Friday, March 20, 2015

Anti-Gun Cop "Wises Up"

've often said that gun-grabbers aren't smart enough to “open their eyes” and see the “forest for the trees.” But at least one did. Jack McCauley, once the commander of the licensing division of the Maryland State Police, thought allowing more people to carry guns legally would be a bad thing. But after “being schooled” by gun advocates, he changed his stance. He used to decry the thought of the “average Joe” being able to have a gun, completely forgetting that millions of “average Joes” ALREADY have guns, ILLEGALLY. Most of them are gang members, and ALL of them are criminals. Criminals do not OBEY laws. He was made to SEE this, and made the right decision. I wish more gun grabbers were as intelligent as this one. Most of them have their minds made up and their heads up a dark place where they can't see, so they don't want to be “confused by facts.” (Personal Liberty)

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