Friday, November 30, 2018

A Perfect Cartoon

If there’s anything more lovable about A.F. Branco, it is that he can come up with a cartoon that, in one picture, tells the tale, where others only try. The cartoon linked here does that admirably. Branco is but one person who realizes just what Mueller is doing; subjecting former Trump people to unspeakable damage and torture, to get them to say what he wants to hear, so he can use it to “get rid of” Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez Is Stupid!

She seems to espouse socialism, but whenever questioned about socialism, she demonstrates her complete IGNORANCE on the subject. She talks about her wish for nobody to be poor, without a CLUE as to how to make that goal come true, without TAKING from those who EARN, to give to those who do NOT. Which is what socialism is all about, but she doesn’t realize this simple fact. When asked how she intends to PAY for the Trillion dollar plans she wants to put into effect, she never directly answers the question. She launches into a 50,000 word verbal essay that touches on everything BUT how she can pay for her pipe dreams. She shows her ignorance every day, but people still elected her to Congress. If so, that illustrates the total IGNORANCE of the electorate where she lives. In a real world, just “proudly accepting socialism” would guarantee her a loss. Unfortunately, there are way too many people, on both sides, who don’t know anything more than she does about socialism. If she was ever able to actually ANSWER the question about how to pay for her pipe dreams, it would boil down to “confiscatory taxes” of the kind we were saddled with by previous Dumocrat administrations, before wiser heads (Republicans) prevailed. Meanwhile, socialist governments all over the world are failing, and people are rioting to get some toilet paper! (Daily Wire)

The Imaginary "Problem"

Dumocrats filed an “emergency measure” to prevent Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from “arming teachers.” There is only one little problem. Nobody is even THINKING about “arming teachers” but liberals, Dumocrats, and other anti-gun fools. This measure is a waste of taxpayer money and time, and is just a “grandstand play” to get attention and PRETEND they are “doing something” about “gun crime.” Teachers should be ALLOWED to be armed, if they WANT to be. NOBODY wants to FORCE them to be armed. PREVENTING Americans, no matter what their profession, from being armed is unconstitutional. And that’s what the anti-gun fools want to do, everywhere they can. Anti-gun fools have spent millions of taxpayer dollars in their efforts to deny Americans their constitutional RIGHT to be armed for self defense, and Americans who want to be able to defend themselves against those ILLEGAL guns, already out there, have had to spend more millions of dollars in defense of that right. (Salon)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Electric Car Scam

That’s what it is. A scam, designed to make you invest your money in something that does NOT do what they claim it will do. They tell you the electric car used NO fossil fuel, and will eventually eliminate the fossil fuel industry while the cars themselves spew NO EXHAUST therefore do not add to the “greenhouse gas effect” that is “ruining the planet. What they don’t tell you is that, while the cars don’t spew exhaust, they have to be charged, about every 100 miles. And the charge itself uses fossil fuels to create the charge. More, in fact, than the car would use if it used gasoline. That’s the basis for the scam. The electric car is NOT the answer to the “greenhouse gas effect.” It uses just as much fossil fuel as a gasoline-powered car does—just not directly. In a “round-about way.” General Motors is closing a bunch of AMERICAN plants while maintaining its electric car plants in Mexico and Communist China. It’s all part of a plan to hurt President Trump. For some reason, they think that will help them, while hurting Trump. (CNN)

Unproven Claims

As usual, the Dumocrats have paid some woman to claim sexual perversion on the part of a “squeaky clean” judicial nominee. They haven’t been able to come up with ANYTHING to use in disqualifying him for the Supreme Court, so they’re making it up as they go along. It took them a while to come up with this phony accusation, based on NOTHING but the unsupported word of the accuser, after long hours, days, and months of diligent searching. And about something that MIGHT have happened when this fine judge was in HIGH SCHOOL. Wow! They had to go back that far to find something to accuse him of, so late in the process that the Republicans will have no time to come up with an answer. They tried that same game with now Justice Thomas, and failed, because, as usual, they had no concrete proof. And they failed again this time for the same reason. Unless they can repeat the lie often enough to make enough gullible Dumocrats believe it. That’s the only way they can be successful. Lie, lie, lie. Then lie some more. Which they are not only willing to do, but are gleeful about it. Like Dumocrat Sen. Harry Reid’s “anonymous friend” that told him a Republican presidential candidate had not paid his taxes in ten years, an accusation that proved false. Dumocrats in Colorado are using that same scam in Colorado in the governor’s race, and it has already been proven false. (Just common sense)

