Sunday, August 14, 2016

Doc Asks About Your Guns

Obama's feds are now telling doctors to question patients about their gun ownership, and send their answers to them. Patients are not told that they don't need to answer. But they don't. So if your doctor asks you if you have any guns, tell him it's none of his business. And if he/she refuses to treat you without an answer, get a new doctor. “Rinse, and repeat.” It's not the business of the feds, either, although they think it is. There is a LAW against creating new databases by the federal government, which they are breaking every time they add a new name to their new databases of gun owners. But they don't care. They violate laws with impunity on a regular basis.

And they violate the Constitution even more often, because the Founders made a”fatal mistake” in writing the Constitution. The only “punishment” they prescribed for violating it is that the unconstitutional law be reversed. No punishment for the politician violating it. So they do it, all the time with impunity. Example: Chicago, which has the toughest gun laws in the nation. Some so tough they HAVE been declared unconstitutional. But the politicians who made them are still making laws. After the previous laws are declared unconstitutional, they make NEW laws worded slightly different, and enforce them until somebody puts up enough money to bring it to the Supreme Court. Do they reverse what they did under that bad law then? Never. And the politicians go right on making unconstitutional laws without punishment. (Daily Caller)

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