Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Many More?

How many more accusations of sexual misconduct will the Democrats bring up against Herman Cain, hoping one sticks? Why is it always the “front runner’ who gets such accusations and not the others? When another Republican becomes a front-runner will there be accusations of sexual misconduct against them? Or maybe something worse? I’m surprised a sexual misconduct accusation is their “weapon of choice,” since sexual misconduct (proven) on the part of their “most popular” president (Bill Clinton) made absolutely no difference? He was elected once in the face of serious sexual misconduct charges, and RE-elected in the face of new charges, this time amply proven. Two charges didn’t “get rid of” Cain, so now there is a third one, this time a simple “affair.” The woman claims she said nothing until Cain became a front-runner because she didn’t want to hurt him. So why does she want to hurt him, now? Was it the money from the Democrats? (

Revealing Themselves

Politicians want to instill hate for cigarette-makers in Americans while collecting more on each pack of cigarettes than do the manufacturers, and without having a CENT invested In making or marketing cigarettes. They’re mad now that some people are smoking cigarettes without paying their unconscionable taxes on every pack of cigarettes. This tells us they aren’t at all interested in cutting down on smoking because it would take money out of THEIR pockets—and they want to stop anything that does that. Shame! SHAME on those who would try to escape their cigarette taxes! Actually, they screwed up. They forgot to put a tax on tobacco growing itself. I hate to give them ides, but they’re probably already thought of it. It’ll happen soon. By the way: I don't smoke, (The Blaze)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Democrats Must Really Be Aftraid

Democrats can always be depended upon to tell us who frightens them the most. He (she)’s the one they attack the hardest and with the “dirtiest tricks.” Yesterday it was Sarah Palin; today it seems to be Herman Cain. I’m not a big Herman Cain fan. I don’t like his 9-9-9-plan. I think it’s too much. But I like him otherwise and I’ve been keeping track of all the phony accusations of sexual misconduct. Apparently two accusations didn’t work so they’re “trotting out” a third. This one with more “specifics.” Now he’s supposed to have had a 13-year “consensual” affair. The thing I hate is that Cain “waffles” when asked to simply deny ANY sex. Like most politicians, he says he wants to wait and see what she says before answering. What is this? Either he did or he didn’t, no matter what she says. C’mawn, Herman! Don’t put it off, ANSWER the question. Waffling only makes you look more guilty. Of course if he were a Democrat an illicit affair over 13 years would be a resume enhancement. (

It's NOT the Catholic Church's "Conscience Thing"

It’s not. Abortion KILLS a human being in the womb, before he/she even gets a chance at life. It has nothing to do with religious beliefs. I’m not a Catholic, or a member of any other kind of church, but I can see that, even if people like Peelosi can’t. Murder is murder, even without religion. Abortion KILLS. Like terrorism, it KILLS people (and has probably killed more people). People who are in favor of abortion can find all sorts of excuses to justify their murders for the “convenience” of those who would rather KILL the result of unprotected sex rather than use a rubber. She talks about “letting women die on the floor,” but thinks nothing about BABIES “dying on a table” in the operating room. Gawd, what a scaggy woman this is. I don’t even want to KNOW a person of the type she is. (Washington Post)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Bunch of Wimps

The Republicans say they’re not going to defund Obama’s health care swindle law because they’re afraid if they do, the Democrats will shut down the government and blame it on them. What a bunch of sniveling, spineless wimps they are! You don’t abandon a position the entire last election elected MANY Republicans over because you’re AFRAID the opposition will pull a “dirty trick” and blame you for it. We need to elect some Republicans with SPINES! We can’t elect Democrats with spines because there aren't any; they don’t even know what they are. Democrats are incompetent coming out of the starting gate because they believe in COLLECTIVISM, rather than the free market. Collectivism has proven it does NOT work time and again, but that doesn’t faze Democrats in their ignorance. (CNS News)

