Saturday, April 30, 2016

He's Not In Trouble

Army decides: the Army sergeant who “confronted” a Muslim cop who was daily sexually assaulting a young boy and had beaten his mother for trying to save her son, will not be separated from the Army (what became of that Muslim pervert is unknown, at least, to anybody but the army). Why he was “in trouble” for what he did is amazing, to me. There are some really stupid officers in this man's military. I would have done a lot more than “confront” the pervert. The Army thought seriously about pillorying this hero because screwing little boys, beating their mothers for interfering, and chaining them to their beds for later sexual abuse was something that was a “cultural thing” to Muslims, and they thought he should not have interfered. Such activity CANNOT be “a cultural thing” in ANY normal society, MORALLY. But it is to Muslims, which is further illustration of their perverted “religion.” It's a good thing I wasn't in this sergeant's place. If I were there, this pervert would not still be alive. This is a good illustration of what WE will suffer if Muslims ever “take over” here. Theirs is a vile, perverted “religion” that was STARTED to make such activity an APPROVED activity by a man with a 9-year-old “wife!” (The Blaze)

They Call It "Common Sense"

If you want to fool a bunch of uninformed, or misinformed people about something stupid, just call what you're doing “common sense.” That's what the anti-gun fools do when they propose yet another USELESS law to keep guns out of the hands of honest, law-abiding people when violent crime rates committed by ILLEGAL gun owners rise. They insist on calling their stupidity “common sense gun laws.” but they are anything BUT “common sense.” You take guns away from law-abiding people, you leave them defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals and other “bad guys.” But they insist on doing it. Even victims of illegal guns and their survivors push for passage of more and more USELESS “common sense gun laws” after they suffer from an ILLEGAL gun that's already illegal.

They've got people convinced that their idea of “common sense gun laws” are the only way to go, and never look elsewhere. Then there are their “gun-free zones” that gun-carrying thugs ignore, like one did recently at Wal-Mart, where he shot two cops and got himself killed—IN a Wal-Mart store. They LAUGH at signs saying, “leave your guns at home,” or “no guns allowed,” or some such. Gun locks and “unloaded” requirements for openly carried guns just make the guns USELESS in the event of an emergency caused by a criminal with his ILLEGAL gun, which they always seem to be able to get, REGARDLESS of the laws. The only answer is to let law-abiding people have guns with which to oppose them. But they never listen when we tell them that. (America's First Freedom)

Burglar Sues His Victim

Yes, this homeowner shot him. But he was in the process of robbing the man. It was dark, and the homeowner didn't know what the burglar's intentions toward him were. Yes, he was running away. But the homeowner had no way of knowing that. It was dark. Yes, he might have hurt somebody else by shooting down that alley that way. But that's not the concern of the burglar's suit. He says that, since he was running away, the man had no reason to shoot him any more. I Don't know what kind of a judgment the judge will impose, but my point here is that a criminal should have NO standing to sue a homeowner he was robbing for anything he suffered in the process. The laws in this country are way too loose if they allow a CRIMINAL to sue his victim after getting hurt in the process of committing robbing him. And they should be changed, so burglars cannot do such a thing. This is by far not the first time this has happened, but it should be the last. And it's an outrage. (The Blaze)

Friday, April 29, 2016

"Puffed Up" With Success

That describes gay activists, who have managed to instill their STUPID policies onto others by their bullying tactics. They've managed to get various businesses, and even some government institutions to accept their “gay marriages” and to call ANYBODY who objects a bigot. Now they're in the process of not only getting people to ACCEPT their male AND female bathroom together con, but to make laws REQUIRING it. They're not satisfied with PRESSURING people to accept their perversions, they now want to make laws REQUIRING it, in practice, if not in fact. People who have VALUES will never AGREE to letting men “whip it out” and pee in full view of a little girl in her bathroom or changing room, so they're now starting a campaign to FORCE them to do so, by LAW. There was a time when there were laws AGAINST male/male and female/female sex, but now that it turned completely around, and there are now laws against people not AGREEING with it. I'm not saying those old laws were right, and I'm saying the NEW laws are NOT right. It's liberal/gay BULLYING, pure and simple, making this world something we don't even recognize, any more. (Eagle Rising)

Anti-Trump Fools

The fools who are against Donald Trump have been forecasting his failure for a long time. They said his candidacy would never “take hold.” They were wrong. It took hold. Then they said, “Okay, it took hold, but it can't last.” It lasted. Then they said, every time he said something they considered outrageous, he was “going down.” He didn't. Then they said, he's still a “flash in the pan,” but he kept on winning state after state, right up to his most recent FIVE-state victory in one day, with even more victories predicted, even by his enemies. Yet, Ted Cruz still assures us, every time he gets a chance, that trump “will not be the nominee,” and if he IS the nominee, he can't beat Hillary. Are they still wrong? Are they just saying these things, HOPING against hope they're true? They haven't been right, yet. So why would we accept their assurances now? I'm not a big Trump supporter, but neither am I anti-Trump. I'm just one of those people who see reality and admit it. (The Blaze)

Boycotting Target Stores

Target Stores recently announced they would observe that STUPID liberal rule allowing MEN in women's restrooms, and even in their changing rooms, where they are sometimes completely naked. Certain liberals (such as Paypal and Bruce Springsteen) have told N. Carolina they would not do business there because they actually had the temerity to go against liberal thought and BAN men from women's restrooms and changing rooms, by law. Target Stores, also declared their stores “gun-free zones,” which, to me, makes me feel LESS SAFE there, since only HONEST people will obey their policies. Criminals will not. Which has been proven multiple times. Most lately, at Wal-Mart, which has a similar policy, and where two cops were shot and they KILLED the shooter IN a Wal-Mart store. I, for one, will violate their policy if I feel the need, and they can “stick it.” There have been several similar instances in Target Stores, as well. Some fool has started a campaign to boycott Target over the “bathroom controversy,” and I would sign it, if I though it would have ANY effect on Target's policies. But since I have yet to see ANY boycott EVER change a policy or a law, I will not. Further, as a man, I will NEVER go into a women's restroom of changing room. I'm not stupid. (Town Hall)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fighting Back

I wrote the other day about a bakery fighting back against gay activists “searching them out” because they KNEW they would refuse to bake a cake for their “gay wedding,” then suing them for big bucks, by counter-suing the activists, proving that BOTH SIDES could sue. Now a new gun store in Arlington, Virginia, is fighting back against a “conspiracy” to keep them from opening the ONLY gun store with a storefront in Arlington, by making scurrilous claims in letters to their landlord in an effort to get their lease canceled, They're SUING the 64 people involved in the conspiracy, which included members of the legislature, the leader of which is a Democrat, of course. It's about time somebody fought back against the “bullying tactics” of the left. We can sue, too, and force them to spend their money to fight OUR suits. (Patriot OutdoorNews)

Counting Her Chickens

Before they're even conceived! HIllary's having a helluva time staying ahead of Bernie, but she's making a list of potential VP choices (So's Teddy). What unmitigated arrogance! Either she's “whistling past the graveyard,” or she knows something we don't—like the FBI will not file any charges against her until AFTER the election—on Obama's orders, even though they have a multiplicity of evidence that amply proves her criminal acts. If charges are filed AFTER the election, she hopes to win, in spite of ample evidence that her winning is not the “inevitable” thing the Democrat Party is promoting, it's going to be very hard to win an election that is not controlled completely by her party.. Anybody who has to use scurrilous, underhanded means like having the party give her more delegates than the SOCIALIST winner of many primary elections, has no chance of winning on her own. Yes, she is offering many of the same giveaways as is Bernie. And she doesn't admit to being a socialist, as he has. But both appeal to the LEECHES who want to live at the expense of others. (Inquisitr)

