Tuesday, November 7, 2017

There's No Such Thing

Liberals often use the term. "democratic socialism," and that's a misnomer. There isn't such a thing. Socialism DENIES democracy. In order for socialism to work (for any time at all) REQUIRES strong government authority, which DESTROYS a democracy OR a republic, which is what America is. Fools in government continue to refer to this country as a "democracy," but it isn't. It's a republic. The difference is simple: in a democracy, EVERYBODY votes on every issue. In a republic, they elect representatives to vote FOR them. It is those representatives who vote on every issue. But it is their calling this a "democracy" that illustrates their abysmal IGNORANCE. And they've been told, over and over, the difference, but they insist on continuing to call this country a democracy. That simply shows their stupidity. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. Stupidity is knowing the truth and insisting on the lie. There is only one reason such people wind up in positions of power. that is that they are brought to power by people just like them. In any case, "Democratic socialism" is just another phrase designed to confuse people who pay no attention to politics, but still vote. (Just common sense)

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