Ex-Cop Marine "Deals With" OWS Protester

There ARE no “ex-Marines.” Only Marines no longer serving actively. This protester only got a few words out at the swearing-in of U. S. Rep Bob Turner (the man elected to replace the disgraced “weenie-wagging” FORMER congressman Weiner. The Marine ex-cop said, “There’s a time and place for free speech and this is not it.” He’s right: disrupting a solemn occasion like this is NOT “free speech.” There should be more people like this Marine to “deal with” the stupid people in the “Occupy Everywhere” movement. All they want anyway is a “free ride.” (New York Post)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Same Thing Over and Over

Even though that’s the definition of insanity, Obama continues to do the same stupid things over and over, hoping for a different outcome. He appointed an admitted COMMUNIST to be his “green jobs” czar; he appointed a tax cheat to run the Treasury Department, under which is (you guessed it) the Internal Revenue Service; and now has appointed a woman who ran a company that DEFRAUDED Medicare to run it. Whoever is advising Obama on these things mystifies me. He couldn’t appoint worse people for these positions, and probably will continue to do so, without comment from critics or the liberal (biased) media. (American Thinker)

Obama's Solyndra Scam

The Obama administration KNEW Solyndra was in trouble well before the midterm elections, but put pressure on Solyndra to hold off on Layoffs until AFTER the midterm elections so as not to upset (his) voters. This is sure and certain PROOF the Obama administration KNEW Solyndra was in danger of going “belly-up” even before the midterms but made sure the American people would not know about it until AFTER as many Democrats as possible were elected. It didn’t work. The “Tea Party candidates” won in a landslide and Obama lost his total dominance of the federal government. Not just because of Solyndra, but because of his complete INCOMPETENCE in all things except how to get elected. And he will lose in the 2012 election for the same reason. (Washington Post)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Thanksgiving Myth

The myth of Thanksgiving is still what is taught, and that myth is basically that a bunch of thieves from Europe arrived quite by accident at Plymouth Rock, and if it weren't for the Indians showing them how to grow corn and slaughter turkeys and how to swallow and stuff, that they would have died of starvation and so forth. The Indians were great -- and then, in a total show of appreciation, we totally wiped out the Indians! We took their country from 'em. We started racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia; spread syphilis; and, basically, destroyed the environment. That is the multicultural version of Thanksgiving, and it simply isn't true." (Rush Limbaugh) It's a load of steaming, stinky brown stuff. The first settlers in America were bound by an agreement with the people who financed their trip her to operate under what amounts to communism, in that everybody had “one share” of any bounty created by all of them and did not OWN anything. It was when new Governor Bradford gave each a plot of land to farm and SELL the overage, he created the “free market” and saved the colony. This is the story hidden by revisionist historians, much as the stealing BACK of property taken by the king was what Robin Hood was all about. (Rush Limbaugh)

That "Peaceful" Religion

A Muslim father MURDERED all three of his daughters for “dating the wrong boys. “A Muslim father charged with murdering his three daughters in apparent honour killings has said he would do it again - even if they came back to life 100 times. Mohammad Shafia, 58, cursed his daughters Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13, saying they were 'treacherous' as he likened them to prostitutes during a conversation that was recorded by police. He is on trial for their murders after they were found dead in the family car along with Shafia's first wife, Rona Amir, 50, in the Rideau Canal, located in the Kingston area of Ontario in Canada in 2009. Shafia, who moved to Canada from Afghanistan with his family, is polygamous and after his arrest was heard telling his second wife, Tooba Yahya, that their daughters had brought shame on the family’.” This is an example of the way this “peaceul religion” works. That’s in addition to the fact that it brings a DEATH SENTENCE to convert from Islam to another religion. (The Daily Mail)Link

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rezko Gets 10-1/2 Years

But will anybody (except people like me who pay attention and tell the truth) ask Obama what he thinks about the guy who introduced him to numerous money men, raised mucho bucks for him and helped him fool the world when he bought the lot next door to his home? Not likely. People just don’t call attention to the corruption in which Obama is involved lest they be called racist. Solyndra was more than just a financial screwup; it was the THEFT from the taxpyers of $500 million dollars, that he gave to some of his financial supporters. This is how he rewards them. How many more such cases there are, we’ll probably never know because Obama and his crowd are good at covering such things up. (American Thinker)

Yes, It IS!

