Friday, May 19, 2017

They Never Give Up

Democrats make things up, and then keep pushing them, even after it is proven false. They keep asking. The “Russian connection” is one of their fantasies. They've been trying (without success) for a long time to find proof that the Russians hacked the election to get Trump elected, even if that whole idea is absurd. What earthly reason would the Russians have to want to get Trump elected? More likely they would have wanted to help Hillary get elected, since she is an unadmitted SOCIALIST, which is almost identical to their system, which they'd like to impose on the world. But they keep harping on it, lack of proof, or no lack of proof. Next is their insistence that Trump release his tax returns, hoping they can find SOMETHING in there to go after him for. They have nothing to really use to pillory him, so they make it up, and never let go. (Just common sense)

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