Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"The Coming Race War"

Al, Sharpton says blacks are buying guns in increasing numbers because of the “coming race war.” They don't trust Trump to protect them from white people. People like Sharpton have been pushing the idea of a race war since the fifties, in my own memory. I was once asked by a policeman, no less, in N. Carolina in the fifties which side I'd be on when the race war he was expecting came. But it never came, even though black activists have been trying valiantly to get one started, right along. They claim white against black racism is rampant in this country, but the racism that is BECOMING rampant in this nation as it is promoted heavily by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd is black against white racism. They WANT to get a race war started so they can shoot more white people. Of course, they'll call me racist for this item, but who cares what they call me? They've MANUFACTURED racism so much that their cries of “racism” now mean NOTHING. (Weasel /Zippers)

Judicial Overreach

There's a COORDINATED effort among liberal judges where liberals are in the majority, to block whatever Trump does, any time they can. And they do it in the area where any appeal would go to the most liberal court there is, the Ninth Circuit (Circus) Court of Appeals, where is it almost GUARANTEED to be upheld. Of course, they fail to consider that when it gets to the Supreme Court, where there is now a non-liberal majority, it just might be reversed, since conservatives follow the law, not their personal preferences. But in the meantime, the measures they block will not be in effect, and people will DIE because of it. That young girl in San Francisco who was murdered right in front of her father was killed by a MANY-TIMES deported criminal who should not have even been IN this country, and who was RELEASED when caught again before he killed her. (Just common sense).

No Shortage of Klutzes

Even in the NRA, which has been proven three times recently by NRA INSTRUCTORS shooting themselves or others during training sessions. Which does NOT invalidate their training programs, at all. And they're right that more guns in the hands of responsible, trained persons, CAN, and WILL stop many shooters who just want to kill people. That is proven by the MILLIONS of people they have trained, who have NOT shot themselves or others. THREE klutzes prove NOTHING, against those millions. The anti-gun fools go out of their way to gleefully point out the klutzes, while ignoring the millions of well-trained people who do NOT misuse their guns. Meanwhile, they deny that a “good guy with a gun” can make a difference, by IGNORING, and refusing to report the many instances of that happening, every day. (Fusion)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Denying the Obvious

The brutal murder of Seth Rich, a former Dumocrat National Committee (DNC) staffer close to his home was obviously political. The cops called the killing a “botched robbery,” even though his wallet, watch, and credit cards were not taken. This is common when cops don't want to bother really investigating something. They call it a “botched robbery,” (which signals that no investigation will be seriously undertaken) even though the evidence tells any thinking human being it was NOT. They're even “jumping up and down” at the very suggestion that he may have been involved with Wikileaks, to the point where they want Fox News to FIRE Sean Hannity for insisting there was something there to investigate.

Truth is, it's a political assassination and the “higher-ups” do not want ANY investigation beyond trying to find a bungling robber who does not exist. They're afraid somebody will uncover their own wrongdoing. Somebody has obviously put enough pressure on Fox to get them to retract their story about it, even though there is direct evidence it is true. Wikileaks will neither confirm nor deny that Rich was the source for Hillary's e-mails, which means nothing, since Wikileaks NEVER reveals their sources, even after death of same. Somebody's afraid that if Rich is confirmed as the source, that will destroy their story that it is “the Russians.” (Western Journalism)

SF Judge Blocks Trump

A liberal PIMP in black robes given him by a president, now pretends to block the executive order of another president. He just placed a block on Trump's EO to withhold money from “sanctuary cities” if they refused to obey the law. This judge says Trumo's order is unconstitutional. Since when is a president insisting on somebody obeying the law and punishing them if they don't unconstitutional? I'd like to know EXACTLY on what basis this fool thinks Trump's EO is unconstitutional. I'll bet it is a long stretch. There should be a way to remove such judges from the bench when they misuse the power GIVEN them. (Just common sense)

Grandstand Play Fails

A Tennessee politician, TN House Caucus Leader Mike Stewart (Dem, of course) set up a “lemonade/gun stand” to prove how easy it is to sell a gun privately without a background check. Only problem? Nobody bought it. So his “Ah ha! Moment” was more like “uh....” Add to that the fact that he bought the gun from a private seller and had to undergo a background check, himself, which, in itself, negates his premise. Nobody bought any lemonade or cookies, either, in the 48 minutes he waited for a buyer. The only thing he proved is that is is easy to buy a gun ILLEGALLY (which we've been saying, all along), which just shows how useless are ALL laws to “control gun sales” for HONEST people who OBEY laws. This entire exercise shows the ignorance of anti-gun lawmakers. He thought he could prove something, and just proved exactly the opposite. (Breitbart)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Wasserman Schultz Intervenes

The Dumocrats are very vocal in their efforts to convict Trump in the public opinion of “interfering” in a criminal investigation while ignoring the actions of their own FORMER DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who masterminded the “stacking of the deck” against admitted socialist Bernie Sanders to keep him from getting the presidential nomination) in THREATENING the Chief of the DC Police. She used her position as a member of a committee that “holds the purse strings” of the DC police to THREATEN him into returning some evidence she considers her personal property. That is DIRECT, and OPEN evidence of interferng with a criminal investigation, which is what they are TRYING to pin on Trump. Will she be “investigated” and convicted? Doubtful. She's a Dumocrat, after all. Damn! This may not be connected, but I don't think that woman ever even COMBS her hair! (Daily Caller)

Liberals Silencing Conservatiives

Liberals talk all the time about “freedom of speech,” but the only time they really believe in it is when you agree with them. If you disagree, in any way, they want to set your car on fire or sometimes even do you in. They SAY they're “open minded,” but they are actually the most CLOSED minded bunch in the world (other than Muslim extremists). If they were open minded, they'd stand back and let conservatives like Ann Coulter make their speeches, then make their own speech to TRY and prove her wrong. But they're so frightened that her ideas might “catch on” that they riot, break windows and do all sorts of property damage (to property not theirs), and generally “run wild” to prevent conservatives from ever having a voice. They finally got rid of Bill O'Reilly (for a few days, anyway) by blowing some silly things way out of proportion and they're trying the same thing with Sean Hannity. They took Roger Ailes' scalp some time ago. The only reason they haven't gone for mine is that they haven't noticed me yet. (Just common sense)

A Gun Is A Gun

The anti-gun fools are now saying that, since the Founding Fathers could not have even imagined an assault weapon, the constitutional protections on such guns aren't covered in the Constitution. How STUPID is that? A gun is a gun, is a gun!” when they wrote that “Americans' right to be armed SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,” they specified NO specific gun, but spoke ONLY about ARMS in general. So their words cover “assault weapons,” too. They ARE “arms,” and their ownership and use is PROTECTED in the Constitution, no matter what the anti-gun fools say. The anti-gun fools will throw anything up against the wall to see if it will stick, and it doesn't matter to them if it is a LIE. They know they have a “hard row to hoe” in trying to go against the most basic of constitutional protections, so they do anything they can to promote their pipe dreams. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Finally Waking Up

