Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Only MY Rights Count"

In America, we have “freedom of religion.” Or DO we? It's written into our Constitution, but that august document has been ignored so often since Obama came to town that it is now “just a funny little document in history” and no longer has any meaning. Actor George Takei thinks only HIS rights are sacrosanct. Rights that are NOT written into the Constitution, and have only lately been pushed by militant gays like himself as being PARAMOUNT if they conflict with other people's rights, which ARE in the Constitution. If someone doesn't want his business, for ANY reason, ESPECIALLY religion, they have the right to refuse it, And he has the right to go elsewhere. He does NOT have the right to FORCE his business on ANYBODY. In Indiana now, the law says so. I'm glad I'm a Hoosier. It seems like Indiana is the only state that has any intelligence. I couldn't care less what he does in his bedroom, but I DO care when his rights interfere with mine. (The Blaze)

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