Monday, March 30, 2015

Shades of Communism!

One of the scams the communists in Russia used to run (maybe still do, for all of me) is getting people's CHILDREN to “monitor” them at home, and report any comments that were “anti-communist,” so they could come to their home and arrest them or at least harass them. The first requirement for that to work is to brainwash the kids as to just what an “anti-communist statement” was. In so doing, they completely brainwashed them and “radicalized” them FOR communism, making little FINKS out of them. They actually felt GOOD when the thugs came and took their parents away. Now MICHELLE Obama is attempting the same thing, here. She SAYS it's to “ferret out racism” by “monitoring” what people say in the privacy of their own homes. But SHE gets to DEFINE racism and brainwashes the kids in their school rooms. This is an example of what liberals do when they get too powerful. Obama is flouting the Constitution every day, and getting away with it, because nobody in DC has the GONADS to oppose him, Now she's (like Hillary) working on her own power. She's using “the race card” to do it, pushing the “new racism,” which is blacks (loudly) discriminating against whites. Jokes about blacks will be punished by the “PC Police.” But will they be so quick to punish blacks who make jokes about “whitey?” Doubtful. They say blacks CAN'T be racist, which is typical bullcrap. Of course, since this disagrees with her, I must be racist, too! The phony racist charge lives on, and grows like a cancer! (Daily Caller)

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