The liberal media is finally waking up to the fact that Obamacare is “imploding.” They've been dutifully “shoveling dirt over the facts” to make it LOOK like it was working, while it crumbled to dust behind them. Which reminds me of Saddam Hussein's PR man telling us Saddam was winning while American tanks rolled by behind him. Obamacare began to fail the FIRST DAY after it went into effect. The failure of the web site Obama put out to facilitate signups by the FIVE MILLION people who lost their health care insurance as it began was one of the first indicators. Then there were the state organizations he set up that, one by one, crumbled. And who do they blame? TRUMP, of course! He has replaced Bush as their favorite whipping boy. ANYTHING that goes wrong, he gets the blame for. Never mind, most of the most obvious failures began well before the Republicans regained their majority in the Congress, and Trump took over as president. (American Spectator)

Liberal Violence

Liberalism is one of the most VIOLENT political persuasions going. They'll deny it, of course, and call me names for even suggesting it. They might even shoot up my office as they did the office of a prominent climate scientist who has done research PROVING global warming (or “climate change,” the name they now use) to be bogus recently. Of course then, we can point to the riots after Trump's election where they “ran wild,” breaking many expensive business windows while trashing all kinds of other people's property, setting limousines on fire, and assaulting people. Or the riots held to stop conservative speakers from making their speeches because they're frightened those speeches might sway people to the conservative way of thinking. They did it again recently, stopping Ann Coulter from speaking at a university. The “authorities were “worried” that she might get hurt, so they canceled it, and are now facing a lawsuit filed by the student group who invited her to speak. The idea that liberals are a “peaceful bunch” is a fantasy, as is the assurance that we need to believe in “peaceful Muslims. (Just common sense)

Stating the Obvious

A stalking victim has told authorities that a restraining order is not enough, that women need guns to use to defend themselves. An Indiana woman has waited 60 days for a permit to be approved, while her stalker continues to stalk her, and could have killed her at any time. This is something that is obvious to intelligent people, but not so obvious to anti-gun fools who happen to have been elected to office. I have cited before a specific case, right here in Denver, of a woman who was threatened, and asked for a gun permit. While waiting for approval, she bought an ILLEGAL gun, and it's a good thing she did, because her threatener tried to kill her soon thereafter, and she killed HIM with her illegal gun. This made her a lawbreaker, but a LIVE lawbreaker—for without that ILLEGAL gun, she would be dead. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Break Out the Guns

Great Britain is famous for having the biggest UNARMED police force in the world. But when real danger is imminent, they're quick to “break out the guns,” as witness their response to the bombing at a rock concert in Manchester that killed 19 (one of them an eight-year-old girl) and wounded 119. Today, everywhere you look, there are cops and soldiers bristling with firepower. They are not going to make the same mistake made in France where the unarmed cops were seen cowering behind their cars while Islamic terrorists went about killing people within their sight. Thus, the British displayed the fallacy of having unarmed police doing a dangerous job WITHOUT adequate tools with which to defend themselves. They famously (or infamously) deny their citizens the right to have and use the tools of self defense, as well as many COPS. But when REAL danger strikes, the guns come out. (Daily Mail)

Gore Wants $15 Trillion

Gore isn't satisfied with the $BILLIONS he has scored from his global warming/climate change swindle thus far. He has now started an organization that is DEMANDING that governments all over the globe combine to give him $15 TRILLION dollars to “fight climate change.” What that might entail, I can't tell you. Neither can he. He only would keep mentioning “investing in 'green energy' and doing other things like promoting 'green legislation' that might, or might not do ANYTHING to limit climate change—which doesn't exist, anyway.” Of course, Gore will “get a cut” of that $15 trillion. Nobody seems to notice that global warming has already made him a billionaire. He sees global warming as a “permanent payday.” They keep saying it's “settled science,” but it is NOT. There is no such thing. Scientists used to think the world was flat and that was “settled science” until more information came out. They say a majority of climate scientists agree about global warming. But science isn't subject to a vote. It either is, or it ISN'T, regardless of ANYBODY'S opinion. (World Net Daily)

Awwww--Poor Baby!

Three young thugs armed with brass knuckles and knives did a home invasion and were met by a guy with an AR-15. He killed all thee. Now the grandfather of one of the dead thugs is whining about his AR-15 making the fight “unfair.” Awww—poor baby! Ya went into a home armed with brass knuckles and knives, ready to kill anybody who resisted—but you didn't have guns. So the homeowner should throw away his gun and get his brass knucks? Seems to me when you break into a man's home prepared to beat him senseless or stab him to death, you should know you're taking a chance on “getting dead” yourself. The shooter had no way of knowing the thugs didn't have guns. He just knew the thugs were breaking into his home and reacted, as it turns out, with deadly force. He was not charged with a crime, and he should not have been. It was pure self defense, no matter what weapons the thugs were carrying. It's not necessary for a victim to check to see if having a gun is “fair.” (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tax Cut Is A Good thing

That's something the Dumocrats will never understand. They HATE tax cuts. They think the whole tax cut/government income thing is “static,” and any tax cut MUST be coupled with a tax INCREASE somewhere else to “pay for it.” What they don't consider is the fact that tax cuts ALWAYS cause increased productivity in the market, which causes an increase in profits and jobs, which causes an INCREASE in taxes collected. Just as Reagan's reducing the tax RATE increased tax collections by almost 50%! Every time we increase taxes, productivity goes DOWN. And when we REDUCE taxes, productivity, and thus tax collection, go UP. They just won't understand that simple law of economics, just as they refuse to understand many things. (American Spectator)

Kyle: "Show of Force"

Tanya Kyle, widow of Navy Seal legend Chris Kyle, says we need to give the Islamic terrorists “a show of force.” That they aren't people with whom you “negotiate.” They don't understand negotiations, and only use them for their own purposes. A “show of force” is what we need. I say the best show of force is just to KILL THEM ALL, with bullets dipped in bacon grease or pig dung. They either understand that, or it doesn't matter because they're dead and can't kill any more innocent people for their perverted purposes. Anything less will not work. These people only understand killing. Us, or them. It needs to be them. Don't hold back because of fear of hurting civilians. For several reasons: first, they USE civilians by living among them. They see respecting the lives of civilians as a weakness. Next, they ARE “civilians.” You often can't tell them FROM the civilians until they start shooting. Just do what you have to do to KILL every Islamic terrorist you can find, where they hide. (Daily Caller)

All Gun Laws Unconstitutional

Every one of them. The Constitution says categorically, that, “the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” That's simple and easy to understand language, unlike that used to make many laws. It means our right to own and use a gun “shall NOT be infringed.” Yet every law the anti-gun fools make, so far, INFRINGES on that right. They say that adding requirements to be “”allowed” to have or carry a gun is a “common sense requirement,” but in reality, it is an INFRINGEMENT. It presupposes that they have the power to limit that right. They do NOT. Forcing us to “jump through bureaucratic hoops” to even “get permission” from a nameless, faceless bureaucrat” who can, on his/her own initiative, refuse it, is an infringement.

