Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Guaranteed!

Religious freedom is the “law of the land,” no matter what gay activists may want you to think. I have nothing against what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms. I DO have a problem when they want to FORCE it on me or mine by DEMANDING I do things that may be against my religion (I'm not saying it is, but If it were, I would jealously GUARD my right to do so.). Just as, if I were a printer, I would NOT print a poster saying, “DEATH TO AMERICA!” They can put me in PRISON for refusing and iI would still refuse. It seems like gays are PURPOSELY going to the ONE bakery in town that is run by Christians, KNOWING they would refuse their business on religious grounds, so they could make a case for infringement of THEIR rights (which do not exist in law), while what they are DEMANDING infringes on the constitutional rights of the BAKER. They can screw each other and be damned, for all of me. I don't care. That's their business. But if they ever demand I do something against my will, for ANY reason, they can GO TO HELL! (Just common sense)

Spreading the Lie

I have to ask: does ANYBODY with any intelligence at all believe Obama's BIG LIE that the Tea Party is more dangerous than the Islamic terrorists? He's trying to attribute everything from the Boston Bombing to the Aurora Theater shooting to “hidden Tea Party influence” coupled with “conservative ideas.” Is he really that STUPID? Show me ONE single beheaded CHILD the Tea Party is responsible for? Show me a SINGLE Christian massacre (massacre OF Christians) the Tea Party can be PROVEN to be responsible for? Yes, there is much for Obama to fear from the Tea Party, but it's not terrorism. It's the LOSS of jobs for Democrats who have LOOTED and pillaged this nation. It's “putting Democrats out to pasture.” Something for Obama TRULY to fear. But not for us. WE are the Tea Party. Those who want to get RID of such politicians as Barack H. Obama, Eric Holder, and Hillary Stupid. (Just common sense)

Making Light of Terrorism

If the Devil himself was out there murdering people (and there are many who say he is now) there would be idiots in America who would be on his side, and would “make light” of his killing. That's what we have now, only it is our PRESIDENT that is doing so, and his “henchmen” in the government are doing likewise. Hence, the media (who are in his pocket) do so, also. They never refer to their atrocities as “terrorism.” It's as though they don't know the word. They call the terrorists, “militants,” or “gunmen,” or “fighters,” but never “terrorists.” They call their atrocities those of “resistance,” or “desperation” or “workplace violence.” Even when they shout “allahu akbar!” to the skies as they kill innocent people, Obama and his accomplices STILL refuse to call it what it is. He STILL calls the Islamic terrorist attack at Ft. Hood “workplace violence,” which is one of the best ways for him to help them WIN. I keep saying that, and people keep telling me I'm crazy. But wait around and see who is “crazy.” (American Thinker)

Monday, March 30, 2015

"Reality Free"

John Kerry is “out of touch with reality.”The proposed Iran deal on nuclear weapons is so shockingly bad that serious people are beginning to press the panic button and warn the public in the strongest possible terms.” It's bad, but it's exactly what Obama wants. He WANTS Iran to get nuclear weapons to change the “balance of power” in the Middle East to FAVOR Iran. He has made that obvious in his every action regarding Iran and Israel. He has even signaled his intention to ABANDON Israel, who has been our staunchest ally in the Middle East. I don't think Kerry is “out of touch,” it is OBAMA who is “out of touch with reality” and Kerry is just dumb enough to go along with his every whim—which makes him a good Secretary of State for Obama, but not for the nation. (American Thinker)

Is Hillary A Criminal?

It is a CRIMINAL ACT to “destroy evidence” of wrongdoing AFTER Congress has given you a subpoena to provide it. There must have been some e-mails that revealed some really bad behavior for her to summarily and arbitraily DELETE them after Congress subpoenaed them. Bad enough she is willing to suffer the punishment for deleting them after they were subpoenaed rather than suffer whatever punishment that would ensue if those e-mails were read by Congress. I suspect there was evidence she told commanders in the field to “stand down” while terrorists MURDERED four members of the embassy staff in Benghazi, Libya, including an AMBASSADOR, which could get her a long prison sentence. Or maybe evidence of something else, like accepting political contributions from foreign sources in DIRECT violation of the law. We'll never know. She has made it so, and by so doing has forever destroyed her chances to get a chance to run for president, unless “the fix is in” for her this time, instead of some other newcomer who “comes out of the woodwork” to push her aside, as happened in 2008. (Eagle Rising)

Shades of Communism!

One of the scams the communists in Russia used to run (maybe still do, for all of me) is getting people's CHILDREN to “monitor” them at home, and report any comments that were “anti-communist,” so they could come to their home and arrest them or at least harass them. The first requirement for that to work is to brainwash the kids as to just what an “anti-communist statement” was. In so doing, they completely brainwashed them and “radicalized” them FOR communism, making little FINKS out of them. They actually felt GOOD when the thugs came and took their parents away. Now MICHELLE Obama is attempting the same thing, here. She SAYS it's to “ferret out racism” by “monitoring” what people say in the privacy of their own homes. But SHE gets to DEFINE racism and brainwashes the kids in their school rooms. This is an example of what liberals do when they get too powerful. Obama is flouting the Constitution every day, and getting away with it, because nobody in DC has the GONADS to oppose him, Now she's (like Hillary) working on her own power. She's using “the race card” to do it, pushing the “new racism,” which is blacks (loudly) discriminating against whites. Jokes about blacks will be punished by the “PC Police.” But will they be so quick to punish blacks who make jokes about “whitey?” Doubtful. They say blacks CAN'T be racist, which is typical bullcrap. Of course, since this disagrees with her, I must be racist, too! The phony racist charge lives on, and grows like a cancer! (Daily Caller)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wasting Time and Money

That's what diplomats are good at. They're spending a lot of money traveling from place to place to have meetings, when they COULD just stay where they are and have their meetings. But they rove all over the world, scheduling meeting after meeting in different places, at which they accomplish nothing, but after which they have their news conferences and claim all kinds of unspecified “progress” that leads to nothing good. The current effort, supposedly to curb Iran's efforts to gain an nuclear capability, is just like all the others. They talk and talk, then move on to another place, staying at plush hotels, drinking expensive wine and eating expensive food, screwing expensive prostitutes, billing it all to their taxpayers, who dutifully pay for it, THINKING they're doing something important, But they're not, and never will. And their taxpayers never “tumble” to the con. Or if they do, they can't do anything to stop it. I can't believe so many people are so stupid—but they are. And people will die because of their incompetence. (Yahoo News)

Why Do They Need A Law?

Why the HELL do we need a LAW to stop government employees from watching porn on “company time?” It seems to me, in a COMPETENT administration, that would be covered by USUAL regulations. That wasting paid-for time would be a punishable offense, just as it would be (and IS) in a private enterprise. You HIRE these bozos to get some WORK done. If there's not enough work to keep them busy, you let them GO! You don't let them just “come in and put in their time” and be BORED. The biggest problem here is NOT government employees being bored (from lack of work to do) and watching porn. The biggest problem is the INCOMPETENCE of their superiors, right up to the TOP, that CREATES this situation. COMPETENT managers get rid of “employee overload” that leads to “boredom” on the job. The very fact that they're “bored” SIGNALS managerial INCOMPETENCE. (Daily Caller)

"Special Treatment"

The Secret Service agents who crashed into a bomb investigation site while stinking drunk were NOT given a drunk test. They were not arrested, and were simply sent home. The videos of the crash were destroyed, and we were told that was “routine.” Their videos were ALWAYS destroyed after 72 hours and these were due ( a story so obviously FALSE it's funny). The new director of the SS was NOT told about the situation until FIVE DAYS later. This case, its handling, and the handling of previous scandals within the Secret Service are evidence of a SYSTEMIC problem within the SS that has nothing to do with the firing of the previous director after several White House entry scandals. I think they've just “gotten sloppy” in response to the habit of the current president to IGNORE the Constitution, “ruling” at his own whim. I don't know if they WANT him to get killed, or if they just don't give a damn any more. (Joe for America)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Only MY Rights Count"

