Monday, March 31, 2014

UN''s Latest Swindle

They have adopted AlGore’s “pipe dream” originally called “global warming” until Al began to realize the globe was NOT warming and had not been for more than fifteen years. So he changed its name to be a more believable con. Now the United Nations, whose prime purpose is swindling money out of America and the rest of its sucker nations, has adopted it as their own, saying, “Climate change is a disaster waiting to happen.” They hope they can keep up the fiction long enough to swindle us out of more billions of dollars by shouting, in effect, “The sky is falling!” Obama has also “picked up the banner” so he can get some of that money for himself. Climate change is CYCLICAL! The climate warms and cools in CYCLES, and there’s nothing man can do to change that, no matter how much money we spend—or give to climate change swindlers. (The Guardian)

Forcing Kids Into Islamic Trip

They sent a letter to parents telling them about the trip and in that letter, told the parents that refusal to allow children to go will result in a “racist” label being attached to your child, which will follow him/her all his school life” or words to that effect. How STUPID is this “school official?” Pushing Islam on children that young (8) makes sure some of them will accept it. Is that what they want? Is that school “official” a Muslim? What’s the motivation behind this travesty? I’d tell these “school officials” to “go to hell!” Who the hell do they think they are? And if they tried to label my kids racist for this, they’d be soon fighting a personal lawsuit. Refusing to allow this trip is NOT “racism,” it’s COMMON SENSE for Christians, or members of any other religion. Muslims like to label people who don’t accept their political system PRETENDING to be a religion racism, but they’re FOOLS to do so. (Eagle Rising)

Some People Not Too Smart

It doesn’t matter that Joaquin “El Chapo Guzman is a mass murderer and deals in the death of many innocent people by selling them deadly drugs. It doesn’t matter that he sells POISON to gullible people who just don’t understand they are committing slow suicide. The poison he sells makes them feel good (for a while) and he spends SOME of his millons to help poor people. Not to make them less poor, but to make them more dependent on him and his poison. They’re “marching in the streets,” hoping to get him released so he can continue to sell them their poison. Mexican “authorities” that are RIDDLED with corruption, and which are mostly all on his payroll demand that he be “tried” in Mexico, so they can control what happens to him. He was captured and tried before, but he escaped (no doubt with the help of those same “authorities”). ( News)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

De Facto Amnesty

Obama can’t get an amnesty bill passed into law so he is going to do it “administratively,” as usual. He is telling the million of illegal aliens he won’t deport them if they sign up for Obamacare. Which is a lifetime citizenship for them without going through the proper steps described in law. As usual, he’s violating his sworn oath to  “support and defend the Constitution” by IGNORING it in his actions. This is yet another impeachable offense for him. But with NOBODY in DC willing to oppose him, he gets away with it. Now I understand how Hugo Chavez and Adolph Hitler got away with enslaving their nations. They “bought” their lawmaking bodies, who ENABLED them by ignoring their excesses. (Liberty Alliance)

How Stupid ARE They?

Muslims (CAIR) are whining about Americans “hating:” them. What? How STUPID is THAT? Americans wouldn’t have reason to hate Muslims if they’d just stop killing innocent people who don’t believe exactly the same way they do. We have a way of dealing with people like that: we kill them as fast as we can. We don't just hate them. I guess it’s good they are so stupid. Makes them easier to deal with. They must be stupid. They think they can fly four airplanes into big buildings and murder 3,000 innocent people in one action, and then go into schools and kill CHILDREN and we won’t dislike them. What a bunch of damned FOOLS they are. They also think they can kidnap a reporter and behead him in front of a video camera, then show the beheading to the world and nobody will hate them for it. STUPID! CAIR needs to take their suit and shove it up a brown hole in their anatomy because nobody cares. (Bare Naked Islam)

Higher Costs, Lower Benefits

Obama promised lower costs, and higher benefits because of Obamacare. What we’re getting is just the opposite: The costs have DOUBLED on average, while the coverage has dwindled through higher deductibles and co-pays. Health insurance that involves a $5,000 co-pay or deduction is WORTHLESS, no matter how many things like pregnancy coverage for 85-year-old MEN he adds to it. “One policy fits all” does not work. Young people don’t NEED insurance against old people’s diseases and old people need insurance against things young people never thought of. And allowing adults to be considered CHILDREN up to 26 is the work of a damned FOOL! But then, we all know what Obama is, don’t we? Since the whole thing counts on looting the YOUNG, to allow them to stay onb their parents' insurance until 26 is INSANE! (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

State kidnaps Girl

Justina Pelletier has been STOLEN from her parents by the State of Massachusetts because of her parent’s “abuse.” Their crime? Disagreeing with one of their doctors. Since when is THAT child abuse? It’s all over a disagreement between DOCTORS. One is wrong and the other is right. But the state used this as an EXCUSE to steal this child from her parents “for the rest of her childhood.” This kind of thing is happening all over the country, but it is usually kept as a “local story” so the rest of the nation knows nothing about what’s happening. I don’t know what happened here, but the world knows about this case, as they should; so they can know how the “child protectors” are ABUSING their “authority” and taking millions of children away from their parents on spurious excuses. This kind of thing is a BLIGHT on freedom, but they’re getting away with it. I am one of their victims and lost TWO of my children to them, with NO CHARGES ever being pursued against me. They just TOOK them (from my wife, even though they couldn't prove anything against her), and I don’t even know if they’re alive or dead. They don’t tell parents when their kids die. They don't think that's important.(Eagle Rising)

"Stop All Research"

That does not agree with me. That’s what one Harvard student said in an article she wrote. In the “Harvard Crimson recently. ““If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of ‘academic freedom’?” Is that what they teach at Harvard? That ANY opinion other than yours should be blocked? What kind of FOOLS are being “turned out” by Harvard? And who should DECIDE what writings were to be eliminated? Whose opinion should be preserved and whose should be eliminated? She probably would apply for that job. Hopefully this woman will never find herself in any position of power because she will try to act on that opinion, which is contrary to the basic precept of the FIRST amendment. (Harvard Crimson)

"Six More Words"

Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, in his new book, suggests adding six words to the First Amendment to stop people misreading and misrepresenting it. Those words are, “when serving in a militia.” That suggests that they need to be IN an “organized militia” to be able to carry a gun, which is, in itself, a “misreading AND misinterpretation” of the Second amendment. He says they were more worried about being able to oppose an overreaching government than about personal self-defense (opposing an overreaching government IS self-defense), therefore should not be allowed to be armed UNLESS they are “members” of an “organized militia.” Of course, that’s WRONG. At the time the Constitution was written, ALL AMERICANS were considered to be part of a “militia” and subject to being “called up” in time of troubles to repulse invaders. There WAS no such thing as an “organized militia” at the time, so they could NOT have been thinking this way. At the time, everybody had guns and they were a regular tool used, not only for self-defense, but to put food on the table. They knew not about an “organized militia” and that was NOT their meaning. So it’s a good thing Stevens is now retired and cannot impose his fantasies on the Supreme Court any longer. (The Blaze)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Democrat Faces Corruption Charges

The Democrat mayor of Charlotte, SC, has been charged with accepting more than $48,000.00 in bribes from FBI agents pretending to be rich developers. They “targeted” him two days after he announced his run for mayor. He had been a councilman for many years. He was arrested March 26 and resigned. This is not a condemnation of Democrats because there are Republicans facing similar charges. But a look at ALL such instances may show Democrats in that category are a majority. And then look at the condition of Democrat-run cities (like Detroit) and you will see the result of overspending on entitlements that is rife in Democrat-run cities. Meanwhile taxes are higher while they CLAIM to be REDUCING spending. This is what you can expect from Democrats. All you have to do is look at the figures. (Mail News)

No Hate Crime?

Of COURSE not! It doesn’t involve a white man punching a black man! It involves a black man punching a white man. “Move along, folks; nothing to see here.” That’s the opinion of the liberal news media, who “go crazy” if a white man (like GeorgeZimmerman killing a black thug who was trying to kill him) hurts or kills a black man. If a black man jumps out of a car and kills a white man with one punch, it’s a “ho-hum” local story good for about a minute of coverage if they can get up enough energy to cover it. Forget that black men are doing this all over the country and it’s called a bunch of “isolated instances” of violence caused by white violence to blacks. BULLDERM! Yes, some white people hurt blacks. But like Islamic terrorists, who whine when people kill them in RETALIATION for their violence, that’s what this is. But doing more violence in response to violence is NOT “racially motivated,” it’s RETALIATION, no matter what color the participants are. As long as blacks run up to people and “sucker punch” them, people are GOING to retaliate. That’s not racial, it’s retaliation for previous wrongs. But for a black man to SELECT a white man and kill him with ONE PUNCH, it IS racial, even if the liberal media doesn’t think so. (Allen West)

"Attack of the Zombies," Indeed!

