Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why More Mass Shootings?

It’s almost like Columbine (mass shooting at Columbine High School) signaled the beginning of “the season of mass killings. Since then there have been many mass shootings, all over the world, several right here in Colorado. The only one in Colorado that was stopped before a bunch of people were killed was in Colorado Springs, where there was ONE WOMAN who was (legally) armed and willing to use her gun and shot the shooter before he was able to murder more than two people. That tells me something: ONE PERSON with his/her own gun could STOP these killings. But don’t even try to tell the anti-gun freaks that. They’re “tone deaf” to reason. We’ve DISARMED ourselves as a means of self-defense. How STUPID!. Anti-gun freaks think laws against gun ownership and carrying will stop such shootings. I got news for them.

They won’t; wherever the anti-gun laws are the strongest, that’s where it’s the most easy to obtain ILLEGAL GUNS. Notice you never hear about a mass shooting done at a gun show or a police station. Why is that? Simple; would-be shooters know there are many guns there carried by people who know how to use them and aren’t afraid to use them. Most people aren’t stupid. They won’t “go on a shooting spree” just because they can own and carry the means of self-defense, a gun. But they WILL “spring into action” and shoot a would-be mass killer before he is ale to kill more than one or two. That was PROVEN in Colorado Springs by a very small woman nobody would expect to be a heroine. The “anti-gun freaks” have a very low opinion of the intelligence and self-control of the average person they think they’ll go out and shoot people every chance they get. But that won’t happen.

Robert Heinlein said once, “an armed society is a polite society.” He tossed that one off as an aside in one of his books but it is a PROFOUND statement. Ignorant people ban guns. They might as well put up a sign that says, “Come on in and shoot us. No guns here!” When are the “Anti-gun fools” going to learn? Probably never, because their minds re closed to ANY suggestion that more guns in the hands of people who know how to use them and aren’t afraid to do so will STOP such mass shootings in their tracks. The would-be mass shooters will DIE before they can kill more than one or two with their either ILLEGAL or legally-obtained guns. I notice that many of these mass shooters got their guns legally, which reinforced my opinion that laws against gun ownership and carrying DO NOT WORK to keep guns out of the hands of such people. If they want to go out and kill, NO amount of anti-gun laws will stop them. They’ll get their guns SOME way, even if they have to STEAL them, as some of them have done. There is no such thing as the ABSENCE of guns in our society. They exist. You can’t get rid of them, physically.

Make all the laws you want, they will still exist, and the “bad guys” will always be able to get their hands on one (or more). It’s like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. The only solution is to allow honest, intelligent people to buy and carry the means to their own self-defense (and that of others), a gun. John Lott wrote a book with the title, “More Guns, Less Crime.” It was ridiculed by the anti-gun freaks, but it has proven to be very true. Wherever honest people can carry guns, violent crime has gone down, significantly. It’s time intelligent people overrode the efforts of the ignorant anti-gun freaks and let people take care of their own self-defense. The cops can’t do it, all they can do is write down the names of the dead and injured when they get there, usually AFTER the violence has been done). They did it in Florida, and many other states. And violent crime predictably went down. (Amazon)

No, Islam Will NOT "Rule the World"

There’s a “Global Caliphate Conference” in Chicago (Obama’s home town) that was cancelled after major protests against it. They still say “Sharia WILL rule the world!” How cocky are they? Sharia is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and there is NO WAY we are going to get rid of our Constitution! Thus, there is NO WAY Sharia Law will EVER “rule” in America. They might get a small number of decisions that MIGHT conform to Sharia Law, but such decisions will REMAIN few and far between. Sharia Law will NEVER “gain a foothold” here, and those who think it will are FOOLS. (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bush Didn't do It!

Obama is trying to say Bush started what became “Fast & Furious,” but he didn’t. His “similar” program had a very different goal than Obama’s, ended TWO YEARS BEFORE Obama’s started when it was found to be not working. Obama started his to defame gun dealers in America and got a lot of people KILLED. There’s little similarity between Bush’s program and Obama’s. There might be a similarity ONLY in Obama’s mind. Bush’s program sold guns to cartels to find out where they were so they could be arrested, and included a GPS unit in each gun. When it was found that the cartels were finding and removing these GPS units, the program was cancelled. When Obama started his, it was to “prove” his fantasy that most of their guns came from the U. S. and included NO GPS units. Bush’s program got nobody killed, and Obama’s got 200 Mexicans killed, and two federal agents. Obama ordered his people NOT to attempt to “follow the guns” while Bush’s was TO follow the guns to their destination so they could arrest the cartel members. Additionally, Bush’s operation had the full knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican government—Obama’s did not. (On The Record)

No, It will NOT!

