Monday, August 22, 2016

FBI Incompetence

The anti-gun fools tell you that all we need is for everybody who wants to buy a gun to pass a background check, right? And the FBI will “check them out” and tell us which ones shouldn't be able to get a gun. Right? Then why did the FBI miss 9,063 people who “shouldn't have a gun” in just one year (2015) through incompetence? In S. Carolina, the FBI allowed the sale of a gun to a man accused of killing NINE people in a church! And many more people who should NEVER be allowed anywhere NEAR a gun were also allowed to buy guns. This is how well their laws work. Even the ones that MIGHT keep guns out of SOME hands, do not, due to sloppy work. Other laws simply work THE OPPOSITE of how they're intended to work. “Gun-free zones,” for instance, far from keeping guns out of certain areas, they are an open invitation to would-be shooters to come in and shoot the place up, since there most likely won't be any guns already there to oppose him. This is more evidence of the lack of foresight on the part of the anti-gun fools. Just ask the two cops who were murdered in a Panera Bread restaurant. All 1,800 or their locations are “no-gun zones.” (WLTX 19)

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