Sunday, November 30, 2008

Right Out Of "Atlas shrugged!"

The "Community Reinvestment Act of 1977," passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress and signed into law by a Democrat president (Jimmy Carter) and "strengthened" and heavily enforced by another Democrat President (Bill Clinton), protected by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank (both of whom profited handsomely from it), could have been part of Ayn Rand's masterwork, "Atlas Shrugged." It was just such a law and the pressure to loan money to "deadbeats" that caused "Midas Mulligan," her well-named banker, to zero out his accounts, convert his money into gold, and close his banks rather than make such loans, while financing John Galt's hideaway "Galt's Gulch," where the "producers" of society who join his "strike" could go to live until the predicted collapse of the socialist economy when they could return and rebuild on a better financial basis. I think we're near that point today. Unfortunately, there's no "Galt's Gulch" that I know of. "Atlas Shrugged" should be "required reading" for all economists, politicians, and bureaucrats. (Investor's Business Daily)

Panic Over Obama

Hugh Hewitt says, "The panic that has hit the stock market for the last few weeks, and many economists I've spoken with on the radio program agree it is a panic, have a built-in sell-off as the realization of an Obama administration looms. Hyper partisans on the left are trying to shout down any cause and effect between the market's drop and the election of Barack Obama, but the numbers don't lie. Let's hope that people begin to realize that the wealth of this country is largely intact, and life can and must go on." The Democrats will never admit it, but the markets are down in ANTICIPATION of an Obama presidency. They didn't start in a downward direction even before the "panic" the Democrats created set in, until it became evident that our next president would be a radical socialist with a near-filibuster-proof Congress and could do pretty much anything he wanted.(Hugh Hewitt)

"Consumer Confidence"

What has that got to do with anything? The simple answer is, EVERYTHING! It is LACK of "consumer confidence" that CAUSES recessions and depressions. As I've said before, it's all in your mind. If consumers THINK that "cash is tight" and then hold onto THEIR cash, a recession, or in some cases, a DEPRESSION ensues. All it takes to "solve the problem" is to convince the consumer there IS no problem. Unfortunately, the Democrats (liberals/socialists) know that a good economy doesn't help them gain or retain power, or move us one inch closer to socialism, the philosophy that requires the THEFT from those able to EARN, to give that stolen to those who DON'T earn, but who have a vote. We've had a long-lasting good economy since Ronald Reagan lowered taxes and thus ENDED the recession the Democrats left him, while DOUBLING the "tax take" by giving INCENTIVE to those whose investments BUILD the economy. The most recent Democrat administration, (Clinton's) is STILL taking credit for it while doing everything it could to destroy it. They finally made it, working "behind the scenes" in a REPUBLICAN administration, and CREATED the "financial disaster" we're in now. It amazes me that the American voter is content to allow those who CREATED the "financial disaster" to supposedly END it; the very same people who were in that Clinton administration are even now being appointed to important positions in the Obama administration). Remember, these are the people who have been working diligently to CREATE a recession so they could use it to win the election. It worked. They will not "solve" the problem. They will only make it SEEM like they have, while "picking your pocket" anew with higher taxes they SAY are necessary to pay for the BILLIONS of dollars they have been "throwing at" various groups. It frustrates me to watch this happen while most Americans "ignore politics," and thus allow it. (Yahoo News/AP)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"No Respect for Markets?"

Yes, there isn't much respect for (free) markets right now, but that has been CREATED by liberals, just as the current economic crisis was, for the purpose of electing Obama president. But that isn't the market's fault. It's the GOVERNMENT'S fault. Democrats say it's because of "eight years of Bush's bad policies," but they can't point to a single policy that would cause the problem. They work very hard to convince us that capitalism doesn't work, and is somehow bad, in preparation for their planned move toward socialism, which they're trying just as hard to convince us is good. (Café Hayek)

Using Less Oil

"Chevron has unveiled a revolutionary new way of finding oil. It doesn't involve satellite telemetry or seismic imaging or some other high-tech means of exploration. It involves advertising. Chevron has a new ad campaign to get its customers to use not more oil, but less. In Chevron's words, 'Energy Saved Is Energy Found.' The new ads feature people promising to carpool, to use fluorescent bulbs, even to 'take my golf clubs out of the trunk.' We've heard these energy-saving tips countless times (except perhaps the one about the golf clubs). What's new is the spectacle of a major corporation urging people to cut back on its core product, as part of "one of the most important efforts of our time - using less." The Denver water company tried that, and it was successful. Water use dropped significantly--then they raised their rates "because water use is down." It happened in reverse with the Denver Bus system. They advertised widely to get more and more people to "leave their cars at home" and ride the bus. Never mind it took them twice as long to get anywhere and cost them more. People did it, and increased bus usage significantly. So the bus company raised their rates because they had to buy more buses and put more buses on routes. They apparently couldn't figure out that more money paid in fares at the old rates could accomplish all that. And these are the people RUNNING things! Sheesh! (IBD Editorials)

Politics of Personal Destruction

Democrats whine about it when someone tells the truth about them, calling it "the politics of personal destruction," hoping we'll forget that they are MASTERS of it. "Recently, Democrats called for unity and an end to the politics of personal destruction against our new, shared President-elect Obama. So let us hope that New York publishers will now refrain from publishing any more foul novels like Nicholson Baker's 'Checkpoint,' whose characters debate the wisdom of assassinating George W. Bush. Let us also hope that when Barack Obama is nearing the end of his term, filmmaker Oliver Stone does not offer the electorate a damning mythic film called 'H.' that emphasizes the wild college days of President Barack H. Obama when, decades ago, as he freely admits, he used both hard drugs and marijuana." If they REALLY hate "the politics of personal destruction," you'd think they would stop using it. (IBD)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

All You've Been Taught is WRONG!

Teenagers are too young to really know what is going on in the world, and for the most part, what they've been taught in school is WRONG. Liberals (socialists) have been in control of the education system for far too many years and consistently "condition" our children to believe THEIR version of things--which uniformly favors collectivism (socialism) as a lifestyle. This is not a "conspiracy." It is a PHILOSOPHY that has been taught in our schools for a long time. It's understandable that today's teenagers believe socialism is a "good thing," that it is being used successfully in Europe, and that it should be brought here. It is NOT, and SHOULD not. Everywhere socialism has been tried it has either failed, or is only lasting by being "propped up" by other socialist countries newer and still solvent (who will not be for long) or even by US. Communism in Russia is just the biggest socialist nation to fail. Many others have failed, or are in the process of failing. Their economies are failing, one by one. In this hemisphere, Cuba, for instance, is still around, only by being "propped up" by Russia, and now by Hugo Chavez' in Venezuela, who still has money because he "nationalized" (stole) the oil companies Americans built for him. But their infrastructure is crumbling, Castro is dying, and the only new cars there (if any) belong to high-ranking politicians still in his favor.

