Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another Reason

There are plenty of reasons NOT to vote for Hillary. Enough to guarantee her a losing campaign if all the voters were paying attention to politics. But since a bunch of them are NOT, she's getting away with things that would have long since ruined a candidate's chances of EVER being elected to ANY office in the land. Now she's talking about forcing Americans to “bend to her will” and change their religious faith. Now that's something even the “no pay attentioners” will notice. And when they do, they're going to “turn away” so quickly they may hurt themselves. What a stupid, uh, witch she is! If she thinks she's going to get away with that in this country, she's got a BIG other think coming. American colonists CAME HERE to escape religious persecution, and they aren't going to stand for it from her. She'll be lucky if she doesn't get tarred and feathered and run out of DC on a rail! Boy, talk about an arrogant old bag! (Just common sense)

Obvious Double Standard

The liberal media bashed Bush because he didn't “jump up” and immediately get on a plane to New Orleans after their massive hurricane. But they're completely silent on Obama continuing his golf games (plural) after the massive flooding in the same area. They say it's because he's “too busy” (playing golf, I guess) to bother about thousands of people losing their homes, and some losing their lives. But he's a Democrat, so who cares? After Trump “called him out,” he put his golf clubs away (for a while) and thought about going down there. Now he says his going down there would create too much of a hassle for them, at a bad time. Funny, that's what Bush said, and he poo-pooed that. I think he just doesn't care and is mad because it broke up his golf game. Too bad. He's still president (for a while, yet) and has a responsibility to DO SOMETHING about it. So he'd better get to work. (News Busters)

They Hate Guns

And they hate hunting. But they still eat meat. They don't even recognize the connection between the living animals we kill to support their wish to EAT meat. I guess they somehow think meat just magically appears in their grocery stores. They don't even think about such things as a cow being herded into a small enclosure and hit in the head with a sledge hammer to kill it, so they can cut it up to make meat for their tables. And this being done thousands of times a day, all over the world, so they can be fed. People like that should be vegetarians, but don't ask them to do so. All their ideas are based on an erroneous premise. They think HUNTERS are the only ones who KILL animals, and forget the people who kill animals by the thousands to feed their appetites. (New Jovian Thunderbolt)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stage-Managing Elian

Remember Elian Gonzales, the six-year-old child that was retrieved at the point of an automatic weapon held by a member of the Border Patrol while hiding in a closet held by an uncle? The child who almost DIED while trying to escape Cuba with his mother, who DID die? Remember that tear-jerking TV interview with his “grieving father?” That was completely stage-managed while the frightened father, who was closely watched by Cuban “security,” answered the questions provided by his (US government-hired) “attorney.” Makes you wonder what would have happened if he'd have given “answers” they didn't like? Elian is a man now, and is completely brainwashed by the Cubans. All this was completely staged, not by the Cubans (although it was with their connivance), but by agents of then President Bill Clinton, who wanted the world to think it was just a “family” thing. Funny—I wonder who paid so a man who worked for about $12 a DAY in Cuba could afford to come to America for this “interview?” And why it was necessary for him to be closely guarded by Cuban “security?” (Thugs, if you ask me!) This whole thing was set up to cover up the ATROCITY of sending this child, who had ESCAPED Castro's “island prison” back to be brainwashed and made into a communist puppet. (The Blaze)

Gun Laws Never Work

The big problem with “gun laws” as we know them is that they don't work. They're a USELESS waste of time, money, and lives. Yes. LIVES. They get people killed, by making law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against those people who ignore them, and they are legion. Criminals, who simply want what's yours without working for it, and are willing to KILL you to get it, to “crazies,” who get their kicks from killing people in bunches, to Islamic terrorists, who want to kill you because you don't subscribe to their “religion.” All these are the best reason I can think of for law-abiding people to own and use guns, which are the BEST tool for self defense against their ILLEGAL guns. But the anti-gun fools don't agree—for us. Many of them run around behind a WALL of armed “security” while attempting to deny us the same right, even though the Constitution GUARANTEES us that right. They can't just BAN guns, so they do everything they can to make the ones we have USELESS, or deny us the right to carry our guns everywhere, while lawbreakers IGNORE that. Result? We get killed. (Indy Star).

Gun-Free Zones

They just don't work. They're an “open invitation” to the damned fools who want to come in and shoot the place up. Panera Bread is such a place. They have declared all 1,800 of their locations to be “gun-free.” Which didn't stop this guy from bringing his gun into one of their stores. And that didn't do much good for two cops who came there in response to a “suspicious person” report. He shot them both dead, between bites. He killed one in the store, and killed another when he was found hiding a short distance away, later. Two other deputies who came later shot HIM to death. I've said, many times, that “no gun zones” are a stupid idea. They do NOTHING to stop people from bringing guns in, and only get people killed. This story is a good illustration of that. Two cops are dead because of that “no-gun zone.” People who are bent on evil-doing don't bother to obey such restrictions. Only the law-abiding do, and they are not the problem. But politicians are too STUPID to realize that, and so, apparently, are the “top brass” at Panera Bread, a place I will never again enter. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Buying the BS

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand while the National Anthem is played before a game. Okay,Colin, you don't HAVE TO strand. Nor do you have to stand from your position on the bench to play the game either, therefore not getting a chance to show what talent you may have and improve your position in the game. Yes, you're not required to stand. You can proclaim your RACISM all you want while people judge you on it. We can see you've “bought the horse manure” put out by the “Black Lives Matter” fools, who are creating the very atmosphere they CLAIM they're protesting. They SAY that cops kill an undue number of black males

 Then they “prove it” by taking every instance where a black man is shot by police, whether a “good shoot” or not, and play it up in the liberal media, causing riots and death and property damage. Like they did in Ferguson, Mo, where a giant thug who was intimidating everybody else thought he could intimidate a cop, and he couldn't. That whole “hands up, don't shoot” thing was a bunch of crap! He was busily engaged in taking that cop's gun away from him to kill HIM with it when he was shot. Then they ignore the WHITE people killed by black and white cops who are doing their jobs. Yes, there ARE exceptions. But when you pin a target on a cop's back (or chest, as it were) they get very nervous and BEGIN shooting first and never asking questions later. They have CREATED the very atmosphere they CLAIM they're protesting. (Newser)

Releasing Gun Violators

If I didn't know Obama wanted to INCREASE crime generally, and gun crime specifically, so he can make even more restrictive gun laws that make our guns USELESS in the face of the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns held by criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists he is importing by the hundreds of thousands, I would wonder about his sanity in the things he does. He talks about “stemming gun crime,” but he releases 56 criminals CONVICTED of gun crimes, to prey on innocent people again. He imports hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, disguised as “refugees.” People who have TOLD us they want to KILL all those who will not “bend to their will” and convert to Islam. People tell me I'm crazy for thinking we (not me) elected an ENEMY, who wants to DESTROY our country as it is, and make it into a “socialist paradise,” but if you accept the fact that he is a saboteur, his actions make perfect sense. But the people who could DO something about him refuse to see what's before their eyes, and let him get away with murder.. (Daily Caller)

Out of Control

Gun laws are “out of control.” An alligator was trying to bite off this man's leg, so he shot him. Natural, right? But NO! The local sheriff arrested him, using the “anti-poaching laws” where he lived. Now I ask you; what would YOU have done? Just let him chew your leg off? Or would you kill him in self defense, if you could? The anti-gun fools are “running wild” these days, and doing things that defy understanding. It seems like they are trying to destroy the concept of self-defense. How else was this man to defend his own life and the lives of his livestock against a huge alligator who was apparently fearless, and wouldn't go away? It's like a case I heard about where a man killed a BEAR who was attacking him and who also got arrested. What was he to do? Let the bear maul him? Damn, there are a lot of STUPID people in this world, enforcing IGNORANT laws! (Fox 13 News)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Put "Em In Their Place!"

