Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Undermining Americans

“Over the past year, we’ve been hearing of a number of reports where foreign nationals have been coming to the US under an H-1B visa. This special visa was designed to allow foreigners with special skills to fill needed jobs here in the US when there weren’t any qualified Americans to fill them. However, that’s not been the case of late. A growing number of companies have been hiring H-1B visa holders and then having American workers train them, only to be replaced by them. This is happening in the technology fields as well as hotels, power companies and even state unemployment offices.” With unemployment at an all-time high (even though Obama lyingly denies it), we're IMPORTING workers and having Americans TRAIN them to take over THEIR jobs. This is how Obama is “creating jobs.” But not for us, for people from other countries! And those Americans must either train foreigners to take over THEIR jobs, or lose them, anyway, NOW. This is Obama. And he's spending $100 million dollars of OUR money to do it! We have to GET RID OF this FOOL! (Liberty Alliance)

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