Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Killed By A Safety Net

You've heard, of course, about that ten-year-0old boy who was killed on a water slide in Kansas, of a “head injury.” Well, it certainly WAS a “head injury. It took his head OFF! He fell out of the car and hit the “safety net” that was supposed to SAVE lives. Word is that the “vel-cro retaining belts” weren't working properly, that day. But they allowed the ride to continue. They have said their rides have never had a death connected to them. They can no longer make that brag. Personally, I wouldn't get on one of their rides, on a bet. Cops say they're not investigating this as a “criminal event.” But if they let the ride continue in spite of KNOWING the safety belts weren't working right, it should BECOME a “criminal investigation.” Considering who the boy's father is, I'll bet the investigation will be incredibly intense. (eHeadlines)

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