Monday, August 31, 2015

All Lives Matter, Dammit!

Nothing infuriates me more than to see a bunch of FOOLS dancing down the street screaming “Black lives matter!” Of COURSE black lives matter. But WHITE lives matter, too! And those fools get mad when you point that out. So do “blue lives.” But they don't think so, which is why some of them so quickly respond to those two fools on the radio promoting cop killing (who should be jailed because they were fomenting MURDER), while the president hints that he approves. One of them walked up BEHIND an innocent cop who was just filling his gas tank and shot him in the head. Then after he fell, he kept firing, pumping about 15 bullets into his already dead body, before running away like the coward he is. The cop never knew he was there, and didn't have a chance when this coward sneaked up BEHIND him. In New York, another fool shot two cops (both of them minorities) who were sitting in their patrol car. There was no provocation in either case, it was just premeditated MURDER. And how do they figure that's better than a cop killing a black man in SELF-DEFENSE? They may have gotten away with it for now, but I promise you it will not turn out well for them in the long run. These people are playing right into Obama's hands in his efforts to get a race war started so he can declare martial law and just “take over. If they don't think they will be the first ones to die when he does, they are sadly mistaken. They're just pawns in his game. They THINK they're winning, but pretty soon, those killing cops will not be arrested. They will be shot “while resisting arrest.” And they will have it coming. (CNN)

Liberal Media Cheap Shot

The liberal media has come out with an opinion: that every legal gun owner shares responsibility for people getting shot and killed (usually by people using ILLEGAL guns). What a bunch of horse manure that is! Tell me, MSN, how many shootings have been done by LEGAL gun owners? How many by people who got their guns by buying them ILLEGALLY or STEALING them? This kind of thing reveals the bias that is general in the liberal media that causes them to report on stories about gun violence, but never on people who have PREVENTED gun violence with their LEGAL guns. The “findings” of these liberal “journalists” are based on “statistics” that are either wrong, or are falsified. That the liberal media has an agenda to use the graves of these heroes to remove the gun rights of all Americans is painfully obvious. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Going Way Too Far

Chuckie Cheese has a “no-gun policy” in its stores, which makes “sitting ducks” of its customers, and INVITES fools to “come in and shoot us up.” One did inn Denver some years ago, but there was no gun there to oppose him so he killed four people, some of them children. Usually such a policy doesn't apply to police officers, who carry guns as a means both for self-protection, and to protect us. But not to Chuckie cheese, apparently. When this cop came in one of their stores, with a gun on his hip as part of his uniform, they refused him service, and threw him out. Is there any limit to the STUPIDITY of the “anti-gun crowd?” I wonder if they would ban that cop from their store if he/she came in response to a report of an “active shooter” shooting up the kids having a party there? Would they try and throw the shooter out without the help of a “good guy with a gun?” I've always thought the “anti-gun crowd” wasn't too smart, but this reveals an ignorance that exceeds all expectations. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Taxing the Rich"

Every Democrat politician I hear speaking talks about how “evil” are the “rich people.” Never mind, most of them are rich, themselves. Hillary talks about “taxing the rich,” and making the rich “pay their fair share” of taxes. Notwithstanding the fact that they pay MOST of the taxes now paid (by the government's own figures). Taxing the rich a larger percentage of their income is not only counterproductive, it's STUPID. The rich are the ones who have the IDEAS that make the economy go, and creates jobs for all of us. They used to “Tax the rich” at 90%, until Reagan put an end to it. All that did was DISCOURAGE people from BECOMING rich, and slow down the economy. Politicians CLAIM to be able to “create jobs,” but they CAN'T—except for government jobs. All they can do is CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE where jobs can be created. Liberals CLAIM the rich somehow STOLE their riches “from the poor.” That's just not LOGICAL. But then, liberals have never been known for their LOGIC. They even deny logic exists. How do you steal from someone who has NOTHING? Like most of their ideas, these are socialist/collectivist ideas. Communist ideas, in fact. It is these ideas that plunged Russia into 75 years of misery before communism collapsed of it's own weight, as it always will, because it produces nothing. The fact is, the Democrat Party is the party of SOCIALISTS, no matter how much they deny it. They should change their name to the “Socialist Party.” (Just common sense)

Btrady Criticizes National Guard

The “Brady Bunch” is criticizing the Indiana National Guard for asking the NRA to train its people. Like they said on this blog, “The 'Brady Bunch' put politics ahead of the safety of the Guard members.” Training the people charged with defending us is NOT like training civilians in how to handle guns. Whatever, training ANYBODY who is going to USE a gun in how to use it safely is one thing this bunch doesn't want. If a gun is involved, they want to stifle it. I'd like to ask them a question. Was the guy who shot Brady and Reagan using a LEGAL gun? Probably not, and if not, NO LAW would have stopped him from shooting those people. This is what these fools forget, if they ever KNEW. Laws will not stop people bent on the worst crime possible, murder, from getting their guns. (NRA Blog)

Fightback Begins

Some police agencies have been wantonly violating the law by wrongfully arresting people, and “confiscating” (stealing) their guns. Now the Second amendment Foundation (SAF) is suing the City of San Jose for doing this. They seized somebody’s guns under their “Welfare and Institutions Code,” whatever that is. Of course, you won't be reading about this in the liberal media. This is the kind of story they ignore. A woman had her guns seized after her husband was placed in a hospital under a psychiatric order. No proof of wrongdoing, now or in the future. Guns stolen by the cops. Any excuse to take their guns. “The City of San Jose or any other jurisdiction simply cannot be allowed to seize someone’s legally-owned property because of the actions of a spouse or some other third party,” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb observed. “We have looked at the state code and have serious concerns about the policies and procedures in San Jose. Lori Rodriguez should get her firearms returned.” This is obviously a case of overreaction by a police agency. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hillary's "Lost" $6 Billion

One of the scandals nobody seems to be talking about is the SIX BILLION DOLLARS lost by the state Department under Hillary Clinton. What happened to that money? Did Hillary just “write herself a check” and nobody noticed, due to her inherent secrecy? Did she just load it into some trucks and watch them drive away toward her bank? Or did she just “fritter it away” on something stupid? Or was it just INCOMPETENCE in management? Nobody knows. And nobody seems to even be asking. If you ask Hillary, she'll scoff and say, “That's old news.” And why is it “old news?” Because nobody has ever EFFECTIVELY pursued it. Meanwhile, the Clintons bought TWO multi-million dollar mansions during that period. Is that where some of that money went? She SAYS they “struggled” to pay for them. Just like she LIED when she SAID they were “broke” when they left then White House. If this isn't, by itself, proof of her complete INCOMPETENCE and/or criminality, and that she shouldn't even be CONSIDERED to be president, I don't know what is! There were a FEW “reports” about it when it was first discovered, then—NOTHING. Does anybody CARE about SIX BILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer's money? Will the voters put her back in the Oval Office so she can “lose” even more of our money? Why is the source for this a “right-wing organization”? Because the liberal media isn't reporting it any more. (America Rising)

Will there Be Riots?

Not a chance. Intelligent people don't riot. In any case, this time it was a white cop killed by a black coward. Shot in the BACK. That doesn't count as a reason to riot to those who do the riots these days. In Harris County, Texas, just outside of Houston, a black man sneaked up behind a sheriff's deputy and shot him in the BACK of the head. Then, as he lay mortally wounded, he shot him several more times in the back. He didn't have a chance. This just days after a black activist actually had the stupidity to CALL for people to “execute cops” on the radio. If there was ever a “problem” with cops “shooting first and asking questions later” this will CREATE one. More black men are killed by other black men than by cops—or by ANYBODY else. But don't try and convince the thugs who murder innocent cops when their backs are turned of that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts.