In America, we have “freedom of religion.” Or DO we? It's written into our Constitution, but that august document has been ignored so often since Obama came to town that it is now “just a funny little document in history” and no longer has any meaning. Actor George Takei thinks only HIS rights are sacrosanct. Rights that are NOT written into the Constitution, and have only lately been pushed by militant gays like himself as being PARAMOUNT if they conflict with other people's rights, which ARE in the Constitution. If someone doesn't want his business, for ANY reason, ESPECIALLY religion, they have the right to refuse it, And he has the right to go elsewhere. He does NOT have the right to FORCE his business on ANYBODY. In Indiana now, the law says so. I'm glad I'm a Hoosier. It seems like Indiana is the only state that has any intelligence. I couldn't care less what he does in his bedroom, but I DO care when his rights interfere with mine. (The Blaze)

"Let's Kill Some Muslims"

That's what liberals say about how the country music business reacted to the Muslim terrorist killing of 3,000 people on 9/11/01. They just can't understand why ANYBODY would criticize Islam, even though Islamic terrorists are killing, maiming, and beheading people daily (including CHILDREN) because they won't “convert” to Islam. At least, it LOOKS like they don't understand. They do. They just want to be able to gripe about our response to their killing of non-Muslims all over the world. They just don't WANT to understand that we don't LIKE being murdered, raped, and beheaded, in the name of “religion.” I say yes. Let's kill some Muslims, like they are killing US! Not those who are peaceful, but more of those who aren't. Instead of taking them prisoner, necessitating places like GITMO, just KILL them where the stand, when they get caught in the act. Stop “taking prisoners.” Make them KNOW their practices are GOING to cost them their lives, not just their freedom. I'm getting tired of liberal pantywaists who want “coddle” them while they MURDER us. (The Blaze)

We Told Ya So!

At least THREE of those murderers released to get Bergdahl sent home are “discussing getting back with Islamic terrorist organizations. Just three? Not 5? Maybe these are just the only ones we KNOW about. I can't see any reason why they would NOT “rejoin the Jihad,” even if they promised not to. According to top Muslims, LYING in support of Islam, when dealing with “unbelievers” is OKAY. It's not only approved, it's ENCOURAGED. I guarantee you EVERY Islamic terrorist Obama has released on one excuse or the other has (or will soon) go back to killing innocent people. That was Obama's whole reason for releasing them: to swell the ranks of Islamic terrorists, who have been losing too many killers lately, since other than Obama's forces (who are under “rules of engagement” that makes it impossible for them do accomplish anything) are out there killing them. (American Thinker)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Good Riddance!

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who ran the Senate like it was his own little kingdom (holding up ALL legislation passed by the Republican-controlled House, while calling the Congress a 'do-nothing Congress,” somehow not mentioning HE was the reason), has signaled the fact that he will not run for re-election again in 2016. If I were able, I'd jump up and down and cheer. Although hell probably be replaced by someone just as bad. That's all they've got over there. He has been the single biggest ROADBLOCK to getting ANYTHING done in Congress since Obama was thrust upon us. The Patriot Post calls it “the end of an error.” And they would be right if he were the ONLY “roadblock” to good ideas in the Congress. The New York Times says, “He pushed Obama's programs against stiff Republican opposition.” What they DON'T say is that pushing Obama's program is what caused him to LOSE control of the Senate. He says he's quitting, even though his “path to re-election” is easier than it has ever been.” Never mind he just BARELY got re-elected the last time, against a “B-List candidate.” Never mind he had the backing of Democrat billionaires, who “threw money at him” like it was water. He also says he wants to “go out at the top of my game.” What? Being demoted to minority leader and just BARELY getting re-elected in his last election is NOT “going out on top.” He has just seen the “handwriting on the wall” and doesn't want the VOTERS to “retire him” in 2016. (Patriot Post)

Dictating the Words

Like all liberals, Hillary wants to DICTATE what words may, or may NOT be used to describe her. She thinks by so doing, she can eliminate ANY negative comments that might be made against her. What a damned FOOL she is! This REEKS of a “totalitarian mindset,” which ALL liberals seem to have.It's not surprising she would think this way, since most of her preaching is “to the choir.” They work HARD to keep people who would criticize her OUT. So all who listen are ALREADY “in her pocket. Which is why she got a standing ovation when she “made light” of her e-mail troubles and other scandals, then would not take questions. “Here are the banned words: polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, inevitable, entitled.” all of which apply to her, none of which are sexist or racist. Without those words, the media can't even TALK about her negatively. That's what she wants. One of her support groups actually sent a letter to a New York Times reporter threatening her if she used ANY of these words with reference to Hillary. (American Thinker)

"Feeding the Crocodile"

One of Ronald Reagan's most profound statements is this one: “If some among you fear taking a stand because you are afraid of reprisals from customers, clients, or even government, recognize that you are just feeding the crocodile hoping he'll eat you last.” And that's what many people in the United States are doing with regard to Muslims, right now. Schools that have “Hijab Days” for young, impressionable students who know nothing, but think they know everything; who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything. People like Obama, who immediately on becoming president, STOPPED an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the effort to have them declared a “terrorist organization,” as other nations have wisely done, noting their “connections” with other terrorist groups and their ASSISTANCE to them.

Other people are so afraid of being “tarred” with the phony “Islamaphobe” label they don't DARE say anything against them, while they rape and murder innocent people all over the world, behead people, adults (right in front of their children), and children, then rape and behead the children, as well. One of the most sickening sights I will ever have is one I'll never be able to erase from my memory: it is the picture of a beheaded CHILD, wearing a pretty blue dress and white stockings, with no head. Meanwhile, misguided fools “coddle” them and insist on “understanding” them, not being aware that understanding them is as easy as listening to their rhetoric, which simply says the world would be perfect if only every person in it were Muslim—or DEAD. That's their SINGLE goal, and they work toward it daily, committing so many atrocities they are countless. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

FBI Falsifies Report

You can depend on the FBI to tell the truth, can't you? Apparently not, in the Obama administration. They're apparently taking a page out of Obama's book and making the shooting figures not only look worse than they are, but presenting a completely different picture than reality. Their figures showed an INCREASE in mass shootings, when in reality they've been HALVED! It's to the advantage of the (Obama) government if mass shootings HAVE been increased, because it puts pressure on to “do something” about it, and their usual “something” is to make it even harder for honest, reliable people to buy, carry, and USE guns in self defense. Meanwhile, wherever their “gun laws” are the tightest, it is easier to get guns ILLEGALLY. John Lott, of the Crime Prevention Research Center says there are indications that the data was INTENTIONALLY altered. Which brings into question ALL their “crime statistics.” (Weapon Blog)

Standing Up to Muslims

A courageous female mayor in Irvine, Texas, has taken a stand against the establishment of a “Sharia court in her area. The Muslims call this opposition the work of a “tiny fringe group” against the “will of the people.” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! A MAJORITY of “thinking Americans” oppose such a “tribunal” as an INCURSION on our system of laws. Our CONSTITUTION BANS it because it VIOLATES it an so many ways! Sharia law has NO PLACE in constitutional America. They CLAIM it is not a “court,” but is a “mediation panel” (whatever THAT is), with power only that willingly submitted to by Muslims. Yeah, right! “Willingly” at the point of a gun. Muslims who do not submit to it would be in danger of being killed by other Muslims. This “tribunal” is an example of the Muslim wish to set up a “shadow government” WITHIN our system which they intend to grow until it is STRONGER than our system, at which time they'll “take over.” It's time Muslims learned that they don't get to ”change our system” to match their own, which they left to come here. You don't come to someone else's house and DEMAND they conform to YOUR wishes. ANY effort to establish such a “tribunal” in the United States should be rebuffed by ANY politician who has GONADS. And ANY politician who ALLOWS it should be instantly removed from office and “drawn and quartered.” Personally, I will fight it to the DEATH, if necessary. (World Net Daily)

Obama: "Manchurian Candidate?

The “Manchurian Candidate” was a book in which an American soldier was kidnapped in Korea, brought to Manchuria, where he was brainwashed into being a “sleeper agent” who ultimately assassinates a presidential candidate, leading to another agent being elevated to the presidency, where he demands dictatorial powers to “prevent it from ever happening again.”. I think it is a good plot, and I wonder why something like it hasn't happened before. I think Barack Hussein Obama was, instead of being brainwashed, RAISED by militant Muslims, spent his early life being trained to act perfectly like a real American, given an almost impenetrable phony background, and put forward by political “money-men” like George Soros at a pivotal time,with his presidency BOUGHT for him with their unlimited amounts of money. That would explain how a complete unknown like Obama could literally come out of NOWHERE to “elbow” Hillary (the “inevitable candidate”) aside and go on to two terms as president, where his every move helps the militant Muslims in their quest to take over the world while undermining the American system of government.