Teenagers have not been ALIVE long enough to know what's going on. I know I didn't when I was a teenager, but soon learned the truth after I got away from the influence of those socialist conditioning mills we call schools. I was a Democrat in those days, and soon became a "Goldwater Democrat" in 1964. The guy who later came up with that TV ad showing a little girl picking a flower while a nuclear bomb exploded in the background, saying, "If you vote for Goldwater, we'll be stuck in Viet Nam for years" was right. I voted for Goldwater, and we WERE "stuck in Viet Nam" for years. Only it was because Goldwater DIDN'T win. I was disgusted with the apathy I saw in those days, and consciously :opted out" of politics for many years. That was my biggest life mistake, which I corrected just before Clinton's first term. I found out that even if I didn't "pay attention to politics," politics WOULD pay attention to ME. (Just common sense)

It's Hitting News Anchors

And they don't know why. Dusty Saunders, who writes about the media, says Denver 9News Anchor Bob Kendrick is being "let go" because he's being paid too much. Actually, he's being fired because he, and others in the news biz think it "should not be about ratings," completely forgetting that "ratings" is what PAYS their excessively high salaries. They THINK it's because of the "economy." But that's a convenient "straw man" to mask what it REALLY is: viewers who are tired of all the liberal drivel spouted from news rooms. Saunders says Kendrick was fired "80% because of money," which is 100% wrong. He was fired because ALL liberal media sources are suffering a significant loss of business as people get tired of their liberal bias and turn them off. This has been happening since long before the "economic crunch" they're blaming. Media these days just do NOT "check their sources" to see if what they're reporting is the truth. Now Kendrick is "livid" about Saunder's article saying he made $400,000 a year, saying Saunders "made up" the figure "out of whole cloth." He should know about that. Maybe if the news biz got back in the truth biz, they'd do better. (Rocky Mountain News)

Drabble HAs it Right

One of the things I don't like about living in a Republic (although I wouldn't want it like in a dictatorship) is the "endless elections," and it's getting worse. This last presidential election came close on the heels of the 2006 congressional election, with several local elections in between. There was not a SINGLE DAY in between where we did not have to suffer lying political ads and political signs all over. At one point, I saw an Obama sign across the street from my home and McCain sign next door. I'm not sure how that affected relations between neighbors, but I'm sure it did My own nephew voted for Obama and I'm trying to help him see his error (if he will read what I send). Drabble's Nov. 4 cartoon shows it "like it is." (Drabble)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bailing Out the Auto Unions

The government is debating on how to "bail out" the auto-making business. When they do, it will not be the automakers they're bailing out. It will be the United Auto Workers Union, who have worked diligently to "price them out of the market with such things as FLOOR SWEEPERS being paid $24 per hour! I was a skilled worker for 45 years and I never made anything near that much. What makes the union think a floor sweeper is worth $24 an hour? Other jobs pay more, with top workers making up to $75 an hour! NOBODY is worth $75 an hour to turn a screw every five minutes or more. Obama talks of "bankrupting" the coal business while saying automakers are "just too big" to fail. Never mind how many energy forms rely on the coal industry to GENERATE their energy! Liberals have talked about the "stupid things" Bush has done (without being able to point out a SINGLE stupid THING" he has done that is not stupid anywhere but in their own feeble imaginations) while doing REAL "stupid things" even before being sworn in! (IBD Editorials)

Osama is Dead!

And good riddance! The Democrats won't admit it, and neither will the terrorists. The man they CALL their "number 2 man" is, in reality, their number ONE man. And the Democrats have bought it. So they still waste time and money hunting for Osama in the mountains of Pakistan. Don't look for the Democrats to get any smarter soon. They're either incompetent or just stupid. They're now using the excuse of "poor health" for Obama not appearing in any videos, forgetting that with video cameras becoming so small and battery-operated, they can be used ANYWHERE. They could go into one of his CAVES and make a video if he is alive. But he isn't. We made him a "crispy critter" many years ago when we bombed one of his caves in Afghanistan with him in it. (One News Now)

Guns in Church?

Two people are dead as a result of a man coming into the St. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Knanaya Church. In New Jersey, where guns are not allowed, and killing his estranged wife and a parishioner. In Colorado Springs, a man came in and started killing people in a church protected by a part-time security guard who was also a parishioner, who shot him, stopping his rampage. In a Scientology Church, a man came in with a sword and tried to kill some people, but was shot to death by a security guard. Anti-gun freaks say there should not be guns in church. But how many people have been killed in churches by people who don't obey rules, nor laws? I think concealed guns should be allowed EVERYWHERE, so people can defend themselves against such people. The "anti-gun freaks" say that will make America a "wild-west" society where people "settle scores" with guns at the slightest provocation. What a LOAD! Back when everybody DID carry a gun, gunfights were rare, and it was a "polite society." Today, when people carrying guns are rare, we have more shootings per square inch than ever before because people who want to shoot someone don't care about how many laws they break while the people they want to shoot, do. What makes politicians think a CRIMINAL, who does not OBEY laws, will obey one that says he can't be armed, I don't know. Only honest people do, and we don't have to worry about them. (Associated Press)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Panic About Obama

Hugh Hewitt says, "The panic that has hit the stock market for the last few weeks, and many economists I've spoken with on the radio program agree it is a panic, have a built-in sell-off as the realization of an Obama administration looms. Hyper partisans on the left are trying to shout down any cause and effect between the market's drop and the election of Barack Obama, but the numbers don't lie. Let's hope that people begin to realize that the wealth of this country is largely intact, and life can and must go on." The Democrats will never admit it, but the markets are down in ANTICIPATION of an Obama presidency. They didn't start in a downward direction even before the "panic" the Democrats created set in, until it became evident that our next president would be a radical socialist with a near-filibuster-proof Congress and could do pretty much anything he wanted.(Hugh Hewitt)

"Filibuater" Will Now Be Bad

Prediction: the filibuster, which Democrats hated with a passion when the Republicans used it, but who used it with abandon when THEY were out of power, will "redefine" it as a "bad thing." At least, until they become the minority party again. "For much of the Bush administration, out-of-power Democratic senators defended it as a hallowed tradition of American politics. But as the ruling majority, they will soon probably redefine the filibuster as a sort of nihilism practiced by bitter Republicans to obstruct the Obama agenda." Of course, when in power, Republicans themselves once deplored the filibuster as fossilized obstructionism (politicians tend to do that)." They will redefine many more things as they attempt to "cement" their hold on power for more than four years. If more and more people "wake up" to their scams and schemes, they may not LAST more than four years, this time. Unless they're successful in bringing back the "Fairness Doctrine" and shutting people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity up--which is their primary goal. (Investor's Business Daily)

"Pornography" in Media?

"FOX News asked Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) if liberals in Congress will try to implement the so-called Fairness Doctrine--a measure specifically designed to shut down Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and conservative talk radio. Schumer replied indignantly: 'Do you think we should allow people to put pornography on the air? Absolutely not. Particularly on television or radio.' (How STUPID is that?) " Looks like Schumer "let the cat out of the bag" on their scam. Surely he's not so stupid as to think an opposing opinion is "pornography," (apparently he is) but he (and other liberals) hope gullible bureaucrats at the FCC are. Hannity, Limbaugh, and the others ARE "fairness" because most other outlets hew to the liberal line. Liberals think there are only TWO sides to ANY issue: theirs, and people who disagree with them, for ANY reason. That Schumer could "get indignant" about this offends me. It is those people they want to "shut up." If they can, there will be NO "fairness" in media. That's the way they want it. To me, THAT'S "pornography in media." Limbaugh has said, "Liberals out of power are FUNNY. In power, they're DANGEROUS." Is there anything righter than that? (CFIF)

Monday, November 24, 2008

What the HELL is Wrong With Bush?