All you have to do is look at people on the street and most of them especially (the younger ones) will be walking blindly along with their eyes GLUED to a small screen: their cell phones. The inventor of the cell phone, I’m sure, never envisioned creating these “zombies,” but he has. My own grandson sleeps with his on his pillow. One of the basic things in protecting ourselves is “situational awareness.” Being AWARE of what’s going on around you. These people are COMPLETELY unaware of what’s going on around them until they walk into a post or somebody walks up and puts a gun in their faces and STEALS their cell phones and everything else they have on them. They not only have no idea there is a need for being aware of their surroundings, they have no idea there ARE people out there who want what’s theirs without working to EARN it. Moreover, they’re completely unaware of LIFE outside of their cell phones and ultimately will LOSE everything to some fool with an illegal gun. If the Supreme Court upholds the Ninth Circuit and allows concealed carry in California, those people will never notice—until some illegally armed criminal shoves his gun in their noses. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

NM Cops Murder Homeless Man

He was camping in the wilderness. So they hunted him down and murdered him. They SAID he “had a history of violence and he made threatening gestures.” But the video proves otherwise. He WAS “illegally camping,” and got a swift DEATH sentence for it, delivered by ONE cop. The crime? Illegally camping. The punishment, DEATH. This kind of thing happens way too often in New Mexico (and other places). I advise people to stay OUT of that state, for fear some false “charge” will be made by some murderous cop and you are executed. And the cop will NEVER be punished. He will be “cleared” by his department without ANY interference by a court. It’s like asking a criminal organization if one of their number is guilty of a crime and being surprised at the answer you get. Again, this is NOT "anti-cop." It's "Anti-arrogant cop who kills at will" with impunity. (Last Resistance)

If Only He'd Had A Gun

 This 86-year-old Korean War veteran was attacked by THREE thugs and beaten to death. He was attacked and stabbed and died 12 days later as the result of complications of the surgery required to repair the damage to his 86-year-old body. The thugs, two black, one Hispanic, and one of them even FEMALE were caught, and no doubt their lawyers will try to say they didn’t kill him, the surgery did. Authorities even dropped murder charges when cause of death was noted. But it seems to me if they hadn’t beaten and stabbed him, the surgery that his 86-year-old body didn’t survive would not have been necessary. Two of the assailants showed NO remorse at her death, and indeed SMILED for their booking pictures. It’s too bad this old vet didn’t have a gun. He could have changed things significantly. (The Blaze)

The "Cause" of Islamic Violence

Author William Tucker thinks polygamy is the cause of Islamic violence. Not so. The “root cause” of Islamic violence is RELIGION: the desire to make Muslims out of ALL people, whether of not they want it. It is said plainly in their “ religious texts.” That it is the DUTY of every Muslim to 'help' everybody convert to Islam, even if they don’t want to." Or kill them. They are not even allowed to have non-Muslim friends. And that applies to some Muslims, too. Those who don’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do. Yes, I’m sure polygamy is a “problem” for Muslims. How can it NOT be? It's a religion based on stupid principles, run by stupid people, and dependent on the ignorance of its adherents. But it is NOT the “root cause of Islamic violence.” Muslims are too frightened that some man will want their women that they try to hide them as completely as they can and make laws that virtually ENSLAVE them. But polygamy is NOT the reason for their violence. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Make NO Law"

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” So the new law former SF mayor, now Sen. Diane Feinstein wants to make (and which has enough votes to pass) is as unconstitutional as there is. What part of NO LAW does this fool woman not understand? Somebody needs to remind her of the Constitution, which she has spent her entire Senate career trying to circumvent. It’s too bad the founders didn’t include a PENALTY for lawmakers who made unconstitutional laws. She would have been sent to prison long ago. Or made to pay a FINE while losing her job. Unfortunately, they failed to do so, and so we must suffer her IGNORANCE for a while longer. (Freedom Outpost)

Obama Hires the ENEMY!

He has appointed a HAMAS member as an “adviser” to the National Security Council. How STUPID is THAT? Would FDR have hired Rommel to be on the Security Council during the Second World War? What’s WRONG with him? Does he not know the difference between a friend and an ENEMY? He has appointed HAMAS Director Robert Makkey to be a “Senior Director” in the National Security Council! His council has a strong effect on what we do in a war—and we ARE “at war” with Islamic terrorism. Terrorists claim we are ”at war with Islam,” but we’re not. We’re only “at war” with that part of Islam that wants us dead or converted to Islam. The very ACT of appointing such a man to this “council” CONFIRMS his PRO-Islam thinking. And I, for one, don’t like it. I'm still waiting for SOMEONE to do something about him. (Freedom Outpost)

FCC Power Grab

The FCC, which DOES control broadcast television because of the fantasy that “the air waves” belong to everybody, is now attempting to broaden its control to include newspapers. They want to send “monitors” to “advise” (order) newspapers on what to cover and what NOT to cover. I don’t know whether or not they want the newspapers to PAY for them, but to have them THERE is an abomination and will NOT be allowed by the newspapers, who value their independence and First Amendment rights. Yes, the media DOES mostly “toe the line” in their reporting, but to make it “official,” they will not tolerate. I could be wrong. It could be that newspaper people are already so “cowed” that they’ll accept this usurpation. If so, we’re LOST. Journalism is DEAD. People like me will be the ONLY place to get REAL news. Until they put us out of business. The people who THINK they’re “journalists” are just “secretaries” jotting down what they’re TOLD to write, and ignorant Americans who “pay no attention to politics,” have no idea what’s happening. The same thing happened in Russia and Germany, even Argentina, where Hugo Chavez did the same thing. This is just one step toward tyranny and way too many people just don’t notice. Soon they’ll wake up under some “strongman’s” thumb. Obama hopes that strongman will be him. (Media-Ite)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mass Kilings In Communist China

You can’t get a legal gun in communist China, but terrorists killed 27 people—with knives before the cops shot them down. Which just goes to prove you don’t need a gun to kill a lot of people while the cops are ON THE WAY. Do you think if just one of these people or one who was just there had a gun that the results would be different? As in all cases, the “bad guys” were able to kill a LOT of people before the cops could even GET there. And that’s true here, as well as there. But don’t try and convince the anti-gun fanatics of that. They have a way of “tuning you out” when you try and tell them truth. They’d rather pursue their illogical gun laws than do anything REAL about gun violence. (The Blaze)

What's WRONG With Liberals?

Surely they know that DEMOCRATS fought “tooth and nail” to stop the “Equal Rights Amendment.” And that “Jim Crow" was a DEMOCRAT fighting FOR segregation against REPUBLICANS who wanted to stop it; that the “party of segregation” has always been the DEMOCRATS. That the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) was STARTED and RUN by Democrats, but they still insist that REPUBLICANS are the racists. Do they think people with ANY intelligence will believe that crap? People who pay no attention to politics will, because they’re ignorant of history. But not intelligent people who pay attention. I guess elections depend on how many of each there are voting. Obama won TWO terms because more ignorant people were voting than intelligent people. But I think that’s going to change in the next couple of elections. Maybe we don’t have another Ronald Reagan to run, but we can’t do WORSE than Obama. Of course, he will call me a racist if he sees this item. He CHOOSES to be black so he can use that to his advantage. But that makes HIM the biggest bigot there is. (Liberty Alliance)

How Many Times?

How many times must collectivism (socialism, communism, Naziism, Progressivism and all the other "isms") fail before people get it? Collectivism has failed every time it has been tried after a while. And those countries still practicing it WILL fail. They just don’t know it and will never admit it, even as the walls are falling all around them. Russian communism has failed (It only took 75 years and several million deaths),  but they still practice socialism, never learning from experience. Castro’s communism in Cuba has been failing from the beginning. The average age of cars (not driven by government officials, of course) is the fifties. Buildings are crumbling for lack of maintenance. People are starving. But Castro still lives in a fine house and has plenty of money, stolen from that still left. His regime will fall soon. But people are still pushing the idea of socialism, even as it fails all over the globe for lack of INCENTIVE to produce. (Liberty Alliance)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ikraine Caves

The Ukraine “government” has now ordered all its troops OUT of the Crimea—but not until AFTER one of their soldiers was KILLED BY Russian troops. So they “officially” accepted Russia’s aggressive move to “take over” part of their sovereign territory because they finally realized they weren’t going to get any help from anyone else, especially America, which is now run by a “frightened child president,” and they didn’t have the means to resist Russia’s “expansionism.” This is how WWII got started, when a megalomaniac named Hitler “moved in” on his neighbors, falsely claiming he “just wanted to protect ethnic Germans.” Does NOBODY see the similarity here? Is ANYBODY going to DO anything to stop Putin’s aggression? I guess not. Not as long as Ovomit is still in power. (Mail News)

Biden: "We May Fall Short"

Ya think? Veep Joe Biden, the “king of gaffes” has done it again. He says, “We may fall short of the 7 million we thought would ‘sign up’ for Obamacare by March 1. It’s complicated.” What is “complicated” is their complete INABILITY to build a WORKING web site to sell this unsellable train wreck that has DOUBLED costs for everybody while making sure they can’t use it until they have paid THOUSANDS of dollars in “copays.”  There is NO “equal coverage” in what Obamacare offers, and its effect is to DESTROY the health care insurance industry so he can force a “single-payer provider” on us. This is the biggest SWINDLE to be perpetrated on the American people since AlGore’s global warming, and yet people ARE still “signing up” for it, mostly to avoid the “fines” for NOT “signing up.” (WKRC Cincinnati)

"Time for Violence?"

This will sound racist, but it is IN RESPONSE to a racist screed by a black writer from Florida. Britteny Cooper, a liberal, race-baiting black columnist for says, “How much more are black people supposed to take?” and says, “Maybe it’s time for a violent response.” What the hell does she think those ubiquitous “black-on-white knockout game” attacks are? How many WHITE people have run up to black men (or women) in the street and slugged them, then ran? How many white gangs have attacked, and beaten black people to death on the streets? How many white gangs have attacked and raped black women on the streets? I think she is ignoring things like this, as most liberal writers do, emphasizing the attacks on blacks and ignoring the black attacks on whites. This how they CREATE the problems they SAY they want to stop, so they can push for more restrictive laws and regulations. I have nothing against black people. I judge people (something liberals hate) as INDIVIDUALS. If a black man is a fool, I call him a fool. If a WHITE man is a fool, I call HIM a fool, and the color of their skin means nothing to me. But people like Britteny never accept this. It doesn’t fit into their theory of life. To them, EVERY white man is a bigot, while black men CAN’T be. To them, skin color is ALL IMPORTANT, which is the DEFINITION of bigotry. But they’ll never admit it. They’ll laugh and scoff at the very notion, and never learn better. (Liberty Alliance)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cops? Or Soldiers?

