Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Armed" Fence-Jumper

The more time passes, the more they describe the latest “fence-jumper” at the White House as a danger, which he was not. He carried a knife with a three-inch blade, probably very similar to the one I carry to cut my food in case I’m in a restaurant that only provides tiny plastic knives, or no knives, at all. But the big problem is not whether or not he was a danger to Obama, who had already left, but how far he got before the incompetent Secret Service caught up to him. Word now is that he made it almost all the way to the president’s residence before they “got him.” He is an ex-military man whose mind has been BLOWN by his experiences. He needs HELP, not imprisonment, but they mean to have him punished severely, for making them look foolish. Truth is, HE didn’t make them look foolish; they did a pretty good job of that, themselves. It’s a good thing he didn’t have an AR-15. There might have been a bad situation if he did, and was bent on doing damage, word is, he just wanted to TALK to Obama. I’d say the head of the Secret Service won’t be around long. Unless Obama is afraid to fire her because she’s a woman. (The Blaze)

Stupid Politicians

In Santa Clara County, Utah, a councilman was infuriated by a newly-passed ordinance allowing guns in city parks. That ordinance is now in the process of being repealed. But the interesting part of this is that councilman’s with to make it illegal to use a gun in self-defense! Something he apparently doesn’t know is guaranteed under our Constitution. It would seem that people who hold elected office under that Constitution ought to be at least DIMLY aware of its content, and how it affects the laws and ordinances he/she makes, As long as we keep electing such STUPID PEOPLE to office, we will get stupid laws made. (St. George News)

Jihad Is HERE!

Even if that damned fool in the White House is too stupid to admit it! A recently converted to Islam fool in Morris, OK who broadcast his intent in many ways, and many places (but was ignored), went into the place where he had been fired from and BEHEADED one of the women there who had rebuffed his efforts to convert her to Islam. He was trying to kill another “non-believer” when the company’s chief financial officer (who also happens to be a volunteer deputy sheriff) blew him away—AGAIN proving my point that it only takes ONE GUN, in the hands of someone who knows how to use it and isn’t afraid to do so, to make it a very bad day for any would-be mass killer. It also proves my prediction that Jihad would be here, soon, with Obama’s REFUSAL to enforce our border control laws, and his refusal to take Islamic terrorists seriously. It happens this guy is “home-grown,” having been a recent convert. But who converted and radicalized him? Notice the picture accompanying this article, of a Muslim (in America) holding a sign saying to “behead all those who insult Islam.” I say we should make a law allowing people like that to be shot on sight. (Joe for America)

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist?"

Gimme a BREAK! Why then, was a Democrat candidate recently arrested for it? “Democrats and the dominant media assure us that vote fraud doesn’t exist, so we certainly don’t need voter ID, and in fact it would be racist to demand as much proof of identity as is necessary to board an airplane or buy a drink. Nevertheless, a Democrat state representative in Connecticut was arrested for allegedly voting 19 times.” That Democrat, Christina (“Tita”) Alaya, (D-Bridgeport) was arrested on 19 charges of voter fraud. If every Democrat did that, they’d win EVERY election. Maybe they do, and that’s why they win so many. Don’t look for much coverage of this in the liberal media, because they don’t think DEMOCRAT voter fraud is “newsworthy.” And to report it would violate their preconceived notions. Remember that other Democrat woman who BRAGGED that she had voted many times? That didn’t get much coverage, either. They can claim voter fraud doesn’t exist because there isn’t any way to uncover most of it, and Democrats are in the forefront of OPPOSITION  to any being put in place because that’s probably (??) how they win most of their elections. (American Thinker)

"Islam? Violent? Naahh!"

The Justice Department has announced a new program to combat “violent extremism,” but doesn’t include Islamic terrorism in it. It seems to ma ANY program to combat “violent extremism” should have the Islamic terrorists in it, right up front; but not in the Obama administration. He “talks a good game” about “fighting terrorism,” but he completely misses the mark when he talks about the people responsible for just about ALL of it. I think that’s on purpose. He doesn’t want to IDENTIFY the real culprits because he is one of them. Every day he refuses to acknowledge that they are responsible is TREASON. (The Blaze)

Showing Their Stupidity

In Boston, they replaced female cheerleaders with male cheerleaders. Talk about an “epic FAIL!” Don’t these lame-brains understand that sex sells? And FEMALE cheerleaders are the team’s way of injecting sex into the equation in their games? That’s because a majority of people attending sports games are MEN. So unless they’re gay, they don’t appreciate MALE cheerleaders. That shows supreme STUPIDITY on the part of the people who made the decision to get rid of the girls and replace them with men. I watch the things liberals do and MARVEL at their abysmal stupidity about how the world works, such as having scoreless sports events and replacing women with male cheerleaders. Frankly, if you don’t keep score, what’s the point? Think about an auto race without a winner. What are they racing for? And in a basketball game with no score, what are they shooting baskets for? In children’s versions of these games, you can bet those KIDS are keeping score, even if those brainless adults are not. They know who won, even if the adults don’t want them to. (Just common sense)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Muslims the Vicrims In OK?

Wow! It amazes me the methods Muslims use to twist things in their favor, and I predict that OBAMA will lap it up like a puppy at suppertime. Now they’re moaning that by beheading a woman he couldn’t get to convert to Islam, he made it harder for Muslims to live in America; and he’s right. But that was NOT his intent. His intent was to PROMOTE Islam in America. That is not in question to intelligent people. The problem is, there are way too many UN-intelligent people in the US. They pay no attention to politics, and if they do read the newspapers at all, they only read the headlines—and this plays right into the hands of people who push such lies. The point is, whatever the Muslims say, the TRUTH is, he beheaded her because he couldn’t convert her, and that’s what Islamic terrorists WANT to happen in America. Such things help in the “terrorizing” of America (they think), and that’s what they’re after, no matter how much they whine about it making things harder on “peaceful Muslims.” In reality (which they can't understand) it just strengthens our backbones. Not like in other countries used to being terrorized, (American Thinker)

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

A waitress (at the time) tells the story of how Rush Limbaugh twice gave her a $1,000 tip, which she, in turn, gave “some of it” (I wonder how much?)to a pro-abortion outfit of which she was a member, ‘”just to spite him” because “he is evil incarnate.” This woman obviously doesn’t listen to his program, and is simply reacting to what she has HEARD from the liberals in her life. If she does listen (doubtful), she doesn’t use LOGIC to evaluate what he says. If she’s basing her opinion on his opposition to the MURDER they call “abortion,” I can see why she doesn’t like him. Murderers, and those who SUPPORT murder, don’t usually like it when their motives are questioned, although most of them wouldn’t go so far as to throw money away. As to Limbaugh giving her that much money, he must have seen something in her he liked (not on a romantic basis, or he’d have made a move on her). I guess he’s just not as good a judge of character as he thinks he is. (The Blaze)

Networks Yawn

James Foley’s mother criticizes Obama’s inaction on getting James Foley released, before he was BEHEADED by ISIS, And the liberal media isn’t interested, because to cover it might put Obama in a bad light. This is becoming all too common: the liberal media NOT covering anything that might put Obama in a bad light. The families of the four Americans MURDERED (with Obama’s help) in Benghazi have complained several times. Did you hear about it? No. Not unless you pay attention via the “alternative media.” How about his part in giving “right-wing” applicants for tax-free status a hard time while giving lefties the “fast-track treatment?” How about Obama’s brother being one of those who got “fast-tracked?” I didn’t think so. I dream of the day when the media gets back to doing their jobs instead of being a “mouthpiece” for Obama and a “sponge” to soak up bad info before it gets to us. (Media Research Center)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Holder Wasn't Political"