Changing History

Obama is “going to work” on our currency to reflect his “changing of history.” The 7 women he proposes to replace the “heroes of history” with on our currency probably deserve honoring. But are their accomplishments worth more than the FOUNDERS of this great republic? It's his last year in office, so he's still ignoring the IMPORTANT things that concern us, like the economy and Islamic terrorism, spending his time on UNIMPORTANT things like changing the face of our currency and allowing MEN to pee in the same room with your young daughter if they “think” they're female. And that's not surprising. He CAUSED most of the problems we face, today. So it would not be unusual for him to ignore them and concentrate on frivolous things. I just hope we can get rid of him before he completes the job of destroying this nation. He's already most of the way there. (American Thinker)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Violating the Constitution

What do you do when a presidential candidate PLEDGES to violate the Constitution on her first day ion office (IF she ever makes it to the Oval Office, that is)? The answer is obvious. You vote against her and, if she wins anyway, and carries out her pledge, you IMPEACH he for high crimes and misdemeanors. Hillary is like a lot of politicians, mostly Democrats, who think they have a lot more power than they do, and think they can just VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION, at will: Hillary is like a lot of politicians, mostly Democrats, who think they have a lot more power than they do, and think they can just IGNORE the document that CREATED this free nation. Make laws or "regulations" that negate the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL laws. The Founders added the Second Amendment for a good reason: there will always be a demigod like Hillary who thinks running things AGAINST the will of the people is their right. the Second amendment was added to stop such people.They're wrong. Which is why Obama has FAILED miserably to do what she PROMISES to do during his two terms. Americans are a free people, despite what Democrats think. It is our RIGHT to be armed in self-defense, whether of not Democrats think so. We (not me) have elected far too many fools like Hillary in the past, and we need to ELIMINATE all candidates who threaten to go against that right. (Breitbart)

It's An Absurdity

Many people, including members of his own party, say confidently that Trump can't win. So why are they working so hard to sabotage him? If they think he can't win, why don't they just shut up and pick a replacement to put forward at convention? The truth is, Trump not only CAN win, he can win handily, in SPITE of all efforts by people who are supposed to be in his corner to stop him. Trump is the strongest Republican candidate since Reagan. He is not like the wimps they have put up in recent years, who guaranteed a Democrat victory. They don't like him, not only because he is NOT the choice of the party bigwigs, but also that he will, if elected, upset many little applecarts and destroy their fiefdoms. And they can't have that, so they'd rather have HILLARY win than that. They keep saying he can't beat Hillary. But an ADMITTED socialist is running neck-in-neck with her in her own party, even though nobody with brains wants anything to do with Bernie. They've been saying he can't win all along, and have been WRONG all along. (Mark Davis)

A Violent Crime?

Bill O'Reilly did a segment on the “drug epidemic” in this country. In it, he said selling drugs was a “violent crime,” but one of his gals (Kirsten Powers) disagreed, saying that selling drugs was not a violent crime. She's wrong. She used a simile about somebody selling a gun to a guy who went out and killed a bunch of children, but that's wrong, too. She said selling that gun is a violent crime, but selling drugs is not. Under her logic NEITHER is a “violent crime,” and she's wrong in both cases. Both lead to violence. Thus both ARE violent crimes. In his segment he said everybody probably knew a family that was affected by drugs. I do. MINE. I lost TWO children to drugs. One son died of an overdose. One daughter died because of drugs. Her “drug of choice” was booze. But she abused cocaine, and other drugs, too. Both died at about 35 years of age. My son's body was discovered by his 12-year-old son. My daughter died IN the doctor's office, while waiting for some medication. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

They Want "Free Stuff"

But when you ask them how we should pay for giving them “free stuff,” they have no idea, except vaguely to “tax the rich.” which is merely parroting” the liberal brainwashing. Recently, Jesse Watters went out and asked a number of random college students (in the North East) what they thought about “free stuff,” and got some very interesting answers. Seems like everything he mentioned, including free dope, got an affirmative answer. But, to a man (or woman), they couldn't come up with a way to pay for it except to steal money from “the rich.” They don't care how to pay for it, as long as somebody else is paying. This is why I'm not really surprised why Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary so much grief in her effort to be “the anointed one” and our next president. Both Bernie and Hillary are promising many “freebies,” but Bernie goes much further than she does. Ergo: he's not “going away” any time soon. America today, is much different from what it was when I grew up in the forties and fifties. Then, self-reliance and doing for yourself was prized, and “moochers” were scorned. Now they outnumber us, and are able to influence events. (The Blaze)

They Act Like We Can't See It

“The anti-Second Amendment crowd and the mainstream media cheerleaders who act as gun control first-responders to mass murder by sociopaths have convinced far too many that criminals will stop acting criminally if only more and more laws can be enacted.” That’s not us, that’s THEM. We know LAWS will not stop criminals from getting their guns. They don’t OBEY laws. So they won’t “stop acting like criminals” if we make enough laws. They ARE criminals. It’s not an act. And if they need a gun to do their “dirty deeds,” they will get one, no matter WHAT the law says; believe it! But their goal is NOT to reduce gun violence; it is to DISARM all Americans to make their jobs easier when their “jack-booted thugs” come to take what’s ours. Believe it! Otherwise they wouldn’t insist on making USELESS LAWS in spite of SURE evidence they do not work to reduce gun violence. Criminals want more and more gun laws to make THEIR jobs easier. It's a proven fact that the tighter the gun laws, the easier it is to get ILLEGAL guns. (Joe for America)

Twisting the Law

That's what the “child protectors” do. They PRETEND to have “the best interests of the child” at heart, but they'll use ANY EXCUSE to steal people's children from them. They'll twist the law until it screams so they can kidnap children for the “fees” the feds pay them at every juncture while they “hold them hostage.” And if they're able to keep them permanently, and adopt them out, they get yet another “fee” of $4,500 to $6,000 EACH. The $6,000 figure is for “special needs” children. But what child will NOT be “special needs” after being put through their wringer? In the case linked here, they used a “non-government approved FILTER as their excuse. They typically exercise “Gestapo-like control” over families. Their REAL reason for taking these children from their loving family is that they are home-schooled. But since they can't use that as an excuse, due to some recent court decisions, they cite use of a non-government approved filter, which is about as silly an excuse as I've heard, and I've heard some silly ones. How transparent can they BE? But they don't care. They have their own court systems, with their own judges. And the judges' word is LAW. They flout the Constitution, saying that since their abuses are “civil matters,” the Constitution does not apply. (Preserve Freedom)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Amazed By Bernie

I continue to be amazed by the seeming success Bernie sanders is having in his quest to win the Democrat nomination over Hillary's “inevitability” delusion. He's an ADMITTED socialist, which is almost exactly the same thing as communism. BOTH are a form of COLLECTIVISM, and the only difference between them is “cosmetic.” Collectivism is based on this “rule”: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making NEED a DEMAND on the earnings of those willing and able to work and EARN their way for the benefit of those who can't be bothered to work for a living. And there are lot of those people in this country, particularly in the North East, Bernie and Hillary both appeal to those people, which is the problem. She's having a hard time staying ahead of him because they're both offering the same giveaways, and, like socialism and communism, their offerings only differ in the details. (Just common sense)

Parental Rights Nonexistent

At least it appears so in this case where two girls have a digestive problem that required them to be “tube-fed,” which made them thrive. Enter “Child Protective services,” (CPS) which took them away from their parents and subjected them to questionable medical practices WITHOUT their parent’s knowledge, OR approval. Both have lost a large percentage of their body weight under this CPS- dictated regimen. Remember, this is the place where children were subjected to questionable SEXUAL experimentation some years ago that involved putting a “penis-shaped” object into the vagina of females and a “ring” around the penis of boys while showing them government-created porn to “gauge their response to sexual stimuli,” before it was stopped. The parents were denied “visitation privileges” after they objected. This is how parents are treated by CPS. (Liberty Unyielding)

School Strip Searches Children

At this school, in Gustine, Texas, they apparently have no regard for constitutionality. If they were to tell me to “drop my drawers,” I'd tell them to “go to hell.” But that's what they did to a bunch of elementary school children because they “found some feces on the gym floor several times.” They thought maybe this way they could figure out who left it there. Never mind those children's right NOT to be subjected to such humiliation, especially without notification of the parents. What the hell ever made those “school officials” think they had the right to do such a thing is beyond me. Methinks maybe they have a “dictator” complex. In any case, “school officials” who would do such a thing should not only be FIRED on the spot, they should also be prosecuted for aggravated child abuse and jailed for a long time. Not telling the parents BEFORE this action should be a separate charge, (Eagle Rising)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Toning It Down?"