Americans have always been wary of military units acting as police officers, so one of the first things they did was called “Posse Comitatus,” which BANNED the military from acting as police officers. Thus impeded from using the army, they created their own army:  military-style units in their police ranks, called “SWAT Teams.” (“Special Weapons and Tactics”) that were trained and USED much the same way the military is used in other countries to police their citizens. They couldn’t USE the military for police work, so they trained COPS the same way as the military and gave them a “military mind-set,” which is to “kill people and break things” (according to Rush Limbaugh). They’re not supposed to be “beat cops,” although they have sometimes been used that way. They typically “burst in” using “flash-bang grenades” to create what Bush called “shock and awe” on their victims. This is not to criticize cops. It is to criticize making soldiers of cops and using them as such on usually unarmed, and sometimes innocent citizens, killing them if they so much as SHOW a defensive weapon (which they have a right to do if the cops don’t loudly identify themselves, which they often do not do). This is “the rise of the hob-nailed boot thugs” in police garb. It is the HALLMARK of the “police state.” This is where we’re going, today. (Wall St. Journal)

"Finger In the Dike"

Health and Human Services Secretary Sebilius is still “in denial,” I see. In the midst of news reports, even in the LIBERAL media, and that damaging CBO Report, that MILLIONS of people are losing their jobs because of Obamacare, she is still insisting that,” It’s a ‘popular myth’ that Obamacare is costing many jobs.” What a FOOL this woman is! She is determined to advance Obama’s lies, even though even a simple guy like me KNOWS it’s a lie. And she thinks if she says it often enough, we’ll believe it. And Hitler’s PR man would believe her. He said, “Tell a lie; make it big enough, and repeat it often, Soon people will come to believe it, and even fight you if you try and correct them.” She’s in the process of “repeating the lie often” right now and she doesn’t know how STUPID she sounds. But there are too many other holes in the dike, and the water is all leaking out, everywhere but where her finger is in the hole. (The Blaze)

Taliban Just Waiting

Afghan President Karzai refuses to sign an agreement allowing our troops to stay in Afghanistan, which will mean his DEATH soon after we leave. The Taliban is in its mountain hideaways, quietly waiting for us to leave so they can come out and kill many more Afghans, as they did in Iraq after Obama told our troops to “cut and run” without completely destroying the Islamic terrorists. Since then, Iraq has become a “basket case” with more than 500,000 Iraqis dying of sectarian violence. Places many Americans died to capture are now in terrorist hands again. They just waited, and they “fell into their hands like a ripe plum.” It will happen again in Afghanistan, and Obama knows it. But he will “cut and run” again and many more people will die as the Taliban again takes over Afghanistan. It’s inevitable. It WILL happen, and Obama will “own it.” Taliban will count it as a victory, and they will be right. Not a victory over our army, but over our gullible politicians, who orchestrated it. (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ovomit's War On the Constitution

I don’t know how he does it, but he seems to be getting a “knee-jerk response” from “authorities,” everywhere. In this particular situation, “A High School student at Grand Island High School in upstate New York was recently suspended from school. His crime? Refusing to turn his t-shirt inside out. What offensive images, words or themes appeared on the shirt that were so reprehensible as to deserve a suspension? On the front of the shirt was the NRA logo, and on the back, a crest that said ‘The 2nd Amendment; Shall Not Be Infringed.’ Wow. That kid is one angry, rebellious child. Can you imagine supporting our national Constitution while at school? Inconceivable!” (Eagle Rising) This is really something to be expected with the liberal influence on what these “administrators” learned when they, themselves were children in school. This must stop, before we do ourselves in. And like he then Russian Premier, Nikita Kruschev (Soviet dictator for those uninformed) said, “fall into their hands like a ripe plum.” (Eagle Rising)

Watch Out for Muslims

All Muslims are not extremist terrorists. But they're afraid of those who are. That said, all extremist terrorists so far, have BEEN Muslims. Muslims are TAUGHT, in their “Bible,” the Koran, that to kill “unbelievers” is not wrong. And extremists take that to mean they SHOULD kill “unbelievers, known as Infidels. Muslims are emigrating to the United States in alarming numbers, and they breed like minks (which is strange, for a bunch that hides their women from all men). One day, SOON, they will outnumber other voting Americans (as they have done in other countries), and will be able to vote Sharia Law into use here. If that happens, we’re LOST. Put a stop to it NOW! Before the Muslim extremists “take over.” They’ll call me an “Islamophobe (a made-up word that is meaningless) for this, but it’s only common sense. (Just common sense)

Cop Kills 80-Year-Old Man In Bed

Then they claim he threatened them with a gun. But the evidence doesn’t support that. The gun was found lying on the bedstand. The cop who shot him claimed the guy came out of his room with a gun and refused to drop it, so he shot him. The recording of the event showed this cop shouting “drop your gun” AFTER firing six shots into him. An impartial investigation should show the cop’s fingerprints on the gun if he’s telling the truth (but I doubt that will happen). And blood evidence ON the bed if he was actually shot IN the bed, then removed to the hall. If the cop’s story is true, the blood evidence should be found IN the hall. Blood evidence is hard to change quickly. The man was “politically active,” but they don’t say liberal OR conservative; which, to me means he was conservative. He had also previously criticized the sheriff’s department. Oh; almost forgot. They went in on a “tip” there was meth being made there. They found NO METH and NO evidence of it ever being made there. Which makes one wonder who called in the “tip,” and will it be ever be known who did it. Or if there WAS a "tip." (Eagle Rising)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Muslim Slaughterhouse

And I’m sure there is not just one. This man was IN one until other forces rescued him. Places where they beheaded people and disemboweled them for being “apostates.”  Those who do not believe the same way THEY do. This is how Islam handles people who do not remain Muslims, or whom they just SUSPECT of being “apostates." Once they put the name “apostate” on you, there is no saving you from the murderers unless you kill the murderers first. The liberal media refuses to report on this, so a majority of non-Muslims of the world do not know about it, just as nobody knew about Germany’s “holocaust” during the Second World War. These people are INHUMAN. They don’t even deserve being called ANIMALS because that would be an insult to the animals! (Eagle Rising)

"Gay Rights Have Progressed"

That’s what Chelsea Clinton says. But who cares what Chelsea Clinton says? The fact that “gay rights have progressed” in recent years is obvious to anybody with a modicum of intelligence. So why do we need Chelsea to tell us? Maybe because the liberal “powers that be” want to keep her name in the news for the future? So they can promote yet another incompetent Clinton for the presidency? They do work long in advance, you know. As they did with the passage of that horribly stupid law in 1976 that FORCED lenders to loan money to deadbeats, allowing a build-up of pressure on the economy, “held in check” by Fannie and Freddy until they needed it just before the 2008 elections to get Obama elected by temporarily shutting down Fannie and Freddie, causing the real estate market to collapse and blaming the collapse on the Republicans. They think we don’t notice such things, but some of us do. (Mail News)

Anti-Gun Mayor A Criminal

Just so you know it, one of the most virulent anti-gun politicians is, himself, a criminal. Like most criminals, he wants “gun control” to keep disarming the people who could end his criminal activities. He was just convicted on 20 federal corruption counts. “The 57-year-old Democrat, who led his city through the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane, was found guilty of charges that he accepted bribes, free trips and other gratuities from contractors in exchange for helping them secure millions of dollars in city work while he was in office.” Yes, these are not VIOLENT crimes, but they do show his INCLINATION to criminality.Ray Nagin, former New Orleans Mayor, ("School Bus Nagin") COULD get up to 400 years in the slam, but I’d bet all he’ll get is a “slap on the wrist,” under pressure from other corrupt politicians in his area. (Weer’d World)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Muslim "Outreach?"

That’s what NASA is doing today, courtesy of Barack Ovomit. It's not really surprising that Obama told NASA administrator Charles Bolden that his highest priority should be ‘to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science ... and math and engineering.’ It fits with so much that we already knew about the president.” Their “contributions” to science, math, and engineering? What has he been SMOKING? Muslims are mired in the fifth century! What they know about those subjects they LEARNED from us! Their main export is DEATH. Death to ANYBODY who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do, in every jot and tittle. NASA doesn’t have any space vehicles “up there” any more. When we need to send one up, we have to rely on the RUSSIANS to do it FOR us. Meanwhile NASA spends their time promoting Muslims and global warming (now known as “climate change”) This kind of incompetence is BREATHTAKING, but nobody who knows Ovomit is surprised (Real Clear Politics)

"No Future for Unions"

In Tennessee, the Volkswagen plant employees voted on whether or not to unionize. The union lost, and they should have. Unions served a purpose years ago when employers “screwed over” their employees on a regular basis. But things have changed, and unions are no longer needed in most places. Even Volkswagen management wanted the union. Union executives, who leech off the money members pay them, say they don’t have much of a future if they can’t unionize here. And they’re right. Not because they can’t unionize here, but because their function is outdated. Nobody needs them any more. I was a union member ONE time, because it was required for my job. But when I left that job (which was sorely underpaid, union or no) I shed that union as fast as possible. I even sent back a bunch of their many newspapers and newsletters, wrapped around a brick, collect for postage (back when you could do that; now they make sure they get their money up front). I never heard from them again. Unions ran Detroit out of business, and are still smarting over that, denying it’s true. But it is plainly the excessive concessions auto makers gave in to that caused the auto makers to go bankrupt, putting thousands out of work. (Just common sense)

