Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obama Admits He's A Kenyan

Watch this video and see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears from his own mouth. Obama is NOT an American citizen and he IS a Muslim. Why the hell do people who count ignore this and allow this imposter to continue to pretend to be the president of the United States? One day, after all of Obama’s cronies are gone from the government, every law and regulation promulgated and signed into law by Obama will cease to exist. Today, he ridicules ANYBODY who even QUESTIONS his citizenship and religion, calling them “birthers,” as if that were something that made them insane or just stupid. He thinks that will prevent people from doing it, and it has, for the most part. He has “produced” a false birth certificate showing the hospital of his birth to be one that didn’t even exist when he was born and his father being called an "African," a term not in use then. He continues to block release of ANY documents that might tell us something about his early life, including his school records. Why do we allow this imposter to do these things? Are we THAT stupid? I don’t care what his religion is, except for the fact that I don’t want a Muslim signing our congressional acts into law. But I DO care that he is a self-admitted Kenyan citizen PRETENDING to be an American citizen so he can PRETEND to be president and move us ever closer to socialism, which is his idea of a perfect system. Watch this video before our dictator has it taken down. they'll call me a racist for this post, but I don't care about their lies. (YouTube)

Complete Overreaction

This is the kind of overreaction we can expect as the Obama administration moves closer and closer to a dictatorship. A child draws a PICTURE of a gun and her father is STRIP-SEARCHED by “school authorities” who aren’t smart enough to know how STUPID they are. We’re moving closer and closer, folks. What possessed them to think there was ANY kind of “probable cause” to arrest and search a law-abiding father in front of his little girl and strip search him? We can expect more and more of this STUPIDITY in the future. Like the cartoonist who was “detained” at an airport for commenting on how easy it was for a Muslim woman to get through with her face covered. These are the stupid things bureaucrats do when they think the government will back them. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obama Shows His Ignorance (Again)

He showed his ignorance many times with comments he has made, including the one last week where he said he has “five years left” as president. But mocking the GOP on the gas price issue is yet another example of his abysmal ignorance and yet another reason why he should never have been elected president. Another is his adherence to collectivism (socialism), which bodes ILL for America. If he has his way, America will replace Russia as the “example” of, and showcase for collectivism, as long as it lasts, though I don’t think it’ll last as long this time as it did in Russia, where they were not used to freedom before the communists came. Americans are used to being able to make their own decisions, not have some nameless, faceless bureaucrat in the Capitol do it for them. Of course, he can kill off all those who oppose him, as Stalin and Lenin did, but maybe not fast enough since most of them, unlike in Russia, have their own guns. (Cowboy Byte)

Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients?

They’d better polish up their expertise for this. People on welfare have nothing constructive to do, as do those who work for a living. So they do stupid things like use drugs. But they’re EXPERTS at fooling drug tests. One of the common excuses government bureaucrats use is their workload. They always talk about how heavy their workload is. So that means the feds are going to have to hire a lot more people to do these drug tests and read them, which will be good for the employment numbers. Although government jobs don’t help the economy nearly as much as jobs in private enterprise does. (Cowboy Byte)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

"I Will Bankrupt The Coal Industry!"

That very statement reveals Obama’s complete IGNORANCE of how the energy industry works. And he’s PRESIDENT! He’s SUPPOSED to understand these things. The fact he doesn’t reveals his INCOMPETENCE to BE president. The coal industry is ESSENTIAL to the electric power industry. There is nothing else on the horizon to fuel their electric generators. Yet Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry. Is this man STUPID, or just insane? I can’t understand his thinking processes, if he actually HAS any. (Cowboy Byte)

The World's Policeman?

Should we be “the world’s policeman?” that depends on what the world does, doesn’t it? Bashitr Assad is murdering thousands of his own people in his effort to stay in power Ahmadinijerk is talking about “pushing Israel into the sea” while working like a beaver to create his own nuclear bomb with which to do it. N. Korea has nuclear capability and is run, like Iran, by a madman. Russia is building their military at a breakneck pace while we look the other way since “communism failed” there. But DID it? Notice the same people who were in power when it was a communist nation are STILL in power today. They just SAY they're not communists any more. Their very leadership today were leaders in the old communist regime. DID communism fail? Or did they just rename it? They are STILL a socialist regime, and communism is but ONE kind of collectivism. Socialism is another. Both are based on stealing from those with the ABILITY to earn their own way for the benefit of those who AREN’T. SHOULD we be “the world’s policeman?” Somebody has to. We’re the biggest and most powerful (so far). Why not? What if communist China was "the world's policeman?" (The Guardian/Michael Tomasky)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Write A Check!