As is creating “gun-free zones” where legal gun owners can't carry their guns, and every law imposing stringent requirements on how to STORE them are, as well. Actually, it seems like the real purpose of “gun control” is to keep Americans ALL defenseless against the attacks of ILLEGAL gun owners. In fact, if we are discovered to be using items other than guns for self defense such as stun guns, they want to make laws against those, too, because sometimes the “bad guys” use them, too. I have a “page holder” to use to hold down the pages of a book while I'm eating when I need both hands to eat that looks like a “sap.” It features a heavy lead weight at each end. I'll BET that a cop could declare” it to be an “illegal weapon” and take it away from me. It was bought in a bookstore, AS a page holder, but the laws are so vague any cop can DEFINE it as a weapon and confiscate it, maybe even sending me to jail for owning it.. (Just common sense)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Never Democrats?

Every time the Democrats go after Republicans, somebody goes to prison. But when Republicans go after Democrat corruption, nothing ever happens to the Democrats. Why is that? Maybe it's because the liberals (Democrats) control the very means of prosecution of corruption. They are so solidly embedded in the judiciary that, even when corruption is found, nothing ever happens. As with James Comey's listing of Hillary's crimes, and then saying he would not recommend prosecution because she didn't INTEND to break the law, it has become obvious that liberals always make excuses for Democrats while “holding out the spear” for Republicans, In Watergate. For instance, 69 Republicans were charged, 48 convicted, and 14 actually served prison time, including the then Attorney General, while the PRESIDENT was forced to resign to avoid impeachment, Now we come to Hillary's “slush fund,” disguised as a “charitable foundation,” to which many foreign countries “contributed” $billions as did corporations and “the rich,” all of whom wished to have an “inside track” to her if she ever got elected president. It has been “investigated,” but nothing has ever been done about this blatant bribe mechanism. (American Spectator)

Trump Fires Surgeon General

An Obama holdover, former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, fired for incompetence. The anti-gun fools will say it's because he said “Gun control is a health issue.” and they're right. But saying that IS incompetence, and we just can't keep incompetent people in important places. I've written before about getting rid of Obama holdover bureaucrats who want to undermine Trump, and Murthy is apparently one of those. He revealed himself as incompetent by his statement, and it is that incompetence that got him fired. Many anti-gun fools insist that wishing to have the means to self defense IS a “health issue,” and even that such wishes indicate a certain mental deficiency. But when people like the surgeon general thinks that, HE is incompetent, and needs to go. (IWB)

Insanity Is Prevailing

There are more and more people in this country who think making laws to stop honest people from getting guns for self defense is a good thing, while DISHONEST people easily get their guns illegally and are then able to victimize the honest people with their ILLEGAL guns. Politicians, from DC to LA seem to agree, and they ostracize politicians who think otherwise. Meanwhile, criminals “run wild,” killing honest people AND each other with their illegal guns. And those anti-gun politicians either do not notice, or they just can't understand that it's not the gun, it's the CRIMINAL that is the problem. We have to do something about the CRIMINALS, not the guns. If there were no guns, as there were not in Medieval times, there would still be crime. They would just be using something else as a weapon to intimidate their victims. Now Rotary International has instituted a “gun ban” for their organization. They can't get one enforced by the government, so they do the next best thing. And they really think that will do something to “stem gun violence. This is irrational thinking, but they obviously aren't aware of it. (NRA-ILA)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lois Lerner Is Afraid

The “investigation” into her “foot dragging” on conservative organization applications for tax-exempt status is taking place behind closed doors, so America will not know anything about the truth if uncovers-IF it uncovers any. She should have feared for her life when her crapping on people's rights was first uncovered. Now she's “taking the Fifth” to avoid telling them anything and insisting that if the proceedings become open, her life will be in danger. Boo-hoo! I feel for her. I just can't seem to reach her. She is now retired on FULL PENSION, relaxing by the pool on full pay, even after her actions, and one of her accomplices still works for the IRS, but has been “reassigned,” to a position that puts him “under wraps” where nobody can see that he is still operating. (American Spectator)

They Never Give Up

Democrats make things up, and then keep pushing them, even after it is proven false. They keep asking. The “Russian connection” is one of their fantasies. They've been trying (without success) for a long time to find proof that the Russians hacked the election to get Trump elected, even if that whole idea is absurd. What earthly reason would the Russians have to want to get Trump elected? More likely they would have wanted to help Hillary get elected, since she is an unadmitted SOCIALIST, which is almost identical to their system, which they'd like to impose on the world. But they keep harping on it, lack of proof, or no lack of proof. Next is their insistence that Trump release his tax returns, hoping they can find SOMETHING in there to go after him for. They have nothing to really use to pillory him, so they make it up, and never let go. (Just common sense)

Anti-Gun Stupidity

In Hoke County, N. Carolina, they raise many stupid people, it seems. And many of them are working in school systems. That's why a FIVE year-old girl got suspended because she used a STICK to represent a gun while playing a game, and actually POINTED it at somebody! School “officials” said that was “dangerous” and suspended her. This is a good example of the anti-gun hysteria that abounds in schools that are run by liberal “educators.” They're still blaming the gun for violent crime when they should be blaming the violent CRIMINALS. But they don't know any better, I guess. They'd rather victimize little girls that go after the REAL cause of the crime. Mom says she wants the school to apologize to her daughter. Good luck with that, mom! Stupid people never apologize. They're too dumb to know they did something wrong. (ABC News)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Impeach Him Already!"

That's what's on a sign carried by a PAID protester. That's what leftists are pushing, every day, since Trump was elected, contrary to the wishes of the “left.” But they're frustrated. They can't find anything with which TO impeach him. All the accusations against him and his people are horse manure. They're part of a “witch hunt.” A “Jihad” against everything Trump, sponsored by the Dumocrats and other leftists. The “chatter” about impeaching Trump continues, day by day, as leftists talk incessantly about it, while they can't find anything REAL to use to impeach him. They know Trump is busily engaged in “bursting their bubbles” and destroying their little fiefdoms—and they don't want that. He is doing precisely what he PROMISED to do, “drain the swamp in DC,” and that frightens them. So it's not surprising that they are casting around wildly, hunting for something, ANYTHING to use to “bring him down” before he gets THEM. (American Spectator)

What Is WITH Them?