Anti-Gun Dem: "Self-Defense Absurd"

What the hell is she SMOKING? I wonder what she’d think if somebody came up and stuck a gun in her face? Better, does she run around with armed security, as do most politicians? “Bearing Arms” says, “It’s amazing that someone so poorly educated could become the Majority Leader in the Colorado Legislature.” They’re right, but there are MANY such ill-educated people making laws for the rest of us (not them) to follow. She thinks carrying guns for self-defense is “absurd,” without bothering to think about what she’s saying. If so, why do COPS carry guns? Like most anti-gun liberals, she thinks CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will obey the next law she passes to further limit our right to self-defense. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cop Breaks Man's Arm

Yes, it was a fight. Yes, the man was resisting arrest. But according to the evidence in this video, that cop PURPOSELY broke that man’s arm. He didn’t need to break his arm to put him down, but he did. I’m not against cops doing their jobs, but in this case, he EXCEEDS his duty. It’s pure anger at the victim for fighting him, and unnecessary. It’s an example of cops going too far in today’s “Gestapo” environment, and needs to be stopped. Now! RIGHT now. Cops like this have no business BEING cops. This particular cop needs to go to PRISON after being FIRED. (The Blaze)

Kerry Throws A Fit

He just can’t understand ANYBODY denying “climate change.” I guess he’s just too stupid to figure out it’s a scam—a hoax—from the beginning. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. He’s probably making a lot of money off the scam, too. In Indonesia, he “lashed out” at “climate change deniers.” He says, “Climate change is the ‘most fearsome weapon of mass destruction’ and ‘global action is needed to combat it.’ Talk about manufacturing a crisis! The original “climate change” known as “global warming,” hasn’t happened for more than fifteen years. He hopes we haven’t noticed that and don’t know “climate change” is CYCLICAL, and unchangeable by man. Then the money will keep coming in.  He accused "deniers" of “using shoddy science and scientists” and he should know: that’s exactly what climate change promoters are doing. (Mail News)

Well, They Did It Again!

They had the opportunity to do something logical in the battle against armed criminals. In Colorado, they rejected a law to ALLOW teachers and other staff in schools to carry guns if they were licensed and trained in its use. Which would serve to make a potential shooter uneasy about there maybe being an armed person there to shoot THEM if they started shooting up the school. But NO! They opted to keep their damfool “gun-free zones” in schools and have, by so doing, INVITED any shooters who wish to, to come in and shoot our children, as usual. Is anybody surprised at the abject STUPIDITY of those Colorado lawmakers? I guess we need to recall and otherwise get rid of a few more FOOLS. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Muslim "Infiltration" of White House

They talk about Muslim “infiltration” of the White House, but I disagree. I think Obama is INVITING these people to “infiltrate” his White House. I think he WANTS them there. I think he is ON THEIR SIDE in this war against Islamic terrorism. I think he is WORSE than the “Manchurian Candidate.” He was raised from a small boy with one purpose: to “take over” the federal government so he could “open all the doors” to Islamic and collectivist infiltration and leave us completely defenseless. Where did he come from? NOWHERE. What has he done in his life? NOTHING that we are allowed to know about. How did he get elected, TWICE? He stole BOTH elections (after elbowing the SURE candidate, Hillary, aside) without revealing a THING about himself, and once in a position of authority closed ALL the doors to his past and proceeded to weaken us from “day one.” (Discover the Networks)

PROFIT: The Universal Purpose

I’ve said many times that liberals are incompetent. And they prove it when they denigrate profit. Profit is the lubrication that allows the turning of the wheels of progress. A business MUST make profit or it cannot survive. There is no other reason for the EXISTENCE of a business except to make a profit. A business does not exist to “make jobs” for people OR pay for their health insurance. Think about it: how would they do that if they did NOT make a profit? Denying profit as the purpose of business is the stuff of FOOLS, yet liberals do that every day. They SNEER at the whole idea of profit while they connive and scheme to MAKE A PROFIT on YOU. But they don’t CALL it profit when they take from you. They call it “their due.” Their “share” of what YOU earn. But it is something they claim as a right without the bother of WORKING for it. It’s a scam and a swindle. (Just common sense)

Anti-Gun Hypocrite

I’ve tried to resolve to use the word “hypocrite” less often this year, but this story CRIES OUT for its use. Dwayne Ferguson, the “face” of New York’s campaign for the “Safe Act,” was arrested for carrying a GUN into a school the other day. How hypocritical is THAT? His friends say he shouldn’t be punished for it, because they’re sure he did it innocently. Innocently? For a man who is so well known to be AGAINST carrying guns and who is an ACTIVIST for it to be CARRYING a gun is first, hypocritical, and second, a completely IGNORANT act. A man who is an “anti-gun activist” CARRYING A GUN? This completely discredits anything he will ever SAY about gun control in the future (and it should) and he should be punished severely for it. Not just for carrying a gun, but for being an ANTI-GUN ACTIVIST carrying a gun! How incredibly STUPID is that? And get this: Ferguson has a CARRY PERMIT. Why would a man who is adamantly AGAINST everybody else BUT HIM, of course, being able to carry a gun for self-defense have a license to carry himself and be known to be a “carrier?” That’s the DESCRIPTION of hypocritical! This reminds me of the fiasco when it was found that Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the best-known anti-gun fools in the country was found to be a licensed gun carrier. This just proves again that liberals make laws for YOU, but not for THEMSELVES. (Eagle Rising)

Monday, March 17, 2014

ATF Violates The Law

Ares Armor refused to give up its customer list to ATF, so they took it anyway. Yesterday, we reported that they left, after being faced with a restraining order, but apparently, they didn’t. Not being able to intimidate the owners with threats, they just TOOK what they wanted, at gunpoint, as thugs usually do. And does anybody expect anything to be done about it? I certainly don’t; not as long as that criminal is in the White House. He probably told them to do it. This is just one example of how Obama's thugs are "running roughshod" over everybody. Obama thinks he's king, and is acting like it. He needs to be stopped. Is ANYBODY willing to do what it takes? (American Overlook)

Somebody "Got To" the Judge

Remember the judge that granted an injunction against the ATF raiding Ares Armor to get their customer list and $300,000.00 worth of inventory? Somebody got to her/him. I don’t know if they paid the judge off or just intimidated him/her, but get to the judge they did. So now the raid and stealing their customer list and all that inventory (which would BREAK me) is “legal.” But that is a worse situation than ATF just “barging in” in spite of the injunction. It shows that all it takes is one judge’s decision to make the illegal legal. And you can bet Obama has taken notice of that. In fact, I think he ENGINEERED it. The tantrum he staged when he heard about the ATF being stopped by an injunction must have been legendary. He can’t get his wishes done in Congress, so he gets it done illegally (made legal by a judge). (Bearing Arms)

Are We THAT Stupid?

Obama and his fools are now trying to convince us that being unemployed or underemployed is a GOOD thing because Americans “work too much.” That the ONLY  reason for working is to get your health insurance paid for and, since Obama now pays for that (he thinks), you are “LIBERATED” from working. I got news for them: there is one other reason for working; EATING. If you don’t work, you don’t EAT. You soon don’t have a ROOF over your head, your car will be taken away, and you won’t be ABLE to “order out” because that requires MONEY. What kind of FOOLS do they think we ARE? I find that whole twist on the facts INSULTING. But they don’t care: Their constituents (those who only want a free ride and don’t care about anything else) will believe them, and THEY VOTE. (Just common sense) A word liberals don't know the meaning of.

Self-Defense Unlawful?

It looks to me like the “authorities” are working as hard as they can to destroy our ability to defend ourselves. They try HARD to stop us from owning guns but can’t totally because of the Second Amendment. So they make laws that make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get our guns into action fast enough to do any good if attacked. At the same time they try to make ammunition as hard as possible to get hold of and if you CAN get any, it must contain expensive “micro printing” that further increases its price. They buy up as much ammunition as they can so it won’t be there for us to buy. They ban it when they can. Lack of ammunition makes our guns useless and ammunition is not protected by the Constitution..

Now they’re trying to get rid of all the “stand your ground” laws and the “castle” laws. ANYTHING that might give us the “upper hand” when faced with an illegally-armed criminal. It’s like they WANT us to remain helpless when somebody (even people wearing badges) point a gun at us. Even the POST OFFICE (you know, that bankrupt outfit) is now buying up millions of dollars’ worth of ammunition. What they figure to use it for is beyond me. They’re even trying to ban a self defense system that could result in the death of the “bad guy.” It has already been banned in some countries and its originator banned from speaking there. It looks like they want make ALL FORMS of self-defense illegal. As new methods come up, they immediately target them. Why do they want us to be helpless? (Just common sense)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Obamacare Is Deadly!

Most people think Obamacare is just an economic swindle with the point being to allow Obama to take control over ALL medical decisions, taking control AWAY from the individual, who SHOULD control it, since it involves his/her LIFE. But that’s not the point, at all. I think Obama wants to “get rid of” what he considers to be “old, useless people” like me by refusing to allow our doctors to prescribe treatments that are important to keep us alive. Or making those treatments so expensive we can’t afford them. Expensive laboratory services, for instance (like MRIs), that involve “looking inside” the brain or body; things that reduce the “invasiveness” of medical treatment are BANNED, quietly. Doctors are told they CANNOT prescribe them under any circumstances. This is NOT “announced,” it’s just put into practice and people die. Plavix is a medicine that helps keep heart patients alive, for instance. Without it, people die. But Plavix is not on their “lists” of subsidized medicines, so it costs $150 or more a month, something someone on Social Security and Medicare just can’t afford (especially since they have to pay for many expensive medicines). Another such medicine is Crestor. This shows a clear “targeting” of people who have a larger percentage of heart problems than young people. I think Obama wants to “get rid “ of “old folks” quietly, and this is how he’s going to do it without being charged with murder. And with Obamacare giving him such near complete control over the medical profession, there’s nothing we can do to avoid it, except to get rid of HIM and reverse everything he has done. (For you damned fool feds “monitoring” what I say, I don’t mean KILLING him, I mean impeaching him). This is what I believe. (Just common sense)

Poor Babies!