"Former [Border Control -RT] agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean are 20 months into their sentences for shooting drug dealer Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, who tried to elude the two agents after driving a van near Fabens, Texas, that was found to hold 743 pounds of marijuana. He tried to flee back to Mexico and was shot in the buttocks by the agents who had reason to believe he was armed. Last week the two agents had their resentencing hearing before U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cordone. The hearing was prompted by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals' throwing out a minor obstruction of justice count. Ramos and Compean were resentenced to virtually their original 11- and 12-year sentences, the bulk of which is a mandatory sentence of 10 years for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime." The "crime" of doing their jobs, keeping such as Davila from smuggling in drugs. Does the fact that Davila has been caught TWICE since then doing the same thing mean anything to you? One of those times it was quashed, but apparently they couldn't cover it up a second time. These men were wrongfully imprisoned by a Bush close friend and it seems as if the entire justice system is against them. Every time they come up for a review, it is made worse. What's wrong with us? Why doesn't Bush pardon them? I've lost a lot of faith in Bush's judgment since he won't. (IBD Editorials)

HILLARY in the Cabinet?

Sun Tzu, a military strategist, once said, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." But I'm sure he didn't mean to put someone bent on undermining you in such a powerful post as Secretary of State where she will be privy to the highest level of secrets and can use that position to undermine you so she can defeat you in the next election. And don't think she cares about being SecState when it comes time to run against you in the next election, using what she learned in that position for almost four years. What we're going to have in the next four years is the "third Clinton administration," with most of the well-known "Clintonistas" in all the most powerful posts in the government. Change? Yeah, we'll get "change," all right. Change from the slow progression toward socialism we got under the two Bush administrations, back to the more speedy progression we got under the Clinton and Carter presidencies. (Quotes)

What is This "Change" Bit?

Obama promised us "change." But so far, all of the people he's mentioned as appointees to his staff are "the old guard," most of whom "served" in the Clinton and other past Democrat administrations. This is "change?" I don't think so. I think it's going to be "business as usual," where Democrats (in Congress) make laws (and Democrat presidents sign them) that make it legal to steal as much of our earnings as possible, to give to the leeches of society who are dependable Democrat voters. (Yahoo News/AP)

Liberals and Recession

The liberals (Democrats) have been trying mightily to create a recession for a long time by constantly talking about it, telling us there is one coming, over and over again, until people come to believe it, thereby CREATING one. Now they've got one, just in time for THEM to put a stop to it, simply by stopping talking about it. Recessions are a "self-perpetuating prophecy," CREATED by people being afraid one coming, and not spending as much money as normal. When that happens, a recession cannot be far behind. To get rid of it, they just stop promoting it. (Yahoo News/AP)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is Not "Change"

Every appointment I've heard about for the new "Obama Team" is either a former administration official in a Democrat (socialist) administration (most recently Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter) or a well-known Democrat liberal. Janet Nepolitano is both. She is the sitting Democrat governor of Arizona who was one of the first governors to come out for Obama, and who has consistently either vetoed measures to help us fight illegal immigration or signed legislation to hinder it. She has also consistently vetoed legislation to stop, or slow down the killing of innocent infants. She was an attorney for Anita Hill when she tried to destroy now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at his confirmation hearings. In 1993, Clinton appointed her as United States Attorney for the District of Arizona. She'll be "out of a job" soon, because of term limits. There was talk of her taking over John McCain's seat if he got elected (so she wins, either way), but that won't happen now unless McCain decides to retire, which is not likely. Will she be the next Homeland Security Secretary? Probably. Is this "change?" Not at all. It's a member of the "old guard" moving up the ladder. (Wikipedia)

Common Sense Voting?

Frankly, I'm losing confidence in the intelligence and common sense of the American voter. They are the ones who elected Barack Obama, a white racist whose close friend BOMBED the Pentagon and the home of a judge who ruled against him and got off on a technicality, while his pastor of 20 years showed himself to be a racist who HATES whites; a known collectivist (socialist) who would usurp everybody's right to make their own decisions, and who would make it a CRIME to defend ourselves in our own homes; the ones who almost re-elected Senator Ted Stevens, the Alaska Senator who was CONVICTED of corruption and bribery; Who will probably re-elect William Jefferson, a congressman who was caught with $100,000 in MARKED money given him in a federal "sting" operation. These same people elected Jimmy Carter to become one of the WORST presidents in U. S, history. Who will they elect next? Bill Ayers? (L. A. Times)

In Defense of a Word

Why are militant gays so adamant to be able to use the word "marriage" to legitimize their unions? In many places, they are able to become "partners" and gain the rights of married people, but without being able to use the word "marriage." But' that's apparently not good enough. They want the right to use the word "marriage," which would redefine the MEANING of that word--and that's their intent. Thousands of gays in California, who were "married," are now not. But I'd bet they will still be allowed the same rights married people enjoy. But they're "taking to the streets" because the California citizens took away the word "marriage." I predict there will be VIOLENCE in support of their cause. Why are they so strongly OPPOSED to having to call their unions something besides "marriage?" Because they want to REDEFINE that word and make it their own. Personally, I have nothing against gays. What they do in private is their right and no business of mine. But I will NOT call their unions "marriage." (Just common sense)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Medved Moves to Extend Power

The "opposition" in America is always suggesting that an American president will move to get rid of limitations on power by extending his/her ability to stay in office beyond term limits, but it has never happened. It's always just a "scare tactic." But it IS happening in Russia, pushed by former KVD (or whatever other letters they use) operative and former President Vladmir Putin, with the help of his "lap dog," Russian President Medved--who has always been a willing pawn in anything Putin wants to do. That's how he got to be president. If this law passes, look for him to resign in favor of Putin in such a way that Putin can succeed him. (Yahoo News/Reuters)

Lobbyist Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Obama SAYS he'll "get rid of the lobbyists." But what he means is he'll "get rid of the CONSERVATIVE lobbyists." He'll still cut deals with ACORN, the unions, and the teacher's union and others whose agenda he generally agrees with. He doesn't call them "lobbyists." He cals them "public interest groups." I call the National Rifle Association (NRA), which he hates, a "public interest group." But to him, it's one of the biggest LOBBYIST groups out there. Obama wants to make it a FELONY to use a handgun in YOUR OWN DEFENSE at home, and the NRA will no doubt oppose him. So naturally, they are a "lobbyist group.," to him. (Just common sense)

Washington Post ADMITS Obama Bias

"In an article headlined 'An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage,' Post ombudsman Deborah Howell writes that Post readers 'have been consistently critical of the lack of probing issues coverage and what they saw as a tilt toward Democrat Barack Obama.' Howell quickly adds, 'My surveys, which ended on Election Day, show that they are right on both counts.' " Which only makes "official" what those of us who pay attention already know. What is NEWS about it is the Post actually ADMITTING it! I'll be looking to see if any other member of the liberal media will admit to "spinning" things to get Obama elected (although he is one of the most undeserving to be elected presidents in recent history, after Jimmy Carter). You liberal dupes, remember this when press bias comes up in conversation. (News Max)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talk About Being Radical!