Warren Buffett, billionaire who was miserable about his secretary having to pay taxes at a higher percentage than he, talks a lot about rich people like him paying more taxes. NJ Gov. Chris Christie got tired of it and told him to just “shut up and write Obama a check.” So far, I don’t think Buffett has done so. In fact, he’s way behind on paying the taxes he DOES owe. His comment about his secretary is a lie too, as are the comments of most liberals. His secretary (who is salaried) pays at INCOME TAX rates while Buffett, most of whose “earnings” are capital gains, pays taxes at a far lower rate. He doesn’t tell you that if HE was on a salary, HE would pay taxes at the SAME PERCENTAGE as does his secretary and if she earned money as capital gains, she would pay for that at the same rate as he does. This is the kind of fact-twisting liberals are known for. (The Blaze)

The Best Gun Salesman in America

It’s Obama. Did you know that December 2011 saw the biggest increase in gun sales EVER for a single month? That states reporting show an increase of almost 50% in the number of gun sales? That Federal Excise Taxes collected on gun sales have gone up 48.3%? How about Rueger’s gun sales going from $117 Million to $232 million? Or Winchester’s gun sales going from $431.7 million to $572 million since Obama was elected? Since he was elected, applications for concealed carry permits rose from46% to 161%. Looks to me as if Americans are increasingly seeing a need for self defense since Obama got in the white House. So Obama, who says he “hates guns,” is the reason for a huge increase in gun sales. (The Blaze)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Contraception?

Liberals are going nuts over the allegations that Republicans and conservatives want to ban contraception—what? What Republican has EVER said a WORD about contraception except in answer to a question from a liberal newsjerk? It was started by George Stephanopolous’ question to a presidential candidate (out of the blue) about it, and has “moved on” from there. The truth is, the whole thing is a “put-up job” by Democrats to divert our attention from the REAL issues like Obama spending more of our money than there IS, then printing more and more of it, thus sending our great-grandchildren into more debt when they’re BORN than most people previously had at any point in their lives. Such things as Obama taking away right after right, under the table, hoping we won’t notice until AFTER the election so his prediction that he has “five years left” will come true. (Just common sense)

She Thinks She's A Queen

One month after her Hawaiian beach vacation, she (Michelle Obama) is taking yet another vacation—this time a skiing vacation. I know most of the expenses for these vacations are being borne by Obama, but not those for her security. Those are borne by the taxpayers. I’m sure if you added up the total amount just for security for her many vacations (and his) it would come to billions of dollars wasted. That’s why I’m going to start calling her “Marie Antionette.” And this has nothing to do with her color. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS and I judge this INDIVIDUAL to be arrogant and a spendthrift, as long as it’s somebody else’s money. (Human Events)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mutual Assured Destruction

(MAD) kept the old Soviet Union from attacking us with their nuclear arms because both sides knew that both countries would be destroyed if one nuclear missile were fired at the other. That doesn’t work with N. Korea or Iran if one or the other or both get the capability to reach American cities or property with nuclear missiles because there is no “mutuality” about the destruction that would follow. If either one fired a missile at American property, only one country would soon cease to exist soon thereafter. Yes, N. Korea DOES have nuclear capability, and soon Iran may, also. But both are far from having the capability to hit any important American targets, and they both know that to attack us is to DIE in the next few hours: only as long as it takes our missiles to reach them. The part that is unclear is caused by the fact that both countries are run by madmen who don’t much care about that. Like Red Skelton said, as “the mean wittle kid,” “If I dood it, I get a whippin . . . I dood it anyway.” So we need to do everything we can to inhibit Iran from even GETTING a nuclear capability while doing everything we can to convince the madmen in charge that an attack on us would mean the END of their entire country, themselves included. Being a dictator is nice, but only if you’re alive and have a country to rule. (How Stuff Works)

Global Minimum Tax?