That's what Hillary is pushing for blacks, although she's doing it in such a way as to make it LOOK like she is IN FAVOR of black rights, while she promotes policies that “keep them in their place on the Democrat Plantation.” And she disparages Trump's wish to make blacks as equal as possible, while talking disparagingly about Trump being against felons voting, as if ALL felons were black. She talks about “the party of Lincoln now being the party of Trump,” as if that were a bad thing. The Democrats have always been the PARTY of racism. The KKK was, for a time, their “military arm” in their efforts to “kill off” as many blacks as possible. Today, she supports Planned Parenthood in their quest to kill as many BLACK babies as possible (PP was STARTED by a racist! And continues to be run by racists, who murder more BACK babies than white ones.) This is her “soft racism.” How she SUPPORTS racism while PRETENDING otherwise. (Patriot Post)

Mexico: 5 Times Higher

MEXICO: 5X HIGHER: Mexico has very strict gun control laws (which affect drug cartels, NOT), but have a gun violence problem five times higher than in America. Why is that? Could it be because tight gun laws don't work? Or maybe the drug cartels kill enough people to make up that number, rater than other Mexican citizens? In any case, this proves that Mexico, like France and Belgium, who also have very tight gun laws, coupled with high gun violence stats, prove what I've been saying, all along, that the gun laws they make today not only don't work, they make honest people DEFENSELESS against the ILLEGAL guns held by criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. (Breitbart)

"Guns Endanger, Not Protect"

This article, by an anti-gun “researcher,” says that a gun in the house is more likely to kill or wound a family member than an intruder. What the hell is he SMOKING? If I were a druggie, I'd want some. All the “stats” he cites are horse manure, as are the conclusions he reaches. He gives a list of things that “block” any “common sense solutions,” which is just a different tune added to the same old words. He says most unwarranted gun deaths or injuries are done by LICENSED individuals, which is a DIRECT LIE if you believe REPUTABLE figures, not the phony ones cited by anti-gun fools. The entire article is a collection of horse manure, as are most articles put out by anti-gun fools. Law-abiding people do NOT commit most gun crimes, as he claims. The “studies” he cites (but does not name) have a questionable methodology, which is why he only “refers” to them, without naming them. That way, we can't check their accuracy or methodology. That's an old anti-gun fool trick. (WBUR)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Full Turnaround

Politicians used to openly make laws and teach classes to keep blacks “in their place.” Now they're openly teaching classes in schools and making law to keep WHITE people “in their place." Obama was right when he said electing him president would eliminate white against black realism. But he didn't tell us he planned to push black against WHITE racism and make it “the law.” It amazes me how politicians make EVIL seem good. It's all in how you present it. Obama is using the IMAGINED “epidemic” of cops shooting and killing black men (Ignoring the fact that they kill each other more often) to fuel hatred against whites and accuse them of the white against black racism that USED to exist, which CREATES black against white racism, and a lot of dead cops. This is one of the most EVIL things Obama has done, and that's saying a lot! It takes a lot of scheming to turn an entire nation completely around in their thinking. (Todd Starnes)

Second Amendment Misunderstood

That's what the anti-gun fools want us to think. And, in a way, they're right. The Second Amendment does NOT give us the right to be armed in self defense. It merely RECOGNIZED the basic human right of self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun—or whatever else we need to be on an equal basis to those who own and use ILLEGAL guns, or whatever. It recognizes that right, and pledges to defend and preserve it. It IS a “God-given right” (or for atheists, it is a “right of BIRTH”). You were BORN with that right. Only would-be dictators want to take it away from you. Them and their “useful idiots.” And another thing the Founders realized, but which today's politicians ignore is the fact that if they become too oppressive, we must have the means for defense from our own government. Think want our homeland would be if the British were successful in taking the guns of the colonists! There would never have been a “revolutionary war,” and we would still be subject to the whims of the King of England. That IS a basic right, and politicians have been trying, since before the ink was dry on the Constitution, to take it away. If we ever allow it, we're LOST. (Eagle Gun Range)

"It's Insane!"

Tom Arnold, the actor who rode his wife's skirts to an acting career, thinks it's a insane to think that owning a gun is a “God-given right.” What is this fool smoking? It's not GUNS that are a “god-given right,” it's SELF DEFENSE! And the right to own and use the means to that end, a gun, is a constitutionally-respected right. I'll bet this fool has an armed bodyguard who follows him around, as most anti-gun fools have. They think THEY have a right to self defense, but us “peasants” don't. It seems to ba a malady that affects such people, and they think they have the right to DICTATE to us, what is right or wrong. I guess they love the POWER denying us the right to self defense gives them, especially when they run around with such defense, themselves. In any case, we need to ignore what these fools say, and tell them to get back to what they (may) do best, acting (If they do). They have neither the expertise, nor the RIGHT to tell us what we can do, and what is “insane." (Breitbart)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Navy Fires On Iranians

Hooray for the Navy! You've no doubt heard about the Iranian “attack boats” that “buzzed” a Navy ship in International waters, without a real response by that ship except attempts to contact them by radio and firing off flares—for which I recommended they just keep on steaming, and if the Iran boats got run over, it was their own fault. But they DID change course to avoid them. But what you DIDN'T hear about in the liberal media was yet another provocative act in the International waters off the Arabian Gulf. This time, they finally fired warning shots across the bow of the Iranian boats, which caused them to skedaddle out of there, QUICK! They certainly didn't expect that, and probably needed clean underwear after they got out of range. Iran will probably complain about the “brutal attack” on their boats, predictably completely ignoring the provocative nature of their own actions. But if they want to go to war with us, bring it on! We'll be happy to “slap down” this pipsqueak country that thinks it's more than it is. (Conservative Tribune)

"Truth Is Lie"

“Lie is truth!” It's “1984” all over again, where they tell you lies and you must pretend it's truth. They're now telling us that Hillary, one of the biggest ENEMIES of the Second Amendment, is not elected, it would “hobble gun reform.” THEIR idea of gun reform, that is, with the Second Amendment “low-hanging fruit,” ready to fall. They make pretty speeches, designed to fool the gullible among us (those who pay no attention to politics except just before and election, then vote). She has said, several times, that she “doesn't want to take away our guns,” while she works HARD, “behind the scenes,”” to do just that. And she thinks we ALL believe her while only the gullible do. The only reason “gun control” has ANY support, at all, is because of the LIES she, and other anti-gun fools tell the gullible, and which they believe. The bad thing is that there is no “intelligence test” required in order to vote. The votes of the intelligent AND the stupid are of equal value. (Time Magazine)

"But You Can't See It!"