That explains many things, among which is the almost impossibility of proving where he was born, and the PHONY “birth certificate” he provided which did NOT start a movement for his removal on the basis that he was INELIGIBLE to be president of the United States. It explains why he is CONSTANTLY making decisions that BENEFIT the militant Muslims all over the world. Why he not only makes it EASY for Muslims to enter the country illegally, he IMPORTS 100,000 Syrian “rebels,” many of whom ARE Muslim militants. Why he purposely LOST two wars against militant Muslims. I still expect him to try and stay in office after 2016, which will be just one more violation of the Constitution, which he has already violated many times with NOBODY “calling him” on it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's WRONG With These People?

Islam is our ENEMY! At least, a lot of it is, and that part that IS our enemy are the ones pushing such things as “Hijab Day” in our schools, with the idea of “legitimizing” Muslim practices among young, impressionable students, who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know their ways are an ANATHEMA to all we stand for. Wearing a Hijab seems to those who know nothing, to be innocuous, but it isn't. The Hijab is the SYMBOL of their abysmal treatment of their women. Muslims say (and the school echoes), “The hijab is a headcovering worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty and their devotion to God.” But in reality the Hijab is the symbol of the SLAVERY of women in ANY Muslim society. It is worn (at the DICTATE) of Muslim MEN because they're afraid other men might desire “their women” and they're afraid they aren't enough MAN to withstand it. It symbolizes their OWNERSHIP of that woman. Why don't these people REALIZE that? Why do they “cooperate in their own destruction?” There will always be ignorant people like this around, and we have to be vigilant, and do what we can to mitigate their ignorance. Notice, this is happening in—where else?-- California! The state of nuts, run by “Gov, Moonbeam.” (World Net Daily)

Today's "Buggy Whip Maker"

That's the Post Office. It's going out of style, with e-mail making the inroads it has made in private message traffic, coupled with the massive increases in the cost of sending a single letter. I wouldn't THINK of sending a letter today if there were ANY possibility of corresponding by e-mail. My own brother lost his computer and has refused to get another one, even though the cost to buy one has come down tremendously. I haven't been in contact with him since. E-mail has become THE method of communication, today. The Post Office can't understand that, and they just keep raising the cost to send a letter sky high, so people can no longer afford to send a letter. Like the “buggy whip makers” of yore,they think they can survive in a world where people no longer send letters. They think just raising prices will make the difference. It will, but not in the way they think. They'll keep thinking that way until ALL their business dries up. (Just common sense)

"Targetiing" Open Carriers

One of the things gun grabbers are doing now is, when they spot a man in a store with a gun, call the cops, claiming there's an “armed robbery going on,” hoping the cops will KILL that man when he leaves the store, thinking (falsely) that he just robbed the store. That happened to Eric Scott, who is a LICENSED carrier, and a war hero. He was “targeted” by a “rent-a-cop” in a Las Vegas COSTCO store where was shopping. The security guard told him to leave, but the manager told him he could stay. That pissed him off, so the cops were called (not by the store manager) and given the false information that Scott was robbing the store. They waited outside, and when Scott came out, they confronted him, and ended up shooting him to death—on the phony word of that “rent-a-cop,” in OPPOSITION to the orders of the store manager. Which makes him a MURDERER. There are many other instances of this, and in these cases, the cops are WAY too quick to shoot, ending up killing INNOCENT legal gun carriers—which is the GOAL of the “gun-grabbers.” They're really getting “down and dirty,” folks! They use cops top “do their dirty work.” (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Practice What You Preach!

That's the advice I'd give to Starbucks, after looking at their “Race Together” campaign that lasted just two days when they found out their customers just didn't want to talk to them about race while they, themselves practiced racism. Did you know that Starbucks' “leadership team” is made up of 19 people, ONE of which is (a token) black. They're worried about racism in Ferguson, MO, but they don't have a single store there. Nor in Selma, Alabama, one of the most famous places where racism DID exist, if it does there, today. The Starbucks CEO came up with this stupidity along with the president and publisher of USA Today, which has NO blacks or Hispanics on their “leadership team,” which includes 7 men and ONE woman. This is “diversity?” It's like everything else liberals come up with. It's for US, not for THEM. They preach to US about “diversity,” while avoiding diversity like the plague in their own lives. (American Thinker)

Machete Attack

A man with a machete attacked people at the New Orleans Airport. This item says he attacked TSA agents, but he attacked passengers first. The passengers used their bags to defend themselves before the TSA got involved and stopped him, with what? Wait for it—GUNS. It's unusual for armed enforcement agents to be around when somebody attacks people, but this was an AIRPORT. If he had attacked somewhere else, where people aren't allowed to have guns, there's no telling how many he could have killed before a “good guy with a gun” could have showed up and kill him, as they did, here. But only because they were already there. It's a PROVEN FACT that allowing honest people to carry guns will NOT create a “Wild West atmosphere” where people are killed over trivial things like fender-benders. Even ILLEGALLY-armed CRIMINALS mostly don't do that, and they already HAVE guns. But you'll never convince the “gun control industry” of that. They want to DISARM America, and they're DETERMINED to do it, in SPITE of facts. (UPI)

Starbucks Killing Themselves

“I have 50 or 60 million customers who are going to come through our stores next week and they’re going to hear a message … whether they want to listen or not.” — Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz . Sorry, Schulzie, I won't be among them. And I won't be at “Dunkies,” either. I won't be there to hear the dictated diatribe you plan to inflict on your customers because I'm not your customer, and now never will be, under any circumstances. Even if I DID go there, it would be only for coffee—not to be regaled by racist blathering. You may want to destroy your business by cooperating with Obama in creating a race war, but I won't be there to listen. Besides that only lasted two days before you "smartened up."

One of the unexpected consequences of your foolishness will be fewer customers for your battery acid after the first couple of days. Maybe enough for you to go out of business, leaving many empty stores for somebody else to occupy. The racism you're preaching—the NEW racism—is black against white racism, which you think is okay. But it's not. NO kind of racism is okay, and “whipping up racism” of ANY kind is not going to end well for your business. Even if I were one of your customers, I would not be back after I was FORCED to hear your diatribes while waiting for my coffee. And I'm sure many of your soon-to-be FORMER customers feel the same way. (Boston Herald)

Monday, March 23, 2015

ISIS Posts "Kill List"

It's a list of American military members and their families they intend to kill. What they seem to forget is that these people aren't the “soft target” kind of people they usually kill. Unarmed people going about their business completely unaware of being targeted by fools. If they go after people on this list, I guarantee you many of them are going to die—and die painfully. I'm sure we have a list of ISIS members. Why don't we publish that list, then go out and kill them. Maybe that would convince them that we aren't the “pussy-willows” they seem to think we are, and which Obama has worked HARD to cement in their minds. Of course, Obama will never do such a thing. He IS such a “pussy-willow.” Especially by doing such things as pulling our troops out of Yemen as ISIS terrorists take over there instead of wiping them out, and leaving them our weapons and equipment. (World Net Daily)

Ignoring "Routine"

In New Jersey, authorities normally give new gun owners who have applied for “concealed carry” permits a “grace period” long enough for the permit to come through. In some areas run by FANATICAL anti-gun fools, they twist things to suit themselves so as to get convictions on honest people who have followed the law in every way it is USUALLY observed. Now comes a man who has done so, who “ran afoul” of such a fanatic police agency in New Jersey, that IGNORED the “grace period” usually given in such cases (which they CAN do, since it is something they “arbitrarily do” and is not the law.) This kind of cop just wants to hurt people who own guns (and are not cops) and doesn't care that by so doing, he is ruining this man's entire LIFE and hopes for a career in law enforcement. It's not the individual offense that counts, it's the EFFECT on this man's life that's important. Yes, those cops don't HAVE TO observe the “grace period” normally given. But this guy followed the law and procedure as he knew it, not knowing that some FANATIC would change things to suit himself. I hope governor Christie is smarter than those cops. (JulieOn Politics)

Liberals Hate This

It's a “common sense gun law” that makes them wet their pants. It's a law to make “concealed carry laws” reciprocal from one state to the next. To make states without easier “concealed carry” laws respect the permits issued by other states that have them. There are way too many situations nowadays like that in Maryland, where the cops TARGET people from states with “concealed carry rights” and search their cars WITHOUT “probable cause” to find any guns they might have forgotten in their cars so as to ruin their day—week, month, years. States that don't allow “concealed carry” work HARD to punish people from those states that do for having the temerity to do so. They ignore the Constitution and enforce ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws in their state, hoping to punish people from states who do follow the Constitution. They want EVERY PLACE to be a “gun-free zone,” even though gun-free zones get people KILLED. Of course, they're not intelligent enough to admit that. (Second Amendment Insider)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Punish" Global Warming Deniers?