They call US "radical," then one of their spokesmen equates an opposing opinion with "pornography." That's not LOGICAL! Apparently Chucky Schumer (D-NY) doesn't know the difference. Or he just doesn't care (He probably thinks logic doesn't exist). Unfortunately for him, "opposing opinion is NOT "pornography," even if he's not smart enough to know the difference. People with this kind of ignorance should be "broomed" from Congress because they not only don't know what they're talking about, they don't even KNOW they don't know. They don't have a clue. Actually, I was wrong. He's not "ignorant," he's STUPID. Talk radio IS "fairness," with all other venues spouting the liberal (socialist) line. Somebody ought to slap Chucky in the back of the head and straighten him out. Such comments only illustrate his stupidity and that of most of his Democrat friends. (One News Now)

Arm Merchant Ships

How dumb it is to go out to sea carrying millions of dollars' worth of ANYTHING without ANY way to defend yourself. This is ASKING for trouble and loss. But merchantmen commonly do. Which is why they're being pirated in increasing numbers these days. But they're learning. Pirates need to be met by firepower superior to their own so they'll look for other employment They've been "running amok" lately, and it's time they met their comeuppance. So the merchant fleet IS arming themselves. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Election Fraud?

"Many millions in dubious campaign donations to Barack Obama are going unaudited. Meanwhile, Minnesota's Senate race is ripe for the stealing. When elections lack integrity, the people no longer rule." I see this kind of post often, but nobody seems to care. Which is why Obama and Franken will no doubt get away with it. Mostly because Obama now controls the means of prosecution and hye will not start an investigation of himself, OR of Franken. Meanwhile, the Democrats are sending many "election stealers" into Minnesota, where Franken's election id paramount to their control of Congress for the next four years. So they've been sent there with instructions to "win this election at any cost." They'll spend millions to do so and I hope it's too late for them to succeed. (IBD Editorials)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Typical Terrorist Crap

Ayman al-Zawahri, supposedly al-Qaida's "number two man," predictably insulted Obama as being a "house nig--r." He included former and current secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice in the insult. And even more predictably, he's trying to convince us bin Laden is still alive, though we've seen nothing of him since we blew up his caves many years ago and made a "crispy critter" out of him. Bin Laden is DEAD. He has been dead for years, but these jerks won't admit it. Everything since then has been from Zawahiri or others "down the line" in their hierarchy. Never from bin Laden himself in a PROVABLE manner. There have been several ATTEMPTS, using audiotapes or videos that could have been made ANY time, but nothing LIVE. Somebody needs to kill this guy and whoever replaces him in a very public manner. Else they'll try and make us think HE'S still alive. That's what they understand, and is the only thing that will ultimately defeat these sixteenth century bigots who want to kill EVERYBODY who doesn't believe the same way THEY do (they're like the Ku Klux Klan having gained "religion" status. His praise of "Capypso Louie" Farrakhan" shows his ignorance of what "good people" really are. I don't know why the media insists on these tapes and videos being "news." If I made such tapes, they'd "turn up their noses" at them. (Yahoo News/AP)

Will Obama "Fix" the Economy?

No. He COULD, if he reversed what his friends in the Democrat Party did to get him elected, but that is not to his interest. He will move us closer to socialism, but that is not a "fix" for the economy. He will do what his "handlers" tell him to do. He doesn't know any better. His "handlers" come from such places as "," and are those who got him elected. These people have a very different idea of what is good for the people of the United States and they intend to make it happen. If the Democrats get a "filibuster-proof" majority, look out! It's "Katie bar the door" when it comes to raising taxes (often under different names to confuse voters), taking more control over what WE are able to do without governmental "permission" (permission they should not have the power to grant), and just who owns the means of production. They're in the process of "nationalizing" the lending industry (and some in the insurance industry) right now, and are trying to do the same with the auto industry. When they finish, politicians and bureaucrats will control most of America's industry without a fight. (Just common sense)

Is (Gay) Marriage a Right?

No, it's not. Not the way gays define it, anyway. Laws govern it, and there are things that can bar you from marriage. Such as having a known venereal disease. That's why they have blood tests before issuing a license. The very fact that a license is required means there is no "right" to marriage. But that's not what they mean. They mean "Is there a right to GAY marriage?" The answer is no. There should be a right to be able to make a "partnership" just LIKE marriage for gays, so they can inherit from one another and visit each other in a hospital, as well as other things married people have a right to do. I personally have no problem with what they do in private. It's not my business. But "marriage?" No. They should not be allowed to REDEFINE the WORD marriage. Basically, that's what California's "Prop. 8" said, and it is "the law of the land" in that state. But they don't like that, so are promising a "day of intolerance," whatever that is. Sounds like a threat of violence, to me. All because a majority of Californians didn't agree with them. Yes, give them the same rights and privileges married people enjoy. But don't give them the WORD. (One News Now)


Russell Roberts, on "Café Hayek," ran a very short item with this title, which instantly irritated me, with all the "Bush-hatred" out there. But it turns out, I agree with him. Bush has lost the right to criticize other governments for bringing "too much government" to their efforts to solve the financial crisis our own Democrats crafted. It was Bush, himself, who STARTED the "too much government" thing when he suggested "throwing $750 billion dollars at it," a figure the Democrats accepted (that scares me, right there) and "ran with." The amount now being "thrown at" the financial crisis in the U. S. is now over a TRILLION dollars. Now, as I predicted, more and more industries and businesses are "lining up" to prove that they're "the most needy," just as do individuals when it is announced that there is some money available, free. There is NO business that is "too big to fail." To "bail them out" after they made bad decisions is futile, and will only lead to more and more "bailouts." (Café Hayek)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

IS America "On Its Last Legs?"

We built the strongest and richest country in the world in less than 300 years by being strong and confident. But today we are being run by prissy liberals who want to move us as quickly as possible toward socialism, which will also move us toward Islam if we don't watch out. Columnist and author Mark Steyn says, "The future belongs to the fecund and the confident. And the Islamists are both, while the West -- wedded to a multiculturalism that undercuts its own confidence, a welfare state that nudges it toward sloth and self-indulgence, and a childlessness that consigns it to oblivion -- is looking ever more like the ruins of a civilization." The more we move toward a "welfare state," which tells us "the world owes us a living," the more we move toward oblivion. The "leeches" of society will have won. (Human Events)

Throw Grandma Out

Even though she OWNS the house. Lisa French has allowed her son and his children to return to after "bad times" befell them. But a city ordinance in Commerce City, Colorado (you know, the city that ALLOWED its "officials" to go on city-paid junkets to the South Seas) said, nix! She can't let her kids come back home. They're gonna have to "fend for themselves" or SHE is going to have to move out. Of course, if she wants to "pony up" some money to give them, it'll be okay. One problem. With all her new expenses connected to her family moving in, she doesn't have it. So it looks like the bureaucrats rule and SOMEBODY is going to have to be homeless because of it. And I thought city government wanted to LOWER the homeless numbers! Go figure. I LOVE that "pay us money and it's okay" thing. It's so bureaucrat! (Denver Channel 7)

Twisting His Words

Doonesbury once said, when caught in a lie in his strip, said, "I'm a cartoonist. I don't need to stick to the truth. He certainly hasn't in this strip, where he claims Newt Gingrich promoted "hate speech" by "instructing Republican candidates to 'smear' opponents with words like 'sick, disgrace, corrupt, cheat, decay, pathetic, radical, traitor, greed, anti-family,' and so on. There's only one trouble with that: he didn't say that. He just told them to stop using "weasel-words" when referring to their opponents, and use REAL words to describe them. Every word mentioned can aptly be applied to just about every Democrat candidate I know. He just told them to do what I do all the time. Use REAL words, not "weasel-words." The Democrats call that "hate speech." Can you remember the words DEMOCRATS use to describe their opponents? They're much worse. (Doonesbury)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ignoring the Voters