The OMB (Office of Management and the Budget) wants a "global minimum tax. The obvious agency to impose it would be the United Nations. First of all, liberal dogma (for the most part) doesn’t include the idea of a global minimum tax because that means the 50% of Americans who pay NO TAX will have to pay it. But more important, the United Nations has no POWER to tax us in any way. Not now, not EVER. It’s bad enough that America gives BILLIONS of tax dollars to this depraved organization, at all. It talks and talks, and does NOTHING good. Example: it’s recent condemnation of Syria for murdering its citizens, after which Syria killed even more citizens the next day and nobody did anything. Nobody listens to the United Nations. Saddam Hussein didn’t, and the only reason he is now dead is the United States had enough of him and “took him down,” as they probably will with Assad and Ahmadinijerk one day. Some people SHOULD be killed, and Bashir al-Assad is one of them. (Voice of America)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did He Go Too Far?

Leslie Marshall, radio personality, criticizes Newt for saying “Obama is the most dangerous president we’ve ever had. Obama cannot even SAY “Islamic terrorist.” He forbids his administration’s people to even mention it in real words. He does everything he can to MINIMIZE the threat Islamic terrorists represents to us. He spends more of our money than there IS and shows no sign of slowing down in his “drunken sailor spending.” He takes over right after right, violates the Constitution with abandon, keeps us from drilling for oil on our own soil while gas prices approach $4 a gallon, and she still supports him and is OUTRAGED that Newt doesn’t. It is this kind of fool that keeps the likes of Obama in the running, and I sincerely hope the American people are too smart to listen to her. (Just common sense)

Iran: "Let's Talk"

What stupid politicians Iran thinks we have—and they’re right. Our politicians have no idea that an outfit like Iran—or N. Korea—or the Taliban—or Islamic terrorists under ANY name—say they “want to talk” so they can stall us to give themselves more time to carry out their nefarious plans. That they NEVER really “want to talk,” except as a device to divert us until THEY’RE ready to make a move. N. Korea used this scam, and now they have their own nuclear device. What makes our ignorant politicians—who are “dancing in the streets” at the thought of Iran “wanting to talk,” think things will be any different this time? Why can I, a simple old man, see this while our “smartest people in the world,” do not? (Red State)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

She Either Has Alzheimer's Or Is Senile

Sheila Jackson Lee says she can’t recall anyone EVER attacking a president like they do Obama. How about how Obama attacked, and still attacks Bush? How about Reagan? Or Lincoln? Or several others I can remember? And I’m old enough to have Alzheimer’s. She says Republicans “want to take away love and charity just for the pure satisfaction of beating Obama.” As to attacking presidents in the press, somebody needs to remind her of the Reagan years, AND the Lincoln years. and then there are the Washington years. Attacking a sitting president is routine, and smart ones don’t think anything about it. But Lee is known for the STUPID statements she makes and no one is surprised at what foolishness comes out of her big mouth. Somebody needs to wrap some duct tape around her head right where her mouth is and hope it holds out under the pressure of her stupidity. What she ignores is the many GOOD REASONS for getting rid of Obama. It’s not just for “the fun of it.” And if she doesn’t know any better, SHE is the one that is stupid. (Glenn Beck)

Ain'tcha Glad We Got A Constitution?

In Sweden, if they even HAVE one, it isn’t helping home schoolers who want to keep their children’s minds out of the hands of the government and are teaching them at home. The government is ORDERING them to send their children to state-run schools so they can “properly condition” them to be good socialists. They haven’t been able to do that yet in this country, but they are working hard to gain that power. If they ever do, they will turn out “good little socialists” every day. They’re doing it now to all the kids now going to state-run schools in the United States. People wonder why their children, who have listened to them about what’s WRONG with socialism as children, fight them on it when they get out of school; that’s why. They’ve been thoroughly brainwashed. Thank God I went through school before the socialists gained the power they have, now. And they hate it when I tell the truth about what they’re doing. They’ll be glad when I’m dead, or the time when they figure out a way to silence me and all the others who tell the truth about them. (Home School Association)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Waters Goes Bananas