Liberals go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. When President Trump was told about the most recent terrorist attack in France, he immediately called it a terrorist attack, in complete opposition to how the previous president handled similar attacks. MSNBC went so far as to criticize Trump for that. They always go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorists. What's with that? Do they WANT the Islamic terrorists to come out on top? Do they want them to come here and murder innocent people like they have done all over the world? Do they want them to WIN? Why are they so determined to cover up the death and destruction they commit? Do they believe the crap spouted by followers of the demented “Prophet of ISLAM?” (Just common sense)

Her Death Was "Safer"

Anti-gun fools stupidly tell us people are safer without guns in the house. They think we're all stupid enough to shoot ourselves, instead of the bad guys. So this woman had no guns in the house when her abusive boyfriend came in one day and hacked her to death with a machete. The anti-gun fools would say “she died in safety.” Just a few minutes before he murdered her, she was on the phone with state's attorney victim advocate, discussing a restraining order she wanted to take out against him. A restraining order that would do no better than “paper against scissors,” it seems. If you're planning bloody murder, would a paltry restraining order slow you down? The advocate was still on the phone with her while she was being murdered. The advocate could actually hear the killer's voice, arguing with the victim, just before the call “came to the end.” The killer thought he had to kill her so he could move on with his own life. He will be able to do that--in prison. And maybe will die there, hopefully. (Palm Beach Post)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Got What They Wanted

The Dumbocrats finally got what they've been telling us they wanted. A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the ”Russian connection” and Trump's supposed “collusion” with them to get him elected. They were appointed by the acting AG, an Obama appointee. Now they're going to spend some more $millions on a RUMOR. But the Dumbocrats better be very careful what they wish for. What REALLY needs to be investigated is the finagling the Dumbocrats did to keep Bernie Sanders from getting the Dumbocrat nomination, instead of Hillary. That “super delegate” business is so absurd it makes no sense to intelligent people. What it did was rob Bernie of primary wins where he got more votes than Hillary, but still she got more delegates. They also need to institute an investigation where they bring EVERY instance of voter fraud together to figure out the pattern that, I'm sure, will show that the Dumbocrats were stealing votes, all along. Then there is the “Jihad” against Trump that is going on. The LEAKS that have so perplexed everybody (but the Dumbocrats). The plot that has something new every day coming out with NO kind of proof of anything, but which gives Dumbocrats something to whine about. (Business Insider)

Blaming the GOP

BLAMING THE GOP: Liberals are twisting facts again, so they can blame the GOP for “Fast and Furious,” a completely Democrat-run, and botched plan to “track” guns THEY allowed to be sold illegally and prove (erroneously) that most of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels came from America. Yes, the plan was originally tried in the Bush administration, but was stopped when the cartels removed the GPS units from the guns that were sold, so they couldn't be tracked. Obama resurrected it WITHOUT those GPS units, which meant there was NO WAY those guns could have been tracked. They call the ATF incompetent, even though it has been operating for a long time WITHOUT a Congress-approved full director under, in effect, a budget cut, doing more with less money and has outperformed other agencies with larger budgets. Yes, they have made BIG mistakes in the past—mostly under Democrat administrations. Which doesn't mean they're incompetent now. I never thought I'd ever be DEFENDING the ATF, but when credit is due, I will say so. (Trace)

Trump Gun Control Bill?

Democrat Joe Munchin is hinting that Trump might solve his problems between the Democrats and the Freedom Caucus by sponsoring some anti-gun legislation. And Munchin is just the man to spearhead it. Trump is “between a rock and a hard place with Congress, between the Democrats and the Freedom Caucus, who seem to all want to stop or delay everything he tries to do, and Munchin seems to think anti-gun legislation will help resolve those differences. Especially if it goes the way Democrats want it to go. But there's a problem; if he DOES allow more restrictive anti-gun legislation, he's going to lose a big part of his loyal followers. He will certainly lose me. I want to see him succeed, but not at the expense of our gun rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution. Not that he's worried about my support, but there are a BUNCH of people who think the same way I do, and in numbers, there is strength. (Hot Air)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Disturbed" About Leaks

Dumbocrats are making a big thing about the fact that there are leaks coming from the White House—as if there were no leaks coming from Obama's White House, or White Houses occupied by other presidents. To them, Trump getting out of bed in the morning is “cause for concern.” It wastes a lot of time and money, but they want to “investigate” if Trump lets a fart. They pretend that nothing good ever comes out of Trump's White House. They make up reasons to “investigate” something, and spend a lot of our money doing it. Yes, Trump “fights back.” He uses Twitter effectively. What he needs to do is complain about everything the Dumbocrats say or do, as they do to him. He needs to start investigations of everything they do, and find someone to file lawsuits about everything they try. It doesn't matter if the suits can or cannot be won, as long as it puts them on the defensive, as they try to do with him every day. He should use his law enforcement ability, charging them incessantly with crimes, as they do him. But with the power of arrest and confiscation of records. Keep them on the defensive. (Just common sense)

"Too Dumb," I Guess

That's what a Wisconsin undergraduate researcher thinks about black people. Her “research” has shown that black people just can't handle the intricacies of “proper English” and thus we should “embrace” Ebonics to accommodate them. In a real world, this researcher, one Erica Gallagher, would be condemned, and be called a racist. But in a world run by liberals, this “legitimizes” their “victim status,” and allows them to be “lorded over” by liberals. This is understandable for she lives in a purely liberal world on her campus, where “looking down” on black people is common, if not advertised. This is another way to do it, undercover, saying she “wants to help them,” since they “can't handle” standard, grammatical English and feel “oppressed” by it. In any intelligent person's thinking, that means that,” since they're too dumb to understand, WE should learn, and use THEIR language. This is thinly disguised racism, and asks blacks to cooperate with it. Of course, I'll be called racist for pointing this out. (Daily Caller)

"Senator MOM?" Horrors!

It's bad enough the anti-gun fools listen to this fool. But as a SENATOR? Apparently, Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) has quietly moved from my old state, Indiana, to my new (30 years ago) home, Colorado. There are rumors that she will try to unseat Sen. Corey Gardner, Senator from Colorado. It's bad enough she goes all over the country spouting her ignorant wishes to violate the Constitution's Second Amendment and make everybody who OBEYS laws defenseless against those who don't, it would be worse if she actually had the power to MAKE laws to do so. And not as a lowly representative. She's going for the whole banana; SENATOR. And it's an almost sure thing that she will have the million dollar backing of Mike Bloomberg, since she's his favorite fool, and they call Denver “The People's Republic of Denver.” And they're right, with a mayor who comes very close to declaring Denver a “sanctuary city,” and a governor likewise, that's an apt description. Although there are many human beings in Denver, as well as all over Colorado. Just not enough to actually elect intelligent people to office. So with Bloomberg's millions, she might just succeed. (shudder!) One more anti-gun fool meddling in our lives—as if we didn't have enough, already! (Gun-Free Zone)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Keepin' It Alive

