Thursday, November 30, 2017

Poking the Eagle

Gary Varvel is good at summing up things perfectly in one single picture. He has done so again in this cartoon, which shows that fat little waddling, applauding himself dictator who is systematically starving his people while using all the money he can con out of other countries to build nuclear missiles so he can commit suicide for himself, and homicide for his people. What he hopes to accomplish by prodding the biggest, most powerful country in the world into "taking him out," I don't know. What he will accomplish is his own DEATH, along with that of millions of his own citizens, and the destruction of his country. If he were smart (which he is obviously not), he would use that money to make things better for his people so he wouldn't have to "rule" his country with an "iron hand" to keep them from overthrowing him and stringing him up (if they can find a strong enough rope to hold that fat little fool). (Gary Varvel)

Peek Under the Rock

You all know what happens when you lift up a rock that has been sitting there for a long time. All the bugs scurry to get out of the light of day. That's what's happening to the liberals in all walks of life after they made the mistake of lifting the conservative rock to find one or two (maybe) sexual perverts. I say maybe because they couldn't provide any proof of ANY of their accusations. But the conservatives (finally) fought back, and opened a real bag of crap among liberals. There are so many liberal "icons" falling like flies, I wonder which ones that have yet to be named are keeping their sanity as they await the next exposure. Liberal perverts (proven) have been found in government, in media, and in Hollywood. Those in academia must be shaking in their boots, waiting for the "other shoe to drop" on them. As many have been found among liberals elsewhere, one wonders how many will eventually be found among professors and other staff. It's a real epidemic for which there is no "cure." (Mail News)

"Americans Want Gun Control"

At least that's what Dumocrat pollster Maggie Omero says. She recently took part in a poll to promote gun control. She said they fielded 16 different proposals on gun control, and THAT was assumed to be proof that “all Americans want gun control.” Of course, she gave no details on those proposals, because there probably weren't any. Nor was there any mention that any such proposals came from people who took part in their poll BECAUSE they were anti-gun in the first place. They were only in her imagination. CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill said “We need to get beyond the power of particular lobbies if we're going to get anywhere,” not mentioning the fact that that the top “lobbyist” organization is the NRA, which is supported by millions of Americans who don't agree with their fantasies. The unfortunate part, for them, is that that statement revealed their bias in FAVOR of more limiting gun control laws. Anti-gun fools like to fool themselves that a majority of Americans really WANT gun control, but it just is NOT true. And their continued losses when attempting to make such laws is proof of that. (News Busters)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

They're all Sex Fiends!

Or not. We'll probably never know, since so many sexual misconduct accusations have NO PROOF they actually happened, and none is required. In many cases, the woman who accused is NOT IDENTIFIED. The accused (victim) is not allowed to know who she is, nor to "confront her," as is required by the Constitution if the case ever gets to court--which it will most likely never do. The accusation alone can ruin a man's life. It all started with liberals accusing conservatives in a blatant attempt (sometimes successful) to shut them up. Then it backfired, big time, as numerous liberals, in government and television (and radio) have been accused, and many have lost their jobs. Today, TWO of the best known liberal TV and radio personalities were summarily FIRED after being accused (presumably WITH proof) of sexual misconduct. Are they all sexual perverts? Or are they being falsely accused? We'll probably never know the answer. I think the liberals will be sorry they ever started this, because two can play at this game. (Just common sense)

Spending Money for Nothing

OUR money. Politicians love to spend money that isn't theirs, to do things they think will actually accomplish something, but which will not. It's only OUR money, so they don't give a damn that their ideas don't work. They just keep offering them and spending our money. Such a thing is San Antonio's "ShotSpotter" program, that was supposed to be able to "spot" gunshots from a distance, and locate them so the cops could go in and solve any problems that have arisen. But there's one problem. It didn't work. And it "only" cost us $546,000.00 and resulted in FOUR arrests. That's about $136,000.00 per arrest. So they'll come up with yet another expensive idea to try next. It doesn't matter to them that they've wasted a lot of money--it isn't their money. So they'll come up with another hair-brained idea and spend a lot of money on it. (Gun Watch)

Cops Did Nothing

At least at the beginning in Charlottesville, VA, when they could have “nipped things in the bud early,” before those Nazis, KKK thugs, and white supremacist racists were able to do much damage. It did NOT have to be an all-day affair where many were injured, and at least THREE killed. At one point, the COPS were routed by tear gas—which was thrown by the rioters (I REFUSE to call them “demonstrators.” They “demonstrated” nothing except stupidity and mass racism). As soon as they saw people coming in wearing helmets and carrying weapons (that included guns), they should have KNOWN those people PLANNED violence, and immediately arrested them. Even if they had carry permits (which I doubt). Not to charge them with gun crimes, but with fomenting a RIOT. In this item, they call the rioters “far right,” but they are NOT. Liberals continue to promote the FICTION that Nazis and KKK members and white supremacists are “on the right,” but they are NOT. Nazis are SOCIALISTS (that is on the “left). KKK was STARTED BY Dumocrats (liberals), and white supremacists have NO PLACE in any right of center group, no matter how “far out” they may be. (Yahoo News)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Trevon Martin Lie

