Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ever since Obama lied (again) and told us that if we elected him-a black man—we would forever destroy racism in this country, he and his cohorts have bent every effort to make racism WORSE than it has ever been in this country, but it is a different kind of racism he's pushing. It's not your daddy's racism. Today's racism is blacks hating whites, not whites hating blacks. It has turned completely around. He has EMPOWERED blacks in PUSHING racism, and discriminating against WHITES. It became even more obvious in Ferguson, MO, where liberals tried their best to get a good cop prosecuted for murder for killing a giant thug who was trying to kill HIM. Now we're being faced with the specter of liberals saying such things as “eating three meals a day is racist!” What kind of twisted logic they use to think this, I don't know.I do know they don't HAVE any logic.  I just know it's twisted. (Hot Air)

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