There’s a “Global Caliphate Conference” in Chicago (Obama’s home town) that was cancelled after major protests against it. They still say “Sharia WILL rule the world!” How cocky are they? Sharia is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and there is NO WAY we are going to get rid of our Constitution! Thus, there is NO WAY Sharia Law will EVER “rule” in America. They might get a small number of decisions that MIGHT conform to Sharia Law, but such decisions will REMAIN few and far between. Sharia Law will NEVER “gain a foothold” here, and those who think it will are FOOLS. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Global Ban On Insulting Prophet"

That’s what Islamic leaders want. Of course, they never mention a “global ban on insulting other religions” while they gleefully insult Christianity and all other religions every day. I really get tired of hearing Islamic “leaders” telling us what we “have to do.” We don’t have to do ANYTHING to please “Islamic leaders,” especially as long a Islamic terrorists are killing us. What FOOLS they must be to even THINK we would listen to them. (Washington Times)

Muslim Infiltration

There are many Muslims in important posts in the United States government. I can’t name them all because to do so would take too much time and too much space. I will simply call attention to ONE, who is a “close adviser” and friend of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State. That is Huma Abedin, a former member of the Muslim Student’s Association, the original Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States while she was at George Washington University during the nineties She then moved to the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, the journal run by her parents and financed by Abdullah Omar Naseef, a financier of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida. The very fact that a person with such a past can attain such an important and powerful position in our government speaks volumes to the ability of Muslim extremists to “worm” their way into position to do us damage.

If this doesn’t disturb and concern you, it had better start because soon they will have enough power in our own government to be able to institute Sharia law without opposition. And when that happens, we’re lost. Muslim loudmouths say there will come a day soon when we (Muslims) will run things in this country. And I believe them, if our current government doesn’t get rid of the ones now in appointed office while we refuse to elect Muslims to ANY office in the government. Muslim extremists will call me an “Islamaphobic” for this item, but it’s not “Islamaphobic” if it is truth. In any case, the very word “Islamaphobic” is a “made-up word to make believe ANYBODY who criticizes Muslims MUST be a bigot. That’s wrong. It’s one more con to silence people who criticize them for anything. If Islamic terrorists weren’t trying implacably to KILL us for not believing exactly the same way they do, I wouldn’t have a problem with them as I have no problem with Muslims who AREN’T trying to kill me. (Clarkcast)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obama Is A Communist!

I know most people’s eyes glaze over when the word “communism” (or any of its derivatives) is mentioned, But the truth is, Obama IS a communist. No, he’s not a “card-carrying member of the communist party” but he IS a communist in every other way. He was BORN a communist; raised by communist parents; he had many communist mentors and advisers in his lifetime, and he still does. It’s hard to think he does not THINK like a communist; and he tells us he does every time he speaks. He speaks of “fairness” and “redistribution of wealth.” He talks about hating the rich and all they stand for. He places as many roadblocks in the way of the free market as he can, every chance he gets. It’s a well known fact that he is trying his best to make this into a socialist country and there are only cosmetic differences between communism and socialism. What did they call communist Russia? The “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.”

Obama THINKS like a communist—and he is the PRESIDENT of the United States! How did this happen? I think it was one of the founders who said, ”Our Republic will be gone when politicians find out they can bribe the citizens with their own money.” And he is doing that. He has promised us many things he should have no right to promise us, most of which he cannot deliver. But he hopes we will not find that out until way too late. How did we get such a man in the White House? When a majority of people LIVE off the government and the rest don’t pay any attention to what the government is doing, it’s only a matter of time. And that’s where we find ourselves right now. Obama is a communist THINKER. He BELIEVES that crap about taking from those who earn and GIVING to those who don’t, for whatever treason. Until we get him out of the White House we will continue to move toward socialism, and then it’s only a short distance to communism, with this country being the next “Soviet Union.” (Just common sense)

I Feel Sorry For Obama

He’s in WAY over his head. He has been “groomed” to become president from birth by his communist (Marxist) mentors, but he is incompetent to BE president. He has no ides what he’s doing, but listens to several different people, all of whom have different ideas on how to make a socialist state out of the United States and give him conflicting advice. When he attempts to do what they advise, it sounds like he is wildly confused. If he needs a number, like his 1 MILLION NEW JOBS number, he just “plucks it out of the air.” Nothing he has done has worked the way he SAYS it will, although it HAS worked to move us closer to socialism. What worries me is that maybe getting rid of Obama might not put us back on the right track, even with a Republican in charge. Progressives (communists) are still in charge of way too much of this government. (Just common sense)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who Does He Think He Is?