Trevon Martin's mother is playing the liberal media like a violin. repeating the LIE that Trevon was a simple, innocent boy walking along, and was accosted and later shot to death by a "mean ol' white man" (who happened NOT to be a white man). She fails to mention that at the time he was shot, he was sitting on that man's chest, banging that man's head on a concrete walk, after Trevon accosting HIM because he didn't like him looking at him. The man shot him in self defense because Trevon was trying to KILL him. She lumps his killing in with all the other "black children" (mostly teen gang members killed by other gang members fighting over their "turf"). That's the LIE she's telling. She says his killing is just one more "child" who was an innocent victim of "white rage," forgetting the fact he was trying to KILL that man when he was shot, and the shooter was NOT white. That's how liberals push a false narrative, and they need to be called on it. This kid was a THUG, pure and simple, and he got what he had coming to him. Had he not been shot, he would have KILLED that man. That's NOT an "innocent kid." (People Magazine)

Now That's Really Funny!

Minnesota Dumocrat Rep. Kieth Ellison *a Muslim) says the GOP is “the party of racism.” Coming from a member of the REAL “party of racism,” that's hilarious! I mention the fact that he is Muslim not because of racism (Muslim is NOT a race), but because I know what is the mindset of most militant Muslims (which he is). Facts prove that the Dumocrat Party has always BEEN the “party of racism.” Martin Luther King demonstrated AGAINST Dumocrats. And Dumocrats filibustered the Equal Rights Amendment, hoping to defeat it. Many openly racist Dumocrats have been in Congress, some actually former Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members. They think race all the time, while trying to convince the world that the GOP is the “racist party.” AlGore's father was one of the most virulent racist members of Congress. For them to be saying that the GOP is the “racist party” is hilarious. It's typical of their usual efforts to slam the GOP for what THEY are. (The Constitution)

Alexandria Shooting "Funny"

Chelsea Gentry-Tipton, head of the DNC's “Black Caucus” in Oklahoma, wrote, in a Facebook post, that she “found that shooting funny.” such insensitivity seems natural to Dumocrat operatives, and when her resignation was demanded, she “apologized,” using the usual Dumocrat talking points they all use when caught out”: “You took me out of context”: “I'm the victim, here”: and the one all black politicians use, “If you're not black, you don't understand.” She also did what most anti-gun fools do, she insulted the NRA and everybody who believe in our right to self defense and to own and use the tool to accomplish it, a gun, when she said, “The very people that push pro NRA legislation in efforts to pad their pockets with complete disregard for human life. Yeah, having a hard time feeling bad for them.” Yeah, “complete disregard for human life.” Opposing their USELESS gun laws that only get people killed is “having complete disregard for human life.” And this is the kind of fool we have representing us in too many places. (Conservative Tribune)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Moore Accuser's Record

It's not a stretch of imagination to think that at least one of Moore's accusers has a grudge against him, dating back to when she was 15, since Moore represented her mother in a nasty custody case involving her son (a 15 year old MOTHER!) in which she was painted as really nasty--which, of course, is routine in such cases, though it is nonetheless hard to stand for the recipient. She was later charged with check fraud in a separate case, and was a known drug user. Under the circumstances, her accusations are very suspect. as well as those of the other women, since women always seem to "pile on," for whatever reason, when a man is ACCUSED of sexual misconduct. It's far too easy to accuse a man of sexual misconduct, since the whole system is designed to protect the woman, and her UNSUPPORTED word alone is sufficient to destroy his reputation. Even if later proven false, the accusation remains. When I worked for Avis, I remember a friend and co-worker who was accused by TWO women of sexual misconduct on extremely flimsy "evidence." He was denied the right to "confront his accuser," or even know her name. Therefore was not able to defend himself against her false accusations. I know they were false, because I knew the man, and I also knew he was not, in any way, interested in ANY of the women who worked there in a sexual way. None of them were sexy in any way, and I suspect they had ulterior motives. But the accusation (with NO evidence) remains, to this day. (Liberty Headlines)

Kim Underestimates Us

Kim Jong Un has been underestimating us for years, and it's going to get him killed. He probably ought to just shut up, so he can keep what he has, instead of pushing us to the point where we find it NECESSARY to “take him out” before he causes some real damage. He says we are “a lump that he can beat at will.” That shows his complete IGNORANCE about how things work in the world. As Rush Limbaugh said, “He is just a zit on the BUTT of a pig.” He thinks his 60 missiles will prevail against the hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of missiles in our arsenal. If he tries a first strike, he MAY cause a few deaths, but he will soon cease to exist, as will much of his country. It's only our unwillingness to kill his innocent citizens that has kept us from “taking him out” already. (Just common sense)

