Friday, June 23, 2017

On Vacation

I will not be posting for most of the next week, starting Saturday. I will be on probably my first ever vacation. I will be there for most of the week, at least until Wednesday, maybe longer. But I'll be back the next Monday, rarin' to go. This may be my last chance before “the big eight-oh.”

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Democrats Have No Shame

They criticize Republicans for doing the very same things THEY did. As an example, I saw a well-known Dumocrat who is KNOWN to have committed vote fraud in order to get elected saying.”It doesn't matter what's in the bill (meaning the Republican's bill designed to replace Obamacare) as long as it was created by 13 WHITE men BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Of course, that's exactly how they wrote, and bulled through the Obamacare bill. The Republicans are putting the bill out publicly, TODAY. Something the Dumocrats never did. But now they're on the losing side, they criticize how it is being written and by whom. Of course, if it were being created by 13 BLACK WOMEN behind closed doors, that would be okay, if they were Dumocrats. Of course, then party with the WORST racial record going brings up the race card, unnecessarily. (Just common sense)

They're Doing It Again

And again. And again. Every day liberals come up with SOMETHING with which to “bother” Donald Trump. I say, “bother” because it really does nothing to him. He “fires back” and just goes on doing what he does, which is destroying the little fiefdoms of liberals. The latest is the absurd “notes” Comey says he took the day he CLAIMS Trump asked (told) him to “forget the Mike Flynn “investigation.” He says those notes are “evidence” Trump tried to get him to stop the investigation. Comey has a lot of Trump in him. Like Trump, when he is “abused” (in his opinion), he “fights back” in the best way he can. He has no real proof of anything, so he manufactures some with his “notes.” Dumbocrats, of course, jump right on it, and are now clamoring for a subpoena to force him to “turn over his notes” so they can exploit them.

Like he really NEEDED a subpoena. He WANTS his “notes” to be made public so he can “get back” at the president for firing him, Liberals call Comey's “ notes” Trump's “smoking gun,” an allusion to Nixon's tapes, which, when released, were sure proof of obstruction of justice, which is a crime, and grounds for impeachment. But Comey's “notes” aren't nearly “sure proof.” They are only HIS WORD against that of the president. I expect Comey to make a feeble effort to keep from releasing them, but it WILL be feeble. The assumption that his firing was DESIGNED to stop an investigation is absurd, since the investigation WILL go on, and agents will work even harder to get to the truth, to avoid being accused of a coverup. (Brennan Center)

It's Gonna Get Worse

Anti-gun fools thing “gun violence” is terrible. Out of control. And that they have to get rid of the guns for law-abiding people to solve that “problem. They're wrong, of course. They've always been wrong. Targeting the gun when they should be targeting the PEOPLE who misuse their guns is short-sighted and stupid. But don't try and tell them that. They think they're “all-knowing” and that they're right, on all things. But they're not. And there is evidence all over the place to prove it. But they ignore it, and keep telling us there IS no evidence to prove them wrong. Yes, in some places (like Chicago, where they have ALL their stupid laws in place while gangs kill each other daily, and kill innocent people in their crossfire) it IS “out of control. California is another place where they have a full complement of stupid gun laws that do NOTHING to stop “bad guys” from killing people with their ILLEGAL guns. It's only going to get worse, folks, with the entrance of millions of Islamic terrorists who have SWORN to kill all “unbelievers” in their silly “religion,” disguised as “refugees,” you can count on gun violence to skyrocket in the next few years, right along with the rape figures, since theirs is a “rape culture.” (The Captain's Journal)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

They Think They Won

Dumocrats have leaped on the fact that Republicans only won by a small margin in Georgia (where they were supposed to win, BIG) to delude themselves that they won. Dumocrats winning there was supposed to be THE END of Trump, signaling that the voters had lost confidence in him. But what it did show was that the voters still loved Trump, and they couldn't even BUY an election with $50 million bucks spent. But they still (on the surface, anyway) call it a victory, signaling future wins—which aren't going to happen. They've lost FOUR major elections just lately. And they're going to lose more and more, as time goes on. But they don't think so. In their muddled world, they're “gaining momentum” and will soon start winning again. They just can't accept the fact that it is THEMSELVES who are at fault in losing these elections. They keep promoting their socialist ideas, ignoring the fact that the American people just aren't interested in their giveaways. (CNN)

"Evidence? What Evidence?"

“We don't need no steenkin' evidence! the very seriousness of the accusations DEMANDS we “investigate!” That's what the liberals think. And they'll “investigate” until they can investigate no more, and if they can't find anything to support their fairy tales, they'll make something up. They have no evidence of a “Russian connection” to Trump in the election, but they're spent millions, maybe BILLIONS of YOUR taxpayer dollars in their efforts to find something—ANYTHING—with which to pillory Trump. Never mind the seriousness of the charges” on Hillary on which they never followed through OR “investigated.” They call the people who DO investigate them nasty names, and blame them for her loss in the election, when it was her own fault. She was a LOUSY candidate, and was lazy in her campaign. She didn't even SHOW UP in some important states, figuring she “had them in the bag, and didn't need to go there.” She had NO real reasons why we should elect her except that she is a woman, and Trump is “nasty” in her opinion. (Just common sense)