AlGore is getting a little big for his britches. And he's getting frustrated. We've come up with too many good reasons to find his global warming (whatever he calls it now to fool us) thing to be a SWINDLE and the best way to put a stop to our criticism is to SHUT US UP. He wants ANY opposition to his swindle to be punishable by law. It's not possible without flouting the Constitution and it's First Amendment, but in a world where the president (Obama) flouts it daily he thinks he can get away with it. He is now saying “the denial industry” is a constant, regardless of the “settled science” that supports his scam. There's only one problem. “Settled science DOES NOT SUPPORT his swindle. Just the opposite, in fact. The globe has NOT been warming for MORE than 15 years. His classic claim that the ice in the poles is melting has been PROVED to be a lie. His celebrated story about polar bear numbers shrinking because of the melting ice has ALSO been proven to be a LIE. There are more polar bears in existence now than ever before. Same as ice floes. And polar bears can SWIM for hundreds of miles in FREEZING water. His swindle has become such an obvious scam that the only way now for it to continue is to SHUT US UP, and that he intends to do, if he can. If he can, I will be one of the FIRST to be shut up because I will NEVER stop telling the truth, about ANYTHING. (China Topix)

NY: "Gun-Free Zone"

And predictably, their violent crime rate went UP 21%. And that's LOW compared to some other “gun-free” cities. They've even got microphones in certain places, supposedly to pick up the sound of gunshots so they can get there quickly. But those microphones can also pick up conversation, so if you have some “anti-government views,” you'd better keep them to yourself around those microphones (IF you can tell where they are). New York City is supposed to be “a safe place” because of their “draconian gun laws.” But it is NOT. It is one of the most UNSAFE cities on the planet. It's a “bait and switch” for them to say that, so you'll come there and, after living there a while, find out the truth that you aren't safe, at all. Just like their “bait and switch” ad campaign all over the country telling businesses to move to New York and not have to pay state taxes for ten years. What they don't say is after you've been there ten years and are well-entrenched and can't afford to move, THEN they hit you with what amounts to the highest taxes in the nation. (Last Resistance)

Why Does Obama Hate Bibi?

Obama obviously hates Bibi Netanyahu. He ignored him when he came to America to speak to our Congress (by invitation, I might add). He sent his henchmen (at OUR expense) to Israel to work AGAINST his re-election (which may or may not be a CRIME), and was INCENSED when Netanyahu won in spite of his meddling in the affairs of another nation. What is going on, here? He hates Bibi because Bibi is staunchly AGAINST the Palestinians, who are Islamic terrorists that rocket bomb Israel DAILY. Obama is working “hand-in-glove” with Islamic terrorists. Thus, Netanyahu's win is a “setback” for his “friends.” Would I be called, “Captain Obvious” in some circles if I pointed this out? Absolutely. Obama has long been IN FAVOR of what the Islamic terrorists are doing. Every time he is called upon to “approve, or disapprove” of their works, he has signified his APPROVAL by the way he “rules.” Why people with any “pull” don't notice and do something about this, I can't tell you. I can only tell you “the fix is in” for Obama and always has been, since he “came out of the woodwork” and elbowed Hillary Clinton (who previously had been the obvious Democrat candidate in 2008) aside to CON his way into the presidency. Frankly, I think it was a “bloodless coup” for him to be elected president. Obama has ADMITTED that he IS a Muslim, on many occasions, in places where he thinks we will not hear about it. There is nothing wrong with his BEING Muslim. There is a LOT wrong with his HIDING it in the face of Muslim terrorism and the raping and BEHEADING of men and women in front of their CHILDREN, then BEHEADING the children, TOO, after raping them. (You Tube)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

UN Is Useless!

The United Nations is now telling the world that ISRAEL is the “worst offender” when it comes to treatment of its women. What PLANET are they LIVING on? Haven't they ever heard of the Muslims? And them forcing their women to go about wearing what amounts to a TENT? What about ANY man being allowed to beat them for showing so much as an ANKLE on the street? What about them not being allowed to be out without being accompanied by a male relative? What about them not being able to get a divorce while all the man has to do is walk down the street shouting, “I divorce thee?” What about THEM being punished if they're raped while the man is not punished in any meaningful way? What about the requirement for FOUR male witnesses to prove rape? How about “honor killings” where any man (usually a parent or sibling) is allowed to KILL them for so much as walking down the street with the wrong guy? What about the fact that Muslim men are allowed to look upon them, and TREAT them as if they were “chattel? What about women not even being allowed to DRIVE in some Muslim countries? And the UN thinks Israelis are worse than MUSLIMS when it comes to treatment of their women? What a damned FOOL NOTION that is! What damned fools are those in the UN who put this out! (Just common sense)

"Federalizing" the Cops

Americans have long said they do not want a “federal police force” because that's one way for Washington to “take over” everything. But Obama is bent on creating such a force, by threatening to withhold federal funding (which they've become dependent upon) if they don't conform to new “rules and regulations” he is DICTATING. “Obamalaw,” is yet another overreach of constitutional authority to fundamentally transform the nation, this time by taking away local police enforcement rights and putting new rules and regulations in place as dictated by the President and Eric Holder’s Justice (injustice) Department.  Born out of the perception that racism is rampant amongst city law enforcement agencies, this new plan is intended to "address" the issue by "trampling on local rights.” Of course, the only racism that is rampant today is the blacks hating whites racism OBAMA has created, just to be used in cases such as this. (TPNN)

Liberal Incompetence

Liberals are good at getting elected to office and hiding their incompetence at governing. If you want evidence of liberal incompetence at governing, look at any city that has economic or other troubles that really hurt them. You'll fins they're RUN by liberals. New York City, for instance, went bankrupt when other liberals refused to bail them out. Later on, when other liberals finally DID bail them out, they recovered. Look at Detroit today. They're in the worst possible shape EVER. Now THEY';RE about to declare bankruptcy. And look at who is running things there. Look at Ferguson, MO, where the criminals are “taking over,” SUPPORTED by the liberals in their (and our) government. The fact that liberals are running things there is something they NEVER talk about. And liberals from out of town are coming in from all over to make things worse while the liberals running things have no idea of what to do. Look at any city with BIG troubles and you'll find a liberal government. There are many ways liberals have screwed things up all over the world. Linked here is a list of just a FEW of them. (The Incompetent Liberal)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Target Stores "Gun-Free"

So how did this happen? The other day a girl AND her dog were shot there in a “drug deal gone bad,” which is “code” for “it'll never be solved.” Looks like one drug dealer at least, doesn't give a good DAMN about Target's “gun-fee” rule. He brings his gun right along with him when he goes into the Target parking lot to do a drug deal. How many times must the gun-grabbers' laws be proved USELESS before they “get smart” and stop making them? My thinking says, NEVER. They just don't have the INTELLIGENCE to realize ANYTHING. They're DETERMINED to “disarm America” and will do it, any way they can, meanwhile making it much easier for CRIMINALS to get their guns. It's a proven fact that guns are much easier to buy ILLEGALLY in places where anti-gun laws are the tightest. But they're too dim to understand that. Nor will they EVER admit that crime goes DOWN wherever guns are the easiest to get LEGALLY. I might add that I go to this very store REGULARLY. But no more. From this day forward, I will no longer enter a “no-gun zone.” (ABC 7 Denver)

Killing Gays Okay?