This “researcher” at the University of Alabama has a “credibility problem.” His “research” seems to show that concealed carriers and mass shootings are connected. Which is a FALSE finding. Legal gun carriers are NOT generally prone to mass shootings! But he says so, and when asked to see his “research,” he said “no.” Seems to me that if his “research” was real, he'd be very transparent about it. But not this guy, which proves to me there is SOMETHING in there, perhaps his METHODOLOGY, that will disprove his findings, and he doesn't want that. So he will not let people SEE his research. If he thinks he will be believed if he doesn't, he's got another think coming. Sometimes the abject STUPIDITY of some of these anti-gun fools doing “research” amazes me. Florida State University professor Gary Kleck said, “This report is no more than junk science DISGUISED as research and should never have been published in a reputable scholarly journal.” This is an example of the kind of “research” the anti-gun fools rely on. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Great Pretense

It only takes being able to speak and read Arabic to see through the PRETENSE that ISIS and it's ilk are not “true Islam.” They are, and this is proved by what Pope Francis said about “the most influential Muslim in the world,” Egypt's Dr. Ahmad al-Tayeb who, only five years ago, cut off all ties to the Catholic Church because then Pope Benedict has demanded better protection of Christians in the Islamic world. Pope Francis said that, after he visited with al-Tayeb, he was convinced of the real difference between real Muslims and such as ISIS. Basically, he was saying that he “bought” al Tayab's LIES. The lies of a man who broke ties with the Vatican five years ago when the previous Pope expressed a wish for better protection of Christians after a Muslim massacre in Alexandria that killed 21 people. THIS is “evidence” of “peaceful; Muslims?” Gimme a BREAK! The writer of this article speaks and reads Arabic, therefore he can hear what al-Tayeb tells fellow Muslims in Arabic, and what he tells Westerners, in English. Which supports my contention that any Korans found in the West are “sanitized” to make it LOOK like most Muslims are not extremists, even if they haven't (yet) done crimes in the NAME of Islam. (American Thinker)

Trump And Churchill

Winston Churchill was one of England's finest politicians. He did things no other British politician ever DREAMED of being able to do. He made life a lot better for the British during his terms in office. Ronald Reagan did the same thing in America. He brought the unemployment numbers down from double-digits to UNDER 4%, and created the longest-lasting economic boom, by LOWERING taxes. Something no LIBERAL politician has ever done, among other stupendous achievements. What do the two have in common? They were both vilified in the press, before, during, and after their terms in office. Politicians who will actually DO what they promise are few and far between. And we now have one in America. Donald Trump. And predictably, the liberal media hates him with a passion. They keep saying he is “unfit” to be president, which is the same thing they said about Churchill and Reagan, but both proved them wrong. And they're wrong, again. But they'll never admit it and apologize, when PROVEN wrong. They just go on, as if nothing happened, and continue to vilify them. (Daily Caller)

Ban Harpoons!

That's what they'll probably be shouting in France soon, since some fool who wanted to hurt somebody in “gun-free France” had trouble getting a gun, so he used a harpoon to inflict injury. Wait a minute! I thought eliminating guns meant no more violence! And what started all this violence? A Muslim, of course! Some guy wanted to photograph a woman wearing one of those stupid and ugly “Burquinis” Muslim women are required to wear by Muslim “authorities” to avoid letting others see their “charms,” and somebody didn't like it. So he became violent, and some teenagers on the beach came to the photographer's defense, leading to one being stabbed with a HARPOON. NO guns were involved (surprise, surprise!) since guns are literally BANNED in France, so they picked up harpoons and hand axes. Now, THERE'S a surprise! I've said, with no effect, many times, that if guns aren't available, those wanting to commit violence WILL find a way. This proves it, again. It also illustrates the STUPIDITY of Muslims to insist on their women wearing these ugly suits. (The Mail)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

They're "Right On It!"

The liberal media gave almost wall-to-wall coverage of the silly “contretemps” in Rio between four drunken Olympians and the cops, who only wanted payment for the damage they did in a restroom in their drunken stupor. Of course, that didn't leave much time for coverage of something “less important” like Obama sentencing many Americans to being kidnapped for ransom by “rogue nations” like Iran because they now know we'll “pay up.” At least, until Trump takes over. Then, if they kidnap somebody, it might cause their country to become a steaming pile of crap. They're hoping against hope that Hillary will be elected so they can continue their kidnapping ways. And they're right. If Hillary gets elected, it will be the third term of Obama. She'll probably appoint him as Secretary of State, so he can make the same mistakes she did. In any case, Obama will retain much of his power if she's at the helm. (College Scandal)

They Needed A Study for This?

I've been telling them the answer to this question for a long time, but nobody seems to be listening. Licensed gun owners are NOT the ones who use their guns to victimize others. They mostly only use them to DEFEND themselves against ILLEGAL gun owners who do! Maybe this study will convince them. But it's doubtful. Anti-gun fools have a HISTORY of ignoring data that does not agree with their preconceived notions, while telling us predictable LIES about “gun control.” They really think (or pretend they do) they can make a LAW that criminals will OBEY, when their very being is DISobeying the law. So why should they obey this one? They think putting up a sign saying, “No Guns Allowed” will keep criminals from bringing their guns. Actually, all it does is give an “engraved invitation” to criminals to bring their guns in to victimize people because they can be pretty sure most law-abiding people won't bring their guns there, so they can do as they wish with all the UNARMED people. (National Review)

Racist Hate Group

Today's “politically correct” fools hesitate to call “Black Lives Matter” a “racist hate group” because they fear being called racist, themselves. ANYTHING you say that SEEMS to be against black people can be declared racist. But I'm not worried about that. Because I tell the TRUTH about black people, and white people. I get called racist, all the time. I remind people that there are lots more black men killed by other black men than by cops, and they call me a racist. And again when I remind people that black men commit more crimes than do white men, which is why there are more black men in prison than white men. They try and say they're in prison because the courts are stacked against them, but they're not. “The idea for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, where anybody who says, “ALL lives matter” are subject to black violence began in Ferguson, MO, based on a “righteous killing” of a huge black man who was killed while trying to take the gun of a cop who was enforcing the law and kill him with it. They ruined that cop's life and went on to do so elsewhere, based on that unmitigated LIE. (Polls To Congress)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What's WITH Them?

You'd think our politicians, as well as the media, would recognize the threat that comes from the radical Muslims and not appoint them to top positions in the government, while the press is “mum” about it. Not only that, they're committing mass suicide by siding WITH the Muslims in every case requiring a “ruling” for, or against Muslims. A good example is a bunch of Muslims who took jobs delivering BEER, then refused to do it. They were FIRED for not doing the jobs they were hired to do. They know their jobs would be delivering alcohol when they took them. So why did they? So they'd get fired and be able to sue. So when they were fired, they sued. And WON! The judge awarding them SIX FIGURE judgments!

Other cases where the wearing of Hijabs by women was prohibited at work, and even washing their hands for Muslim women nurses in hospitals, the Muslims were “winners” in their suits. It seems like the courts, and politicians are on the SIDE of the Muslims as they go about harassing us for the things that are natural to us. If they don't like how we live, why are they HERE? Not all Muslims are actively our enemies. But enough of them are, that decisions should go against them, but they don't. Did we favor the Nazis during WWII? Not even! Why then, do we tend to favor Muslims in so many things, while Muslims kill us off? Another example: Just writing this item can put me in the position of being accused of “Islamaphobia,” a phony designation invented by Muslims, to limit criticism, which one day may become LAW. (Just common sense)

Banning Ammunition

In Seattle, they gave a company a permit to import several thousand rounds of ammunition for their AR-15 rifles, and, after they were paid for and arrived, they “confiscated” (stole) them and designated them as “armor piercing” and thus ineligible to be imported for civilian sale. They can't just BAN guns, so they're working on excuses to ban all ammunition, making (only) legal guns USELESS. They're working all around banning guns, making them USELESS in the hands of law-abiding citizens, and impossible to get into action quick enough to successfully oppose the guns in the hands of criminals, who don't bother to obey such laws in using their ILLEGAL guns to victimize us. Their purpose is to make guns USELESS if they're legal, thus making us easy targets for illegally-armed criminals (including the ones wearing badges). This government is more afraid of HONEST gun owners than they are of criminals with guns. Probably because the politicians feel a “kinship” with the criminals. The guns held by government agents are “more legal” than ours. (760 KGMI)

"Common Sense Laws"

That's what the anti-gun fools always call the abortions they call “gun safety laws.” They refer to them as “common sense,” when they are anything BUT. “Universal background checks,” for example: where they are in force, just taking a gun and passing it around a room involves multiple “transfers” of the gun each time the gun passes from one hand to the other. And fees and a background check apply to each “transfer.” Gun-free zones are supposed to make sure nobody brings guns into a place that is so designated. But like ILLEGAL gun owners who aren't affected by “universal background checks” because they get their guns illegally and don't bother with that folderol, criminals don't bother to observe the ”law” that tells them they can't bring their guns into a “gun-free zone.” In fact, they SEEK OUT gun-free zones, in which to “do their dirty work,” because they can be pretty sure there won't be a gun there to oppose them.