Calif. Throws Blame Elsewhere

California anti-gun fools are frustrated. They feel that their already way too tight “gun laws” aren't good enough to stop the flow of guns into their state from elsewhere. So now they want the Congress to make even more and tighter laws, nationally. What they don't realize, and never will, is that ALL their laws do NOTHING to “stop gun violence,” and never will, so long as they target the GUNS, not the people using them to commit crimes. You CAN'T stop guns coming into the state completely. There will ALWAYS be a “black market” in guns, EVERYWHERE. Every law they make makes honest, law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns out there. And they do it in spite of the constitutional guarantee of our absolute RIGHT to be armed in self defense. Allowing law-abiding people to be armed as the “first line of defense” against ILLEGAL guns is something they simply won't even consider. They're THAT stupid. (S.F. Chronicle)

Friday, November 24, 2017

All the Same Thing

People like to talk about socialism, communism, Fascism, and progressivism as if they were all different things. WRONG! Except for cosmetic differences, they're all the same thing: COLLECTIVISM. They all depend on SOME of their citizens actually creating new wealth for them to steal and "redistribute" among people who did not create ANYTHING. The very MOTTO of collectivism says it all: "FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED." Making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of those who actually CREATE new wealth, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, do NOT. Even in this country, which is a bastion of free enterprise, we hear certain politicians (mostly Dumocrats) talk about "redistributing wealth," which is code for THEFT.

And that's what ALL these "systems DEPEND on, the THEFT of that EARNED, for the benefit of those who earn NOTHING. Civilizations dependent on this kind of a "system" cannot survive, in the long run, as the collapse of communism in Russia and the impending collapse of socialism in Venezuela show. Cuba, which is a "communist paradise," is starving (everywhere except in the government, which keeps all the money for itself). The average age of the cars in Cuba is the fifties (again except for the members of the government or the elite, most of which are members of the government, or their "friends."). Collectivism, in all its forms, is just a way for thugs to "legalize" the theft of the fruits of the production of new wealth for themselves and their "supporters." The socialist "governments" are run by criminals, similar to the Mafia. They "crack down" on the Mafia because they don't like competition. (Just common sense)

They Call Him Crazy

The liberals (and even some conservatives who already hate him) call Trump insane because he responds in kind to the rantings of that fat, ugly, ignorant dictator in N. Korea who erroneously thinks he can win a war with America. Just because Trump's not the WIMP Obama is, doesn't make him crazy. When a fool who has nukes threatens to use them on innocent people living in an America-protected territory, you MUST act. You CANNOT let this fool think he will not suffer his END if he attacks ANY place protected by America. If he thinks so, he will be enabled, and WILL attack. We need to act first, and take out his capability to do what damage he can before we END his existence, and that of much of his country. Only our unwillingness to kill his countrymen have prevented us from getting rid of him up to now. Frankly, he's holding his citizens hostage. But that will not last, if he acts on his rantings. (CNS News)

Just Like I Said

Private gun owners DO make a difference in crime, contrary to what anti-gun fools say, and here is yet another example: two bloody murderers escaped prison after murdering two guards with their own guns. They ransacked a house for clothes, food, and money. Fortunately for the owners of the house, they weren't at home, or they'd have been killed, too. Then they stole yet another car so the cops wouldn't know what they were driving. But that didn't do them any good, either, for they were soon involved in a gunfight with cops that had them fleeing through the woods to yet another house, where they tried to steal yet another car. But the homeowner, a “badass” himself, stopped them and held them at gunpoint until the cops arrived and took them into custody. They wisely did not name the homeowner in the news reports, apparently to keep from making him a target for their friends. “Don't mess with Texas,” of course, but don't mess with this Tennessee resident, either. (The Daily Wire)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Liking Obama Is Stupid

I gotta tell ya, I've seen some poor presidents, in my time. And my time began under FDR, who was not a good example of a good president. But none have come up to the RUIN Obama almost visited upon this country. There are still people out there who LIKE Obama, and they are STUPID. They have no idea how Obama almost destroyed this country, as we knew it. He almost turned this country into another socialist/communist "showcase country." And if he had succeeded in getting his protege, Hillary Clinton, elected, I have no doubt she would have completed the job. Obama was BORN to a communist mother, brought up by communists, and mentored by communists. He went to Muslim-run schools, mostly in a Muslim country, and denies BEING a Muslim, even though he thinks the Muslim "call to prayer" is a most beautiful thing while, to a non Muslim it is just bothersome in that it goes out to Muslims AND people who couldn't care less about it.