“He was not political at all,” say the DOLTS who support him. What have they been smoking? On what planet have they been living? I don’t think there has BEEN a more political attorney General than Eric Holder—ever. And the fools who say otherwise are monumental fools. It amazes me that there are so many people in DC who are so monumentally STUPID. But that’s to be expected when a serial CRIMINAL appoints them and they have to be stupid to support his policies. This “non-political AG” recently called us “a nation of cowards” when it’s HOLDER who is the coward. He was judged to be in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over papers regarding “Fast & Furious,” Obama’s “gun-running” scheme to Mexican drug cartels, and who called all criticism of himself and Obama “racially motivated.” The man who REFUSED to prosecute two black men who stood in front of a polling place and intimidated voters into voting for Obama because "they're my people."  If that’s not political, I don’t know what is. (Media Research Center)

Lousy Shots

I hate to keep repeating this, but the anti-gun fools keep ignoring it, while making their USELESS gun laws that do nothing more than give the criminals and crazies an unlimited supply of UNARMED victims. Chicago has some of the TIGHTEST gun laws in the country, in spite of the “hiccup” the court gave them by recognizing their gun ban as unconstitutional. Nevertheless, 40 people were shot and 4 were KILLED by gunfire in the “Windy City” by the lake, including an eleven-year-old girl, in one weekend, recently. What that shows, beyond the unalterable fact that most shooters there are lousy shots, is that their gun laws are USELESS to keep guns out of the hands of people who would use them illegally. People who plan on committing crimes don’t worry about the LEGALITY of the way they get their guns. They don’t obey ANY laws, so why should they obey a law that says they can’t be armed? When are these fools going to figure that out and begin making laws that WORK? Probably never. All they want to do is disarm EVERYBODY (except those with “pull,” of course). (Breitbart)

"Ain't Gonna Give It Up"

Robert Kennedy, Jr. flew in on his private jet, climbed into his gas-guzzler, and drove to the demonstration where he exhorted, between cell phone calls, that everybody in the world (except him, of course) give up their cell phones and stop driving their cars to keep from destroying the planet (flying in private jets was not mentioned). When a reporter asked him if he was going to give HIS cell phone and cars up, he answered, “No. Are you gonna give YOURS up?” She answered, “I’m not the one telling OTHER PEOPLE do give theirs up!” This is a typical liberal demanding OTHER PEOPLE give things up while refusing to do so himself. The hypocrisy of this is devastating; but he isn’t smart enough to realize it. (Just common sense)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ferguson Top Cop: "Sorry"

I don’t know who got to him, but it seems really stupid to me to APOLOGIZE to the family of a THUG who got just what was coming to him as he tried to KILL the cop who was trying to get him to stop walking in the middle of the road, right after he had strong-armed the theft of some cigars at a convenience store (of which the cop was unaware). That pretty much tells me what’s going to happen to this cop, who merely did his job, and did it well. His fate will be up to “the system,” but it’s clear his career as a cop is OVER. If he is cleared, he’ll have to leave town—fast, before the mob can find him. But in Ferguson, I don’t think he’ll be cleared. Ferguson has been too well radicalized against him. (TheBlaze)

Liberals Are the Enemy

It’s about time Americans realized it. Aside from the fact that pure liberalism means a belief in collectivism (socialism) to be imposed upon this country, liberals are working HARD to HELP the Islamic terrorists all over the world. Every time Obama has to “rule” on a question involving Muslims, he “rules” in their favor. He is ARMING Islamic terrorists in Syria, calling them “Syrian rebels,” which we know that’s not all they are. If liberals have their way, we’ll be the next “Soviet Union.” The next “showcase socialist society” to “prove” to the world that socialism (under whatever name) works—even though it does NOT. It has failed every time it has been tried, eventually; in Russia, only after 75 years. In Cuba longer, because of the support of other communist (socialist) regimes that still have money. They always seem to find fools to support them, fools who only want a “free ride” in life, with others making their decisions FOR them—which is okay with them as long as the “goodies” keep coming. We’d better start realizing this, and get liberals out of our government, so they can no longer make rules and laws that move us ever closer to collectivism (socialism. communism, etc.). (Just common sense)

Senate Blocks Cruz Bill

Democrats in the Senate have shown their true colors: “The Senate has refused to consider Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill that would strip Americans of their citizenship for joining the Islamic State (ISIS) or any other terrorist group after one Democratic member objected.” ONE MEMBER objected, so they blocked a bill that would have kept traitors from returning to set up “cells” from which to kill Americans. I’ve said Obama and his Democrat pals are IN FAVOR of the Muslims doing what they do, and now they’ve proven it. There can be no other reason for blocking this bill but them WANTING those homegrown ISIS believers to return and kill Americans. The average Senate Democrat doesn’t know why he or she voted that way, they only know that’s how Obama would want them to vote. And they’re very obedient. (Minuteman News)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

AG Holder to Quit:

I didn’t believe it, at first. I thought Holder would cling to this powerful job for as long as Obama is in office. He's one of the rats leaving a sinking ship. He wants an even more powerful job, according to Rush Limbaugh. He wants to get the next Supreme Court nomination, and felt it would be better to go for it as a private lawyer, rather than as the AG (I figured Obama promised it). If that happens, we’re REALLY in trouble because a man who would not prosecute a case of voter intimidation because the intimidators were “his people” could really make trouble as a Supreme Court Justice. Anybody with the complete LACK of scruples he has displayed who has a “lifetime appointment” in a place where it would be almost impossible to dislodge him worries the hell out of me, and should worry you, too. I guess he’s getting ready for the time when Obama won’t be in power and able to protect him from his criminal acts. (The Blaze)

Limbaugh Stymied

And so am I. He says it was exciting back when Reagan was elected. It was nice to be part of something good (he equated that to being a Republican). But that it is no more. All we know about Republicans is that they aren’t Obama, though many of them either agree with him or are afraid not to. We have no idea what the Republicans, as a party, stand for. They’re now controlled by hustlers and timid, indecisive candidates that are afraid to say anything controversial. WILL they be able to unseat all (or most of) the Democrats responsible for the malaise we now find ourselves in? I don’t know. They “ran off” Sarah Palin and others who had a chance, aided by the Democrats. We have no idea what they stand for. If they DON’T get the socialist Democrats out of office, we’re LOST. We’ll become the next “Soviet Union.” The worse part of it is, I don’t know if they’re capable of doing so. Nancy Peelosi says if the Republicans win in November, we’re DONE. I think it’s just the other way around. If the DEMOCRATS win in November, we’re LOST; and my days will (as will yours) be numbered, because one of their first actions then will be to put people like me who keep track of their transgressions and tell you about them out of business, one way or the other. They’ll either kill me or put me in prison on some trumped-up charge. (World Net Daily)

Cops Running wild

They stormed Marvin Louis Guy’s home at 5 AM to “serve a warrant.” Guy, fearing a criminal ‘home invasion” (he was right, but these criminals wore badges) when he was attacked by people he didn’t know, got his gun and prepared to defend his home. He’s lucky to be alive, since cops, in that kind of situation, usually fill the homeowner full of holes. Instead, they arrested him for murder and attempted murder (three counts) on a police officer. Now he faces the death penalty for defending his home against unknown invaders. This is not right. Cops should not be allowed to invade people’s homes and charge the homeowner with a crime when he rightfully defends his home, which he is allowed to do, under the law and the Constitution. I know they do it like that to surprise people, who are thought (operative word, “thought”) to be criminals. But that surprise can get them killed, and they treat being killed in that fashion as a simple crime—which it is NOT, except in THEIR case. I remember a case where they conducted such a raid on phony charges because the sheriff wanted this guy’s land for his own purposes. He appeared with a gun and they “filled him full of holes” and later bought the property for “a song” from his widow. (Last Resistance)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Typical Liberal

