Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Do They Need A Law?

Why the HELL do we need a LAW to stop government employees from watching porn on “company time?” It seems to me, in a COMPETENT administration, that would be covered by USUAL regulations. That wasting paid-for time would be a punishable offense, just as it would be (and IS) in a private enterprise. You HIRE these bozos to get some WORK done. If there's not enough work to keep them busy, you let them GO! You don't let them just “come in and put in their time” and be BORED. The biggest problem here is NOT government employees being bored (from lack of work to do) and watching porn. The biggest problem is the INCOMPETENCE of their superiors, right up to the TOP, that CREATES this situation. COMPETENT managers get rid of “employee overload” that leads to “boredom” on the job. The very fact that they're “bored” SIGNALS managerial INCOMPETENCE. (Daily Caller)

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