He refused to recognize the deadly threat presented by Muslim extremists, and even FACILITATED the "invasion" of Muslim extremists into this country disguised as "refugees," so they could rape our women and kill as many "unbelievers" as possible. Obama is the WORST excuse for a president we have ever had, and we are lucky Trump came along to END his influence. The things he did as president were RUINOUS to the country. He spent more money than there IS, and almost destroyed our economy. He reduced our military to almost NOTHING, making them UNABLE to fight more than one war at a time when several countries are threatening us. I say, good riddance to bad rubbish. Word is the Dumocrats want to run his wife for president soon, which is about as STUPID a thing as I can think of. If that bimbo should win, I have no doubt we will become a socialist/communist "showcase nation," as Russia was for 76 years, until communism COLLAPSED there, as it will eventually everywhere it has been tried. (Just common sense)

"Tolerate" Kim's Nukes

There is no shortage of STUPID politicians in DC. Susan Rice is not only a liar, she is one of them. She is now “advising” Trump to “tolerate” nuclear weapons in the hands of a madman who thinks America would actually attack his country without a reason. So he gives us a reason. There is NO WAY he could win any kind of a war with America, but he can do some damage before, and while we eliminate him from life. We can intercept most of his missiles, but not all of them, apparently. So SOME would get through, killing many innocent people, victims of his insanity. I'm sure we have targeted his missile firing sites, as well as his nuclear bomb building sites. But he MIGHT have some we haven't yet discovered, and he could do even more damage while we take them out—IF he remains alive after the first salvo, and has appointed people to carry on when (not if) he is killed. Susan Rice has proven her abysmal ignorance, and NOBODY should ever again take her seriously. Kim Jong Un is doomed to failure, and will DIE if he fires ONE MISSILE in the direction of American protected soil. But he can still kill a lot of people before he dies. (Breitbart)

Worse Than I Thought

I thought VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe was crazy when he said, “93 Americans are killed every day by guns.” That was an impossible number that didn't happen. But he's loonier than I thought. His figure was actually “93 MILLION Americans killed by guns every day.” 93 MILLION! And this man is the GOVERNOR of Virginia and a former Democrat National Committee Chairman! How did such an ignorant man ever get to this point? Corruption in politics, is how. They've got things fixed, everywhere on the East Coast. When he is put out of one job, he gets another. When a Democrat elite wants a new political job, the “powers that be” “fix it” for him/her. That's how Hillary got that senatorship, to set things up for her to run for president. They even dispensed with her most important opponent for her. Before that, it's how she got to be Secretary of State, with NO experience, anywhere, that qualified her for such an important position. She really screwed up badly there! Previous to that, all she was, was the WIFE of a president and a governor, and that's ALL. None of that qualified her to be a senator, OR Secretary of State. And CERTAINLY not president. And the same thing is true for Terry. He's obviously too ignorant to be a governor, or anything else except, maybe dog catcher. No, I like dogs too much to wish him upon them. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Now It's Conway's Turn

Trump's ubiquitous "presidential counselor," Kellyanne Conway, is the next target of the Trump haters, and is now the subject of an "ethics investigation" for --guess what? Commenting on the Alabama election. They can't find anything substantial to use against her, so they bring up something inconsequential. Actually, I'm surprised it took them this long to mount a major attack on her, since she is so often a spokeswoman for the Trump administration. They've gone after every other Trump person, why should she be any different? They make things up of which to accuse them of, and twist things that aren't important into something important to throw against the wall to see if it will stick. Most of them don't, but they've been successful in just enough cases to give them inspiration in making up charges. I predict that Kellyanne will make them look like the stupid fools they are when this comes to an end. That is one smart cookie. You have to be VERY careful what you say because the liberals are giving you an anal exam on every word. And if they have nothing real, they make it up. (Daily Caller)

He Doesn't Like Killing Babies!

Howard Dean former Dumocrat Party chairman, has threatened to cut off funding after committee chairman Rep. Ben Ray Luján, (D-NM) announced the organization's willingness to support those who believe killing babies is wrong.. Horrible! Turribl! He is in favor of supporting those who don't believe in killing BABIES still in the womb! That's jist orful! I never thought I'd see the day when refusing to go along with BABY MURDER was grounds for withholding funding by a political party! It's a strange twisting of values when a political party is okay with KILLING babies and want to punish opposition! People who would kill BABIES are EVIL! Those who SUPPORT it are just as evil, and that includes Howard Dean. The Dumocrat Party itself is evil, because they SUPPORT baby killing, as well as SOCIALISM, which is an evil system, based on the THEFT of the fruits of the production of new wealth for the benefit of the DRONES of society. (Western Journalism)