Trump's got a new campaign manager. He says Trump is “going to tone it down” as he continues to run for president. My question is, “What the hell FOR?” Why should he change the very thing that has made him so popular? The world is “going to hell in a handbasket” because of the ignorant policies of the Democrats, especially that pig in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and Democrats, including that criminal in a pant suit, Hillary, talk about his “tone.” Speaking of “tone,” have you heard her SCREECH in her speeches? That's when she's not “speaking in tongues,” to black audiences, using a phony “black accent.” Somebody with some GUMPTION is what America NEEDS, and that's why he is exceeding all expectations—and will continue to do so, even if they change the rules to make his candidacy impossible. That clown in the White House has let several major insults to America go by without doing anything concrete about it. Sure, he sent a “stern note,” but who cares about that? (The Blaze)

"Negative Numbers" Are BS

A lot is made of the “fact” that Trump has a high “negative number.” Why then, is he winning so many primaries? Primaries that have not yet been usurped by the Republican establishment, that is. Abraham Lincoln had high negatives, but he ended up in the Oval Office. Many other presidents had “high negative numbers,” too. They never talk about the POSITIVE numbers, as if they did not count. Actually, the only “numbers” that count are the numbers of VOTERS who cast their VOTES for a given candidate. And Trump seems to have gotten a majority of those, so far. This does not mean I am a Trump supporter. Nor does it mean I am an ANTI-Trumper. I'm merely reporting the facts. Making such a big thing out of his negative numbers is an effort to stop him from getting votes, by EMPHASIZING those negative numbers. It ain't gonna work. I personally think he will not only get to the convention with the required number of delegates, but he will EXCEED that number. Even if he doesn't, he will win handily on a subsequent vote. (Wall Street Journal)

Proving It Again and Again

In Venezuela, they don't have a Second Amendment. So they banned gun ownership for the citizens (but not for government agents and cops, of course), and, as predicted, crime rates have gone up. The homicide rate, particularly. It went from 73 per 100,000 to 83 per 100,000 since the ban. Not a spectacular rise, but enough to again prove our contention that fewer guns in the hands of honest citizens would mean lower violent crime. Will the anti-gun fools accept that? Doubtful. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. They don't care about facts, anyway. Especially when the facts go against their preconceived notions. Places like Venezuela, where the government is not prohibited from banning guns, become our best “showcase” that banning guns does NOT reduce crime. It only makes citizens more vulnerable to criminals—both the common kind, and those in government, whose crimes are not reported with the activities of common criminals. Homicide rates were already rising in Venezuela before the gun ban, so the rise in violent crime was not dramatic. But they INCREASED the rise after it was passed, again proving our thesis. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Terrorists Go Boom!

They were building a bomb to use on innocent people somewhere to make a point, and it “blew up in their faces,” literally. Killed ten of them. Now if we could just get more Islamic terrorists to do what they did, it would save us the trouble of killing them. It would be nice if they would keep on using such incompetent bomb-makers, but unfortunately, their mistakes kill them, so their ranks are reduced. Even fifth century fools know better in the long run than to use such incompetents. They aren't too bright in the long run, and don't really know how to use modern technology. They're like that illustration of 100 monkeys using typewriters. Once in a while they get something right, but way too often (for them) it “blows up in their faces.” I'm reminded of a video I once saw of a terrorist throwing a rifle around showing off until he dropped it and shot himself. That kind of ignorance is common for them. I always loved that video of a terrorist bragging to the camera just before he got blown up, live. (Eagle Rising)

Anti-Gun Fairy Tales

 No, no, these are REAL fairy tales! The NRA has come up with a couple of “fairy tales” showing what would happen if the victims in the tales had been armed. One is “Red Riding Hood and the Dead Wolf.” The other is “Hansel and Gretel and the dead witch.” Both ended with the wolf or the “wicked witch” no longer a problem. The “Brady Bunch” came up with their own “fairy tale,” starring “Alice in Wonderland.” It was supposed to reinforce their “fairy tale” that lots of kids kill themselves because they think guns are “playthings,” by having her shoot herself. Which it does. But one thing it IGNORES. The fact that families who TEACH their kids about guns and gun handling, and that they are NOT “playthings,” fare better in that respect, than families who treat guns as “the item that shall not be named.” Those kids have a much higher number of gun accidents than do families who actually TEACH their kids about guns—which is what NRA is all about, in addition to resisting all efforts to DISARM honest people, leaving the field open to ILLEGAL gun-owning criminals. (Nate Jackson)

More In Taxes

How do you feel about the FACT that you're paying more in taxes (of all kinds, hidden and otherwise) than what you pay total, for food, lodging, clothing, entertainment, etc.? And it's FACT, not just somebody's OPINION. You work for the money, and the government takes it away from you. You're “earning” less than HALF what you thought you were. Do you like the government taking more than HALF your earnings to give to those who earn NOTHING? Do you like “pushing the cart” while twice as many people RIDE in it than there are pushing it? And if you elect Hillary, Bernie, or any other socialist pretending to be a simple “Democrat OR Republican, it will only get worse. Both Hillary and Bernie are proposing giveaways that total a TRILLION dollars. Or MORE. Somebody has to PAY for that, and that somebody is YOU! But you can stop it, by getting rid of the socialists running this country now, and those who want to be the ones to run it next. You just have to listen to what they promise to let them identify THEMSELVES. (Matt Vespa)

Friday, April 22, 2016

What's Russia After?

Several times recently Russian jets have “buzzed” our Navy ships at sea. Now a Russian jet has “intercepted” an American aircraft on a regular “routine mission.” all of these actions happened in INTERNATIONAL waters. At NO TIME did any of these ships OR that airplane “stray” into Russian territory. So obviously these actions are harassment. Attempts to embarrass America. What the hell is, uh, Putin up to? Does he really want to start a war? Does he recognize that Obama is unmercifully “starving” the American military of money to maintain operations, to force us into a war at a time when we have so few resources that we can't win? It has become obvious that Obama wants to make the American military useless (like he's doing with guns), hoping SOMEBODY will “take us on,” and embarrass us even more. That people will DIE because of this doesn't concern him. He has already gotten more people than I can name killed by his stupid policies. (Justin Holcomb)

What Did They Expect?

