Saturday, August 27, 2016

"It's Insane!"

Tom Arnold, the actor who rode his wife's skirts to an acting career, thinks it's a insane to think that owning a gun is a “God-given right.” What is this fool smoking? It's not GUNS that are a “god-given right,” it's SELF DEFENSE! And the right to own and use the means to that end, a gun, is a constitutionally-respected right. I'll bet this fool has an armed bodyguard who follows him around, as most anti-gun fools have. They think THEY have a right to self defense, but us “peasants” don't. It seems to ba a malady that affects such people, and they think they have the right to DICTATE to us, what is right or wrong. I guess they love the POWER denying us the right to self defense gives them, especially when they run around with such defense, themselves. In any case, we need to ignore what these fools say, and tell them to get back to what they (may) do best, acting (If they do). They have neither the expertise, nor the RIGHT to tell us what we can do, and what is “insane." (Breitbart)

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