California Gun Laws Useless

Every day, in every way, we see more and more EVIDENCE that “tight gun laws,” as we know them now, are totally INEFFECTIVE in stopping “gun crime.” In Fresno, California, the man who shot and killed THREE random people ”because he hated white people” and who shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he did so was a felon in possession of a gun. California has ALL the anti-gun fools' silly laws in force, but none of them prevented this crazy felon from getting the gun he used to kill three random innocent people. What I want to know is, when are the anti-gun fools going to wake up to the fact that NONE of their laws do ANYTHING to prevent gun violence and, in fact, INCREASE it, by disarming honest, law-abiding people? I keep asking it, but I never get an answer. They ignore me. Chicago is another glaring example. They also have all the “tough gun laws,” but their streets are “running red with blood,” as gang members kill one another while innocent people, including CHILDREN, get caught in the cross-fire. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Is Trump Under Investigation?

That seems to be the big argument these days. Trump says he is. And he's right. He's been “under investigation” from the very moment he stepped into the White House as president. By those who wish to “get rid of him.” Never mind he was lawfully elected after two years of campaigning and giving people good reasons WHY he should be elected. Meanwhile, the opponent that the Dumocrats “served up on a platter” by making it impossible for Bernie Sanders to win a single primary, no matter how many delegates he won, who HAD no good reasons to give as to why we should elect her except that she was a woman, and Trump was, in her opinion, a “nasty man.” Meanwhile, everybody knew that if she got elected, it would be “four more years” of Obama and when it ended, we'd be a socialist nation similar to the old Soviet Union. (Just common sense)

Violence Increase? 0%!

That's how much the gun violence in DC increased after the Supreme Court declared DC's “gun ban” to be unconstitutional. Of course, the anti-gun fools will tell you this “means blood in the streets! OMG! We can't allow law-abiding human beings to be armed for self defense! They'd be out killing 'bad guys' all over the place, wouldn't they?” Only when the “bad guys” try and shoot them, but the anti-gun fools don't make that distinction. To them, “gun violence is gun violence,” even if it is law-abiding people defending themselves. The fact that this PROVES what we have been saying for years seems to have escaped them. They seem to have that elusive quality that allows them to IGNORE reality when it disagrees with their preconceived notions. (Gunmart)

Typical Police Politician

Who knows nothing about the real world, says, “concealed carry or open carry will be dangerous and get more cops killed.” Which shows his complete stupidity on the subject. Rank and file cops KNOW that more guns in the hands of law-abiding people is NOT a danger, and, in fact, means there could be some HELP for cops from that sector. His opinion completely IGNORES the millions of ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of NON-law-abiding people, which IS a danger; not only to cops, but to everybody. Many “top cops” have never been “in the trenches,” and consequently know nothing about how things work. This is apparently one of those, or if he was, he never LEARNED the way the world works. The “gun violence problem” does not come from the law-abiding, but from the CRIMINALS, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. And keeping guns out of the hands of GOOD people only gets them killed. But this chief will never learn that. He needs to look at the gun violence and see how many are caused by people legally allowed to have and carry guns, vs. those with ILLEGAL guns. It they even bother to keep such records, he will no doubt find that most, if not ALL of them are committed by holders OF ILLEGAL guns. IF he's interested. (Greenville Online)

Monday, June 19, 2017

"Resisting" Democracy and Decency

The Dumocrats are now calling themselves “The Resistance.” What they are “resisting” is the lawfully elected president, and all his works, which are DESIGNED to “drain the swamp” in DC. And they ARE “the swamp.” They're trying mightily to make their violent politics seem to be a “logical reaction” to something bad. It is NOT. It is merely their reaction to LOSING the election because they had a lousy candidate, and we had a good one, dedicated to getting rid of their attempts to establish socialism as the ruling idea in this country.. They just can't accept that, and they're working HARD to reverse that election, by any means necessary. And those means include PAID “demonstrations” in which demonstrators are INSTRUCTED to become violent, imaginary “charges” against Trump AND his people, including a daily “anal exam” they use, in hopes of coming up with something, ANYTHING they can use against them. Lavrenti Beria said to Stalin, "Show me the man, and I'll FIND the crime he has committed." Left unsaid is that if no crime exists, I'll CREATE one. (Patriot Post)

What Did They Expect?

The liberal media is now crying crocodile tears abut the “gun market collapsing” after Trump got elected. They can't have it both ways, but they just can't see that. They were crying and whining before over the fact that people were buying guns in record numbers during Obama's tenure because so many people wanted to get their guns before Obama took that right away.. Now they're crying about the gun market “collapsing” after Trump got elected, and they're “surprised. The poor gun sellers! Boo, hoo! There's a reason for it that they won't talk about. People know that gun rights will be respected under Trump, so they aren't buying guns in record numbers. They want us to think that there's something “sinister” in the reduced gun sales—but there is NOT. It's just an expected reaction (to intelligent people) to Trump's election. (Market Watch)

Today's Gun Save

Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG, as usual. And today's “gun save” proves it, again: In Pierce County (Seattle area), a homeowner shot and killed a burglar who was at the time assaulting him in his own home as he forced his way into the home, where the man's 3-year old child and a 32-year-old woman were asleep within. Proving yet again that the anti-gun fools have no idea what they're talking about, and that they get people killed with their ignorance. (KING 5 TV)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dumocrat Panic