This is a direct result of the “black lives matter” scam being perpetrated upon us right now by deluded blacks. And the men who told blacks to “execute cops” on the radio should be arrested and charged with MURDER in this case, frog-walked to a patrol car and thrown in prison until he dies. The same should be done in any other case where a working cop is murdered from ambush. This campaign is probably the most stupid thing they could do, and it guarantees cops will be quick to shoot, for sure, now. Cops are “sitting ducks,” riding around in their well-marked squad cars wearing uniforms with that shiny “target” on their chests, while their murderers are not identifiable beforehand.. So they'll be very alert, and will now shoot FIRST, if they hadn't (they didn't) before. Damn, the STUPIDITY of these people! I've seen these fools do many things that infuriate me, but this is the WORST ever! (Breitbart)

VA Taking guns?

The Veteran's Administration is using a specious scam to “confiscate” (steal) guns from people who USED guns to protect our rights because they don't handle their own finances. I can think of numerous reasons for a senior citizen to let somebody else handle their finances that do NOT make them “unfit to have a gun.” But the VA is doing this on Obama's orders, and Obama is using everything he can think of, legal and ILLEGAL, to reduce the number of guns in the hands of honest, reliable citizens. They trusted this guy with a gun (which THEY provided) when they depended upon him to fight for his country, and then they INSULT him by saying that, just because he lets somebody else handle his finances, he is now “not fit” to own a gun. It's a feeble excuse, but Obama doesn't care, as long as it lets him confiscate guns. The liberals in government are DETERMINED to take away as many of our rights as they can. (Second Amendment Insider)

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Guns Readily Available"

Hillary (and other anti-gun fools) say that “If guns weren't so readily available there'd be fewer killings. ” What a bunch of horse manure! If there weren't guns, those who wanted to kill would just find something else to kill with. Before guns were knives and swords. Back in “cave-man” days, it was clubs. But nobody ever suggested making clubs less easily available. Maybe they were smarter back then. At one time, everybody carried some kind of a blade. You can't stop the killing by getting rid of the TOOL. Only by getting rid of the killers. What they don't understand, and what they never WILL understand—they're not smart enough—is that the gun is not the culprit. The culprit is the PERSON. If there were no guns in the world (their major goal) they'd find another way to kill. If they couldn't find an INSTRUMENT with which to kill, they'd do it with their bare hands—and HAVE done so when guns or other killing tools could not be obtained. If they did manage to get rid of all the guns in the world—and that's an impossibility, guns exist, and there's no going back to a time when they didn't, killing would still go on. That's a truth these fools will NEVER understand. Feel sorry for them. It's a “forlorn hope.” (Story Leak)

Phony Gun Control, As Usual

Terry McAuliff, former DNC Chairman, and now governor of Virginia, is doing the “knee-jerk” thing and calling for “renewed” gun control in the wake of the television personality shootings that happened on the air. He's calling for increased background checks (proven to do NOTHING to hinder gun ownership), notwithstanding the fact that the killer PASSED background checks and even endured “waiting periods” to buy his gun. That there wasn't anything (on paper) in his background to stop him meant he could buy a gun without a problem, regardless of the already in effect laws. As I've said many times, a man contemplating MURDER is not worried about violating a piddling “gun law.” Nor is he worried about “gun-free zones,” since what he's contemplating is a lot worse than these piddling laws that are designed only to disarm honest people and make them “easy targets” for illegally-armed criminals. (The Hill)

"Strong Emotion, No Thinking"

That's how the reaction in Ferguson to the shooting of Tyrone Harris, Jr. (who was “real close” to Michael Brown), which, in itself is a lie. They're running around screaming, “We're ready for war!” How STUPID is THAT? War by a bunch of armed thugs against the COPS? They must want to DIE! Which is what they'll get if they take up arms against the cops, just as Tyrone Harris did. His family says the cops are LYING about it, but they can't say HOW they're lying, as usual. And I SAW Tyrone going toward the cops with a gun out, and ready. You approach the cops with a gun aimed at them, and you DIE. It's as simple as that. But don't try and convince these fools of that. Although a bullet through the brain or the brisket should convince them. At least, the ones who get one. They say “Michael Brown's death was a tragedy. I don't think so. I think he got just what he deserved when he tried his usual trick of trying to intimidate people to get his way, and found somebody who would NOT be intimidated. (Tea Party Bulletin)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

His Gun Was Legal

The black, gay killer of two newspeople ON THE AIR bought his gun legally. Which means no amount of laws would have even slowed him down. There was nothing in his background that would have prevented it, even though he was KNOWN to be a racial malcontent who imagined that everybody was “slighting him” racially and was “mad as hell” about it. He got even madder when he was fired from the station because he was a constant troublemaker with IMAGINARY objections, and had to be forcibly removed from the property by the cops (which had happened to him many times before). None of that was known when he went into a gun store and bought the gun he used to kill these two innocent people. There was no KNOWN reason to refuse him. What kind of gun laws would have stopped this homicidal maniac? None of the kind they're making today, which is why I oppose them all. If they came up with some that would DO anything, I'd be right with them. But that ain't gonna happen. There IS no “law” that will do it. (Daily Caller)

What's Wrong With Americans?

Anybody with any degree of intelligence whatever KNOWS socialism is POISON for America, just as it was for Russia. Russia suffered under communism (one form of socialism, both are collectivism, which does NOT work) for about 75 years. Communism collapsed, because under collectivism, there is no INCENTIVE for people to DO anything, except to try and curry favor with the government, which only gets its money from the people. Yet the most popular Democrat candidate for president today is Bernie Sanders, who is an ADMITTED SOCIALIST, the second (who used to be considered a “lock”) an UNADMITTED socialist. If either of those candidates gets elected, we will be in for what Russia suffered for 75 years, complete governmental control over all we do. The government will get to do anything it wants without having to ask anybody's permission, while WE will not be able to do ANYTHING without going, “hat in hand,” to some bureaucrat and ask for permission. Meanwhile, our economy will fail because of the lack of INCENTIVE for anybody to do anything to help it. (Just common sense)

The Police Chief's Blessing

In Detroit, they've finally got the right idea (At least, the Chief has). With the number of cops on the streets dwindling, due to budget cuts necessitated by the city's impending bankruptcy, the citizens, who are tired of being victimized by illegally-armed criminals, are arming themselves, with the blessing of the police chief, who, in December, 2013, sent out a “call to arms,” which was answered by citizens. This call, coupled with easing of the restrictive Democrat/liberal “gun laws” that effectively DISARMED the citizens, meant they could “arm themselves” and do what the cops couldn't. One man in particular, has done so TWICE, once killing a car thief who was about to shoot him as he drove off in his car. And nobody even THOUGHT about charging him with a crime. Overall crime rate figures are not yet available (and may not be, with Democrats still in charge), but home invasions are down, due to burglars being “uneasy” about breaking into homes, where they might be killed by the homeowner. I'd be willing to bet money that the overall crime rate (which Democrats will try and hide) will go down precipitously in the near future. Something people like me have predicted, and which ALWAYS happens where citizens are made able to carry their own guns for self-defense. (Fox News)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shooting Shouldn't Be Unexpected

The on-air shooting of two television journalists couldn't have been a surprise when you look at the character of the shooter. From the time he was first employed there, he had a “chip on his shoulder” about real or imagined racial slights from fellow employees. That he was unbalanced was obvious, and maybe should have been watched, not just fired, and escorted from the building by cops. His very employment history was suspect. He had had many jobs, and was fired often, though nobody would say (in detail) why. I know, you can't watch every fool who takes offense where none is meant. But this guy was so obviously working up to something terrible, it was something that could have been predicted. And I'm sure his delusions were fed by the current push toward a race war by Obama and other “race whores” like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, to mention only a few. The killer was described, according to at least one FBI profiler as an “injustice collector,” who actively LOOKED for injustices to himself, and others. (Washington Post)

The "Unarmed Victim" Lie

The big hooraw about cops shooting and killing UNARMED black men without cause is fast being exposed for the lie it is, in most cases. In this case, the call was an overreaction by the female when this huge black man knocked on her door asking for help, having been in an accident. The cops didn't know that. All they knew was that their Tasers had no effect on him and he was “charging” them. Why, I don't know. Neither did they. Maybe he was mad at being “Tased.” So they fired in self defense. And, of course, their “cop shop” didn't “have their backs” and, like in Baltimore and Ferguson, tried to convict them of a crime. But the facts, when they came out in court, prove otherwise. As they will in most cases. Yes, there ARE a few cases where the cops DO act precipitously. But their bosses (and the press) need to be very careful in ASSUMING the cops are in the wrong. They might not be. They should wait until ALL facts are in before “rushing to judgment,” as the Baltimore state's attorney and the “authorities” in Ferguson did not. (Bearing Arms)