When they asked the star of “Duck Dynasty” to give the prayer for a NASCAR race, they knew they were getting somebody who “wears his religion on his sleeve,” so what did they expect? His prayer extolled The Lord, and that pissed off liberals, everywhere, who think because they don't like Christianity, NOBODY should be allowed to. Liberals are learning from Muslims, who are the most easily “offended” people on the planet. It's part of their plan to “take over.” They want to KILL you for saying ANYTHING they don't like, true, or not. There's nothing illegal about a religious man injecting religion into a PRAYER. They have a right to be “offended,” too, but we have a right to tell them to “stick it,” and that's what we are doing. We have the right to worship as we please, and if liberals don't like it, screw 'em! Let them bend over for a different reason. They're wasting their breath to object. He asked God to “put a Jesus man” in the White House, and liberal “God-hating” liberals' heads exploded. Who cares? I certainly don't. (Todd Starnes)

Judge Jails Him

A judge has ordered Ethan Crouch (you know, the kid who was spoiled so badly he just didn't know what was right when he KILLED four people in a drunken crash), and that defense was “bought” by a stupid judge in Juvenile Court? That judge only sentenced him to a short probation, and that wasn't even a small enough punishment to suit him and his mom (who has had her own problems with the law), and they both fled to Mexico, thinking we wouldn't extradite him over a “fender bender.” (They were wrong. It was a little more than a “fender bender. Four people DIED) ”We hunted THEM down and brought them both back. Now, in an ADULT court, where judges are more intelligent, he was sentenced to TWO YEARS in prison for killing those four people. He ought to learn about responsibility there, or he won't make it home with his tail intact. He's too “purty” to get along well in prison. Even so: TWO YEARS for killing FOUR people? That's still not enough. This fool should not get out of prison until he's middle aged! (Dallas Morning News)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is Prince More Important?

The “Artist Formerly known as Prince” died today. Word is, he was fighting the flu, and that killed him. But I don't believe it He was fine in several places shortly before he died. You don't usually die of the flu these days, unless you're a veteran and are relying on the non-existent VA medical care. I'd bet there's going to be an autopsy and a detailed inquest into his death. Not so with Antonin Scalia, that “inconvenient” supreme Court Justice that put the skids to many of Obama's pet “projects.” He dies in the home of one of Obama's close confidants with a pillow over his head and they don't bother to even have an autopsy, which they'd do if ANYBODY else died under similar circumstances. They did an inquest BY PHONE! So nobody would have to get off their dead butt to hold it. And they quickly “got rid of the body” so nobody could have an autopsy. I'll predict that they're going to burn the body so nobody can do an autopsy. I bet they've already done it. What is so important about Prince that DEMANDS more investigation than did Scalia? I'm sure Prince is a nice guy, and deserves a complete investigation into his untimely death. But doesn't a Supreme court Justice deserve it, too? I think there's a major coverup there. (ABC News)

Big Overhaul Needed

The election process for president is in need of a complete overhaul. It is far too complicated, and those very complications BEG for corruption and bribery, as well as the assurance that the “party bigwigs” retain control over who gets nominated. They don't want to leave it to the voters, under any circumstances. There are many aspects that need correcting, especially the “delegate” process, which allows each and every delegate to demand his own “tribute” before committing himself (at least, after the first vote). That means bribes are INVITED. I don't know if Ted Cruz bribed his way to the “victory” in Colorado, or not. I just know he “won” without a single voter (except for the politicians) having cast a vote. The entire state was disenfranchised. On the Democrat side, the “super delegates” cause whomever the party bigwigs want to win to get more delegates, no matter who wins the election. There needs to be a system set in place where the candidates (however many) are allowed to campaign as much as they want, but with no “delegates” awarded ever, until “election day,” when America will ALL vote at the same time, under the same rules—and not rules set in place for THIS election alone, so as to eliminate anybody specifically from contention. As far as I know, senators and representatives are elected that way, and that usually works out. If not, somebody please tell me. (Just common sense)

Are We Terrorists?

Hillary thinks we are, if we have, or want to have guns for self defense. This is a typical liberal way to assign false images to their opponents—and we ARE her opponents, in this issue, and many others. But I have never murdered anybody. I have not beheaded any children to make a point. Nor have I ever raped anybody or done the other things terrorists do. I never "married" a six-year-old girl (or boy, for that matter). I RESENT the implications of her portrayal of me, just because I don't want to be defenseless if a thug or real terrorist confronts me with HIS gun, I want to be able to kill him before he kills ME.. This opinion, on her part, is but one more reason why she should never be allowed NEAR the Oval Office. Not even as a visitor. Somebody needs to slap this fool down (figuratively speaking, of course, for you feds looking for “key words.”). This is a common scam used by liberals forever. Call their opponents names, and intimate they're “really bad people.” They do the same when asked a “tough question” they can't answer without hurting themselves. Just call the questioner names, and impute nastiness into what they're saying, without even ATTEMPTING to answer their question. People like that are SCUM, and should not be considered for ANY elected, or appointed office. (Eagle Rising)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here We go Again!

Tuesday morning at about 3AM, our power went off. It took them the better part of two days to get here, then they fixed it in about two hours. Somewhere during the outage our Internet box got turned off. I thought I had turned it back on, but apparently I did something wrong, and the people who know what that might be are not here, as this is written. You will know when we get the problem solved. You will then be able to read this message. I'll get us up and running as soon as I can. I have a lot of work to do before I'm ready to post.

Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Clear As Glass!

It couldn't be more clear what the Republican “establishment” is doing.. Donald Trump scares the hell out of them because he doesn't need their money. So they can't control him by threatening to withhold money. So they're “tightening the screws” on the “system” so as to “squeeze him out.” They revealed themselves when they started complaining that he hadn't “spent enough money” in his campaign. Somebody who can get things done without spending a maximum of money is the kind of man we want, isn't it? They've already got several “rules” they can use to deny him the nomination: One is the exact number of delegates he needs to get the nomination on the first ballot.

Not a MAJORITY, a specific number. Meanwhile, they're taking delegates away from him, behind the scenes. The Democrats are doing the same to Bernie, for the same reason. Now they're in the process of making further “rules changes” to make it even harder, if not impossible, for him to gain the nomination, no matter what he does, and they get to nominate “a fresh face.” The pundits have been predicting right along, that he will “crash and burn,” and he has continued to win more and more in the overall. Sure, he has lost a few small population states to Cruz, Especially the states where they have disenfranchised their citizens for years and not even allowed them to vote. States like Colorado. Where the GOP bosses decide, he loses.

Where the PEOPLE decide, he wins, BIG. Few candidates have had to suffer the “slings and arrows” or their own party like he has. Ronald Reagan had many of the same things said about him. It was said he CAN'T WIN,. But he did—in a landslide—twice. And he was one of the best presidents we ever had, even though at the end of his presidency he was showing signs of the approaching Alzheimer's disease that finally claimed his life. The political bosses have proven that they don't want a president who will really get things done. The pundits are still saying he “can't win,” when he has proven time after time, that when the party bosses don't run things, he wins. They throw up polls to say he can't win,and he keeps on winning. If he loses in the end, it will be at the hands of the party bosses, not the people. The people love him—except for the liberals who see him as a threat to their control. (Just common sense)

Importing Foreign Workers

Obama keeps saying he's “working hard” to improve the jobs picture. At the same time, he's “working hard” to crap it up while millions are unemployed with many giving up on ever finding another job and being FORCED to go, hat in hand, to the government for enough to barely exist. Now he's not only importing foreign workers, he's forcing the people they are to REPLACE to train them in how to do their job before getting “laid off” with sixty day's notice. Companies are taking full advantage of that, forcing employees to sign pledges never to sue them if they abuse them in order to keep their jobs, even if they DON'T hire the imported foreign workers. This is not America! It's “Soviet Russia” all over again. And most of the “foreign workers” he's importing are Muslims, with many of those being Islamic terrorists, come here to “conquer us,” or KILL US. If we oppose that, Obama calls us bigots. The same argument he uses to force MEN into women's bathrooms. I'm getting sick and tired of this kind of crap. (Michelle Malkin)

Gun Sales Up, Crime Down

That's something the anti-gun fools don't want to admit, but it's true. They whine and moan about “rising gun violence,” but the REALITY is, gun crime is now at it's LOWEST since the FBI began keeping the figures, back in the sixties. And it's NOT because of their USELESS gun laws. It's because more and more honest, law abiding folks are getting guns, in SPITE of the government's efforts to put a stop to it. The anti-gun fools keep telling us that more legal guns on the streets will mean a “skyrocketing gun violence.” But to their dismay, it doesn't. Gun deaths might rise for a while, as honest people KILL illegal gun owners who try and victimize them, but soon it will go down more as there are then FEWER illegal gun carriers being killed after most of them are dead. You'd think the anti-gun fools would get the idea. But they aren't intelligent enough, apparently. (Second Amendmen tInsider)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Is It Christian to Waterboard?"