Pushing Gun Control

As I predicted, gun control advocates lost no time using the shooting in Alexandria to tout gun control. Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe was the first to stand in the blood of the victims of the Republican baseball practice (for a charity ball game) and demand more USELESS gun control laws. He said that “Wednesday is not a good day to talk about gun control,” then proceeded to talk about gun control. But he's not smart enough to know that the way to “gun safety” is NOT to disarm the populace. And, of course, he wildly exaggerated the number of deaths by guns, saying 93 people die by gunfire every day. It's a typical anti-gun fool LIE. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Come Home to Roost

One of the favorite scams the left has used on conservative figures, with which to ruin reputations and shut them up is a "sexual misconduct accusation." That's because the level of proof required is so LOW that they could accuse ANYBODY of sexual misconduct, with NO PROOF, and "take him down." they started with Fox News personalities, and went on to take down a few conservative TV and even radio personalities. But the conservatives noticed this, and soon started their own accusations, uncovering a "rat's nest" of sexual perversions that WERE provable, mostly in Hollywood, but also in CONGRESS. Al Franken is one of the latest PROVEN sexual perverts in Congress, and he ADMITS to it. Their scam has now come home to roost, and the reason it has is that the victims noticed how easy a scam it was, and started doing it, themselves. Now more leftists than conservatives have been accused, starting with Harvey Weinstein, once a "Hollywood mogul," and now a paraia. There's the old saw about "where there's smoke, there must be fire" that applies here, and the liberals hate it, even though they started it. (CNN)

Venezuela In Tatters

Why? Socialism is why. The same thing that destroyed Argentina's economy. Socialism and a president who is bound and determined to turn himself into a dictator. A president who is putting his opposition politicians in prison, and doing who knows what to them inside. A country that was very rich, due to massive amounts of oil, is now BROKE, with not even enough toilet paper on store shelves, due to lots of regulation and government control. Yet socialism still has many adherents and believers, because of its promise of freebies without the bother of working for it. Add to that, a power-mad president, against whom thousands are rioting and getting themselves killed by government troops, and you have a disaster in the making. Venezuela is now on the brink of collapse, and the president doesn't realize it. All he can see is his own power, and he does what it takes to solidify it, even if it means KILLING his citizens and imprisoning his opposition. He has even threatened to jail three foreign ambassadors if they attend a meeting of his opposition party, which will mean WAR with THREE countries, and the U. S. will probably be dragged into it, while he will lose and probably be killed, himself. (The Blaze)

We'd Be Sitting Ducks

And so it begins-- hose who dirty their drawers at the very idea of law-abiding citizens being armed, so they AREN'T “sitting ducks” if somebody comes into a peaceful ball game and starts shooting at random will have their say. And on the other side, those who think it would be okay for everybody to be armed, just in case will also have their say. Who is right? It only took two guns in the friendly hands of the ONE security detail there to “neutralize the threat” by “pinning down” the shooter who opened up on the unarmed crowd of congresspeople assembled there to practice for a charity baseball game. But what if every congressperson there had had ONE armed security person there. Likely that shooter would have been dead a lot quicker than he was, and all those unarmed people would not have to fear for their lives.

One of my favorite scenes in a movie was the one where a gunman walked into a bar and tried to hold it up. The next sound was of 43 guns being cocked, while the robber stood and was surrounded by 43 cocked guns. Turns out it was a “cop bar,” and the WRONG place for him to stage a holdup. Nobody was hurt, not even the would-be robber. But the fact that everybody there was armed made a lot of difference in his plans that day. Truth is, if more people go about armed, they most likely won't just “go wild” and shoot up everything in sight, like anti-gun fools think they would do. Like those cops, their guns would stay in the holster until needed, then would come out and put such a would-be shooter in his place. (Just common sense)

Monday, November 20, 2017

She'll Never Give Up

If you've ever seen a horror movie, you'll note a recurring theme. That is, on several occasions, the horror you thought was dead, comes at the hero or heroine yet again--and again--and again, until you begin to wonder if it can be killed. It's like that with Hillary Clinton. We all thought she'd just "go away and lick her wounds" after being soundly thumped in the 2016 election she thought was "fixed" for her to win, because it was "her turn" to be president. Then she wrote a mistitled book, "What Happened," full of excuses for her loss that never included her own incompetence as a candidate. Now she's jumping on the sexual misconduct bandwagon in her quest to unseat President Trump, based on some "locker room talk" from many years ago, that had already been dismissed, by most intelligent people One wonders what she's going to come up with next. Will she "put out a contract" on Trump, as she and her hubby seems to have done to many others who got in the way of her crimes? One thing I know is, she'll never go away, as long as she still lives. so we'd better get used to her "sniping from the sidelines" until she gets too old to do anything. (Constitution)