The Egyptian PM (a Muslim Brotherhood member) says we (the U. S.) should pass new laws making it illegal to “insult Islam.” Is this guy completely daft? What kind of a FOOL is he? Obviously he just doesn’t understand the First Amendment of our Constitution and its effect on our lawmaking if he thinks we COULD pass a Law against “insulting Islam,” even if we WOULD. Maybe HE should pass a law against ATTACKING Americans. (Just common sense)

More Obama "Birth Evidence"

This time, in Britain, where nobody expected it. There’s a lot of “evidence” of Obama’s birth outside the United States, but nothing is ever going to come of it. The politicians (including Republicans) accept the phony birth certificate he produced, that was manufactured in Hawaii. The Hawaiian governor, himself a Democrat and friend of Obama (FOO), assures us it’s genuine, when we all know it isn’t. the mistakes made in preparing it prove that. Like calling the hospital by the name it has today, not at the time of his birth; calling his father “African,” a term not in use at that time, and other evidence of forgery. then there's the fact of his use of a phony Connecticut Social Security number and his use of the term "birther" to ridicule ANYBODY who questions his American birth. But NOBODY will ACT on what we all know because the politicians don’t WANT him to be foreign-born because of all the work that will make for everybody. At one time, I saw the question of his foreign birth as a means of getting rid of him BEFORE 2012, but now time is too short and the point is moot—unless thee is a chance of calling into question everything he has done or signed into law or regulation as president. I’ll just be happy to get rid of him on January 20th, even if the federal marshals have to drag him, kicking and screaming, from the oval office. (The Daily Pen)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Should Have Killed Him Long Ago

Now it is revealed that part of that attack on our embassy in Libya was to protest the imprisoning of the “Blind Sheik.” Remember, he’s still in prison for the first bombing of the World Trade Center; a bombing that killed SIX innocent people. How he escaped the death penalty, I don’t know. He should have been sentenced to death and his execution “fast-tracked.” Then he couldn’t be used as a “trading card” by other Muslim murderers. He MURDERED six people! What else do we need to give the death penalty? If Obama even CONSIDERS releasing him, Obama should be "run out of Washington on a rail." TODAY.  Update: Obama's government is "negotiating" with Egypt to release him when we shouldn't release ANY Islamic terrorist so he can go back and kill some more. It will happen AFTER THE ELECTION, whether Obama wins or loses. (The Blaze)

Obama's SSN

The question has long been asked, how did Obama get a Connecticut Social Security number when he has never even BEEN in that state (except maybe recently to campaign for more money)? The answer is simple. The number is stolen from a dead man, one Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 (Obama's current SSN) on or about March, 1997. Ludwig died, guess where! In Hawaii, where he spent the last few years of his life. Obama’s grandmother, “coincidentally,” was then working in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Courthouse and had access to the SSNs of the dead. Since Ludwig never received any benefits, there were none to stop, and no need to notify the Social Security office of his death, so nobody asked any questions. This was one way to “prove” Obama was a citizen, though the choice of one issued to a Connecticut citizen was a bad one and use of a phony Social Security number that had been issued to someone else is “prima facie evidence” of fraud. This is not discussed in the liberal media because it proves them liars. (Links needed)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tired of Hearing It!

I’m really getting tired of hearing that LOAD about the current rash of attacks on our embassies being “revenge’ for that stupid video made by an idiot. Even the terrorists themselves are “joining the chorus,” hoping to be able to tell us what to do. An Islamic WOMAN drove a car loaded with explosives into a bus and they’re now claiming it is more “revenge” for that video. They have no understanding about the First Amendment and its effect on this situation In any case, They hope they can get us to BAN this video. Something that is NOT going to happen if the “powers that be” have ANY intelligence whatever. Frankly, WHO CARES if Islamic extremists are mad? They’re going to keep on killing people anyway, until we finish killing them all. (Just common sense)

GOP Brand Takes A Beating

According to Darrin Bell, cartoonist who does “Candorville in the (8/29/12) strip. The “reasons” are, Romney and Ryan REPLACING Medicare with “Groupon Specials” before “lathering all women and minorities in honey and throwing them in a bear pit.” This sounds like typical liberal (Democrat) lies about Republicans. And he properly identified a probable source as MSNBC. Both viewers must be really happy. The “beating” to their brand is only in Democrat and other liberal minds. To other people—people with brains, they are the last thing that can save us from Obama’s scams. (“Candorville”)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Third Round of Money Printing

Recently, Fed chairman Bernanke announced QE3, the THIRD ROUND of printing money without anything valuable behind it. To those who don’t understand that, think about trillions of dollar bills COUNTERFEITED with nothing to back them up. Just a bunch of good-looking paper. Every dollar of which that gets circulated dilutes the money in your pocket by a little more. The actual result is that everything you buy costs more. Which means the government has STOLEN more money out of your pocket without having to go to the Congress and pass a law, Are you going to keep letting Obama and his gang of thieves rob you? Or are you going to get rid of them in November? (Bloomberg News)

The Differencre

This is straight forward thinking... if you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test! If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one. If a  Democrat (liberal) doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed. If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat. If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone. If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life. If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect. There are many more examples, but you can probably figure them out for yourself using these examples. The difference is, if a Republican doesn’t like something, he doesn’t do it (he leaves others alone); if a Democrat doesn’t like something, he demands EVERYBODY be FORCED to do likewise, against their will. (Just common sense)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Don't Believe It!

