Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another One Dead

This is getting ridiculous! The body count is growing again. Victor Thorn, a writer who had published three books about the Clintons, containing evidence “overlooked” for too long by the proper authorities, was found dead, they SAY of suicide. They don't say HOW he killed himself. Did he shoot himself in the head, TWICE, as one on BILL'S list was said to have done? What motive would a successful writer of 20 published books have? We need a fearless investigator, who can defend himself, to look into the high number of dead people who either displeased the Clintons, or were about to testify against them, and get to the bottom of WHY so many people connected to the Clintons have turned up dead under suspicious circumstances. I've written about this before, which might even cause ME to be found dead of suspicious circumstances one day. People look upon the list of such people as a “conspiracy theory, but there is GOOD EVIDENCE in the “manner of death” for many of them, as well as the timing. (Conservative Tribune)

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