If they don’t like it, it must be racist. Now they’re saying that to be pro-gun is racist. That the reason we want to be allowed to be armed to be able to defend ourselves is so we can shoot blacks (only if they're attacking us). They, as usual, point out that more blacks than whites are killed by guns, without mentioning that most of those blacks (OR whites) are armed and attempting to victimize innocent people with THEIR illegal guns. They show “selective statistics” to back up their position while eliminating statistics that prove otherwise, as usual. I’m going to be very clear, here; something the liberal media never are. The reason more blacks  (or non-whites, including Hispanics) die by guns than white people is that white people seem to be better shots. Most neighborhood gangs are peopled by Hispanics and blacks, and ALL are illegally armed. This is why more “non-whites” are killed (while in the process of committing crimes) than white people. That’s a fact that will NEVER be pointed out by the anti-gun fools. (Tampa Bay Times)


Obama insists on funding Islamic terrorists, PRETENDING he’s “funding Syrian rebels.” Syrian rebels were taken over a long time ago by Islamic terrorists, so they are the ENEMY! That fact is obvious and transparent. But Obama wants to “fund the Syrian rebels” with OUR money. That’s TREASON, but nobody will call it that. It was once said, “Treason never prospers; for if it doth prosper, none dare CALL it treason.” That saying was made famous as the words behind a prophetic book I read, early on in my spotted career, “None Dare Call It Treason.” Treason now appears to BE prospering in the person of Barack Hussein Obama., How long are we going to allow a committed CRIMINAL to run this country? I know he was ELECTED, but criminality of this magnitude cannot go unpunished regardless. They talk about “a fear the weapons will fall into the wrong hands.” But we are putting them DIRECTLY into the “wrong hands.” Obama is funding and supplying our ENEMIES and nobody (except a few like me who pay attention and Allen West) are saying a word. (Allen West)

Why Do You Do It?

Often people ask me why I publish my blogs that oppose everything liberals do? The answer is simple. The things liberals do are DESIGNED to take away our rights and spend all our money (and then some). Then they ask where I get my material. That answer is simple, too. I PAY ATTENTION to things they ignore and seeing the idiocy of what liberals do to keep us under their thumb is so EASY. I just keep track of what’s going on in the news. The REAL news; not that which the liberals control. Yes, Fox is one of my major sources—but not the only one. I keep track of what’s happening on MANY of the “alternative news sites,” all the time. I catch the things the liberal media doesn’t want you to know, and tell you about it. I could know what’s happening simply by watching the LIBERAL news sources and by KNOWING just the opposite is true. Except for what they just ignore. It’s like I can know what’s happening by listening to Obama’s speeches and knowing he’s lying every time he opens his mouth. Like his lies that “If you like your doctor or insurance company you can keep them,” or “Health insurance prices will go DOWN because of Obamacare.” If you PAY ATTENTION to politics as I do, you can stay up on what’s REALLY happening. That’s why I wrote “Pay ATTENTION to Politics,” available on Amazon. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miniscule Coverage

It isn’t surprising to me that NBC gives “short shrift” to coverage of the CLEARING of Gov. Christie in the “Bridgegate scandal, while going “wall-to-wall in coverage of the original “scandal. ABC and CBS have yet to cover it, at this writing. This is typical of the liberal media, which covers ONLY what it WANTS to cover, and NEVER gives much coverage to it when things don’t go their way. The media today has lost ALL credibility with those who pay attention, and only have a small bit with those who don’t. Thank God for the “alternative media.” It’s the only way we can find out what’s REALLY going on. We certainly can’t count on the liberal media (sometimes known as the “mainstream media”). Of course, they say the “alternative media” lies, but they can’t prove it. Which never stops them from saying anything. (Media Research Center)

Sucking On America's Teat

Afghanistan, in spite of the BILLIONS of dollars we spent to liberate them from the Islamic terrorists, is now “poor-mouthing” us, claming they need $534 million dollars from the United States. Frankly, I don’t know why they didn’t ask for $534 BILLION dollars. They’d probably get it, with this incompetent bunch of fools controlling the money we don’t have, since Obama spent it all. This is yet another example that, no matter how much we help people, they always demand more. And they usually get it, when liberals are in control. And liberals ARE in control, right now, though that’s going to change in November. I just hope they don’t pass laws that finally totally BANKRUPT us before they’re forced out of office. We should make a law that office holders who are voted out CANNOT make laws during their “lame duck” period. Or one that forces those voted out to leave office IMMEDIATELY after the election. (Fox News)

Yet Another Gun Maker Moves

Beretta has had their manufacturing facility in Maryland for many years. But when the State of Maryland made the importation and sale of products they sold to customers all over illegal, they said, “It’s time to move.” And move, they’re going to do. To Gallatin, Kentucky, a more “gun-friendly” state. The Kentucky facility won’t open until 2015, but the action will affect hundreds of jobs now in Maryland. Maryland’s loss is Kentucky’s gain. Beretta makes many guns for the United States government, but the new laws make that impossible. So now they have to move, and take their jobs with them. (Daily Caller)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Soros the ENEMY!

George Soros is an ENEMY of society. He has been responsible for the fall of several governments by destroying their economy, and he’s working HARD to do that to us. When you “follow the money” in just about anything these days that is bad for America, you’ll find George Soros money behind it, through one of his “front groups.” How long is he going to be allowed to do this before somebody who can DO something about him wakes up and takes action? This man is a KNOWN enemy of America but is allowed to continue his nefarious ways unimpeded. Now he’s got money in the plot to shut Texas Gov. Perry up by conning a Texas Grand Jury into charging him with an IMAGINARY “crime. Everybody knows the right prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich if he wants to. (MRC)

Obama--Wake UP!

Obama says ISIS is NOT “Islamic.” Wake up, Obama; Islam is on their NAME! They tell us they are Islamics. But you’re too dense to accept it. Or you just want to hide it or make it something your apologists can question. ISIS represents what will befall us if they ever “take over” because of your purposely bumbling response to their atrocities. You want to help them as much as you can while fooling the American people into believing that’s not what you’re doing. I think you WANT an Islamic caliphate to engulf the United States with YOU as the Caliph. Add to that your efforts to make this into a socialist country and we have evidence that you’re a SABOTEUR who wants everything inimical to our interests. You need to be REMOVED, tarred, and feathered. Then imprisoned for the rest of your life with no contact with the outside world so you can do us NO further harm. (American Thinker)

Don't Let The UN Take Over Gun Control

The United Nations “Small Arms Treaty” threatens to allow the United Nations to “take over” gun control in the United States with the APPROVAL of Obama and his Congress. This CANNOT happen! You can’t “bypass” Congress by making and ratifying a treaty if doing so violates the Constitution, There is only ONE WAY to change the Constitution and that is by the president signing it, and 2/3 of the states, in an open election, ratifying it. Just signing a treaty will not accomplish it—UNLESS they do it anyway by violating the Constitution and the Congress does nothing in opposition. This will not be LEGAL, but if NOBODY opposes it effectively, it will be ENFORCED as it it WERE legal. This must be “nipped in the bud” BEFORE Obama gets a chance to put his plan into action! This treaty again demonstrates Obama’s contempt for our individual, Constitutional freedoms. If he allows it to go into effect, that ALONE should be grounds for impeachment and removal from office. (Washington Times)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jihad In America