Sheriff Arpaio Found Guilty

Guilty of enforcing the law, even though a federal judge told him not to. This is a good example of the atrocities that accrued from Obama's presidency: a good man and an excellent sheriff sent to prison for enforcing the law! How STUPID is that? But that's Obama—a man who should never have been allowed NEAR the Oval Office. Putting honest men in prison for doing their jobs. This is an example of the ATROCITIES that will arise from Obama's tenure as president. Arpaio refused to “knuckle under” to an UNCONSTITUTIONAL order and now faces six months in prison, having been convicted, by a liberal judge, of CRIMINAL CONTEMPT. It's a shame a judge can get away with such an atrocity without being “sat down.” Putting an honorable man in prison for doing his job IS an atrocity. Especially a man as old as is Arpaio. Being put in a prison with a bunch of CRIMINALS he put there without a means to defend himself could mean the DEATH of this honorable man. First, his enemies engineered his defeat in his last election, then want to put him in prison! These people need to be “:cut off at the knees.” (USA Today)

"Common Sense Solutions"

They call their USELESS gun laws” “common sense solutions” to gun violence, which seems to be “out of control.” Only their solutions AREN'T “common sense,” don't work, and gun violence is NOT “out of control. It's DOWN. And they are now saying that “70% of NRA members support MOMS.” Hoo, ha! Giggle, giggle! Thanks, people, I needed a good laugh, and you've provided it again. They SAY they support the Second Amendment, but they're LYING. One of the things they inadvertently brought out in this article is that every instance of “gun violence” happened where the “gun laws are the tightest. And, of course, the anti-gun fools are still counting people up to age 19 (street gang members) as “children,” and including suicides to make their figures look more alarming. (The Baltimore Sun)

Friday, November 17, 2017

It's An Epidemic!

Nowadays, all you have to do is SMILE at a woman as you pass by and she may accuse you of sexual misconduct. And way too many people will take her seriously and ruin your life over the accusation, with NO PROOF of any real sexual misconduct. This is not to say that ALL the accusations are untrue, but I am saying that women today are just too quick to scream sexual misconduct and ruin people's lives. The level of action that is deemed "sexual misconduct" is way too low these days. Example: Republican Roy Moore is running for the senate in Alabama and, just before the election, a woman came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct 40 YEARS AGO. And withohut any evidence of its truth, everybody seems to be taking the accusation seriously, and demanding he "step down." Meanwhile, Sen. Al Franken (Dumocrat) of Minnesota was PHOTOGRAPHED smirking, while reaching for a sleeping woman's breast.

In Colorado, TWO legislators have now been accused of sexual misconduct, and, right on time, several women have "come forward" to accuse them of similar actions. That's what always happens when a man is accused of sexual misconduct. Instantly, women, from whom we haven't heard a word about it, "come forward," also claiming sexual misconduct, also without proof. I'm not saying that some of those accusations are not true, but what I AM saying is that they have become all too common, WITHOUT PROOF. And way too many people take those accusations as gospel, and to hell with the subject being "innocent until PROVEN guilty." Just the accusation, in many cases, is enough to ruin a man (or a woman) forever, true or not. And it's all too easy to accuse them. I'm saying these women need to stop being so quick to scream "sexual misconduct," in the thinnest of "evidence." (New York Times)

Career Ender for Lynch?

Former AG Loretta Lynch was a consummate “party gal.” She'd apparently do just about anything the Dumocrats told her to do, hoping to continue as AG after Hillary won the election. Bill Clinton got on her airplane and told her to tell FBI Director Comey to start calling the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation a “matter,” not an investigation, which she dutifully did, and Comey, blabbermouth that he was, told the world. Meanwhile, he first closed, then reopened that investigation, just before the end of the election, helping to ruin Hillary's supposedly “in the bag” election hopes. All three are now themselves under investigation. They've got their own special counsel to worry about. This investigation is a potential career-ender for both, since Hillary's plans came to naught. She didn't get elected, and both are now out of a job, and are potentially both subject to their own investigation. Prison may be the least of the things for which they're destined. (Zero Hedge)

Stabs Mom, Shoots Self

In Chicopee, Mass. A 15-year-old boy stabbed his mom to death and then used a gun to end his own life. But, how is this POSSIBLE? Like in Chicago, they have all those tight gun laws in Massachusetts! His mom shouldn't have even been ABLE to get a gun! But, as usual, all those tight gun laws don't do a thing to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding, OR lawless people. Anti-gun fools will no doubt include this instance in their “gun violence” stats, even though the gun part was a suicide. They do that, you know, to make their stats look worse than they are. This again proves that all their ignorant gun laws do NOTHING to stop such actions. But do they pursue other means and methods? Nope! They keep making the same USELESS laws over and over, and get more and more people killed, since they're made DEFENSELESS in the face of all the ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who don't bother with permits or registration of their guns. (U. S. News & world Report)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Piling On"