Yet Another Abridgement

In Pennsylvania, one Dumocrat (of course) lawmaker wants to make a law requiring people who want to buy a gun to BUY a “license” before they can even THINK about buying one. The ability to “license” is the ability to “say no.” And NOBODY should have the ability to say no to an American citizen who is not a felon when he/she wants to buy a gun to be able to defend him/herself. The Constitution clearly states that there shall be NO ABRIDGMENT to the right to be armed. This is yet one more abridgment being placed upon those wishing to exercise a constitutional RIGHT. There should be NO LICENSING for the exercise of a constitutional RIGHT. Liberals (Dumocrats) are constantly at work to further limit our rights, in many areas. Guns are just one of those areas. They think they have the power to LICENSE those wishing to exercise a constitutional right. They do NOT. There are way too many politicians who think this way. They think they are our BOSSES, when in reality, we are THEIR bosses. We voted them in, we can vote them OUT. (WikiHow)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Chronicles In Gullibility

The Dumocrat Party is about as gullible as a bunch of insane politicians can be. They idolized Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Obama, and are now idolizing Alexandra Ocasio’s shoes! This fool has proven that she knows NOTHING about anything she champions. She’s an admitted “proud socialist” who hasn’t a clue what socialism is She thinks we ought to pay every citizen a minimum wage, whether or not they work, guaranteeing they will NOT work, which will destroy this country economically. She can’t name the three branches of government, which any grade school kid can do (unless they’ve been taught by liberal teachers for too long). Yet they idolize her so much they’re going to put the SHOES she wore during her campaign in a museum! Obama and the Clintons almost accomplished the destruction of this country economically, and Ocasio-Cortez probably will finish the job if she attains the heights politically that Dumocrats want for her. Dumocrats generally are not too bright, but Ocasio-Cortez is about as STUPID as they come—which is why Dumocrats like her. Everything they do is stupid, so she fits right in. (Legal Insurrection)

What Does Stormy Want?

Stormy Daniels is a whore. She screws people (sometimes men) for money. That is the DEFINITION of a whore. She just does it a little differently than most whores. She CLAIMS to have had a consensual “one-night stand” with President Trump. More than a decade ago—long before Trump even thought of running for president. She also CLAIMS to have signed a “non-disclosure agreement” and received a check for $130,000.00 for her silence. Why then, has she spoken so loudly about it—if it indeed, really happened. If she DID sign a non-disclosure agreement in return for $130,000.00, why then, is she making so much noise about it, now? By doing so, she has VIOLATED that agreement (if it ever really happened) in every way possible. Her new book, published to hopefully hurt Trump’s chances for re-election (a forlorn hope because, if the voters didn’t care if Clinton raped some women and even got a blow job in the White House, why should they care about a decades-old assignation that might have never happened?). There is no “evidence” except her unsupported word. What is she after? Another payoff? She’ll probably get one, because there are some strange folks out there who pay a lot of attention to silly crap like this and will buy her book—maybe make it a best-seller. If she DID get a $130,000.00 payoff, they should demand it back, and sue if they don’t get it, while freezing all her bank accounts. (Clash Daily)

London Gun "Bloodbath"

In London, England, guns are literally nonexistent. (Not). Because the laws make them so. (Not). The anti-gun laws in England make it impossible (mostly) to get a gun legally, unless you’re a cop or other government employee (Of course, the government always reserves the things they prohibit for their citizens for themselves). Why then, were there TWO SHOOTINGS in London, in the same night? Two shooters, who could not get a gun legally, yet still had them, and used them. Yes, Chicago is much worse, but the point is, bad guys get their guns anyway, no matter how tight gun laws are. And those laws make everybody who OBEYS laws, “easy targets” for those who do NOT. Anti-gun fools in this country point to England as a “great anti-gun Mecca,” but it is not. Criminals and other bad guys get their guns as easily as in Chicago (which recently had 70 shootings in one weekend, and 12 people killed), or just use something else, like a knife. Knife crime has risen quickly after they effectively BANNED guns for other than government people. To the point where “knife crime” exceeds that of “gun crime.” Predictably. In a place where the cops are disarmed, many criminals don’t bother to get a gun, which is expensive, and just use knives, or other things, such as “coshes.” But that has NO EFFECT on CRIME, which proceeds apace, again predictably. (The Express)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

We're Going Bananas!