The people wrote Congress in great numbers opposing the "bailout." So, lo and behold! Congress not only voted it in, they added "insult to injury" by adding another $150 billion in "pork" to the total. Now the figure is over a TRILLION dollars and they're talking about including the auto industry in their giveaways. They're "having a ball" giving away OUR money to gain more power. Expect the list of businesses to be included to increase exponentially as time goes by. If this isn't a good example of the government ignoring the will of the people, I don't know what is. The government ignores the "will of the people" on a regular basis, but they "spin it" so that people will not notice it. In this specific instance, they'll tell you the "will of the people" SUPPORTED the bailout. If you look a little deeper, you'll find out the truth. (Common Sense)

Don't Hurt the Crooks

In Worchester, England, the "authorities" are so afraid of the thieves, they won't allow householders to do ANYTHING that might hurt them. One man was told to take down a barbed wire fence because it might "hurt" a thief who stole his tools several times. He was advised to take his tools inside. Shortly thereafter the "authorities" told residents not to lock their doors for fear a crook might sue the council because he got hurt while robbing a resident. This is a bad trend, anywhere. If it catches on in Britain, it will no doubt migrate here, given the witless liberal politicians we have running things here. (Common Sense)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama's Many Promises

He's made so many I can't keep up with them, and I pay attention! The Investor's Business Daily has put together a PARTIAL list of his most often-repeated promises and it takes up THREE PAGES. To keep all these promises, as well as those not on this list, will take more money than there is in the WORLD! I've said this many times, but nobody's listening, apparently. They elected this radical socialist Chicago thug anyway. And he is planning on ruining this economy in his first day in office. I hope they're happy. (Investor's Business Daily)

One MoreVote

ONE MORE VOTE: And the Democrats have completed a TOTAL "takeover" of the American government. So they're "throwing your money" at the Georgia election for a Democrat Senator who has PROMISED to "rubber stamp" Obama's agenda, and the Minnesota election of a Democrat "crazy man" who used to be a comedian. has already airdropped $217,741 into Georgia's crucial Senate runoff. Barack Obama and need Georgia's Senate seat to seize complete control of government. And to thank them, their candidate Jim Martin has promised to rubber stamp Obama's far-left agenda...... Liberal activist Supreme Court justices, over $1 trillion in new spending, censorship of conservative talk radio and a crushing 25% cut to our military. (Just common sense)

GOP Loses Voter's Trust

Everybody is asking why McCain lost. Maybe it's because he REFUSED to ask important questions such as "are you a socialist?" (Obama "banned" a TV anchor for asking that very question) There were many "sensitive questions" he refused to ask, and stopped Sarah Palin from asking while she was the VP nominee. Now she's "free at last" and back in Alaska, she's setting up many interviews where she's saying things she was not allowed to say during the campaign. I don't know why the Republicans are "knuckling under" to the Democrats, but it is creating a "one-party" system in America--which can only lead to a socialist dictatorship, in spite of the Constitution, which Democrats think is a "fluid document" anyway, that can be changed at will (even though the Constitution itself tells you exactly how it can be changed--no other way). I sincerely hope Palin is a female Ronald Reagan who can bring this party back together and give it some spine. (One News Now)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chicago Thugs and Retreads to Run White House?

Rahm Emanuel is NObama's choice to be chief of staff in his White House. Emanuel is a fellow Chicago thug politician and is a "familiar face," having been on Democrat Bill Clinton's staff. Frankly, I expect to see many of the "old guard" being appointed to office in NObama's administration. He promised "change," but so far, all I see is the "same ol' same ol" that we've seen in every liberal Democrat administration for the last fifty years or so. It is said that loser John Kerry is angling to be Secretary of State, where he can mess up foreign policy (He won another Senate term, which shows how ignorant Massachusetts voters remain). John Podesta, who was Clinton's chief of staff, is now head of the transition team. The only "change" we'll see is an increase in the speed at which we approach a total socialist government with all of US (who work) "sharing" what we EARN with others, who don't. (Yahoo News/AP)

Right Out of "Atlas Shrugged"

In Ayn Rand's masterwork, "Atlas Shrugged," the "banker with a heart" Eugene Lawson lost lots of money by letting his "Community National Bank" make loans to people who could not pay them back. He lost his job when the bank failed and soon was hired by the government to run the "Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources." In the real world, Michael Alix headed the Risk Management department for Bear Stearns for two years until it failed, a victim of too many loans that could not be repaid. Now he is working for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York advising on bank supervision. Go figure! Thanks for the tip from Objectivist Paul Hseih. (ABC News)

Will Drilling Solve It?

The Democrats and other liberals are still saying that "drilling won't solve the problem." But right after Bush rescinded the Executive ban on drilling originally put in place by Democrats, the Congress, apparently moved by pressure, let their ban on drilling expire. Now the price of oil is back in the $60 buck range. Down from almost $150 a barrel. Almost back to where it was before this "spike" began. Remind me about how "drilling won't solve the problem," would you? Now that Obama has been elected by the gullible, they're soon going to reapply the ban and when they do, watch gas prices rise again. (Daily Grind)

Back in Business

Looks like we're back in business after a hard day finding the trouble and fixing it. The problem came from the new version of Firefox apparently eliminating a requirement for my blogging sites during uploading and installing it. We put them back. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sorry Again

Seems like everything happens at once. First my brother goes in the hospital, than all three of my main blogs (and no doubt others) have technical difficulties I think are caused by my own computer. None will load the section containing editing tools such as a link editor, bold and italic, etc. In Foxfire, it won't even allow direct posting, so I'm using Explorer. I CAN post directly as I'm doing now, and in some cases I can ADD my own HTML and cut and paste, adding my own HTML after pasting. I'm looking into finding the cause and will resume regular posting as soon as I can. All this began as soon as I downloaded the most recent Foxfire update, so that might have something to do with it. I'm looking.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Looking for Something to Tax

Liberals are always searching for something to tax, and New York Mayor Bloomberg (who wants another term in spite of term limits laws) is proposing from five to seven cents tax on every plastic bag you get at the grocery store. He sees the proliferation of plastic bags and wants to make money from it, as all liberals do. Yes, I know he's a Republican. But he's a "Republican in name only" (RINO) and WAS a Democrat until it became impossible for this millionaire to run as a Democrat. He "bought" the election, much like Obama did the national election and now wants to buy yet another term. He doesn't need the money (he probably has more money than New York City), but he likes the power, as do all liberals. I've seen the plastic bags that collect in my basement and wished I "had a nickle for each one in the city" but I'm not a politician so I can't "make it happen." (N Y Daily News

Sorry Folks

I just received word that my brother is in the hospital with symptoms of advanced Alzheimer's and I had to deal with that. I just couldn't post anything yesterday. Now I'm having trouble posting on Blogger using Firefox. I had to go to Explorer and use my own HTML to post links, since their link to do that has disappeared in both places.