MSNBC commentator Alex Wagner says the Second Amendment should be removed from the Constitution because it is not “on the same level” with other Amendments. But it IS! If anything, it is MORE IMPORTANT than many others. Who is SHE to attempt to judge the importance of a constitutional Amendment? Maybe that’s her ploy to get noticed. Without the Second Amendment, the whole idea of self defense is gone. But, Second Amendment or not, I WILL defend myself, regardless of what Alex thinks. (Real Clear Politics)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"It Has to Be Racism!

Liberals can’t seem to figure any reason why NASCAR fans would boo a woman who, with her husband, has shown so much disdain for them and their choice of entertainment UNTIL they need their votes to hang onto office. I wonder how many minutes it took for liberals to “use the race card” in this Case? EVERY time ANYONE criticizes Obama or his wife, they CALL it racism. No one believes it any more. EVERY instance of criticism for this incompetent president and his equally incompetent wife CANNOT be racism. But they use it so they won’t have to answer ANY criticism on the merits. They think because we were stupid enough (not me) to elect him president, they’re better than we are. (CBS News)

Liberals Know Nothing

They claim we have gotten into many UNNECESSARY wars and that the cost of fighting them is the reason for the financial problems we face. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, the wars are NOT individual wars; they are all “different theaters” in ONE WAR: the war against Islamic terrorism, which was declared against us on September 11, 2001. The cost of fighting this war is very small, compared to the $TRILLIONS of dollars the liberals in our government have WASTED on their phony efforts to promote “green energy” and socialism. Obama alone has wasted trillions of dollars pursuing his “dream” to put us on a “green energy” kick and make this country into the ”Union of Soviet Socialist America.” Then he loaned $billions to a RUSSIAN businessman to do I don’t know what. What possible thing could a RUSSIAN businessman who already HAS billions do to be something the United States ought to support? The liberals have been mostly “in control” for the last FIFTY years and have pushed us into bankruptcy by their prolific and silly spending. Their “big thing” is SOCIALISM, and if they succeed in imposing it fully on this country, we’re lost. They’re always talking about “sharing the wealth,” without talking about just WHO they plan to STEAL that wealth before they “share it.” They talk about “the rich not paying their share” of income taxes, completely ignoring the fact that “the rich” pay 86% of income taxes paid while earning a LOT less than that much of the totals earned. Yet the American people, most of whom simply don’t pay attention to politics, believe every word they spew. (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kagan is Biased

And she won’t recuse herself when the case involving Obama’s health care swindle comes up. It’s obvious she intends to attempt to get a “positive vote” for this unconstitutional law. Well, I guess that’s why Obama appointed her: she is his “secret weapon” in his fight to impose this unconstitutional socialist law upon us. There should be a law FORCING judges with KNOWN biases to recuse themselves from such cases, but don’t expect it from this Congress. You'll never see it until such a law hurts Republicans. (Glenn Beck)

Right to the Heart

As usual, Mallard Fillmore goes right to the heart of things. This cartoon takes on the fact that the “Occupy Whatever” fools always leave a stinky mess for somebody else to clean up, while the “Tea Parties” do not. Additionally, I saw a comment to a comic strip this morning claiming that Tea Party demonstrators bring guns to their demonstrations. Liberals are always anxious to demonstrate their ignorance, and that comment does it nicely. (Mallard Fillmore)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are Saudis REALLY Our Friends?

Yes, Saudi citizens were the killers in the 9/11 atrocity, and people (mostly liberals) say that’s no reason to blame the Saudi government. But how about THIS? The Saudi government has offered all-expenses-paid trips to the Haji pilgrimage for the Palestinian terrorists released from prison in trade for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. You remember Israel released 1000 of them as RANSOM for this soldier. The Saudis CLAIM to be our friends, but if you look at what they DO, not what they SAY, the truth comes out. This is not the only time the Saudis have sided with terrorists while PROFESSING their “friendship” for America. I think our political dolts such as Obama need to “wise up.” Recruiters for al-Qaida will probably be there to recruit them. (The Blaze)