We’re electing communists, Marxists, socialists, all over the place, KNOWING what they are, but apparently not UNDERSTANDING what that means. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, for example. She’s not only an avowed socialist, she is completely IGNORANT on what that means. She doesn’t even know what socialism IS. Bernie Sanders is also an avowed socialist. He knows more about what socialism IS than does Cortez, but that just makes him an even more dangerous threat to the free market that made us the richest country on Earth, and the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. In Arizona, a candidate who is also an avowed Marxist is out polling Martha McSally, who is NOT a socialist. And these are not the only socialists/communists/collectivists getting elected. As all these people gain more and more power, they spell the END of the prosperity that comes from the free market, something they derisively call “capitalism.” This is how the Communist Party rose to power in Russia, before they destroyed the economy of one of the most powerful countries of their time. If we don’t start realizing what socialism (collectivism) means and stop electing their promoters to office, we will be LOST. (Just common sense)

Last Minute Surprise

Sen. Diane Feinstein came up with a “last minute letter” purporting to be derogatory toward Brett Kavanaugh, Shades of Justice Thomas! They came up with Anita Hill’s “pubic hair on a coke can” at the last minute too, hoping to derail his nomination. That scam failed, as did this one. DiFi says the writer “wanted to remain anonymous” (the usual Dumocrat scam, an “anonymous source”), and she says she will “respect that request.” Then she sent the letter, the contents of course, unknown, to the FBI for “investigation.” She obviously hopes the existence of this phony “letter” will delay Kavanaugh’s approval by Congress. It won’t. It will take a lot more than an anonymous accusation from his high school days to do that. This was a page out of an old Dumocrat playbook that didn’t work the last time they tried it. So the very use of this scam shows they are out of ideas and are acting in desperation. They know they haven’t the votes to stop this nomination, and they know his appointment to the Court will do away with their “ability” to get, through the courts, what they could not accomplish in the Congress or the bureaucracy. So “all was lost” for them when he was approved, and for a long time. This guy isn’t an “ancient mariner.” He is young and vigorous, and a believer in using the Constitution to make his rulings. That frightens them to no end, because they want the Court to use ANYTHING BUT the Constitution, including even foreign law. Feinstein says, “That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision. I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities.” In that case, why did she bother to write a letter? I don’t believe anybody, except possibly a Feinstein staffer, wrote that letter.(Liberty Headlines)

Opposing the Solution

Anybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE knows that ALL the anti-gun laws now in force don’t work. They only make a bad problem worse by DISARMING the law-abiding, making them “easy targets” for the bad guys. The ONLY real solution is to let the “good guys” be armed, in order to be able to defend themselves from the bad guys, who can’t be bothered to obey ANY laws, much less ones that say they can’t be armed when they commit their crimes. Mass killings in schools (a “gun-free zone”) have become a major problem since Columbine, and the solution is to ALLOW, not force teachers and other school staff to be armed, in order to defend themselves and their children from the fools who think it is fun to shoot up their schools. Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the biggest supporters of those fool anti-gun laws, says she will fight ANY effort to arm school teachers. What a damned FOOL she is! Making yourself DEFENSELESS is NOT the way to self defense. But Feinstein, like most anti-gun fools, isn’t intelligent enough to realize that simple truth. She thinks that, when faced with a bad guy with a gun, you should just “pray and wait for the cops with their guns.” Meanwhile, the bad guy kills you while you’re waiting. The law-abiding aren’t the ones creating the problem, the bad guys are, and they don’t obey laws. (Breitbart)

Monday, November 26, 2018

Palestinians vs. Israel

I don’t know why Israel doesn’t “take out” the rocket firing installations in the Palestinian section, since they fire many rockets every day INTO Israel, hopefully (for them) killing or injuring many innocent Israelis. The liberal media all over the world hides this by refusing to cover it, or even credit it. When asked, they DENY it. But it is happening, and is provable. If you look. The only reason they have been successful up to now is because of the media’s refusal to cover the rocket attacks, actively HIDING them from the world—except from the “alternative media,” which the liberal media claims is “fake news.” Actually, the only “fake news” here, is on the liberal media side. Israel needs to “take out” those rocket firing installations—I am sure they know where each one is—even if some Palestinians who live in the area become “collateral damage.” Those Palestinians know what’s going on, and sympathize, or they would move elsewhere. The Palestinians (HAMAS) purposely put such installations in among civilian populations to keep the Israelis from taking them out, for fear of negative publicity. (Legal Insurrection)