Concealed carry laws like the one in one state that allows a person to carry a concealed gun, but it must be UNLOADED are completely stupid. What the hell good does an UNLOADED gun do you? Trigger locks, “safe storage,” and such are designed to SLOW DOWN a lawful gun owner in getting their gun into action when attacked by an ILLEGAL gun owner, and serve only to get the LEGAL gun owner killed, since the illegal gun owner is not burdened by such things, since he doesn't bother to OBEY laws. All these laws ONLY apply to LEGAL gun owners who DO obey laws, even though they are NOT the problem. It is ILLEGAL gun owners who do NOT obey laws that are the [problem. None of this is “common sense,” but that's how they refer to them. My “Take” is, if you have to CALL your laws “common sense laws,” it's because they are NOT common sense. (Just real common sense)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Going According To Plan

Obamacare was designed to fail. And it is beginning to come apart at the seams, right on schedule—or ahead of schedule. Several providers have announced that they're :pulling out,” because it's COSTING them money. Liberals say their only concern is MAKING money. And they're right. If they don't make money, they go under. They're not there to give you money. They're there to make money, and with Obama's “directives ( such as forcing them to cover pre-existing conditions, which is INSANITY!),” they can not only NOT do that, it COSTS them money, and that's the way Obama planned it. He revealed it in speech he THOUGHT nobody but his accomplices would hear, long ago. He told them he wanted a “single payer system,” but it would take a while to con the public into accepting it (He didn't use those words, but that's what he meant). That's what Obamacare is for. And it's working. As each provider drops out, there's more talk about a “single-payer system. Soon, it will begin in earnest, and work will begin on imposing it. And you can bet it will be MANDATORY. (Just common sense)

How Stupid ARE We?

Or better I should ask, “How stupid do the anti-gun fools think we are?” CNN recently introduced Mark Kelly, former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords, one of the most vocal ANTI-gun fools out there, who is right there with her” as she tries to take guns away from law-abiding people, as a “Gun owner and Second Amendment Supporter.” What FOOLS are they to think intelligent people would believe such OBVIOUS lies! Maybe fellow anti-gun fools are dumb enough to believe that crap, but intelligent people scoff when they hear it. Anti-gun fools constantly lie to us, because they don't have ANY truth on their side. But their lies are seldom so obvious and blatant. I guess they're in panic, since they have LOST most of their recent attempts to get more and more anti-gun laws passed. So much so that no less than Barack Obama has said he's “giving up” on getting any anti-gun legislation through Congress and will subsequently rely on “administrative” efforts. Meaning, of course, ILLEGAL efforts. which, of course, is a LIE, since Obama said it. (America's First Freedom)

FBI Incompetence

The anti-gun fools tell you that all we need is for everybody who wants to buy a gun to pass a background check, right? And the FBI will “check them out” and tell us which ones shouldn't be able to get a gun. Right? Then why did the FBI miss 9,063 people who “shouldn't have a gun” in just one year (2015) through incompetence? In S. Carolina, the FBI allowed the sale of a gun to a man accused of killing NINE people in a church! And many more people who should NEVER be allowed anywhere NEAR a gun were also allowed to buy guns. This is how well their laws work. Even the ones that MIGHT keep guns out of SOME hands, do not, due to sloppy work. Other laws simply work THE OPPOSITE of how they're intended to work. “Gun-free zones,” for instance, far from keeping guns out of certain areas, they are an open invitation to would-be shooters to come in and shoot the place up, since there most likely won't be any guns already there to oppose him. This is more evidence of the lack of foresight on the part of the anti-gun fools. Just ask the two cops who were murdered in a Panera Bread restaurant. All 1,800 or their locations are “no-gun zones.” (WLTX 19)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

He Didn't Ask Permission

And that cost him $6 .3 million bucks. Former Navy seal Matt Bissionnette wrote a book (“No Easy Day”) detailing the execution of Osama bin Laden and his lawyer told him he didn't need to ask the government to review it before publication. So the government sued him, falsely claiming he revealed top secret info in the book. Something they were forced to admit, later. Even so, the judge gave the government ALL the proceeds from the book, PLUS $1.3 million in legal fees for the government, who has plenty of money to pay for suing people who displease them. All because he didn't go to them, “hat in hand,” and ask for PERMISSION to publish the book. He has written a subsequent book (“No Hero: The Evolution of A Navy Seal”), for which he DID go to the government, properly “tug his forelock,”:and beg for permission. It has been approved, and so no suit is planned. Unless the “powers that be” change their minds later. He is also suing his former lawyer, who denied he ever gave him that advice not to ask for permission. (Guns)

"Obama: Founder of ISIS!"

Donald Trump said it, but he wasn't really serious. It was a little “gallows humor” the Democrats and other liberals aren't smart enough to understand. So, of course, they “went off the deep end” and even demanded that the Secret Service look into his “treasonous” statement. But what he doesn't tell you is that, even if Obama isn't “the founder” of ISIS, it was his action in “cutting and running” from Iraq that laid the groundwork for their rise to power. Until then, they were just a tiny “offshoot” of al-Qaida in Iraq, until most of his troops left, leaving all their arms and equipment for them to steal and use to kill people. The blood of every man, woman, and child they kill is on Obama's hands, and he can't wash it off. Deny it or not, Obama IS effectively the reason ISIS is as powerful as it is, today. Especially if he won't effectively fight them at all. And he covers up information about their outrages. He won't even admit they're a major problem in the world, while they “grow like a cancer.” (Just common sense)

Why Hillary Still Leads

Seems like every day Hillary's polls get better. She's now leading Trump in several key states. Sometimes by just a few points, other times by a wider margin, in spite of all the revelations about her criminal activities. If I believed the polls, I could only put it down to ignorance of her crimes by so many people who don't pay attention to politics until shortly before an election. But it's only partly that. Mostly, it's the polls “propping her up” by getting phony numbers, by asking questions guaranteed to get the results they want, or TAKING the polls in areas the KNOW are Democrat “strongholds.” This is how pollsters “manage the news.” By publishing polls that say what they want them to say, thus disillusioning people and conning them into either not voting at all, or voting for a minority candidate, which, in this election may as well be a vote for Hillary. And that's their purpose. (Just common sense)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another One Dead

This is getting ridiculous! The body count is growing again. Victor Thorn, a writer who had published three books about the Clintons, containing evidence “overlooked” for too long by the proper authorities, was found dead, they SAY of suicide. They don't say HOW he killed himself. Did he shoot himself in the head, TWICE, as one on BILL'S list was said to have done? What motive would a successful writer of 20 published books have? We need a fearless investigator, who can defend himself, to look into the high number of dead people who either displeased the Clintons, or were about to testify against them, and get to the bottom of WHY so many people connected to the Clintons have turned up dead under suspicious circumstances. I've written about this before, which might even cause ME to be found dead of suspicious circumstances one day. People look upon the list of such people as a “conspiracy theory, but there is GOOD EVIDENCE in the “manner of death” for many of them, as well as the timing. (Conservative Tribune)

How Stupid ARE We?