Stopping ISIS

Stopping ISIS is imperative. It has TOLD us they are determined to “rule the world” with a “new caliphate.” It has “rocketed onto the world stage,” beheading its victims, and taking control of an area larger than the British Isles. It has done what al-Qaida wanted to do, but was unable to accomplish (frankly, I think al-Qaida and ISIS are the same thing under different names). As it grows stronger and stronger, it becomes more and more of a threat, until it is strong enough to really threaten America. That is, if we continue to ignore it as a major threat and refrain from throwing everything we have against it while it's small enough to easily defeat. And as long as Obama and his sycophants are “in power,” we won't. He WANTS it to “take over the world” and create the caliphate HE hopes to run, in the future. Obama is the worst saboteur we have ever faced, because he has conned his way into the presidency so he can create policies and procedures that will make it easy for them. This business of “not sending boots on the ground” to fight them MUST STOP. We must expend EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE to destroy them, and any bunch that replaces them when we do. They're like roaches, who scurry for darkness when lights come on, and return later to do their “dirty work.” That must be realized, and accounted for in what we do. If we don't, we will all be living under a caliphate, with Obama as the Caliph, and either be forced to convert to Islam or die. (Washington Institute)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Limbaugh On Trump

Rush Limbaugh may not be “officially supporting” Donald Trump, but he DOES recognize truth when he hears it. Democrats (and even some Republicans) say Trump is “the fringe” and is going to help the Democrats stay in the White House. Not so. Rush says, “Trump’s ideas are not fringe, are not outliers, they are mainstream. They represent the views and the attitudes of the people who make this country work.” But, in their hatred of an “outsider” who can't be bought, they disagree, and that's going to defeat them. If they persist in their stupidity, they're going to go the way of the Whigs, into the HISTORY of politics. They know that, if Trump is elected, many of their little fiefdoms will be taken away. And they can''t have that. And that applies to both parties. (Nightwise)

"Send In the Clowns"

The cops shot a “perp” in St. Louis (which is close to Ferguson, MO) and all the professional rioters flew in (At George Soros' expense, of course. They can't afford air fare. They're not working, except for Soros, or they couldn't even be there.) and created chaos, as usual. It didn't matter if it was a “righteous shooting” or not. They don't care about that. To them, even if the perp was holding a gun to the cop's head, to shoot him was WRONG. Two of the victims were white. But they were cops, so they don't count, to the paid demonstrators. The other two were black, which DOES. Both suspects were armed, and at least one of them (the one that died) was shooting at the cops. But that makes no difference to the paid demonstrators. White cops killed a black man. That's all they care about. Never mind the black man was shooting at the cops. At least one “black lives matter” spokesman has been heard to say that the cops should have stayed in their cars and not “bothered” the suspects. What a bunch of FOOLS those idiots are! One protester was arrested “for nothing,” according to other protesters. I'm very suspicious of that “did nothing” claim, which usually is proved to be a LIE. (Twitchy)

Chief Blurts Out Truth

DC Chief of Police Cathy Lanier blurted out the truth liberals don't want us to hear. That all the tight gun laws have done NOTHING to reduce the amount of guns available to criminals in DC. Actually, since those laws went into effect, there has been a 30% INCREASE in murders. She admitted, in a press conference, that DC had seen “a huge influx in guns and high-capacity magazines,” something which I, and other INTELLIGENT people predicted. If that trend continues, DC will have a SIX-YEAR HIGH for the city. Lanier doesn't understand why homicides are so plentiful, even though she notes that at least TEN new homicides were committed by people who had been previously held on murder charges. It doesn't dawn on her that RELEASING murders (when the judges give them short sentences) could lead to MORE murders. It is usually incompetent people like Lanier, who seems to be CLUELESS, that leads to high murder rates. Her bosses are seemingly more incompetent, and want to stay that way. The answer is the DEATH penalty. After you EXECUTE murderers, they cannot murder again. (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Black Votes Count More?

Theodore Johnson, a writer for the Washington Post, says black votes should count more than white votes. He says that blacks are STILL discriminated against in housing, pay, employment, etc., and for that, their votes should count more than white votes. Guess what? Johnson is black. Whodathunkit! My God! Where do we find these FOOLS? (Call me racist if you want to, but Johnson IS a fool! Black, white, or PURPLE!) What the hell is so special about black people they should get “special treatment” by those living today, in “reparation” for the stupidity shown by people in the past? Too bad those people are dead, or maybe they could get their “reparations” from those actually responsible, not from their heirs, who had nothing to do with it. Hey, Ted! Blacks kill white people all the time. Should we demand reparations for all the dead white people? And don't give me that crap about white cops killing blacks for no reason. That's a MYTH. And blacks kill whites much more often than do whites (cops or otherwise) kill blacks. They rob them, too. That's why so many more blacks are in prison than whites. That's not racism. That's FACT. Johnson talks about how hard it is for blacks. But he seems to have done all right for himself, even though he IS black (Washington Post)

Stolen Headstones for Paving

This guy used stolen headstones of military veterans to pave his patio, and he didn't think there was anything wrong with that. There are some really stupid people in this world. With people that stupid out there, it's no wonder Obama was elected TWICE. To make things worse, Eric Harkreader, of Mountain Home, AR posted pictures of his patio on Facebook and didn't think anybody would object. Duh! Now he's facing federal charges for the illegal use of military headstones, and probably federal theft charges, too. And he's not the only one to do this. Another man pleaded guilty to taking 150 headstones and using them in various household projects. Damn! That's TWO Obama voters! (Liberty Unyielding)

Afraid They'll Lose Welfare

Minimum wage workers in Seattle, where they raised the minimum wage (by law) to $15.00 an hour for unskilled workers not worth HALF that, are now demanding shorter work hours so they won't make more than they were because they didn't want to lose their welfare benefits. Maybe they should quit working altogether and just exist on welfare. They can make as much money that way. Not only that, predictions that raising it that much would cause businesses to go OUT of business, therefore costing people their jobs has come true, as well. But will liberals take notice and admit they were wrong? Not a chance. They NEVER take responsibility for their incompetence. They find something else to blame it on. People go out of business, and the economy in the area suffers. But the incompetent liberals running things keep on doing stupid things to make things worse. (From the Right)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

White "Black Leaders"

Shaun King, head man in the “Black Lives Matter” movement is white. That's the SECOND “black leader” to be shown to be white. How many more liberal "leaders" out there are not what they claim to be? Recently a top leader in the NAACOP was “outed” to be white and, Like Shaun, PRETENDING to be black (Obama himself is as much white as he is black, but he prefers to be “black.”). What the hell is going on here? The only thing I can think of is that they're “rabble rousers” who want to “whip up” black hatred against whites” by finding “white racism” under every bed, like liberals used to refer to people “finding communists under every bed.” Just like those professional race whores, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan, they're trying their best to start a race war for their own purposes. Probably under the direction of Obama. (Breitbart)

Soros Is A Menace:

Democrats like to say Donald Trump is a menace, since he is “filthy rich” and doesn't need the money the “king makers” hand out to buy politicians. He could “buy and sell” all of them. But he only spends his money to make more. George Soros is also “filthy rich.” And he spends multi-millions of dollars to help destroy America every chance he gets. Anywhere there is racial strife, you can count on Soros' money to be behind it. Wherever fools gather to riot and loot, you'll find PAID rioters who come from all over at his expense.Remember that fool who took shots at cops and got shot for his trouble in Ferguson, MO? No, I'm not talking about Michael Brown. I'm talking about the one who took out a gun and fired on the cops in a recent riot.