The "Sexual Harassment" Myth

A woman can accuse a man (or another woman) of sexual harassment if the other person “stands too close” and makes “hand movements” that makes her “uncomfortable.” Sexual harassment then becomes what the woman THINKS is sexual harassment. She gets to DEFINE what CONSTITUTES sexual harassment. This is wrong. But that is how we operate today. If a woman accuses a person of “sexual harassment” with some “vague reference” as to what CONSTITUTES it, they are believed implicitly. The other person is “stained” by the accusation and does NOT get to face his (or her) accuser, whose identity is kept secret. This is DOUBLY wrong, but again, this is how we operate today. If a man accuses a WOMAN of sexual harassment, he is laughed at, and nothing ever comes of the accusation. Some men say they WISH some woman would “sexually harass” them. The whole “sexual harassment” thing is based on an unconstitutional method allowing the person making the accusation to DEFINE what constitutes sexual harassment (subjective) while not allowing the accused to confront his (or her) accuser, which is patently unconstitutional, and rightly so. I feel sorry for ANYBODY some woman “targets” for a “sexual harassment” accusation. There is no way the accused can defend him(her)self against such vague, ill-defined accusations, especially when he(she) cannot directly confront his(her) accuser. (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Illegal For You, But Not For Us!"

I noted this several weeks ago and the liberal media has now “found it out” after they could ignore it no longer. I should not that Fox News was one of the first to “notice” it and report it. The story is this: members of Congress MAY “insider trade” with impunity and they use that to become millionaires during their tenure in Congress. Meanwhile they put people (like Martha Stewart) in PRISON for doing the same. How many times has a politician gone to Washington a pauper and left as a millionaire? It happens so often it is almost a “trend.” One politician (or two, maybe) are the Clintons, who waste not a moment in telling us how rich they are. Seems to me Bill Clinton only made about $40,000 a year as governor of Arkansas. I could name many more, including some who were already rich (like Nancy Peelosi) who become SUPER rich while in office by taking advantage of “insider knowledge.” This is WRONG, but don’t expect to see Congress do anything to reverse it. I’m really surprised to see CBS, a premier member of the “state-controlled Media” break this story. The pressure to do so must have been immense. (60 Minutes)

It's The Socialism, Stupid!

No, not you. Obama. He’s moaning about this country “losing its will.” Yet he’s promoting the very thing that will CAUSE us to “lose our will to produce”: taking away the fruits of our labors as socialism does. During his (I think) “ill-fated” first run for president, he (famously) told one man, “Joe The Plumber,” that we needed to “spread the wealth around.” That should have been a clear warning that he wanted to impose collectivism (socialism) on us. He should have been rejected, not elected, although I’m not sure John McCain would have been a lot better. Since he was elected, he has spent more money than there IS. More than all previous presidents PUT TOGETHER. He has made countless “regulations”that have made it a lot harder to start, OR run a business. Everything we do today requires PERMISSION from a nameless, faceless bureaucrat. Permission to do things that should not require “permission” from anybody. One day soon, I will need a "permit" to write a blog like this, and the government will control what I may say in it. That's the day I shut it down. The Golden Gate Bridge couldn’t be built today because nobody could afford to wade through all the “red tape” required to install ONE girder. The cost to build it would be TEN TIMES what it cost originally. Obama and the rest of the liberals are the CAUSE of the “loss of incentive” in this country (that's a SYMPTOM of socialism) and Obama has the GALL to bemoan its loss. (The Weekly Standard)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Greatest Danger Today

Sharia Law. Don’t believe it? Read this: Recently, Matthew Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Council, was to speak at an important national conference on the effect of Sharia law on the U. S. Constitution at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, But before the conference could be held, the hotel violated a contract and cancelled the conference, citing “security concerns.” Which means, I suppose, they were afraid representatives of that “peaceful religion” of Islam might bomb the hotel or create some other kind of violence. This has nothing to do with the Constitution, you say? If the conference organizers sue the hotel to enforce the contract, who do you think will win, with the threat of violence from one side? “The fact is, private companies and municipalities are facing more and more pressure to cater to or adopt special rules for Muslims. In one recent case, Muslim workers claimed ‘unfair labor practices’ because they were told to clock out before taking prayer breaks. In another instance, claims of discrimination were leveled when Muslim women were told not to wear their head scarves for safety reasons before going on a roller coaster. And now in courts of law across this nation, Shariah law is already being applied in case after case. There are actually dozens of ‘Shariah law’ cases in our courts! A study by the Center for Security Policy found 50 state court cases that considered Shariah law.