For some reason Obama doesn’t want us to think the embassy attacks are anything but an individual retaliation for a video that ridicules the Muslim “religion.” Maybe because it’s HIS religion. He has said it is on more than one occasion. But  one of the reasons I don’t believe it is that these attacks (not “demonstrations”) are too widespread and too well planned and executed, as well as too well armed. They are military operations, not "spontaneous demonstrations." The timing is yet another indicator that it is something PLANNED to coincide with the anniversary of what Islamic terrorism considers it’s “greatest triumph,” the second World Trade Center bombing. They try and convince us that went as planned, but I don’t believe that, either. I think they were as surprised as we were when those towers came down.

They’re not intelligent enough to have planned it that way. Now we’re getting word of Islamic terrorist attacks in AUSTRALIA, ferGawdsake! Obama still won’t admit they ARE at war with the entire non-Muslim world. Why? I still think we need to make even PLANNING a terrorist attack a reason for the DEATH sentence with a “fast-tracked execution” of the terrorists. Holding them prisoner for YEARS in Guantanamo, then RELEASING them to go back and swell the ranks of terrorists is idiocy. But something I expect of Obama. They need to be GOTTEN RID OF in any way possible. They don’t hesitate to kill us, so why should we hesitate to kill THEM? Click the link and take a look at this (partial) map of Islamic terrorist attacks all over the world. (Johnston’s Archive)

It's All About Gun Control

Why did they arrest a Marine hero and put him in a “looney bin?” It’s all about their campaign to first demonize those who went out and risked their lives to promote the nefarious theories of the “ruling class (unknowingly), then disarm them, as well as the rest of the populace, using that very populace to demonize them. As the liberals did after the Viet Nam war, they’re trying to do now with a new “modus operandi.” They want to demonize men (and women) who risked their lives for them while those liberals wouldn’t “dirty their hands” on anything dangerous. They called returning soldiers “baby killers” when they themselves, ARE the real baby-killers (abortion). If a limp-wristed liberal ever called me a dirty name for being in the military, I’d leave him lying in the street, wondering why he ever did that. Stay alert! They’re trying to disarm Americans and are coming at you from BEHIND (their favorite position). (The Daily Bell)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"It Wasn't Against Us"

That’s what our government’s “official” position is about the attacks on American embassies in several countries. And that seems to be borne out by attacks on other embassies; embassies of countries that cooperate with us. But that policy keeps Obama from actually having to DO anything about those attacks. He needs to be having his soldiers out on the streets KILLING Muslim terrorists, not PREVENTING the defense of our embassies by PROHIBITING bullets in the guns of Marines “guarding” those embassies. Let those Marines DO the job they’re SUPPOSEDLY there for: defending the embassy instead of allowing our embassy personnel to be murdered because they can’t “defend” the embassy by throwing rocks at the attackers. The link below is to pictures of Muslim terrorists dragging the body of our ambassador through the streets after they murdered him. Do we need more evidence? (Gateway Pundit)

A Muslim President?

I don’t necessarily agree with Hank Williams, Jr. that Obama is a Muslim, but his hatred for many different groups is obvious in his actions, most of which are “under the table” increases in regulation; regulation that is crippling them. I do believe he is "anti-American. He has demonstrated that. He has been very outspoken for his hatred of the coal industry, PROMISING to “bankrupt” them (which also threatens the electricity industry, which depends on coal). He hasn’t been so outspoken about his hatred of other industries, but his regulations that are CRIPPLING them, show it. I don’t think it’s so much hating “industries” as much as it’s hating the FREE MARKET and wishing to destroy it and institute collectivism (socialism). Unlike Williams, I don’t “hate” Obama. I just have no use for him. He is despicable in his actions, policies and wishes for this country. (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Do We Even Bother?