Dumbocrats are trying valiantly to keep their flight of fancy about a “Russian connection” to Trump in the 2016 election alive. Now they're claiming Trump fired Comey because he was afraid the FBI would uncover his connection with the Russians. Nothing could be further from the truth, but they think we'll buy their BS and start to believe their fairy tale. The more they find NO EVIDENCE of such a connection, the more they insist that Trump is worried about that “investigation.” What they don't consider is that firing Comey will not have a bit of an effect on that “investigation” except to intensify it. They'll work HARDER in that case, to come up with something if there IS anything. If he DID want to derail that “investigation,” it wouldn't work, anyway—and Trump is too smart to make a mistake like that. Now they've jumped on his “recordings” crack and are saying they need to subpoena such tapes. There aren't any, so Trump will say so. And they will claim they DO exist and he is hiding them. Smoke and mirrors in DC. Nothing new. (Just common sense)

You Don't Ask Permission

Not to exercise a constitutional right. The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says categorically, “....the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed,” Yet, every day, liberal anti-gun fools try to pass laws and make regulations that infringe on that right.” The right to be armed for self defense is NOT a “privilege” to be “granted or taken away” by some nameless, faceless bureaucrat. The power to “permit” is the power also to DENY. And every law or regulation that allows it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. In a real world, this should be enough, since the Constitution is the BASIS for ALL our laws—and regulations are a mere subset of those laws. Opponents of S. Carolina's bill to allow “constitutional carry” say it will “allow untrained people to carry guns at will.” What is not said it that the same is true of all the ILLEGAL guns out there, already—and their laws do nothing to put a stop to that. In any case, that argument does NOT negate the right established in the Constitution. (Hot Air)

The Fallacy of Gun Control

There is a basic fallacy in ALL the “gun control laws” as we know them, today. That is that criminals, who OBEY no laws, will somehow obey a law saying he cannot have a gun, and has to give his name and a lot of other information about himself to the government, making him legally liable for the crimes he commits, using that gun. If you ask an anti-gun fool about that, they have no answer, so they just call you names. For instance: in Connecticut, they're trying to make the type of gun used in the Newtown Massacre illegal to buy and own, as if making it illegal to buy and own that kind of gun would stop somebody bent on killing a bunch of kids from doing it. If the potential killer can't get his gun legally, he will simply get it ILLEGALLY. And their laws don't cover that possibility. All they do is DISARM law-abiding people, making them DEFENSELESS against such people as the Newtown killer. Gun-free zone” laws likewise, depend on the “bad guys” OBEYING their piddling laws when he is out to violate a much more serious law, that of mass murder. They're INSANE if they think their laws will make a piffle of difference. (Fairfield Citizen)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fighting For Segregation

For 100 years black people have been fighting for acceptance into society. One of the things they fought hardest AGAINST is places designed to keep the races separate. It was called segregation, and they hated it with a passion. Now that black against white racism has gained status among them, they're fighting for a RETURN to segregation, only this time to keep WHITES out! So now the University of Colorado Boulder has surrendered to the demands of students and is considering creating a “black only” dorm, to exclude WHITES. I just can't understand liberal thinking. They fight for years to ELIMINTATE segregation, only to DEMAND it after they win! This serves to PROVE my contention that liberals have NO logic, nor common sense. When they win, and thus have nothing to fight against, they INVENT new (or old) things to fight against, and keep fighting. (Daily Caller)

More Stupid Political Ideas

It's a known fact that police politicians are more interested in protecting their own butts than they are in solving problems “rank and file” cops face every day on the street. That becomes obvious when you look at some of the fool ideas they promote. One such fool idea is the one that allows (forces) cops to “fire warning shots” instead of shooting AT a suspect who is shooting at them. This is being discussed (and recommended by) the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), a bunch of police politicians. A basic result of such a policy would be the cop hesitating while making sure a “warning shot” would not harm an innocent person and that there would be a suitable backstop for the bullet he would fire. Meanwhile the bad guy is shooting at him without considering such options. This will, of course, result in cops being killed while they consider their options to stay out of trouble. Mostly this policy helps the police politicians cover their own butts in case of a questionable shooting. Shooting to wound is also not an option, since there are arteries everywhere, and a shot to the leg or arm could cause arterial bleeding that can kill in minutes. It strikes me that the only purpose of this is to give “political cover” to the brass, while making shooting incidents more difficult for the cops involved (who do not wear many stars). (Bearing Arms)

"Trace" Gets It Right

I don't usually talk positively about The Trace, because it's mostly an anti-gun fool mouthpiece. But I guess even a broken clock can be right, twice a day. Now they're running a story saying that “gun control doesn't work.” Maybe some of them are waking up to reality. Their specific complaint is that, in SPITE of stiff laws against guns and high-capacity magazines, cops are STILL confiscating record numbers of such guns and magazines. Noticeably absent in this article is reference to other anti-gun laws such as “no-gun zones” and all others in force now that similarly do NOTHING to “stem gun violence.” The reason for that is a “deadly fallacy” in ALL such laws; the idea that CRIMINALS, who break laws for a living, will OBEY the gun laws. Meanwhile, all the high capacity magazines coming in from other states likewise are ILLEGAL. Criminals just don't give a damn about their anti-gun laws, as we know them, so far. (Trace)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

She Won't Go Away

Hillary is like an actor who, when his part of the play is over, just won't leave the stage and has to be dragged away. She just can't understand that the American people rejected her, and all that she stands for, socialism, especially. Now she says she was “on her way to winning” when the FBI Director ruined all, while the Russians “colluded” with Trump to undermine her candidacy She says “If the election had been held before the FBI director did what he did, I'd be your president, now.” What a cocky old bag she is! Now she's out raising money for a new political operation and gullible Dumbocrats are giving it to her so she can continue to make as much trouble for Trump as she can. (Just common sense)

Underestimating Trump

There's a good reason why the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) no longer exists. They, along with others, completely underestimated Ronald Reagan—and so, they're gone. Today, their “replacement government” is underestimating Donald Trump, just as liberals (and even some conservatives) everywhere have done. When he announced his candidacy for president, they laughed. They thought he was just trying to better the ratings for his TV show. They said he'd never last. He lasted, and, one by one, all the highly vaunted Republican candidates fell by the wayside—and Donald was still there, drawing crowds in the multi-thousands. They said he'd never be nominated, Then he was nominated with ease. Then they said he'd never beat Hillary—and then he “beat Hillary like a drum.” Then they said he'd never get sworn in, until he was sworn in as president, without a problem. Then they said he would accomplish nothing AS president, and he has accomplished more in the first MONTH of his presidency than Obama did in 8 years. Now they're trying to impeach him. For what, I can't fathom. For doing his job, maybe? When he did a missile attack on an airbase in Syria from which a chemical warfare attack was launched by Bashir Assad, on his own people, that killed 30 CHILDREN, they (Syrians and Russians) called him “reckless and irresponsible.” But actually, the only recklessness and irresponsibility here comes from Bashir and, Putin. I'm not holding my breath until he does get impeached, and removed from office. I don't fancy turning blue. (Just common sense)

Gun-Totin' Left-Wingers?

