Monday, August 29, 2016

Out of Control

Gun laws are “out of control.” An alligator was trying to bite off this man's leg, so he shot him. Natural, right? But NO! The local sheriff arrested him, using the “anti-poaching laws” where he lived. Now I ask you; what would YOU have done? Just let him chew your leg off? Or would you kill him in self defense, if you could? The anti-gun fools are “running wild” these days, and doing things that defy understanding. It seems like they are trying to destroy the concept of self-defense. How else was this man to defend his own life and the lives of his livestock against a huge alligator who was apparently fearless, and wouldn't go away? It's like a case I heard about where a man killed a BEAR who was attacking him and who also got arrested. What was he to do? Let the bear maul him? Damn, there are a lot of STUPID people in this world, enforcing IGNORANT laws! (Fox 13 News)

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