They tell us lies, and we believe them. Why? Because most of us “pay no attention to politics” until just before an election, when the lies are flying. And, since we (not me) know nothing about what they've done, and ARE doing, we believe their horse manure. But really! How stupid do they think we are? Even the most ill-informed people know that, when you want to set up a meeting for a “favored friend” to get a job, you NEVER set up a meeting with the PRINCIPAL of an agency. So when Bill Clinton's top aide sent an e-mail to Hillary's top aide requesting a meeting to give him a job, they use the excuse that Hillary herself, was not involved. Who do they think they're kidding? Do they think they don't talk to each other? They must REALLY think we're stupid, if they expect us to believe this horse manure. Do they really think Hillary would not be consulted? (American Thinker)

Is Driver's License Racist?

The liberals are unalterably opposed to making people show a picture ID in order to do the most important thing they do in their lives: vote. They call it “racist,” on the theory that most blacks can't afford a $5 fee to get one from their state. You have to show one to do many things. In some places to user a pay potty! The liberals demand one to get into the DNC offices! But it's racist to demand it to prove who you are and that you haven't voted before when you come in to vote. Does this mean that all black people who can afford to buy a car and are driving all over are without licenses? And they can't afford a license? I think their very objection is racist! Since it ASSUMES that black people can't afford one. Without voter ID there is no integrity in the election process, when someone can go to different precincts and vote multiple times, and even under different names. They object, because to require identification would make it harder for them to steal elections. That's how they got Obama in, and how they intend to get Hillary in, if they can. Hopefully, the sheer numbers of “new Republicans" (who didn't vote before) will overwhelm them. They're less able to steal an election that is not close. (American Civil Rights Union)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Wait for the Facts!

Yes, a cop shot this black man after a chase. But the man was armed, and had been fleeing the cops after they made a traffic stop on him.And he brandished that gun to the cops, pointing it at them. But in today''s world, where cops have a target on their backs, it's not surprising that cops might be very “nervous” in any violent encounter with a black man.This was this was a “righteous shooting,” but rioters are notorious for not waiting for the facts when they destroy property and hurt people. Word is that this demonstration, in which at least one cop car was destroyed, was “sparked” by “social media,” where people were exhorted to “hit the streets” and riot. Maybe that's not true, either. But nobody's waiting for the facts. They're just going out and destroying property and hurting people. It's almost becoming routine for this to happen when the cops have to shoot somebody. Nobody seems to care that the facts are not yet known. They just DESTROY. (The Blaze)

Obvious Contradiction

“Jackson Browne and Rosanne Cash are among dozens of musicians who will take part in “Concert Across America,” a series of 100 concerts to be held simultaneously in September to push for increased gun control measures and to urge attendees to vote for gun control-supporting politicians in November.” And all concerts are protected by ARMED security. Apparently these people, like all the anti-gun politicians, take their own security seriously enough to pay big money to have armed thugs surround them in case somebody tries to hurt them. But, of course, they think us “peasants” shouldn't have the same right if we can't AFFORD to hire people to carry our guns FOR us. People like Obama, Hillary, and all the other anti-gun politicians, hire people to carry their guns for them while they attempt to make more and more laws to either BAN guns altogether, or make them useless in our hands if we are attacked by ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, crazies, or Islamic terrorists. They think we :peasants” don't need protecting, like they do. (Breitbart)

It's Not Their Business!

Brits are still trying to disarm Americans. Apparently, they never learn. The last time they tried that, they got a bloody revolution and lost the colonies. But they're still trying, even though it's none of their business today, as it was not then. On Aug. 10, Britain's “Independent” published a story on the Internet, saying, “The Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the assault weapon.” Really? They didn't have to. The single-shot MUSKET was the “assault weapon” of their day, so they meant that. The same wording in the Constitution means the “assault weapon” of today, and their words about them are still operative. Yes, there are few reasons for individuals to have “assault weapons,” whatever that means. But what if a criminal or an Islamic terrorist comes at you with an “assault weapon?” If you don't have one to use in opposing them, you're dead. Apparently, anti-gun fools all over the world are still bent on DISARMING the American people. Making people DEFENSELESS against ILLEGALLY-armed “bad guys” seems to be their prime goal. (Breitbart)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Betrayed By Your Own

The Army sent a young lieutenant with 10 years of honorable service (replacing a Lt. Who had been injured by the Taliban earlier) into a “hot zone” as the leader of the mission. They were advised that a number of terrorists were seen riding motorcycles in the area as “spotters,” to tell their friends where the Americans were so they could be attacked. They soon saw a bunch of those riders, who rode up on them, got off their cycles, and commenced walking toward them. They were told to stop. They didn't. So he ordered his men to shoot, killing two. A clear-cut case of proper enemy engagement in a war zone, right? Apparently not to his superiors, who, like most liberals, saw it in a different light. They relieved him of duty, released the remaining Taliban riders, and tried him for murder. Somebody there drank a LOT of “stupid juice.”

He's now facing 20 years in the slam because of somebody's stupid decisions. The other four members of the platoon, who were similarly charged, were told that, if they changed their stories and testified against him, their charges would be dropped. So, looking 20 years in the face, they changed their stories and testified against him, guaranteeing conviction. This is one way Obama is killing the morale of his soldiers, and making them very hesitant to shoot, in a war zone, where ANYBODY, including children, might be an enemy, ready to throw a bomb. It creates a “chilling effect” on our troops, that gets people killed and guarantees defeat. But that's his plan. He's using the same methods on this nation's police. Charging them with crimes when they were plainly only doing what they are paid to do.

This officer, who was convicted on the FALSE testimony of those four frightened soldiers who changed their stories to “get off,” is now being represented by United American Patriots (UAP), but they need money to mount an appeal. He was stripped of his pay and forced to sell his house. He also lost all his 10 years of Army pension. He's broke, while the army has all kinds of money to use in destroying this American hero. I don't usually use this blog as a fund-raiser. But I have no money to contribute to reverse this miscarriage of justice, and want to do something to help, if I can. All I can do is ask you for your help, if you can give it. You can send it to American Patriots, c/o Major (Ret.) Bill Donahue (USMC), P. O. Box 96565, Washington, DC 20090-6565. Please mention it is to help in the case of Lt. Clint Lorance. This is a legitimate organization and your contribution is tax-free. I hope you can help this man, who was victimized by Barack Obama.

Gun Control Equals Genocide

Don't believe it? Take a look at the “war” in Yugoslavia of a few years ago, where millions of citizens were told to “turn in their guns” to the UN, and they would be protected. They were NOT. When the army came in to kill citizens, the UN was asked to come to their defense. They did NOT. Their policies seem to have been to get things done without the danger of death or injury to UN personnel. So the citizens were left to die, without guns to use in defending themselves. And die, they did. Many who were refugees, tried to get help, and were massacred by the very people to whom they went for help. And the key to that genocide was “gun control.” The more guns that were taken from citizens, the more the “authorities” murdered and beheaded them. This is what you can expect from “gun control.” After “the war,” citizens were once again told to turn in their guns. Many did, and they died. But many more did not, and they will protect themselves if the “war” starts up, again. (Conservative Review)

Criminals, Watch Out!