That's what they say they are. They say they're “fighting white supremacy” and some other fuddled stuff that I can't translate into logical thought. But “gun-totin' left-wingers? White men “fighting white privilege?” I know they've “gone bananas,” but I didn't think they had gone this far “into the woods.” How do armed white men “fight white privilege?” Sounds like the usual crap, to me. They just want to make trouble and create dissension in the ranks. They don't care why, so they come up with something that sounds good to ignorant minds and push it to the hilt. This outfit, which is called the “Phoenix John Brown Club,” preaches the same gobbledegook as other liberals, but with a deeper meaning. They're actually the Ku Klux Klan under another name, using the “soft racism” of claiming “black folks” aren't intelligent enough to do things on their own and need their help. (Gun Free Zone)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Teaching Islam In Schools

If you just BREATHE about teaching about Christianity or any other religion is our schools, they run you out of town on a rail—except for Islam. For Islam, many schools make an exception to the rule banning religion from being taught in school. The San Diego (California) Unified School District has a program billed as an “anti-bullying” program that is designed primarily to protect Muslims, that includes teaching children about Islam. And they are not the only school system to teach Islam, and many even make taking that instruction MANDATORY. Something that is against the LAW regarding Christianity, or any other religion. How does Islam rate such preferred treatment, while other Muslims are MURDERING as many non-Muslims who will not “convert” as they can, with the full approval (even the instruction) of the Koran? Who made the decision to do so in American schools, in a country where Christianity is the “norm?” (The Blaze)

Reprisal Is An Attack

That's according to Democrat firebrand Sheila Jackson Lee. She notes “attacks” on three black women, at least two of which EARNED their “attacks” with their big mouths. The other one, April Ryan, I've never heard of. The other two are Maxine Waters and serial liar Susan Rice. Frankly, Maxine Waters has done everything in her power to CREATE attacks on herself, with her big mouth, and her threats on Trump and all his people. Rice has done so by lying on a regular basis, probably not starting with her lies about that “video” that is supposed to have caused the Benghazi terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of four innocent men until unfolding events proved it a lie, and ending (so far) with her obvious lies about “unmasking” Americans who were “accidentally” (on purpose) wiretapped during the last election. The “attacks” upon black women are NOT “unprovoked,” nor are they limited to black women. Everybody who attacks President Trump will probably “get attacked,” (by their definition) no matter what their sex OR their color. But she, like most Democrats, loves to inject race into things where race is NOT an issue. That, to me, is a racist act, in itself. (The Blaze)

Trying A New Tack

Now the anti-gun fools are trying to say that, since handguns didn't exist when the second Amendment was written, it doesn't cover them. But as usual, it's a fool try. Handguns DID exist at the time, but just not in the numbers they do now because they were so big and bulky, and hard to conceal. And that wouldn't make any difference, anyway. They speak of “being armed.” They don't detail what “being armed” actually MEANS. They meant that Americans should NEVER be debarred the ownership and use of firearms, no matter what form they take. It was for the purpose of self defense, and even self defense against the GOVERNMENT, as well as other criminals. They've got people working 24 hours a day trying to come up with a “magic bullet” that will allow them to disarm all Americans except those working for the government, at all levels. That's pretty obvious, since, every time they find people using alternative methods for self defense, they try and ban those, too. (Irons In the Fire)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stupidities Liberals Commit

They take a teenaged druggie (Trevon Martin) who didn't like how an ostensible white man looked at him, so he was in the process of beating him to death when the guy shot him to death to stop him from beating his head against the concrete sidewalk, and try to make a hero out of him. Then they give him an UNEARNED degree that is MEANINGLESS in the real world, just to make him look better and give his mom something to brag about. Won't work. He is still a murderous thug who was killed while in the act of committing murder. They can't change that, no matter how hard they try. Next, they'll give that giant thug (Mike Brown) in Missouri a degree he didn't earn, so HIS parents can brag on him, too. Ick! (DC Clothesline)

Liberalism Defies Logic

The things they tell us to believe are irrational and illogical. Like the idea that the rich got rich by stealing from the poor. If the poor had anything worth stealing, they aren't poor, are they? And allowing men into women's restrooms and changing rooms because a man SAYS he “identifies” as a woman. Then they make it worse by claiming that “some women have penises,: and “men can menstruate.” These are IMPOSSIBLE ideas and it takes people who aren't too intelligent to really believe them. Yet they think they're smarter than the rest of us. Then there is their assurance that their gun control laws do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down crime. In reality, they make crime WORSE by disarming the people who OBEY the law while those who do NOT obey the law have no trouble getting guns, illegally. Their real purpose seems to be to make law-abiding people defenseless. Which is why whenever they find us having ANY kind of a weapon, they take it away from us. One such is their laws limiting us to carrying knives with only blades less than 3 inches long. Somebody came up with the idea to let people carry stun guns, and even to make them look like innocuous items such as cell phones. Now they're rushing to make laws against us being able to carry those self-defense items. And some places already have such laws. (Just common sense)

They Don't Mind

The Center for Disease Control (an organization whose mission should have nothing to do with guns) is one of the favorite outfits they like to quote, even though they are so often WRONG. In fact, they don't CARE if they're wrong. They were recently caught putting out false stats, and when people went back to see if they were changed, guess what? They WEREN'T They were still there, in all their phoniness. In 2014, gun expert John Lott notified them that they had made a mistake in quoting accidental gun deaths that amounted to 100 more deaths than there were. It was an important factor, but when he checked back in 2016. they had yet to correct that error, leading to other organizations that used their figures to also be wrong. This is the sort of sloppy statistics-handling that makes their conclusions WORTHLESS, but they are still widely used. And frankly, I don't think the anti-gun fools even care, either. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Obamacare Failure Trump's Fault?