The pundits are asking if it's christian to waterboard. Have you looked back through history and seen what “Christians” have done to people in the name of their religion? The “Crusades,” for one. The “Inquisition,” for another. I'm not saying they were right or wrong, but they did what they had to do under the conditions extant then, to protect their religion. Waterboarding is nothing like that. Yes, it's uncomfortable. But it doesn't leave any permanent injuries or scars. And it's NOTHING like what Islamic terrorists do to their prisoners. They look upon us as WIMPS because we try to treat them better than they do us. They delight in BEHEADING innocent people who have done them no wrong, and they do it in front of cameras so they can “throw it in our faces.” And the fools running our government shrink at waterboarding? Yes, waterboarding can get wrong information. But it can get GOOD information, too. I'm not suggesting we start beheading them. Although the temptation to treat them the same way they treat us is strong. And waterboarding, as “torture,” is “wimpy” compared to what they do to their prisoners. (Doug Giles)

They Missed the Point

The pundits—all of them—say Donald Trump can't win in November, but they can't say why. Not really. When asked, they say “He's rude, crude, and loud, and insults everybody.” But have you heard what Cruz says about HIM? And in what words? And every other candidate likewise? In Colorado, they held an election—er, uh, no, they didn't. Not a single vote was cast, for ANYBODY. If he can't win, that's the reason. The deck is truly stacked against him, by his own party! Or any other candidate the Republican “establishment” doesn't want. They PICKED Cruz, and he “won.” Right. He was FORCED upon us by them. I like Cruz, and I like Trump. I wouldn't mind if EITHER of them got the nomination. The pundits were WRONG—every time. They kept saying “He's gonna fizzle, any time, now.” But he hasn't. Not even with his own party trying their best to stop him. Now the Republican establishment are saying, “We need a fresh face.” That's code for, “We want to CHOOSE who is going to be our nominee--US--not the voters.

Cruz says Trump is “whining.” that if they don't nominate HIM, there'll be riots. But that's not what he's saying, at all. They're putting words in his mouth. He's saying only that he wants a “fair shake,” which he is not getting. If Cruz wins—honestly—okay. But the kind of crap that's been happening is an insult to our intelligence. And disenfranchising an entire state is WRONG, no matter who it benefits or bars. Rush Limbaugh is mostly right. He touts the fact that he has been “found to be right on ALMOST everything. But this is one of the times when he is WRONG. Yes, everybody (except Trump) KNEW that's what Colorado was going to do. But that doesn't make disenfranchising the whole state right. The SYSTEM is corrupt, and STACKED against the voters being able to decide. And the fact that everybody knew about it and let it happen scares the hell out of me. It's just as corrupt on the Democrat side, with their “super delegates” giving more delegates to the LOSER in many “elections” than the winner. (New York Times)

"Ready! Fire! Aim!"

As usual, they're aiming in the wrong direction when somebody got killed with an ILLEGAL weapon, which it is ALREADY ILLEGAL TO OWN or carry. The New Orleans Saints reporter Brian Alee Walsh is calling for more of the same “gun control” crap that has NOT worked in the past, and which only disarms honest, law abiding people. Of course, that makes it easier for people like the fool who killed former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith, over a “fender bender” (it appears). One day maybe, we'll elect some INTELLIGENT politicians who will “take aim” in the right direction before passing laws that DO NOT do what they are supposed to do, and pass laws that WILL “reduce gun violence.” But since turning blue doesn't appeal to me, I won't be holding my breath until that happens. The killer is claiming self defense because it was found that Smith had a gun in his car! Sorry, buddy. that doesn't make the gun in your HAND self defense, just because Smith had one in his car! (Bearing Arms)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Getting A Lot of Flack

Donald Trump has taken a lot of flack for complaining about being royally screwed in Colorado. That's typical political crap when they're caught out in their screwing. They make a big thing about that screwing being a long-standing screwing that he should have known about. But everybody but him knowing about it does NOT make DISENFRANCHISING all the Colorado voters right. It's not about screwing Trump. It's about screwing US! The Colorado voters, of which I am one. Yes, a lot of states do much the same. They've been screwing their voters forever. Everybody in the “political game” knew it, and did nothing about it. Which does NOT absolve them of GUILT for screwing the voters. The Democrats are screwing Bernie, too. But in a different way. They're giving Hillary more delegates in races HE has won. Which is ALSO wrong. They've been doing THAT for years, too. And everybody has known. But it's still dishonest, and disenfranchises voters. I don't particularly want Bernie to win, but I want him to be beaten HONESTLY. (World Net Daily)

"Old Foolks Can't Shoot?"

We recently commented about a liberal news source (Gawker) saying elderly people shouldn't be allowed to have guns because they're too “old and weak” to use them. But don't try to tell that to the guy who was trying to break into this elderly gentleman's home. Oh. I forgot. You can't. He's dead. This “old guy” fired a “warning shot” that killed him. So much for “old folks” not being able to properly use guns for self defense. The other two bad guys are probably still running. “Gawker alert!” You were wrong, and your article showed age discrimination. That makes you bigots. But you can tell the “bad guys” this “old guy” properly handled his gun if you ever find them in the “tall and uncut,” where they were headed when last seen. That should be a warning to burglars who want to “target” old folks because of that Gawker article—DON'T. Not if you want to stay alive. And don't bring a baseball bat to a gunfight. Not if you want to go home tonight. The “authorities” are wondering why this old guy had a gun near at hand. But the answer is simple: to deal with such as those three thugs. Or any others that might show up. And, being old, he might not have been able to get to his gun fast enough if it was hidden away in the “gun safes” some laws require. Or if it was secured by a “gun lock.” (BearingArms)

The "Right to Choose"

Abortion supporters (murderers) whine about “a woman's right to choose what happens to her body,” but completely ignore the right of that infant to choose what happens to HIS/HER body. His/her right to LIVE! In any case, that whole narrative is specious. If anybody REALLY cared about a woman having the right to say what happens to her body, prostitution would be legalized. But NO! They only care when it supports their narrative. I didn't think I'd ever see a time when mass murder was not only CONDONED by a large part of America, but actively PROMOTED by the “average American.” This is our OWN “holocaust,” where members of a certain group were summarily MURDERED with government approval, and with the tacit approval of many citizens and the PARTICIPATION of others. This time it is not Jews, it is blacks. Planned Parenthood, for instance, was STARTED by a racist female so she could kill as many BLACK babies as possible. And she has been very successful in that endeavor. Most PP “clinics” are LOCATED in, or close to, black neighborhoods, for that reason. But nobody, not even anti-abortionists, seem to notice that. The “Black Lives Matter” crowd couldn't care less about the infanticide being carried out in PP “clinics.” In fact, many of them are PARTICIPANTS. (Gary Varvel)