I don't know if he was PAID by Soros to be there. I only know Molly Gott, who is KNOWN to have paid protesters to protest in the past, bailed this guy out in a previous case where he was guilty of stealing a car, a gun, and resisting arrest, therefore setting up the situation in which he tried to kill some cops. This is a guy who BRAGGED that he “made his money by stealing.” Soros money can be found anywhere there is unrest. Racial or otherwise. He uses race as a “cloak” to cover up his intentions while doing everything he can to disrupt America and fool with its money. He has caused the financial destruction of FIVE countries in the past, and has profited handsomely from it. I don't know what he's after, maybe just more money. But everything he does seems to hurt America. It's a good thing he's as old as he is. He won't be around much longer. (Human Events)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Anchor Babies"

Liberals are trying to get us to quit using the term, “anchor babies” (they want us to use “anchor fetuses” or "viable tissue" which means still warm baby parts) because it's too descriptive and they're afraid using it will cause real problems for Planned Parenthood in their baby murdering and organ selling operation. They're using the usual “political correctness” crap, and declaring the term “racist,” as usual. That scam came from Obama's practice of calling ANY criticism of his actions and policies “racism,” so as to squelch ANY criticism. Use of this term is NOT racism, and to believe it is is stupid. As for me, I don't believe in “political correctness,” and I “calls 'em as I sees 'em. I use the words I feel are appropriate, and the “PC police" can go sit on an arrow or a cactus, as far as I am concerned. Nobody has the right to dictate to me what words I can use, and I will not allow it. “Political correctness” is a way of CENSORING people's words in order to make winning arguments easier for liberals, who can't win them if they're forced to use REAL words. (CNN)

Smart Kansas Law

“It was only a few weeks ago the State of Kansas signed a new law into place. The law provided people in Kansas the ability to carry concealed without a permit, a law detractors said would clearly increase gun violence. In fact, the opposite appears to be true. Young, dumb criminals broke into a sporting goods store and were stopped in the parking lot by a man who took advantage of the newly enacted law. Which should make it so liberals tuck their tails and run home in embarrassment.” But will it? Not likely. They aren't smart enough, just as people are so stupid as to complain about the veterans standing in front of recruiting places holding automatic weapons, as if they're liable to “go nuts” and kill a bunch of people, except for simply being a “line of defense” against crazies shooting up the place. People who think like that ought to just SHUT UP and stop displaying their ignorance and stupidity. (Right to Bear)

"Kill Children At Play"

“Shoot children while they play.” That's what Margaret Sanger wanted, only she did it before they ever got a chance to play. And she wanted mostly to kill BLACK children because she thought the black race was inferior. So she started an organization that was BILLED as “advising” women on health issues. But what it did was kill their babies—with their permission. People who couldn't be bothered with buying a rubber before having sex used her organization to KILL the result. Killing babies began to be universally used in place of birth control, and mostly on black babies. It's no mistake that most, if not ALL Planned Parenthood offices are located in, or very close to black areas. To make it easier for black women (the ones who slept around) to kill their babies She wasn't interested in giving women “advice” on health issues, that was only a “cover.”

She just wanted to kill as many black babies as she could. She was the “description” of a racist, but nobody seemed able to see it. And she was successful beyond her wildest dreams. She has managed to MURDER millions of babies, almost all of them black. Yes, she killed many white babies, too, but that was all part of the cover. Killing BLACKS so they would never grow up to be black adults was her whole purpose in life. Those “black lives matter” fools should be picketing her offices, not police stations. Cops kill far fewer black men than black men kill cops, and most of them while they're trying to kill those cops. Not out of racism, like Sanger. Talk about HITLER'S “holocaust,” this is OUR '”holocaust.” And we can't seem to convince “good people” of it. This article is not aimed at abortion. It is aimed at BABY MURDER. (Black Genocide)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Blaming Someone Else

Baltimore, MD's failed mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake hasn't a clue that her “dissing” the police department in Baltimore led to more than 200 new deaths there. That “throwing her police department under the bus” “empowered” criminals to kill more. She cites similar increases in other cities (who also have very tight “gun laws” and are run by Democrats), thinking we will buy that excuse. Meanwhile, she and her “state's attorney” are still trying to prosecute six cops for the death of Freddie Grey, who accidentally killed HIMSELF while trying to incriminate the cops. Like most of the Democrats running those cities, they ALL blame everything but what's at fault, the “gun laws” that merely DISARM honest people while doing NOTHING to disarm criminals, who don't obey ANY laws. They just will not admit that it is their policies that lead to those murders, committed by those in the “drug culture” they have created, mostly, while they kill each other, sometimes blaming the cops. (Bearing Arms)

Keep Frustrating Him

Obama says, the “biggest frustration for him is not being able to take more of our guns away from us.” Good. We should keep on frustrating him until he comes up with a law that will WORK to reduce gun violence, instead of INCREASING it and getting people KILLED. Everything he has come up with so far does nothing but DISARM honest, reliable people and make them “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals and crazy mass shooters. One small woman who was worshiping at a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado ENDED the shooting spree of a would-be mass shooter who came into her church to kill people, by shooting him before he could kill more than one or two of her fellow parishioners. If she and her gun had not been there, how many more innocent people would have been killed before more “good people with guns” could arrive? In that theater shooting in Chattanooga, cops were there in 30 seconds, but in that 30 seconds, the shooter was able to kill 3 people (including himself) and injure 8 others before the cops could get there. Whatever has infected liberals like Obama that causes them to keep passing the same old, tired laws that don't work, over and over, I don't know. But the fact is, you can't change their minds; they're already made up, right or wrong. And they're unalterably convinced they're right. (Freedom Outpost)

Going Too Far

Liberals always go too far when they feel they have “all the power,” as they think, today. They don't even notice that they lost the last election, big time. The Republicans now control BOTH HOUSES of Congress (for whatever that's worth, because they look more like liberals than liberals). They not only try to ban real guns, but fake guns, too (cap guns, BB guns, gun replicas, etc.), they ban cigarettes. Then they go on and ban those “e-cigarettes,” (that cigarette substitute smokers came up with) even though they do no harm to ANYONE Less even than a cup of coffee). Even if they did. We're adults. Perfectly capable of making our own decisions about their use. For my part, NOBODY gets to tell me I can't do things like that. I don't smoke any more. I quit smoking more than 30 years ago, after smoking like a chimney for 45 years. But not because of anything I heard from the “anti-smoking crowd,” because I simply got TIRED of smoking. And I haven't had ANY desire to smoke, since. I don't NEED liberals to try and tell me what I can, and cannot do. And I will not allow them to do so. If they try it, I'll slap them silly(er). (Hot Air)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Send In the Clowns"

The cops shot a “perp” in St. Louis (which is close to Ferguson, MO) and all the professional rioters flew in and created chaos, as usual. It didn't matter if it was a “righteous shooting” or not. They don't care about that. To them, even if the perp was holding a gun to the cop's head and his trigger finger was turning white, to shoot him was WRONG. Two of the victims were white. But they were cops, so they don't count, to the paid demonstrators. The other two were black, which DOES. Both suspects were armed, and at least one of them (the one that died) was shooting at the cops. But that makes no difference to the paid demonstrators. White cops killed a black man. That's all they care about. Never mind the black man was shooting at the cops. At least one “black lives matter” spokesman has been heard to say that the cops should have stayed in their cars and not “bothered” the suspects. What a bunch of FOOLS those idiots are! One protester was arrested “for nothing,” according to other protesters. I'm very suspicious of that “did nothing” claim, which usually is proved to be a LIE. (Twitchy)

Seniors Need Protection, Too!