In a typical liberal scheme that completely lacks logic, the liberals are now saying the failure of Obamacare is TRUMP'S fault. Of course, in their world, EVERYTHING is “Trump's fault.” Jonathan Gruber, the principle architect of Obamacare says that “before Trump came in, there weren't any counties that refused to honor the commitments we made.” Which is an outright LIE. Counties, AND states were already “opting out,” long before Trump came on the scene, because they just could not AFFORD to stay in the program.. Liberals (Democrats) just cannot accept the fact that Obamacare is an ABORTION and should never have been. It's failing on its own, and intelligent people cannot deny it. But they aren't intelligent people, so they deny it. (Patriot Post)

Libs CREATING Complaints

If there is ANY way to misread and misconstrue what people say to CREATE an excuse to criticize and demonstrate, sometimes even RIOT, liberals will do it. In N. Carolina, a jeweler put up a billboard that said, “It's OK to throw rocks at girls.” The message was surrounded by gems (rocks). Anybody with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE could get the double-intendre. It meant it's okay to give girls gems, but the liberals didn't see it that way, and they griped, whined, sniveled, and demonstrated against it. Even Chelsea Clinton got into the act, doing some criticism, herself. Not that anyone important cares what she thinks. This is how they work: twist the meaning of what we say, then criticize us, based on that misrepresentation. They don't have anything else to say, or apparently to DO, so they spend their time whining about what amounts to NOTHING but their own twisted misunderstanding of something any intelligent person would not see as a problem. (The Blaze)

It's A "Black Problem"

This article says the “gun problem” in Chicago is a black problem” because absolutely most of the people who get shot, and do the shooting are black. It says the numbers exceed the numbers in Honduras, the most dangerous country in the world, but are not noted in the national numbers as such, so that doesn't make news. They say the “problem” is “negligible” in white areas. And they're probably right. White people as a rule, aren't as quick to shoot, and aren't as often members of the street gangs, who do most of the shooting. They say most researchers don't delve deep enough to get into the LOCAL figures. Which obviously could alter the national figures a lot, if such figures are noted. I don't cite the Trace often, because it is largely an anti-gun fool mouthpiece. But in this case, they seem to be right. Of course, if we report this, it will be called racist. (The Trace)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Requiring False Data

“Climate change” requires false data to support it. That has been true all along, but most people don't realize it. But AlGore and Barack Obama realize it, they they both work HARD to produce it, so as to keep the money and power they can gain from it coming. You've no doubt heard about the NOAA lies, but there is more. Now yet another “whistleblower” has come forward to confirm what all INTELLIGENT people know: that Obama's people also contributed to the fund of false data put out to support this bogus theory. Former Obama top administration official, physicist Steven Koonin and several others have told us it was “common” for people to produce false data to support the climate change flight of fancy. The scammers know it's getting harder and harder to convince INTELLIGENT people that climate change is a real problem, so now they're trying to make laws to PUNISH people who don't believe in their “religion.” (Liberty Headlines)

Getting Harder and Harder

It's getting harder and harder for Democrats to continue to fool the American people into believing Trump hasn't accomplished anything in his first 100 days. Apart from his first legislative victory and the beneficial effects of all his executive orders, now unemployment figures are better looking than they were ANY time during the Obama administration's 8 years of destruction, with 211,000 new jobs appearing on the horizon, just resulting from the “unofficial” decisions he has made, in spite of stiff opposition from ALL Democrats, and even some Republicans. Nancy Peelosi says his health care bill will “never see the light of day” in the senate, which tells me she's doing everything she can think of to stop it, by “hook or crook.” She screams over and over that Trump “has no jobs bill” when he doesn't NEED a jobs bill. He's curing the jobs problem without one. Unemployment is at a 10 year low. (Liberty Headlines)

"Rush: Bad For America?"

Some years ago a liberal magazine ran a story with the title, “Is Rush Limbaugh Bad for America?” complete with a “Photoshopped” picture of Rush looking very sinister) And recently, Ted Koppel did a LONG interview with Sean Hannity, using only about 10 seconds of it to make Hannity look bad, and concluding that HANNITY is “bad for America.” The whole purpose of this is to discredit conservatism and convince people that liberalism is the only “right” there is. But liberals LIE about everything. They try and convince you that what IS, ISN'T, and what ISN'T, IS. And they continue to work HARD to convince you that the conservative news and opinion services only publish “fake news,” when it is the LIBERAL news sources that do it, every day. If what they spout were true, why would they want to stop people on the right from being able to say anything? Why do they RIOT to keep conservative speakers from saying a WORD on their liberal campuses? (Liberal campuses—a redundancy, there) Why do liberal “snowflakes” need “safe spaces” where opinions with which they don't agree are not allowed, so they won't have to hear them? Rush Limbaugh has this to say about it: “We constitute a threat because what we actually do is blow holes through their facts, and we illustrate how their facts are largely a bunch of lies, in many cases. And that’s what he’s upset about. And you instinctively know this. (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

It's NOT Insurance, Dammit!

The Democrats are insisting on coverage for pre-existing conditions in the Republican bill to replace Obamacare. Many Republicans also are insisting. But that takes it out of the realm if INSURANCE and makes it into WELFARE. Liberals hate it when we say that, because it's TRUE. If your house burned down, or is simply on fire and it's not insured, you can't buy insurance on it, That's logical. So if you can insure your health when you have none it's NOT “insurance” on it. It's WELFARE. That is inescapable, but liberals want to escape it, and CALL it insurance. If the government is going to let this stand, don't call it “insurance.” Call it what it is, WELFARE. Black is black. It is not white. It cannot BE white. Liberals insist covering pre-existing conditions is “insurance,” but it is NOT. It cannot ever be! No matter how much they want to insist on it. (Just common sense)

Feinstein Misquotes Scalia

She took a quote on an earlier case where he was QUOTING somebody to prove just the opposite of her contention that automatic weapons have no place in the hands of individuals and purposely MISQUOTED it to prove HER point in questioning Judge Gorsuch. Actually Scalia, in that same quote, when read entirely, affirms the fact that their mention of a “militia” meant ALL the people able to fight, so they could bring their own lawfully-owned guns with them when called up. This is the type of subterfuge anti-gun fools use regularly, so as to fool people who don't know any better into supporting their efforts to make everybody in America defenseless. (Second Amendment Foundation)

Can't Avoid Killing Civilians

After a recent air strike in Iraq, the Army is :investigating” whether there were civilians killed, as well as terrorists. That's rather silly, since first of all, Islamic terrorists put civilians IN FRONT of their troops, HOPING they will be killed, so they would have a PR coup. Then there's the fact that the Islamic terrorists themselves, are civilians. Which makes it impossible to tell the difference. There was a recent story about a CHILD that was pulled from the rubble after an attack. What wasn't reported is that they also pulled an automatic weapon from the same hole—that the child was HOLDING when rescued. It is not known how many Americans that child had killed. The Islamic terrorists are KNOWN to use young children, since we don't usually suspect them—and that can be deadly. Then there is the fact that civilians ALWAYS get killed in a war, especially when it's fought around their homes. We weren't worried about civilians when we dropped two atom bombs on Japan. Awful, but true. (Just common sense.)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fox News Committing Suicide

The Murdoch sons, liberals both, want to make Fox News into a shadow of CNN. They apparently don't know that CNN is slowly going “down the tubes” due to their liberal bent and the fake news they put out. They want Jeff Zucker, currently CNN president, to complete the suicide. They want him to run Fox. They're apparently not smart enough to realize that following CNN into oblivion will mean the END of Fox News as a “leader” in the news business. Why Murdoch allows them their head, in their efforts to destroy Fox News is beyond me. Maybe he has become too feeble minded in his old age to even notice. They look upon the firing of Roger Ailes as an opportunity to make Fox into just another liberal mouthpiece, and they're working HARD to accomplish that goal. (Breitbart)

Why complicate It?