They've lost their majority in both houses of the Congress. They've lost the presidency. They've lost THOUSANDS of seats in state legislatures, as well as many governorships. They're in panic. Every day comes a new attempt to displace the legally elected president of the United States. None of them are based on EVIDENCE, only on lies, innuendo, and twisted facts. They can't come up with anything REAL, so they make it up, hoping something will stick. So far, nothing has. Not the “Russian connection” pipe dream, nor the Comey firing/obstruction of justice fairy tale. They criticize him for everything they can, including the fairy tale that, at official dinners, he gets TWO SCOOPS of ice cream while the rest get only one. They go after all his people, giving them regular “anal exams,” hoping something there will stick. One of the latest is their attempt on Kellyanne Conway, and the “fake news” story that his attorney general is about to either be fired or resign. They PAY people to go out and create violent riots, claiming they are “spontaneous.” It would be comical if it weren't so serious. (The Hill)

Dumocrat Whiplash

Necks must be hurting in Dumbocratville today. For the longest time they have been clamoring for FBI Director Comey to be fired—so Trump fired him. Now they're whining and crying about him being fired--and HOW he was fired. Firing a top government official like that is not done,” they say. ANYTHING they figure they can whine and cry crocodile tears over, they do. They really think the American people don't notice—and they're right, with those who “pay no attention to politics” and still vote. Now they're changing the direction of their BS. They're “jumping on” Trump's crack about “recordings,” saying now that he IS recording his visits in the White House, and now they want to SUBPOENA those tapes—which may not even exist. They KNOW they do not exist, but they pretend they do exist, and when Trump says they don't exist, they accuse him of a “coverup.” There's no evidence of a coverup, either, but they will insist on it, to their dying day. (Just common sense)

Gun-Controlled Chicago

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the land, yet 29 people have been shot in under 18 hours over the Memorial Day weekend. Shannon Watts, of “MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that) says her kind of gun laws will prevent that—but they won't. And she is apparently too stupid to realize it. If her kind of gun laws prevented “gun violence,” there wouldn't have been 29 people shot in Chicago in 18 hours, which HAS a bunch of her kind of gun laws in effect. She and her fellow fools just don't realize that all their efforts do not work, because they're all concentrated on the GUN, not the PEOPLE. You have to make use of a gun worth many more years in prison--or death, to do any good at all, if only it takes those who DO commit violence off the streets for a longer period of time. (Breitbart)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Age of Overreaction

We are living it. Everything Trump does gets an overreaction from “Trump haters,” even if it's a good thing. They don't care. If Trump did it, it has to be bad. If he washed his face, he has a”nasty reason” for doing it. If he FARTS, he's “poisoning the atmosphere. They overreact on EVERYTHING. When he pulled out of the Paris Accords because it was an expensive, USELESS exercise in futility, they said he was “destroying the planet.” They never say HOW that destroys the planet because they CAN'T. He's not. It's all in their fuddled minds (if they have any). Some are even talking about fish swimming in the streets of Miami because of the rise in sea levels, already. I've never seen this amount of PANIC over a surprise win in what was to be a “fixed election” for Hillary, that Trump won. They just can't accept the FACT that they lost, and lost BIG. They think they can CREATE charges that will result in his impeachment. They're wrong, as usual. (The Right Scoop)

Against Self Defense

Kevin McCarthy, Democrat, California, of course, isn't satisfied that some teachers are allowed to bring their LICENSED guns to school, so they will be able to shoot back if some crazy comes in to kill a few students. He's pushing legislation to take away from administrators the power to ALLOW certain licensed shooter teachers to bring their guns to school. He says his bill “closes the loophole in the 'gun-free school' act.” He further says, “A safe learning environment is essential for our children to be successful in the classroom. That’s not possible if a school district allows armed civilians to roam California school campuses.” He does not tell us how making teachers defenseless when somebody IGNORES that “:gun free zone” and brings his ILLEGAL gun in and kills a few students. As with all anti-gun fools, he doesn't tell us how DISARMING people does not make them defenseless. That's apparently “above his pay grade.” As is everything else. (Breitbart)

"Life Or Death Battle"

MOMS Against guns (or something like that) founder Shannon Watts says, “There is a life or death battle going on in this country for gun safety, and caring Americans support gun control. Others support the gun lobby.” (Hee, hee!) It's hilarious how the anti-gun fools think they have the only right position while anybody on the other side just “supports the gun lobby.” That might be true if only their silly ideas ever WORKED. Not a single “gun law” pushed upon us by Shannon and her fellow goons has ever saved a SINGLE life. On the contrary, they have COST lives by disarming law-abiding people while IGNORING the millions of ILLEGAL guns there are out there in the hands of people who wish to do us harm. She really thinks her brand of “gun control” gives her the “high ground,” while we get the “low ground.” This is one cocky broad whose ideas MIGHT change if she ever encountered a criminal with a gun. That's if she doesn't already carry her own gun, as so many anti-gun fools do. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another Mass Shooting