I know California is strange in what they consider proper, but a law making it legal to kill gays by shooting them in the head (or any other convenient method)—without trial, and arbitrarily? More than 38,000 people (and I doubt they're all gays) signed a petition to look into the fitness of the author (attorney Matt McLaughlin) of the “initiative” to practice law in California. I would add that his fitness to practice law ANYWHERE should be in question if he thinks a law allowing the random killing of gays is proper. The state Attorney General is required to “let the process continue” and must write a “title and a presentation” to put the measure on the ballot. What? The whole idea of legalizing the KILLING of ANY group arbitrarily should get the originator a jail sentence—or maybe his own bullet. I don't know what McLaughlin is thinking, but he isn't too bright, and should never have been authorized to practice law, anywhere. To allow such people anywhere NEAR the law is CRIMINAL. (Sacramento Bee)

Anti-Gun Cop "Wises Up"

've often said that gun-grabbers aren't smart enough to “open their eyes” and see the “forest for the trees.” But at least one did. Jack McCauley, once the commander of the licensing division of the Maryland State Police, thought allowing more people to carry guns legally would be a bad thing. But after “being schooled” by gun advocates, he changed his stance. He used to decry the thought of the “average Joe” being able to have a gun, completely forgetting that millions of “average Joes” ALREADY have guns, ILLEGALLY. Most of them are gang members, and ALL of them are criminals. Criminals do not OBEY laws. He was made to SEE this, and made the right decision. I wish more gun grabbers were as intelligent as this one. Most of them have their minds made up and their heads up a dark place where they can't see, so they don't want to be “confused by facts.” (Personal Liberty)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Happening Again

They promised Hillary that the Democrat nomination for president would be hers in 2008. That she would be pushed right into the White House by the “powers that be.” Instead, late in the process, Obama “came out of the woodwork” and “elbowed her aside” to become the nominee, and then be elected president. Who is he? Nobody knows. Obama's past is one of the most closely guarded secrets going. We KNOW he is a Muslim, but we won't admit it. So after giving her the “booby prize” of one term as Secretary of State, a position at which she failed badly, she is now again being touted as “the inevitable candidate” while forces in the Democrat Party are at the same time working to supplant her again. Who will come along, I don't know. Maybe Obama himself will decide to run, violating the Constitution, yet again. What does he care. He violates it DAILY and nobody calls him on it. But can he win such an election in the current atmosphere? Doubtful. So whoever the Republicans put up, unless he is a real fool and does something really stupid, will probably win, denying him his third ILLEGAL term. Does that mean we will “get well” under a Republican administration? Maybe, if the candidate can hide his Reagan-like thinking from Republicans long enough to be elected. (American Thinker)

Deports Muslims, Crime Goes Down

I hate to describe an entire “religion” as a bunch of thieves and murderers, but when it comes to Muslims, it's hard not to, considering what they do to THEMSELVES with their “honor killings” and treatment of their women, and not even speaking of those wanting to KILL those who do not “believe” the way they think they ought to. My apologies to those few among them who do not commit crimes, but it's hard to pick them out until their friends commit a crime and they do not, since so many of them do. In Denmark, it's not the same. In 2014, they deported 71,000 Muslims and, guess what? Their crime rate DROPPED 30% (30 PERCENT!). Does that tell you anything? In America today, we don't even deport known criminals among ANY alien groups.

South American (chiefly Mexican) immigrants, mostly ILLEGAL immigrants who commit crimes are given special privileges not even AMERICANS get. They get convicted of crimes and then get RELEASED into our society. And our crime rate soars. What would happen if we deported criminals of ALL kinds? Probably wipe out crime as we know it. But will we ever do it? Not a chance. If we did it to Muslims, they'd claim racism--falsely because Muslim is NOT a “race.” It is mostly a bunch of thieves and murderers CLAIMING to be a religion. If we did it to Spanish ILLEGAL aliens, they'd also claim racism, forgetting that ALL those deported are ALREADY lawbreakers, just by coming here without authorization. It will NOT be racism, even though they are all of the same race. Race is simply incidental. But they take advantage of being a “different race” to stop liberals from punishing their lawbreakers. (Tea Party Politics)

It's A SWINDLE, Dammit!

I almost fell off my chair laughing when I heard a rumor that AlGore was ”looking at” another run for president. Then I heard a Fox News commentator saying “His best-known ACCOMPLISHMENT was doing the most for global warming” and almost threw up on my keyboard! There has been NO GLOBAL WARMING for the entire 15 years Gore has been touting it. He found it necessary to change the name of his swindle to “climate change” so he could get away with blaming EVERYTHING, including COLD WEATHER on his swindle The polar bears are NOT in danger from melting icebergs. There are more icebergs now than at any time in history, and the same is true of polar bears, who can swim for HUNDREDS of miles.. The ice caps are NOT MELTING. In fact, they ALSO are more numerous than ever before. Gore says there is too much CARBON DIOXIDE in our atmosphere, and that it is a noxious gas. Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out when we exhale. It is NOT a “noxious gas!” It is what keeps plants alive while they make OXYGEN for us to breathe! Without it, WE would die!

Gore began his global warming swindle to make himself rich, and that he has become. He is now a multimillionaire from the profits made by LYING about it. He has received many accolades from gullible liberals, and many CONSERVATIVES, as well. To hear commentators refer to his global warming preaching as a “good thing” is ludicrous. Especially coming from a FOX NEWS commentator, who SHOULD know better. They're really “scraping the bottom of the barrel” if they're considering replacing Hillary with Gore as the Democrat Party standard bearer. Instead of being in the presidential race, he should be in PRISON for promoting one of the biggest SWINDLES in the history of the United States. I shudder to think what we would be in for if he ever got elected president. Why otherwise intelligent people BUY his lies is beyond me. Is it the money they can make? In Obama's case, is it more power for himself? (The Independent Institute)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Psaki "Fesses Up"

After days, even WEEKS of stonewalling, she finally admitted that there is “no evidence” that Hillary Clinton ever signed the “separation statement” on leaving her job as Secretary of State. I guess she just got tired of the PRESSURE to tell the truth. I seriously doubt she got APPROVAL from her “superiors” to do it, and I suspect she isn't long for it in this job—or any other in the Obama administration after “giving in” and telling the truth. You just don't do that and stay in your job with Obama. You're either a good liar and stonewaller, or you're OUT. Of course, she put it in such a way as to give Obama “wiggle room” in a follow up. He can now “discover” a signed statement by simply having her sign one tomorrow and pre-dating it. Of course, in so doing, he will put Hillary in a very tenuous position, since signing it would prove she LIED about her private e-mail system, which was NOT “:turned over” when she left office. (Daily Caller)

Fools With Mouths Open

Notice two of the three main characters in the photo attached to this article have their mouths wide open, much like that fool in Libya who kidnaps young girls to be sold for sexual slavery (and probably "samples" them first) who tells us how “lovely” is what he does. The things these guys do is just as bad, but they mostly do it in secret. But now they're OPENLY calling for people to KILL cops. And they're not in jail? Freedom of speech? Calling for the DEATH of other people is NOT “freedom of speech.” It is “incitement to MURDER" and punishable, if anybody will “grow a pair” and DO something about it.. But so far, we haven't found anybody with enough SPINE to do so. This is a good example of the “new racism” where blacks hate WHITES, and are not only not afraid to shout their hate to the skies, but they're willing to carry it out, too. (Infowars)

Leave It to Liberals

100,000 of them just signed a petition hoping to force Obama to charge those 47 senators who signed that “infamous” letter to the Iran mullahs telling them that ANY “agreement” they make with Obama can be reversed immediately by the next president. They IMAGINE that this letter violates the Logan Act, a law made in 1799 to keep PRIVATE CITIZENS from attempting to “negotiate” with foreign governments and change government policies, therefor. The unalterable FACT they ignore is that members of Congress are NOT “private citizens.” They ARE “representatives of government” on an EQUAL PAR with Obama. You can't “charge” them with a crime that does not exist. I have no doubt Obama might try it, but unless “the fix is in,” he will have no luck doing it. (TPNN)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Punish the Deniers!"

