I don’t know how many times it was used on Bush the younger, but they spent a lot of money and raised taxes a LOT during his administration. It’s like the old “Peanuts” strip where Lucy cons Charlie Brown into kicking the ball, then pulling it away as he kicked it, causing him to fall down. They pull it time after time and politicians on both sides fall for it, almost by rote. Obama is trying it right now on the Republicans—and the Republicans are showing signs of falling for it again. (Just common sense)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Taking Your Guns

You think they’re not going to take your guns? they already are. Look at this story: Robert Adams, of Albuquerque, NM, was a gun collector and a licensed gun seller. He owned 1,500 firearms of different kinds. That frightened the feds (If he could find 1,500 people to shoot them). Anyone who had that many guns COULD be a definite danger to politicians who want to take what is yours. So, with the assistance of the local sheriff, they raided him and STOLE all his guns after “investigating: him for years. I say STOLE because they really had NO reason for taking ALL his guns. It is said that verification of his license to sell guns has not been shown, but that’s no reason to “swoop in” and take his guns. The Constitution says “The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed” (Forget that “militia” crap. the “militia,” when the Constitution was adopted, was “ALL the people.” There was NOT such a thing as a “state-authorized militia” then).

They had no “charges” to file against him, although, like most feds, they “mentioned” several things of which he was “suspected.” Though none rose to the point where they could charge him with any crime. So they just STOLE his guns without cause, which put a huge financial detriment on him. Among the things they CLAIM they were “investigating” him for is gun smuggling, tax evasion, and violation of importation laws. Unfortunately for them, they could prove NONE of this. So they raided him and just TOOK his guns and put him out of business—for NO reason, except his guns frightened them. And they’ll come after YOUR guns one day too, as they get to everyone. They’re very good at making it SOUND like the people from whom they STEAL are “breaking the law,” when they are NOT. Let this be a warning to every gun owner in the land. They WILL eventually come after your guns, and they don’t NEED a real charge to lodge against you. They’ll just come and TAKE them, as they did here. (Freedom Outpost)

I'm Gonna Say It Again

Again and again until it sinks into the feeble minds of all those FOOLS who blame the GUN when some ignorant FOOL takes a gun and kills a bunch of innocent people they find in bunches. We need more people in those groups with “carry permits.” People these “shooters” don’t know are there, who can shoot them before they can kill more than one or two people. Getting rid of guns isn’t going to solve the problem. Guns EXIST. You can’t “uninvent” them. “Bad guys” will ALWAYS be able to get their guns while people who OBEY laws won’t. If Frank DeAngelis, principal at Columbine High School, had had a gun when he “looked around a corner and watched one of the shooters killing people” he could have “put a couple in the head of the shooter” and ended at least that one shooter’s “kill score,” then go after, and kill the other. As it was, all he could do was “hide and watch” as the shooter murdered students and teachers. One of these days we MIGHT find a COMPETENT politician who will realize this and put a stop to “no gun zones,” which are “open invitations” to shooters who want to spray bullets into crowds of people. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dems Continue to Lie

 Harry Reid, “boss man” in the Senate for Democrats says that “We’re still growing.” Don’t think just because the economy CONTRACTED, we’re not. Reduced government spending caused by the MINORITY Republicans (when Obama wasn’t looking”) caused that “contracting of the economy.” But there is NOT any “reduced government spending.” There hasn’t been for many years. Government spending has constantly gone up, along with taxes, for as long as I can remember that’s a typical Democrat LIE. And they expect people to actually BELIEVE that. The bad part is that those who “don’t pay attention to politics” until just before an election when the lies are flying in all directions WILL believe it. A good example is that woman I told about who had two bumper stickers on her car: one pushing “freedom of speech” and the other pushing “shutting up Fox News.” I brought that contradiction up to her and now she has covered one of them up with an Obama sticker. That shows a complete lack of understanding of what’s going on, but she’s very faithful to that criminal in the White House. Who is causing ALL the problems. You can’t argue with her. She is “tone deaf.” (Just common sense)

Libs Say "More Armed Guards At Schools"

The Fox News' best-known liberal, Alan Colmes, the one who was “bounced from the Hannity and Colmes show and is now only a “radio host,” says the answer to school shootings is “more guards.” What KIND of guards? ARMED guards in uniform, so a potential shooter can locate them first and kill them before killing other innocent people? What they NEED is more teachers, principals, janitors, and the like with “carry permits” who can “put a couple in” a potential shooter before they can kill more unarmed innocent people. Like happened at that church in Colorado Springs, Colorado when a crazed killer came in without knowing she was there. They CALL her a “security guard,” but she wasn’t. She was a parishioner who happened to be legally armed, and who they ASKED to “act” as a security guard. But the thing that allowed her to kill this shooter is that he didn’t know there was anybody there who was armed. And that was the “secret.” (Just common sense)