A pizza and dance party held for straight “A” students at Eastern Middle School in Silver spring, MD drew criticism from less-accomplished students who were jealous of the straight “A” students being made over. That’s jist orful! The school rewarded good work and didn’t reward bad work. Maybe those “other students” should have worked a little harder and they might have gotten into that bunch. Why should ANYBODY reward those who didn’t “make the grade?” Why should we EVER reward mediocrity? The very fact that this made news makes me very worried about the future of this nation when accomplishment can be criticized by those who are NOT accomplished, and be heard and taken seriously. (The Blaze)

"Disrespect" for Obama?

Nancy Peelosi is mad at the “disrespect” Bill O’Reilly showed for Obama. Really? Looked more to me like Obama showed NO respect for O’Reilly, continually lying to him, claiming NO corruption in the IRS when he KNEW it is RIDDLED with corruption, and repeating his claim that there ARE no “scandals” in his administration, completely ignoring The IRS scandal, Benghazi, where four people died while he and Hillary withheld rescue, the NSA spying scandal and the other many scandals he refuses to address, calling them “phony scandals.” I’m mad at the disrespect Obama shows for US. He shows complete contempt for the American people who elected him twice (with a little help from his thugs), in spite of his scandals and mistakes. He should be glad O'Reilly didn't REALLY "bore in" because he is somewhat intimidated by Obama. (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why Does It Take So Long?

The court case surrounding Obama’s illegal use of a phony Social Security number that was assigned to a now dead Connecticut man is now in the hands of a judge. We’re awaiting a decision. And waiting… and waiting… And will probably still be waiting after Obama is history (if that ever happens). If this were about ME using an illegal SSN, I’d already be so far underground in the dingiest dungeon in the land that you'd never be able to find me. Not so with Obama, because he’s president, and can use every trick in the book to delay, and delay, until nobody cares anymore. I’s a clear felony. Why can’t the “justice system” make a decision? Because Obama CONTROLS the “justice system” and the “justice system” only applies to you and me, not to Obama, if he doesn’t want it to. (Freedom Outpost)

NBC Fired Leno

NBC hasn’t had too many number one shows lately, so they got rid of the best one they had. They fired Jay Leno (again) and this time it “took.” He did his last show and “teared up” at the end while thanking the audience for being his “family” after the deaths of his father and brother. I guess the people running NBC aren’t too bright; or they’re bent on committing suicide. Yes, his replacement is a good one this time. He’s said to be “another Johnny.” but will he bring the same numbers as Leno did? Only time will tell. It’s a big gamble on NBC’s part. I no longer watch the show because I find myself unable to stay up that late any more. But I always enjoyed it when I did. I hope, for NBC’s part, they made the right decision. It just doesn’t seem right, to me. (The Blaze)

No Such thing As A "Former" Marine

This 84-year-old man proved it again when he woke up with a gun shoved in his face. Being a Marine, he refused to go down without a fight. He kicked one of them in the gonads and took the gun away from the other. They fled, but not before taking a few things. Cops have arrested one of them (probably the one with no gonads left) and will soon screw the name of the other out of him, and get this man’s property back. The lesson here is, don’t mess with a Marine, old or young. They won’t go down easily and you’re going to get hurt. (The Blaze)

Friday, March 14, 2014

"Anonymous Sources"

Have you ever noticed that some of the most damaging things said by Democrats about Republicans come from “anonymous sources?” Remember when Harry Reid told you that Romney owed back taxes and normally didn’t even PAY his taxes? Of course, that came from an “anonymous friend” whom he would not name. And just the other day, that incompetent FORMER majority leader in the House said she was told by a “anonymous Republican” that the Republicans “didn’t care” about starving children and poor people. They just “didn’t exist” to them. Of course, the Republicans are demanding an apology, but the damage has already been done. They have already “been stained” by those accusations and are now “on the defensive.” Sounds a little like Democrats using the same scam over and over again to discredit good people by LYING about them in ways that can’t be proven. one way or the other.. (Just common sense)

The Biggest Con Ever!

Obamacare is the biggest con ever to be run on Americans. Much bigger that AlGore’s global warming scam. It has cost Americans $TRILLIONS of dollars, taken away the health insurance they COULD afford and replaced it with insurance they CAN’T afford, applying “pre-pays” so big NOBODY can afford them, costing them hours of work by making employers reduce their hours to escape Obama’s scam. It has caused insurance companies to cancel millions of insurance policies and given their customers NO OPTION but to go to the Obamacare web site, which doesn’t work, or pay a “fine” for NOT buying insurance, which is an ABOMINATION. The worst part of it is this scam is not to make money, it’s to force us into a communistic system that depends on overpayment from young, healthy people to pay for the larger needs of older Americans. That’s the DESCRIPTION of communism. It’s time America realized that and stopped cooperating. (Daily Caller)

IRS Given Bonuses

You’d think in view of the IRS “targeting scandal” against conservative organizations, that they’d “lay low” for a while. But no! They don’t care what we think. They’re “all powerful!” They’re being given around $43 million dollars in bonuses; less than they were “entitled to” under their union agreement maybe, but still a LOT of money for people who abused their authority. Apparently victimizing conservatives doesn’t count negatively in what bonuses they “earn.” Talk about criminals getting away with murder! That's like the shooter who blew Randy Weaver's wife's head off with her child in her arms got a bonus for his "good work." Damn, what a polluted government we have! Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if they sent someone to "off" me for saying this. And I'm sure there are people willing to do it. (American Thinker)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Slowly But Surely

Muslims work their way into the workings of the United States, using their status as a so-called “religion” to call people who object to their infiltration “Islamophobes (a made-up word) Meanwhile they stick their noses in all phases of our business and try to make all kinds of changes that are never good for US, but are always good for them. “( – Ten U.S. Islamic organizations have formed a new umbrella group to serve as a “representative voice” for American Muslims, and one of their first tasks will be to carry out a census of the community.” And now they’re working to gain “more clout” in American elections so they can institute Muslim practices into ours and FORCE us to do them. We need to make laws to stop this before we end up :”outside the tent.” As for me, I'll NEVER accede to Muslim practices. They'll have to kill me. (CNS News)

Oh, Poor BABY!

Obama says Bill O’Reilly was “unfair” to him during their much touted pre-Super Bowl interview. When asked for specifics, he cited O’Reilly’s asking him about “health care not working,”  the IRS “targeting” of conservative organizations, and about Benghazi and why he allowed four of our embassy personnel to die without sending them help. Does he really think those would NOT have been subjects covered in the FIRST presidential interview with a member of Fox News’ staff in recent memory? Poor baby! He’s SO abused! Somebody get him a “crying towel!” Those are all questions he has REFUSED to answer and they are questions that NEED to be answered while he “stonewalls” any attempt to elicit answers. Damn, what a WIMP and a fake! (The Blaze)

Killing A Jogger "For Fun"

Three high schoolers (two black, one white) in Oklahoma targeted an Australian basketball player who was jogging in a park, drove up and shot him to death because they were “bored” and wanted to do something to “have fun.” This illustrates the complete LACK or reverence for human life that began when the supreme Court MISREAD the Constitution to allow the MURDER of tiny babies before they even had a chance at life. There are many such killings happening every day, and what do GUN LAWS do to stop it? Those teens were not legally able to buy a gun, but they had one. At least one. (Gawker)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dictators Always "Win"

They always “win” their “elections.” “Elections” they hold to make themselves look legitimate. Obama, too. He won many districts by 100% of the vote over Romney (In which Romney got not a SINGLE vote). You don’t do that unless you’re finagling the numbers, which is easy when your friends run the elections, as with Democrats. Stalin and Lenin won their initial elections (and all subsequent elections) in communist Russia, which became the Soviet Union. Adolph Hitler was “elected” in Germany before he became its dictator before the Second world War. Kim Jong UN (N. Korea) won his most recent “election” with 100% of the vote. Saddam Hussein (Iraq) won his second-to-the-last election by 80% and, after enough time to get rid of the negative voters, won the next “election” by 100%. Surprise, surprise. You’d think they’d get smart and let a few people’s negative votes stand, so it wouldn’t be so obvious that he’s stolen the election. Obama hasn’t made it there yet, but he’s getting close. I think he’s OUR Hitler. He’s certainly using Hitler’s methods. (Fellowship of the Minds)

Talk About Stupidity!