There's been another major shooting in Alexandria, VA. One of the injured is a U. S. congressman. It happened at practice for a baseball game between congresspeople, and I predict it will be used by the anti-gun fools to make sure NOBODY who is law-abiding is ever allowed to have a gun to defend him/herself from such attacks. That's what the anti-gun fools do: make sure everybody is DEFENSELESS if they OBEY laws—which it is obvious this shooter does NOT. The anti-gun fools have no imagination. They know only one way to MAYBE stop “gun violence” in America. That is to take away the means of self defense from people who obey laws. That this makes those people DEFENSELESS means nothing to them, apparently. Lawless people are not bothered by their laws. They just go out and shoot people and DAMN their laws! (Yahoo)

Thank God for Scalise

If Rep. Scalise (the only congressperson there with a security detail) hadn't been at this charity baseball practice for congresspeople, what we would have now been reading about would be a mass murder case. Rep. Scalise is the Majority Whip, and gets a security detail consisting of two Alexandria cops. That way, when this deranged Bernie Sanders supporter and Trump hater started shooting in this “target-rich environment,” there would have been nothing there to stop him killing everyone there in the time it took for other cops to respond to the 911 call. TWO guns, in the hands of trained cops, made all the difference, first pinning him down, then killing him before he could shoot any more people. Forget the fact that they were cops. They were two “good guys with guns,” and they stopped his plans from succeeding. In reality, there should have been MANY people there with guns to protect against such an occurrence. Anti-gun fools dirty their drawers at the very thought of average Americans being armed for self defense. Never mind that, without them, more people would suffer and die. But anti-gun fools don't have the INTELLIGENCE to figure that out. (USA Today)

"Targety rich Environment"

It was a “target rich environment” in Alexandria, VA, where Republican congresspeople were practicing for a charity baseball game when shots rang out, seriously wounding one congressman and two cops, among others. There were MANY congresspeople there, most without any kind of protection from people such as this Bernie Sanders supporter/Trump hater. Scalise has a security detail, and they sprung into action, first pinning him down, then killing the shooter before he could hurt any more people. Two “guys with guns” stopped this from becoming a massacre of specifically Republicans. It is said that he specifically ASKED if these were Democrats or Republicans before opening fire. When innocently told they were Republicans, he happily opened fire, hoping to kill as many as he could. This proves again what I've been saying, all along. That one or two guns on the premises can STOP such shootings in their tracks. But the anti-gun fools still aren't listening, and are already demanding more of their USELESS laws keeping honest citizens unarmed and defenseless. (CNN)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What Is Sharia Law?

Sharia Law is a political and social system that seeks to control, absolutely, the actions of Muslims, wherever they live. It enslaves women to their men, and its basic tenets are contrary to the Constitution of the United States. Now they want to extend it to Americans, and that is largely OPPOSED by intelligent Americans. In Denver the other day, they held a “demonstration” on the steps of the State Capitol building in SUPPORT of Sharia. On the other side of the street, separated by many cops, was a counter demonstration in OPPOSITION to Sharia Law, It was largely a peaceful demonstration on both sides, though there was lots of shouting and name-calling, on both sides. The only arrests made were on a couple of Sharia opposition demonstrators who got righteously indignant at something the Sharia supporters said, and tried to take a punch at the person who said it. One woman told us we were “misrepresenting” Sharia, and that our minds were made up and not subject to changing. But Sharia speaks for itself. She cannot say HOW we “misrepresented it,” because we haven't. We have NOT “misrepresented it,” but have merely looked at it and told the truth about what it says. It is the ENEMY of constitutional law, and has NO PLACE in America, not even for Muslims who live here. If they are American citizens, they are subject to the Constitution and OUR laws, NOT Sharia. Sharia takes away their rights, and the Constitution RECOGNIZES and guarantees certain human rights that Sharia takes away. (KVDR Channel 2)

How STUPID It's Become!

Cops in Oregon responded to a report of an “armed cat,” carrying an automatic weapon. When they arrived, they discovered it was not a gun, after all. It was a gun-shaped BRANCH. So they gave the cat a “warning” not to do that again. I guess they hoped the cat would obey their “warning” and no longer carry around something that looked like a gun. How absolutely STUPID is that? Like “school officials” suspending a CHILD for a YEAR for having a transparent squirt-gun! Or drawing a PICTURE of a gun, or running around using his FINGER to pretend he has a gun, going, BANG, BANG! Or chewing a Pop Tart into the rough SHAPE of a gun! Such stories about the idiocies of “the authorities” are numerous as anti-gun fools PANIC at the very SIGHT of anything that even LOOKS like a gun and scream for the cops, who have REAL guns. (UPI)

Trump Easing Gun Restrictions

Donald Trump is quietly ending most of Obama's non-congressional restrictions on gun ownership, and use. He hasn't yet been able to get rid of many laws passed by a Democrat Congress, but he has ENDED those “rules” made by fiat (executive orders). Gun sales in America are going down, since the people are no longer afraid of further restraints on their ability to get and use the means to self defense, a gun. Before now, “authorities” have worked HARD to keep Americans from being able to defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns arrayed against them by criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. They seemed more interested in keeping us from being able to defend ourselves than lowering “gun violence.” And that may continue locally for a while. They (in some places) even targeted stun guns and other non-gun methods of self defense. If it could possibly be used in self defense, they wanted to BAN it. But that is mostly going away, thanks to Trump's election as president. (The Gun Writer)

Monday, June 12, 2017

"Kill the Terrorists!"