"Trump Worse for America"

Joe Scarborough says “Trump has been worse for America than 9/11.” Really Joe? Are you really THAT stupid? How do you define “worse?” That Trump doesn’t spout liberal fool ideas? That he has created the very best economy, EVER? That he has brought back the jobs Obama swore he’d need a “magic wand” to bring back? Of course, one “old lady” who USED to be a bit actress nobody ever heard of asks, “Where is John Wilkes Booth when we need him?” An oblique threat of assassination on President Trump. This “old bat” obviously knows NOTHING about politics OR reality and is most likely, at 95, suffering from Alzheimer’s. Probably was a contemporary of Booth. She really thinks she can threaten the life of a sitting president without consequences. I don’t think she’d go to prison for her comments, since if she got 90 days it might be a death sentence, but she’ll surely get an embarrassing visit from the Secret Service—and not at Trump’s specific order, either. It would be routine. It seems to be “the thing” to threaten Trump’s life, claiming they “didn’t really mean it.” But if somebody actually did it, they’d be really embarrassed. (The Blaze)

"Come From Other States"

That’s what NJ Governor Murphy says about the illegal guns that are so proliferant in New Jersey, in spite of their tight anti-gun laws that do NOTHING to limit gun violence, and never will. Which, of course, is an EXCUSE to divert attention from the fact that he has NO IDEA of what to do to “combat gun crime.” Yes. Many come from other states. But many come from New Jersey, too. Criminals get their ILLEGAL guns wherever they can, In New Jersey, or out. For him to use that as an excuse just showcases his incompetence as governor. ALL guns not manufactured in New Jersey come from other states, whether they’re legal, or illegal. That’s a given. It has always been true, and his people have been UNABLE to stop them from coming in, which is on HIM. Politicians are very good at diverting blame for their own inadequacies, and this is one way they do it. Murphy has repeatedly promised to make his state a “showcase” for gun control. By making even more useless laws that are routinely ignored by the bad guys. Good words. Mean nothing. They are “politician speak.” Chicago is the current “showcase” for gun control, and a recent weekend saw 70 people shot, and 12 killed by guns. (NJ)

Friday, November 23, 2018

Gun-Free Zones: Dangerous

One of the favorite things for anti-gun fools is the “gun-free zone.” Never mind that 97.8% of ALL mass shootings since 1958 have occurred IN “gun-free zones.” When that is pointed out to an anti-gun fool, they never give you a real answer as to why they still work hard to create more and more “gun-free zones” because they have no answer. They immediately launch into the usual liberal tactic, used when asked a question they can’t answer, they start calling you names, like “gun-lover,” or “NRA member (used as an insult),” or any number of other insults they figure can win the argument for them without having to cite facts they do not have. All their other ideas have the same drawback as this one” they DO NOT WORK. But they keep “beating the drums” to get more and more of them passed. That recent mass shooting in a California bar, for instance, was in a DOUBLE “gun-free zone.” The bar itself, and the entire State of California, which has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, outside of Chicago. Chicago is infamous for the gang activity that creates some of the WORST statistics concerning gun killings in the nation, while they have some of the tightest anti-gun laws there are. EVERYWHERE the anti-gun laws are the tightest, “Gun crime” remains high, or BECOMES high where it wasn’t prior to those laws being made. The flaw in their reasoning is targeting the gun; the “favorite tool” of the criminal and other miscreants. Without the finger on the trigger, the gun is a useless piece of metal. So they need to figure out how to take that finger off that trigger. But don’t point that out to them. They can’t see it. (Breitbart)

They're Getting Desperate

The anti-Trump fools are getting desperate. All their scams and schemes to get rid of Trump have failed, and they’re running out of options. So now they’re into the ridiculous. They’re whispering, “Twenty-Fifth Amendment.” As IF Trump is really as mentally deficient as they are. You can’t just DECIDE a president is incapable of performing his duties and remove him from office. That would really precipitate a constitutional crisis, quicker than anything else. Frankly, I expect some attempts at assassination soon, because they just aren’t smart enough to realize that Trump was ELECTED, and they’re not going to “get rid of him” just because a few fools don’t like him. Mostly “swamp dwellers.” The most vocal swamp dwellers are easy to identify. They’re the ones who hate Trump the most. And they have good reason to hate Trump. He promised to “drain the swamp,” and he’s doing it. And they’re afraid they’re next. (The Blaze)