Biden Said It

He said they'd "test" this young, inexperienced president, and Putin waited all of two hours before announcing a return to "cold war" tactics by putting missiles in next to Poland, which we are bound to protect by treaty. What will this inexperienced president do? Will he "stand up and be counted?" Or will he go whining to Russia, "hat in hand," and ask, "pretty please, don't do it?" I know he has said he'll "talk" to ANYBODY without preconditions. But someone once said, "diplomacy without force to back it up, is just talk." And it sounds like Obama will do nothing but "talk." So I guess we now have four years for Russia and other enemies to use to strengthen themselves while weakening us. (Investor's Business Daily)

Blaming Free Markets

That's what the liberals are trying to do with the current "financial crisis" THEY created. And with so many people "not paying attention to politics" until just before an election, they might get away with it, unless people like this writer get their message out. "There's been a rush to blame free markets, even laissez faire libertarianism, for the current financial crisis. As I -- and Russ -- have said before, there are lots of other potential culprits around. Hastily concluding that the culprit is the free market might be emotionally gratifying for many folks, but it's an intellectually corrupt conclusion." They also try and blame "lack of regulation," which is something Bush wanted to do, but which the Democrats blocked 12 times. (Don Boudreaux/Café Hayek)

Obsolete Industries

When is it right to "bail out" industries that are being made obsolete? "I guess we owe J.S. Abbot and Lewis Downing an apology for letting them down. Too bad for them they weren’t 'too big to fail.' You see, in 1885, when German engineer Karl Benz invented the world’s first gasoline-powered automobile, it was most certainly the death knell for horse-drawn carriages. Although the makers of such carriages, like the Abbot-Downing Company-producers of the high-ticket Concord-did not go out of business immediately, eventually they did. Stagecoaches simply could not compete with automobiles. Pure and simple." The same thing is true of the buggy-whip industry. Why should we try and keep such industries in business when demand for their products has disappeared? Yes, people suffer. Just as "Mom and Pop businesses" fail when such as Wal-Mart move into their towns. But they can go to work fort Wal-Mart and often make a lot more money than they made as a "Mom and Pop business." I'm sure the buggy-whip makers diversified, as did the stagecoach makers and might have even prospered. (
Robert Romano

Friday, November 7, 2008

Press Still Trying to Destroy Palin

The New York Times and other liberal papers are running stories (after the election) that she is on a "shopping spree" with Republican money, buying clothes for her entire family at Republican expense. Even Fox fell for it, telling a story about Palin "meeting them at her door in her bathrobe" and "going on a shopping spree." These accusations are false. A lie, designed to damage her so she won't become the "conservative star" of the Republican Party in the future. But it might backfire on them. These stories might create a "backlash" FOR her when she makes a decision on whether or not to run for PRESIDENT in the next election. They NEEDED her in this election because McCain was just "not doing the job" and she brought a level of excitement to this election that just wasn't there before she came along. She's expected (by those who pay attention) to be a "frontrunner" for the nomination in the 2012 election after Nobama has a chance to show his ignorance. And he will--while I chronicle it. That's why they want to destroy her now that they think they don't need her any more. Rhinos (Republicans in Name Only) are deathly afraid they've "created a monster" in Sarah Palin and she might "take over the party" in 2012 (Which would be a GOOD thing). (Sevens)

Terrorists Celebrating Obama Victory

Islamic terrorists are "dancing in the streets" at the thought of a Nobama victory. They know it has just gotten easier for them to infiltrate America and kill more Americans on their own soil. Bush promised them it would not happen during his administration and so far (as this is written) it has not happened. Not that they haven't tried. But Bush's people stopped them every time. Not so much in other countries, most notably England and France. NObama's policies are going to allow them much more leeway when trying to enter this country and they know it. They're no doubt planning their first incursion right now, even if they weren't during the campaign. (World Net Daily)

NObama's Ideas Already Killing the Economy

NObama hasn't done a thing yet, but Wall Street knows what his stated policies will bring and it has dropped 500 points in the first day following his election, on just the EXPECTATION of his policies coming into fruition. They know. His policies of "business-hating" and "punishing the rich" will bankrupt America. ANYBODY who has any intelligence at all knows this if they are "paying attention" to what he does. (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Economic Tsunami" Doomed McCain

Aside from his attempt to make the Democrats happy. The Democrats planned and executed this economic crisis to win the election. And it worked like a charm. They passed a law (The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977) that FORCED lenders to make loans to people they KNEW could not repay them, allowed them to sell the loans to a government-controlled entity (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) to keep from losing a lot of money in this "recipe for disaster," which could be "pulled" any time, causing an "economic meltdown." They did it just before the presidential election and it had its desired effect. It DESTROYED McCain-Palin, which wasn't all that strong a ticket, anyway. Maybe if they had found a REAL candidate instead of LIBERAL Republican it might have been different. But the Democrats dutifully blamed the meltdown on "eight years of Bush's policies" which was an outright lie (what ELSE is new?). Bush tried 12 TIMES to "rein in Freddie and Fannie, to no avail. The Democrats blocked him every time. This was one of the most blatant "bloodless coups" ever to be performed, anywhere to anybody who "pays attention." But since most Americans don't, it worked. My own nephew voted for NObama. Maybe Sarah will turn out to be a female Ronald Reagan, run, and win in 2012, after NObama has had a chance to show his ignorance and dedication to radical socialism. (One News Now)

Pay Attention!

PAY ATTENTION! Do you want to know how to reverse the damage that has been done in this election and which WILL be done in the next four years (God forbid he gets re-elected)? It's simple. Pay attention to politics. It is those who proudly say they don't, but who still vote, that have CREATED this monster in NObama as president. If you're an "undecided voter" within a few days of an election, you have no business voting--for ANYBODY. If you are IGNORANT of what the person running stands for, don't vote. I know, I know; you think you don't have time. My own SON told me that once. I say you DO have time and should MAKE time if you think you don't. But don't read newspapers that are part of the liberal media. Find ones that are part of the "alternative media" and tell the TRUTH rather than keep "parroting" the liberal line. I can give you a few names, but you have to make up your own mind. See what they're promoting. If they're talking about "sharing" with others, and "giving back" to a society that has given you nothing, stay away from them. Read "The New THOMA$ REPORT," The "Bull Cutter," "Ray's Shorts," "World Net Daily," "The Drudge Report," and the ones they recommend. Listen to Rush Limbaugh and find out what he REALLY says, not what the liberal media wants you to THINK he says. I don't agree with all his OPINIONS, but I've never caught him in a lie (some liberals tell me they have, but it always turns out to be they disagree with his OPINION) (Common Sense)

I'm Energized

I'm 71 years old, and I've been tired a lot lately and, while it wasn't hard to keep up with my blogs, it was hard to "get ahead" of them. But after NObama got elected, I guess it "energized" me and I've written 20 posts in a couple of hours just this morning. I guess his election just made me mad, and when I get mad, I "get moving." NObama fits the erroneous description the liberals applied to Reagan (the "teflon president) in that NOTHING seemed to "stick" to him, no matter how true or how bad. His close association with a racist preacher (for 20 years) and a domestic terrorist and bomber who is "not sorry" for anything he has done; neither made a dent in his support. He went out and PROMISED to "bankrupt" the coal industry and, in a state that depends a LOT on the coal industry, won the state. He PROMISED to let Bush's tax cuts expire, and STILL got elected. He showed his ignorance by saying there were 57 states in this Union, and it never bothered any of his supporters. What do we have to DO to defeat this monster? I don't know; maybe his election will keep me alive longer by giving me more of a reason to STAY alive, to beat him next time. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Victory for Ignorance!