I’ve heard many stories of stupid school “authorities” who overreact in a “knee-jerk” fashion about ANYTHING connected with guns, but this is about the STUPIDEST I’ve ever seen! A student brought THREE (expended) BULLETS to school; no gun, and no way to cause them to go off even if somebody worked at it. But predictably, the “school officials” went STUPID and panicked, calling the bomb squad while the bomb squad treated it as if it were actually a dangerous situation. There’s no telling the psychological effect on that student, and other students in that school, as the “authorities” showed their stupidity, fostered by over reaching anti-gun fools who are deathly afraid of guns and anything connected with them. One school “official” was heard to say, “I wouldn’t want my kids around it!” Another said, “I just wanted it out of the building,” as if that bullet, by itself, was going to blow the school to smithereens. What the kid brought to school were several chunks of inert metal that can be bought for $3.99 apiece. The blue color indicates they are NOT explosive rounds, and some of the “responders,” who were “ex-military,” should have known that, but apparently did not. Frankly, I don’t know if I would trust such members of the military around ANY kind of munitions. Those bullets would not be dangerous unless the kids threw them at one another. (Bearing Arms)

Sued Over Use of Michelangelo Statue

Armalite used a photoshopped image of Michelangelo’s “David” in a “tongue-in-cheek” ad recently and earned the wrath of Italy, who apparently think they still own it. But I think the copyright on that image ran out a long time ago. In any case, I think Italy “protests way too much.” Such use of this famous image can only help the Italian vacation and travel industry as people who have never seen this statue travel there to see it. I’ve seen it many times. But I suspect there are many people who have not. I can even remember another ad using it, without showing it’s frontal nudity (they showed it from the back) with a bunch of people (principally women) studying it closely with amused facial expressions. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Candy Crowley Wins Award

Remember Candy Crowley? The woman running the Obama/Romney debate who jumped to Obama’s defense when he couldn’t answer  pertinent question? She has now received an award for “excellence in journalism.” For what, I don’t know. In my opinion she should be given her walking papers, instead. As moderator of that debate, she should not have offered ANY help to EITHER candidate, but she did. She was clearly on Obama’s side, as MOST such moderators seem to be (They all seem to be Democrats), though not as obviously. It’s like the election. In some cities, Obama received 100% of the vote. Not a SINGLE vote went Romney. This usually only happens to communist dictators, not to candidates in FREE countries. (The Daily Caller)

"Squad Car Or A Box"

That’s the choice one concealed carry holder gave a would-be rapist who was in the process of breaking into his daughter’s bedroom. The main thing behind the crime rate being so high was revealed in this case, where the perp was well-known to the police, since they had dealt with him many times—but he was still free. If the “justice system” was a little more efficient and kept criminals in prison a little longer, this guy might still be in prison and not breaking into young girls’ bedrooms at night and rifling cars next door. This was the kid’s first arrest as an adult, but might not have happened if he had been dealt with a little more severely before. After knocking on doors, cops lodged charges in 11 different crimes committed that night, as he went up and down the street, breaking into things. This kid lived in the neighborhood, as is usually the case, and knew most of the people he was robbing. With all his previous brushes with the law, why was this kid not still in prison? (The Blaze)

Follow Veep's Advice, Get Arrested

Maybe what she had wasn’t a shotgun, but it seems to me that firing a gun in the air to protect her child should not get HER charged. A group of TEN boys attacked her daughter and, to stop the attack, she shot a handgun into the air, therefore dispersing the attackers. What should she have done? Shoot one or more of them? That would be self-defense, except for the atmosphere created by anti-gun fools. Did she have a license to have the gun? You shouldn’t have to have a license to do what the Constitution guarantees you as a RIGHT. Cops say she should have called 911. And waited . . .and waited while her daughter was being beaten up. Yes, firing in the air isn’t safe. But firing into the attackers is not safe for him. She could have fired into the soft ground just as easily. But it looks to me that the cops just wanted SOME KIND of a charge to put on HER. To send a message. (Washington Times)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Liberals Hate Home Schooling

As Adolph Hitler said, “Get the children when they are young, and teach them our ways, and they will be ours forever,” or words to that effect. “For this reason we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth [conditioning them –RT] with the spirit of this community [the lies of Nazi Germany –RT] of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted [too young and dumb to know the difference –RT] and therefore unspoiled,” [easy to fool –RT] the dictator said. “This Reich stands, and it is building itself up for the future, upon its youth [while they are too young and ignorant –RT]. And this new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education [conditioning –RT] and its own upbringing.” The laws on which the Romeike family were to be harassed in Germany were written and passed in Nazi Germany and never changed. Obama originally was completely opposed to allowing them to stay and, apparently recently changed its mind. (World Net Daily)

Self-Defense Without A Gun

Most people think the only way to defend yourself is with a gun; and if you don’t have one, you have no chance against an armed attacker. WRONG! Yes, attackers who have guns are dangerous. But there are effective weapons all around us if we will just see them. For instance, a well-aimed heavy ash tray can KILL an attacker. A metal flashlight, too, if you hit him hard enough. I once stopped a robbery attempt being made on me when I was driving a cab in the fifties by hitting the robber with a plastic five-cell flashlight when he looked for the door handle to get out after robbing me. He never spent a day in prison. They don’t put people who can’t think in prison and my flashlight put him in a three-month coma that he never really came out of properly. I once took a course in how to IDENTIFY possible weapons in my surroundings, and it has proven to be time well spent. It can be a cup of coffee, a coffee or hot water pot, a can of beans, ash trays, flashlights, etc. Most heavy items can be thrown or used as clubs and can be very effective. If you carry a cane, you can use it very effectively. And there are many disguised self-defense items for sale. Like stun guns disguised as cell phones, pagers, etc. Or pepper sprays disguised as lipsticks. All this is available just for the looking on the Internet. I've got an item I carry all the time I got at Barnes & Noble to hold pages down whole reading while eating with both hands occupied. It contains two fairly heavy weights and looks like a two-ended sap. It can be used that way and is not illegal to carry (yet, until they DEFINE it a weapon). (Just common sense)

Raging Against Guns

Anti-gun fanatics have many excuses for not using guns in self-defense. One is, “The cops will protect you so you don’t need a gun.” That is one of the most foolish. The cops CAN’T PROTECT YOU because they can’t always be right there when you need protection. Another is: “If people carry guns, there will be killings over parking spaces and neighborhood baseball games.” I got news for them. There already ARE such shootings, and all involving ILLEGAL guns. Criminals do not obey laws saying they cannot be armed, so they get their guns, anyway. Neighborhood gang members are ALL armed (illegally) and shoot people for the most trivial reasons. One day in Denver a kid in a car asked a man on the street for a cigarette. The man, who didn’t smoke, told him he didn’t have any. So the kid shot and killed him. What they predict will happen if honest, responsible people are armed is already happening, with people using ILLEGAL guns. So what’s their point? Cops can’t protect you. They can only document your murder AFTER it happens. So it’s always best to have your own gun. Responsible people don’t shoot each other over traffic accidents. anti-gun fool don't know that, and wouldn't admit it if they did. (Just common sense)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Facebook Caves to Gun Haters

They have announced new policies with regard to people advocating “gun rights” and promoting gun sales. “The changes, which also apply to Facebook-owned Instagram, include new age limits for posts or pages promoting private sales of restricted items like firearms, alcohol or adult products. There's new policy language with an emphasis on knowing and following laws related to regulated items like firearms and keeping them away from kids. There will be educational messages sent to users who promote the sale of guns and those seeking them out.” It’s a thinly veiled effort to intimidate people who believe the Second Amendment TRUMPS all anti-gun laws. It will LOSE Facebook many users, and I will be one of the first, the very first time their new rules affects me. It infuriates me that they are so hard on people who just want to defend themselves, but not on illegal gun users. (Freedom Outpost)

Governor Heckled

Gov. Donell Malloy (Democrat-CT) said, at a meeting in Milford, CT, “We have this thing called the Constitution, which makes it difficult to do some of the things you want.” Immediately a female voice rang out, saying, “Then why don’t you read it!” This is the governor who recently signed into law an unconstitutional bill forcing people to register certain firearms. Maybe he DOES need to READ the Constitution some time. Then he’ll know what laws he CAN’T pass because, being unconstitutional, they don’t exist, need not be enforced, and need not be obeyed (Marbry v. Madison). By no less an authority than the Supreme Court. Of course, as liberals do, he ignored the taunt and “rolled right on” with his remarks. Security probably threw the woman out, quietly. (The Blaze)

Conning the People

This is exactly what is going on, and has been going on for a long time. Many top politicians have been conning the American people ever since I can remember (and before). Ignoring politics is like ignoring a pickpocket as he steals your wallet, although this is worse; the pickpocket only steals your money. The politician steals both your money and your rights. And if you don’t pay attention and stop him/her before it’s too late, soon you’ll be a slave to a dictator. And there’ll be nothing you can do about it. We need to pay attention to what our politicians and bureaucrats, and even our judges (especially our judges) are doing (all appointed by politicians) to our rights and the Constitution itself. There will come a time when we have NO rights and the Constitution will be as dead as the liberals wish it to be. (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daughter Needs A Whipping

If a daughter of mine sent me a note like this I would find her and give her the whipping she never got when she was young: “Hi mom just to let you know you’re a real f***ing winner aren’t you you think you’re so cool and you think you caught me throwing up in the bathroom after eating an egg frittatta, yeah sorry that you have problems now and you need to harp on mine because i didn’t and i actually took a s*** which i really just wanna s*** all over your face right now because it looks like that anyway, anyway i f***ing hate you and um I’ve written you off so don’t talk to me, don’t do anything I’m blocking you from just about everything, have a nice life, bye mom” This is what results when wimpy liberals fool people into not punishing their kids when they’re young. They get a kid who has no sense of personal responsibility and no respect for anybody, much less their parents, This is a quote from the note left by phone from Rachel Canning after she SUED her parents for not supporting her after she turned 18. She ignores the fact that they are not RESPONSIBLE to pay for her needs after she becomes an adult. Frankly, the court should have thrown this out without hearing it because it is a frivolous suit and baseless. (The Blaze)

And guess Which Cities?