Ralph Natale, former mob boss, and one of the few survivors of the old mob wars, who served his time, has a simple cure for terrorism: “Kill terrorists.” Don't “capture” them and put them in a prison at GITMO or anywhere else. Just KILL them. That's all they understand. Then hang them up for all to see and call the media. You can't stop them, otherwise. The only answer is to kill as many of them as you can and let other terrorists know what you're doing. Dead terrorists don't kill many unbelievers. And that's what they do: kill everybody who refuses to believe in their phony “religion.” Or their VERSION of their “religion.” They are convinced, through brainwashing, that theirs is the ONLY “true religion,” and that they should shun or KILL those who refuse to convert to it. And there's no reasoning with them, and no “negotiating.” They believe that, to kill “unbelievers” is their highest calling and, if they, themselves, get killed in the attempt, they'll get possession of 74 “virgins” with which they can have sex forever while they for some reason REMAIN virgins. A silly belief, but they're convinced. (WatchYT)

Payments to Terrorist Families

That HAMAS pays money to the families of suicide bombers alone is cause enough for America to permanently END our payments to them, even if such payments could be otherwise justified—which they can NOT. But when you add the daily rocket attacks on random neighborhoods in Israel, it's just worse. To do so, in either case, shows their “solidarity” with terrorists, if not the fact that they FINANCIALLY support them; which makes THEM terrorists, and not worth negotiating with. Maybe one day our politicians will tumble to this, and that includes Trump, Who just recently hosted Mahmoud Abbas, HAMAS top man, who told him such payments WOULD continue, no matter what we did. If I were Trump, I'd pull those payments to HAMAS, instantly, and give Abbas the "bum's rush" OUT of the White House. (Just common sense)

What's Bloomberg's Problem?

It seems like former (illegal) three-term mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is determined to violate our constitutional right to own and use a gun for self defense. Apparently he believes that anti-gun fool crap that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself and “run away” while waiting the eternal (seems like) time it takes for a cop (with his gun) to get there. He has pledged to spend another $25 million this year to take away our right to self defense and the tools to make it possible, Many politicians are right with him, criminalizing everything that possibly can become a self defense weapon, everywhere, as soon as it is discovered. But the people are NOT “with him,” which is why, no matter how much money he spends, he loses most of the time his atrocities are actually put up to a popular vote. The NRA depends on private contributions of millions of people, not on “buying” the votes necessary to pass his atrocities. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, June 9, 2017

"It's A Big Nothingburger!"

That seems to be a popular thing to say in DC today, after Hillary said it about the “investigation” into her mishandling of official e-mails while she was Secretary of State. It has also been used to describe other investigations in DC, many of which have been going on for months, and using up the time of many congresspeople and appointed officials and costing millions of dollars, to discover—nothing. I'll tell you what the BIGGEST “nothingburger” in DC is—it's the investigation into the “Russian Connection” and the imagined Trump collaboration with it. There is not a single shred of evidence to support the contention of the Dumocrats that the Russians had Trump's collaboration with ANY Russian attempts to undermine and subvert our election, but they persist in insisting it is true, and are spending $millions of our tax dollars to prove the unprovable. They're doing everything they can to undermine and the Trump administration, and getting nowhere. They're talking about impeachment, with as little evidence to support it as they have for the “Russian Connection.” (Just common sense)

Assassination Of Kim Jong Un

Kim seems to think the U. S. conspired with S. Korea to assassinate him. La Te Dah! So the hell WHAT? I don't think there's anybody right now who RATES assassination more than he does. But frankly, if Trump wanted to get rid of this pot-bellied cartoon dictator and all his cartoon generals with their medals reaching down to their knees, he'd just send a MOAB bomb to explode over wherever he is that day. I'm sure they're keeping track of his movements and location at all times. But again, quite frankly, I think assassination would be am much better way of dealing with this fool, as it would kill a lot fewer of his citizens” than would an airstrike. He's certainly doing everything he can to EARN an assassination, but he's really not important enough to bother. I'm surprised somebody else hasn't assassinated him, already. Maybe a relative of one of the cartoon generals he has murdered. (Fox News)

Damfool Notions

The fanatical anti-gun fools' ideas are based on many fool notions. The worst of them is the fiction that taking guns out of the equation would stop violent crime. It would NOT. If there were no guns, the “bad guys” would find some other way to commit their violence, as they did before guns became common. Another fool notion is that “gun-free zones” will keep people from bringing guns into them and thus there will be no shootings there. Recent developments prove otherwise. Actual mass shooters have told us they SEEK OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work. For instance: “Everytown For Gun Safety” (a silly name at best) was forced to note recently that there have been 220 SCHOOL shootings in America since 2013. And that doesn't even count shootings in OTHER “gun-free zones.” Since ALL schools in America are gun-free zones, that says a lot. The entire idea that making laws against law-abiding people getting guns to use in self defense is a “damfool notion.” They do NOTHING to prevent people from getting guns ILLEGALLY, and only make law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. Laws made to control the PEOPLE who misuse guns would do a lot more. The gun laws they do have have not prevented a SINGLE gun crime. (Everytown Research)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kathy Griffin Is Stupid