Burglary As An Excuse

Using “improper storage” as an excuse, a New York sheriff essentially put a gun store out of business, by “confiscating” (stealing) its entire inventory “temporarily.” Yes, there have been an inordinate number of burglaries at this store, and the sheriff says it’s the gun store’s fault for not having good enough “security.” So they took all his guns “for safekeeping.” They apparently think their storage is more secure than his. Sheriff Todd Baxter said they have “tried to work with the store to improve security, but his failure to properly secure his store has resulted in a serious threat.” Thus blaming the victim, instead of the burglars. Which is as usual. And it gives them an “excuse” to take ALL his inventory and essentially put him out of business. Chief Deputy Fowler said, “that the agency was not trying to force the shop owner out of business, but warns the path to reopening could be a lengthy one.” But won’t put the guy out of business, of course. Yeah. This situation is but one of the ways liberals make it difficult for gun sellers to do business without actually BANNING guns, which they can’t do in this country. (Guns)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Social Security Ponzi Scheme

For those of you who do not know what a “Ponzi Scheme” is, it is a well-used swindle scheme designed to separate people from their money. They take “contributions” from one group, promising a high return on their money, then they take “contributions” from another group of a higher number of people, using that money to give the first group the promised “fair return” on their investment. Then they do the same thing, time after time, always using the money gained to give earlier “investors” a return on their money. But always, a large part of the money they collect goes to the scammers, who make millions of dollars that way. But before long, it begins to take more “new investors” than there are in existence to keep the swindle going, and when it reaches that level, it collapses, while the swindler is nowhere to be found, if things work out the way he planned things. The originator of that swindle was named Ponzi, and that’s how it got its name. Now look at the Social Security system. They told the early “investors” they would get their “investment” back at age 65 (or earlier), and they used the money gained from later “investors” to pay them. Sound familiar? They told them there was a “Social Security Fund,” but the politicians looted that “fund” before the ink was dry on the law starting it. They used the money gotten from later “investors” to pay earlier suckers. Now, as with all Ponzi schemes, it is getting to the point where there needs to be more new suckers than there exists to keep it running, and if they don’t get them, it will collapse, leaving all those who were FORCED to “invest” in the lurch, with nothing to fall back on. The only problem is, the guys who originated this scheme are now dead, and those who perpetuate it today can claim ignorance, blaming it on YOU. Who loses? Guess. (Just common sense)

It's an Old Scam

Used by the Dumocrats many times: “the anonymous source.” they print a damaging (they hope) story in the cooperative liberal media, and attribute it to an “anonymous source.” And we’re supposed to believe it. Like with Harry Reid’s “imaginary friend” who told him a Republican candidate had not paid his taxes for ten years. Then there are all the stories in the media attributed to “anonymous sources” whose existence can’t be proven, about which Dumocrats, and the media tell us they “must protect their sources.” Yes, some sources must be protected. But stories attributed to UNNAMED people should be backed up by other sources, as well, to be taken at face value, especially if their claims cannot be supported by other means. NOBODY should be “slammed” by an UNNAMED source, based on the unsupported word of someone you may not question, nor name. Additional sources, NAMED, must be pursued, and brought to our attention, maybe using the unnamed source to lead us to NAMED sources to back up the story. The latest (at this writing) example of this syndrome is the ANONYMOUS op-ed in the New York Times, claiming all sorts of damaging things President Trump, or his staff are SUPPOSED to have said, but which no one (but the unnamed writer) ever heard. Then there’s Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear,” based almost entirely on “unnamed sources,” which should be IGNORED. (Just common sense)

Armed Israeli Teachers

Word is, all teachers in Israel are armed, and one photo that has been circulated all over the world showing a woman with a rifle accompanying school children is presented to back that up. But it is not true. That woman was likely a security guard, and those children were not in school, but were on a “field trip.” In Israel, after terrorists attacked a school in Maalot in 1974, “Israel did not declare every school a gun-free zone. It passed a law mandating armed security in schools, provided weapons training to teachers and today runs frequent active shooter drills. There have been only two school shootings since then, and both have ended with teachers killing the terrorists. In Israel, ALL teachers are NOT armed, but it IS “allowed,” while at the same time, mandating armed security in all schools. Not necessarily UNIFORMED armed security, but armed security, nonetheless. And with SOME teachers being armed as well, their numbers of school shootings are amazingly low. The key is NOT declaring schools “gun-free zones,” but ALLOWING teachers and other staff to be armed. In Israel, one group, haredi Jews, who refuse to be armed, suffer regular terrorist attacks because of the likelihood that no one will be armed among them. Terrorists freely admit they are “targeted” for that reason. Israeli Arab areas, where guns are prohibited, are areas where there are LOADS of ILLEGAL guns, making what gun control they have USELESS. (Israel National News)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Judge Wuz Wrong!

Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee, fergawdsake, ruled that Trump had violated Jim Acosta’s constitutional rights by revoking his press pass. That’s wrong. Very wrong. Attending those press briefings is a PRIVILEGE, to be controlled by the president, or whoever he might appoint to do so. If I asked for a pass to that press conference, it would be refused because they might not define a blogger as a journalist. They have that right, and I recognize it. To issue press credentials presupposes the president’s right to REVOKE that pass, and does NOT rise to the level of a constitutional issue. Acosta’s pass was revoked for CAUSE. He disrupted the press conference, hogging the questioning time, which took the right (not a constitutional right) to ask their own questions away from the other reporters. Trump is rightly instituting new “decorum” requirements—something Acosta would have violated, had they been in effect the other day, and which will rule if he acts up, again. Trump has to let him in, but nothing can force him to recognize the EXISTENCE of Acosta, ever again. When Acosta begins to realize he will never, ever be allowed to ask a question again, maybe he will admit defeat. CNN needs to get rid of Acosta, who makes it all about himself, and send somebody else to represent them. (Legal Insurrection)

Beating the Racism Drums

Seems like liberals everywhere are trying as hard as they can to push the imaginary idea that racism is rampant in this country. They’re even teaching classes in college pushing that phony idea. In one college they have a class on ‘White Supremacy.” At the University of Pennsylvania, they’re holding an event on the “racist roots of Thanksgiving.” Only a fool would push the idea that the Thanksgiving holiday has “racist roots.” But there are liberals all over in colleges, creating silly things like that. The tragic thing is that we had almost eradicated racism as a major problem in this county, until Barack Obama started “beating the racist drums” by claiming racism every time somebody disagreed with him. We have more black politicians than ever in this country, today, mostly in the south, but not confined there. Yes, we’ve had only one black president (that we know of), but just about every second politician in Washington is black. The person who RAN the elections in South Florida that decided the elections there was black—and female. Almost every time I see a TV reporter interviewing an “important personage,” that person is black. It’s hard to convince people that racism against blacks is still rampant, so now they’re teaching racism against WHITE people, calling it “white supremacy.” They’re hoping to make the white race a “second-hand race” by claiming things are “white privilege,” stretching he truth to the limit, but they’re good at that. Look at the way they try to convince us there are more than two sexes, against all odds and biology. Any time somebody disagrees with that, they try to destroy them. (Legal Insurrection)

"Common Sense" Gun Control

It's a contradiction in terms. The anti-gun fools call the laws they make “common sense.” But they are ANYTHING but common sense. They create a situation where criminals and other “bad guys” can be pretty sure their intended victims will not be armed, and able to oppose them. Their “common sense” laws make it EASY for holders of ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their silly, USELESS laws. Gun-free zones,” for instance. All these laws do is make it an almost sure thing a law-abiding person will not be armed there when they come in, IGNORING the law, to kill people—UNLESS those “law-abiding people” are breaking the law and bringing their guns, too. If so, and they do shoot the shooter, they will likely end up in prison, too. Then there are the “safe storage laws,” where a gun owner must store his guns according to the DICTATES of a nameless, faceless bureaucrat who, in order to do his job, must have “access” to the private property of the person, which is a constitutional violation, because it allows that bureaucrat to do a search WITHOUT a warrant. Every anti-gun law out there ONLY applies to the law-abiding, who OBEY laws, leaving the field open to the lawbreakers, who do NOT. This is not “common sense.” It is idiocy. But I guess politicians don’t care about that, so long as they can CLAIM to be “doing something about gun crime.” Unfortunately, they are NOT. They are only making it worse. (Just common sense)

Monday, November 19, 2018

She's Just "Givng Up"