AlGore is getting desperate. He wants to PUNISH those who truthfully DENY his global warming (whatever he calls it now) swindle.  He's losing patience with the intelligent people who know the truth and aren't afraid to say so in public. He's losing control over his swindle. It was bad enough he had to change its name from “global warming” to “climate change,” a sufficiently “neutral” phrase that would allow him to attribute ANY “out of the ordinary” weather to the LIES he's pushing, so that ANY kind of weather would deposit money in his pockets. Now he wants to PUNISH those who deny his swindle. Of course, there's that pesky Constitution holding him back, but as an avid student of Obama's IGNORING of that august document, he is willing to do so, himself—and there is no shortage of FOOLS willing to help him, apparently, some openly working to PUNISH those who have seen the evidence, and KNOW his swindle is just that-a SWINDLE designed to separate us from our money and put it in HIS pockets. He keeps calling his swindle “accepted science,” but that begs the question: “Accepted by WHOM?" Climate science promoters? It is NOT “accepted science.” Not accepted by any INTELLIGENT people, anyway. Many prominent “climate scientists” say Gore is LOONEY and needs to be in a “looney bin.” I disagree. I think it's just a scam to loot other people's wallets. Yes, some of his “ climate scientists” agree with him, mostly those who have used “climate science” to get lucrative contracts to support his LIES. But FACTS deny it, and you can't “punish TRUTH. (Eco Watch)

Secret Service (Again)

In case anybody is wondering why the Secret Service is in so much trouble, just look at the latest scandal they're embroiled in. Two TOP secret service agents were DRUNK and ran their car into a White House barrier. The secret service scandal started (we think) when a number of secret service agents were exposed in a sex and drinking scandal in a foreign country, and went through several embarrassing White House entry scandals that caused it's then head to lose her job. She was fired, when it was these two men who SHOULD have been fired. And Axelrod says there are NO scandals in the last six years! Axelrod's silly insistence that there have been NO scandals in the last six years is perfect evidence of the willful BLINDNESS of the liberal criminals running this government, today. He really thinks we're STUPID enough to believe his crap. There are new scandals coming up EVERY DAY in this administration, It's just that they're so good at “tamping them down” that nothing has been done about them except for numerous “investigations” (dog and pony shows) that go nowhere. (World Net Daily)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

There are two “self-fulfilling prophecies” at work in Ferguson, MO. One created by Obama, the other created by black criminals who live there. The one Obama created is that there is a “black revolution: (race war) brewing and that cops use black males for “target practice.” The other is that black cops unduly shoot blacks, without reason. This is fostered and inflamed by people who just want to kill cops, and it makes targets out of cops, who are easy to spot because they go around in well-marked cars, wearing uniforms, and must “be among” blacks to do their jobs. It was all started when a good cop did his duty and found himself being threatened with a horrible death by a HUGE black man who had ALREADY “bulldozed his way past a smaller man with a box of stolen cigars and was SOUGHT by the cops.

To make it worse, this arrogant thug was prancing down the MIDDLE of the street, in flagrant violation of the law. When stopped, he ATTACKED that cop, tried to take his gun, so he could shoot him. Instead the cop shot the thug, and killed him after he arrogantly told the cop, “You won't shoot me, you're too much of a pussy.” That's what his arrogance got him. Criminals, black and white, came from all over the country and LIED, saying that thug “had his hands up saying, 'don't shoot' when killed.” That became the “watchword that was taken up all over the country, even at a football game and even in a news show on TV. It was used as an excuse for a black criminal to “set a trap” for, and KILL two New York City Cops. It is still used, even though it has been soundly DISPROVED. Obama is using Ferguson as a “pivotal moment” in his search for an EXCUSE to make even more limiting laws and “regulations.”

Obama's criminal in charge of the cops of the nation (Eric Holder) says, “Even though the cop is not guilty of murder, and did everything right, FERGUSON police department is racist,” which gives the thugs “fuel for their fire” and himself room to claim further racism. They SAY the cops “shoot first and ask questions later” regarding black men, and they are, themselves, CREATING a world in which that may be true. Cops all over, finding themselves targets, will be on high alert, and WILL “shoot first, and ask questions later” and that will have been CREATED by black criminals, with the ASSISTANCE of white criminals, both in the citizenry and in the government. Obama was “praying” for an excuse to increase his control over the citizens of this country, and Ferguson was, and is, “made to order” for that. Cops who are made targets will shoot back. So they've now got what they SAID they had. (Outside the Beltway)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hillary Needs to Be Gone

First of all, she has NO experience that would qualify her to be president, not even that of being in elective (or appointive) office for several years. Yes, she WAS a senator for PART of a term. A job she was GIVEN to keep her mouth shut while the Democrats elected a COMPLETE nonentity (Obama) to the presidency she coveted in 2008. And, yes, Obama didn't have any experience that qualified him to be president either, and look at how he has screwed THAT up. Yes, he WAS re-elected, but not because of any skill or talent of his, only because “the fix was in” and he would have been re-elected, even if ALL of America voted against him. She's being touted (again) as the “inevitable” next president. Why? Because “the fix is in, again” (if it holds) and they're just doing what they promised her to get her to “step away” while Obama took over “her” job. She has screwed up everything she tried, from her feeble attempt to install the forerunner to Obamacare, to Benghazi, to using private e-mail (against policy) for government business. And don't even TRY to convince me she NEVER used that for government business in four years. (Just common sense)

Racism? Old or New?

Obama and his friends are promoting racism as a regular thing: from disagreeing with ANY of his decisions to eating three meals a day. They continually make up EXCUSES to accuse people of racism—and it DOES exist. But not in the “old fashioned” way. The old way, WHITES hated blacks, and did everything they could to “keep them down.” A LITTLE of that still remains, But today's racism is BLACKS hating WHITES and doing everything they can to PUT them down. A la Ferguson, MO, where they wanted to put a good cop in PRISON for killing a huge thug who was trying to kill him. That has coalesced into a “kill white cops movement” masquerading as a “black lives matter” campaign that IGNORES WHITE cops killed by BLACK killers. And the blacks practicing it are not afraid to “shout their racism to the skies,” claiming to be “kept down” by a RECEDING white on black racism that is fast disappearing. (Just common sense)

No Democrat Candidate

Hillary Clinton is the “inevitable” Democrat candidate for president in the next election. Why? Because they HAVE nobody else to run. Nobody who has ANY chance to win, that is. In her latest scandal, she DESTROYED a bunch of e-mails she CLAIMS were of a “personal” nature. Why did she do that? Why does she get to decide which e-mails to produce to Congress? It's “:the rule” that government officials use government e-mail, so it can be CONTROLLED by the government and, if need be, ALL e-mails can be reviewed by someone OTHER than the candidate's people to decide which ones are “relevant” and which are not. It's that CONTROL that caused her to VIOLATE that “rule” so SHE could control which ones to release. She says she only wanted to carry one device, when we KNOW you can have MULTIPLE e-mail services on a single device. And we're supposed to BELIEVE that, from a woman who has LIED to us, so many times. (Washington Times)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Throwing Nasties At Guards

Inmates at GITMO like to throw feces, urine, sperm, and vomit at guards on a daily basis, according to Marine General John Kelly. They can't figure out what to do about it. Sometimes they even try and knee them in the groin (the men, at least). They do it even more to female guards (except for the groin hits), calling them “bitches,” “whores,” and “sluts.” What these inmates need to learn is retaliation. First of all, EACH instance should be punished severely. They're IMPRISONED, fergawdsakes! It would be easy for the guards to return the favor, “targeting” the specific inmates who do it, and pelting them, in their cells, with similar objects, plus bacon and pork, which would frighten them no end. They could also subject them to special “work details,” handling ham and pork. But NO! They are not only not allowed to do that, they give them special privileges even GUARDS don't get. They should have just shot 'em when they caught 'em, not taken them prisoner. They don't deserve to be treated like human beings. Treat 'em like they treat the guards. (Freedom Force)

It's GOTTA Be Racism!