Even more than able-bodied people do! But Obama is taking steps to DISARM as many of them as possible by making “rules” that ban the ownership of guns for seniors who have others to manage their finances—whether or not they do it because they can't do it themselves, or it is just more convenient for them. It doesn't matter to Obama. He will take their guns away, anyway, Never mind that, being old and infirm, many of them have no other way of defending themselves if some young, strapping thug decides to victimize them. There is no LOGICAL reason to disarm these people except for the fact Obama isn't able to do it any other (legal) way, and he can CLAIM that if they can't (won't) handle their own finances, they MUST be a “danger to society,” whether they are, or not. In other areas, he (and locals) are penalizing people who have too much ammunition in their homes. Ammunition is NOT a :fire hazard,” but fire departments are saying they are and are confiscating (stealing) that ammunition, sometimes forcefully, using axes to break into their homes. It's happening right here in Denver. Obama has all sorts of illegal scams (that need no congressional approval, he maintains) working to steal guns and ammunition (guns are no good without ammo) so as to DISARM as many people as possible. He must be really scared of a revolution if he's working so hard to get our guns away from us. (1776 Coalition)

Soros Behind the Scenes

Soros is “behind the scenes” in just about all our troubles, it seems. He hides behind numerous “Soros-funded” front organizations while doing his best to undermine everything we do. His meddling has bee uncovered in many places, and this is just one of them. Remember the guy who was arrested in Ferguson, MO, for shooting at the cops? He was bailed out by a “Soros-backed” organization in a previous shooting scrape. Which tells me he was WORKING for Soros and was a “go-to gunman” for Soros. Only problem for this scum this time is that the cops were better shots than he was, and he got shot. Molly Gott, a KNOWN Soros supporter (who was KNOWN to have PAID protesters in the past), bailed this guy (who BRAGGED that he made his money by robbing people) out when he was arrested on charges of stealing a car, a gun, and resisting arrest, which set things up to ALLOW him to create a gun situation in Ferguson, when they couldn't get a REAL protester to do it. (Weasel Zippers)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How Stupid Is Obama?

I don't think he's stupid at all. I think he just wants us to THINK he's stupid. That's his excuse for the “side-deal” to the Iran “agreement” he never told us about, and barred Congress from even seeing. But it leaked, and now we know there's a deal where Iran gets to “inspect” it's own nuclear sites and “advise” us on what it finds. What I want to know is, what are they going to “find?” And will they tell us about it at all? The whole purpose of having inspections is so we can catch them if (when) they violate the basic treaty. So we let THEM “inspect,” and “fink” on THEMSELVES? That's either stupid and incompetent, or purposefully letting them get away with murder while telling America and the world they have a secure and binding agreement. So he can “go off into the mist” with people THINKING he's such a superb negotiator—UNTIL we get wind of the REAL result of his “agreement.” And Iran gets their nukes and blow Israel off the map—IF Israel lets them get that far. But of course, he'll be “long gone” as far as the presidency is concerned, and he can obfuscate it to his heart's content while his loyalists back him to the hilt, confusing the issue so much nobody will ever know what he has done. (Associated Press)

"Negative Light On Islam?"

Imagine that? CNN is afraid that stories about ISIS raping, beheading, and otherwise killing people all over the world (true) will “cast a negative light on Islam.” Ya THINK? I can't think of a better group to “cast a negative light “ on. Their very RELIGION commands them to rape and kill people who don't believe the exact same way they do, and beheading them is their own idea—unless you consider the instruction in the Koran to “strike them on the neck.” And if there were “moderate Muslims” who hated what the extremists do, they're either frightened to speak up, or they AGREE with what they're doing. And Obama is importing them by the hundreds of thousands into this country. It's only a matter of time before the Muslim extremists get really going on killing Americans in America. We'd better step up our efforts to keep our right to self defense and to own and use (unimpeded) the means to that, a gun, or guns before they “get it in gear.” Or we could just do like the criminals do. Go buy one from that guy in the back alley with a trunkful of illegal guns. A gun kills just as well if it was illegally obtained. (Town Hall)

Do They Really Care?

The “Black Lives Matter” activists don't really care about all the black people being killed. If they did, they'd be “up in arms” about Planned Parenthood, which was STARTED by a racist woman who thought black people were “inferior” and wanted to use this organization to “get rid of” as many black babies as she could. And she has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. On average, 1,876 black babies are MURDERED every day in the United States, the majority of them by Planned Parenthood, most of whose “clinics” are located in black areas for a reason. Then there's the MYTH that white cops kill black men with abandon. Again, not true. Roughly 8,000 to 9,000 black people are killed in America, and 93% of them are killed by other black people. That's 93%! More white people are killed by white (and black) cops than are black people, and just about ALL of them while trying their best to kill the cop. But they don't care about that. All they care about is their agenda, which is to “hamstring” cops. And when they do, as they have done in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD, the murder rate goes up, with a corresponding rise in murders of BLACK people, by other black people. In Baltimore, they now have the worst murder rate in their entire HISTORY. But the “Black Lives Matter” crowd will not admit that is responsible. (Town Hall)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fooled By Socialists

We're being made fools of by socialists. And they're now so open about it, it's easy to see it, though nobody's looking (except people like me with the intelligence to see through them). All we have to do is look at what they're trying to promote to see it. But nobody's looking. What is it that liberals (and some conservatives) are promoting? “Tax the rich!” As if the rich didn't help each and every one of us make more money while they make money for themselves. Jeb Bush is supposed to be a conservative, but not too long ago he RAN an organization financed by former NY Mayor (gun hater) Michael Bloomberg, a liberal Democrat—and that organization donated much money to Planned Parenthood while pushing many liberal (socialist) causes. Hillary talks about “an even playing field” while supporting demands for $15 an hour pay for people not worth $5 an hour, to be paid out of that "massive pile of money" businesses have (sic). She also talks about “redistributing wealth,” and eliminating the “income disparity,” all of which are SOCIALIST notions. We KNOW Bernie Sanders is a socialist, because he has ADMITTED it (give him points for honesty). Hillary is just as bad, but she is still trying to hide it, while pushing socialist notions every day, PRETENDING they aren't socialist positions. We'd better “wake up and smell the roses,” or we're going to be the next Soviet Union (communism is but ONE form of collectivism, socialism is another). We're already far down that path. Wake UP, America! (Freedom Outpost)

"Excommunicating" Trump From GOP

George Will, who is SUPPOSED to be a conservative pundit, wants the Republican Party to “excommunicate Donald trump because he is a “phony conservative.” Since when does George Will get to DEFINE somebody as a “phony conservative?” I guess it's because Trump will not “follow the GOP line” and will probably, if elected, get rid of many of their little fiefdoms. The “king makers” in the GOP think they can get rid of Trump and still win. The Republican Party is fast creating a situation that could guarantee a Democrat victory next year. They're FORCING Trump to run as an independent, and I'm convinced that Trump is the only candidate who could WIN as an independent. Maybe he;ll run as a member of the “Tea Party” and the Tea Party will then replace the Republican Party and so make the GOP go the same route as did the Whigs. (Herald Tribune/GeorgeWill)

Assuming Screwing Around

Liberals are ASSUMING that most teenage girls screw around, and want to IMPLANT an abortion-producing device into them—whether or not they, or their parents want it. Like all such privacy-intrusive measures, it might be deemed to be only if the people wanted it in the beginning, but after it has been in effect for a time, it will become MANDATORY. This is how the government does things. They introduce things only by PERMISSION, and later change it so it is mandatory. This is a common scam that they use all the time, and have for many years. And way too many people fall for this scam and allow their freedoms to be taken away, BY PERMISSION. You have to be very careful, because politicians regularly use such scams to get their way. (World Net Daily)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hillary's Blank Server

If you believe Hillary “turned over” her private e-mail server, you're nuts. She turned over an old box that once contained a server, almost surely not hers, so computer experts could not “resurrect” her :lost” e-mails. It's a continuation of her “stonewalling” on just ONE of her many scandals. It allows her to CLAIM to have “turned over her server” when she didn't. This is one wily old b--witch. She knows every trick in the book to stave off investigations into her “crimes,” and she uses them to perfection. If she had been an “average American,” she wouldn't have been “asked” to turn it over. The FBI would have raided her house at gunpoint and TAKEN IT. They would have taken every piece of computer equipment there, and any she owned elsewhere. She would be standing by in HANDCUFFS while they did it. And as to her TELLING Congress when she would appear, and how many times, she would have been subpoenaed and ORDERED to appear, as many times as they wished. And this woman wants to be the next president! (Daily Caller/Chuck Ross)