She tells us, “Never in history has a sitting president said the things Trump has said about me!” Really? Maybe somebody needs to instruct her on history which, for her, seems to have BEGUN the day she was born. They should tell her about the many “sitting presidents” who have responded in kind to some of their more stupid critics. One president even challenged such a critic to a DUEL! He wanted to KILL him! Frankly—and correct me if I'm wrong—I don't think anyone before has ever shown him/herself holding the severed head (however phony) of a sitting president. That was so ignorant, it doesn't even rise to importance. But she did it, and I thought the response was pretty mild. But whatever the president, or any member of his family said about her silly picture, she had it coming. And if it ruins her career, so be it. She brought it on herself. (USA Today)

Fox Is Losing It

Under the influence of the two liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch, the founder, Fox News is emulating CNN in going slowly “down the tubes. They're trying their best to get rid of all the more conservative hosts, while bringing in more liberal ones, such as Marie Harf, a former Obama spokesbabe. With their recent firing of their TOP ratings-getter, Bill O'reilly, shortly after firing their long-time top man, Roger Ailes, both on questionable sexual misconduct “charges,” they shook up their entire list, moving “The five” to the old post-O'reilly slot and starting a completely new show called, the “Fox News Specialists,” (a really original title that), that is a carbon copy of “The five” with a bunch of people (mostly women with their short dresses) sitting around a table arguing politics.

Their morning show, “Outnumbered” is also VERY similar to “The Five, in that is is composed of FOUR women and ONE rotating male guest. The theme is supposed to be that the male guest is supposed to be opposed to the women and the show a “fight” between them. But it never works out that way because the man always plays the admiring guest, rarely disagreeing with them. Meanwhile, the women, who all wear the usual VERY short dresses, display their considerable legs—which I think is the understated prime attraction of the show. Don't get me wrong—I'm certainly not complaining, I'm just commenting. They ought to call that show, “Legs.” It would be much more descriptive. But my overall point is that almost ALL their new shows are like “cookie cutters” of previous, more successful ones. I predict that their ratings will soon start their fast downward slide, if they haven't already, through bad management. (Just common sense)

"MOMS" 7-Person Turnout

MOMS against guns (or something like that) had a “massive turnout” in Iowa, hoping to defeat the measure that was moving through the legislature to be called the “stand your ground” law to replace the “responsibility to run” thing. That is, if you can outrun bullets fired by criminals from their ILLEGAL guns. Their “massive turnout” included SEVEN well-paid members of “MOMS.” And it was a massive failure, as the bill passed, and was signed into law by the governor the other day. Iowa then became the latest of the 35 “stand your ground” states. Which is a majority. MOMS claims a massive membership, but can't turn out even TEN paid members to their “demonstrations” in many places; Iowa being one of them. That should tell them something, but it takes INTELLIGENCE to learn from such things. (Gun Free Zone)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fish Swimming In Streets

AlGore, the prophet of the global warming religion believers, tells a story about fish swimming in the streets of Honolulu and Miami because of global warming (or climate change, the name they now use). He HAS to know that this happens every year because of high tides caused by the moon, but he uses it to further fool the idiots who buy his global warming garbage. He knows intelligent people won't believe him for a minute, but he depends on the less than intelligent to support his fairy tale. This is a SWINDLE he started, and which has made him a BILLIONAIRE. And he keeps pushing it, because it can make him even more money so he can still afford to fly all over the world in his fuel guzzling, air polluting jet planes to regale people with his LIES. (The Right Scoop)

NY Times Stupidity

They recently published an article showing their absolute ability of self-deception. In it, they lamented he “victims” of communism. But those “victims” are not what intelligent people would think. Instead of talking about the millions of people communists MURDERED for not practicing their silly system properly in many countries over the world—murdered by Vladmir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel and Raul Castro, they're “concerned” about the “misunderstood communists.” They think communism never got REALLY practiced, and that's why it failed. Nothing about the millions of people who were DENIED the right to produce new wealth without some of it (sometimes MOST of it) being taken by the government and GIVEN, unearned, to those who “needed” it, making NEED a DEMAND on the earnings of others. Never mind their “system” depended upon the THEFT of new wealth from what few were left to earn it, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, did NOT earn it. Never mind it destroyed personal initiative. I could go on and on, but there are too many people just not listening. That's why some people still favor communism and the idea survives, even though it has failed wherever it has been tried, eventually, Russia is one example, and Venezuela, where people are RIOTING as a result of it, is another. It is in its “death throes” there, right now. (Patriot Post)

Unconstitutional Gun Laws

So far, ALL laws limiting gun purchase and use ARE unconstitutional. Period. Why? Because they infringe on a constitutional right. For instance: the law that in some states says the applicant for a “carry permit” must demonstrate a NEED for such a permit IS an infringement on a constitutional right. Look at it this way: what if the government told you that you must demonstrate a NEED before you can speak freely (under the First Amendment on freedom of speech)? That would be immediately recognized as being ABSURD, wouldn't it? Why then, can states get away with requiring a NEED before they will issue a carry permit? Limits on how guns can be stored are similarly infringements. In one state, you can get a “carry permit,” but the gun you carry MUST BE UNLOADED! What the hell good does an UNLOADED gun do you? Gun locks make it virtually impossible to get your gun into operation fast enough to deal with a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun. And they do NOTHING to hinder that CRIMINAL'S use of his illegal gun to kill you while you try to get to your legally-owned gun. (Heritage Foundation)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Who Has Trump's Ear?"

