Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reprisal Is An Attack

That's according to Democrat firebrand Sheila Jackson Lee. She notes “attacks” on three black women, at least two of which EARNED their “attacks” with their big mouths. The other one, April Ryan, I've never heard of. The other two are Maxine Waters and serial liar Susan Rice. Frankly, Maxine Waters has done everything in her power to CREATE attacks on herself, with her big mouth, and her threats on Trump and all his people. Rice has done so by lying on a regular basis, probably not starting with her lies about that “video” that is supposed to have caused the Benghazi terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of four innocent men until unfolding events proved it a lie, and ending (so far) with her obvious lies about “unmasking” Americans who were “accidentally” (on purpose) wiretapped during the last election. The “attacks” upon black women are NOT “unprovoked,” nor are they limited to black women. Everybody who attacks President Trump will probably “get attacked,” (by their definition) no matter what their sex OR their color. But she, like most Democrats, loves to inject race into things where race is NOT an issue. That, to me, is a racist act, in itself. (The Blaze)

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