Stacy Abrams is NOT conceding defeat, although she is “giving up her run for governor of the State of Georgia. That’s because she thinks her loss was “an erosion of democracy.” Boy, what big head this gal must have! Apparently, her definition of a stolen election is the same as that of the Dumocrat Party: “Any election the Dumocrats don’t win.” They just couldn’t “find” enough votes to get her elected. More people apparently voted for her opponent than for her, and that must be a CRIME. It’s funny. Republicans have to stop counting votes at a certain time, while Dumoctrats get to keep counting votes until they win. And when they can’t pull that off, they whine, and cry, and call “foul.” They got all bent out of shape when Trump said he “might” not accept the result of the 2016 election if there were irregularities, but they ALWAYS claim irregularities if they are not allowed to “find” enough votes to make their candidate win. They tried it on Bush, and lost. They’ve made it routine to attempt to use the courts to reverse elections they can’t win by a proper vote count. I’ll be voting a straight Republican ticket, always. Not because all Republicans are so great, but because I will NEVER vote for a Dumocrat, ever. (Update: She finally had to recognize that the Dumocrats could not "find" enough votes to steal the election for her. (Legal Insurrection)

Democrats Are Pathetic

They know they can’t win, so they predict “a blue wave” in November. And when they lose (again) they will (again) claim foul. Maybe by the Russians, maybe by the Venezuelans. Maybe the Easter Bunny. But never by their own mistakes. So they “have a tantrum” before the entire world, at the Kavanaugh hearings. They predict disaster if he is confirmed, but the disasters they predict are only in their imagination, and according to their ignorant beliefs. Yes, his nomination WILL be a disaster—for them. He will rule, based on the Constitution, which he is supposed to do, and which liberal justices never do. They are rightly afraid he will reverse that ignorant ruling by liberal justices that caused the deaths of MILLIONS of innocent babies. After the Viet Nam war, liberals called returning soldiers “baby killers,” and now THEY are baby killers, for real. Abortion (which Dumocrats support) has killed millions of babies. Dumocrats promote many silly things, such as men in women’s restrooms and changing rooms if they “think” they’re a woman that day, the idea that it is okay to sue bakers out of business for refusing to do business with gays for their weddings, based on their religious beliefs, while celebrating Dicks Sporting Goods for doing the same with gun buyers. They’re pathetic, and are in serious danger of becoming today’s Whig Party. (Update: They did manage to eke out a very razor-thin win in the House, but lost in the Senate. Hardly a “Blue Wave.” (Just common sense)

They Just Want Power

“Gun control” is just the vehicle. The excuse. For politicians who merely want the power to tell you than you CAN’T have, or use a gun for self defense. I’ve said a few times, they are “against self defense.” And that might be true, to an extent. But the real thing they’re after is the POWER to tell us we can’t have, or use a gun, for ANY reason. Look at all the silly laws they get passed. Each one of them tells us that. “Gun-free zones,” for instance, tell us we CAN’T bring a gun into that “zone,” while criminals and terrorists do so, at will, in spite of the law, which they IGNORE. Registering guns, and passing background checks create a situation where they can actually “give us permission” to buy a gun, at the discretion of some nameless, faceless bureaucrat. The ability to “license” is the ability to say “no.” And that’s what they’re after. The POWER to say “yes or no” when we wish to buy the means to self defense. Then let’s look at “safe storage laws.” Laws that, again, allow some nameless, faceless bureaucrat to approve or disapprove” what we do to safely store our guns, most of which make them USELESS to us for self defense, because the “bad guy” already has his ILLEGAL gun in his hand. They don’t want to take our guns away, they want to take away the POWER to say whether or not we may OWN one. (Just common sense)

Friday, November 16, 2018

Inflation Is Government Theft

There is one cause of inflation: governments printing money with nothing valuable behind it. To do so reduces the value of every dollar now in circulation. It is PLANNED government THEFT. They even give it good-sounding names, such as “Quantitative Easing.” The government blames the “wage-price spiral” for it, but the wage-price spiral is only a SYMPTOM of inflation. When the dollar becomes worth less, people need to charge more for what they produce. That causes wages to rise so their employees can still keep up with rising prices. Then their employers need to raise what they pay to keep their employees. Then they need to raise their prices again. Ergo: inflation. The net gainer is government. And I think they planned it that way. There are way too many economic “experts” in government, not to understand how printing paper money not backed by anything valuable affected the money in circulation, while calculating how it could benefit government. As a way to CREATE billions of dollars in new wealth dishonestly, it is unique—and it is THEFT. If you had $100 at the turn of the twentieth century, that same $100 would no longer be worth $100 today. It would be worth less than a third of that. And the difference would go into the coffers of the government. It’s a “hidden tax” they could pass without involving Congress. And don’t think they don’t know that. (Just common sense)

Another Dead Hillary Squealer?