Why do we still have our young boys in the Middle East dying to stop Islamic terrorists that their president won’t even admit exist? Why don’t we just let “angry Muslims” kill each other off? They hate each other as much as they hate us, and for the same stupid reasons. We need to make even PLOTTING a terrorist act earn a DEATH SENTENCE. And we need to “fast-track” their execution. Why not? They have made being ANYTHING but a Muslim a reason to kill us. If we do that, the number of Islamic terrorists will become smaller and smaller as we discover and punish them for their crimes against humanity. We also need to BAN Muslims from emigrating to this country to keep them from setting up “sleeper cells” within our country, ready to kill on command from their “leaders.” It’s hard to tell the difference between “peaceful Muslims living here and Muslim militants waiting to kill us. Just as in their own countries, they live among us quietly, allowing their Imams in their Mosques to train their children to hate us and wish to kill us on the advice of their own Koran.

When we catch them, we need to sentence them to a quick death, rather than put them in prison where they can still be used to hurt us. The “blind sheik,” who masterminded the first World Trade Center bombing is still being mentioned, more than 12 years later.  Obama is DEAD and is still a “rallying point.” We hold them at Guantanamo and play the “prosecution game” while allowing some of them to go back and become top leaders in the war against us, killing more people, after promising not to do so when they’re released. The only thing they understand is DEATH, and that’s what their actions should bring them. Death WITHOUT being able to kill innocent people. Let them know that to do a terrorist act against us is to DIE. People still ask, “How are we perceived in the world now? What a damn fool question! Who cares? If killing Islamic terrorists on sight makes us “hated” more than does allowing them to continue their depredations, so what? I’d rather be hated and alive than “loved” and dead, and that’s what Islamic terrorists promise us. I’m getting tired of their using our own laws and sensibilities against us. It’s time we gave them what they’ve earned; a swift death. (Just common sense)

Obama's Contrmptible Apology

To apologize to Muslims for “allowing” a film to be made that “offended the religious sensibilities” is CONTEMPTIBLE, and Romney was 100% right to criticize him for it. Further, he was right not to wait for Obama to make statement because Obama might never do it. Those who say Romney has destroyed his campaign by his action in making that statement are FOOLS and should just SHUT UP! In this country you don’t “allow” such a film to be made. People have the freedom to do such things. In addition, I don’t think that film was anything but an EXCUSE to attack our embassies on Sept. 11 in a planned attack, using it as a “cover.” I don’t know what this mysterious “film” that nobody can find said about the Muslim “religion,” but it was probably 100% right. The Muslim “religion” is merely a political action bunch MASQUERADING as a “religion” to take advantage of the privileges accorded religions in this country while murdering our people for no good reason. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama's Enemies

He has picked many enemies and will suffer for it. Enemies such as the energy business, which is essential to our very survival. He has "lined up" his enemies to oppose him and he doesn't even realize it. Enemies such as the oil business, which is also essential to our survival. I am one of those enemies but he doesn't even know me. Like all the rest of his enemies I will do everything I can to defeat him and send him packing back to Chicago where he will have to live under his former chief of staff--unless he "takes over" there. Unless somebody ends his miserable existence when his protection is no longer as strong as it was when he was president. I don't want to see him dead, no more than I did Kennedy, although I was also HIS enemy. I just want to see him GONE and no longer able to rape us at will.  One of my very first “political tracts” back in the sixties was titled, “Remember Pearl Harbor” and compared the Democrat  policies of “talking” while the Japanese prepared for war. I even still have some of these hand-lettered tracts left. If you’d like to see one, just send me a stamp. (Just common sense)

Awwww! Poor Babies!

Muslims can’t understand why we would “go out of our way to hurt the religious sensibilities of Muslims.” I’ll tell them why! After they get cleaned up from destroying the Libyan embassy and MURDERING the American ambassador after being told where he was by the Libyan government, they can listen to our reasons. What FOOLS they are! They wantonly murder our people and can’t understand why we retaliate. I guess they can’t understand why we would retaliate for their atrocities. The only reason why we can’t seem to beat them is that they “hit and run away.” They then hide from us until their next strike. We still get a few of their top leaders who can't hide as well. It’s hard to beat an enemy who are afraid to stand and fight. They “hurt our feelings” on a daily basis and still think they should be immune from retaliation. Damned fools! (Prairie Pundit)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

They Don't Even Know How!

On this day eleven years ago Muslim terrorists stole four airplanes and used them to murder 3,000 people (including the first responders who died of cancer from the toxic fumes they breathed in rescuing the victims). Imagine their surprise when two huge buildings collapsed after they ran those airplanes into them. What? Do you think they were smart enough to PLAN that? Not a chance. Most of them could not even READ. Their leaders make sure they are sufficiently ignorant as to “buy” that foolishness they call a religion, but which is merely a political movement masquerading as a religion so they can not only fool their own people, but can claim the privileges of REAL religions while they murder people who do not believe the same way they do. They think they’re so smart because in eleven years we have not been able to beat them. But they have not been able to beat us, either. And they know where to find us. They were as surprised as we were when those buildings went down. All they hoped for was the murder of several hundred people in those buildings and on those planes. And that’s what they got at the Pentagon where they sent yet another airplane. They weren't so lucky when a bunch of brave Americans stopped them from crashing at the White House by overpowering them and crashing the plane in a field.

