Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The "No-Information President"

Rush Limbaugh calls the people I call those who don't pay attention to politics, “no-information voters.” They have no knowledge of what's going on because they just don't pay attention. Obama is apparently one of them. It's well known that he mostly IGNORES his “morning briefing” on the news, which is supposed to “give him a leg up” on what's happening. So when something important happens, he can claim no knowledge of it. He says that OFTEN when asked by the media. It's one of his most familiar LIES. Now he's saying it about Hillary's “e-mail scandal.” He says he learned of it the same place we did, in the news media. Which means he has NO handle on what's going on in his own administration. He knows NOTHING about it. Frankly, if I were president, and my Secretary of State was using personal and PRIVATE e-mail whose origination and storage is under her own PERSONAL control, in her home, I'd KNOW it, and I'd want to know WHY. This is yet another scandal, which Axelrod says is not happening. Another one is her acceptance of FOREIGN contributions to her campaigns. (AmericanThinker)

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