Friday, April 15, 2016

He's Gonna "Fix It"

I'm trying to stay neutral here, but Ted Cruz is doing things that make me lean more and more to his side and away from Trump. Of course, since Trump isn't yet a government electee, he can't do the things Cruz is doing. But Cruz is going “right to the heart” of Obama's scheme to make life miserable for gun dealers. He has sponsored a bill (with Mike Lee, of Utah) to put a stop to Obama's regulatory abuse of gun dealers. It's “The Financial Institution Consumer Protection Act.” This act, if it becomes law, will put a stop to Obama's regulatory agencies bullying financial institutions into denying gun dealers loans unless they have good and solid, LEGITIMATE reasons. I only hope this bill will pass, considering how many anti-gun FOOLS are voting. Not to even mention all the subservient to Obama Republicans who are voting, too. The Deck is truly stacked against gun dealers, who are selling a legal product. (Courtney O'Brien)

They Wore Out Their Welcome

Since German Chancellor Merkel authorized the admittance of thousands of “refugees” (most of whom were Islamic terrorists), they have committed 200,000 crimes. 37,220 of them have left voluntarily (to avoid prosecution for their crimes?) and 22,200 have been deported. The German politician in charge of refugee coordination says the number of deportations should be DOUBLED after witnessing a significant INCREASE in crime committed by those “refugees.” That includes the “New Year's atrocities,” where hundreds of women (and maybe men, for all we know, and certainly boys, their favorite, because men usually don't admit to being raped by other men, especially proud German men) in Cologne, all done by Muslim “refugees.”

 And that's not all. Because of this “uptick” in crime committed by “refugees,” Merkel is getting pressure to severely limit further entries, but like most liberal politicians, is resisting. Apparently she, like Obama, doesn't admit the fallacy of allowing so many of these people who have proven themselves to be undesirables, into her country. Because of their crimes, not because of their “religion,” as they will scream. Muslims regard a SMILE as an “invitation to sex.” That might be so in Muslim countries, but not elsewhere. We need to teach them that, one way or another. They usually can't get any sex at home unless they rape the women, so they “go wild” when they arrive elsewhere. (Town Hall)

He's Not Satisfied

Obama is not satisfied with the current number of Islamic terrorists being allowed into this country, so he's going to have his own “surge,” which will INCREASE their numbers considerably. Apparently, he's not satisfied with the low number of Americans being killed by Islamic terrorist attacks here. So he's doing something about it. More Americans killed by guns (which Islamic terrorists use a lot, when they're not beheading children and adults), which will give him excuses to make even more of his USELESS “gun laws.” He wants to import 10,000 of them by September 30th, That's going to cause many more gun deaths in America, especially in California, Chicago, and other places where “gun laws” as we know them, are tight. In support of this hair-brained idea, he's “interviewing” 600 Muslims a DAY, which is costing US a LOT of money, just to pay those “interviewers.” Plus the money he spends to pay their way here. All of which he steals from the taxpayers. (Washington Examiner)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ignoring the Obvious

Everybody seems to be ignoring the obvious in their quest to get Donald Trump out of the presidential race. Even the editorial cartoonists seem to be “on board” in this effort. Even a cartoonist I thought was better than that has joined the game with his latest cartoon depicting Trump reading a book about “The Art of Complaining About Getting A Raw Deal.” Meanwhile, they ignore the obvious, that he DID “get a raw deal.” He has been getting a raw deal, right along, culminating in “losing” Colorado to Ted Cruz without a single vote of the PEOPLE being cast, or counted. That IS a “raw deal,” and he's ENTITLED to complain. Never mind they knew all along it would be done this way, it's STILL wrong. Screwing somebody publicly is still screwing somebody, and if the “screwee” doesn't want to be screwed, he has a RIGHT to complain, and something should be done about his complaint. The obvious thing that's being ignored is disenfranchising every citizen living inn Colorado, and I'm one of them. They not only screwed Trump, they screwed US, too. And WE'RE complaining. (Gary Varvel)

Hillary Struggles In Subway

She can't even do a simple thing like swipe a subway card. It took her five tries to get a “green light” so she could get on a train, with all her entourage and hangers-on, plus all the local officials—and the cops, who were there for her “protection.” Besides, who in New York would want to hurt her? She's a liberal and a socialist, and that would describe a majority of New Yorkers. But the important part of the story is that she broke the law, in full view of all those local politicians, and the liberal media, who all but ignored it when she got on the train and campaigned her way to her destination. Only problem is, if she were anybody but Hillary, she'd get a fine for campaigning on the subway. It's against the law. But laws and rules are not for Hillary, you see. She's “special.” For her, laws and regulations are only “suggestions.” At least, that's what she thinks. As for swiping the card, that's what us “peasants” do, so she knows nothing of such things. She hasn't even driven her own car in so may years, she's probably forgotten how. She “has people for that.” Bought and paid for by you and I. (The Guardian)

Prosecuting "Warming" Deniers

They're really frightened that “global warming deniers” will destroy their swindle. You know, the one made famous by AlGore, the former vice president of the United States—the one that made him a BILLIONAIRE, and which he still uses to scoop up more and more money to “fight” a ONE DEGREE increase in temperature in 100 years? They've already forced him to change the name of his swindle to “climate change,” so he can attribute ANY climate abnormality to his swindle? He's deathly afraid the people who know, and TELL the truth about his swindle will destroy it, and make the “money spigot” dry up. So now some of his acolytes to his “religion” who happen to be Attorney Generals, are getting together to PROSECUTE those who tell the TRUTH about his swindle so as to shut them up. One of those is the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The AG in the Virgin Isles, fergawdsakes, has subpoenaed records from the last ten years that they are not entitled to. Records which include lists of donor information. CEI is vigorously fighting this specious subpoena, and I predict they will win, and put these global warming swindlers in their place. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Playing A Dangerous Game

Russian “boss man” Vladmir Putrid—er, uh, Putin, is playing a dangerous game as he directs his fighter jets to “buzz” American Naval vessels and disrupt their operations (TELL me those pilots do it without orders from their government!). Yes, I know, we're not “technically” at war with Russia at this time, but that could change at any moment. We weren't “technically” at war with Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbor. Those sailors can't possibly know what those Russian pilots have in mind when they line up for a “practice” strafing run over their ships, coming within FEET of their decks. Obama should send Putrid—uh, Putin a message that the next time a Russian plane buzzes an American ship we will shoot it down. And if one does, SHOOT it down. That will either put an end to his “games,” or start the war he is trying to instigate. He is a fool if he thinks he can win such a war. But Obama doesn't have the guts to give the order. (US News and World Report)

"A World Without Whiteness"

Professor James Harrison, a history professor at Portland College, thinks it would be a “world without conflict,” as if ALL conflict was caused by whites. Hmmmm....I wonder what race he is. Oh, yeah! He's Black, of course! He predictably ignores the fact that MOST violence in this country is committed by BLACK people, against blacks AND whites. This is the typical kind of black against white racism exhibited by black militants. I'd bet the farm he is a supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” bunch. And even if he doesn't say it out loud, I'd also bet he is in favor of the recent trend to KILL white cops. He seems like that kind of a fool. And he gets away with that foolishness because he's probably got “tenure.” He can spout damned stupid racist crap without fear of being fired. This is the kind of fool we have teaching our kids in our oh, so expensive colleges. Damn! He is calling for “whiteness to be abolished.” what does that mean? That we should kill all whites? Or just make them slaves of the black race? (PropcgandaMatrix)