Old white, rich, Republican men, according to Politico. And right that is. These old, white, rich, Republican men (and a few black, rich men, also Republicans of course) are the people who should know, most things. They didn't get rich, black or white, because they're dumb. They got rich because they knew what was going on, and how it affected their business. Young broke people, black or white, don't KNOW enough to be Trump's advisers. And why should he EVER have to consult with Dumocrats? I don't know ANY Dumocrats who could add ANYTHING right to his knowledge. The Dumocrats keep making these crappy statements, never thinking about the alternative. I wouldn't want to live in a world where young, dumb people advise my president, be they black, white, or polka dotted. This is nothing against young people, but they just haven't been ALIVE long enough to know ANYTHING. Everything they've “learned” in school is wrong. And from what I've seen of them, their advice would be a disaster. One thing about them is that they regard freedom of speech to be theirs alone, and they riot to keep people with opinions with which they disagree from ever being able to speak. (Politico)

Hillary Deluding Herself

She still hasn't admitted to herself that the major reason she lost the election is that America wants no part of her socialism. That they're tired of the things Obama has been doing to them for the last 8 years and it was obvious that electing her would give us another four years of wasting our money on the same “social programs,” and movement toward a complete socialist system. She still thinks that the only reason she lost is that America doesn't want a female president. Not so. We would be HAPPY to have a female president who would institute policies we think are right. Somebody like Sarah Palin, for example. Or Condoleeza Rice. I'd vote for either of these women in a heartbeat, and so would most Americans. And that's one reason she will NEVER be president, no matter how many times she can con the money out of gullible liberal Democrats to run. (Just common sense)

Is Self Defense Illegal?

That seems to be the case. Not only are guns mostly outlawed, despite the constitutional prohibition on such things, so are knives, and other forms of self defense devices. Things like “The Asp” are mostly designated as “law enforcement only,” and are a favorite for them. But not for us. If we are found with one, it is routinely confiscated, and we are sometimes even punished for having it. Same with Tasers and other stun guns. They're legal on paper (but illegal in other places), but if they get used in self defense, they take them away, too. In some places they even charge us with a crime for using them, even in pure self defense. ANYTHING that is used as a weapon, even in self defense, is “frowned upon” by law enforcement. And Lo and behold, if you use a gun, even against a deadly criminal who would murder you, often they file charges against YOU. I have come to the conclusion that they just want to make self defense itself illegal. There are many items legally owned that CAN be used in a pinch as a self defense weapon, but if you do, they'll be often “labeled” a weapon, and you will often be punished for their use. This must STOP. But it probably won't be soon. (America's First Freedom)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Eyes Firmly Closed

That's the Muslim mayor of London. After THREE major Islamic terrorist attacks within a few months, he says “There's nothing to worry about.” Which shows either a complete IGNORANCE of reality, or a collaboration with the militant Muslims who are doing the attacks. He says Trump's reaction is due to LACK of knowledge about him and of “taking his words out of context.” How do you take “There's nothing to worry about” out of context in the face of THREE major attacks in just a few months? The relatives of those KILLED and the injured, some of whom may die yet, may see things a little differently. Britons made a BIG mistake in electing this man. Not because of his RELIGION, but because of the Muslim MINDSET. And if we elect ANY Muslim to ANY office, we will suffer for it. (Breitbart)

"How Ya Gonna Pay?"

That's the question the liberals are asking Trump when he talks about a $billion bucks for his wall. But not a peep out of them when Obama GAVE a $billion dollars to the terrorists in Iran, or when he spent our money like water, spending more than ALL previous presidents, PUT TOGETHER! It's a definite double standard: when a LIBERAL spends a lot of money, they don't even give a quiver. If a Republican spends a little, they howl like somebody stuck a barbed stick where they sit. It's so predictable, it's funny. Yet the average American doesn't even notice. They ask the question, too, right along with the liberals. And they don't even realize how stupid that is. Or they just ignore it, which is just as bad. Liberal scams are transparently phony, but they seem to work, anyway. (Rush Limbaugh)

"Gun Control Doesn't Work"

“So let's have more gun control.” That's always the answer from the anti-gun fools when their silly gun control laws don't work. Make more of them. Gabby Giffords (You know Gabby. She was shot and almost killed in a parking lot while she was in Congress and doing a “meet and greet.” And since has become a major anti-gun fool) laments the fact that current gun control laws didn't prevent the murder-suicide at North Park Elementary School in California that also claimed the life of a child, so she wants more of them. It is this kind of foggy thinking that makes their laws so STUPID. What is not said is that California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, which did NOTHING to stop this man from getting his gun. What is also unsaid is that those tight gun laws make it IMPOSSIBLE for honest citizen s to “have parity” with people like this killer, and they get people killed. (Breitbart)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bring On the Polar Bears!