To make matters worse, these cases referenced differing variations of Shariah law from 16 countries. The study concluded, ‘[J]udges are making decisions deferring to Shariah law even when those decisions conflict with constitutional protections’.” (Matthew Staver) Any judge that makes a decision based on anything BUT The Constitution of the United States should be removed for cause and his/her decision voided because the Constitution is the ONE basis for ALL. Our laws. Nothing else, nowhere. Just the Constitution. "[T]he truth is, the greatest threat our nation now faces from radical Islam is not in the form of another 9/11 attack, but rather in the slow, steady, and systematic implementation of Shariah law. It’s already happening in Europe where schools are adopting special rules for Muslim students during Rhamadan. Europe is so far gone that the Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the Church of England) said that the adoption of Shariah law is 'unavoidable' and the idea that 'there is one law for everybody' is 'a bit of a danger'." (Ibid.) "Danger?" From where? From those representatives of that "peaceful religion" of Islam? The idea that there is one law for everybody IS the only right thing, and to think otherwise shows total IGNORANCE and should, again, be grounds for removal for a judge, who should know the law and how it works. Fear of retaliation should not be a factor. If we give in to far, civilization is lost. (Just common sense)

Muslims Want Special Treatment At CATHOLIC University

They want “special Islamic footbaths” in restrooms there. They also want CROSSES removed from the same Catholic university. Which brings up the question: WHAT ARE Muslims even DOING going to a CATHOLIC University except to make trouble? Does anybody think Muslims would make special arrangements for Christian (or any other religion) students at MUSLIM universities? Not a chance. They wouldn’t even ALLOW such students in a university they control. So why does anybody CARE what they want? If they don’t like it there, they can go elsewhere. (Atlas Shrugs)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DNC Chair Schultz Wants to Kill Her Babies

Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz wants to have unprotected sex and kill the result instead of using birth control. She says saying That "Republicans saying life begins at conception is extreme and radical.” This from a woman who is herself “extreme and radical” and has screwed herself into the Democrat Party leadership I wonder how many of her progeny she has murdered in the process? (CNS News)

Biden Can't Take It

A reporter from The Hill confronted him about his silly comments that if we didn’t pass Obama’s latest spending bill (that he calls a “Jobs Bill”), murders and rapes will increase, and he has filed an “official protest.” I guess he’s just not used to reporters confronting him about his lies. Maybe he thinks guys like him ought to be allowed to lie to the public with impunity. I guess it’s because of his arrogant contempt for their “subjects” that’s responsible. Like Obama, he thinks nobody should be ALLOWED to question them. He thinks “rules were broken” by the question. (The Blaze)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Obama's Jew-Hate Confirmed

I knew it before this happened, but Obama’s slipup with the French President when he didn’t realize the mike was “hot” confirms it. He told Sarcozy he “had to deal with Netanyahu every day.” Obviously he was exasperated at that. It has been obvious that Obama did not like Jews since he wrote in his book, “Audacity of Hope,” ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.' If you’re going to “stand with the Muslims,” who HATE Jews and want to “push them into the sea.” That makes your position obvious, no matter how much you lie about it. Since he was elected (a BIG mistake), his policies toward Israel and the Jews cemented it. An apology for his remarks just won’t get it. He spoke his own mind in that unguarded moment and no amount of “apology” will change that. Obama thinks Israel is “the problem,” in the Middle East, which reveals his complete incompetence. (USA Today)

Impossible Agenda

Jonathan Miller, head of the “No Labels” organization, is pushing an impossible agenda to eliminate what he calls “hyper-partisanship” in Washington. No partisanship is a dictatorship where opinion is DICTATED by whoever is in power; one person or a committee who always agrees on everything. The Founders of this country hated each other, yes. And that’s a good thing when one group wants to implement things that are abhorrent to the rest. Who is to judge which side is right? Should somebody have the right to DICTATE which side is right? That’s what real bipartisanship is. They were right to set this government up in such a way as to allow the two sides to “fight it out,” rather than allow one entity to DICTATE what is, or is not right. Partisanship keeps one side or the other from “running over” the other side.