Norway is deporting Muslims. No, not ALL Muslims, just the ones with known ties to Muslim extremists (terrorists). Liberals, of course, are whining and screaming “racism!” It's ALL racism to liberals. Anything they don't like is racism, according to them. But Norway is doing what we OUGHT to do: getting rid of KNOWN Muslim extremists. Sending them elsewhere, to bedevil someone else. Preferably their country of origin. Now violent crime in Norway is DOWN more than 31%, and that number is RISING, sure evidence that Muslim extremists are the culprits. But will Obama ever think of doing such a thing? Not a chance. Muslims—even those who are responsible for criminal activity—are his FRIENDS. He “sticks up for them” whenever he is called to “rule” on their behavior. They're screaming racism, but Muslims are NOT a race. Neither are they a REAL religion. Islam is a “religion” started by a child-screwer to make his child abuse seem like a “good thing,” and their practices, especially toward women, are abominable. Those who embrace it and who are not evil, are merely PAWNS. they'll believe ANYTHING. (Tea Party Update)


Ever since Obama lied (again) and told us that if we elected him-a black man—we would forever destroy racism in this country, he and his cohorts have bent every effort to make racism WORSE than it has ever been in this country, but it is a different kind of racism he's pushing. It's not your daddy's racism. Today's racism is blacks hating whites, not whites hating blacks. It has turned completely around. He has EMPOWERED blacks in PUSHING racism, and discriminating against WHITES. It became even more obvious in Ferguson, MO, where liberals tried their best to get a good cop prosecuted for murder for killing a giant thug who was trying to kill HIM. Now we're being faced with the specter of liberals saying such things as “eating three meals a day is racist!” What kind of twisted logic they use to think this, I don't know.I do know they don't HAVE any logic.  I just know it's twisted. (Hot Air)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Best Friend to Terrorists

That's how I would describe Barack Hussein Obama. He is the best friend they've got in the world. How he got himself elected president with his background is a complete mystery to me. He was closely connected to not one, but TWO ideologies inimical to everything we stand for. He was BORN to communists (BOTH his parents were dedicated communists), RAISED by communists, MENTORED most of his life by communists, then he was pushed on us as a politician and presidential prospect by someone from behind the scenes who had a lot of control over the media and in politics. Beside that he was BORN a Muslim, RAISED in a Muslim country, and TAUGHT by Muslims most of his life. How he could ESCAPE being a Muslim or at least having Muslim thinking and leanings, again, is beyond me.

His supporters boldly pushed aside the woman who was at the time, “anointed” by the Democrats and was said to be the “inevitable" next president, as if she didn't exist. The ranks of Muslim terrorists are growing like a metastasized cancer on the world and he's HELPING. As the American president, he's SUPPOSED to be FIGHTING them. Instead, he's “apologizing” for them, playing down their successes, refusing to NAME them as the enemy. He is FINANCING them (on the QT), ARMING them (again on the QT), and PRETENDING to oppose them, authorizing ONLY a few air strikes that destroy not much more than pickup trucks on lonely roads or maybe blowing up a few empty buildings with NO, or FEW  terrorist casualties, why people who can DO something about him ignore this, again, is beyond me. He apparently has no idea the danger he is putting this nation in, or that's what he WANTS. It has to be one way or the other. There's no in between. Either he's STUPID or he's a traitor. (Stars and Stripes)

How Muslims Treat Women

In Saudi Arabia, a woman was violently gang-raped by seven men. Were her rapists punished? No, not to speak of; SHE was punished, with 200 lashes and a six month jail sentence for being out without a male relative accompanying her, and then speaking to the press after she was arrested. This is how women are treated in the Muslim world: as slaves and property. Their husbands can have a “temporary marriage” with a prostitute so they won't be breaking any religious restrictions when they screw them. Then they can “divorce” them the next morning, after they've had their fun, by walking down the street, shouting, “I divorce thee” three times, using the woman's name. To prove rape, there must be FOUR (count 'em, FOUR) male witnesses to the rape, according to Muslim law. In Arabia, women cannot even drive a car. Her lawyer was punished, and even disbarred for complaining publicly about her treatment. Remember, these are NOT “Muslim extremists.” They are “moderate Muslims.” (Freedom Outpost)

Unknown Industry

What to do with dead babies? That's a big question to some people, who just can't think about not taking advantage of a business opportunity. So what would they do? Not throw those millions of dead babies in the dumpster as they used to do. Now they're “harvesting” the organs of the dead babies and installing them in animals to keep them alive until they can sell them to willing customers. This could lead to even more abortions because of the profit motive. A motive even more powerful than simply wanting to rid yourself of an unwanted child. America used to think that communist China was “depraved” for locating prisons close to organ harvesting facilities to make killing prisoners more profitable are now just as bad, if not worse. They criticized people for being for stem-cell research, as if the only subjects from which to obtain these cells were live people. They aren't. And it is not necessary to KILL those people to obtain their stem cells, unlike profiting from dead babies. (Eagle Rising)

Friday, March 13, 2015

"No Statistical Basis"

That's what a Washington Post fact checker says about Obama's snarky crack about the “fact” that “it is easier in some places to buy a gun than to buy a book or a fresh vegetable.” I knew he was LYING as soon as I heard him say it. I didn't need a statistical inference to know it. That's what he DOES. When he wants something, he LIES to support it. As he did many times when he wanted to pass Obamacare into law. He told us we could keep our doctors and hospitals if we liked them, well KNOWING it was a lie. He said his plan would LOWER yearly insurance rates by $2500 when he KNEW it would DOUBLE them, while we were FORCED to buy it. Whenever he opens his mouth, he LIES. Listening to him talk is the best way to know what's true. Whatever he says is a LIE, so “turn it around” and you have the truth. He says his laws will stop gun violence, so we KNOW they will NOT. (TheBlaze)

Libs To Have Heart Attack

The news media says, “If this law is passed, liberals are going to have a heart attack.” and they're right. The specter of school children going to school ARMED frightens them. But it won't happen, no matter how hard they try and convince us it will. Whether schools are “gun-free zones” or not, it is ILLEGAL for children to carry loaded firearms. And that law works (along with parental control) as well as any other. But this proposed law only allows TEACHERS and other school staff to bring their guns with them to work IF they have a “carry permit,” to make a potential shooter UNABLE to know if there will be guns among them to OPPOSE him when he cones in to kill innocent people. This new law just recognizes that “gun-free zones” don't work, and are only an INVITATION to would-be shooters to victimize people in places where he KNOWS people will not (mostly) be armed and able to stop him. (Right to Bear)

Shades of "Atlas Shrugged!"

In Ayn Rand's “landmark” prophetic tome, “Atlas Shrugged,” frustrated liberal politicians who wanted to continue to FEED off profitable businesses for their own profit, actually made a LAW against going out of business. Today, similarly frustrated thieving politicians are frustrated by certain businesses moving out of “gun unfriendly” states and into more “gun friendly” states. The same thing is happening in Obama's “race war” (You know, the one he is trying to start so he can make laws that hinder whites and make life much easier for blacks, who now are unafraid to vent their own racism). So race whore Jesse Jackson is now suggesting they make laws against businesses moving without “permission” from bureaucrats and politicians. That's the liberal solution to everything: make a law allowing the government to be able to give “permission” to do ANYTHING. (World Net Daily)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lying As A Job

John Kerry may not have been a very good liar when he was appointed Secretary of state, but as Hillary proved, it's a valuable skill to have when you work for Obama. Josh Earnest is learning this hard lesson, even now. Kerry was already an accomplished liar when Obama tapped him for the SoS job. He LIED when he said he “threw his medals over the White House fence” (They weren't his. He got them in a pawn shop somewhere). HE LIED when he described the activities of American soldiers in Vietnam. He lied when he said he “Went into Cambodia” while there. And he lied many other times. Now he's LYING for Obama when he says, “Climate science is as solid as gravity.” Climate science as “proof” of global warming is so “shaky” as to have allowed global warming to have been PROVED false, many times. Some “climate scientists” have ADMITTED they LIED about it to gain money for their “research. When I hear somebody compare climate science to gravity, I get a big laugh. That it is untrue and is the reason AlGore had to change the name of his swindle to something sufficiently vague it would allow him to attribute ANYTHING to his swindle. (The Blaze)

A Law Against "Islamaphobia?"

