Sunday, August 21, 2016

He Didn't Ask Permission

And that cost him $6 .3 million bucks. Former Navy seal Matt Bissionnette wrote a book (“No Easy Day”) detailing the execution of Osama bin Laden and his lawyer told him he didn't need to ask the government to review it before publication. So the government sued him, falsely claiming he revealed top secret info in the book. Something they were forced to admit, later. Even so, the judge gave the government ALL the proceeds from the book, PLUS $1.3 million in legal fees for the government, who has plenty of money to pay for suing people who displease them. All because he didn't go to them, “hat in hand,” and ask for PERMISSION to publish the book. He has written a subsequent book (“No Hero: The Evolution of A Navy Seal”), for which he DID go to the government, properly “tug his forelock,”:and beg for permission. It has been approved, and so no suit is planned. Unless the “powers that be” change their minds later. He is also suing his former lawyer, who denied he ever gave him that advice not to ask for permission. (Guns)

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