Monday, March 2, 2015

More Incompetence

Every day we discover more incompetence on the part of the liberals running our government, and our lives. The most incompetent people in the world want to run your life because, in their incompetence, they THINK you're incompetent to run your own life. Every day we discover yet more incompetence on their part. Like finding that BILLIONS of dollars went missing while Hillary was Secretary of State, or telling you for YEARS that eating eggs was bad for you. Now they say, “never mind.” Eggs are NOT bad for you. The same with coffee. For YEARS they told you coffee was bad. Now they're telling you drinking coffee has health BENEFITS! Today, we learn that the GOVERNMENT gave 800,000 people the WRONG INFORMATION about the “cut-off date” for signing up for their health insurance, and it's mostly DEMOCRATS who are complaining. As usual, they're trying to blame Republicans for it, when there isn't a SINGLE Republican fingerprint on Obamacare. Not ONE Republican voted for it. Republicans run NO PART of this government. It's all run by liberal Democrats, today. And they are absolutely INCOMPETENT. They are the most incompetent people on the PLANET. (Just common sense)

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