She gets up in front of the Democrat State Convention in California and says, “Boehner and Cantor are demons! And I don’t want to see them or any other Republicans again in life!” What a FOOL this woman is! I’d like to honor her demand, but unfortunately killing people like her is illegal. It’s fools like this who are making the laws we must all follow today. No matter the law is so screwed up today. I wish it was easier to get rid of such fools once they reveal themselves as she has. She continued: “These are legislators who are destroying this country rather than bringing us together, creating jobs, making sure we have a good tax policy, bringing our jobs from back offshore, incentivizing those who keep the jobs here. They are bringing down this country, destroying this country because again they’d rather do whatever they can to destroy this president rather than for the good of this country.” No, they’re not. They’re trying to SAVE the country from such as her and Obama, who has spent us into oblivion and is working tirelessly to destroy this country's economy. Is there any wonder we want to get rid of him? And we need to get rid of the likes of Maxine Waters, too, for our own good. (The Blaze)

They're Not Smart Enough

And they prove it by getting their panties in a twist over a piece in the PARODY paper, The Onion. "The May 2011 Onion article details the opening of a 'sprawling abortion facility that will allow the organization to terminate unborn lives with an efficiency never before thought possible.' The fictional Abortionplex includes more than 2,000 rooms dedicated to the procedure, as well as 'coffee shops, bars, dozens of restaurants and retail outlets, a three-story nightclub, and a 10-screen multiplex theater - features intended not only to help clients relax, but to foster a sense of community and make abortion more of a social event.' " this just proves that Republicans can be as ignorant as Democrats. We should have a better method of “vetting” any candidate for any office to determine their intelligence. (American Thinker/Rick Moran)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scalping Murdock

Leave it to Obama to make the most of ANY scandal he thinks he can “pin” on the owner of Fox News and enable him to discredit it. Several low-ranking REPORTERS in Rupert Murdock’s organization, NOT employed by Fox, did some things they shouldn’t have. Murdock immediately responded not only by firing them, but by shutting down their newspaper, too. Murdock neither knew, nor approved of what they did, but apparently Obama doesn’t care about that. He wants Murdock’s HAIR (what there is of it) so he’s out to scalp him. I don’t know if he will actually pursue legal action against Murdock in this country, but the very SUGGESTION of it, he thinks, will discredit Fox News, which is what he’s after. (The Guardian)

Is There Nothing LOW They Won't Do?

Now theOWS fools are throwing urine at people. Throwing urine and feces at people is something degenerates do in PRISON. It’s not something you do if you want to change people’s minds. It’s something you do when all you want to do is IRRITATE people, and that’s what they want to do. Did the guy who pulled down his pants on the curb in front of everybody and took a dump on the sidewalk think that’s something RESPONSIBLE people do? How about the people who “get it on” in their tents, right on the sidewalk? This OWS crowd is NOT a “legitimate” outfit, they are simply troublemakers sent by Obama, and should be treated as such: arrested, and given LONG prison sentences. Liberals say there’s no difference between OWS and the Tea Parties. Tea Parties have NEVER done the things routinely done by OWS people. What’s more, they know what they want; the OWS people don’t, except that it boils down to a “free ride” at someone else’s expense. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama Staffer Lies--This Is News?

Obama’s new chief of staff flatly lied in a recent interview. He was asked about Harry Reid’s statement that we “didn’t need to pass a budget” by saying they needed 60 votes to pass a budget, KNOWING that if a filibuster went more than 50 hours on a budget issue, they could then pass it with 51 votes, which the Democrats have, and one more. What he DIDN’T say is that the DEMOCRATS don’t want a budget, so they use every lying tactic to avoid it. He used to run the Office of Management and the Budget, so he should know this, unless he is incompetent. Is he lying, or is he incompetent? (Breitbart’s Big Government)

If Iran Attacks America

There has a lot been written about what would happen if America attacked Iran. It’s all supposition. What will really happen if Iran attacks the United States directly is that soon after, Iran and its threat would cease to exist. And we woudn’t be asking anybody’s “permission” to overfly their country to accomplish it. Just try and stop us! So if Ahmadinijerk wants to kill himself and all his people, just attack us. Iran is a large country, land-wise. But it is small in many ways otherwise, chiefly in its thinking. It adheres to a fifteenth century way of thinking while seeing itself as invincible. It is not. It is not a pimple on the behind of America when it comes to military power and prowess. Good advice for Ahmadinijerk: sit down and shut up! If you don’t, your life expectancy is very short. Do something REALLY stupid and the life expectancy of your entire country and its ignorant jerks in black robes is also very short. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Typical Power Grab

