Friday, March 20, 2015

Killing Gays Okay?

I know California is strange in what they consider proper, but a law making it legal to kill gays by shooting them in the head (or any other convenient method)—without trial, and arbitrarily? More than 38,000 people (and I doubt they're all gays) signed a petition to look into the fitness of the author (attorney Matt McLaughlin) of the “initiative” to practice law in California. I would add that his fitness to practice law ANYWHERE should be in question if he thinks a law allowing the random killing of gays is proper. The state Attorney General is required to “let the process continue” and must write a “title and a presentation” to put the measure on the ballot. What? The whole idea of legalizing the KILLING of ANY group arbitrarily should get the originator a jail sentence—or maybe his own bullet. I don't know what McLaughlin is thinking, but he isn't too bright, and should never have been authorized to practice law, anywhere. To allow such people anywhere NEAR the law is CRIMINAL. (Sacramento Bee)

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