You think Islamic Jihad will come here “one day?” Well, you’d better rethink that. Jihad is here, NOW. Brendan Devlin stopped at a stop sign and was shot to death in a random shooting by Ali Muhammed Brown who was “doing his part” to “avenge the killings of Muslims in the Middle East.” Of course, he said nothing about the Muslim killing of thousands, including beheading little girls, that sparked those killings (that doesn't count, according to fools like him). Brown confessed to three other killings while “doing his part.” And Brown is not alone in his thinking, and certainly not alone on his wish to kill Americans because of their RETALIATION for Muslim atrocities and killings of innocents overseas. Certainly other Muslims will become enraged by his imprisonment for his murders and will do murders of their own, get caught, and enrage other Muslims, and so on, and so on. The Muslim population in the U. S. has DOUBLED since 9/11, which would ordinarily mystify me, since they had to KNOW they aren’t welcome. But I’m sire many of them came here specifically to become the American version of the Taliban or ISIS. We need to carefully watch such people, and that’s not “Islamaphobia (a phony term),” it’s COMMON SENSE. (Preserve Freedom)

Reid Didn't Get His Way

So he blocked a vote on gun control law repeal completely. He wanted to get “a consensus” between Democrats and Republicans on the matter but he couldn’t. So he just “shut the door” on a vote (took his ball and went home), completely. This is how Harry Reid works. If he doesn’t get his way, he just “shuts Republicans down,” since he is the MAJORITY leader in the Senate and controls just what, indeed, can even BE voted on. Yes, Democrats ARE in the majority in the Senate. But that should not give them the right to stop even a VOTE on various matters. Harry would like to be a DICTATOR, and his position in the Senate is as close as he’s ever going to get—and he’s going to make the most of it until he is voted out in an election he CAN’T control. (Breitbart)

Running Against Rush

Democrats have “jumped on the bandwagon” to hurt Rush Limbaugh for making fun of Massashusetts’ new law taking all the fun out of seduction. He said, “Sometimes no means yes,” which is a truism. But liberals aren’t smart enough to know that, so now they’re trying to reduce his advertising base by putting pressure on his advertisers to stop running his ads. I suspect they’ll learn, like one advertiser did when they stopped advertising with him for a time, and their business “took a nosedive.” They keep trying, and they keep getting their noses bumped. (The Daily Caller)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

ISIS Is Here!

Anybody who doesn’t believe ISIS (or whatever name they use today) is HERE, walk to the front so you can be the first victim. People are arguing over the question, asking for “proof.” They don’t even know that there IS proof. Terrorists have been coming through our non-existent southern border along with other illegal aliens, like water through a high water gun. Men are going cross-country KILLING people they think are “anti-Muslim.” Obama is calling such atrocities “workplace violence” or something else to HIDE the fact that it is Islamic terrorism, right here in America! They’re telling AMERICAN Islamic terrorists to find out the names and addresses of military members, then go and kill them. What more proof do they need? Are they blind, deaf, and dumb? What the hell is WRONG with these people? Can’t they see that these people wish us ALL dead? And that, if they can, they WILL kill us ALL? Including these deluded souls. If we don’t wake up. We’ll have Islamic terrorists living in our neighborhoods, right beside us, like in Afghanistan, threatening us with DEATH if we talk about it.  These fools will die along with us if we don’t do something. (Just common sense)

We Lost the War

The War on Poverty, that is. Former President Johnson said, in the sixties, that his initiative was going to ELIMINATE poverty. It didn’t. According to Census figures, just about as many people are in poverty today as were when Johnson’s “war” started. Which means we spent a lot more money than necessary, with NO discernable results. As in the “War Against Drugs,” where the number of people abusing drugs today numbers MORE than when THAT “war” started, presidents are known for making promises they cannot deliver, but these are two of the most obvious to those who pay attention. Obama has promised many things he couldn’t deliver, like raising (or lowering, I can’t keep track) the sea level. But that is a malady common to presidents, mostly Democrats. (The Daily Caller)

Doctor Returns Fire

A man walked into a hospital annex and opened fire, killing his caseworker, Whereupon a nearby doctor took out his legally carried gun and shot him, ending his rampage. Again proving that ONE gun, operated by someone who knows how and is not afraid to use it, can put an END to a “shooting rampage.” Nobody knows how many people this shooter would have killed if this doctor hadn’t shot him. This doctor was legally armed, although it was “against hospital policy” for him to be armed, although it was a good thing he was. The local police chief credits this doctor with saving a lot of lives. This doctor’s annex had no metal detectors, as the hospital itself, did. There seemed to be a direct entrance from there to the hospital, which seems to me to be an outrageous security lapse. (Mail News)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Congresswoman Calls Cops

On Larry Pratt, CEO of “Gun Owners of America,” for this statement: “I have never encouraged, or even suggested, that anyone harm anyone. Rather, my speech was designed to educate citizens, and politicians, that it is the fact that Americans are armed that allows them to resist efforts to be dominated, intimidated, or controlled by politicians.” His letter came after Maloney reported him to Capitol Police and the House Sergeant-at-Arms because of his statements in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. She told them Larry was telling people to attack elected government people. He was not. He was telling them they COULD, if those government people exceeded their authority egregiously, which was one of the main purposes of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, which she was SWORN to “uphold and defend.” Apparently she hasn’t even READ this document, which is normal; since congress people commonly don’t even read the bills they pass into law. The cops explained to this congresswoman that this was a constitutional guarantee, that no danger to HONEST politicians was eminent, and that no action was indicated. I suspect they had a good laugh after they hung up. (World Net Daily)

How Rich Folks Stay Rich

They’re cheap, and get other people to pick up the tab for as much as possible, so they won’t have to spend their own money, even if they have more of it than they can spend in three lifetimes. That applies to Jay Rockefeller, a Democrat senator who lives 60 miles from DC, and one of the richest people in the land. He travels by private plane (at $4,400.00 per trip, to go what is a trip BARELY long enough to get the wheels off the ground). But you can bet he has his Pina Colada while sitting in his “easy chair” for the less than an hour they’re in the air. A similar trip on a commercial airline would cost $206.00 on a commercial airline, but he’s “too good” for that. This wouldn’t be too bad, if he were the only Senator who did it. But I sincerely doubt it. Many Senators do something similar, and the taxpayers are the ones who “pick up the tab” for these excesses. Nancy Pelosi, for instance, not only does that, she books private planes for the rest of her family to travel on, too. And who pays for it? We do, of course. And they think it’s “their due.” (Tea Party)

Teaching the Wrong Thing

Children more often grew up to be responsible citizens back when we were allowed to properly punish them when they did bad things. It certainly worked with me, when my dad whipped me with a short section of air hose a couple of times (he only needed one or two times before I never again did anything to warrant it). But today, kids are being taught that if they didn’t like how they were punished, all they had to do was “drop a dime” on their parents to CPS, and their parents will be punished for the way they punished THEM. They’re teaching us NEVER to use corporal punishment on our kids. And when those kids predictably get into trouble, they want to punish US! Now a football player’s career is threatened when he is charged with a CRIME for doing what many of our grandparents did routinely to “keep us in line.” Whipping his child with a TWIG may END his football career and cost him MILLIONS of dollars because of the wimpy “system” we have today. (Mail Online)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Press Ignores Islamic Brutality