We are currently fighting to retain our free market system, keeping this country free. The other side wants to institute collectivism (socialism, Fascism, Communism, and many other “isms” are all different forms of collectivism) and force it on us. We don’t want that, and will continue to fight attempts to impose it on us. If that is “Hyper-partisanship,” so be it. Miller points out the “Occupy” movement and the “Tea Parties,” as equal examples of people being “tired of it.” But they’re not. The “Occupy” movement, small as it is, is a CONSTRUCT of Obama’s Washington, going after all the wrong goals (a free ride and socialism), while being supported by all the wrong people (The Communist Party and the Nazis, among others) while the “Tea Parties” are the REAL example of people being “tired of the bullsh-t.” (No Labels)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Obama Is Incompetent!

Everything he does makes things worse. He has pledged to BANKRUPT the coal industry, even though there is nothing on the horizon to replace it and our energy system DEPENDS on it. He thinks Israel is “the problem” in the Middle East, though they have been attacked from every side and are ENTITLED to defend themselves. He disparages and wants to excessively tax the very people who CREATE all the jobs, making it more difficult to do so. States wish to control their borders against intrusion by not only Mexicans, but by Muslim extremists who want to blow us up for not believing exactly the same as they do, and Obama’s forces in the White House SUE them, saying they have NO RIGHT to demand he enforce the law. Liberals in Washington (and Obama) say federal law trumps state law when the Constitution plainly says otherwise. He guaranteed a half-Billon dollar loan to a "green energy" company even though his advisers TOLD him was a "risky venture" and which has declared bankruptcy after the first year in business, meaning WE (the taxpayers( have to make it good. This when he has SPENT all our money. (Just common sense)

"My People Still Love Me!"

That’s what Khaddaffi (however he spelled it the week they killed him) still thought, even as they tried to find him so they could kill him. That’s how far “out of it” he was in the final stages of his fall from ultimate power to hiding in a sewer pipe to stay hidden. When they found him, they understandably beat him and killed him. Naturally the liberals of the world, who never saw a murdering dictator they didn’t like, want an “investigation” into how he died. Which, of course, is an exercise in futility because he had it coming. I would have been surprised if he actually SURVIVED his capture. The many thousands of people he murdered would think it was too bad we couldn’t bring him back to life and kill him again, over and over, so he would suffer more. Of course, now we learn that, no matter how much of a murderer HE was, they want yet another murderer to replace him; they recently announced that Sharia Law was now “the law of the land.” So we’ve now traded one dictator for another. (

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shiela Grady Got It Started

She went directly from being Chicago Mayor Daley’s employee to the presidency of the National Restaurant Association and she was the one who came up with the paperwork from the NRA that everybody wanted. The funny thing is, Cain has never worked in Chicago (Obama’s home town) and ALL the sexual harassment accusations emanated from where? Chicago, of course. And one of the accusers is an Obama employee. The Politico couldn’t come up with ANY specifics, and the story started to “go away.” So what happens? Two more women come forth with (guess what?) SPECIFIC allegations (again with NO proof of ANYTHING). And one of them is reputed to be a “saint.” By—guess what? A LIBERAL source. The evidence that the whole thing is a “put-up job” is mounting. (Rush Limbaugh on the radio)

"Kids, It's Okay to Have Sex"

And without your parent’s knowledge. That’s what California is telling them What is it about California liberals that tells them they can tell CHILDREN they can have sex without their parent’s knowledge? That reminds me of Bill Clinton’s assurances that oral sex is NOT sex. That’s how liberals THINK. Unfortunately, ANY TIME you put a sex organ (and that includes a tongue) into ANY orifice in another person it IS sex, whatever liberals might think. And children have no business having sex, with, or without their parent’s knowledge. (Patriot Action Network)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sounds Like A Vendetta To Me

The first woman who “came out” (fourteen years later) to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment seems to have a habit of making such charges and collecting on them. The second woman is a Democrat (now working in the Obama administration) and was instrumental in sending Elian Gonzalez back to his island prison in Cuba, where he has been brainwashed in the years since. Add to that the fact that such accusations are a regular thing Democrats use against strong candidates for the other side and you know that if you have any intelligence at all you must be suspicious. Put that together with the fact that Cain is a smart fellow and would not be stupid enough to do the things of which they accuse him. Yes, I'm a "right-winger." Which means I'm one of the only people who will look it this dispassionately and not take these women's unproven claims and allow them to derail a good candidate. Funny: Democrats accuse "right-wingers" of being racist, but guess who is adamantly AGAINST the only viable black candidate. (The Blaze)

"Tea Parties" Losing Influence (!?)