Obama has won. He didn't want that abortion called Obamacare any more than we did. It was DESIGNED to fail, while gullible Americans clamor for a “single payer system.” And that's what we have, in the long run. My question is, why make getting rid of Obamacare such a big thing? It's simple: just pass a bill that says, “The law known as 'The Affordable Health Care Plan,' and everything that goes with it is repealed.” Then present a REASONABLE bill to replace it, if a replacement is really necessary. Such a bill should NOT include all the mandatory (one size fits all) requirements that the Obamacare law did, that made it completely UN-affordable and unworkable. (iPatriot)

Many Stupid Politicians

It's really stupid to ask your policemen to go up against possibly ARMED criminals without having guns, themselves, to oppose them. That fact was displayed grossly in London the other day, when an UNARMED cop tried to stop a killer from killing any more people, and became the next victim to be killed by him—just before he, himself, was shot to death by cops who HAD guns. The cops' guns ENDED the threat. The unarmed cop only could give his own life in defense of the public, without being able to stop the killer. In France earlier, when Islamic terrorists were intent on killing people at a newspaper for printing a PICTURE of Mohammed, the first responders, being unarmed, could do NOTHING to stop the carnage. Thus, 11 innocent people were cruelly murdered, while they watched, while hiding behind their cars. This is not a criticism of the cops, for to have engaged the killers would have only meant their own deaths, without stopping the killing. Politicians who even CONSIDER disarming their cops are ignorant—no, they're STUPID. And any UNARMED cop killed in the performance of his duty will be “blood on their hands.” (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Is Jesse Watters Next?

Liberals have been working HARD on Fox News hosts after scoring on the top man, and they successfully got rid of Bill O'Reilly with their specious accusations of sexual indiscretions, backed up by nothing but the unsupported word of a few women. Bill announced a “vacation” from which he did not return. Now Jesse is facing criticism for truthfully criticizing leftists for their treatment of Ivanka, and then HE announced a “vacation.” Will he be back? We'll see. They tried it with Sean Hannity, and ran into a “buzz saw.” Instead of her getting a payday, Hannity will get one after he sues her for slander. More celebrities who are similarly accused with NO proof should also sue their accusers and force them to come up with real proof, or PAY. She recanted within hours. That ought to put the “fear of God” into them. (Federalist Tribune)

Terrorists Favorite Weapon

No, it's not the gun. Not in this country, anyway, yet. And any difficulty getting guns has nothing to do with it. They just like killing us with things we wouldn't want to ban, like trucks. Or cars. Or knives. It's not the ease they have in GETTING them, it's just the whole idea of killing us with everyday items like that, or even a pressure cooker bomb. They will still use guns, of course, as they get further along in their plans to kill as many people who don't believe in their silly “religion” as they can. Unlike other religions. Intelligent people refuse to “knuckle under” and so, must be threatened with DEATH if they don't “convert, leading to mostly “conversions on the outside,” but not in the inside. People who CLAIM to have been “converted” so they won't be murdered, but who still believe otherwise. They only “go through the motions” of being Muslims. Letting people have guns for self defense will remove that necessity—but the anti-gun fools will never hear of that. (Wall St. Journal)

Clinging to Their Ignorance

That's what all anti-gun fools do. In this case, it's a preacher, who pretends to know what Jesus would say. And he says Jesus would say, “Put up your guns. Those who live by the gun will perish by the gun.” Of course, those who “put up their guns” WILL perish by the guns of people who don't. He fully supports “gun-free zones,” one of the silliest of the anti-gun laws. They just can't understand that the “bad guys” don't OBEY their laws, and especially their “policies” not to allow guns in certain areas. Bad guys just IGNORE such restrictions, so they get to do what they want in those areas, sometimes wantonly KILLING many people, none of whom will be armed and able to oppose him, if they abide by the law. That's the fallacy in ALL their “gun laws, their belief that the bad guys will OBEY those laws. The bad guys will NOT. They BREAK laws. That's what they DO. So why should they obey those insipid “gun laws?” (Valdosta Daily Times)

Monday, May 1, 2017

"Taking Out" the Carrier

That fat little fool running N. Korea is still asking for it, and if he keeps it up, he's going to get it. Trump will only stand for his crap so long, and then he will act. Kim has threatened to “take out” the American aircraft carrier sailing into Korean waters if it gets any closer. Hearty har, har! Thanks, Kim. I needed a good belly laugh. He really thinks he CAN take it out! Talk about being deluded! His missiles won't get within a mile of that carrier before they'll be shot down. And if he shows any readiness to fire any more, they'll be taken out on their launch pad before they can be fired, and Kim will be next. We know where he is, every hour of every day, and we can aim a MOAB down his throat any time we're ready. He's committing suicide, for him, AND some of his people. and he'd better sit down and SHUT UP! (Just common sense)

There Are No Liberals:

At least, that's what liberals want you to think. There isn't a single liberal I know of who admits he or she is a liberal, They call themselves by many names, today, chief among them is “moderate,” or “progressive.” Although there is nothing moderate or progressive about them. The policies they espouse are ALL “out there” in left field, but they want us to believe they are “main stream.” Policies like allowing MEN to go into, and use WOMEN'S bathrooms and changing rooms; and letting men “marry” men or women marry women. They say Neil Gorsuch is too “out of the main stream” to be considered to be in the Supreme Court, because he believes judges should only rule on what the LAW or the Constitution say, not on their personal prejudices, or anything else. We called these people “Tories” during the Revolutionary War. The Tories wanted to remain under the thumb of the British king. There have always been people who are AGAINST what is good for this nation. There always will be. But we don't have to respect them, or their ignorant opinions. We are just not allowed to PUNISH them for them. (Just common sense)

No Charges In Shooting

A judge has cleared a civilian in the shooting death of a man who was beating the hell out of a sheriff's deputy and trying to get his gun to shoot him to death, according to reports. A local judge cleared him of murder charges in the death of the attacker. The sheriff publicly thanked him for saving his deputy's life. That he even had a CHANCE to face murder charges in this incident is a travesty, since he was saving this cop's life by killing the suspect, who refused to stop beating on the cop and trying to get his gun. The shooter had a carry permit, so no gun charges were indicated. At no time were there any 911 calls about this incident, although one person did stop to videotape it. That tells me a lot about the mentality of many people, who wanted to see a cop maybe killed, but didn't bother to call for any more help. Thank God this guy was there. Anti-gun fools continue to say these things don't happen. (Bearing Arms)