Islamic terrorists slice off the breasts of Christian girls (probably right after raping them), saw off people’s heads with rusty knives (on video for all the world to see), and the liberal media yawns. What is WITH them? Do they WANT the Islamic fools to win? Meanwhile, Obama “wrings his hands” at the possibility that people will associate these atrocities with Islam. What’s WRONG with these people? Are they “in league” with the Islamic killers? Or are they just STUPID? Now a NUN speaks out against their atrocities, and does the liberal media react? Yes; they vilify her. She talks about the liberal media’s enragement about a football player taking a switch to his son, but can’t take a MINUTE to report on the atrocities of the Islamic terrorists. Where are their PRIORITIES? Do they have any? I guess their priority is to protect Islam from ANY criticism for their crimes against nature. The liberal media is more concerned with the impending royal birth than with the atrocities committed by Muslims. (PatriotAction Network)

Students Are Stupid

They’re signing a petition to pressure Obama to SUPPORT our enemies, ISIS! How stupid IS this? It’s about as stupid as it gets, and it reflects the conditioning the students have been subject to for their entire school life. They have not only had information KEPT from them, they’re been taught things that are just not true. Yes, the Catholic Church ONCE did some amazingly bad things back in the days when EVERYBODY was stupid. But they “cleaned up their act” later, and don’t do such tings today. Muslims NEVER “cleaned up their act” and are STILL beheading unbelievers for nothing more than not believing the exact same way they do. But for us to SUPPORT them? That’s unbelievably stupid! That’s like pressing to SUPPORT the NAZIS during WWII! Those students will be among the FIRST people the terrorists kill if they ever gain the upper hand in America. They don’t understand this, and they’ll fight you if you try and set them straight. (Campus Reform)

They Aren't Too Smart

One wonders why Islamic terrorists are beheading people (including little girls—after raping them thoroughly) in front of cameras (not thew rape part) after patiently awaiting our exit from Iraq and Afghanistan so they could rape and murder without problems from us. Are they just STUPID? Don’t they know that doing such things will only harden our resolve and cost them many of their own lives? And probably the loss of their entire purpose? I’ve always thought those who truly BELIEVED in Islam weren’t too smart. Now they confirm it by doing something really STUPID. Yes, beheading Americans and Britons is horrifying. But WILL NOT “terrorize” us; all it will accomplish is more and harder attacks against them. Muslims wonder why they are “persona non-grata” in the United States, and that shows the depth of their stupidity. They can now expect us to DESTROY them, to a man. Not just “reduce their numbers” and “slow them down,” making them a manageable problem.” They are now ALL marked for death. They will become a “manageable problem” when they’re all dead. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Holder Issues "Fatwa"

He has “issued a fatwa” prohibiting states from using zoning laws to prohibit the building of Islamic mosques, just as if he had the AUTHORITY to prohibit ANYTHING the states do. Additionally, this is further evidence of Obama’s willingness to help Muslims in any of their endeavors. One place zoning laws were used to prohibit the building of a mosque right on the site of Islamic terrorism’s biggest (accidental) success (9/11) was in New York City. Muslims have a habit of building mosques on the sites of their successful atrocities, and Obama wants them to be able to do that in the United States (I think they should be prohibited from building mosques ANYWHERE in America, just like they prohibit the building of Christian churches in places they control). You don’t think so? Look at other decisions he has made in the favor of the Muslims, and I’m SURE Holder would not have attempted this without the approval of his boss. (American Thinker)

Peelosi's Gone "Round the Bend"

She’s the one who said, about the Obamacare bill, “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.” Since when must we pass a bill into law without knowing what’s in it? That’s got to be the STUPIDEST statement I’ve ever heard a member of the House say! And I've heard some stupid ones. Frankly, I think this fool is becoming senile and nobody will admit it. Now she says, “Civilization is doomed if the Republicans take control after the next election.” What? A party that simply wants to reverse the incursions into our rights the Democrats have caused and stop their insane spending are  “danger to civilization? Talk about being an EXTREMIST! And this is the fool who RAN the House when the Democrats were in a slight majority there. The one who is responsible for most of the ills that now beset us. And she says the REPUBLICANS will “destroy civilization?”  The DEMOCRATS are even now in the process of destroying us! I always say when a fool wants to display his/her IGNORANCE, just step back and let him/her. That she is doing, so well. (The Blaze)

Waiting Period Violates Constitution

A judge last year ruled that “waiting periods” burdened the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self defense. The Constitution says the government must NOT make ANY LAW (ANY law) that inhibits the right of citizens to be armed. This law DOES make such a limitation because it FORCES people to WAIT while trying to obtain the means for self defense in a timely fashion. There have been many cases where people have been KILLED by the person they feared, BEFORE they could legally get their gun. In at least one case where that person went ahead and got an ILLEGAL gun, her life was saved, since he tried to kill her while she waited for her gun license and she killed him. (World Net Daily)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Benghazi Documents "Scrubbed"

Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to “separate” damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. According to former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, the after-hours session took place over a weekend in a basement operations-type center at State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. This is the first time Maxwell has publicly come forward with the story.” One of the problems with having criminals in political office is that the CRIMINALS are in charge of the evidence and can simply destroy it if it becomes to “bothersome.” And I’d bet THAT Obama was aware of the “srubbing,” and approved of it. And this criminal can still make “rulings” and “scrub” evidence until January 20, when he will be FORCED to relinquish the office (I hope). (FreedomOutpost)

Why So Cocksure?

A woman asks a pro-gun activist, “Why are you so cocksure gun control doesn’t work?” The answer is simple: it doesn’t. Not the way they do it today, and yesterday. They aim at the guns themselves, as if they were dangerous in, and of themselves. In so doing, they create more and more UNARMED VICTIMS for criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, to victimize. It’s logical. They impose “gun-free ones,” which mean NOTHING to criminals, who carry their guns into them, anyway—because they don’t care about “gun-free zones” and regard them as “shooter-free zones” where there will not be any guns there to oppose them as they victimize those who OBEY laws and rules. It’s not “gun control” that doesn’t work, it’s the DIRECTION in which gun controllers go in “controlling gun violence” by limiting ownership and use of guns for SELF-DEFENSE, while doing nothing to PUNISH the USERS of guns in the commission of a crime. If they aimed their efforts in that direction, I’d be all for “gun control.” But not the “gun control” as they now use it. (Extrano’s Alley)

We're Gonna Lose

We’re losing the war on Islamic terrorism, mostly because we’re not really fighting it. And that’s because our political leaders are not ALLOWING us to fight it. Barack Obama IS a Muslim. He figures, like most Muslims, that the whole world ought to be Muslim. So he makes a few gestures (like blowing up a couple of pickup trucks on video) to make us THINK he’s doing something to stop ISIS. Meanwhile, he leaves their command structure and supply lines strictly alone so he won’t do them too much damage. If we don’t wake up and get “on the ball” (which will never happen as long as he is president), we’re going to lose, and lose badly. He’s crippling our border defenses so Muslim terrorists can cross our borders at will with impunity, and set up their “cells” within the United States, so as to kill as many Americans as possible. He's trying valiantly to disarm Americans so we can't properly fight when they come her to kill us. They want to make an Afghanistan out of America. They have promised us a “river of blood,” and to “raise the flag of Islam over the White House,” and they may well do so if we don’t start ADMITTING we are AT WAR with them and start acting like it. You can’t win a war if you refuse to fight it. (American Thinker)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Do Liberals Want Us Disarmed?

