Friday, March 13, 2015

Libs To Have Heart Attack

The news media says, “If this law is passed, liberals are going to have a heart attack.” and they're right. The specter of school children going to school ARMED frightens them. But it won't happen, no matter how hard they try and convince us it will. Whether schools are “gun-free zones” or not, it is ILLEGAL for children to carry loaded firearms. And that law works (along with parental control) as well as any other. But this proposed law only allows TEACHERS and other school staff to bring their guns with them to work IF they have a “carry permit,” to make a potential shooter UNABLE to know if there will be guns among them to OPPOSE him when he cones in to kill innocent people. This new law just recognizes that “gun-free zones” don't work, and are only an INVITATION to would-be shooters to victimize people in places where he KNOWS people will not (mostly) be armed and able to stop him. (Right to Bear)

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