Killing the Bill of Rights

Obama has just signed into law a bill to allow the government to arrest, and send American citizens to GITMO or some place like it, WITHOUT charging them with a crime. All that is required is for a government agent to DECLARE them to be “terrorists.” No proof of any kind is required. This makes the Bill of Rights MOOT. The law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but will be enforced as if it WERE constitutional, until declared otherwise by the Supreme Court, which is becoming more and more unlikely. Especially if he gets to appoint a replacement for the now deceased Justice who died recently under suspicious circumstances. (Mike Shedlock)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"The System Is Rigged"

That's what Donald Trump says about Colorado. Now why would he say that? Just because they held a state convention there and gave Cruz all the delegates there without even bothering to have a vote? It does smell a little fishy to me, too. How about you? Seems like they would have at least had a vote before they gave all the state's delegates to one candidate over the other. I wonder who set it up like this? I'll bet it was a Democrat. They seem to control most of the electoral process, everywhere. Or was it Republican? Or both? They hate Trump so much (I wonder why?) they'll do ANYTHING to defeat him, even to the extent of giving of a state's delegates, committed to him, to Cruz, without letting anybody vote. And they don't appear to care that we can see their corruption, either. They figure we can't do anything about it. But we can. We can get rid of the fool Republicans we have there now and put some new Republicans we can trust in office. That's is the Republican Party survives their own suicide attempts. They keep saying "Everybody knew about it," so that's supposed to make disenfranchising all Colorado voters okay. (World Net Daily)

Hillary Hates Reporters

She really does. So much so that she blasted reporters outside of one of her events with a “noise machine” so they couldn't hear what she was telling her fawning crowds inside, and write about it. Of course, they didn't really need to hear what she's saying, they could probably say it right along with her as she brayed out her socialist ideas. Hillary, like most Democrats, has nothing new to say. She spouts the same tired, old crap spouted by Democrats for ages. And her brain-dead acolytes “lap it up” because all they want is a “free ride,” and that's what she AND Bernie are promising. Which is one reason why she's having such a hard time staying ahead of him, and finds it necessary to use the “rules” to make sure that, even if he wins, she will get more delegates. (Town Hall)

Looting the Nation

Watch out! Obama is getting ready to LOOT the nation and move your savings into his bank accounts. He's going to do it by making regulations (not laws) to make private investment of retirement savings so expensive and burdensome that you'll be FORCED to put your money into GOVERNMENT accounts. The regulations are ready to go into effect at the end of this year, so you'd better get your money out of whatever plans you're in, now. And you'll note this is NOT being done by LAW. It's being done by REGULATION, which does not require congressional action, not that congressional action would not be easy to get these days, for ANYTHING Obama wants. The Congress is so “cowed” by the Obama forces as to agree to anything. (Katie Pavlich)

Monday, April 11, 2016

"The System Is Rigged!"

That's what Donald Trump says about Colorado. Now why would he say that? Just because they held a state convention there and gave Cruz all the delegates there without even bothering to have a vote? It does smell a little fishy to me, too. How about you? Seems like they would have at least had a vote before they gave all the state's delegates to one candidate over the other. I wonder who set it up like this? I'll bet it was a Democrat. They seem to control most of the electoral process, everywhere. Or was it Republican? Or both? They hate Trump so much (I wonder why?) they'll do ANYTHING to defeat him, even to the extent of giving him ALL of a state's delegates, committed to him, to Cruz, without letting anybody vote. And they don't appear to care that we can see their corruption, either. They figure we can't do anything about it. But we can. We can get rid of the fool Republicans we have there now and put some new Republicans we can trust in office. That's is the Republican Party survives their own suicide attempts. (World Net Daily)

Stalling Is Their Business

The government is good at one thing, besides gouging money out of us and flouting our rights: It's STALLING when certain records are legally requested and they don't want to turn them over. Trey Gowdy's committee requested some records a YEAR ago, and the Justice Dept. is just now “getting around to” providing them. At the same time, they're probably blacked out so much as to be mostly incomprehensible. They've stalled on releasing the “Benghazi Papers” for so long that the woman most responsible for getting four Americans, including an ambassador, KILLED, due to her incompetence and not caring, just might be elected PRESIDENT. She admitted that with her sworn statement, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” when asked about it by Gowdy's committee during 14 hours of fruitless questioning. If she is elected president in spite of this (which is their intention), it will be a CRIMINAL ACTION on the part of the government, as well as her. She is the subject of so many criminal investigations, that most candidates would have long ago withdrawn. But since she is this election's, Democrat “anointed one,” they're doing everything they can to get her elected. They've pulled out all the stops, in spite of her crimes. One wonders how Elijah Cummings got on Gowdy's committee. What underhanded tactics forced an implacable ENEMY of this investigation to be the “ranking member” of the committee so as to sabotage Gowdy's efforts from within? (Town Hall)

The Pope Likes Bernie

Once again sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong, Pope Francis has invited Bernie Sanders (alone) to visit him in the Vatican. So doing signals to the world that Bernie the socialist is his choice to become President of the United States. It has become painfully obvious that the Pope is in favor of socialism and, since Bernie is the only ADMITTED socialist in the race, he wants to do everything he can to get him elected. Meanwhile, Bernie proposes policy after policy that will enslave Americans if he ever DOES get elected, which is doubtful. I still think there aren't that many STUPID Americans voting to let it happen, even if Hillary is removed from the race. His idea to make college education FREE for all is the most ignorant policy he has announced. He still can't tell you how he plans to pay for it, which is not unexpected, since there IS no way to pay for it, especially since government loans have made it so costly. Bernie, like all socialists, want to take what we have EARNED, and give it to those who HAVEN'T earned anything. That's what socialism IS. (The Blaze)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

They want A Free Ride

That's the only reason I can see for the popularity of an ADMITTED socialist, running for president. Indeed, he has WON 8 of the last 9 Democrat primary elections (or caucuses, or whatever they cal them). Meanwhile, because of the “rules,” Hillary has “run off” with most of the delegates, which puts her in the actual lead. That's the way it's FIXED, so the Democrat establishment can CHOOSE the candidate THEY want, not the one WE might want. Nobody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE wants a SOCIALIST as president. Only those who want to live at the expense of the government, would. For that's what he promises. That's ALL he promises. Socialism (as with ALL “isms”) is BASED on THEFT of the product of those capable and willing to EARN for themselves for the benefit of the “drones” of society, who produce NOTHING. Only lazy FOOLS want to live that way, while “tugging their forelock” to the government officials who steal it for them. Bernie Sanders has very little chance to become president, under normal conditions. But with Hillary facing felony charges, he may be the only candidate left on the Democrat side, come the election. (Town Hall)

Black Lives DON'T Matter!