At least that’s what liberals want us to believe. Meanwhile, we’re finding out more and more about the kind of people (the few) who are involved in the “Occupy This or That” movement. Labor union thugs, criminals, and crazies. The story mentioned here is about one of those crazies who is the subject of an arrest warrant. He thinks because he’s from New York, he can sunbathe naked in a public park. He thinks all mayors are as much of a wimp as is Mayor Bloombutt in New York City. Liberals are going to learn just how much the Tea Parties have lost when we dispense with Obama and most of his liberal socialist henchmen in 2012. (The Smoking Gun)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Common Ploy

Sexual harassment is a common ploy for use by Democrats when they have nothing else with which to flay an opposing politician. It cannot be proven as a rule, but people believe the allegations without proof, as if they were true just by the fact somebody brought them. Just the fact they were brought can ruin a politician’s career (if he is not a Democrat). Witness the current “high-tech lynching” of Herman Cain on the basis of nothing but the unsupported word of several women. Some people think just the fact of multiple accusations indicates the truth of them. I say that just means somebody may have hatched the whole thing up with the women getting together to bring the charges, true or not. Then there was the case of (now) Justice Thomas in an unsuccessful effort to derail his appointment to the Supreme Court. Again, it was a case of the unsupported word of ONE woman. It didn’t work that time. (Just common sense)

The "Free Ride Coalition"

The “Occupy Wall Street (and elsewhere) organization (and make no mistake, it IS an organization, whatever they claim) now has revealed what they want, for the most part. A “free ride.” They want the government to “forgive” their college loans so they can go to college for free. They don’t care about the taxpayers who have to PAY for their college education (if, indeed, they GET one). They have other demands, but they all mean a “free ride” for them at the expense of others. So they ought to change the name of their organization to “The Free Ride Coalition.” (Opposing Views)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

21 Laid Off Because of OWS Demonstration

The “Occupy Wall Street" crowd doesn't give a damn, but a man who sunk $4 million dollars of his own and investor's money into an expansion of his business during a recession is now faced with bankruptcy because of them. But they don't think this man should ever MAKE any money because he is “rich,” according to them. They think ALL the money should come to them. The biggest problem is the police presence required by the demonstration; a presence that has made a “desert” of a once bustling street. If things continue this way,he will lose this business, and everybody who depends on it for their living will suffer when he closes. That's what the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators have caused, directly. (The Blaze)

Liberals Are FOOLS

They say “corporations are NOT people.” What do they THINK they are? They WORK for a corporation and a corporation pays their salary. Are THEY a “person?” They drive a car to work or ride a subway; the car is made by a corporation and the subway is RUN by one. Every day they require products and services PROVIDED by corporations and the many people employed there. If not for the corporations, their life would be a lot different. But they're apparently not smart enough to know that. Stephen Colbert (a "militant liberal) wants the OWS protesters to change their slogan from “corporations are not people” to “corporations are NOW people.” Corporations have ALWAYS been people! They have not “become” people just recently. (The Blaze)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And They Want Him to Run Treasury

Jon Corzine was an incompetent governor, squandering BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. Then he did the same thing to a private company he owned later. Now Obama wants to appoint him to lead the Treasury, replacing a man who didn't pay his taxes. At one time his company was considered “financially secure enough” to sell government debt for the Fed. Now his company is being investigated to find hundreds of millions in “lost” money after he declared bankruptcy. It should be noted he raised $500,000.00 for Obama's re-election campaign since April. Obama better look fast to make sure any of it is still there. (The Examiner)