Many American cities have more gun violence than do entire countries. And guess which cities it is? The ones with the tightest anti-gun laws, like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. and guess who runs ALL those cities? DEMOCRATS, of course! These figures show conclusively that the gun laws they have made not only don’t work, they CREATE more violence and kill more people. But the fools making these laws aren’t listening. Their minds are made up, so don’t confuse them with facts. What we have to do is start electing intelligent politicians who know what they’re doing, and don’t just “make laws” to make it LOOK like they’re “doing something.” All we have to do is that. But WILL we? (Policy Mic)

Thinking In the Right Direction

In Chicago, they're STARTING to think right. Yes! Chicago’s top cop is now saying “tougher sentences would make fewer gun victims. That’s right! He says Kevin Johnson wouldn’t have been on the street to be shot; he’d have been in jail, and so would the shooter. But he’s right, in a way; both participants in that shooting WOULD still be in jail if the sentences for gun violence had been longer because just before the shooting, BOTH were in jail for OTHER shooting incidents. At least in Chicago, they’re STARTING to think in the right direction for gun laws. What they don’t say is that both participants are gang members. So why don’t they make better laws to control gang activity? (Huffington Post)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Useless Law

The Brady Law, named for Reagan’s Press Secretary who was wounded in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, has been completely useless as a means to reduce gun violence. They CLAIM that their law prevented 2 million legal gun sales, one million of which are supposed to be felons. But this ignores the several million ILLEGAL gun sales made by criminals to criminals in alleys, with illegal guns sold out of the trunks of their cars at inflated prices. These people continually ignore these factors and think LEGAL gun sales are all that count. Criminals usually don’t get their guns from legal sources. They seek out these “back alley” gun sellers who don’t require adherence to any law and buy there. Otherwise, they simply STEAL their guns. Therefore, laws such as the :”Brady Law” do NOTHING to reduce violent crime. But anti-gun fools ignore that, even though they know it. (Investor’s Business Daily)

"I Will Not Comply!"

John S. Cinque, a “fed-up Navy veteran,” told lawmakers, “I will not comply” with your silly gun laws. He asked them if those laws would have done ANYTHING to stop the killings at the Sandy Hook school. And after a lot of hemming and hawing, one legislator, Connecticut State Rep. David Yaccarino (a REPUBLICAN, no less) answered, “Probably not.” Then Yaccarino went on to say, “We have an obligation to do our best to protect public safety.” Which caused Cinque to “go off” on them, saying, “I’m a 30-year public servant, 20-year career fireman, OK? United States Navy veteran, upstanding citizen all my life, three children — and with the stroke of a pen from the ivory tower with the gold top, you’ve decided to create me to be a felon. A class D felony for doing absolutely nothing wrong.” For which he got a standing ovation. They freely admitted their laws would DO NOTHING to stop such as Sandy hook, and then insist that they “have an obligation to do our best to protect public safety.”  So why don’t they DO that, instead of making laws they KNOW would not help? But then preaching truth to anti-gun fanatics falls on “deaf ears.” (The Blaze)

"The Cold War Is Over"

That’s what our fool of a president thinks, and he’s dealing with Putin based on that fantasy. The truth is, the “fall of communism in Russia” was a Communist scam known as “two steps forward and one step back,” leaving them with one step advanced, while we feel good that we “forced” them one step back. Gorbachev told his parliament, “Don’t be concerned about ‘perestroika” or any of that. It’s just a sham to put the Americans to sleep,” or words to that effect. And it worked. Most Americans (and almost ALL our politicians) think communism IS dead in Russia. What they don’t notice is that the SAME PEOPLE are STILL “in charge there, and their system is SOCIALIST, which is just a different form of COLLECTIVISM. Their president today was a top KVD officer under the Soviets and still operates the same way. He is working as hard as he can to “return Russia to “its former (communist) glory.” His actions in the Ukraine are all part of that effort. And Obama is either too stupid to figure that out, or he is a “co-conspirator” in making this a communist country. That much is completely obvious to those of us old enough to see it, and who have paid attention all these years. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mass Killing in Communist China

You can’t get a legal gun in communist China, but terrorists killed 27 people—with knives, before the cops arrived and shot them down. Which just goes to prove you don’t need a gun to kill a lot of people while the cops are still COMING. Do you think if just one of these people or one who was just there had a gun that the results would be different? As in all cases, the “bad guys were able to kill a LOT of people before the cops could even GET there. And that’s true here, as well as there. But don’t try and convince the anti-gun fanatics of that. They have a way of “tuning you out” when you try and tell them truth. They’d rather pursue their illogical gun laws than do anything REAL about gun violence. (The Blaze)

Worse Than Bloomberg

I thought New Yorkers couldn’t find a worse mayor than Bloomberg. I was wrong. Bloomberg only wanted to get rid of large pops, transfats and guns. DiBasio wants to get rid of the very people whose money pays for all his liberal giveaway programs, the “rich.”  He freely admits the “rich” pay 30% of ALL taxes paid, that they do most of the charitable giving that is done. But he wants to “get rid of the golden goose that lays the golden eggs.” That’s not logical. But then, liberals are not known for their logic. I guess New Yorkers are just prone to electing people who will make life miserable for them. They’ve done it many times. About the only exception recently was Rudy Guilani, who, while not a “conservative,” per se, has shown himself to be much smarter than the average New York mayor. (New York Post)

Unconstitutional Efforts

Liberals (on both sides) continue to make unconstitutional laws to prevent honest, responsible people from having the means to self-defense against ILLEGALLY armed criminals. Some people say they’re just stupid. I don’t believe it. They know most of their laws are unconstitutional, but they think they can “sneak it by” the Supreme Court, or enforce it on unsuspecting people UNTIL it is DECLARED unconstitutional. Otherwise, they pass laws that make guns useless. Banning certain ammo is one way. Another is banning high capacity magazines; or forcing people to put their guns in “hard to open quickly” gun safes, making them useless for self-defense against a criminal, who already has his illegal gun in his hand. They do their best to “get around” the Constitution. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Found Not Guilty

Tell me again how people with a lot of money and “connections” can’t “get away with murder.” She was found not guilty of driving while impaired while she was “driving while impaired.” The just didn’t believe she was impaired. “She crushed up some Ambien, she took it, and she was driving while impaired, barely awake, but she wasn't.” The jury said, "No, she didn't mean it." It wasn't because she was a Kennedy! “No, no, that had nothing to do with it.” It was a brilliant defense. She said she was on the way to work. Nobody gets drunk on the way to work (Ya THINK?)! Nobody takes Ambien on the way to work.” They DON’T? What kind of stupid people don’t think drug abusers and drunks do stupid things? If she wasn’t Robert Kennedy’s daughter, she would be in the deepest, darkest dungeon they could find. (Rush Limbaugh) And if you don’t believe it because the source is Rush Limbaugh, the jury is not the stupid ones.

Answer the Damned Question!

I’ve asked the same question of anti-gun politicians all over the country. And to a man (or woman) they can’t answer it. The question is, “What makes you think a CRIMINAL, whose whole life is dedicated to breaking the law, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?” They either ignore it and walk away (one even called security to get rid of me) or start calling me names (labeling me) such as “gun lover.” Then some ask me if I’d like for EVERYBODY to be armed, as they walk away. If I had been given a chance to answer, my answer would be “yes.” If illegally armed criminals could not generally depend on their intended victims to be unarmed and thus, an “easy target,” maybe some of them would go into other, less dangerous “professions.” If these ignorant politicians would just CONSIDER an answer to my question, maybe they’d wake up and realize that disarming EVERYBODY is NOT an answer to gun violence. But they don’t, and continue to make stupid laws that make us all “easy targets” for illegally armed criminals, while accomplishing nothing else. (Just common sense)

We're Livintg "Atlas Shrugged"

Midas Mulligan (weird name, that, but Ayn Rand was prone to using such names) was the biggest and richest banker in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” the story of “men of the mind” going “on strike” against the looters and moochers who were enslaving them and their inventiveness. They were being PUNISHED for being “achievers.” Mulligan rebelled against them when they demanded he loan money to people who could not repay it and “zeroed out” his businesses, to disappear from sight along with people like John Galt, the inventor of the world’s first real “perpetual motion” machine, who went “on strike” against the looters and moochers, refusing to allow them any longer to take advantage of the products of their minds. We’re LIVING “Atlas Shrugged” today on a much grander scale, with the Democrat Party itself making similar demands, not just on one banker, but on ALL lenders of money. This has caused a major collapse of the economy that has created a “bloodless coup” allowing the Democrats to completely “take over” the federal government and impose their will (which happens to be collectivism, or socialism) on America.

Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-WI) said this about the Democrat scam as the reason why he gives copies of “Atlas Shrugged” away to his colleagues: “ ’It’s an audacious scheme,’ said Ryan in his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference recently. ‘Set off a series of regulatory blunders and congressional meddling, blame the free market for the financial crisis that follows — then use this excuse to impose a more intrusive state. Sounds like something right out of an Ayn Rand novel.’ ” He’s right. Ayn Rand predicted what’s happening now. That liberals would “go crazy” if they ever gained complete control, and they’re doing just that. They’ve spent more in the first three weeks of Obama’s “rule” than the government spent in all the time since America’s creation! The bankers and lenders are “lining up,” as the employees of the Starnes Company did in “Atlas,” to prove they are “the most needy.” Socialism makes “need” a DEMAND on the earnings of those capable of earning their own way. When it takes over (as it is doing now) many people want “in on the action.” They want others to allow them to live at others’ expense, using “need” as a DEMAND on their earnings. This is what’s at the bottom of our problems; not capitalism, as the socialist Democrats want you to believe. I've posted this before, and nothing happened. People read it, and then went out and washed their cars and forgot it.For that reason, they WILL win, eventually, even with people like me sounding the bell of danger. They just don't care. (Washington Independent)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The "Commerce Clause Swindle"

The feds have always wanted to convince the people that the “commerce clause” to the Constitution allowed federal law to trump state and local laws. It does NOT. It merely allows the feds to control what happens BETWEEN states. Not entirely WITHIN a state. In addition, the Constitution clearly states that state laws trump federal laws in ALL cases. They try to obfuscate the issue, but nothing could be clearer. In N. Dakota there is a “nullification law” that stops them from ANY action regarding controlling guns made WITHIN the state and USED within the state under the “commerce clause.” Other states have made similar laws stopping them from interference in state’s business in this and other areas, such as the light bulb freedom act, the whiskey freedom act, the tobacco freedom act, the healthcare freedom act, and others. Inspired by the MFFA (Montana Firearms Freedom Act), the U.S. is now alive with ‘nullification’ efforts at the state level – state efforts telling the federal government to back off,” he said. I’d have used a different word than “back,:” but you get the idea. The feds need to “bug off” and stay out of state business. The states CREATED the feds. The states RULE. The feds hate that and try to scotch it at every turn. The “Supremes” usually help them, and by so doing violate the very instrument they were created (by that instrument) to protect. (World Net Daily)

"Gun control" Is A Crime

It gets people killed. If just ONE person in the path of the “Alabama Killer” had been armed and had the will and training to use his/her gun, Michael McClendon would not have been able to kill as many people in his rampage before he was shot to death. It makes no difference whatever whether or not the gun or guns he was using were legally obtained and legally carried, or were bought out of the trunk of an illegal gun seller in an alley somewhere. Someone bent on killing others doesn’t worry about the “legality” of the guns he has. What makes ANYBODY think a law against carrying or owning a gun will stop, or even slow down a criminal whose life is spent breaking the law, is beyond me. All such laws do is give such people a ready supply of “easy targets.” Even people who are directly threatened have trouble getting guns. I remember two stories of women who, threatened by their spouses, went in two different directions; one applied for a gun permit and was told to wait fifteen days to get it. She was shot to death by her boyfriend the next day. The other woman wasn’t so stupid. She bought an illegal gun and, when her ex-husband tried to kill her, she shot him to death. They tried to charge her with carrying a gun illegally, but the jury wasn’t stupid, either. There was no question about self-defense. In Israel, EVERYBODY carries a gun and my favorite “mind-picture” is of an old Jewish lady standing over a Palestinian terrorist, pumping bullets into his dead body. We need such gun laws” here so more of us can stay alive when crazies start shooting up the landscape.(Yahoo News/AP) Sorry, but this URL is outdated. Apparently they have pulled this story.

Freedom FROM Religion

I've posted this before, but it's worth posting again. This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School , Kingston , Tennessee , by school Principal, Jody McLeod "It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country." Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it "an alternate life style," and if someone is offended, that's OK. I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex.." If someone is offended, that's OK. I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable! means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem... I can designate a school day as "Earth Day" and involve students in activities to worship religiously and praise the Goddess "Mother Earth" and call it "ecology.." I can use literature, videos and presentations in the classroom that depict people with strong, traditional Christian convictions as "simple minded" and "ignorant" and call it "enlightenment.."

However, if anyone uses this facility to honor God and to ask Him to Bless this event with safety and good sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated.. This appears to be inconsistent at best, and at worst, diabolical. Apparently, we are to be tolerant of everything and anyone, except God and His Commandments. Nevertheless , as a school principal, I frequently ask staff and students to abide by rules with which they do not necessarily agree.. For me to do otherwise would be inconsistent at best, and at worst, hypocritical... I suffer from that affliction enough unintentionally. I certainly do not need to add an intentional transgression. For this reason, I shall ‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's,’ and refrain from praying at this time. "However, if you feel inspired to honor, praise and thank God and ask Him, in the name of JESUS, to Bless this event, please feel free to do so. As far as I know, that's not against the law----yet."

One by one, the people in the stands bowed their heads, held hands with one another and began to pray. They prayed in the stands.. They prayed in the team huddles. They prayed at the concession stand and they prayed in the Announcer's Box! The only place they didn't pray was in the Supreme Court of the United States of America- the Seat of ‘Justice’ in the ‘one nation, under GOD.’ Somehow, Kingston , Tennessee Remembered what so many have forgotten. We are given the Freedom OF Religion, not the Freedom FROM Religion. Praise GOD that HIS remnant remains! JESUS said, ‘If you are ashamed of ME before men, then I will be ashamed of you before MY FATHER..’ If you are not ashamed, pass this on.” I’m not big on organized religion, but this is clearly the right way to handle a WRONG decision by the Supreme Court. I'm not one bit ashamed to pass this on. Are you? Thank God we still have some intelligent people running SOME of our schools. (Just common sense)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Obama Sez "GOP Has Nothing"

He continues to LIE and say the Republicans have presented NO PLANS on the health care issue (And I keep telling people about his lies and there is no discernible reaction). He likes to tell that lie on every issue. The TRUTH is, they have presented MANY plans, but he has rejected every one of them out of hand, some without even taking the trouble to read them. Much like Congress does when they pass laws without reading them. You can always depend on what Obama says. You can depend on it being a LIE. I’ve seen some presidential lies before, but Obama’s are the most egregious ever. Unlike George Washington, Obama cannot tell the TRUTH. It’s a constitutional inability with him. He would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. Some of his lies (and the lies told by his henchmen like Harry Reid) make me physically ILL at the INSULT to my intelligence. (Just common sense)

Frustrating Business

This is really a frustrating business I’m in; trying to alert people to the many ways the liberals are screwing them every day, and which they don’t notice because they aren’t paying attention. There are so MANY scams and schemes operating at any given time, I could sit at this computer typing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and not begin to cover even a few of them. This is why the liberals are winning. There’s NO WAY we can even KNOW about all their scams and schemes, let alone stop them. The only way we can win is to vote these bast-rds out at every opportunity and hope they don’t STEAL the election, anyway. A good example is the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976;” you know, the one that destroyed our economy to get Obama and all his cronies elected in 2008? The one that FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it? (A la “Atlas Shrugged” and Midas Mulligan, the banker who financed “Galt’s Gulch” when the producers of society started refusing to let themselves be looted any longer and “went on strike.” That’s just ONE of them, and the largest (I hope). This needs to STOP! People need to start “PAYING ATTENTION” to politics. Or politics will RUIN them! (Just common sense)

Discrediting Palin

The Democrats (liberals all) are so predictable, you can use them as a “compass” to see just who frightens them the most by watching who it is they attack the most often, and the most viciously. They call Republicans “mean-spirited,” but there is NOTHING more “mean-spirited” than what they say about Sarah Palin. Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings (A Democrat who was IMPEACHED when he was on the bench for corruption) said, “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks” (How he makes a connection there is beyond me). Aside from the lack of good grammar, that’s a typical unspecified attack. Florida Congressman John Lewis said Palin reminded him of racial segregationist George Wallace (who was a Democrat until he went independent). S. Carolina Democrat Party Chairman Carol Fowler thinks she’s not qualified because she’s never killed a baby (never had an abortion). What a STUPID thought!

Then Barack Obama himself (B. O.) said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” The left claims to be “tolerant,” but they’re only tolerant of those who “toe their liberal (socialist) line.” Columnist Andrew Sullivan had the temerity to claim (with no proof whatever) that Palin's youngest son was not her own child. A New York Times columnist compared her to a “fatal cancer.” But the only “fatal cancer” in this plot is the New York Times and its pushing (with the Democrat Party) of socialism. In Alaska, Democrats are filing all kinds of unsustainable “ethics complaints” on her, much like they did on former Republican Senate Leader Newt Gingrich (another Republican they hate and fear). All this does is show me they’re “scared to death” of Sarah. If she runs for president in 2016 in her own right (without McCain “gagging” her so she can say what she means), she’ll win in a landslide. Especially if Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (another dependable conservative) is her running mate. (Just common sense)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fear of Guns

I’ve known many people that are simply “afraid of guns.” This is an illogical fear of an inanimate object that is only dangerous when in the hands of dangerous people. There isn’t mush to be written about fear of guns except to say “it’s all in your head.” If your mind “feeds” the idea that guns are “scary” and themselves to be feared, you will fear them. But if you learn more about them you’ll see they are, like fire, only dangerous if mishandled or misused. If properly handled and used, they can be a strong force for good and can keep you alive. Never fear them. Only fear the fools who misuse them. (Natalie Foster)

Taser "Death"

Twice in recent days people have been shocked and have died. The “quick” judgment is that the shock killed him. That is impossible. Stun guns cannot kill. There isn’t enough AMPERAGE to do so. I’d bet that when the autopsy results are in, it will be discovered that both these people had underlying medical problems that killed them, not the stun gun. Of course, family members will not accept this, as the stun gun is a “convenient target.” They’ll say the medical examiner is “part of the system” and ruled to “save” the cop who stunned him. MEs don’t operate that way. They find what’s there and report it. Maybe it has happened in the past, but it’s not “common.” Medical Examiners are THERE as an “oversight” to the cops, and anybody else who might kill someone, accidentally or on purpose. In one case, the man fell to his death AFTER being stunned, but the press STILL called his death as CAUSED by being “tazed.” I’ll wait until I find out just what killed this man before I blame the stun gun the cop used. (Update: now it has come to light [thanks to Fox News] that he was on a ledge, high above the street when he was shocked, and FELL to his death. He died of “head trauma” caused by his fall. A police lieutenant and the cop who shocked him at a very bad time have been relieved of duty. It was NOT the stun gun that killed him, news reports notwithstanding). Nonetheless, news reports still say this “has brought renewed focus to the use of Tasers by police.” Maybe they ought to teach them not to use them on people precariously perched on ledges, way above the street. One thing is sure: shooting him would not have been better. (Fox News)