Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sharpton's A "Dead Man"

Politidcally, that is. First, the IRS finally caught up with him. And now his con has been revealed. And if Sharpton's scam has been revealed, can Jesse's be far behind? “Cable giants Comcast and Time Warner — along with Al Sharpton — are being sued  by the National Association of African-American Owned Media (NAAAOM) for discrimination. Comcast and Time Warner recently announced they were merging. The complaint charges that the companies effectively bought protection from Sharpton and other black advocacy groups against possible claims of racial discrimination, according to The Hollywood Reporter.So they “bought protection” from Sharpton, did they? Isn't that Sharpton's well known con? Selling protection to large corporations so they wouldn't get accused of racism? Maybe Sharpton's fellow con man, Barack Obama, can get him out of the tax trouble, but now his extortion swindle has been revealed in this suit, his whole “:house of cards” could well come down. The suit is for $20 BILLION dollars—a sum I'm sure Sharpton could never come up with, unless Obama found a way to funnel that much to him, which could very well happen. (News Max)

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