Carson Not Against Guns

Dr. Ben Carson, former brain surgeon who is running for president because it was DEMANDED, made some regrettable mistakes early on in his campaign, that Democrats seized upon in an effort to deplete his support among gun owners and would-be gun owners. He said, “Actually, my stance has never changed. My stance was articulated in an awkward way early on, when I entered the political fray, I subsequently learned that when you talk about things like the 2nd Amendment, your first statement must be, “The 2nd Amendment cannot, in any way, be compromised. It is such an important part of our freedoms. It was Daniel Webster who said that people of America would never suffer under tyranny because they are armed, and I believe that with all my heart and would never compromise the 2nd Amendment." What I did say is that I would prefer not having a situation where dangerous weapons fell into the hands of unstable people, because then they’re likely to wreak havoc with them. But, you know, that’s way down the line in terms of things that I think are important, and I simply, early on, didn’t recognize that you can't assume that people know what you're talking about.” (Breitbart)

Navy Gets Smart

Following the killing of five people at a recruiting center, the Navy took notice and has decided to ARM their personnel at those centers. I don't know if that order also included them being armed on other military reservations, but it IS a move in the right direction. This shooting caused governors in several states to authorize military personnel to be armed at recruiting centers. I don't know how that affects military personnel, who are under MILITARY law at those centers. I don't think state action can overcome that. I haven't heard anything about similar action on the part of the other services, so I guess their people will just have to depend on the Navy to protect them. More on that, later. Of course, even ordinary people TRIED to “stand armed guard” on recruitment centers, but they were told to “go away.” Not asked, TOLD. (Guns)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hillary's Got Big Troubles

She blames all her problems on “uncalled-for” Republican harassment that she has suffered for years. I got news for ya, Hillary. The REASON they have been “harassing” you for years is because of all the crimes you've committed and have continuously “stonewalled” them on. Until you answer some of the questions they've raised, they will continue to “harass” you. Now you've got REALLY big problems. The prosecutor who took General Patraeus down is now looking into YOUR e-mail scandal and no amount of phony BLANK server “turning over” isn't going to deflect him. Trump is predictably jumping right on that, and rightly so. For somebody under CRIMINAL investigation to SERIOUSLY run for president, and expect to win it ludicrous. But Hillary is doing it, because she thinks the “fix” is still in and she can do nothing to keep her from being nominated. But even without her CRIMINAL activities, I think Trump is the one who can “take her down.” For my part, your crack about Banghazi “not mattering” eliminated you forever from gaining the presidency, or any other elective office, including dog catcher. (Town Hall)

Lerner: "GOP Is Evil and Dishonest"

It's easy to call your accusers nasty names when you are beset by the results of your own dishonesty. If Lois Lerner was really not guilty of wrongdoing, she would still be at her desk at the IRS, still running the division that held up conservative organizations' applications for tax-free status for so long, while “passing through” applications for tax-free status by liberal organizations Instead of lolling about at home, receiving her “retirement” money, on a long, PAID vacation. The reason she can do that is that, even though the IRS knows she is a lawbreaker and couldn't have her still working for them, they still don't want to actually NAME her as a wrongdoer because that would give the GOP something more to use to unseat Democrats, and they can't have that. Losing power is just something Democrats will do ANYTHING to avoid. The fact is, the “evil and dishonest people” are on her side of the aisle. In reference to her appearance before Congress, she said the reason she “took the Fifth” was not because she was really innocent, but because she felt they were so “evil and dishonest” in their questioning. Well. Lois, why didn't you just TELL them that? Why “take the Fifth if you're really not guilty of anything? Only guilty people "take the Fifth" to cover their crimes. (Fox News)

Hillary's Wrong--As Usual

Same as ALL liberals, who blame everything bad on guns. Completely ignoring the fact that guns are used for good things, too, mostly by people who OBEY laws. In this case, she's telling the chief race whore Al, uh, Sharpton that the reason more black men are in prison or killed by cops is because all the cops are biased against them. Which does a LOT to support their “fantasies.” But it's a load of bullcrap. Cops aren't biased, black men shoot other people at a much higher rate, and steal from them more often than anybody else. This is not a “pipe dream,” it is backed up by the numbers. More black men commit crimes, and thus are more often to be found in jail or prison—or killed by cops who are doing their duty or defending themselves against them. Of course, they'll call me a racist for writing this, in a “knee-jerk reaction,” based on the example set by OBAMA, who blames ANY opposition to his policies, or anything he doesn't like, on racism, since he is half black. But they've worn that out so well, it's now meaningless. But then, what better way is there to get votes from black people? Just feed their imaginary bugaboos. (Weasel Zippers)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Look At His Face

I don't think I've seen a more self-satisfied smirk on anybody's face than on this murderer who has just been told he will not be killed by the state for the killing he performed. Not that he was overly worried, because a death sentence usually means the person condemned will outlive most people NOT under a death sentence—except the one they get when they're born. Those against the death penalty think it's more than “equal punishment” under the law. I say it can NEVER be “equal” unless the murderer is killed in the same way he used to kill his (or her) victim(s), Then there are those who are against the state killing ANYBODY for ANYTHING. They think the state shouldn't be allowed to kill even people who NEED to be killed. These people look at the world through “rose-co0lored glasses” and their opinions would change if somebody tried to kill THEM. (MailNews)

Torpedoing Himself

Dan Price had a good thing going. He had a million dollar business going great guns until one day he decided to “torpedo himself.” He set all his employees, including himself, a salary of $70,000.00 a year. Which, of course, made everybody happy—except for the people who were already making almost as much because their talents and abilities rated it. But especially the janitors and other floor-sweepers who had NO talents or abilities and were sorely challenged to be able to keep THAT job. He lowered his own million dollar salary to help finance it. Some of his better employees, who were already making that much, quit and went elsewhere, where their talents and abilities were appreciated. The lower-talented employees, of course, gleefully stayed on, collecting their inflated salaries and “Lording it over” their friends, who didn't make nearly as much, thus losing those friends.

Within three months, Price had to rent out his own house to make his own ends meet, and then he began to see the ignorance of his action. Pretty soon his friends were avoiding him because they didn't want to associate with someone so stupid. Soon his business was failing, and he admitted his critics, including Rush Limbaugh, were right. But it was too late. He couldn't lower salaries back to where they had been, because the employees now regarded it as “their due,” whether they were smart or talented enough to rate it, or not. So now he owned a failing business, had many bills he couldn't pay, and his customers were leaving, because there was no incentive for his employees to give real customer service. END of a profitable business through stupidity. That's socialism/collectivism. (Conservatives United)

CNN: "A Need for Gun Control"

Liberals can twist ANYTHING into a call for their useless, murderous “gun control “laws. CNN says the theater shooting (where the only shots fired came from cops' guns) is proof we need more gun control. What a big LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! The poor guy didn't HAVE a gun. All he had is a PELLET gun and an axe, and he was shot down like a dog by cops. Maybe we should have more “axe laws.” All that proves is that if a crazy wants to be a “shooter” he will use a CAP gun, if necessary. All their “gun laws” would have made NO DIFFERENCE. How CNN equates this as “need for more gun laws,” I can't fathom. But then, I have trouble with a lot of liberal “thinking.” It lacks logic. In fact, liberals have been known to deny the EXISTENCE of logic. Most of their thinking lacks logic. And they're “in charge” almost everywhere. That isn't very logical, either. (Conservative Byte)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Jihadists In America!