I’ve written before about the unusually high number of people who have wound up dead just before they were to reveal something Hillary or Bill wouldn’t want known, at all costs, and here’s another. Joseph Mifsud may, or may not be dead yet, but he is now listed as “missing,” after he was scheduled to reveal some “dirt” on Hillary. The DNC, who has been suing everything that moves since that humiliating loss in the 2016 election, told “investigators” they have been trying to serve him for months, and that he had just “disappeared, and may be dead. And when you consider how many people are dead before revealing something against a Clinton, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he is dead. Probably of a suicide committed by shooting himself in the head, TWICE, like one of their former potential accusers. Somebody needs to seriously investigate these deaths, with a view toward checking the Clinton connection to those deaths. To date, there has been no investigation specifically into that, and it needs to happen. Maybe there’s nothing to it. But it is very suspicious. (The Hill)

Politicians Never Learn!

Chicago is one of the worst cities to live in if you value your life, because, in spite of draconian anti-gun laws, they have one of the highest numbers of people shot in the nation. People (mostly gang members) routinely IGNORE their “gun laws” and continue to shoot one another with abandon. So Dumocrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make more of them. Never mind they don’t work worth a damn. I hate to say a politician is STUPID, but I can think of no better way to describe such stupidity as this. In just one weekend recently, 70 PEOPLE were shot, and 12 KILLED. There are WAR ZONES with fewer such reports! Anti-gun laws plainly do not work! But stupid politicians such as Rahm insist on making more and more of them, while people get killed as a result. The only people in Chicago who DON’T have guns are the law-abiding. So the lawbreakers can “run roughshod” over them with their ILLEGAL guns. I have a nephew who lives in Chicago, and I fear for him. He usually doesn’t go into the worst areas, but there’s always the chance that a gang shooting could happen even where he frequents. Those gang members shoot each other every day, not caring if they shoot and kill innocent people “by accident.” (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The "Truth Committee"

The “Diversity and Inclusion Committee” (the PC Police) at Emporia State University (ESU) in Emporia, Kansas, wants to EXCLUDE a student official for using the term “illegal aliens” (a proper, descriptive term” they want to eliminate from usage) on FACEBOOK. This, in a country where freedom of speech supposedly exists. It’s like that prophetic book, “1984,” where the “speech police,” called, “The Truth Squad” (or something like that), enforced the lies the government told, and getting caught by them meant a “re-education camp” where you were subjected to the very things that terrified you. They used a “head cage” on Winston, the hero of the book, with rats in it, because he was terrified of rats. Later in the book, after being properly brainwashed, he was released after he declared his fealty to “Big Brother” and pledged never to go against him again. He was completely broken. I may have gotten some of the details wrong, (It’s been many years since I read it) but the idea is there. They want to eliminate ANY words that reveal their damned foolishness and stupidity. that’s the only way liberals can exist: punish anybody who tells the truth about them. The worst “crime” there is to liberals is to “offend somebody.” ONE COMPLAINT against somebody is enough to ruin their lives and careers. I’m sure this item “offends” all liberals. At least, I hope so. (Legal Insurrection)

Liberal Name-Calling

Rush Limbaugh said it when he told us that, “A political discussion with a liberal will last only about thirty seconds before they run out of arguments [if they had any in the first place -RT] and start calling you names. Today, it doesn’t even last 30 seconds. They call you names before you even advance a logical argument. They write articles, even produce MOVIES calling you names, without ever logically examining your arguments. Such is the case with Michael Moore’s new movie, in which he calls President Trump a “Nazi,” one of their favorite insults that means nothing. But they don’t care, as long as it LOOKS like they’re winning the argument, without having to answer your arguments. Racist is yet another of their favorite insults. They call you a racist if you simply utter the word, “black.” Or “white.” Or just stand in one place and do nothing. Make an “okay” hand signal and they call it a “white power signal.” It doesn’t matter if there has never been such a signal. They SAY it is, and they expect the gullible to believe it, and that’s all that counts to them. (Reuters)