They SAY it’s to “keep guns away from criminals.” But their laws do NOTHING to accomplish that lofty goal. All they do is give illegally armed criminals a steady supply of UNARMED victims. Is that their goal? Do they want us disarmed so that, when their thugs come to take what’s ours, they will not be met by a gun in the hands of their intended victims?  Or is Obama a “closet Islamic terrorist” who is “preparing us” for the “invasion” to come, by his refusal to enforce border controls while disarming us? Can people not put “two and two together?” Islamic terrorists FAVOR “gun control” in the United States so there will be fewer guns here to oppose them when they “make their move” to kill as many Americans as they can. Is he working to help them? I think so, but I can’t convince others that their own president is a saboteur who wants the enemy to win. They just call me an “extremist” and move along. (Just common sense)

"Juiciest Irony Ever!"

Obama ran on an anti-war platform. He called Bush’s war in Iraq a “disaster,” and “unnecessary” since Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. But it DID. It provided a “safe harbor” for terrorists where they could recruit, train, and finance their murder sprees. An airplane fuselage mockup that was used to train terrorists for 9/11. Liberals say we LOST in Iraq, but that’s a typical liberal LIE. We won in Iraq in a week. Our tanks were passing behind Saddam’s PR hack, even as he told the world we were losing. But to liberals, the mere fact that we were a “presence” there said the war was not over. In that case, I guess we never won WWII, either. But now that “reluctant warrior” is finding it necessary to go back into Iraq and put the ISIS down before they gain enough strength to become a real problem. That’s a “juicy irony” as Rush says. When I found out Obama was going back into Iraq, I laughed all the way home. I guess Obama will call me a racist for saying this. The liberals are right. We DID lose in Iraq. But not until Obama told his troops to “cut and run,” leaving the terrorists all that military hardware. We “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.” And we’re ready to do it again in Afghanistan. (Rush Limbaugh)

Liberals Jumping Up and Down

Because Rush Limbaugh’s two books for children, which set the record straight about U. S. history, are top sellers. The New York Times hates it, but both books have been on their best-seller list for a long time. CHILDREN (they youngest I heard call was 10) are calling his show to tell him how valuable they think these books are. TEACHERS are using them as TEXTBOOKS in class! Mothers are calling to praise it to the skies. And liberals are very angry because it works to reverse their attempts to LIE to America about their own history. I noticed the other day that most college students (who were about 5 when 9/11 happened) had no idea what 9/11 was! It isn’t taught about in schools. They SAY they don’t want to frighten the children, but I know the real reason. They just don’t want them to KNOW about it. We’ve needed books like this for a long time, and I hope Obama doesn’t find an excuse to ban it. By the way: I don't get a DIME out of the sales of these books. I just think it's about time somebody published one or two like them. (Rush Limbaugh)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Fight Continues

Many people refer to the ongoing fight in this world as one of POLITICS, between conservatives and liberals. They’re wrong. It’s a fight between people who want to make their own decisions in life, and those who want to make them FOR them; a fight between collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism, and many other names) and the wish for the freedom to decide things for themselves. Between liberty, or slavery. That’s not “politics, it’s COMMON SENSE, Every person is BORN with a list of rights, the first among them is the right to make his/her own decisions in life. Any attempt to establish a collectivist regime MUST take away those rights and give them to the “collective.” I will NEVER concede my right to make my own decisions to ANY person. I will fight, with all my strength, ANY attempt to make them FOR me. (Just common sense)

ISIS Favors Gun Control

For Americans, at least. I don’t know what’s happening, but I tried to get to JPFO, the source for this, and it would not load. Either directly to the article, or the JPFO, themselves. Maybe their server crashed because so few people thought about it and wanted to read the article. But it’s obvious that ISIS would favor gun control for Americans. Unarmed people are easier for their thugs to kill, and serves to keep most of THEM alive while doing the killing. Tojo refused to let the Japanese attack the American mainland for a good reason: “There’d be a gun behind every blade of grass.” ISIS doesn’t want that, so they favor gun control for Americans. Obama is playing right into their hands by working HARD to take the right of self-defense away from Americans. He swears otherwise, but you know how he lies. Israel is holding its own against Islamic terrorists because everybody there is armed) (JPFO)

Armed Robbers Rob Students

Where? On a “gun-free” school campus, of course. Do they go where guns are allowed? NO; they only go where they’re pretty sure there won’t be any guns to oppose them. People intent on breaking the law anyway don’t worry about breaking the law that says they can’t bring guns on campus. That’s a given. Laws like that only work to make SURE their intended victims won’t be armed. They only work on people who OBEY laws. When will the anti-gun fools figure this out? Maybe never; they just aren’t intelligent enough. We point that fact out to them time and time again, but they continue to make their USELESS anti-gun for honest people laws, which do not apply to those who don’t obey ANY laws. Surprise, surprise! (Personal Liberty Digest)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Only Bigots Don't Like Sharia Law"

That’s what Maxine Waters (D-CA) says, again revealing her abysmal STUPIDITY. How this fool ever got elected to ANY office is beyond me, unless a majority of voters in her district are stupid, too—as many are. I wrote a book called, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics!” Which tells the story. Rush Limbaugh calls such people “low-information voters,” but he’s being too easy on them. They’re STUPID people to put such a damned fool in office—and to do it more than once shows CLINICAL stupidity. Maxine’s problem is, she has no argument, so she resorts to name-calling, immediately. Why she LIKES this abysmally stupid, and unconstitutional system of “law” is beyond me, except for her stupidity. The REAL bigots are people like her, who insult people if they don’t think the same way they do. I can only hope her constituents wake up and “send her packing” before she gets her wish for Sharia Law to come here. She has already shown that she is a traitor to everything American. She doesn’t know she will be one of the first murdered if it ever does, since she is “part of the ruling class” and they’re too dense to see the difference and that she, along with Obama, is their friend. She blames the view of Islam as being a threat to the security of this country on the politicians in Congress, as usual completely IGNORING the mass murders, the raping and beheading of CHILDREN the Islamic terrorists commit. I swear, with that wig, she’s looking more like Marge in “The Simpsons” than anyone else. (FreedomOutpost)

Legal Lynch Mob

In Ferguson, MO, that’s what they have. A small-time thug was shot to death while attempting to kill a cop who tried to stop him from walking down the middle of a street, and now people are “marching in the streets” to get the COP convicted of murder. What has happened in this country to ALLOW such people to DICTATE action against a cop who was only defending himself? It all started in Israel where the international media condemned Israel for DEFENDING HERSELF against the daily rocket bombings and murders that were committed by Palestinians, and the idea to condemn people for defending themselves continued to Ferguson, where they are now DEMANDING the conviction, for murder, of a cop who had to kill a thug in defense of his own life. (The Blaze)

How Media Screws It Up

“Summer snow blankets Denver.” That’s the headline in many places, and it’s a lie (well, a misconception, anyway). They show pictures from up in the mountains WEST of Denver and say it’s IN Denver—and they believe it. Frankly, I’ve never seen a news story about an event I was personally involved in where they got it right, and this is illustrative of that. I’m personally involved in this one because I LIVE in Denver, and I have yet to see a snowflake. Maybe one fell early this morning, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. This illustrates how the national media handles many stories about “flyover country.” They take it off the wires and make their own interpretations. They have no appreciation for what REALLY goes on here. (MyFox DC)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Expecting A Shooting

I have every expectation that somebody will be shot to death in a Panera Bread restaurant before too long. Or a Jack In The Box. Why? Because they have announced to the world that there will be no guns there to oppose a potential shooter. Wannabe shooters don’t care if a restaurant has adopted a policy not to allow guns on their premises. They bring theirs, anyway. Especially to places where they figure they can be pretty sure nobody else will have a gun because of the stupid policies of the owners. Such policies are an open INVITATION to such people to “come in and shoot us up” because there will be nobody else there with a gun to oppose you. People still don’t realize this as they create more and more “gun-free zones.” They will finally, one day, realize it, but not until many people have died from their stupidity. (The Blaze)

