Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Racist Hate Group

Today's “politically correct” fools hesitate to call “Black Lives Matter” a “racist hate group” because they fear being called racist, themselves. ANYTHING you say that SEEMS to be against black people can be declared racist. But I'm not worried about that. Because I tell the TRUTH about black people, and white people. I get called racist, all the time. I remind people that there are lots more black men killed by other black men than by cops, and they call me a racist. And again when I remind people that black men commit more crimes than do white men, which is why there are more black men in prison than white men. They try and say they're in prison because the courts are stacked against them, but they're not. “The idea for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, where anybody who says, “ALL lives matter” are subject to black violence began in Ferguson, MO, based on a “righteous killing” of a huge black man who was killed while trying to take the gun of a cop who was enforcing the law and kill him with it. They ruined that cop's life and went on to do so elsewhere, based on that unmitigated LIE. (Polls To Congress)

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