A Michigan town has now passed a law against “Islamaophobia. That's like passing a law against criticizing the NAZIS or the Japanese during World War II, when they were the ENEMY. Or like passing a law against disagreeing with the president. Aside from being UNCONSTITUTIONAL, it is STUPID to do any such thing. But don't try and tell that to the stupid politicians who did it. They call such criticism “:hate speech,” and therein lies the stupidity. Human intelligence demands you be able to criticize people who are wantonly killing, raping, beheading children and adults, and kidnapping and selling young girls into slavery while kidnapping innocent non-combatants for ransom, and killing most of them, beheading some. To criticize such behavior is PATRIOTISM, not “hate speech.” And politicians who would make a law against it should be removed, prosecuted, and IMPRISONED. Maybe even EXECUTED. (Liberty Alliance)

"Easier to Buy A Gun Than a Book"

That's what Obama says. But that's yet another of his BIG LIES. It's NOT easier to buy a gun than to buy a book in this country unless you're a CRIMINAL, to begin with. I buy books regularly. But I'd have to really go out of my way to buy a gun. I'm not a criminal. That's the whole problem today. The “anti-gun laws” they make “create a market” for ILLEGAL guns. THAT'S what makes it easy to buy a gun—in the black market. That's the whole point “create a problem, then claim to want to solve the problem YOU'VE created. That's the “modus operandi” of politics. If there weren't laws making it impossible for HONEST people to be able to be armed in self defense (in spite of the Constitutional guarantee to keep us armed), the black market in guns wouldn't be as strong as it is. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Undermining Americans

“Over the past year, we’ve been hearing of a number of reports where foreign nationals have been coming to the US under an H-1B visa. This special visa was designed to allow foreigners with special skills to fill needed jobs here in the US when there weren’t any qualified Americans to fill them. However, that’s not been the case of late. A growing number of companies have been hiring H-1B visa holders and then having American workers train them, only to be replaced by them. This is happening in the technology fields as well as hotels, power companies and even state unemployment offices.” With unemployment at an all-time high (even though Obama lyingly denies it), we're IMPORTING workers and having Americans TRAIN them to take over THEIR jobs. This is how Obama is “creating jobs.” But not for us, for people from other countries! And those Americans must either train foreigners to take over THEIR jobs, or lose them, anyway, NOW. This is Obama. And he's spending $100 million dollars of OUR money to do it! We have to GET RID OF this FOOL! (Liberty Alliance)

What Took "Em So Long?

Rep Trey Gowdy has been the most active member of Congress to have “investigated” the actions of elected and appointed members of this government. The fact that he hasn't found out much is more due to the skill and ability of Obama's henchmen to “tamp down” such scandals than anything else. But I've wondered for a long time why his “detractors” haven't come up with SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to charge him with so he'd have to spend time and money defending himself instead of investigating Democrats. Now they've done it. They're making a “big thing” out of the fact he waited until AFTER it became common knowledge Hillary had her own e-mail service, at home, to subpoena Hillary's e-mails—as if that were some kind of a scandal. If that's all they've got against him, they're in “deep doo-doo.” (The Blaze)

Making A Stupid Deal

Obama is on the verge of making one of the stupidest deals of his “spotted” career—just so he can SAY it's “part of his legacy” to have made a deal with Iran to stop them from getting a nuclear capability, when in actuality, it FACILITATES it, taking away the specter of INSPECTIONS for ten years, at which time they can put ten years of unimpeded nuclear research to work to speed their finishing their efforts and use them to “remove Israel from the face of the Earth,” which they've promised to do. Obama has run a lot of scams on us, but this is about the most DEADLY. It's going to cost a BUNCH of Israeli lives, and maybe some of ours, too. Why people who could don't “apply the reins” to this fool, I don't know. (American Thinker)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Call It Something Else

That's the scam oppressive governments use to “cover” what they're doing to us. They give it “good-sounding names” and those who pay no attention to politics, “eat it up” like a hungry puppy. But those of us who DO pay attention notice. Mao Tse-Tung called his “killing spree” a “Cultural Revolution.” One of Obama's is, “The Affordable Care Act,” better known as “Obamacare.” But it is ANYTHING but “affordable. The first thing it does is DOUBLE the cost for lesser insurance while being MANDATORY for us to have. If it was worth a crap, they wouldn't need to make it mandatory. The latest such scam is “Net Neutrality,” which is ANYTHING BUT “neutrality.” It is a plan to TAKE OVER the Internet. Obama hates it that he can't CONTROL what is said on the Internet, that the Internet made his ALMOST total control over the liberal media useless.

So he wants to be able to LICENSE people when they start web sites, and be able to DICTATE what they say. Licensing does that. The power to LICENSE is the power to CONTROL, and it should NOT ever be allowed. The worst part of it is he is “doing it administratively.” They're not “passing a law” to do it, they're using the FCC, which “regulates” the “on the air” television and radio outlets, which is why they're able to mostly CONTROL what THEY say. Now the FCC is ASSUMING power to “regulate” the Internet, by saying they're doing it to “keep the 'big boys' from keeping the little guy down,” which has NEVER happened. The Internet is the last place where the “average American“ can speak freely—until now. (Tea Party Bulletin)

The "No-Information President"

Rush Limbaugh calls the people I call those who don't pay attention to politics, “no-information voters.” They have no knowledge of what's going on because they just don't pay attention. Obama is apparently one of them. It's well known that he mostly IGNORES his “morning briefing” on the news, which is supposed to “give him a leg up” on what's happening. So when something important happens, he can claim no knowledge of it. He says that OFTEN when asked by the media. It's one of his most familiar LIES. Now he's saying it about Hillary's “e-mail scandal.” He says he learned of it the same place we did, in the news media. Which means he has NO handle on what's going on in his own administration. He knows NOTHING about it. Frankly, if I were president, and my Secretary of State was using personal and PRIVATE e-mail whose origination and storage is under her own PERSONAL control, in her home, I'd KNOW it, and I'd want to know WHY. This is yet another scandal, which Axelrod says is not happening. Another one is her acceptance of FOREIGN contributions to her campaigns. (AmericanThinker)

Blacks Do More Crime

Liberal “do-gooders” complain about there being more blacks in prison than whites, on the average, as “evidence” that our justice system is racist. They similarly cry about there being more black MEN arrested than white men, OR women. They IGNORE the fact that black men commit more crimes than do white men, OR women. Statistics back that up. But they call you racist for even SUGGESTING that basic TRUTH. That's how they maintain their LIES as truth. Attack you for pointing out the truth, so you'll be afraid to do it. I'm not afraid to do it, so they'll call me racist (again). Personally, I don't give a damn. Why is the source for this item a “right-wing publication? Because a left-wing publication wouldn't DARE take up the subject. (Front Page Mag)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Will He Go Quietly?

The Republicans have shown that they just aren't up to the fight. They're supposed to be there to OPPOSE Obama, but they have signified that they will not use the two most effective weapons in their arsenal, impeachment, or “the power of the purse.” Which tells Obama he can continue to get away with doing whatever he wants, and the Republicans will do nothing important to stop him. If he decides to ignore the Twenty-Second Amendment that limits him to two terms, as he has ignored numerous other constitutional limits on his powers and run for a third term, are there enough INTELLIGENT Americans left to vote him out of office? And if they do, will he have to be dragged, “kicking and screaming” from his office in the White House? I don't think he plans to leave office in January, 2017, whatever happens. Is there ANYBODY in DC with the BALLS to stop him? (World Net Daily)

Democrats Turning On Their Own

After accusing everybody in the world who was NOT a Democrat of racism for opposing anything Obama wanted to do, now they're beginning to include DEMOCRATS in that number. Harry Reid's racial politics are “coming home to roost” after he had the temerity to support a WHITE MAN as the next senator from Maryland. I've noted in the past, the number of blacks, men and women, who have been elected to office in recent years, even as Democrats droned on about them being kept out. But there seems to be something more sinister about it. It seems that liberals don't DARE put forth WHITE men for political office, and Harry is suffering because of it. Did he really injure his eye by ACCIDENT? Or did somebody “help” him make an important decision he didn't want to make? In a direction he was not willing to go? (American Thinker)

Just Pass A Law

And crime will stop. That's the sum total of the thinking of the anti-gun fools who are constantly making useless gun laws that do nothing except provide more unarmed victims for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They think all they have to do is pass a law, and criminal activity covered by that law will stop—immediately. That shows a degree of naivete that knows no bounds. They have been proven wrong time and time again, but that doesn't penetrate their thick skulls. They keep on making their stupid laws and creating more and more honest victims while criminals get their guns more easily in areas of tight gun laws than elsewhere. Now they're going in a different direction. They're now trying to ban AMMO, to make the guns (which they can't ban) useless. That's not going to work, either. (KMJ Morning News)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Biden Is A Fool

He says, “denying global warming is like denying gravity.” How stupid is he to even SAY such a thing, in the face of the mountains of PROOF global warming is just one of AlGore's SWINDLES. To equate being a “global warming denier” to denying gravity reveals a level of STUPIDITY I wouldn't have attributed to “Ol' Joe.” Democrats are well known for their STUPID statements, like Nancy's saying “We must pass the bill to find out what's in it” aout the law enacting Obamacare. But this one tops them all. We really need to retire this senile old fool before he really gets us into trouble with his simple-minded cracks. They accuse us of “making up” silly statements to attribute to them, but they continue to provide us with material. I HEARD Nancy say that, and I couldn't believe she was THAT stupid at the time. But she is. (Rick Moran)