If you want to see a bunch of pictures of polar bears, just get the president to announce a decision the global warming fools don't like. Like pulling out of the “Paris Accords.” One of the most famous polar bear pictures was one of a “poor, forlorn polar bear” on an ice floe knowing he's gonna starve because the ice is melting. Only one problem. It was a phony. Polar bears can swim hundreds of miles and are NOT facing hardship or extinction because the “ice is melting.” The ice is NOT melting. Believers tell you it is, but they're lying. In fact, it has INCREASED considerably in recent years. Global warming (or climate change as they call it now) is a CON. A SWINDLE that has made $BILLIONS for the con men spreading it's goo, most notably former VP AlGore, and more recently, Barack Obama. Believers in the global warming “religion” are now trying to get laws made to make questioning global warming a CRIME. They want to JAIL people for doubting them. They can't back up their fairy tales with facts, so they just want to SHUT UP people who disagree with them. (Yahoo)

"Calling Out" the NRA

That's what California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom thinks he's doing. He used Twitter to “call out” the NRA, and said “gun control saves lives.” Of course, he just SAID that. He didn't offer any proof. He didn't have any. He said “gun laws have won the day,” but they haven't. Even other anti-gun fools like Shannon watts, boss lady of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) think “gun violence in California is out of control” .He's the typical kind of brain-dead politician they usually elect in California. How Reagan ever got elected there, is a mystery. They must have been ignorant on what he stood for. The NRA fired back, saying , “even Californians have the Constitutional right to be armed.” Like every anti-gun fool politician, he thinks he can “ride roughshod” over the Second Amendment—but he can't. He make MAKE his unconstitutional laws, but when they get to the Supreme Court, they'll be “tossed out with the other trash,” where they belong. Unfortunately, they will have been long-enforced until then. Some people will be out a lot of money in fines, in prison, or dead because they couldn't get the means for self defense. (Breitbart)

There's No "Gun Violence"

There's no such thing as “gun violence.” It's simply “violence.” Period. If guns didn't exist, there would still be violence, and the people wanting to DO violence would use the next best thing, as they did years ago when guns DIDN'T exist, or were too costly for most people. They used knives. They used swords; or clubs—or their bare hands. Whatever was at hand. I don't recall anybody ever bemoaning “sword violence” 200 or 300 years ago. It was “just violence.” Islamic terrorists and their “fellow travelers” even use CARS, and TRUCKS to kill people. They also use explosives. The point is, is, it's NOT “gun violence,” it's just plain VIOLENCE.

And those who wish to DO violence will do it, using whatever is available. And taking away the means for “parity” with those using guns to commit violence is STUPID. But the anti-gun fools work HARD to do just that. “Bad guys” have no trouble getting their guns, ILLEGALLY. Honest people have more trouble getting guns than do bad guys, making honest people “easy targets” for violence committed by “bad guys with guns.” Disarming yourself is NOT the way to self defense. But somehow, the anti-gun fools don't understand that. They SHUDDER to think of law-abiding people being armed in self defense, but IGNORE all the “bad guys,” who have guns, out there. I just saw a video of a mugger trying his best to KILL his victim, after already shooting him once. The only thing that saved this victim was the thug's gun jamming, probably due to lack of knowledge in gun handling. (Just common sense)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Somebody's Frghtened

Just TALKING about Seth rich's murder had Dumocrats (and even some Republicons) so frightened that they put heavy pressure on Fox News to get rid of Sean Hannity for even TALKING about it, while Hannity said he would no longer talk about it.. Now two DC hospitals are also refusing to talk about it. And just the very idea of investigating it is “verboten.” What the hell are they afraid of? That the blatant MURDER of a DNC staffer might reveal something about themselves? Was he murdered because he was about to reveal something that will shoot Hillary “down in flames?” His murder is not the first time someone has been killed just before testifying to something Hillary or Bill don't want on the record. The cops, who regularly release security videos of such crimes when they are available, refused to release this one, which DOES exist. All efforts at gaining information about this murder have been rebuffed, by all “authorities” concerned. The doctor who is thought to have declared him dead is a known associate of the Obamas, and visited the White House regularly. Veeeery suspicious. (Liberty Headlines)

Breaking Up 9th Circuit

Whenever liberals want to do something through the courts to stymie Trump, they go to courts within the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals because they know with almost a certainty that this corrupt liberal court will “rubber stamp” any decision made by a liberal judge. Trump can't reverse their “rulings,” but he can break up their court, which will stop them from being able to make any FURTHER “rulings” against his efforts to protect Americans. If I were him, I'd look at combining judicial areas to eliminate the jobs of those local judges who pretend to know more than the president in protecting Americans. That would certainly send a message to other judges who think they can stymie him with their “rulings.” (Liberty Headlines)

Sending Children to Jail!

In Baton Rogue, Louisiana, they want to PROSECUTE children as young as kindergartners if they bring toy guns to school. It's an ABSURD notion, but anti-gun fools are KNOWN for the absurdity of their notions, since most of them are INSANE on the subject of guns. ANY guns, in the hands of law-abiding people,while totally IGNORING those millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals. The very things they get all bent out of shape over PROVE the absurdity of their thinking. A CHILD brings a transparent WATER pistol to school, or chews a Pop Tart into a shape that LOOKS like a gun. You can't stop children from playing “cops and robbers.” Both will get the child suspended, maybe expelled. Now they want to put them in JAIL! Then there's the child who pointed his FINGER at another child while playing a game. The school suspended that child, and threatened expulsion. Talk about PARANOIA! (WWL TV)