The "Roy Moore Thing" is fitting a pattern. that pattern is women "coming out of the woodwork" to accuse him of unwanted sexual advances, based on the most nebulous "evidence," or no evidence at all. And these added accusations have been used by his detractors to intimate they are proof of the truth of their accusations, while they are not. If Moore is guilty, he should, by all means, "step down." But I have seen NOTHING that rises to the level of REAL proof. Only the UNSUPPORTED WORD of several women, who may just be looking for some name recognition or a payday. I have no brief for those who ARE guilty, such as Harvey Weinstein and others in the Hollywood cesspool, but I require REAL PROOF that the action really did occur. Everybody has been jumping on Moore WITHOUT that proof, as they never did on Bill Clinton or other Dumocrats, while their actions were real, and provable. I'm getting sick and tired of people "jumping on the bandwagon" in such cases, acting as if the charges had been proven when they have NOT. (Just common sense)

Punish Lawmakers

Why are there so many lawmakers who think they can get away with making laws that are patently unconstitutional and get away with it? So far, the only penalty they pay is for their unconstitutional laws to be declared so, and reversed, sometimes long after they have wreaked havoc among the people. What we need is a law that punishes MAKING such laws, in the first place. A two-tier law: one level for them UNKNOWINGLY making an unconstitutional law, the other for provable KNOWINGLY making an unconstitutional law. The Founders made a big mistake in not making it a CRIME to make an unconstitutional law and it will be difficult now to correct that mistake, because the very people who MAKE such laws have to vote to institute such a penalty upon THEMSELVES. But it has to be done, if we are to eliminate this scourge. (Just common sense)

Shutting Down A Politician

The wife of the police chief in Hartford, CT knows whereof she speaks. After an ignorant anti-cop politician made some particularly ignorant statements about cops in her support of a bill that, if passed, would further hinder the cops in doing their jobs, she sent her a letter. That politician referred to the cops as “cowboys with bats and guns” and said, “too many cops are killing kids and this has to stop.” In her letter in response, this wife told that politician that she was ignorant, and could not pass “situational training” and make the instant decisions made every day by a cop. That she should be ashamed of herself, and wondered how this ignorant politician even stayed in office with all her conflicts of interest and ignorant decisions. That cops had gotten into “shooting scrapes in Hartford only 20 times recently, and only killed one person in the last four years—and that shooting was entirely justified. Follow the link to read her letter completely. It's very satisfying to those who prize our police and wish them well. You know--those of us with intelligence. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pre-Judging Roy Moore

I expect this of Dumocrats, but not of Republicans. they're falling for the favorite Dumocrat dirty trick of accusing Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, based on NO real evidence, only the UNSUPPORTED WORD of a couple of women, some of whom may have been offered BIG MONEY to accuse him, just before the election that could make him a senator, or condemn him to the "purgatory" reserved for people whose careers have been ruined by unsupported accusations of sexual misconduct. This is a known tactic of Dumocrats--to accuse a strong Republican candidate of sexual misconduct, while IGNORING the very real (proven) sexual misconduct of one of the top men in their own party, whom they still revere. That man being Bill Clinton, whose sexual misconduct was displayed on the dress worn by the young woman from whom he got oral sex in the White House, and lied about it, under oath, before Congress. The Republican elites, like the Dumocrat fools, don't want Roy Moore in Congress because they're afraid of him, just like Donald Trump scares the "swamp-dwellers" to death, and for good reason. Whenever they hear either name, they wet their panties. (Just common sense)

Kim's Courting Death

Kim Jong Un is playing a losing game. If he wants to stay in power, and stay alive, he'll stop “picking at” the United States and start spending more money to make things better for his people, who are starving, while he spends BILLIONS on his missiles and nuclear research. There is NO WAY he can win a war against America, nuclear or otherwise. If he fires a SINGLE missile in our direction, he'll be dead soon after, while we shoot it down before it can get near us. If he wants to stay alive, he'll shut up about attacking us, because our retaliation will be immense. He will not survive it. If he wants to get millions of his people killed, okay. That's the only thing that has kept us from “taking him out” so far, and our patience is soon going to run out. It's not hard to keep track of his location, and one MOAB bomb will do the trick for him. He doesn't have enough nuclear bombs to spar with us, and we know where he is, at all times. (Just common sense)

"This Is War!"