Chances are much more possible for you to run into a citizen with a gun when you try to rob somebody. So be afraid....very afraid. If you try and hold up the wrong person, you could be dead—or at least, in prison. Because the number of “carry permits” that have been issue are is at record levels, with more than 14.5 MILLION people now licensed to carry guns for self-defense. And the “wild west” atmosphere anti-gun fools predict just will not happen. Most of them will just go about their business like usual, and the gun won't make any difference at all. They won't resort to killing people for slight irritations, or something simple like a fender bender. Most people are just ordinary, responsible people and, when they get a gun, they don't “get crazy” and shoot people for looking at them wrong, as anti-gun fools keep thinking. Nothing could do more to put a stop to gun crime than this, as I've been saying, right along. I have been a licensed carrier, and I've never killed anyone. (Shooting Illustrated)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Getting Her Own Medicine

Nancy Peelosi is complaining about the “nasty phone calls” she is getting since a hacker published the personal contact information for top congresspeople. Maybe she thinks she should be the only one who has the right to say nasty things about others, and nobody should ever be allowed to say anything nasty to, or about her. That's typical of arrogant politicians. They couldn't care less about what their voters think, but think others should be very “reverent” of their opinions. Nancy is top among politicians who should (and will) be sent packing when Trump becomes president. No, he can't “fire” her, but he can make her irrelevant. Even moreso than when her party lost the majority in the senate and she lost a lot of her power. Which probably made her cry. Poor baby! (The Blaze)

Easily Offended People

I was going to use the title, “EASILY OFFENDED AMERICANS” for this item, but then I had a thought: it's not just “Americans” that are easily offended. It seems like whenever you turn around, you're offending someone, and often, if even ONE person expresses “offense” at something, they take action about it. In some cases, it doesn't even NEED that “one person” to be offended. They take action because whatever it is MIGHT offend someone. Example: the Dallas Cowboys, who are making their players look silly, by making them wear PINK gloves and other pink equipment, to “honor” the breast cancer movement, yet they refuse to allow players to put a small decal on the back of their helmets honoring the cops! They're afraid of “offending” the Black Lives Matter crowd. I would not believe they were that stupid if it didn't actually happen. But today, it seems, EVERYBODY has taken a page out of the Muslim book and is “offended” by SOMETHING! Muslims are the most easily offended people on the planet. And what they get “offended” about are things that are common practices here. I say, if they don't like it here, they should go back to their Muslim hellholes and leave us alone. But they won't. There's a “method to their madness.” They're HERE to BE “offended” by what we do, to “soften us up” for those Islamic terrorists coming later to KILL us. (Just common sense)

An "Open Invitation"

The “no-gun rule” in effect at the Iowa State Fair is an “open, gilt-edged invitation” for anybody who wants to come there and shoot the place up, as is ANY “gun-free zone.” Aside from the Illinois law that allows “open carry” but requires the gun carried to be UNLOADED, this is about the stupidest thing they do; create “gun-free zones” where a potential mass shooter can be pretty sure there will be no guns there in the hands of possible victims. So he can go there and kill as many as he wants, and not fear opposition until the cops get there, AFTER he has killed or robbed a bunch of people, maybe including himself. They make a lot of STUPID laws, but the gun-free zone is right there at the top of the stupid list, with the Illinois “unloaded gun” rule at the very top. Then there are all the laws designed to slow down honest, law-abiding people in getting their guns in use when threatened by any one of the myriad ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals. (Des Moines Register)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rape Whistle? Forget It!

Many pundits advise women to get a “rape whistle” on the theory that the noise made by that whistle will stop a rapist in his tracks—which it won't. All it will do is make him mad, and his rape will become more violent. It's just a theory, and will help many rapists rape more women. The NRA advises women to “get a gun.” That's NOT a “theory.” It's a FACT. Rapists who have been killed in a rape attempt don't rape many women later. And he doesn't have to “decide” not to rape her when he's dead. Women are the largest group getting “carry permits” today, and the number of guns now in the hands of law-abiding people has grown 215% under Obama. No wonder he's frustrated. Americans are used to having the constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to be armed in self-defense, and they aren't going to give it up easily. And a gun will stop a rape attempt a lot better than a whistle, but only if the woman learns how to use it. (NRA Blog)

You're Eating HALAL Meat

HALAL meat is that butchered in a certain way, while being prayed over by a Muslim Imam and “facing Mecca.” Of course, they have to PAY that Imam, and it gets “passed on” to us in the cost of the meat. Today, many mean providers are providing HALAL meat without labeling it as such. So we're PAYING for Muslim religious practices on the meat we eat, without knowing it. Providers such as McDonald's and Subway and “Butterball” turkeys are HALAL and are not labeled. I wonder how many other providers are doing it. Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugged Blog) tried mightily to change all that, but the government consigned all her efforts to the usual :”black hole” they keep for things they don't want to face. Yes, HALAL meat won't kill you. But they need to tell you that you are buying it, as they do with Kosher meat. If you are Jewish, that's important to you. What is there about HALAL meat that the government allows it to be sold without labeling it? This is yet another example of “creeping Sharia” that is INFESTING our nation, with the HELP of our government, and with Obama's approval. What else is he allowing into this country without telling us? (World Net Daily)

An Open Invitation

The “no-gun rule” in effect at the Iowa State Fair is an “open, gilt-edged invitation” for anybody who wants to come there and shoot the place up, as is ANY “gun-free zone.” Aside from the Illinois law that allows “open carry” but requires the gun carried to be UNLOADED, this is about the stupidest thing they do. Creating “gun-free zones” where a potential mass shooter can be pretty sure there will be no guns there in the hands of possible victims. So he can go there and kill as many as he wants, and not fear opposition until the cops get there, AFTER he has killed a bunch of people, maybe including himself. They make a lot of STUPID laws, but the gun-free zone is right there at the top of the stupid list, with the Illinois “unloaded gun” rule at the very top. Then there are all the laws designed to slow down honest, law-abiding people in getting their guns in use when threatened by any one of the myriad ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals. (Des Moines Register)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary Hates the Rich

She is constantly talking about taxing the rich at higher and higher rates, and stealing more and more of the money they EARN. She says they “stole” the money they get from their efforts. But she only knows about herself. Hillary is one of the richest people in the world, and she CONNED it out of people who are her constituents. So she thinks other rich people did, too. It's all she knows. But “the rich” already pay MOST of the income taxes paid. She can't deny that, truthfully. So she does lyingly. Meanwhile, IRS figures make a LIAR out of her—again. The whole idea that “the rich” got their money dishonestly is a scam, long used by liberal politicians to screw more and more money out of us. And it's no more true then the idea that all you have to do is make a LAW to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other “bad guys.” Hillary, who SWEARS she and Bill were “not only broke, but in debt when they left the White House,” has amassed more than 100 Million dollars by making short speeches to the people who hope to gain by giving her money IF she becomes president. It's an OBVIOUS bribery scheme, but other politicians won't do anything about it, because they get their bribes the same way. (CNN Money)

The Most Law-Abiding People

This new report shows that concealed gun carriers are the most law-abiding people in the nation. Something that is indicated by the very fact that they HAVE a concealed carry permit, rather than buying a “back-alley gun” somewhere and not bothering to let the government know they have it, as criminals do. And, according to the figures in the report, by the Crime Prevention Research Center, are even more law-abiding than the COPS. They found that the number of crimes (including gun crimes) committed by concealed carriers were less than a SIXTH of those committed by COPS! And the cops are supposed to protect us AGAINST crime. Those holding such permits, which can be removed sometimes for trivial offenses, makes them very nervous about how they USE their guns. Cops, not so much. Some cops are so blinded by the POWER they have as “protectors” of society they're much quicker to USE their guns in an illegal manner. (The Daily Signal)

Not the "Mod Squad"

Years ago, there was a triumvirate of lobbyists politically correct lobbyists called, “The MOD Squad.” They included lobbyists for the liquor and tobacco industries, and the pro-gun people. These people conflated those three lobbyists together as promoting DEATH. Which, in the case of the National Rifle Association (NRA), was completely false. Yes, many people die from OVERUSE of both alcohol AND cigarettes. But NOBODY dies as a result of the NRA standing up and defending our constitutional RIGHT to own and use guns in self-defense. Short-sighted fools among the anti-gun crowd think the NRA is supporting gun ownership by CRIMINALS, but that's not what they're doing, at all. They're supporting the right for honest Americans to have guns to DEFEND THEMSELVES against those who carry ILLEGAL guns, which their “laws” do NOTHING to stop. They ADMIT that their laws do nothing to stop terrorists from getting guns because they don't have criminal records here when they first arrive, and thus have no problem getting guns. So why should we not be able to have guns to defend against them? Add to that the fact that criminals often don't even TRY to legally buy a gun, and resort to the “back alley gun salesmen” who will sell them their guns without the bother of registering them or following any of their other USELESS gun laws. (Daily Caller)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Will There Be Riots?