All at the cost of 19 of their crazies, who died in the plane crashes; fools who are still revered in Muslim countries as heroes and martyrs. Muslims “Danced in the streets” after this atrocity. Some of today's Islamic terrorists were but small schoolboys when 9/11 happened, but they've been taught to hate us all their lives. They still threaten another atrocity that will “make 9/11 look like a kindergarten picnic” but it hasn’t happened. And won’t happen because they have no idea how to do it. 9/11 was an accident and they have no idea how to create another atrocity that big, so they “pick at us” and run away to hide. We can’t beat them because we can’t find them. They hide among good people AND bad. They only come out to kill by surprise, then run away and hide again. We kill their leaders, one by one, and they are replaced by more fools, whom we kill next. To be named an Islamic terrorist leader is to die, because we will not allow him to live any longer than the time it takes to kill him. We will continue to kill them as quickly as we find them, and as soon as they name a new leader, we’ll kill him, too. They’ve picked an enemy that they can’t defeat, but they don’t know that. Bad luck to all Islamic terrorists. We will eventually find you and kill you, to a man (and a woman if there are any among you). (Just common sense)

Harry Brought It On Himself

The Washington Times is worried about the “increasing attacks on Harry Reid” after his lies about Romney not paying his taxes for ten years came out. Well, Harry brought it on himself by making a false claim with NO PROOF. He is now the “poster boy” for false claims against an opponent. Now even liberals on Fox News are using the “Reid System” of making false claims on camera with NO PROOF of ANYTHING. In one “debate, one woman (presenting the liberal side) claimed Romney actually INCREASED the welfare rolls and gave FREE CARS to welfare recipients. She repeated this lie FOUR TIMES, and nobody challenged her. This is how elections are won for Democrats. (Just common sense)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How Stupid Are We?

Some people say Obama is stupid. I don’t agree. I think Obama is one of the best con men going, and is being helped by other con men, Bill Clinton and George Soros top among them, all of whom want the same things. How stupid is he? He was hired by over 69 million voters who didn’t even do the most cursory background check on him; he’s doing a lousy job, with a record number of people out of work for a record amount of time; he gave guns to the Mexican cartels to bolster his lying claim that most of the illegal guns in Mexico came from here; he kills innocent (and guilty) people all over the world with drone strikes; he decides which laws he will enforce and which he won’t, and sues states who disagree with him; he more than DOUBLED the deficit, ruined our health system (on purpose), calls everybody who disagrees with him a racist, and yet has a good chance of being rehired. That’s how stupid he is. How stupid are YOU? Inspired by an e-mail sent me by Barry Cooper and my sister, Patti. (Just common sense)

They're Still Pushing It

“Global Warming” has been disproved many times in many ways, but supposed “scientists” are still using it to get funding for their pet projects. AlGore says “a majority of scientists agree with me” but they don’t. In any case, science is NOT an election. The one who gets the most votes doesn’t win. Science is science. Truth is truth. A is A. 2+ 2 is 4. A vote cannot change that, no matter how much AlGore might want it to be so. Excess heat and forest fires do not prove his theory. We have them every year. Long hot or cold periods are CYCLICAL. Sometimes it’s hot, and sometimes it’s cold. Thirty years ago climate “scientists” were worrying about “the coming ice age.” Then it went into a warming period and they “went nuts” about THAT. They even FIRED me from NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) because they overheard me saying “global warming is bunk.” They couldn’t prove me wrong, and they’re SCIENTISTS. So they got me fired. (The Blaze)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama ADMITS Foreign Birth

Before he found out an alien could not be president of the United States, he ADMITTED to not being an American, but having been born in Kenya. Why has nobody seized on this and done something about it? Because they don’t WANT to do anything about it. The liberals have made more gains under Obama than under any other president. And if his foreign birth is proven to the “satisfaction” of those in charge, ALL his works might be reversed. They don’t want that, so they ignore things like this. (YouTube)

"Granny Gety Your gun!"

No less than FIVE armed thugs came into a store in Garden Grove, California and tried to rob it. But they didn’t plan on anybody there being armed (they never do) and willing to use her gun. But this little old lady did, and watching them trip all over each other trying to get out the door is hilarious. This just proves (again) my theory that ONE GUN in the hands of an honest person with the will to use it in self defense will make robbers (who are essentially cowards) think carefully about their chosen field of “work.” It happened in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when a would-be mass murderer was shot before he could kill more than two people by a pretty little lady with her own gun. And the more guns there are in the hands of honest people, the more often we’ll see such stories. (KTLA)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Is A "Birther?"

