Sunday, March 1, 2015

Obama Ignores Court Order

OBAMA IGNORES COURT ORDER: A federal judge in Texas put an injunction on Obama's ILLEGAL “executive action” to enforce amnesty. He says, “I'm not going to let one judge (from Podunk—my addition, but the intimation was there in what he said) stop me, completely ignoring the fact that that “one judge from Podunk” is a FEDERAL JUDGE and his orders apply, even to a PRESIDENT. The arrogance of this fool is unbelievable! He thinks NOBODY can stop him, and will, until some federal marshals walk into his office and “perp-walk” him out to their car on his way to jail for violating a court order. He thinks he's more powerful than a court order, but he's not—that's if anybody has the GONADS to enforce it. They called Obama's action in continuing their efforts to enforce amnesty “another affront to the rule of law.” Is there ANY kind of law Obama won't violate? I'm waiting to see if we actually HAVE an election in 2016. (Pray for Us)

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