OWS Promises Violence

Professor Alex Callinicos, a self-proclaimed Marxist (if you don't know what a Marxist is, you'd better learn, and quick, in your own defense) and professor of European Studies at King's College in London says “violence is only avoidable if the 99% accept the dictates of the 1%.” Aside from the wrong numbers (these people are NOT 1%), that's not going to happen. So I guess violence is unavoidable by their own words. They are now PROMISING violence if we don't accept their dictates, all of which are STUPID, and if accepted, would destroy this entire country. Of course, Obama is already on his way to accomplishing that, on his own. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Computers Down

Yes, that's right: COMPUTERS (plural) have been down since last Thursday. All told, I have lost FOUR computers in the last two weeks. The first one was the one loaned me by my tech when he LOST my NEW computer. Then the one he gave me to replace that one went down immediately, as did the next one, and the next one in quick succession. If I didn't know better I'd think somebody has been sending me virulent viruses to shut me up. Fortunately, all were still under warranty so all it cost me was time and frustration. If you see this, the latest computer has not gone down.

Muslims Hate Jews

They also hate Christians, and especially Catholics. And they hate Hindus, etc. They hate members of ANY religion but their own. And I mean THEIR OWN. They even hate MUSLIMS whose beliefs are slightly different from theirs. Muslims are the KINGS of intolerance, yet they accuse us of intolerance at every opportunity while griping and complaining about our religious practices. They are so insecure about their own religion they will condemn to DEATH any Muslim who converts to another religion. They are so insecure about their women that they force them to go about wearing scarves at the least. And complete body covering at the worst. And ANY man may BEAT a woman in the street if they DARE show an ankle. Recently a suit was filed in behalf of a small group of Muslims who were attending the CATHOLIC University to force CU to install special “foot washing” rooms for Muslims.

For what reason were MUSLIMS attending the CATHOLIC University? My guess is to “infiltrate” it and cause as much trouble as possible. And they have; in addition to the “foot washing” farce, another suit was filed to force CU to make available to them, one room with NO Catholic indicias in it. Does anybody think MUSLIMS would allow such things to accommodate CATHOLICS or members of any other religion attending universities THEY control? Not a chance. Members of ANY other religion would not be ALLOWED to attend a university they control. The Muslim religion allows “mercy killings” of any WOMAN who has sex with anybody but her husband, even if she was RAPED. Meanwhile, the man gets a “slap on the wrist” as the rapist, IF he gets that. They make no secret of their intent to impose Sharia Law upon the entire world, and they have succeeded in many countries as a result of unrest there. Countries like Egypt, which recently overthrew their dictator; countries like Libya, who recently deposed, then killed their dictator. In both cases they traded one dictator for another.

Sharia Law is already being imposed in countries Muslims control. In Israel, where Jews rightfully run things, they call it “Jewish Occupation of Palestine” while working hard to undermine everything done by the Jews. They lob rockets indiscriminately into Jewish neighborhoods, killing and maiming men, women, AND children. There, they CALL themselves Palestinians and claim land that belongs rightfully to the Jews as their own. In Afghanistan they call themselves the Taliban and blow things and people up daily. Theirs is NOT a “religion,” but in reality is an IDEOLOGY masquerading as a religion. It allows them to hide behind a RELIGION to do their nefarious deeds. Its “rules” are DESIGNED to allow their “religious leaders” to “run the lives” of those ignorant enough to believe them and obey. If they are allowed to continue unabated, we ALL will suffer under their tyranny. (Just common sense)

Big Difference, Stupid!

Comedian Jon Stewart, who PRETENDS to be a news commentator, says, “How are the 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters any different from the “Tea Parties?” What A STUPID QUESTION that IS! The answer is simple. The “OWS” demonstrators don’t even know what they want and their “demands” are all over the place, mostly leaning toward a “socialist America.” They get arrested by the hundreds in one day and leave messes everywhere they go. They even crap on police cars. The Tea parties, on the other hand, simply want our freedom back, lower taxes, fewer “regulations” and less “micromanaging” of our lives. They want the government to obey the Constitution, from which is derived the law of the land. They’re tired of hearing liberal lies. And they don’t get arrested, even when the local cops are brainwashed against them. (The Blaze)