I can't say that loud enough. Obama wants to close down GITMO and send its inmates to U. S. prisons. What the hell is the REASON to shut down GITMO? He has never properly told us his reason. Releasing them in America, even in prison means they will gain access to “rights” they cannot access as prisoners in GITMO, where they are the equivalent of “prisoners of war.” If they're sent to American prisons, they will inevitably get out, when some weak-kneed liberal judge decides they have been “put on” too much by our criminal justice system, a system that should never have been involved. And if you think Hispanic illegal aliens have been killing lots of Americans, wait until these bast-rds get released among us. They have PLEDGED to kill as many of us as they can, and they WILL make the attempt when they get released. Releasing them into our society is the stupidest thing Obama can do, unless he wants to HELP them kill Americans—which I believe is true. (Town Hall)

Terrorists Killed Almost 7,000

t's well known that the attack on the Twin Towers by those Islamic terrorists killed 3,000 people THAT DAY. What is not well known is that 9/11 is killing a lot more people. 3,700 “first responders” have contracted cancer as a result of that day and a LOT of them, maybe ALL of them, will die—and their deaths can be laid right at the feet of the Islamic terrorists, who will probably BRAG about it to their friends, even though the SIZE of the tragedy was a COMPLETE SURPRISE to them. They only planned to be able to kill several hundred, maybe a thousand (which is bad enough), including those in the planes and on the floors hit by the planes, They deny it, but they were as surprised as anybody when the buildings fell and killed so many people. Islam is NOT a “peaceful religion,” and never has been. The proof is that, down through history they have been wantonly KILLING, raping, and beheading people for not believing exactly the same way they think they should (there's nothing new about their current beheading spree and they've been raping since the dawn of time). The Marine Corps HYMN about the “Shores of Tripoli” referred to beating Islamic terrorists, way back then. The CRUSADES were NOT an unwarranted attack on Muslims. The Crusades were a DEFENSIVE ACT against Islamic terrorists, in RESPONSE to Islamic terrorist attacks on innocent people a long time ago. (New York Post)

Anti-Gun Lies

Anti-gun activists lie all the time. They have to because facts don't support their fatally-flawed positions and the only way they can hope to prevail is to lie or twist the truth way out of shape. Example: they emphasize tragedies like a baby getting hold of Mom's gun and killing her. That almost NEVER happens, and wouldn't if Mom took the trouble to learn how to properly handle a gun. With proper training, such things would NEVER happen. But the gun-grabbers talk like it happens every day. They say “Ownership of a gun makes the owner much more apt to be the victim of a gun accident, or simple murder, which is a patent LIE. A BIG LOAD of stinky brown stuff—you know what I mean. The truth is, a gun in the home makes it much more probable that people will be safe from outside attacks, from simple criminals, to Islamic terrorists out to kill everybody they can who doesn't believe the exact same way they do.

But they don't recognize that truth. They only recognize their own version of “the truth.” Gun truth promoter John Lott says, “Every place in the world that has tried to ban guns has seen a big INCREASE in gun violence and other violent crimes. You'd think that, at least in one such place, one time, the opposite would be true, but it's not.” It's as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night. But do gun-grabbers see it? Not a chance. They are completely myopic when it comes to the truth. He says, “No one knows how many times the presence of a gun in the hands of a potential victim PREVENTS a violent crime without a shot being fired. But these instances don't get reported and thus don't end up in some government database somewhere (paraphrased).” An estimate by the Violence policy Center says this could be happening tens of thousands of times a year. But do the gun-grabbers take note? Not a chance in hell! They think only what they WANT to think, and to hell with facts. (Town Hall/John Stossel)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hillary's CRIMINAL Investigation!

To my knowledge, this is the first time in the history of America that a presidential candidate, while STILL RUNNING, has had a criminal investigation filed against her. Talk about “making history!” Whether it will ever come to anything is still in question, even though it has been found that at least FOUR of her e-mails contained “government secrets,” something which she swore to protect them from release, while sending them over UNSECURED e-mail. The DOJ has her e-mail server now, and unless she not only deleted those e-mails, but overwrote them (which is an ADMISSION of criminality regarding them), will be able to resurrect most of them. Add that to her other criminal acts, including accepting contributions (through the Clinton Foundation) from FOREIGN sources—which is illegal, in itself, and she SHOULD be “toast” as a presidential candidate. Whether or not she will, while Obama is still “in power,” remains in question. (World Net Daily)

What Are They SMOKING?

The U. S. Attorney's office for Southern Florida has told us Farrakhan's “fiery rant” promoting the KILLING of Americans is “protected speech.” It is NOT! It is promoting the MURDER of all whites by blacks, and threatening a “movement” to make that come true. If they would prosecute somebody for hollering “fire” in a crowded place, this is much WORSE. And will be the cause of many DEATHS. Somebody needs to “rein this fool in.” Before he gets a lot more people killed in his sinister white against black (imaginary) race war (actually, it's a black against white race war, [promoted by him and his fellow race whores] for their own benefit). Louie should be in PRISON for what he does! He and his fellow race whores are responsible for ALL the racial strife happening in this country, today. They are responsible (behind the scenes AND out front) for the killings in Ferguson, MO, and elsewhere. And they should be in PRISON with the key thrown into the sea so they will never be heard from, any more. What a bunch of Obama-supported FOOLS they are! (World Net Daily)

Making Guns Useless

The government can't just BAN guns. They know the Constitution makes that blatantly illegal. But they've tried every way they can to “get around” that constitutional prohibition on taking away our right to self defense and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. And failed. Obama says his biggest disappointment in his administration is his failure to disarm America. HIS FAILURE TO DISARM AMERICA! Good for America. So now he's trying to make the guns we are legally allowed to own and use WORTHLESS. In that popular sitcom, “Mayberry,” Andy wouldn't let his “dumb as a box of rocks” deputy have but one bullet, and that was not allowed to be IN his gun unless Andy let him load it. That's the purpose of Obama's latest efforts to eliminate AMMUNITION from America.

To that end, the government is buying up as much ammunition as it can, banning other kinds (bullets are not mentioned in the Constitution), and forcing manufacturers to add prohibitively expensive micro-printed “identification” to every bullet they make, making ammunition itself prohibitively expensive, as the makers “pass along” the added cost. This has been a lot more successful than just prohibiting guns, themselves. Guns are just good doorstops” without bullets, and his people are hoarding most of them—until Americans get “on the ball” and make more that he doesn't know about. When the government prohibits things we think are necessary, as we did when the government prohibited booze, it creates a market, and some people are always willing to “jump in the breach,” and supply that market. Unfortunately, as with prohibition, these people are criminals. And the government's efforts only create more criminals. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How They THINK

“Black Lives Matter” promoter Deray McKesson thinks when a black criminal is shooting at them, they should just stand there and take it. He thinks cops should just leave their guns in leather and let the criminal KILL them. This is an example of how such damned FOOLS think. They can't give a good reason for that kind of thinking, they just insist they're right. He (and other fools like him) maintain that Officer Darren Wilson was guilty of murder when he shot Michael Brown in self defense. He also questions the facts in the case of Tyrone Harris, Jr., saying the cops LIED when they said Tyrone was firing at them. This is an example of an activist whose mind is made up and you can't “confuse him with facts.” He'll just call you a liar. He can't prove it, but that's what he thinks, so that's how it IS, according to him. And of course, this guy (and other race whores) rushed to Ferguson to whip up even more racist crap, while a bunch of black men started shooting at cops and got what was coming to them. (Mediaite)

"Peaceful Demonstration?"