Barack Obama will be our next president. Mostly because most Americans don't know anything about him except for what he put out in his lying political ads. He is an "empty suit" being "run" by George Soros. They don't know he is a collectivist (socialist). Most have no idea what those words mean. If YOU don't know what that means, you'd better find out, quick. So now they should be ready for what comes. Rising taxes all over the map, including allowing Bush's tax cuts, which were responsible for the best economy in years until the Democrats got back in power in the Congress (he now says he'll leave them in place, but I'll only believe that if I see it). An economy that insisted on being solid in spite of everything Bill Clinton could do to stop it--until he signed the "Community Reinvestment Act of 1976," which FORCED lenders to make loans they KNEW could never be repaid, and which were bought by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac until just before the election when they "pulled the plug" on those two "safety valves." The swindle this represented worked like a charm, causing the economy to drop precipitously, just before the election with Democrats crying that it was "because of eight years of Bush's failed policies," when In reality it was caused by 50 YEARS of THEIR policies, made to swindle the American people out of not only billions of dollars, but the presidency as well. Islamic terrorists are "dancing in the streets" at Obama's election because they know it will mean they can now come here at will and kill "Infidels" in America. Something they haven't been able to do in America since 9/11. They decry "four more years of Bush." Yeah. Four more years of safety and lower taxes. I could do with a lot more than four more years of that. Bush was not perfect, but he was a hell of a lot better than what is coming through the ignorance of the American voter. (Just common sense)

Ready for Change?

Obama kept hollering "change," but wouldn't, or COULDN'T tell you what sort of "change" he had in mind. Mostly because he meant "change" toward socialism, which means more complete control over everything you hold dear, and most people don't like that. Soon he will control everything you do and what you may do with the money you earn--whatever amount of it he lets you keep, that is. He promised "no tax increases for 95% of Americans," but that was a lie that was not possible, since 30% of Americans do not even PAY taxes. Only 70% pay taxes. The other 30% are "net tax receivers," through various welfare programs. And you will see that number increase, as it did under every Democrat president in history. If you voted for Obama, I hope you're ready for what is coming. (Just common sense)

Right Out of "Atlas shrugged"

In Ayn Rand's masterwork, "Atlas Shrugged," the "banker with a heart" Eugene Lawson lost lots of money by letting his "Community National Bank" make loans to people who could not pay them back. He lost his job when the bank failed and soon was hired by the government to run the "Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources." In the real world, Michael Alix headed the Risk Management department for Bear Stearns for two years until it failed, a victim of too many loans that could not be repaid. Now he is working for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York advising on bank supervision. Thanks for the tip from Objectivist Paul Hseih. (ABC News)

Obama's Ethics Violation

The American Conservative Union has filed an ethics violation against Barack Obama. "Senator Obama purchased what is known as the 'Greenwood Mansion' and the land surrounding it along with the wife of now-convicted felon Tony Rezko. That’s right. The Rezkos toured the property with the Obamas before the purchase. They helped Obama with the purchase through buying the land right next to the house, the House’s lawn. He bought it from the same seller on the same day. The Obamas used the side yard as if it were theirs and eventually returned the Rezko's favor by buying back a strip of the side yard." But Obama isn't worried about being "brought to justice" for this scam because Democrats control the means of prosecution and (Democrat) Barbara Boxer is stalling. The Senate Ethics Committee says blatantly that they're "not required" to investigate this (ACU) complaint, meaning they won't. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama is a Dolt!

He is being "run" by George Soros at and could do nothing without being told what to do. His "handlers" are all promoting collectivism (socialism) and that's the direction in which he will take this country. He calls it "change" and talks abut the "failed policies of George Bush." But he never details what those "failed policies" are. If he ever does, it's mostly his disagreements with them. He THINKS they are failed policies--at least, in his mind--but that doesn't mean they are. He says "We can't afford four more years of George Bush," obviously equating electing McCain with George Bush. I would love to equate Obama's election to "four more years of Bill Clinton," but I can't. Obama is much WORSE than Bill Clinton ever thought to be, although he was bad enough and HIS policies, together with the scammers and swindlers in the Democrat Party were responsible for. The economic "crunch" we're in, now (See "Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that FORCED lenders to make loans they KNEW could never be repaid and used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy them until it was time to "pull the plug" just before the election for maximum effect). They were also responsible for the Gas price disaster by making it impossible for oil producers to drill domestically OR refine what they found, ANYWHERE (No new refineries in more than 30 years). It was a "recipe for disaster" and it was TIMED to come to a head just before the election. It worked perfectly. We'll see if it caused an Obama victory and a "filibuster-proof" Democrat majority in the Congress. This is being written on election day and we don't know yet who won. If it is Obama, we're all in for a rough time as his policies do not SOLVE the economic crisis OR the fuel cost crisis (which is already "going away" under Bush), but will make them WORSE. Raising taxes in a slow economy is also a "recipe for disaster," but Obama doesn't care. He just wants the power and will do what his "handlers" tell him to maintain it. (Just common sense)

"Spreading the Wealth " (Yours)

Joe the Plumber succeeded in getting the truth out of Obama with one question. Something all the "journalists" in the world have not been able to do (including Fox) because with them his guard is always up. With Joe, it was down because he didn't think any "average man" would ever ask him an IMPORTANT question. Now his campaign is using GOVERNMENT databases in an effort to "discredit" Joe, while HIS OWN WORDS condemned himself. Discrediting Joe and ruining HIS life won't help because it was Obama's OWN WORDS, telling how he wants to "spread the wealth," that will (I hope) SINK his presidential hopes. (Just common sense)

Why Would ANYBODY Vote for Obama?

He has PROMISED "massive tax increases," so why would ANYBODY in his/her right mind, vote for him? First, he has PROMISED to "get rid of" the Bush tax reductions that created a massive financial boom, which he says "ís not a tax increase." But I say, LOGICALLY, ANYTHING that causes you to pay more in taxes IS a tax increase. He has promised many other tax increases, disguised as something else. He has promised much in "bread and circuses" for the "leeches" (moochers) of society, all of which have one important thing: a vote, which he is counting on to get elected. Today. More than 50% of the people in our society get a government check, in the form of either some kind of welfare or as a government employee. This is why I fear for our republic, as those dependent on the government one way or the other vote to put a dedicated, radical SOCIALIST in the White House as they did with FDR and LBJ. The "welfare state" grew amazingly under both of these presidents, and it probably will go "all the way" to socialism under Obama. (Just common sense)

"Joe the Plumber" Beats Obama

With one question he "ripped off Obama's disguise"as a moderate. "Joe the plumber" has a secret plan to destroy Barack Obama. If you believe the media, Joe is a sinister, McCain-supporting Republican of the Reagan type - he is a true threat to the "Anointed One" - Barack Obama - and his chances of becoming president of the United States. This sounds almost like a make-believe story, [They want you to think Joe--who has lived there for years--was a plant. -RT] but it's true. The media has been seeking to decapitate Joe the plumber. Why? Because he's an ordinary American who has a dream of business success for himself and his family. One day, Joe woke up and suddenly realized that Barack Obama is going to punish him with brutal taxes. Just by coincidence - and I know Chris Matthews and Katie Couric will never believe it was simply a coincidence - Joe met Barack Obama as Obama passed through his Ohio neighborhood. When Joe challenged Obama with a tough question - something the press has not done during the past two years - the Anointed One wilted. How dare Joe want to make and keep his own money? The nerve of this man to want to be a success in a small business! As Obama put it, shouldn't Joe want to help him 'spread the wealth around?' With that one remark, Obama's disguise as a moderate crumbled." I believe if Obama loses this election it will be because of this single flub on Obama's part. He will have been beaten by "Joe the Plumber." One can hope, I guess. (An excerpt from a Republican press release)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Transparency? Gimme A Break!

"Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign says his campaign will bring a new level of honesty and transparency to the White House." Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah. Clinton used the very same words when he was running--both times. But did you notice any more "transparency" from HIS White House? I certainly didn't. If anything, his was one of the most SECRETIVE White Houses on record. That remark ought to be "trademarked" by the Democrat Party because ALL their candidates use it. And you can count on the fact that it is not true. Obama claims Bush is "one of the most secretive presidents in history (not true). "Ironically, Obama, just days away from possibly being elected president, continues to stonewall a growing chorus of information requests for documents about his legislative, personal health, education, financing, and background -- leaving many voters to cast ballots based on incomplete information. And serious questions about his past continue to swirl as Election Day looms, fueled in part by his own campaign’s refusal to make relevant documents available. And the press, usually banging at the door for candidates to make “full disclosure” is strangely quiet about Obama’s stonewalling." (News Max)

Democrats Are in Denial

Hugh Hewitt says, "Today's IDP-TIPP poll showing a dead heat, like today's Battleground Poll showing a dead heat, simply cannot be believed by MSM, or at least aren't being reported by the networks. When I brought up the big, 20 point swing towards McCain among Catholics on CNN, Paul Begala -- after I had left the studio -- declared me reality-challenged. Trouble is, it's not my poll, and the IBD-TIPP poll was the best in 2004. So, who's reality challenged?" They just won't admit McCain is so close to whipping their butts. Maybe after the election, when they're standing in the middle of the room asking "What just happened?" they'll have to admit the reality of their failure (one can only hope). (Hugh Hewitt's Blog)

This is Obama's Opinion

The American Middle Class has enough money to "throw around," so he intends to "spread the wealth." How? By raising your taxes and giving the money away to those who don't earn their own way (the leeches of society) to buy their votes. More than half of existing voters now are on some kind of a welfare program or are government employees, and they respond to Obama's "bread and circuses" promises. Never mind what he has already promised will cost more money than there is in the world. He will keep on promising things and those who want the government to support them will vote for him and his liberal (Democrat) friends in Washington. (ALG)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Media Bias

"A major newspaper suppresses damning video of Barack Obama partying with pro-terrorism radicals. Meanwhile, Obama punishes news outlets that do their jobs. Fairness Doctrine anyone?" They're joking, but that's just what we need in the media, and it's something we won't get as long as the First Amendment is in force. The media will print what they want, true or not, with no "oversight" from anybody. The trouble is, who will BE that "oversight." The problem is, it's so hard to tell what really IS "true." In this case, a presidential candidate is "playing footsie" with terrorists and the "L. A. Times" won't release the tape they have of it because "they promised" the source they wouldn't. "John McCain has demanded that the L.A. Times release its videotape of a 2003 farewell party in Chicago at which Obama is said to have grandly toasted guest of honor Rashid Khalidi, the late PLO head Yasser Arafat's spokesman. (Ex-terrorist Bill Ayers may have been there too.)." This is the kind of radical who might win the presidency of this nation. Are you going to allow that? (Investor's Business Daily)

Obama Says He's NOT a Marxist

Yet Marxism is what he spouts when he thinks nobody outside of Chicago is listening. "John McCain and his supporters are hammering Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama for saying in a 2001 interview on Chicago Public Radio that wealth redistribution is a necessary form of 'economic justice.' The McCain campaign and other critics of Barack Obama are seizing on newly uncovered audio from an interview Obama did with WBEZ in Chicago while he was an Illinois state senator and University of Chicago law professor. In the interview, Obama suggested that it was a 'tragedy' the U.S. Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Earl Warren, did not pursue 'redistribution of wealth' for black Americans." I guess that's one way for people to get money they don't earn from those who do Another major lie for Obama. (One News Now)

Ohio Illegally "Investigating" Joe the Plumber

This for "challenging" Barak Obamna with the truth and getting an unguarded answer from him that revealed his Marxist stance. "Helen-Jones Kelley [Ohio director of the Department of Job and Family Services -RT] has been charged for "gross misconduct" for improperly targeting Joe the Plumber with an inquiry for political purposes." The funny thing about it is Joe did NOT do anything that merited ANY kind of "investigation." Obama himself condemned his own candidacy with his own words by saying he wanted to "spread the wealth," which is a Marxist (communist, socialist) idea. Funny; I thought the collapse of communism in Russia taught a few people communism and socialism (two sides of the same coin) did not work. She ADMITTED illegally using government resources in this "investigation."(Send Labs)

Is the Race Over?

Obama is measuring the drapes in the Oval Office, trying to convince the nation that the election is as good as over and he has won (without being TOO cocky so his supporters will think he's won and stay home)). It is not, and he has not. This might even be bad for him if people who might normally vote for him figure since he has already won, why vote? I hope they do. Hugh Hewitt says, "Gallup 's traditional poll of likely voters is down to 49-47, Obama (a "statistical dead-heat"), with a week to go. As my friend and colleague on the radio, Michael Medved points out, the same Gallup poll had John Kerry and George W. Bush tied at 49% at the same time in 2004. Bush actually pulled in two points higher, and Kerry performed one point weaker. Just more anecdotal evidence that the media is crazy telling you this race is over. It is very much alive and winnable for John McCain." So don't stay home, folks. It's not over until the "fat lady sings." (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Don't Vote!

If you're still "undecided" with just a few says left to the election, you don't have a clue as to what has been going on, and what each candidate stands for. If you're "leaning" toward Obama, you must like being told what you can do, and how to spend your money. You must also like the government taking more and more of your money to spend as THEY like, not what YOU like. If you don't even know what socialism is, you're in REAL trouble. If you're leaning toward McCain, you're in a LITTLE better shape, since McCain is not a "dedicated, radical socialist." What does that mean, you might ask? If you have to ask, you have no business voting at all, and should NOT vote until you spend a lot of time "paying attention to politics," something for which it is way too late at this point. Anybody who is STILL undecided should STAY AWAY FROM THE POLLS. That has nothing to do with your "right to vote." You can still vote if you want to, but I don't advise it. If you don't know what's going on, your vote could well put in yet another socialist-leaning administration who will move us ever closer to collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.). The Democrat candidate is being "run" by sixties radicals (socialists all) and, like most sixties radicals, makes none of his own decisions, relying, instead, on the platitudes fed him by those "running" him. Don't play into their scams by voting if you have no idea what you're voting for! (Just common sense)

Obama Comes From "Good Family"

As he "throws his aunt under the bus" and ignores his half-brother in Kenya who is living in a hut on one dollar a day, his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., left his children all over the world and abandoned Barack at the age of two. He has seven children from three women in Kenya and probably would have a lot more by a lot more women if he had not been killed in an auto accident in 1982. Frankly, I think he was as much of a "horndog" as was Bill Clinton. Obama has many blood relatives he doesn't know, most of which he has never even met. The aunt living in a slum in Boston appears to be an illegal alien and he doesn't care. He says, "do with her what you will." She was ordered to leave the country four years ago and ignored the order. The fact that she's still here tells me a lot about the competence of the people tasked with deporting illegals. (Yahoo News)

The Moochers are Lining Up

I've noted before that the ":moochers line up" to be "the most needy" whenever there's something free to be gained. Apparently, the same is true of business when the business is run by more moochers. Apparently the insurance industry is run by such people. They saw the government giving BILLIONS to lenders to "bail them out," so now they want "their share." The looters in our government are more than happy to accommodate them because that's how they get re-elected. Apparently there are way more moochers out there than producers of goods. And soon there will be no more producers of goods and services left for them to loot for the benefit of the moochers. (Café Hayek)