One thirteenth of the police force was murdered last night in Easman, Georgia, a small town close to Macon. That police force only has 13 people on it, and one of their officers was shot and killed while responding to a suspicious person call. The killer fled, and is still being sought. Will there be riots, as there were in Milwaukee when the cops killed a fleeing armed suspect who has a LONG record? Not A chance!. The thugs who usually riot couldn't care less about yet another cop killing. All they care about is another black man (who may or may not have been threatening police) got killed by cops. What I'm trying to say is this: they couldn't care less about another cop being killed while doing his duty. They're not likely to riot over the wanton killing of a cop. They don''t care about that. They can't seem to see that they're CREATING the very situation they CLAIM to be protesting: nervous cops who shoot first, than ask questions later. If there is anybody left to answer. Frankly, I wouldn't blame the cops if they refused to go on patrol, with damned fools waiting to kill them for their imagined ills. (The Blaze)

"It's NOT A Database!"

It's a “repository!” That's the latest scam being run by the anti-gun fools. They know it's illegal for the feds to create ANY new databases, so that's not what they call it. But if it functions like a database, and LOOKS like a database, it IS a database! Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it IS a duck! No matter what they call it. When they get sued for violating the law, that will be their defense: “We didn't start a database, we started a repository.” You and I will know it's a database, and so will they. But they'll deny it to their dying day and they'll probably win in court, too, if they get liberal; judges, who will go right along with their subterfuge. That's a long used scam the government uses when something illegal they do is recognized by the electorate. They just change the name, and go right on breaking the law. Changing the name of their scam is commonly used, because it usually works. A large segment of the electorate “pays no attention to politics” until just before an election, when the lies are flying. So they don't know. So the politicians and bureaucrats get away with it. They're using that scam now so they can create databases of gun owners. (Just common sense)

Doc Asks About Your Guns

Obama's feds are now telling doctors to question patients about their gun ownership, and send their answers to them. Patients are not told that they don't need to answer. But they don't. So if your doctor asks you if you have any guns, tell him it's none of his business. And if he/she refuses to treat you without an answer, get a new doctor. “Rinse, and repeat.” It's not the business of the feds, either, although they think it is. There is a LAW against creating new databases by the federal government, which they are breaking every time they add a new name to their new databases of gun owners. But they don't care. They violate laws with impunity on a regular basis.

And they violate the Constitution even more often, because the Founders made a”fatal mistake” in writing the Constitution. The only “punishment” they prescribed for violating it is that the unconstitutional law be reversed. No punishment for the politician violating it. So they do it, all the time with impunity. Example: Chicago, which has the toughest gun laws in the nation. Some so tough they HAVE been declared unconstitutional. But the politicians who made them are still making laws. After the previous laws are declared unconstitutional, they make NEW laws worded slightly different, and enforce them until somebody puts up enough money to bring it to the Supreme Court. Do they reverse what they did under that bad law then? Never. And the politicians go right on making unconstitutional laws without punishment. (Daily Caller)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How Stupid Are We?

Or better I should ask, “How stupid do the anti-gun fools think we are?” CNN recently introduced Mark Kelly, former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords, one of the most vocal ANTI-gun fools out there, who is right there with her” as she tries to take guns away from law-abiding people, as a “Gun owner and Second Amendment Supporter.” What FOOLS are they to think intelligent people would believe such OBVIOUS lies! Maybe fellow anti-gun fools are dumb enough to believe that crap, but intelligent people scoff when they hear it. Anti-gun fools constantly lie to us, because they don't have ANY truth on their side. But their lies are seldom so obvious and blatant. I guess they're in panic, since they have LOST most of their recent attempts to get more and more anti-gun laws passed. So much so that no less than Barack Obama has said he's “giving up” on getting any anti-gun legislation through Congress and will subsequently rely on “administrative” efforts. Meaning, of course, ILLEGAL efforts. (America's First Freedom)

Boy, Are They Deluded!

The anti-gun fools think a majority of Americans agree with their anti-gun efforts. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is proved every day when they LOSE in trying to pass their anti-gun atrocities. Yet their small minds refuse to accept what's before their faces. If most Americans think the way to self defense is to DISARM ourselves, they wouldn't be writing and calling their lawmakers and telling them to REJECT those anti-gun measures that come before them. If they agreed that the “gun problem” was LAWFUL gun owners doing crimes with their lawful guns, they're sure demonstrating it in funny ways. The problem is with people who have ILLEGAL guns. People who don't obey gun laws, which makes gun laws USELESS in stemming gun crime. One of the most USELESS things that anti-gun fools have come up with is the “gun-free zone.” So far, every single mass shooting has happened IN a “gun-free zone.” Yet they persist in creating more and more of them. (Time Magazine)

The First Lie

The anti-gun fools are always telling us they don't want to take away our guns. While they are working HARD to take away our guns, and the right of self-defense that goes along with LEGAL gun ownership. Barack Obama is in the “front lines” of such people. Hillary is right behind him. Both have told us they don't want to take away our guns. Both have sponsored much legislation to do just that. That's the first lie they tell, There are many more lies they tell in support of their flawed opinion that the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves and hope the “bad guy” pointing an ILLEGALLY-owned gun at us won't shoot because he figures we aren't a threat.

Which is a fantasy, because there's a reason he carries that illegal gun. So he can control the confrontation and get what he wants. And he will not hesitate to shoot, if we show ANY refusal to follow his orders. They know they can't just BAN guns, because of the Constitution, and the fact that we KNOW they can't. So most of the laws they make serve to slow down our ability to use a gun in self-defense. The worst of those I've seen is the one in Illinois where you can get a concealed carry permit, but the gun you carry must be UNLOADED! How stupid is THAT? What the hell GOOD is an UNLOADED gun? The whole point here is to remind you not to believe a single word they say. They LIE, because they can't find anything truthful to say about their anti-gun operations. (America's First Freedom)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hillary's Crowds Dwindle

They've never been very big, although the liberal media has taken all their “crowd pictures” from up close, making it LOOK like a big crowd. But recently, her crowds have dwindled even more. Recently, in Kissimee, Florida, there were only 150 people there, though the media made it look like a big crowd. Then there is her “rumored” health problems, illustrated by her obvious seizures, twitching and head jumping, and her seeming inability to keep her balance. Frankly, even if she does get elected, I don't think she'll last long enough to BE president. More evidence is her inability to stay very far ahead of an ADMITTED socialist who is 74 years old without the help of the Democrat Party by “stacking the deck” to make sure she came off with more delegates, no matter how many primaries he wins. Meanwhile, Trump's rallies continue to sell out huge arenas with upwards of 10,000 people attending. I think that's more illustrative then ALL the “polls.” (Patriot Update)

CNN Behind MSNBC! Zounds!