Not! The supposed “father” (which is in serious question) of slain giant thug Michael Brown (who did everything he could as Brown was growing up to make a white-hating racist out of him, which led to his death as he tried to intimidate a cop, who wouldn't BE intimidated) led what was BILLED as a “peaceful demonstration” on the anniversary of Brown's death in Ferguson, MO, led to an armed “firefight” between IMPORTED thugs and the cops that had been planned well in advance. Many of the “demonstrators” were seen sporting handkerchiefs around their necks that were later pulled over their faces, signaling their intent to do something illegal later on. Black race whores are determined to make Ferguson continue to be the focal point in their “war against cops” that has spread across the country. Cops are now “prime targets” in this war, since they go around in those distinctively marked cars, wearing those easily recognized uniforms with that shiny target on their chests. To say they are “trigger happy” today is an understatement. I would be “trigger happy” too, if criminals were openly making war on me. (USA Today)

Illegal Alien Murderers

It's not a “minor problem.” It is a MAJOR PROBLEM, and it is made worse by the actions of the STUPID politicians who make LAWS to “protect illegal aliens.” California has such laws, and they are responsible for AT LEAST 2 deaths caused by illegal aliens who have been deported multiple times and have returned through our “porous border” to murder again. Now statistics show that illegal aliens are responsible for fully ONE-THIRD of the murders in the United States. Donald Trump has been criticized for bringing this problem to the surface and FORCING the other Republican candidates to actually TALK about it. Meanwhile they excoriate Trump for “hurting the girl” at the first Republican debate, ignoring the REAL problems. “As Ann Coulter has pointed out, this is the most critical issue of the 2016 race because this is the issue that will define whether or not there will even be an American nation recognizable as the 'home of the free and land of the brave'. ”

What pains me is that people who KNOW this still vote these fools into office and re-elect them so they can continue to make laws that GUARANTEE people will die because of it. The people who do are what Rush Limbaugh calls, “low-information voters,” and I call “those who pay no attention to politics (Thus, the title to my second book, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics! Politics WILL pay attention to YOU!” It is this factor that is at the bottom of ALL our troubles: INCOMPETENT people being elected by people who have NO idea who they are and what they're likely to do, or the damage they're likely to do in their complete INCOMPETENCE. As long as there is no way to make sure ony people who PAY ATTENTION to politics and thus KNOW something about the candidates vote, it will continue. (1776 Coalition)

Monday, August 10, 2015

I Guess Louie Doen't Matter

A man who tried to “raise an army” to go over and fight with ISIS overseas, has been arrested for it. Nothing wrong with that. But “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan tried to “raise an army” to fight white people right here in the United States (which is DOMESTIC terrorism), and nobody does anything, on Obama's orders. That's because Louie is following Obama's directive to try and get a race war started, so he will not be arrested and charged with pretty much the same crime for which this other guy was arrested. I guess if the PRESIDENT thinks his goals are okay, even if illegal, HE'S okay. So as long as Obama is “in charge,” criminals like Farrakhan will never be “brought to justice” unless OBAMA is “brought to justice” for HIS crimes. The guy who tried to recruit an army for ISIS is a terrorist, UNLESS Obama orders him freed, because he doesn't recognize that Islamic terrorism even EXISTS. I'll be watching. (NBC New York)

Both Were Racism!

Both Trevon Martin and Michael Brown were killed because of racism. Not the racism most people think, but the racism TAUGHT to small (and large) black boys all their lives by the adults in their lives: the “white privilege” myth that infuriates them to no end. Both boys were shuttled back and forth between family members, who all taught him that the black man was being “held down” by whites. That is the black against whites racism that seems to be rampant in the black community, and CREATES the Trevon Martins and Mike Browns who finally “snap” and decide to do something about it—with the wrong man. Martin by deciding to confront a “white enough” man who was “watching” him and was in the process of beating his head against the concrete sidewalk when that man shot and killed him, and Mike Brown by trying to take a cop's gun away from him—something that is ALWAYS a “death sentence." In both cases, the liberal media lied and twisted facts to make it SEEM like white racism against blacks was responsible, and thus created a “firestorm” of protest by others who had similarly been told all their lives the MYTH that the “White man wanted to keep the black man down,” when in reality, the white man had no such intentions. They couldn't be LESS concerned about the lives of black men. It was the inculcated black against white racism that got these two thugs killed, but they'll never admit it. They'll call ME a racist for pointing out this truth. But the man who wrote the story linked here is NOT a “white racist,” and he tells the truth. (World Net Daily/Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson)

Gun-Free Zones KILL!

It's not a “pipe-dream,” it's FACT. In the last eight years, 105 innocent people have been KILLED, and another 150 people injured IN GUN-FREE ZONES. Every shooter in those instances but ONE passed a background check and was able to buy his gun legally. That one just STOLE his guns. What is painfully obvious here to anybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE is that gun-free zones are only gun-free to people who OBEY laws, Not to criminals, who are bent on committing even worse crimes than those puny little gun-free zone violations, and those zones make them pretty sure there will be nobody there shooting back at them. Further, background checks do NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of the people bound and determined to kill as many innocent people as they can. Gun-free zones are an OPEN INVITATION to such people to “come in and shoot us up. We won't oppose you.” But are “the usual suspects” who make the same old, tired, and USELESS laws over and over again smart enough to take notice of this? Not a chance. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. They are responsible for many deaths. And they are blissfully unaware of it. (Breitbart)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

This Congressman Has His Nerve

“Ray Tranchant, a professor who lives in Virginia Beach, Va., testified on Capitol Hill on Thursday about his daughter's death after the car she was riding in was hit by an illegal alien who was driving drunk.“ Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.). took issue with him calling such people “bandidos.” Maybe he's right. Tranchant should have called him something much worse, such as “murderer” or simply “criminal,” because that's what the guy who was on his THIRD DUI when he ran into this guy's daughter's car (which was standing still at a stop sign), killing her. After the first DUI, he should have been deported, and MARKED so he could not come back. But NO! Obama's administration gives such people “special treatment.” In fact, he has ordered 30,000 illegal alien CONVICTED MURDERERS released to murder Americans AGAIN. He apparently cares more about illegal alien CRIMINALS than he does about law-abiding Americans. They're mounting a campaign against drunk driving, but Obama still lets these guys go to kill again.(CNS News)

Have Politicians Gone Insane?

They think that illegals MUST be represented, so they put them on their city advisory boards. Next, they'll elect an illegal alien PRESIDENT (or maybe they already have). They are not citizens. They do not have the RIGHTS of citizens. In a perfect world, these people would be IMPRISONED and DEPORTED. They are in Mexico. But this is NOT a perfect world. Instead, we appoint them to important governmental positions. And that's not all. Our PRESIDENT has appointed KNOWN Islamic TERRORISTS and known communists to be part of his government! He has ordered his troops to ”cut and run” from the battlefield with the job undone, and LEAVE their weapons and expensive equipment for the Islamic terrorists to take, and use to kill Americans, as well as others. Politicians all over the country have declared their cities to be “sanctuary cities” where they will not punish illegal aliens for ANYTHING. One of the latest being San Francisco, where a FIVE-TIME deported illegal alien MURDERED a young woman in front of her father.

Now (finally) the killer is being held. But for how long before one of Obama's incompetent appointees orders him deported (again) so he can return (again) and kill somebody else? Obama has ordered 30,000 CONVICTED illegal alien murderers RELEASED and deported, and who have returned and killed more than 100 American citizens since returning. Worse yet, he is making SECRET DEALS with Iran, one of the biggest KNOWN Islamic terrorist supporter nations to allow them NUCLEAR POWER, while giving them BILLIONS of dollars to use in killing more people. Should he be immediately removed for INSANITY? Or is that expected of Democrats and tolerated? I LIVE in one of those “sanctuary cities,” and it is being overrun by not only Hispanic illegal aliens, but Islamic "terrorists in waiting," too. The economy is in shambles, and the perpetrator says if he could run again, he would win. If that is true, it's because his insanity is “rubbing off” on the voters. But I don't think it's true. I think it's just a product of his delusions and incompetence. And his insanity. (Just common sense)

Farrakhan Planning A Revolution

“Calypso Louie” Farrakhan is recruiting 10,000 men (black only) who aren't afraid to DIE rather than live in this society for a violent event he is planning in Washington, DC on 10/10/15. He calls it (again) a “Million Man March,” ignoring the abject FAILURE of the first “Million Man March.” This one may be more successful because of the current atmosphere of white hatred fostered by Farrakhan and other race whores in the meantime In Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore, MD.. He's calling for them to KILL people. This is a direct quote from his speech: “Retaliation! If the federal government won’t intercede in our affairs, then we MUST rise up and kill those who kill us; stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling!” This is patently fomenting a revolution. But nobody is killing more blacks than blacks are killing blacks AND whites, already. That's what he doesn't tell them, that the only reason blacks are being killed is to stop them from killing ANYBODY, black OR white. The government better take notice, and be ready to repulse his “men who aren't afraid to die, or KILL!” If they want to die, we'll be happy to accommodate them. Notice he made this speech in a CHURCH. He can't say we took this out of context because here we present a video of his own speech. (Conservative Byte)