Journalistic Ignorance About Guns

That’s exactly what this is. They know absolutely NOTHING about guns, yet they pretend to tell you how to “beat the NRA.” This is an excellent example of the journalistic IGNORANCE the anti-gun fools use to put pressure on people who ALSO know nothing about guns to make their useless gun laws that only serve to keep HONEST people unarmed. They say Derringers are one the most dangerous guns out there. Does ANYBODY use a Derringer any more? Outside of “riverboat gamblers,” who might keep one up their sleeves. This is a “lesson learned.” To examine what they put out CAREFULLY to find the lies it contains, and to NEVER believe ANYTHING the anti-gun fools put out. If they can’t find FACTS to support their ideas (and they usually can’t), they just “make it up as they go along.” The story of Kayree Reid is a good example of my thesis that if more honest people had guns, much gun violence would stop. They didn’t tell the whole story here, about the MOTIVE of the shooter, if any. But if Reid had had a gun, the story might have been a lot different. Frankly, I think this was a gang shooting and I KNOW the shooter was in possession of an ILLEGAL gun. I think being shot so many times in an indication of the CULTURE in which he lives. I’d BET he’s a gang member and those shootings were retaliation. (Rolling Stone)

Only One Side Allowed

The University of Ohio held a meeting dedicated to slamming Israel for defending itself against Palestinian atrocities and, when four students stepped up to DEFEND Israel, they called in the law to arrest them for “disrupting a lawful meeting.” Since when has it been an offense, in America, to DEFEND an opposite opinion In what is supposed to be a “free country?” And especially by reading from a CONSERVATIVE BLOG? Liberals want to think conservatism is the “minority opinion” in this country, but Reagan’s landslide wins in TWO elections proved otherwise. Only being FOOLED into electing his Vice President as his successor led to a parade of liberals to come after—until we “woke up” and started looking at people who say, and DO what we would do, which scared them to death. So they demonized the best of them and convinced even conservatives that they were unelectable. How they got so powerful they could demonize ALL opposition, I don’t know. But, like most cancers, they need to be “cut out.” (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 Years Ago Today

3,000 innocent people were murdered by a group of stupid fools who believe the whole world should believe in their god or be dead. What makes them think their god is better than ours? Stupidity, I guess. They want to KILL anybody who believes in a different god than theirs, which at their beginning was only one of MANY gods people worshipped. We, who do not kill to increase the ranks of our followers condemn these people and will not allow them to kill us. If that requires killing them, so be it. Notice I do not capitalize when I speak of their god. That’s because he is not a real god, but an imposter created by a con man named Mohammed. Mohammed was an evil man who had sex with children and led an army of killers who laid waste to people who would not convert to his phony “religion.”

That is how his “religion” became the fastest growing in the world: by the threat of DEATH if you didn’t convert, and more death if you converted to another religion after converting to his to stay alive. He really thought these “forced conversions” were real while, in their hearts, those “converted” still believed in THEIR God. We will never forget the 3,000 people who died on that day, nor will we forget the millions who have died at their hand since. Obama has promised to “follow them wherever they go.” Now let's see if that is like most of his promises: all wind, and no action. He talks tough, but does nothing to stop them. Maybe after the election we’ll get a REAL president, who will really go after them wherever they exist, and kill them all before they kill us. Obama hasn’t the guts to do that. If, indeed, he wants to. (Just common sense)

ISIS "Not Islamic?"

I don’t THINK so! Obama is trying his best to divorce Islam from the raping and killing by its practitioners, due to the exhortations of its Imams and its “bible,” the Koran. They keep telling us the exhortations to violence on “non-believers” is “outdated,” The same as similar exhortations in the real Bible, but, unlike in the real Bible, which tells us categorically that such exhortations are WRONG, that Christ’s exhortation of peace are now operative, Mohammed himself told his fools that when earlier passages were countered by later ones, the later ones were the ones that counted. And the exhortations to violence were the later ones. Thus, TODAY’S Koran (however they spell it) tells its followers to KILL unbelievers. And it is the Islamic terrorists who are following Mohammed’s REAL instructions. Obama is a “true believer” no matter how much he denies it, and he wants the Muslims to win. People might say I’m crazy to say this, but I pay attention to what’s going on, and I NOTICE that every time a question comes up regarding Muslims, Obama “rules” in favor of he Muslims. For him to say “ISIS is NOT Islamic” insults our intelligence. But Obama insults our intelligence every day, so that’s nothing new. (World Net Daily)

Fools Running Our Schools

What kind of FOOLS do we have running our schools? They suspend students for chewing pop tarts into the shape of a gun, pointing their fingers at others PRETENDING they are guns (as children do), and even writing the word “gun” on a piece of paper. They punish kids for mentioning God at ANY time, and especially in graduation speeches. They’re trying to make wimps of our children; the kind of wimps THEY are. And in so doing, they will make us vulnerable to those who are taught to kill us if we believe in a different god than they do, because they are taught to be killers. This country changed forever on 9/11, and I think, not for the better if the actions of these “school officials” are an indication. Now some “school officials” told one of our “heroes” he could not come into his daughter’s school to help her find her way because he was wearing his military uniform. Talk about abysmal STUPIDITY! And these are the fools who are teaching our children their values. We need to purge our schools of people who think this way, and SOON! They are poisoning the minds of those who have no way of knowing better unless WE teach them. If WE teach them, we don’t NEED those “school officials,” OR the teachers they run. They quickly “squared it,” but those security guards were only responding to the thinking and atmosphere created by the “school officials,” even though they may deny it now. (Patriot Action Network)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Get Tired Of It

I get really tired of all the political ads against Corey Gardner emphasizing his opposition to infanticide. They have nothing but this against him, and this is not a negative, it is a PLUS. I can’t abide a politician who would be IN FAVOR OF murdering unborn infants who have not even had a chance at life. They say, “this choice is mine!” But it is not, as long as it involves the stilling of another person’s heart—and that child IS ”another person,” even if they don’t accept that definition. They think they have the right to murder of ANOTHER PERSON as long as they can DEFINE it otherwise. They say childbirth is hard on the human body, and they’re right. It is; but no harder than is abortion. And childbirth is much preferable to murder. And then there is ADOPTION. What the hell scares them about ADOPTION? They can have the baby and put it up for adoption. There are many people just BEGGING for a child to adopt. So why not use ADOPTION as a substitute for a rubber instead of MURDER? They emphasize that the law Gardiner proposed did not make exceptions for rape or incest; and they’re right. But why should we punish the unborn for the sins of their parents? Frankly, if that’s all they have against him, I WANT him. (Just common sense)

Soros Is Behind It

If there’s anything nefarious going on, you can bet George Soros’ money is behind it, somewhere. All you have to do is “follow the money.” George Soros is one of the biggest ENEMIES this country has ever had, not only because his ideas are seditious, but he has the money to make them happen. Somebody needs to do something that will  “take him out” of the equation. There is one thing he is interested in: making money for George Soros, and it doesn’t matter to him if the result of his machinations is death for somebody, as long as it means more money in his pocket. If people die, so what? If governments collapse, so what? How much money did he make? People say, erroneously, that, “Money is the root of all evil,” but they’re wrong. “LOVE of money is the root of all evil,” and George Soros is the evidence. He’s about 80 years old, so thankfully, he won’t be a problem much longer. But his money remains, and you can bet he has made arrangements to have it hurt us as much as possible as long after his death as possible. (Breitbart)

Obama: "I Don't Need Congress!"