It is a made-up word; a derisive term invented by Obama’s people to help him avoid the fact that he has never quite answered the question of his American or foreign birth. If he was born outside the United States, the Constitution PROHIBITS him from EVER being President of the United States. It is an important question that should have been definitively answered BEFORE he could even RUN for that office, but wasn’t. That was due to SOMEBODY’S incompetence, and should be rectified now, but won’t be because Obama has, so far, made the very question an indication of incompetence on the part of the asker. He released an OBVIOUSLY false “birth certificate” and claimed it was real, and therefore there was no further need to worry about it, and anybody who does should be disregarded and ridiculed. Not so. He should be FORCED to allow his REAL birthplace to release a REAL birth certificate. He should not be allowed to prevent it and if he continues to refuse, he should be summarily REMOVED from office and every action, laws or regulations, or Executive Order that bears his signature, be reversed as he is an ILLEGAL president.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has even found that “numerical codes” on that false birth certificate show that those parts were not filled out when it was made, but were filled out later. Did you ever hear about that in the liberal media? I certainly didn’t. Then there’s the problem of the hospital; it didn’t exist, at least under that name, when he was born. His father was called an “African” in the “race” section. That term was not in use then. He would have been called a “Negro.” That, alone, should have been enough to prove this document a forgery. But the government of Hawaii, run by a Democrat, keeps insisting it is REAL, that Sheriff Arpaio is misinformed and stupid. Another indicator is Obama’s use of a phony Social Security number that was issued to a man, now dead, in the state of Connecticut. A state where Obama has never BEEN before he was elected! This government does NOT reuse Social Security numbers when the holder dies. Everything about this man’s background is questionable. Not just his birth certificate, and he fights every attempt to clarify things, “tooth and nail.” So far, he has spent millions of OUR dollars to bluff this issue. That alone, tells me a lot. So I guess Obama will call me a  “birther” and otherwise ignore me—unless he sics the IRS on me. But he will NOT truthfully answer the question: “Were you born in the United States? (Obama’s Phony Birth Certificate)

Still Blaming Bush

We all know that Solyndra was wholly an Obama fool’s mistake, but they’re still trying to blame Bush for it because the program Obama used to give $536 million to Solyndra in the form of loan guarantees started under Bush. But Obama was advised early on that the Solyndra loan guarantees were “a bad investment,” but he wasn’t listening. He approved it, anyway—and YOU lost $535 million dollars when the people involved (Obama backers) “took the money and ran.” Nobody really knows what happened to that money, and their “investigation” says there is “no evidence of political mismanagement.” Which is a good reason not to let the government “investigate” itself. The worst part of it is that Obama “fixed it” so that taxpayers were LAST in line to recoup money in the bankruptcy proceedings. This is but ONE reason to get rid of Obama before he foolishly spends more money than there ever will be. He has already spent more money than there IS now. (iWatch News)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Senility At The Convention

Obama forces called Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican Convention “senile and rambling.” But truth be known, the only senility shown at a convention is shown by “Old Joe” when he shouts, “Osama is dead and GM is alive!” But Obama didn’t kill Osama; Bush did that years ago when he dropped a “blockbuster bomb: on his cave with him in it, making of him a “crispy critter.” Terrorists have been trying hard to convince us he’s still alive ever since. All Obama killed was a lookalike, placed there to die in his place. As to GM, it now owes MORE than Obama gave it in an effort to “save it.”  But then, “Old Joe” and the rest of the Democrats aren’t smart enough to know that. (Channel News Asia)

This Is Gun Control

The pictures this link will lead you to will show you what gun control can (and will) lead to. Do you think this can’t happen here? Germans and Chinese thought so, too. Right up until the bullet entered their brains and they fell into the open mass grave. How stupid ARE people to allow the government to disarm them so they will not be “a problem” when their thugs come to steal what’s yours? The men pictured may not be familiar to many of you, since the liberal media has stopped talking about the best-known dictators and mass murderers of the past So look them up. Yes, all those pictures are old. Which is because the more recent dictators don’t allow pictures to be taken when they kill people. (The Right Planet)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Damned Fool Notions

That’s the GOP “war on women” and the whole idea of “taxing the rich” to pay for Democrat “give-away” programs. First of all, there ISN’T any such thing as a “war on women. It’s a Democrat-created fiction created to help Obama win re-election without the necessity of discussing his abysmal economic performance. The same thing is true of the idea of “taxing the rich” because “they’re not giving enough.” They ARE. The rich pay more taxes than any other single group. Fact is, 86% of ALL income taxes paid are paid by the so-called “rich.” The top ONE PERCENT of earners pay 39%, up from the year 2000 when Bush took office. These are figures from the federal government itself (The IRS), from the last tax year. Obama ought to know this. I’m sure he does, but he keeps preaching the LIE that “the rich need to pay their share.” What’s more, you could tax the rich at 100% (For one year because they wouldn’t make any money for you to tax the next). Back when the government taxed (stole) their earnings at 70%, they found a way to avoid all but 1%) and you MIGHT pay to run the government about a WEEK.

