Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Age of Overreaction

We are living it. Everything Trump does gets an overreaction from “Trump haters,” even if it's a good thing. They don't care. If Trump did it, it has to be bad. If he washed his face, he has a”nasty reason” for doing it. If he FARTS, he's “poisoning the atmosphere. They overreact on EVERYTHING. When he pulled out of the Paris Accords because it was an expensive, USELESS exercise in futility, they said he was “destroying the planet.” They never say HOW that destroys the planet because they CAN'T. He's not. It's all in their fuddled minds (if they have any). Some are even talking about fish swimming in the streets of Miami because of the rise in sea levels, already. I've never seen this amount of PANIC over a surprise win in what was to be a “fixed election” for Hillary, that Trump won. They just can't accept the FACT that they lost, and lost BIG. They think they can CREATE charges that will result in his impeachment. They're wrong, as usual. (The Right Scoop)

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