Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Disturbed" About Leaks

Dumbocrats are making a big thing about the fact that there are leaks coming from the White House—as if there were no leaks coming from Obama's White House, or White Houses occupied by other presidents. To them, Trump getting out of bed in the morning is “cause for concern.” It wastes a lot of time and money, but they want to “investigate” if Trump lets a fart. They pretend that nothing good ever comes out of Trump's White House. They make up reasons to “investigate” something, and spend a lot of our money doing it. Yes, Trump “fights back.” He uses Twitter effectively. What he needs to do is complain about everything the Dumbocrats say or do, as they do to him. He needs to start investigations of everything they do, and find someone to file lawsuits about everything they try. It doesn't matter if the suits can or cannot be won, as long as it puts them on the defensive, as they try to do with him every day. He should use his law enforcement ability, charging them incessantly with crimes, as they do him. But with the power of arrest and confiscation of records. Keep them on the defensive. (Just common sense)

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