Furthermore, the very DEFINITION of “the rich” as “anybody making more than $250,000.00 a year is STUPIDITY and describes most of the politicians who use that definition. The Democrats CREATED the whole IDEA of a “war on women.” It has NO substance, just as with MOST of their ideas. I don’t think you’re really ignorant enough to re-elect Obama and the rest of the Democrats, based on these “damned fool notions.” PAY ATTENTION TO POLITICS! Politics WILL pay attention to YOU. Don’t let them CON you because you don’t know what they’re doing to you because you ignore it. The “rich” don’t need to “pay their share.” They already ARE. They’re just a convenient target for jealous politicians who think they should have, and be able to spend that money buying votes. (Just common sense)

Nobody Knew He Was A Communist

No, I’m not talking about Obama, though it is true. I’m talking about a PROVEN communist, Fidel Castro, one whom events have SHOWN to be a communist, AFTER he “took over” in Cuba, claiming to be a patriot and a “nationalist” until he got the power. Then he started making “changes.” (What was that Obama promised us?) People thought he would stop with the “big corporations,” but he didn’t. Soon he was sending people to their little hardware store: "Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they eventually came and knocked on the door of our family hardware store. My family had run this store for generations. They said, 'We now own the hardware store, you work for us. And that four-bedroom home you is now our property too. You have to move yourself and the five children into those two rooms of the house, because others are moving in here with you.' " (A Cuban refugee who fled to America) This is how despots work. Take over in small increments while the citizens DENY that it can happen here—until it DOES happen here. It IS happening here. Obama now owns a large part of General Motors and Chrysler, all done “legally” while telling their bondholders (who invested a lot of money) to “go to hell.” Obama is using the time-honored system used by all would-be tyrants to take over SLOWLY, so people will not notice. Like boiling a frog by putting him in cold water and slowly bringing it to a boil while if they threw him into a pot of BOILING water, he’d just jump out. This way, he’s boiled to death before he even notices. You’d better wake up, America because there isn’t anywhere to run when Obama reveals himself. (Just common sense)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Couldn't Find Anything

The feds have shut down their “investigation” of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in retaliation for his investigation into Obama’s birth. Mostly because they couldn’t find any PROVABLE crimes he committed. They tried valiantly over FOUR YEARS to find evidence of civil-rights violations, misuse of public money, perjury -- and said prosecution was declined because of a lack of evidence or an insurmountable burden of proof.” Arpaio thanked them for working so hard and spending so much taxpayer money to clear his name. An obvious dig at the feds, who didn’t do it to “clear his name,” but to smear him—as Democrats still do. Next thing, they’ll probably send the IRS after him (if they haven’t already). The IRS is good at finding things that don’t really exist if they get on you. You won’t find much coverage of this in the liberal media. I guess USA Today couldn’t avoid covering it. (USA Today)

Nobody Knew He Was A Communist

No, I’m not talking about Obama, though it is true. I’m talking about a PROVEN communist, Fidel Castro, one whom events have SHOWN to be a communist, AFTER he “took over” in Cuba, claiming to be a patriot and a “nationalist” until he got the power. Then he started making “changes.” (What was that Obama promised us?) People thought he would stop with the “big corporations,” but he didn’t. Soon he was sending people to their little hardware store to take over: "Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they eventually came and knocked on the door of our family hardware store. My family had run this store for generations. They said, 'We now own the hardware store, you work for us. And that four-bedroom home you is now our property too. You have to move yourself and the five children into those two rooms of the house, because others are moving in here with you.' " (A Cuban refugee who fled to America) This is how despots work. Take over in small increments while the citizens DENY that it can happen here—until it DOES happen here. It IS happening here. Obama now owns a large part of General Motors and Chrysler, all done “legally” while telling their bondholders to “go to hell.” Obama is using the time-honored system used by all would-be tyrants to take over SLOWLY, so people will not notice. Like boiling a frog by putting him in cold water and slowly bringing it to a boil while if they threw him into a pot of BOILING water, he’d just jump out. This way, he’s boiled to death before he even notices. You’d better wake up, America because there isn’t anywhere to run when Obama reveals himself. (Just common sense)