CNN was “riding high” during the DNC convention, higher, even, than Fox (for a fleeting moment). But those viewers didn't hang around. CNN is now BELOW MSNBC on the list of cable news outlets in the number of viewers. NO! Nobody's behind MSNBC in the ratings! Except maybe the Golf channel or Al-Jazeera (do they still even EXIST?). I didn't even know there was a PLACE below MSNBC on that list! Ya live and learn, I guess. Apparently, CNN doesn't learn. They're constantly pushing a liberal agenda, and their viewers resent it. They're anti-gun (like most liberals), and they resent that, too. They keep creating anti-conservative “round tables” containing three or four liberals and, maybe ONE pseudo-conservative, and that is such an obvious attempt to knock conservatives down that nobody watches, and they don't realize it. They're going to “liberal” themselves right out of business. (Real Clear Politics)

Where There Are No Guns

At least not in the hands of citizens—unless those citizens are cops, or other government agents, of course. In Great Britain, guns are mostly outlawed—except for the cops and government agents. Not only that, some cops are NOT armed. But England is learning a hard lesson: “When you're faced by an armed criminal, you need to be armed, too.” Or you're going to die. Thus, they're arming more and more cops in England so they'll quit losing them. This story is about a special detail specifically designed to combat terrorism (Islamic terrorism mostly, but they don't say so). Since the events in many places in Europe, including England, they have deployed masked, and heavily-armed, highly trained and militarized troops in response. Of course, if they allowed their citizens to be armed, they might not need so many of them. The “bad guys” never have any trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY, so this is their answer. Don't think that politicians will EVER allow the average citizen to be armed. They're too stupid. (Daily Mail)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Killed By A Safety Net

You've heard, of course, about that ten-year-0old boy who was killed on a water slide in Kansas, of a “head injury.” Well, it certainly WAS a “head injury. It took his head OFF! He fell out of the car and hit the “safety net” that was supposed to SAVE lives. Word is that the “vel-cro retaining belts” weren't working properly, that day. But they allowed the ride to continue. They have said their rides have never had a death connected to them. They can no longer make that brag. Personally, I wouldn't get on one of their rides, on a bet. Cops say they're not investigating this as a “criminal event.” But if they let the ride continue in spite of KNOWING the safety belts weren't working right, it should BECOME a “criminal investigation.” Considering who the boy's father is, I'll bet the investigation will be incredibly intense. (eHeadlines)

Twisting Things

Democrats have a habit of taking everything their opponents say in the worst possible way and “lose their minds” over it to avoid having to answer the non-softball questions some reporters ask them. When I say, “some reporters,” I mean those not under their “spell,” as are those from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and like-minded reporters from liberal-oriented print publications, who are “all in” for Hillary. Reporters from Fox News, for instance, who tell BOTH SIDES of any issue, unlike the liberal media. That's what they're doing with Trump's bad joke about NRA people “doing something about” Hillary appointing liberal judges if she does manage to con her way into the White House, as Obama did. Naturally, they ASSUME he is talking about assassinating her, when he is NOT. Even if he was, the very EXISTENCE of the Second Amendment mentions defending ourselves AGAINST the government, if necessary. Maybe Democrats ought to talk about important things, like the astronomical unemployment numbers (the REAL ones, not the phony ones Obama puts out), the actual effect of the $15.00 an hour minimum wage in costing many people their jobs, and other stupid things Democrats have pushed upon us, rather than pushing phony issues. (CBS New York)

Gun to Her Head

I don't like running stories about legally armed citizens killing “bad guys” in self defense, because they're so numerous.. But this one is so delicious I'll run it, anyway. A woman stopped at a Circle K store in Glendale, Arizona, and immediately a thug (they didn't say whether he was black or white, or purple) stuck a gun in her face and demanded money. So she shot and killed him before he even knew he was in danger. That happens a lot, but this was so “delicious” I thought it would bear mention to “take a shot” at the anti-gun fools who say it never happens, showing it not only DOES, but is a complete surprise to the thugs, who think they have the only gun in the area. And it is a common occurrence. They need to suspect their intended victim might be armed, and that should keep them away. This woman is helping to reduce “gun crime” in the best way possible. By KILLING the ILLEGAL gun owners who try to victimize people. This guy represents one less gun-wielding thug preying on innocent people. The anti-gun fools will probably complain that she didn't have the right to kill him because she wasn't the judge and jury and he didn't get “due process.” He wasn't giving HER “due process” either, so that evens it out. Damned fools! (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Subjective Laws

Subjective laws are those laws that can be decided by an individual. That only require the opinion of the person affected; a cop, or other government agent. Like the “sexual harassment laws” in which the unsupported OPINION of one woman that she was sexually abused is enough to "tar and feather" a man for life. Or rape laws, where all it takes is for the woman to CLAIM rape when sometimes it's consensual sex that “went wrong” in her mind, with no other evidence it was rape. The newest subjective “offense” is the wearing of the Gadsden Flag image. A cop or other “official” can decide, on his/her own, that wearing it is an “actionable racial offense” and you can be prosecuted. The same is true of the “Rebel Flag.” I shudder to think what they'll “deem” illegal next.Maybe the "Stars and Stripes?" Other subjective laws are those you can “violate” by such things as saying or writing something critical of Islam, or of gays, or of any other group “deemed” to be “endangered” by such criticism. Islam, for instance: several people have been punished for “calling them out” on killing innocent people for not believing in their phony “religion.” Who the hell, behind the scenes, decided THAT was a punishable offense” ought to be “drawn and quartered” because it helps Islamic terrorists in their effort to establish a caliphate over all of us. (Just common sense)

They Keep Piling Up

Candidates that we wouldn't want to vote for, on a BET. Nobody with any intelligence at all wants Hillary's finger on “the button.” They know if she gets elected, she will move us even faster toward socialism and, since we're almost there already, after 8 years of Obama, she may finish the job. That leaves Donald Trump, whom ALL Democrats, and SOME Republicans say is “unfit to be president.” How they can say that when he has “whupped” them so badly, I don't know. I guess it's just jealousy and the fear of losing their little fiefdoms. Then there's the Libertarian candidate, who is virulently anti-gun, who contemptuously threw an antique pistol he was given in the trash, and who has just announced his APPROVAL of “Black Lives Matter.” so who do you vote for? They have nothing concrete against Trump, so I guess it will be him. Nobody else in the race is acceptable. (Just common sense)

Doesn't Work. Get More

The exceedingly tight anti-gun laws in Chicago clearly don't work. Just in the last month they have had 65 murders and 362 shooting incidents. So their new “top cop” wants more of the same. This guy is an example of the kind of politician they usually put in charge of the “cop shop” in places run by liberals (Democrats). He hasn't got a CLUE about how to stop the “gun violence, but feels called upon to “do something.” so he goes out and does the same old things that didn't work before. And they won't work the next time they're tried, either. But the other liberals in power there don't know of any REAL way, either. So they go right along with it. The murders and other gun crime goes right along, unabated, even increasing. And soon we get yet ANOTHER politician, who suggests the same old things, again, while the other liberals go along with it, again until the next time. Then they all do it again. Meanwhile innocent people die because they're not allowed to defend themselves against the unregulated, ILLEGAL guns already there. He IS doing SOMETHING right. He's supporting a bill now in the legislature to allow certain legal gun carriers to bring their guns in schools to protect the students (and themselves) . (Chicago Tonight)