LA County has made it illegal and subject to a $1,000 fine to throw a football on the beach. The Constitution prohibits “cruel or unusual punishment” for ANYTHING, and this fits that description. They want people to “get a permit” if they want to do it. Which gives them the power to say “No.” It amazes me how many things that should be our right by BIRTH now require a “permit” or a “waiver” to do. Like not being FORCED to provide contraceptives when to do so is against your basic principles. Obama’s ORDER to the Catholic hospitals and other Catholic-owned businesses to provide contraceptives to its employees, even if to do so is AGAINST their deeply-held principles is yet another example of a power grab, this time by the president. He doesn’t have the power to GIVE such an order, NOR does he have the power to ORDER insurance companies to do so after people objected, just as LA County has no power to BAN footballs or Frisbees on the beach. But they TOOK it, anyway. If nobody stops them, they'll get away with it. (CBS Local)

$50,000 On Lingerie?

That’s what this story says, and I believe it. Michelle thinks she is “queen” of America and can spend taxpayer’s money any way she wants. Maybe it’s not taxpayer money she used to buy her lingerie, but I’m sure it cost us just as much for her to go where she bought it. The white House denies it, but then the White House quickly denies ANYTHING that might make the president look bad, true or not. Nobody ever believes the White House when they deny something because that is the “default position.” Even is the story is true. I swear, I’m going to start calling her “Marie Antionette.” That’s how she acts. She thinks money grows on trees since Obama was elected. (The Blaze)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Raping the Banks (Again)

Democrats raped banks and other financial institutions when they made that scurrilous law, the “Community Reinvestment Act of 1977” that FORCED lenders to loan money to everybody who asked, REGARDLESS of their ability to pay it back, an “exercise in financial madness that was GUARANTEED to create a massive financial crash from the moment it was passed into law, that Democrats could use to “take over the government’ without firing a shot.. They raped them again when they passed the “Dodd-Frank” bill into law (signed by Barack Obama) after Bill Clinton strengthened the original “Community Reinvestment Act.” And his AG, Janet Reno, threatened lending institutions with expensive, if futile, “investigations.” They blamed those victimized banks for the financial meltdown, accusing them of “predatory lending.” What? What is “predatory lending, and who profits outside of the political party that wants to use it to gain more power? Dodd and Frank were at the forefront in the defense of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac the TWELVE TIMES George Bush and the Republicans tried to expose their scam before it was finally exposed and they were “shut down,” just in time to get many Democrats (including Obama) elected. Now Obama, still blaming the banks for what HE has created, is making even more laws to rape them again. (Wikipedia)

Russia Doesn't Care

Assad is MURDERING his own people by the hundreds, even thousands. But Russia doesn’t care; they’ve murdered MILLIONS of their own people in the past, and are still doing it, quietly. They are thugs, not politicians. Putin is “in charge,” and he is one of the chief murderers. When Russia was a communist country he murdered many as the head of their secret police, the KVD (it’s more recent name). He used to be president; now he is prime minister. Next he will be president again. Just as Obama would be whatever was the same as prime minister here if he lost the next election until he could run again for another two terms as president. Does anybody think the current president in Russia is not subject to the direct orders of this prime minister? Russia is slowly moving back toward the complete authoritarian regime they once had as America is moving toward its first since they were under the thumb of Britain. They didn’t learn from its (Russia's) collapse. Putin LIKES having “life or death power” over his “subjects,” as Obama will if he ever gains it. Assad is murdering his people, and Putin is supporting him. Surprise, surprise! (
RUSSIA DOESN’T CARE: Assad is MURDERING his own people by the hundreds, even thousands. But Russia doesn’t care; they’ve murdered MILLIONS of their own people in the past, and are still doing it, quietly. They are thugs, not politicians. Putin is “in charge,” and he is one of the chief murderers. When Russia was a communist country he murdered many as the head of their secret police, the KVD (it’s more recent name). He used to be president; now he is prime minister. Just as Obama would be whatever was the same as prime minister here if he lost the next election until he could run again for another two terms as president. Does anybody think the current president is not subject to the direct orders of this prime minister? Russia is slowly moving back toward the complete authoritarian regime they once had as Amerivca is moving toward its first since Britain. They didn’t learn from its collapse. Putin LIKES having “life or death power” over his “subjects,” as Obama will if he ever gains it. Assad is murdering his people, and Putin is supporting him. Surprise, surprise! (