Not to black thugs, apparently, anyway. Who shot and killed Will Smith, the Super Bowl winning football player, over a fender bender”? A black man? Or “whitey:?” A black man, of course. Anti-gun fools keep assuring us that if we allow honest, law-abiding people to carry guns for self protection, there'd be killings in the streets over something trivial, like a fender bender. Guess what? We largely don't allow them to be armed, and we STILL get killings over fender benders! Why? Because criminals don't OBEY laws! The “Black Lives Matter" bunch say there isn't any “black on black crime.” What would they call this murder? That bunch of fools only want to intimidate cops so that they hesitate in shooting black thugs long enough so the black thugs can kill them. At the same time. They PROMOTE the idea of killing cops, so as to make them nervous and more “trigger happy,” so as to create the conditions they SAY were already there--but weren't. Of course, they'll call me racist for pointing these things out, but they'd be wrong.; I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the group they happen to be in. And I judge these “Black Lives Matter” individuals as fools. Black, white, or purple with pink polka-dots. (ABC News)

They'll Use Any Excuse

Any excuse to make it harder on gun owners, or potential gun owners. What is a “bullet button?” It's a magazine lock. They want to BAN all guns USING a “bullet button” and make it so current owners would not be able to transfer ownership to a relative, or transfer it to anybody else. And if you own one, you will be in a “special file” at the Department of Justice. That's in SPITE of the law preventing the feds from creating ANY new databases, passed in the seventies. The bill would also BAN future sales of these weapons, and if you have one, your kids can't inherit it. When you die, the government would come and "confiscate" (steal) it. Or worse yet, require your heirs to "turn it over." I'm sure they use the “bullet button” aspect of it to say banning them is constitutional—it is NOT. But again, they'll use any excuse to make it more difficult for law-abiding people to own and use guns in self defense while ignoring the existence of all the ILLEGAL guns out there. Leaving illegally armed criminals free to victimize you, since they neither register their guns, NOR follow the silly “gun laws.” Defending yourself is not a sufficient reason to have a gun, according to them. (AmmoLand)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Was Congress Duped?

Did Obama and his accomplices LIE to them about the contents of the “agreement?” And after they approved it, did he rewrite the terms of the agreement without their knowledge? That wouldn't be hard to do, since they DON'T READ what they pass into law, and after approving an agreement like this, they never go back and read it to see if the final draft is actually what they approved. I thought it was a bit “too easy” to get this swindle on Iran's part approved by our gullible Congress, and it was. Obama passed them a “tricked out version” of the agreement, got their approval without any of them actually reading it, and then changed it later before making it official. Yes, that is a “serious charge.” Now let's see if Obama can prove it to be false. I think it's a perfect description of what happened, and it is something the likes of Obama would do. (Patriot Update)

"Not the Remotest Cnance"

Hillary says, “There is not the remotest chance I'll be charged in the e-mail scandal.” Well! That proves one of two things: One, she knows the fix is in, which seems likely or, two: She's “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping against hope what she's saying is true. That's because if she gets indicted before the election (which is proving to be unlikely) her chance to become president and screw this country up totally forever is GONE forever. The FBI is “dragging their feet very hard” in what should be an “investigation” that COULD be finished in ONE afternoon while the FBI Director says, “We will not be rushed,” to cover it up. It's the most simple thing in the world to know that ANY e-mail sent, or received by the secretary of State would be, by it's very nature, classified. It's like throwing a ball through a hole from a foot away. If she gets indicted AFTER the election, it's going to be much harder to “bring her to justice.” (The Blaze)

Switzerland Safer Now

I wonder why? Could it be that gun permit applications are up? And more Swiss are armed and can defend themselves against illegally armed criminals? Our politicians say no. But reality proves otherwise. Switzerland has a “militia system” where citizens are considered to be members of a “national militia” and are required to keep guns in their homes. We “flirted with” such a system at the time the Constitution was written, which is the reason the Second Amendment was written into the Constitution. But guns were only ALLOWED, and not REQUIRED. In the long run, it was mostly abandoned, as the left-wing anti-gun fools became more successful in blaming the guns for “gun violence.” Switzerland, however, maintains it, which means armed criminals have a tougher time of it, since “looser” gun laws always means less difficulty in getting illegal guns since the black market gun dealers flock there. As I have always said, more guns in the hands of law-abiding people means more crimes with “sharp instruments.” Gun crime hasn't gone down everywhere, but lower gun crime has been a TREND in most places there. We could take a lesson from them, but with our incompetent politicians, we won't. And we will keep fighting over whether or not honest people can be armed, while criminals continue to get their guns illegally and kill more honest people. (Swiss Info)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Cops Raid Whistleblower

Remember that guy who took a camera and got Planned Parenthood brass to admit they were MURDERING babies and selling their body parts for profit? Now the feds are more worried about them invading the privacy” of these murderers than they are about the babies being murdered. They raided this guy's home and confiscated all his video evidence, while ignoring evidence pointing to the guilt of the Planned Parenthood perps. That's the move of a totalitatarian government. It's obvious that they're trying to do everything they can to stop this guy from exposing their murderous activities and suppress evidence they are committing infanticide. The evidence they "confiscated" (stole) will probably mysteriously "disappear" and nobody will know how. It's really nice for murderers to have the feds on their side. I've said before that this is OUR “holocaust,” and every day they prove it more conclusively to those listening. The PP was started by a racist woman to kill black babies, and they have killed more BLACK babies than any other. They'll be raiding me next. Just to shut me up. (The Real Strategy)

He Disagrees! Fire Him!

Like most liberals, they just can't stand opposition, of any kind. Richard Jurgena, recently appointed to the board that gets to decide who may be allowed to “concealed carry,” thinks the requirement that an applicant have “good reason” to need to carry a gun is unconstitutional—which it is—should be removed from the board, They say they want to make sure their board members are not “philosophically opposed” to what they do. Meaning they want them to be “philosophically BIASED in FAVOR of what they do. They just can't stand the idea that one of their own would be philosophically opposed to ANYTHING they do. So they naturally want to get rid of him. They'd prosecute him and imprison him if they could. Like they want to do to “global warming deniers.” Oh. I forgot. It's “climate change” now, so they can attribute ANY kind of weather anomaly to it. They're deathly afraid of ANYBODY who disagrees with them. Just like they are, here, and want to get rid of them, at ALL costs. (Baltimore Sun)

It Just Doesn't Work!

Not a single “gun control” law that is passed by legislators ignorant about guns has ever worked. But they keep on making them, while honest, law-abiding citizens DIE from the guns held by criminals, illegally. A very few make laws that DO work, yet the “run-of-the-mill anti-gun fools ignore such successes and continue to make their USELESS laws that get people killed. They accuse “pro-gun people” of “wanting people to be killed,” completely ignoring the fact that the laws THEY make are the ones that DO kill people. But the pro-gun people fervently wish they would make some laws that DO work. I, like all pro-gun people wish they would make some laws that would work. Laws that don't just take guns away from honest people. If they did, we'd “fall right in line” with them. But I'm not holding my breath until they do. Turning blue doesn't appeal to me. And they've proved to me they're too ignorant to do so. (Town Hall)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Electronic Voting Fraud

According to the experts, electronic voting machines are very easy to hack, and thus skew election results in any direction the election ”monitors” want. And the “monitors” are mostly Democrats. They have seen to that. It was once said, those who vote don't decide ANYTHING. Those who COUNT the votes do. Check it out. Don't take my word for it. See who is “counting the votes” in your area. I guarantee you they will be mostly Democrats in most areas. And now, in the guise of “progress,” they're using an easily hacked electronic vote counter machine. Voter fraud has been found in every state's primary so far, and it's nothing new. It's just increasing with the proliferation of these electronic vote-counting machines. Which the Democrats LOVE. (Conservative Byte)

Creating Gun Violence

Everything Obama does, it seems, increases things Obama says he is against. He SAYS he is “against gun violence,” but then he releases 33 felons convicted of gun violence, so they can INCREASE the amount of gun violence and give him an excuse to make more and more “gun laws.” That's the only reason I can see for him to arbitrarily release criminals KNOWN for their “gun violence,” so they'll increase gun violence in the service of his campaign to disarm America (except for his people and the cops, that is). Importing Islamic terrorists in the guise of “refugees” is another. He KNOWS that many of them are Islamic terrorists who will help him increase gun violence as they go about killing Infidels, so that fits well into his plan. That more people will die in both cases does not concern him. He figures “you gotta break eggs to make an omelet,” so their lives don't matter to him. (CNS News)