That's what Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey, in Brevard County says, when he told his citizens to “arm yourselves,” after another shooting in Orlando killed FIVE people. “Folks, now more than ever is the time for our citizens to be prepared to serve as the first line of defense, not only for them, but for their families,” Sheriff Ivey said, in his post on Facebook. He says, among other things, that they must be prepared to be “the first line of defense” in what constitutes a WAR. “What they (terrorists) don’t count on is being attacked themselves, having to become defensive to save their own lives,” Ivey argued. They don't count on being attacked in return, and having to worry about losing their own lives before the cops arrive to kill them. He told them that those precious minutes that go by before the cops can arrive can mean life or death for everybody who isn't armed, and he couldn't be more right. This guy is a “gem” of a police politician. He must be a former “cop in the trenches” to know so much. Police politicians usually aren't that smart. Some people applauded this, but others (fools all) said he was “fear mongering.” Since when is it “fear mongering” to tell people the truth that may keep them alive? (Fox News)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Who Divided This Nation?

The Dumocrats like to complain about "this divided nation," ignoring the fact that THEY divided it, and are working HARD to keep it divided, and to divide it further, They want to divide us into smaller "warring factions" that spend their time fighting each other over silly things such as, should we allow MEN to go into women's bathrooms and changing rooms, where there are often our young daughters, naked, because they say they "think" they're a woman that day and dress up like one. It is to their advantage for us to be divided as much as possible, because while we are fighting each other, they are stealing our country behind our backs. Anybody who pays any attention to politics whatever should be able to see this. Unfortunately, too many people PROUDLY "pay no attention to politics" until an election is approaching, and the lies are flying all over the place. This article goes into much more detail on this subject. (iPatriot)

"Who Ya Gunna Call?"

The fools we call “Black Lives Matter” are damned fools. They think we can actually get along without the cops. But who are they gonna call when somebody victimizes THEM? Some thugs they know who have ILLEGAL guns? What's in it for them? Do they go out, every day and try to do what they can to protect us like the cops do? The cop haters tell us that cops “go hunting” for blacks to shoot and kill. That's a damned fool notion and a LIE. Cops are there to PROTECT us, and they do. The only people they hurt are those who want to hurt innocent people, as a rule. Yes, there are exceptions, such as the Somali cop who was a “political hire,” and who killed an innocent woman by mistake, and the other cop who panicked and killed an innocent man who was simply trying to inform him he was legally armed. Things happen. But the BLM fools want you to think the cops do that ON PURPOSE. They do NOT. Those who do will be “weeded out.” Truth is, we can't do without the cops. Only FOOLS think we can. Fools who WANT us to do without the cops so they can rob and kill us without opposition. (Just common sense)

A "Study" for THAT?

A “new study” by anti-gun fools says, “Pro-gun people are motivated by fear.” And, of course, they used a NAZI to illustrate the story. They needed a “study” to prove that? For a change, they're right, but not in the way they think. Yes, people are scared—scared of being DEFENSELESS when faced by a “bad guy” holding an ILLEGAL gun. Their “gun laws” do NOTHING to stop criminals and other bad guys from getting their guns, but only stop law-abiding people from getting them for self defense, making it easier for the bad guys to victimize us. They have a RIGHT to be scared—I'M scared. At my age, criminals regard me as “easy pickings.” I want to disabuse them of that opinion—permanently. I want the tools to be able to do that, which is being denied me by the “powers that be.” Every law or regulation they make is DESIGNED to make it easier for illegally armed criminals to victimize me, and that infuriates me. (Truth About Guns)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Top Repubs Pre-Judge

Top Republicans are calling on Judge Roy Moore to "step down" because of an UNPROVEN accusation of sexual misconduct that has been denied by even the mother of the girl making the complaint. In this country, people are considered innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law, but Moore has been "tried and convicted" in the PRESS. And top Republicans have "bought the bullsh-t" and are now calling for him to "step down," even though the charges of sexual misconduct 40 YEARS AGO have NOT been proven. A woman's UNPROVEN accusation is usually believed, even if there is NOTHING ELSE to support it but her word--unless he is a Dumocrat, and then they "circle the wagons" in his defense, and make the woman accusing him out to be a trollop, looking for a payday The most memorable comment in that campaign is one commentators' crack about "dragging a $100 bill through a trailer park." The difference is obvious--except to those who "pay no attention to politics" until just before an election. And still vote. (Just common sense)

Who Will Protect Us?

Black Lives Matter blasts NRA videos and says it will “defend ourselves from [white -RT] gun-wielding racists.” Yeah, right! But who will protect US from BLACK gun-wielding racists? The ones BLM is working so hard to CREATE? Their rhetoric has already gotten the best part of 100 police officers killed from ambush. This subversive outfit STARTED the chant, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” And they really think some deranged individuals won't take that seriously and go out “hunting” cops? No, they're COUNTING on that happening. They're CREATING the very situation they SAY they're against: cops being more quick to shoot black people—now in self defense. Every cop that gets killed, they celebrate (at least in private). Their primary purpose is to get cops killed. And I'll bet some of their very “members” do some of the killing. They are domestic terrorists. (The Blaze)