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Obama miscalculated badly when he issued his dictate (order) that EVERYBODY (including the Catholic church, one of his biggest voting blocks in 2008) provide, at their expense (not his) contraception. He didn’t understand just how STRONG their beliefs were, and how far they would go to tell him to “go to hell”. Now the Catholic church, among many others, is telling him just that and DARING him to send them to prison, just as I will if his thugs ever come after me to buy his health insurance (What part of “can’t afford it” doesn’t he understand? Ordering me to buy it won’t change that.”) Now he’s considering offering “waivers” to outfits like the Catholic church if they come to him, “hat in hand,” and beg for it. It’s just another way to gain CONTROL over another segment of the population. He doesn't have the POWER to make them provide contraception against their principles, and doesn't have the power to make their insurance companies do it, either. (CBS)

Chicago Gun Sales Up

They got rid of the ban on gun sales to private individuals in Chicago and gun sales went up accordingly. Even though they coupled it with onerous licensing, the number of licenses “granted” increased, a lot. People were arming themselves to defend their homes and families against illegally armed predators. But did you notice that the item announcing it made NO mention of whether the crime rate went up or down? Not surprising. Anti-gun crazies don’t want you to know that the violent crime rate probably went down. It usually does when honest people are allowed the means to their own defense. (CBS Chicago)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

GOP Using Democrat Tactics

They’re now ridiculing Romney as “Richie Rich” trying to buy the election. Unfortunately, much of that is true; he IS “trying to buy the election,” again spending a lot of his own money to overwhelm his opponents as he did in 2008. (Unfortunately, Obama has a lot more money --ours) But there are many OTHER good reasons to oppose his nomination to the Republican Party presidential candidacy. One being he is a LIBERAL. He tries to masquerade as a conservative, but nobody who is intelligent and pays attention believes it. I don’t care if he is worth BILLIONS; it’s not his money that bothers me, it’s his politics. I believe he’s in the wrong party. His politics should be in the Democrat Party. The GOP wants him to be nominated because “it’s his turn,” as it was with McCain and Dole. The only problem with that is he’s going to LOSE, as both McCain and Dole did, which saddled us with many more years of liberal governing. Ann Coulter is pushing him at the moment, but I think her every word in support of him is “tongue-in-cheek,” and it’s like Rush Limbaugh when he was pushing Hillary’s candidacy to prolong the primaries and force them all to spend more money. (Ann Coulter)

Texas Oil Boom

Didja read about this in the enemedia? No? And you won’t, either. Oh, you might see one or two stories, but not the media craze you’ll see about Obama’s doings (those they figure you’ll like, anyway). This discovery alone can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, and I’ll bet the Obama forces are right now scheming to stop it, as they did with the Canadian oil pipeline. They just do not want an increase in our domestic oil production. That would make it look like the free market could do it without government interference, and they can’t have that. Notice the date on the newspaper. I saw that when it first came out, but have seen nothing about it since. Notice the emphasis in this NYT story is the appearance of a trailer park. (New York Times)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eastwood Was Conned

That $14 million dollar Super Bowl ad made by Clint Eastwood, a well-known conservative actor/director, would never have been made if he had realized it was a blatant campaign ad for Obama, made by people who are ardent Obama supporters. Knowing Eastwood’s past, I believe that. Eastwood making that ad would be like ME making a similar ad. I’d have to be drunk or drugged. I like Rush Limbaugh’s parody of it better. Click the link below to hear it. (The Blaze)

Taxing the Rich is Stupid

Same song, different day. Obama has again said we need to tax the rich more so we can make up for the fact that he (Obama) has spent more money than there IS in his efforts to move this country closer and closer to socialism. And if you don’t know what socialism is, and why it’s bad for us, you’d better learn, and quick, before the next election. My own SISTER didn’t know until I laid it out for her. Now she’s the biggest anti-socialist there is while she loses her home to Obama’s silly economic policies. This is a woman who does NOT do stupid things, yet she’s losing her home because Obama’s policies made things so bad she could no longer afford it. There are not enough “rich people” in the WORLD to tax enough to make up for ONE DAY of Obama’s spending, and there never WILL be. He simply hates rich people, even though he is now rich, himself. He’s got his, now he wants to pull up the ladder so nobody else can come up. That’s ”class warfare,” no matter how much he denies it and ridicules those who accuse him of it. Gad, what a STUPID president we have! (Forbes)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Their Numbers Don't Add Up

