Tuesday, August 16, 2016

You're Eating HALAL Meat

HALAL meat is that butchered in a certain way, while being prayed over by a Muslim Imam and “facing Mecca.” Of course, they have to PAY that Imam, and it gets “passed on” to us in the cost of the meat. Today, many mean providers are providing HALAL meat without labeling it as such. So we're PAYING for Muslim religious practices on the meat we eat, without knowing it. Providers such as McDonald's and Subway and “Butterball” turkeys are HALAL and are not labeled. I wonder how many other providers are doing it. Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugged Blog) tried mightily to change all that, but the government consigned all her efforts to the usual :”black hole” they keep for things they don't want to face. Yes, HALAL meat won't kill you. But they need to tell you that you are buying it, as they do with Kosher meat. If you are Jewish, that's important to you. What is there about HALAL meat that the government allows it to be sold without labeling it? This is yet another example of “creeping Sharia” that is INFESTING our nation, with the HELP of our government, and with Obama's approval. What else is he allowing into this country without telling us? (World Net Daily)

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