Thursday, June 22, 2017

It's Gonna Get Worse

Anti-gun fools thing “gun violence” is terrible. Out of control. And that they have to get rid of the guns for law-abiding people to solve that “problem. They're wrong, of course. They've always been wrong. Targeting the gun when they should be targeting the PEOPLE who misuse their guns is short-sighted and stupid. But don't try and tell them that. They think they're “all-knowing” and that they're right, on all things. But they're not. And there is evidence all over the place to prove it. But they ignore it, and keep telling us there IS no evidence to prove them wrong. Yes, in some places (like Chicago, where they have ALL their stupid laws in place while gangs kill each other daily, and kill innocent people in their crossfire) it IS “out of control. California is another place where they have a full complement of stupid gun laws that do NOTHING to stop “bad guys” from killing people with their ILLEGAL guns. It's only going to get worse, folks, with the entrance of millions of Islamic terrorists who have SWORN to kill all “unbelievers” in their silly “religion,” disguised as “refugees,” you can count on gun violence to skyrocket in the next few years, right along with the rape figures, since theirs is a “rape culture.” (The Captain's Journal)

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