They claim the unemployment figure is now 8.2%. Obama says there were several MILLION new jobs created; but there were not. They “fiddle” the numbers on a regular basis and claim certain “”formulas” such as “seasonal adjustments” allow them to do so. But even with those “seasonal adjustments,” they still don’t add up One of their “seasonal adjustments” is the “size of the workforce.” That means they can ARBITRARILY decide that 1.5 million people LEFT THE WORKFORCE (gave up looking), allowing them to release figures based on a SMALLER WORKFORCE, which means they can claim a smaller or larger percentage, based on that smaller workforce without creating a single job. Another example is Medicare Part B. I just got a summary of claims processed. It shows ONE doctor appointment at $190.00; Medicare approved $101.29 of that, but paid the provider only $81.03, leaving me owing $20.26. But what happened between $190.00 and the $81.03 they actually PAID the provider? Somewhere there, we lost $108.97. Where did that go? They SAY they pay 80%; but 80% of WHAT? The actual cost? Or what they “deem” to be the cost? The numbers just don’t add up in anything they do. But they’ve got a pat explanation for anybody who asks questions that is guaranteed to make your head spin. What this means is the government lies to you on a regular basis and has a built-in excuse that allows them to do so. But when you present some figures to them, they’d BETTER add up, or you might end up in jail. Even if they do, you STILL might end up in jail, or paying a fine. (Just common sense)

We "Scared Hell Out of Them"

After it was announced there would be a vote on an unconstitutional bill that would have allowed the government to interfere with the Internet generally, the Internet responded, and we “scared the hell out of them.” They pulled the bill for what they call a “rewrite” to remove the offensive portions. You know, the part that “throws out the baby with the bath water” they usually put in such bills, and which gives them a lot more power (under the table) than they’re entitled to. Yes, Internet piracy IS a problem. LinkBut they don’t need a law such as this to deal with it. (CATO)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Abortion IS Murder!

ABORTION IS MURDER: I’ve said this over and over, and nobody seems to be listening; or they want to kill the result of unprotected sex instead of using a rubber and don’t want to take away their ability to do that by facing truth. But the fact remains that abortion IS murder. It KILLS a breathing human being, albeit while still in the womb. I just watched a television feature starring a beautiful woman who is an “abortion survivor.” Her mother tried hard to kill her, but wasn’t successful. She is now a mother herself; a mother of a beautiful little girl who would not exist if her own mother had been a successful murderer. I probably know many people who are abortion murderers themselves, but they don’t talk about it, and for good reason: they know it’s WRONG, even if it IS legal. It was made legal by some politicians and a few black-robed dictators. It was never judged so by any Congress—only by nine old men (and a few women) in black robes. I think maybe even my own wife may have aborted at least one child. That’s the only reason I can think of for a “good Christian woman” to be able to get so angry at me for my beliefs. I know she did put at least one child up for adoption before she met me. But my beliefs have nothing to do with religion. They have everything to do with common sense and logic.

People in favor of abortion SAY it involves a “woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body.” It doesn’t. It has to do with the RIGHT of that innocent baby to stay alive. If what women do with their own bodies is so important, why do we put prostitutes in jail? Maybe one day somebody will listen to me and do something about this “mass murder” of innocent children. People who would not do anything to hurt a living baby favor KILLING them in the womb, for the parent’s CONVENIENCE. It’s as simple as that. Nothing more. Forget the polemics and rhetoric about “back alley abortions.” Yes, it isn’t pretty. But it can be prevented so simply by the use of a little piece of rubber or any number of other birth control methods that some people want to be banned. The simple argument is that fetus has a RIGHT to be alive. To kill it is WRONG, and that’s not a religious statement. It has the right to be alive, REGARDLESS of religion. If people like Bill Gates or Albert Einstein were aborted, the world would have missed out on a lot. If Adolph Hitler or Stalin, or Lenin had been aborted, the world would have been better off. But how would you know, at their birth or before, which they are? And who should have the power to decide? Personally, the only good I see from abortion is that people who kill their babies tend to be liberals, and what better way to reduce the number of liberals and socialists in the world? But I’m not willing to kill babies to accomplish it. (Just common sense)

"If They're Starving, Let Them Eat Cake!"