But I want their approval. So who asked ya? Could it be possible you never heard of “separation of powers?” That means this government is made up of SEPARATE, and EQUAL branches, and Congress is just as important as you THINK you are. If you act without them, you are in VIOLATION of the law! Talk about ARROGANT! Yes, Obama, you don’t need the approval of Congress to invade Syria because you already have it. Fighting Islamic terrorists (whom you have said don’t even exist any more) is part of the original congressional approval they gave Bush, but you DO “need Congress” in any case. And you have their approval—in this case. You should listen to those who take you aside and tell you, “You are NOT a king!” One of these adventures you keep getting into with your delusions of great power is going to kill you. And good riddance! (Breitbart)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Press Wants Romney

The press didn’t treat Mitt Romney too well when he was running for president, either time. Now they’re TOUTING him to run again, and people wonder why. They’re pushing the fact that Reagan had to run three times before he was elected the first time. Romney has said repeatedly that he just isn’t interested in another presidential run, but you know how much weight a politician saying how isn’t running carries. So why is the media now pushing him to run? Because they think he will lose again, and that’s what they want. I think we have several better candidates, but Democrats, with the help of the press, have so demonized them that even “died-in-the-wool” conservatives don’t want them to run. And I think they did it because they KNEW people like Sarah Palin COULD win, and that frightens them to no end. Frankly, I’m tired of liberals (Democrats) telling us who we should run. (Chicago Tribune)

Terrorists Under Whatever Name

There’s a big argument now about whether or not Obama has the authority to attack the latest “incarnation” of the Islamic terrorists under the original Congressional authorization to fight Islamic terrorists, wherever they are, and under whatever name, because they changed their name. I think he does. It doesn’t matter what name they use, they’re ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and they are our enemy. These fools change their names more often than they change their undies (which isn’t very often). Even individual Muslims go under several different names all the time. Even ISIS gives us several different versions of THEIR name. It doesn’t matter what name they’re using today or tomorrow. They’re still Islamic terrorists and need to be eradicated before they eradicate US! They SAY ISIS is so violent that even al-Qaida disowned them. I don’t buy that for a minute. I think they just changed their name again. Tomorrow it will be yet again something new. Whatever name they use, they need to be eradicated; NOW! (Just common sense)

Why Not?

Obama says, “Illegal immigrants should not have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives? Why not? They’re CRIMINALS. What makes them different from other lawbreakers (which many of them are otherwise, as well)? I guess he has a “kinship” with criminals, being one, himself. But it seems to me that we should be no different than Mexico in our treatment of illegal aliens, one of which now languishes in a Mexican prison for the “crime” of ACCIDENTALLY driving into Mexico with a couple of guns (that were LEGAL in America) in his car. Mexico criticizes us for being so “hard on” Mexican illegal immigrants in the U. S., but they treat their illegal immigrants very badly. Meanwhile, a damned fool president who refuses to enforce the laws of his land, and worse, criticizes others for doing so. Even so far as to SUE states that make laws DEMANDING he do. (Minuteman News)

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Demonizing" Themselves

An MSNBC guest is “concerned” about “demonizing” ISIS. I don’t know what this woman has been smoking, but it’s NOT “WE” who are “demonizing” ISIS. It is ISIS itself that is “demonizing” ISIS by beheading journalists AND little girls in pretty dresses, sometimes right in front of their parents, then killing the parents, too—simply because they refuse to convert to Islam. By killing innocent people by the THOUSANDS every day for the same reason. People who think it is “WE” who are “demonizing” ISIS are addled. Does MSNBC actually go out and “hunt down” such people to make these STUPID points, or are they just so easily available that they have no trouble finding them? I don’t understand the thinking (if any) of these people. They’re the same people who think you can defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. Their thinking is just not logical, but you’ll never convince them of that. Stupid people have no idea they ARE stupid, and they think they’re the smartest people around. (Patriot Action Network)

Insulting Our Intelligence

The stories Obama’s administration tell about their many scandals are so transparently UNTRUE they insult our intelligence. Example: that out of the THOUSANDS of employees in the IRS, the FIVE people who are central to the investigation about the mishandling of the applications for tax-free status for CONSERVATIVE organizations ALL have their computers “go down” right after their e-mails requested by the committee investigating this scandal is too absurd to be believed. That top IRS officials had NO KNOWLEDGE that there were such things as “exchange servers” where they might find the ”lost e-mails.” That the economy is “roaring back” with several months of new jobs added” when we all know that is a LIE. Obama tells blandly that ALL the “scandals” that beset his administration are phony and a Republican put-up job. Why then, are there NO real investigations of ANY of them? Why are his vaunted “new jobs” so FEW? Not even enough to keep up with the LOSS of jobs in the workplace? Why is it the only way the “jobs numbers” are going up or “leveling off” is because so many people are GIVING UP on ever finding a job and are LEAVING the job market? I hate to have my intelligence insulted, and Obama and his crew do it every day with stories I’d be  FOOL to believe. (Just common sense)

"It's NOT Terrorism!"

What is it about Islamic terrorism that frightens politicians so much that they won’t even admit it exists? Obama won’t even use the word most of the time, and he has given orders that nobody in his government may use it either. Other liberals (and even some conservatives) have followed suit and denied vociferously that events ANYBODY with any amount of INTELLIGENCE knows are Islamic terrorism, ARE Islamic terrorism. The shooting at Ft. Hood by a man who INSISTS he is a “Jihad warrior for Allah” is called, “workplace violence,” NOT Islamic terrorism! And it extends to other countries, as well.

In England, a woman was beheaded in her own garden by a MUSLIM and the “authorities” hastened to tell the world “it was NOT terrorism.” Soon, they’ll be telling us those two journalists who were beheaded ON CAMERA by a black-clad and masked man CLAIMING to be a terrorist, was NOT Islamic terrorism, at all, and was simply a “guy who THOUGHT he was a terrorist.” This practice is going to cause us to LOSE the “war against Islamic terrorism” Obama is saying we are NOT fighting, while Islamic terrorists gaily go about beheading people with seeming impunity, and people who DO realize they’re “fighting a war against US,” I’m glad I’m old, and won’t have to live through much of the world Obama and others of the same stripe are creating. (Patriot Action Network)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

He TALKS Tough

Obama came on television the other day after ISIS beheaded the FIRST journalist, but long after they famously beheaded a small child wearing a pretty dress (which was probably not the first child they beheaded, or raped) and said, in his five minute speech just before he left for his near daily golf game, that we must “put together a coalition and go after the ISIS goons.” But what does he mean by that? He means he’s going to WAIT until we put together that coalition and put somebody ELSE in charge of it, so when it fails (and he wants it to fail), he can’t be blamed. Instead of removing all ISIS members from the land of the living, he talks about “slowing them down,” and making them into a “manageable problem.” But not DESTROY them, from top to bottom, as we should do.

Frankly, I don’t think Obama WANTS to destroy ISIS, or any of the other myriad Islamic terrorist outfits. If he did, he would first admit that we were AT WAR with Islamic terrorism, instead of refusing to even NAME them as the enemy. I think he’s a “closet Muslim sympathizer” at the very least, and a full-blown MUSLIM at the worst, and wishes for them to WIN. In any case, Obama is a DISASTER of a president, and EVERYTHING he has done has moved us closer to failure. I think that’s by PLAN. He wants us to fail economically so he can blame it on capitalism and move us ever closer to collectivism (socialism). I think his ultimate GOAL is socialism for this country, with himself at the helm, a la Vladmir Putin. (Just common sense)