That’s what Marie Antionette said when somebody asked her about her starving subjects., thus showing her complete ignorance of life. Now we have Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia showing HIS ignorance by saying, “if they don’t like the political ads on TV, just turn it off.” A typical response from someone who “got his” and thinks anybody wanting more is just a “trouble maker.” What if I don’t WANT to “turn it off?” What is I find other things of value there I want to see, but the political ads get in the way? Why should I HAVE TO turn it off? Why don’t POLITICIANS “turn it off? It’s nobody’s right to put me in a position where I HAVE TO turn it off to avoid the repetitive lies I see every day? He’s got a lot of nerve to even SUGGEST it. (The Blaze)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

They're Already Doing It

This item is about how Blogger has agreed to censor blogs in certain countries. But they’re already doing it here. Not Blogger, Town Hall. I’ve run afoul of their censorship on a number of occasions. They didn’t like it when I called VP Biden “Joe Biteme” and apparently ANY word meaning penis, in any context, is verboten. Ass was censored one time when I told about Jesus leading an ass with his wife on it. They don’t look at the context; certain words are just verboten in the computer and will not be allowed. They will not even answer me when I protest. (The Blaze)

Tired Of It (Again)

I was tired of the “dog and pony show” politicians put on in 2007 and I’m tired of it today, It’s a shame we have to spend so much time listening to our lying politicians lying to us every 2 years or less. The biggest “dog and pony dhow” is for president, but we have to suffer it again and again for local elections, too, in between. I think the system we have now of multiple primaries and caucuses, preceding a national election to choose a president is excessive. It was designed for a much smaller and simpler lifestyle. We don’t need to spend millions, maybe even BILLIONS of dollars and listen to thousands of ads of one politico or another attacking the other, with MAYBE true charges. I get sick and tired of listening to it. But I must do so if I’m to know what’s going on, otherwise. We need a system that doesn’t cost as much, and does not involve months and months of political ads, political speeches, and more and more bullsh-t, followed by more of it for the next election. Surely smart people could come up with a system that doesn’t involve this—but will they? Politicians LIKE the hooraw surrounding any election; they “feed” on it. I HATE it, and I’m a political commentator, so I get more of it than most people. The writer of the article here linked says he is almost relieved to turn to a sports channel. I am not. I live in Denver, where you cannot avoid discussion of the Broncos—or the Rockies, or the Nuggets, or Avalanche, or many, many others, day after day. People seem to be as obsessed with sports as others are with politics. I’m tired of OVERDOSING on anything: politics OR sports. Recently I got a lot of static for not wearing something orange to “support our Broncos.” I told them I was wearing orange skivvies and asked if they wanted to see. That usually shut them up. People obsess about many things, and it makes me sick; politics most of all. (The Penultimate word)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Religion Is He?

One of the factors many people find important in any election is the religion to which a nominee adheres. For instance, some people would never vote for Romney because he is a Mormon. Way back when, many people expressed reservations about voting for Jack Kennedy because he was a Catholic. I can think of MANY good reasons why nobody should have EVER voted for Kennedy, or many others, but religion is NOT one of them. Some people will never vote for a Jew, because he IS a Jew. They ignore other negatives and possibly positives, simply because he is a Jew. I would never vote for a Muslim, but not because he is a Muslim. I would not vote for him because the Muslim religion itself is not a religion, but a political dogma group, PRETENDING to be a religion and their Sharia law is an abomination and should not be imposed upon ANYBODY. It’s not BECAUSE he is a Muslim, but because he would try and force not only his “religion,” but also other of his beliefs upon me, and everybody else. It's because of his way of thinking. Other than things like that in SOME religions, religion is not important in politics, though way too many people think it is. I don’t. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lucas is Confused

He says he’s for democracy, but not CAPITALIST democracy. If so, what has he been practicing all these years while earning millions of dollars? I don’t think he understands what capitalism IS. Capitalism is a derisive descriptive word invented by the liberals (socialists) to describe the FREE MARKET, which Lucas has been practicing for many years. I wish there was a way to get to people like Lucas with intelligence, not ignorance, which seems to be his base when it comes to economics. He says “the rich shouldn’t be able to buy the presidency, but that’s exactly what is happening right now—and that’s NOT capitalism, it’s corrupt government. Obama has conned Americans out of a BILLION dollars for his re-election campaign, even though he has spent more money than there IS in his attempt to “socialize” this country. That’s more than anybody else has and if that isn’t trying to BUY the presidency, I don’t know what is. (The Blaze)